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Nymphaea candida

Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany

B and T World Seeds' Botanical Glossary

B and T World Seeds' reference number: 71401

The average, annual, minimum temperature zone where Nymphaea candida is cold hardy
USDA Zone:4 -30° to -20°F   (-34.5° to -29°C)
Type of plant - perennial
Flower or inflorescence: WHITE, to 7.5cm. dia.
Foliage: to 20cm. dia., ovato.-suborb.
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Synonyms (alternative names) for Nymphaea candida:
Castalia biradiata, Castalia candida, Castalia colchica, Castalia semiaperta, Leuconymphaea candida, Nymphaea alba subsp. candida, Nymphaea alba var. kashmiriana, Nymphaea alba var. oligostigma, Nymphaea alba var. oocarpa, Nymphaea basniniana, Nymphaea biradiata, Nymphaea cachemiriana, Nymphaea candida var. biradiat, Nymphaea candida var. delicata, Nymphaea candida var. kostelet, Nymphaea candida var. neglecta, Nymphaea candida var. semiaper, Nymphaea colchica, Nymphaea intermedia, Nymphaea kosteletzkyi, Nymphaea milletii, Nymphaea neglecta, Nymphaea nitida, Nymphaea pauciradiata, Nymphaea permixta, Nymphaea punctata, Nymphaea semiaperta, Nymphaea tetragona var. nitida, 

Common names for Nymphaea candida:

Glanzende Seerose,  Nymphea luisant, 

Nymphaea candida is included in the following
B and T World Seeds flowering plant categories.

6:   Bulbous and Rhizomatous Plant Seed List
43:   Herbaceous Border Plant Seed List
56:   Aquatic and Semi aquatic Plant Seeds
72:   Russian Native and Introduced Plants (Central)
523:  Nymphaeaceae
720:   Fire Resistant Plants
Different classes of resistance: some grow back, some don't burn, a few have highly inflammable leaves that leave the rest of the plant intact, some trees don't have lower branches.

Happier and Healthier Plants, Naturally

plant-fungus communities, for improved nutrition, and disease and drought resistance.

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