Information for Peperomia pellucida

Approximately 5000.00 seeds per gram
seed-counts are only a guide, not to be used for accurate calculations.

Peperomia pellucida - 30  seeds for 9 Euros
Peperomia pellucida - 25  seeds for 10 Euros
Peperomia pellucida - 100  seeds for 33 Euros

B and T World Seeds' reference number: 85652
USDA average, annual, minimum temperature Zone:10
Type of plant - annual
Flower: small WHITE-CREAM in spikes
Fruit: ~0.5mm.long, ridged, beaked apic. (germ. 1-8 weeks)
Foliage: alt., 3-8cm., cordate, turgid, translucent as wax, easy to grow
Height in meters: 0.4x0.2

Synonyms (alternative names) for Peperomia pellucida: Peperomia translucens, 

Common names for Peperomia pellucida: (cul: salads, stir-fry),  Cangocua,  Clearweed,  Erva de vidro,  Konsaka wiriwiri,  Lingua de sapo,  Man-to-man,  Olasiman Ihalas,  Pak Krasang,  Pansit Pansitan,  Peperomia,  Pepper Elder,  Rangu-rangu,  Rat-ear,  Shining Bush,  Suna-kosho, 

Peperomia pellucida is included in the following B and T World Seeds flowering plant categories:
6:   Bulbous and Rhizomatous Plant Seed List
31:   House and Container Plant Seed List
36:   Herb Seed List Culinary Medicinal Dye and Aromatic
41:   Malaysian Native and Introduced Plants
67:   Philippine Native and Introduced Plants
83:   Vegetable Seed List
130:   Ground cover Plant Seed List (see also List 133)
131:   Toxic Plants
133:   Paving Joint Filler Plant Seed List
160:   Salad Vegetable Seed List
178:   Shady Damp Condition Plant Seed List
191:   Tropical Shrubs and Trees
550:  Peperomiaceae
561:  Piperaceae

Germination guide
Peperomia pellucida seeds will usually germinate in 15-30 days. Sow Peperomia pellucida seeds on the surface of a Peaty seed sowing mix at about 22C.

Sow on the surface of moist compost, use a translucent cover to allow light in and to keep the compost humid and warm (do not place in direct sunlight)

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