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Primulaceae (170)
Currently available Primulaceae: Species for which we have prices.

Click here for the complete Primulaceae including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Primulaceae Photos

Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
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Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Anagallis arvensis
Anagallis arvensis v caerulea
Anagallis monelli
Anagallis monelli ssp linifolia
Androsace albana
Androsace alpina hort.
Androsace armeniaca v macrantha
Androsace carnea
Androsace carnea fa alba
Androsace carnea ssp brigantiaca
Androsace carnea ssp rosea
Androsace chamaejasme hort.
Androsace cylindrica hort.
Androsace cylindrica x hirtella
Androsace foliosa
Androsace hedraeantha
Androsace hirtella
Androsace lactea
Androsace lactiflora
Androsace laevigata
Androsace laevigata seed ex Gothenburg var.
Androsace lanuginosa
Androsace obtusifolia
Androsace pubescens hort.
Androsace rotundifolia
Androsace salicifolia
Androsace septentrionalis Stardust
Androsace villosa
Androsace villosa ssp tomentosa
Clavija domingensis
Coris monspeliensis
Cortusa matthioli Alba
Cortusa matthioli fa congesta
Cortusa matthioli hort.
Cortusa matthioli ssp pekinensis
Cortusa turkestanica
Cybianthus kayapii
Cyclamen africanum
Cyclamen alpinum
Cyclamen balearicum
Cyclamen cilicium
Cyclamen cilicium Album
Cyclamen coum
Cyclamen coum Album
Cyclamen coum Cyberia Mixed
Cyclamen coum Maurice Dryden
Cyclamen coum mix
Cyclamen coum Rubrum
Cyclamen coum Silverleaf (Pewter group) mix
Cyclamen coum ssp coum fa albissimum
Cyclamen coum ssp. caucasicum
Cyclamen creticum
Cyclamen cyprium
Cyclamen f1 Friller Mixed
Cyclamen f1 Latinia mix
Cyclamen f1 SeeWhy Mixed
Cyclamen f1 Sierra Mixed
Cyclamen f1 Silverado Mixed
Cyclamen graecum
Cyclamen graecum Album
Cyclamen graecum vars. mix
Cyclamen hederifolium / neapolitanum
Cyclamen hederifolium Album
Cyclamen hederifolium Album White Cloud
Cyclamen hederifolium deep pink
Cyclamen hederifolium mixed forms
Cyclamen hederifolium Perlenteppich
Cyclamen hederifolium Roseum
Cyclamen hederifolium Ruby Glow
Cyclamen hederifolium Silver Cloud
Cyclamen hederifolium Silverleaf mixed fls
Cyclamen hederifolium Silverleaf pink fl.
Cyclamen hildebrandii x
Cyclamen intaminatum
Cyclamen libanoticum
Cyclamen mirabile (Tile Barn Ann)
Cyclamen mirabile fa niveum
Cyclamen mirabile Tile Barn Jan
Cyclamen mirabile Tile Barn Mix Jan and Nicholas
Cyclamen mirabile Tile Barn Nicholas
Cyclamen parviflorum
Cyclamen persicum
Cyclamen persicum Album
Cyclamen persicum f1 Royal large flowered formula
Cyclamen persicum f1 Royal Mini formula mix
Cyclamen persicum Giant Formula Mix
Cyclamen persicum large flowered mix
Cyclamen persicum Royal Maxi mixed
Cyclamen persicum Royal Mini mix
Cyclamen persicum small flowered mix
Cyclamen pseudibericum
Cyclamen purpurascens
Cyclamen repandum
Cyclamen repandum Album
Cyclamen repandum ssp peloponnesiacum
Cyclamen repandum ssp rhodense
Cyclamen repandum ssp. peleponnesiacum
Cyclamen rohlfsianum
Cyclamen saundersii Grey-Wilson (name unresolved)
Cyclamen spp. mix hardy species
Cyclamen wellensiekii x
Cyclamen whitei x
Dionysia involucrata
Dionysia involucrata fa alba
Dionysia teucrioides
Dodecatheon amethystinum
Dodecatheon austrofrigidum
Dodecatheon clevelandii
Dodecatheon clevelandii ssp insulare
Dodecatheon clevelandii ssp patulum
Dodecatheon conjugens
Dodecatheon cusickii
Dodecatheon dentatum
Dodecatheon hendersonii
Dodecatheon jeffreyi
Dodecatheon jeffreyi ssp. pygmaeum
Dodecatheon meadia
Dodecatheon meadia Alba
Dodecatheon meadia Goliath
Dodecatheon meadia Red Colours
Dodecatheon meadia Select Mixture
Dodecatheon meadia Shooting Stars Deluxe Mixture
Dodecatheon pulchellum
Dodecatheon pulchellum Black Hills form
Dodecatheon pulchellum Red Wings
Dodecatheon spp. mix
Lysimachia atropurpurea
Lysimachia atropurpurea Beaujolais
Lysimachia ciliata
Lysimachia clethroides
Lysimachia clethroides Lady Jane
Lysimachia ephemerum hort.
Lysimachia lichiangensis
Lysimachia minoricensis
Lysimachia nummularia
Lysimachia punctata
Lysimachia quadriflora
Lysimachia thyrsiflora hort.
Lysimachia vulgaris
Lysimachia vulgaris organic seed
Lysimachia yunnanensis
Omphalogramma vinciflorum
Primula allionii and P. marginata mixed
Primula alpicola
Primula alpicola mixed colours
Primula alpicola v alpicola
Primula alpicola v violacea
Primula amoena
Primula anisodora
Primula apoclita
Primula aurantiaca
Primula auricula
Primula auricula Alpine Hybrids Mixed
Primula auricula Alpine Show Mix hand poll.
Primula auricula Alpine Show Select Mix op
Primula auricula Border Mix Red Pink Violet
Primula auricula Border Mix Select
Primula auricula Border Mix Yellow Cream Brown
Primula auricula Doubles Mix
Primula auricula Doubles Mix Red Pink Violet
Primula auricula Doubles Mix Yellow Cream Brown
Primula auricula hybrids mixed
Primula auricula Mix edged + fancy forms
Primula auricula mix striped forms
Primula auricula mixed
Primula auricula Viennese Waltz exhibition mix
Primula beesiana
Primula beesiana rose
Primula bullesiana x
Primula bulleyana
Primula bulleyana Simons Marmalade
Primula burmanica
Primula Candelabra Hybrids Oriental Sunrise Mix
Primula candelabra hybs. Harlow Car Mix
Primula Candelabra species + hybrids mix
Primula candelabra ssp. mixed
Primula candelabra-flowered spp. + hybs. mix
Primula capitata
Primula capitata Noverna deep blue
Primula capitata Salvana (TM)
Primula capitata ssp mooreana
Primula cernua
Primula chionantha
Primula chionantha ssp chionantha
Primula chionantha ssp mixed
Primula chionantha ssp sinopurpurea
Primula chungensis
Primula clusiana
Primula cockburniana
Primula cockburniana yellow fld. Kevock Sunshine
Primula concholoba aff
Primula cortusoides
Primula cortusoides Primadiente Rose (R)
Primula Cowichan Amethyst
Primula Cowichan Blue
Primula Cowichan Garnet
Primula Cowichan Mixed
Primula Cowichan Venetian
Primula Cowichan Yellow
Primula denticulata
Primula denticulata Blue Select
Primula denticulata Grandiflora Ronsdorf Hybrids /
Primula denticulata mixed colours
Primula denticulata Rubra
Primula denticulata Rubra Special Select Rubin
Primula denticulata v alba White Select / Snowball
Primula elatior
Primula elatior Colossea Mixed polyanthus
Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Bellarosa polyanthus
Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Blue Shades polyanth
Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Bright Red polyanthu
Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Golden polyanthus
Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Mixture polyanthus
Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Orange
Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Pink + Rose Shades
Primula elatior Crescendo (R) White polyanthus
Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Wine Red polyanthus
Primula elatior Crescendo Yellow polyanthus
Primula elatior Exhibition Giant Mixture
Primula elatior f1 Berg Mixture polyanthus
Primula elatior f1 Fantasia mixed polyanthus
Primula elatior Gold Lace
Primula elatior hybrids mix polyanthus mix
Primula elatior Jessica
Primula elatior Pacific Mixed polyanthus
Primula elatior Piano Mixed polyanthus
Primula elatior Polyanthus Mixed
Primula elatior ssp intricata
Primula elatior Supernova Mixed polyanthus
Primula elatior Victoriana Gold Laced Black
Primula elatior Victoriana Gold Laced Red
Primula elatior Victoriana Laced Primroses mix
Primula elatior Victoriana Silver Laced Purple
Primula farinosa
Primula flaccida
Primula florindae
Primula florindae Keilour Hybrid
Primula florindae Rays Ruby
Primula frondosa
Primula glomerata
Primula Gold Laced Reds
Primula grandis
Primula halleri hort.
Primula hirsuta
Primula integrifolia
Primula japonica Alba (sp. name unresolved)
Primula japonica Appleblossom (sp. name unresolved
Primula japonica Carminea (sp. name unresolved)
Primula japonica Deluxe Mix (sp. name unresolved)
Primula japonica Millers Crimson (sp. name unresol
Primula japonica mix (sp. name unresolved)
Primula japonica Oriental Sunrise
Primula japonica Pink Pagoda
Primula japonica Postford White (sp. name unresolv
Primula japonica red (sp. name unresolved)
Primula japonica Redfield Hybrids Deluxe Mixture (
Primula japonica rose (sp. name unresolved)
Primula juliae
Primula kewensis x
Primula latifolia
Primula laurentiana
Primula Lavender Waltz
Primula luteola
Primula magellanica
Primula malacoides
Primula malacoides Auricula mixture
Primula malacoides Beauty Deep Pink
Primula malacoides Beauty Lilac
Primula malacoides Beauty Mix
Primula malacoides Beauty Pink
Primula malacoides Beauty Rose
Primula malacoides Beauty Salmon
Primula malacoides Beauty White
Primula malacoides Crimson Shades
Primula malacoides f1 Prima Mixed
Primula malacoides Juliet Mixed semi-double
Primula malacoides Lavender Shades
Primula malacoides Mixed select
Primula malacoides Pink Shades
Primula malacoides Salmon Shades
Primula malacoides White
Primula maximowiczii
Primula mistassinica
Primula modesta
Primula New Pinks
Primula obconica f1 Libre Mixed
Primula orbicularis
Primula parryi
Primula Paso Doble Blue
Primula Pink Salsa
Primula poissonii
Primula poissonii ex ACE
Primula polyantha
Primula polyantha Art Floral
Primula polyantha Chartreuse
Primula polyantha Daybreak
Primula polyantha Desert Sunset
Primula polyantha f1 Hose in Hose Blue Shades
Primula polyantha Flamingo
Primula polyantha Flower Arrangers Mix
Primula polyantha Gilded Ginger
Primula polyantha Gold Laced (Beeches)
Primula polyantha Gold Laced Group
Primula polyantha Gold Laced Hose in Hose
Primula polyantha Gold Laced Red
Primula polyantha Grand Canyon
Primula polyantha Harbour Lights
Primula polyantha Harvest Yellow
Primula polyantha Indian Reds
Primula polyantha Juliana Blues
Primula polyantha Juliana Carpet Primula
Primula polyantha Juliana Fireflies
Primula polyantha Juliana Footlight Parade Mixed
Primula polyantha Juliana Mixed
Primula polyantha Juliana Pixies Mix
Primula polyantha Juliana Vera Maud
Primula polyantha Little Egypt
Primula polyantha Marine Blues
Primula polyantha Midnight
Primula polyantha New Pinks
Primula polyantha Paris 90
Primula polyantha Ramona
Primula polyantha Reverie
Primula polyantha Silver Dollar Mix
Primula polyantha Silver Laced
Primula polyantha Sorbet
Primula polyantha Spiced Shades
Primula polyantha Tango
Primula polyantha Victorian Fuchsia
Primula polyantha Victorian Mauve
Primula polyantha Victorian Mix
Primula polyantha Victorian Old Rose
Primula polyantha Victorian Striped
Primula polyantha Victorian Valentine
Primula polyantha Victorian Violet
Primula polyantha Victorians Muted
Primula polyantha Winter White
Primula polyneura c.s.
Primula prolifera b.s. (name unresolved)
Primula prolifera c.s. (name unresolved)
Primula pruhoniciana x f1 Bergfruhling (R) Mixture
Primula pubescens x Kaleidoscope mix
Primula pubescens x mixed Auricula
Primula pulverulenta Bartley Pink
Primula pulverulenta c.s.
Primula pulverulenta x chunglenta dag
Primula Red Rumba
Primula rosea
Primula rosea Gigas
Primula rosea Grandiflora
Primula saxatilis
Primula scotica
Primula secundiflora
Primula sieboldii
Primula sieboldii bicolour entire
Primula sieboldii bicolour fringed
Primula sieboldii blue entire
Primula sieboldii blue fringed
Primula sieboldii mix
Primula sieboldii rose entire
Primula sieboldii rose fringed
Primula sieboldii white entire
Primula sieboldii white fringed
Primula sikkimensis
Primula sinopurpurea
Primula sp. unident.
Primula spp. the 3 English native species
Primula Surprise Packet
Primula veris
Primula veris Coronation Cowslip
Primula veris mixed
Primula veris organic seeds
Primula veris select form
Primula veris ssp columnae
Primula veris ssp macrocalyx
Primula veris Sunset Shades
Primula vialii
Primula Victorian Fuchsias
Primula Victorian Mauve
Primula Victorian Mixed
Primula Victorian Muted Mix
Primula Victorian Old Rose
Primula vulgaris
Primula vulgaris Barnhaven Gold
Primula vulgaris Blues mix
Primula vulgaris Butterscotch Mix
Primula vulgaris Candy Pinks
Primula vulgaris Casquet mix
Primula vulgaris Celebration Mixed
Primula vulgaris Choice Mixed
Primula vulgaris Cottage Garden mix
Primula vulgaris Danessa Mixed
Primula vulgaris Devon cream-white
Primula vulgaris doubles mix red rose violet + blu
Primula vulgaris doubles mix yellows creams whites
Primula vulgaris Doubles Mixed
Primula vulgaris f1 Arctic Mixed
Primula vulgaris f1 Daniella Mixed
Primula vulgaris f1 Danova Choice Mixed
Primula vulgaris f1 Danova Mixed
Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Appleblossom large
Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Blue Shades large fls.
Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Lime large fls.
Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Mixture large flowers
Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Rose large fls.
Primula vulgaris f1 Mega White with Yellow Eye lar
Primula vulgaris f1 Mega Yellow with Eye large fls
Primula vulgaris f1 Pixie Mixed small flowers
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Carmine with Edge
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Deep Blue
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Deep Rose with Edge
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Golden Yellow
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Lavender Shades
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Light Pink with Red Ring
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Mid Blue
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Mixed
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Peach
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Pink
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Red-Yellow Bicolour
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Rose
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Rose Flame
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Scarlet
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Scarlet with Edge
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Terracotta
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Violet Picotee
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva White with Orange Eye
Primula vulgaris f1 Viva Yellow
Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Blue Shades
Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Deep Pink
Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Lilac
Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Mixed
Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Pink Red Eye
Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Pink-Salmon
Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Raspberry Red
Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Velvet-red
Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda White
Primula vulgaris f1 Wanda Yellow
Primula vulgaris First Kiss Mixed
Primula vulgaris Gala Mixed
Primula vulgaris Harbinger
Primula vulgaris Hose-in-hose
Primula vulgaris Jack-in-Green Gold Laced
Primula vulgaris Jack-in-the-Green mixed
Primula vulgaris Lady Agatha
Primula vulgaris Last Dance Mixed
Primula vulgaris Lord Alfred
Primula vulgaris Meteor Mix bi-colours
Primula vulgaris Osiered Amber
Primula vulgaris Paloma Lilac Shades semi + double
Primula vulgaris Paloma Lime semi + double
Primula vulgaris Paloma Mixed semi + double mid se
Primula vulgaris Paloma Pink semi + double
Primula vulgaris Paloma Rose Shades semi + double
Primula vulgaris Paloma White semi + double
Primula vulgaris Paloma Wine Red semi + double
Primula vulgaris Paloma Yellow semi + double
Primula vulgaris Potsdam Giants mix
Primula vulgaris Primera Mixed
Primula vulgaris Rosanna Mixed doubles
Primula vulgaris S1 Accord blue shades
Primula vulgaris S1 Accord carmine shades
Primula vulgaris S1 Accord formula mix
Primula vulgaris S1 Accord lemon shades
Primula vulgaris S1 Accord light blue
Primula vulgaris S1 Accord orange
Primula vulgaris S1 Accord pink shades
Primula vulgaris S1 Accord rose shades
Primula vulgaris S1 Accord scarlet
Primula vulgaris S1 Accord white
Primula vulgaris S1 Accord yellow
Primula vulgaris Select Mixed
Primula vulgaris Springtime Mixture
Primula vulgaris ssp. sibthorpii
Primula vulgaris Tartan Reds
Primula vulgaris Traditional Mix
Primula vulgaris Traditional Yellows
Primula vulgaris Woodland Walk
Primula waltonii
Primula wilsonii
Primula Yellow Twist
Rhus aromatica
Soldanella alpina
Soldanella montana Willd.
Soldanella pusilla
Vitaliana primuliflora
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