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"B" currently available from B & T World Seeds

" Borobohlolo (Sotho)"Coccinia sessilifolia
" Extra Early White Broad Bean"Vicia faba Extra a grano bianco, precoce
" Morning Glory Zeeland Hybrid mix"Ipomoea nil Zeeland Hybrids mix o p
" Pois Carouby de Maussanne"Pisum sativum Carouby de Maussanne mangetout
"!OAQUA!A'I' (Namibian)"Corallocarpus welwitschii
""Ancho" dried, "Poblano" fresh"Capsicum annuum Ancho Poblano chili
""Best seed strain Dahlia""Dahlia Bishops Children tall
""Dwarf Bamboo""Dulichium arundinaceum
""Extremely beautiful tree""Brachystegia spiciformis
""one of the best Sages for a dry garden""Salvia candelabrum
""Sell your coat & buy Betony" Italian proverb"Stachys officinalis
""Strangest looking but best tasting cucumber ever""Cucumis sativus Brown Russian
"#rable Sycomore"Acer pseudoplatanus wings
"("fls.briefly frag.of choc.covered cherries")"Hunnemannia fumariifolia Sunlite
"((folk: Bushmen make beer from fruit)"Grewia flava
"(-for acute chest or abdominal pain)"Ehretia rigida
"(1 prov.Bendethera, NSW)"Acacia covenyi
"(1 year old seed germinates better)"Phytolacca americana
"(4 polysaccharides, beta carotene, zeaxanthine)"Lycium barbarum d.b.
"(951 also benzene & ammonia)"Beaucarnea recurvata c.s. (not to USA)
"(951 formaldehyde, benzene)"Aglaonema commutatum
"(951 formaldehyde, benzene, xylene)"Schefflera actinophylla
"(? the best american Draba ?)"Draba ventosa
"(a primitive broccoli)"Brassica oleracea Broccoli Fall Raab
"(A.Dietr.)Nb.Tanaka"Canna warscewiczii
"(added to Kombucha tea ferment)"Solanum betaceum Cav.
"(anabasine similar to nicotine,but less harmful)"Nicotiana glauca
"(ancient heirloom thought to go back to 16th ct.)"Lycopersicon esculentum Purple Calabash
"(aril contains thaumatin protein sugar substitute)"Thaumatococcus daniellii
"(Ayurv: cough, skin & digestive probs.)"Cheilocostus speciosus
"(Ayurv:,bile flow,lactation)"Luffa cylindrica
"(Ayurv:asthma,consump.bronc.,fevers,eye troubles)"Vernonia cinerea
"(Ayurveda:seed to treat diabetes)"Syzygium cumini
"(Ayurvedic & Unani, specially for skin troubles)"Azadirachta indica vsvs
"(Ayurvedic herb)"Ocimum tenuiflorum Holy Basil Rama Tulsi
"(Ayurvedic:anti-diabetic,antoxy,antimicrobial)"Murraya koenigii db svs
"(bark is febrifuge (morindine))"Morinda citrifolia
"(base of Italian liqueur "Esprit d'iva")"Achillea erba-rotta ssp moschata
"(berries said to be ~ halucinogenic)"Coriaria ruscifolia ssp microphylla BK08524.16.
"(best blue Matsumoto type)"Callistephus chinensis Matsumoto Blue
"(best flavour when fruit fall)"Acca sellowiana
"(best in semi-shade)"Muehlenbeckia adpressa
"(best landscape polyanthus series)"Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Mixture polyanthus
"(best landscape polyanthus series)"Primula elatior Crescendo (R) Bellarosa polyanthus
"(best late Aster)"Callistephus chinensis Duchesse paeony fld. mix o
"(best nitrogen fixer)"Psophocarpus tetragonolobus day length neutral var
"(best pickling chile ?)"Capsicum annuum Jalapeno Early
"(best tonic,use roots in soup!)"Astragalus propinquus
"(best used for cut-flower production)"Lathyrus odoratus Elegance mixed short day
"(Bio - energy plant)"Sida hermaphrodita
"(bio-energy plant)"Saccharum ravennae
"(biologic insecticide)"Tanacetum vulgare
"(bird refuge & food)"Rosa rubiginosa
"(bitters for aperitifs & digestifs)"Artemisia glacialis
"(Blue dye(produced by fermentation))"Indigofera tinctoria
"(bole may reach 2m. diameter)"Chiranthodendron pentadactylon
"(bot:said to kill certain weeds)"Tagetes minuta Mexican Marigold
"(bot:thiophenes from roots dispel root nematodes)"Tagetes minuta Mexican Marigold
"(bred in Devon in 1860's)"Brassica rapa Turnip Veitchs Red Globe
"(Broccoli x Chinese Kale)"Brassica oleracea f1 Broccoli Atlantis
"(brought to Canada by immigrants in 1893)"Lycopersicon esculentum House Tomato
"(Brussels Sprout x Kale)"Brassica oleracea Brussels Sprout x Kale Petit Pos
"(Bumblebees love it)"Leonurus cardiaca
"(burning leaves also said to repel mosquitoes)"Ocimum gratissimum
"(Burpee selection, similar to the Lakota Indian)"Cucurbita maxima Lakota
"(can be used in coarse herbal lawns)"Salvia lyrata
"(can be used in herbal lawns)"Salvia lyrata Purple Volcano
"(can be used in herbal lawns)"Salvia lyrata Purple Knockout
"(can bear fruit in 3-4 years)"Annona muricata
"(can form impenetrable hedges)"Robinia pseudoacacia
"(capsule prickly purple-red,seeds BLACK,shiny)"Sloanea sinensis
"(Casabas x Persian ?)"Cucumis melo Crenshaw White
"(chem: indican & isatin B, indigo precursors)"Isatis tinctoria Indigotica Chinese Woad
"(Circa 1737 in England, possibly Ceylon before !)"Lathyrus odoratus Painted Lady
"(coll. BK08524,3)"Pernettya prostrata
"(coll. BK101106.11.)"Tagetes micrantha
"(coll. BK10511.5. alt.4000m., Cochabamba, Bolivia)"Puya herzogii Wittm.
"(component of Swedish Bitters)"Aloe ferox cit II
"(cont."brassinosteroid"anti plant diseases)"Silene viscaria
"(contains coumarin,glycoside & benzoic acid)"Anthoxanthum odoratum
"(contains isothiocyanate p-methoxybenzyl"Lepidium peruvianum black rooted var.
"(Cretan wild vegetable)"Daucus carota ssp maximus
"(crushed fresh biomass better than dry matter)"Tithonia diversifolia
"(cul.salad or blanched/steamed veg.)"Salsola komarovii Okahijiki
"(cul: nice little BROWN for salads)"Lycopersicon esculentum Berry Brown
"(cul: bark was used as cinnamon substitute)"Calycanthus floridus
"(cul: beans bright GREEN when cooked)"Phaseolus vulgaris Red Swan bush snap bean
"(cul: best cooked, or as preserves)"Cyphomandra betacea (name unresolved)
"(cul: Bissap, avec menthe et orange)"Hibiscus sabdariffa
"(cul: breadseed)"Papaver somniferum Pepperbox
"(cul: buds,roots & seedlings in salads)"Smyrnium olusatrum
"(cul: condiment like Cilantro but better)"Porophyllum linaria
"(cul: fl. buds roasted, seeds ground, raw or mush)"Yucca brevifolia
"(cul: food colouring dye,"bixin" yellow)"Bixa orellana
"(cul: jam, jelly & desserts, best after frost)"Chaenomeles sinensis
"(cul: leaves & shoots taste like rhubarb)"Hibiscus sabdariffa
"(cul: like caraway but hotter, many uses)"Cuminum cyminum
"(cul: petals may be used as colorant)"Papaver rhoeas
"(cul: roots substitute far sarsaparilla"Lapageria rosea
"(cul: shoots safe boiled / steamed 20 min.+)"Phyllostachys edulis svs
"(cul: shoots safe if boiled?steamed 20 min.+)"Bambusa arundinacea
"(cul: the best for green tomato recipes)"Physalis ixocarpa
"(cul: tubers - salad or cooked)"Lathyrus tuberosus
"(cul:bake, or boil whole ~ 20 mins.)"Cucurbita pepo Spaghetti Squash
"(cul:bean,meat,fish dishes)"Satureja montana Winter Savory
"(cul:berries for jam)"Solanum sisymbrifolium
"(cul:best early as spring greens)"Rumex patientia Volare
"(cul:best oregano with tomato,pasta,meat,pizza)"Origanum vulgare ssp hirtum Greek Oregano
"(cul:boil beans in 2 changes of water)"Lablab purpureus
"(cul:boil for 5 mins. before stuffing & baking)"Cucurbita pepo Jack be Little mini pumpkin
"(cul:boil shoots like Asparagus)"Crambe maritima Lilywhite
"(cul:Bolivian salsa ingredient,tacos,guacamole)"Porophyllum ruderale
"(cul:breadseed)"Papaver somniferum Zeno Morphex low morphine
"(cul:bud can be cooked like artichoke)"Carlina acaulis proteg. de. pas fr.
"(cul:buds,flowers,shoots,leaves,roots,beans edible"Psophocarpus tetragonolobus day length neutral var
"(cul:camelina oil excellent for cooking,stable)"Game cover Camelina sativa Gold of Pleasure
"(cul:colour for herbal teas)"Alcea rosea Nigra - Jet Black
"(cul:component of eg herbes de Provence, Za'atar)"Origanum majorana
"(cul:component of Swedish Bitters)"Carlina acaulis ssp caulescens
"(cul:curries,pickles,confectionery,beverages)"Carum copticum
"(cul:dry berry ground instead of black pepper)"Tasmannia lanceolata
"(cul:extra flavour for herb tea mix)"Oxalis tuberosa
"(cul:fed to cows produces garlic-butter, Swiss)"Allium ursinum
"(cul:flavour sauces,bearnaise,many dishes)"Alium ursinum root tubers
"(cul:flavouring for liquers & bitters)"Peucedanum ostruthium
"(cul:flavouring many dishes,herb mixes)"Origanum majorana
"(cul:flavours bean,pea,meat & poultry dishes)"Satureja hortensis Summer Savory
"(cul:flavours breads,soups,potato dishes)"Trigonella caerulea
"(cul:flavours cheese (Schabziegerkase) egg dishes)"Trigonella caerulea
"(cul:flavours herb beers)"Chamaemelum nobile
"(cul:flower buds also in salads)"Abelmoschus manihot Sunset Grandiflora
"(cul:flower buds pickled for capers)"Capparis spinosa
"(cul:flower heads boiled for sweet syrup)"Asclepias incarnata
"(cul:flower herbal tea colorant)"Helichrysum arenarium hort.
"(cul:flower,seeds,-beer,herb cheese,sausage)"Melilotus officinalis
"(cul:flowers in salad or cooked like broccoli)"Zizia aurea
"(cul:fls.-salad,fish-dishes,tea,sorbet etc)"Dianthus barbatus
"(cul:for improved Cumberland sauce)"Vaccinium vitis-idaea
"(cul:fruit good for Cannibal Sauce)"Solanum uporo
"(cul:fry flower umbels in fritters)"Daucus carota wild carrot
"(cul:good in herbal tea mixes)"Agrimonia procera
"(cul:herb,fresh or dried leaves)"Trigonella foenum - graecum
"(cul:ideal for baking)"Cucurbita maxima Pink Jumbo Banana Squash
"(cul:in lamb & beef stews,soup,salad)"Rumex scutatus
"(cul:jelly, best flavour after hard frost)"Viburnum trilobum
"(cul:leaves & berries for seasoning)"Myrica pensylvanica d.b. svs
"(cul:lvs.&berries curries,cheeses,salad dressing)"Tasmannia lanceolata
"(cul:lvs.,omelette,soup,herb-butter)"Glechoma hederacea
"(cul:makes jam v. like strawberry)"Psidium cattleianum
"(cul:may be steamed green, stuffed mature ORANGE)"Solanum melongena Turkish Orange
"(cul:more mature pods boiled briefly or steamed)"Cicer arietinum Principe
"(cul:one of the best sauce tomatoes)"Lycopersicon esculentum Amish Paste
"(cul:or boil briefly,dried seeds used for"coffee")"Lotus tetragonolobus
"(cul:peel tuber & eat raw or stir-fry)"Pachyrhizus erosus
"(cul:Rapunzel Salad,root also edible)"Campanula rapunculus
"(cul:raw/cooked,tubers peeled,cooked)"Claytonia perfoliata
"(cul:roast seeds for "coffee",use for beer)"Coix lacryma-jobi v. lacryma-jobi
"(cul:Root Beer and flavouring)"Sassafras albidum c.s.
"(cul:root boiled,roasted or stewed)"Pastinaca sativa
"(cul:root juice bio food colouring)"Beta vulgaris v flavescens Bulls Blood organic see
"(cul:root used for choco beverage)"Geum rivale
"(cul:roots boiled, seeds used fr flavouring)"Myrrhis odorata
"(cul:roots good substitute for horseradish)"Alliaria petiolata
"(cul:roots roasted,ground as coffee substitute)"Hypochaeris radicata name unresolved
"(cul:salads,sauces,salsa,canning/bottling"Lycopersicon esculentum Oxheart Giant - Cuore di B
"(cul:seed flour is sugar & starch free,-diabetics)"Ceratonia siliqua
"(cul:seed in curry & bread)"Nigella damascena
"(cul:seeds baked in bread & confectionery,salads)"Sesamum indicum
"(cul:seeds eaten like beans, ~36% protein)"Caragana arborescens
"(cul:seeds flavour breads,cakes,liqueurs,curries)"Coriandrum sativum
"(cul:seeds in curries,bread & cakes)"Nigella hispanica
"(cul:shoots safe if boiled 20 mins. +)"Dendrocalamus giganteus svs
"(cul:shoots safe if boiled/steamed 20 min. +)"Bambusa balcooa
"(cul:shoots safe if boiled/steamed 20 min.+)"Phyllostachys nigra
"(cul:slice and sprinkle with basil, olive oil)"Lycopersicon esculentum Black Truffle
"(cul:small tubers good in many dishes)"Allium ursinum
"(cul:superb with tomato raw & cooked)"Ocimum basilicum Genovese
"(cul:tea,soup and many herbal uses)"Tagetes lucida
"(cul:thyme herbal flavouring))"Thymus serpyllum
"(cul:Tuscany with mushrooms & green vegetables)"Clinopodium nepeta
"(cul:v.good for tomato based sauces & salsa))"Capsicum chinense Scotch Bonnet orange
"(cul:vegetable,fresh leaves,sprouts,microgreens)"Trigonella foenum - graecum
"(cul:when mature cook like broccoli)"Brassica carinata Texel Greens
"(cul:whole pods or peas bottled or canned)"Cicer arietinum Principe
"(cul:with broccoli,good omelette with mozzarella)"Chenopodium berlandieri v nuttaliae
"(cul:young shoots in salads,whole plant boiled)"Prunella vulgaris
"(cul:young shoots in Turkish herb cheese)"Thymbra spicata
"(culin:reduces flatus from beans!)"Dysphania ambrosioides
"(culin:shoots ed.twice boiled)"Aralia cordata
"(culms exude "bamboo milk")"Bambusa arundinacea
"(cult:best in loose deep rich soil)"Arctium lappa
"(dark red wood used in building)"Bischofia polycarpa
"(dating from before 1875)"Phaseolus vulgaris Canadian Wonder French dwarf be
"(developed in Alberta Canada)"Lycopersicon esculentum Sub Arctic Plenty
"(differs considerably from syn. A.cryptopoda)"Aloe wickensii
"(dried herb repels clothes-moths)"Nigella damascena
"(dried herb repels moths)"Santolina chamaecyparissus
"(durable attractive wood)"Bridelia micrantha
"(dye blue)"Isatis tinctoria b.s.
"(dye: fruit coat soluble in alcohol)"Mallotus philippensis
"(dyes wool,cotton,silk bright yellow)"Reseda luteola
"(eco: seed oil biodiesel, + fatty acids)"Kosteletzkya virginica
"(effective green biomass fertilizer NPK)"Tithonia diversifolia
"(endemic to several N.Z. subantarctic islands)"Anisotome latifolia
"(enth:5 indole alkaloids,ibogaine,tabernaemont.)"Trachelospermum jasminoides
"(enth:indole alkaloids,tabernaemontanine)"Tabernaemontana divaricata
"(erosion control,trees bushy to ground level)"Acacia melvillei
"(fast,- for fibre, twine & paper pulp)"Sesbania exaltata
"(Fertile Blue Group)"Meconopsis sheldonii x Lingholm Himalayan Blue
"(find here the flavour missing from f1 hybrids !)"Lycopersicon esculentum Purple Calabash
"(fine silky fibre from stem bark)"Hibiscus sabdariffa
"(fire-resistant plant, use rhizobium)"Xerophyllum tenax
"(first double Hellebore from seed)"Helleborus orientalis Queen Double Mixed
"(fl.1st yr.sown under glass Feb-March)"Hunnemannia fumariifolia Sunlite
"(flavour "asparagus,mushrooms & beans")"Vigna unguiculata Red Pod organic seed
"(flour for Indian bread)"Oryzopsis hymenoides
"(flowers, leaves & bulbs eaten raw or cooked)"Allium altaicum
"(flowers, pods, seeds edible)"Fouquieria splendens
"(fol: bark used by diviners, izangoma"Searsia chirindensis (name unresolved)
"(folk: bark & root medicinal)"Hibiscus syriacus
"(folk: bark aphrodisiac,blood tonic)"Curtisia dentata
"(folk: bark decoction emetic for alcohol abuse)"Schotia brachypetala
"(folk: bark decoctions are analgesic & sedative)"Pittosporum viridiflorum
"(folk: bark deters evil spirits)"Apodytes dimidiata svs
"(folk: bark for headache,toothache & backache"Sclerocarya birrea ssp. caffra
"(folk: bark tea anticancer, blood purifier)"Tabebuia impetiginosa
"(folk: bark,toothache remedy)"Caesalpinia cacalaco
"(folk: beer ingredient)"Tanacetum balsamita
"(folk: berries used in mead, Karee)"Searsia lancea
"(folk: blood poisoning, stomachic, antituss.)"Aralia racemosa
"(folk: body strengthening,and purification rites)"Schotia brachypetala
"(folk: bulbs eaten raw or cooked)"Camassia leichtlinii
"(folk: burn leafy branches in mad men's huts)"Chrysanthemoides monilifera
"(folk: cough, jaundice,abscess & haemorrhoids)"Trichosanthes kirilowii
"(folk: decoction as refreshing bath additive)"Pollichia campestris
"(folk: emetic,respiratory trouble)"Sanguinaria canadensis svs
"(folk: ext.use,headache,sterility,bladder probs.)"Bowiea volubilis
"(folk: good luck plant in Zimbabwe)"Myrothamnus flabellifolius
"(folk: herbalist use as charm against evil)"Strophanthus petersianus
"(folk: Hottentots distill spirit from berries)"Grewia flava
"(folk: ikhubalu red bark mixtures ward off evil)"Schotia brachypetala
"(folk: inner bark for weakness of heart)"Dombeya rotundifolia
"(folk: leaf rub to aid walking,children & dogs)"Xiphidium caeruleum
"(folk: leaf smoke inhaled for nosebleed)"Schotia brachypetala
"(folk: leaves burnt against evil spirits Transkei)"Vepris lanceolata
"(folk: lvs. chewed for indigestion, burnt fumigant"Artemisia frigida
"(folk: med. used like Henbane)"Physochlaina orientalis
"(folk: planted by San Pedro as "guardian""Siphocampylus tupaeformis BK09428.1. (name unresol
"(folk: red bark dye for diviners sangoma cloaks)"Schotia brachypetala
"(folk: red body paint from seed coat)"Bixa orellana
"(folk: root & bark for tonic, Zambia)"Dombeya rotundifolia
"(folk: root bark decoc. for tapeworm)"Morus nigra
"(folk: root bark ensures visions)"Phyllanthus reticulatus
"(folk: root bark used in soup by Maasai)"Scutia myrtina
"(folk: root love charm emetic & body wash)"Burchellia bubalina
"(folk: roots added to ubulawu preparation)"Scabiosa columbaria
"(folk: roots to treat abdominal pain,Tanzania)"Dombeya rotundifolia
"(folk: roots used in Zimbabwe to prevent)"Sclerocarya birrea ssp. caffra
"(folk: sedative, stiff, rheumat, lumbago, heart)"Cardiospermum halicacabum
"(folk: snake bite drink & bathe)"Xiphidium caeruleum
"(folk: tea for menstrual problems, colds & chills)"Artemisia frigida
"(folk: treat cancer & tuberculosis)"Scrophularia nodosa
"(folk: used to brew ale)"Marrubium vulgare
"(folk: weak tea aids sleep, prevents bad dreams)"Clerodendrum glabrum
"(folk: young aerial roots & bark with kola,thirst)"Ficus sur
"(folk: Zulu use branches to transfer ancestral)"Ziziphus mucronata
"(folk: zulu uvukwabafile, medicinal)"Myrothamnus flabellifolius
"(folk:abdominal complaints,candida)"Lepechinia hastata
"(folk:against contagion,fleas,& bad spirits)"Ruta graveolens
"(folk:aphro., Zimbabwe Shona)"Albizia antunesiana
"(folk:aphrodisiac,weakness,backache,stomach pain)"Combretum molle
"(folk:ayahuasca herb)(v.toxic)"Cestrum parqui
"(folk:Bantu use roots for intoxicating beer)"Glottiphyllum linguiforme
"(folk:bark & roots make stomach cleansing medicine"Sclerocarya birrea ssp. caffra
"(folk:bark as intoxicant in Tanzania)"Rauvolfia caffra
"(folk:bark ash rubbed onto body as stimulant,tonic"Phyllanthus reticulatus
"(folk:bark cold water ubulawu for ancestor-)"Maesa lanceolata
"(folk:bark for dysentery,malaria)"Lansium domesticum
"(folk:bark for exhaustion,listlessness,evil"Ekebergia capensis
"(folk:bark for love charm emetics)"Ekebergia capensis
"(folk:bark for strength & stamina)"Ormocarpum trichocarpum
"(folk:bark magical)"Cussonia spicata
"(folk:bark medicine for bleeding ulcers)"Protea caffra
"(folk:bark powder licked off fingers aphrodisiac&"Heteropyxis natalensis
"(folk:bark preparation tonic & blood purifier)"Zanthoxylum capense
"(folk:bark protects chiefs against witchcraft)"Ekebergia capensis
"(folk:bark tea for menstrual cramps)"Viburnum opulus
"(folk:bark tea twice a day strengthens heart)"Sclerocarya birrea ssp. caffra
"(folk:bark tea-sore throat,thrush,digestive tonic)"Diospyros virginiana svs
"(folk:basket-making)"Muhlenbergia rigens
"(folk:Basque good luck nailed to front door)"Carlina acaulis proteg. de. pas fr.
"(folk:beads for Hindu 108 beaded rosaries "mala""Elaeocarpus sphaericus
"(folk:beer flavouring before hops)"Artemisia vulgaris
"(folk:beer(like hops))"Teucrium scorodonia
"(folk:berry wax for bayberry candles)"Myrica pensylvanica d.b. svs
"(folk:blood diseases,cancer)"Rumex sanguineus
"(folk:bulb decoction for hangovers,Tswana,Sotho)"Eucomis autumnalis
"(folk:bulb,love charm facilitates proposal)"Tulbaghia ludwigiana
"(folk:bulbs eaten raw or cooked)"Camassia leichtlinii Alba
"(folk:burn plant to prevent rain)"Asparagus virgatus
"(folk:burn stems on skin for neuralgia,rheumatism)"Lespedeza capitata
"(folk:burning dried peel repels mosquitos)"Lansium domesticum
"(folk:catarrh,urinary inf.,menstrual probs.)"Meum athamanticum
"(folk:claws still used to weave baskets)"Proboscidea parviflora v parviflora
"(folk:cold tuber infusion emetic cleanses body)"Stangeria eriopus cs cit
"(folk:cold water root infusion,bad dream emetic)"Burchellia bubalina
"(folk:colds,bronchitis)"Salvia chamelaeagnea
"(folk:colds,flu,stomach-ache,bleeding)"Rhus aromatica
"(folk:diarrhoea,dysentery,TB,respiratory)"Leontopodium alpinum
"(folk:divination herb,root infusion)"Argyrolobium tomentosum
"(folk:diviners us in ubulawu mix to interpret -)"Helinus integrifolius
"(folk:dried berries,blood purifier,diuretic)"Rhamnus cathartica
"(folk:dried grass used for baskets & hats)"Merxmuellera macowanii aff. (name unresolved)
"( treat boils,abscesses)"Xanthium strumarium
"(folk:fever,scrofula,kidney & bladder problems)"Crinum macowanii
"(folk:flavours tobacco,repel mosquitoes)"Ocimum gratissimum Vana Tulsi tree basil
"(folk:flowering tops used in beer & ale)"Origanum vulgare
"(folk:fragrant mediaeval strewing herb)"Galium odoratum
"(folk:fresh as abscess,ulcer poultice) for abs)"Stellaria media
"(folk:fruit and stem fibres for textiles)"Asclepias syriaca
"(folk:fruit eaten to increase penis size,Ndebele)"Kigelia africana
"(folk:fruit said to be narcotic to birds)"Lantana rugosa
"(folk:fruit used for molasses,beer,bread)"Diospyros virginiana svs
"(folk:gout, rheumatism, skin troubles)"Buxus sempervirens
"(folk:Greece,Tibet,antidote to poisons)"Sisymbrium officinale
"(folk:ground dry rootbark direct for toothache)"Zanthoxylum capense
"(folk:in tobacco mix)"Salvia africana-lutea
"(folk:in tobacco mixes)"Salvia disermas
"(folk:in tobacco mixes)"Salvia chamelaeagnea
"(folk:inflammation,gastrointestinal problems)"Ipomoea pes-caprae ssp. brasiliensis
"(folk:infusion for nosebleed etc)"Lobelia cardinalis
"(folk:Kenyan Maasai use bark as stimulant)"Maesa lanceolata
"(folk:kidney & urinary probs., note toxic)"Fabiana imbricata
"(folk:kidney,bladder,nervousness)"Eryngium campestre
"(folk:leaf smoke for blood problems in Botswana)"Clematis brachiata
"(folk:leaf snuff,antibiotic,toothache,parasites)"Aloe marlothii
"(folk:leaves & stems burnt as incense-"Helichrysum herbaceum
"(folk:leaves boiled for greens, also smoked)"Polanisia trachysperma
"(folk:leaves for tea,sap for birch beer)"Betula lenta b.s.
"(folk:leaves used like aloe for burns)"Rhodiola rosea
"(folk:leaves used to bandage wounds)"Stachys palaestina
"(folk:lucky charm for Luvale tribe)"Philenoptera violacea b
"(folk:many medicinal uses,& gambling charm)"Solidago canadensis
"(folk:may be Gwa used by !Kung to induce kia-"Guibourtia coleosperma
"(folk:mild cannabis substitute)"Leonotis leonurus
"(folk:necro.-become invisible)?"Helleborus niger hort.
"(folk:pain, fever, snakebite)"Clivia miniata vsvs
"(folk:pain,snakebite,fever,cold,rheumat.)"Petiveria alliacea
"(folk:parasites,snakebite,earache)"Rudbeckia hirta
"(folk:pods & seeds for tired muscles & aching bone"Trema orientalis
"(folk:polish the seeds for beads, game counters)"Gymnocladus dioicus
"(folk:pounded bark for shampoo -"Grewia occidentalis
"(folk:powdered bark snuff"Ptaeroxylon obliquum
"(folk:powdered root rubbed into scarifications)"Ehretia rigida
"(folk:powdered snuff for nose-cold,Wembas)"Dicoma anomala
"(folk:rabies)"Anchusa officinalis
"(folk:red dye from bark)"Cornus sericea
"(folk:reputed to be aphrodisiac)"Carissa bispinosa
"(folk:respiratory problems)"Filipendula vulgaris
"(folk:root & bark aphrodisiacs may be put in beer"Pittosporum viridiflorum
"(folk:root antibiotic,aphrodisiac,antispasm.)"Asparagus falcatus
"(folk:root as fermentation agent for beer)"Khadia acutipetala
"(folk:root in beer as aphrodisiac)"Ximenia americana
"(folk:root in herbal tobacco mixes)"Solidago canadensis
"(folk:root poultice for snakebite)"Liatris spicata
"(folk:root preparation for backache,abdominal pain"Peltophorum africanum
"(folk:root said to have banana flavour)"Polystichum munitum
"(folk:root snuff for headache in Zimbabwe)"Clematis brachiata
"(folk:root,dysentery,hangover,heartburn)"Dissotis canescens
"(folk:root-influenza,stomach troubles)"Catha edulis
"(folk:rootbark concoction purifies blood)"Rauvolfia caffra
"(folk:rootbark decoction for mental illness)"Cussonia spicata
"(folk:rootbark froth in water gives diviners clear"Phyllanthus reticulatus
"(folk:roots burned in hut to dispel worries)"Millettia grandis
"(folk:roots for madness in Zimbabwe)"Gardenia volkensii
"(folk:roots for stomach troubles)"Ormocarpum trichocarpum
"(folk:roots,to bring back ancestors)"Sansevieria hyacinthoides
"(folk:rope,cord,mats,baskets)"Lygeum spartum
"(folk:said to be soporific)"Chironia baccifera
"(folk:said to purify blood)"Heteromorpha arborescens
"(folk:sedative dream herb,smoking)"Alepidea natalensis
"(folk:sedative, spasmolytic, abortion (large dose)"Crocus sativus autumn flg. bulbs
"(folk:seed oil for cooking,burning)"Onopordum acanthium
"(folk:seeds coffee substitute)"Pithecellobium flexicaule
"(folk:small frequent dose fruit juice blood tonic)"Chrysanthemoides monilifera
"(folk:smoke with tabacum or cannabis)"Nicotiana rustica Rapa Nui Easter Island Tobacco
"(folk:smokeable euphoric, pleasant)"Tagetes lucida
"(folk:smokeable)"Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
"(folk:smoked as sedative, cannabis substitute)"Sutherlandia frutescens
"(folk:snakebite,headache,sore eyes(drops))"Gentiana andrewsii
"(folk:snakebite,rabies,heart disease)"Taxus baccata
"(folk:Sotho snuff leaves,or add to tobacco)"Turbina oblongata
"(folk:sprinkle to exclude abathakathi from home)"Stangeria eriopus cs cit
"(folk:stem & roots peeled, eaten raw & for beer)"Gunnera perpensa
"(folk:stems for making beer)"Rauvolfia caffra
"(folk:sugar syrup from buds,flowers,capsules)"Asclepias speciosa
"(folk:Suto mix it with their tobacco)"Salvia repens
"(folk:tisane for bubonic plague)"Pimpinella saxifraga hort.
"(folk:to induce labour)"Trillium erectum svs
"(folk:tobacco subs., beer additive)"Achillea millefolium
"(folk:tobacco substitute)"Anaphalis margaritacea New Snow
"(folk:tonic bath, also anti-demons !)"Balanites maughamii
"(folk:tonic,coffee sub.,aphrodisiac)"Abelmoschus moschatus
"(folk:treat bruises)"Centaurea jacea ssp jacea
"(folk:treat skin problems, gastritis, cough)"Agrostemma githago wild flower
"(folk:treat skin troubles, prevent sunburn)"Ammi majus
"(folk:tuber as love charm emetic,evil protection)"Asparagus virgatus
"(folk:tuber charms dispel bad dreams"Stangeria eriopus cs cit
"(folk:tuber infusion love charm emetic)"Tulbaghia violacea
"(folk:tuber infusion sprinkled around huts)"Satyrium parviflorum
"(folk:tuber preparation for bone pains)"Stangeria eriopus cs cit
"(folk:tubers eaten by Sioux)"Helianthus maximiliani
"(folk:tubers rubbed on body to protect dancing)"Tulbaghia violacea
"(folk:tubers used for analgesic)"Dicoma anomala
"(folk:twigs burned against sorcery)"Gardenia volkensii
"(folk:used as floor polish (corm presumably) KZN"Hypoxis iridifolia
"(folk:used by diviners to protect patients -"Ilex mitis svs
"(folk:used for gastric troubles)"Psychotria capensis
"(folk:used in herbal pillow sachet mixes)"Asclepias syriaca
"(folk:used in herbal tobacco)"Pulicaria dysenterica
"(folk:used in rain-making ceremony,Botswana)"Ehretia rigida
"(folk:used in tobacco mixes)"Salvia dentata
"(folk:used in ubulawu visionary preparation)"Lobelia flaccida
"(folk:used in ubulawu visionary preparations)"Lobelia coronopifolia
"(folk:uterotonic for childbirth)"Clivia miniata vsvs
"(folk:with Ledebouria cooperi to inebriate boys in"Phygelius capensis
"(folk:Xhosa burn twigs sacrificing to ancestors)"Halleria lucida
"(folk:young shoots & berries eaten)"Rubus parviflorus
"(folk:Zulu bark infusion dispels bad dreams)"Sideroxylon inerme
"(frisches Kraut fur Maibowle)"Galium odoratum
"(from Pedra Azul, M.G., Brazil)"Pilosocereus azulensis
"(fruir edible fresh or dried ~ like dates)"Diospyros lotus svs
"(fruit evidently inebriating in quantity)"Pernettya prostrata
"(fruit WHO tox Ib-II) (tuber edible)"Pachyrhizus erosus
"(Gabouriau)"Tagetes patula Queen Sophia
"(game cover, with brassica crops)"Phacelia tanacetifolia
"(germ. better soaked 4 hours in 0.2% KNo3)"Capsicum chacoense
"(germinates best passed through a fruit bat)"Piper auritum cs
"(good bonsai, exc. coastal evergreen)"Pinus thunbergii
"(green manure:gives phosphorus but not nitrogen)"Game cover Polygonum fagopyrum Buckwheat
"(green tea substitute)"Camellia japonica
"(grows faster & a bit larger than S.minor)"Sabal minor prov. McCurtain County, OK
"(hard & heavy timber)"Eucalyptus leucoxylon
"(hard red cabinet wood)"Ormosia hosiei
"(hard RED durable post timber, burns well)"Eucalyptus blakelyi
"(hard tough workable timber)"Corymbia maculata b.s.
"(hard wood used as ebony substitute)"Laburnum anagyroides
"(has given better maize yield than minerals)"Tithonia diversifolia
"(Heat tolerant Bouquet type)"Anethum graveolens Dukat
"(Hemp substitute, cord & rope)"Hibiscus cannabinus
"(herbal tobacco ingredient,perfume)"Saussurea costus cit
"(high vitamin C, Betaine, amino-acids)"Lycium barbarum d.b.
"(homeo:phlebitis,varicosity etc.)"Anemone pulsatilla
"(hopi:spider bites)"Verbesina encelioides
"(hort: allelopathic,carpet inhibits weeds)"Brassica nigra Black - Brown Mustard
"(hort:allelopathic,discouraging nearby plants)"Helianthus maximiliani
"(host to Monarch butterflies)"Liatris ligulistylis
"(hybridised near Oxford about 1850?)"Platanus acerifolia x
"(hybs. from Linanthus parviflorus)"Linanthus Stardust mix
"(If resolved it would be A. anguina)"Albuca anguinum (name unresolved)
"(Improved Balloon)"Solanum pseudocapsicum Thurino Light
"(improved Double Princess)"Phaseolus vulgaris Record French dwarf bean double
"(Improved Goblin)"Gaillardia Primavera
"(ingredient of herbal snuff)"Salvia viridis
"(ingredient of Swedish Bitters)"Gentiana lutea
"(Known before 1864)"Phaseolus vulgaris Kentucky Wonder French climber
"(largest bulb dies each year as small ones develop"Cardiocrinum giganteum yunnanense
"(latex potential fuel hydrocarbon source)"Euphorbia tirucalli
"(latex rich in hydrocarbons, "10 barrels/acre")"Euphorbia lathyris
"(leaves, roots boiled for sweet drink)"Hardenbergia violacea
"(lift young for golden baby beet snack)"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Burpees Golden
"(like a climbing Gazania)"Mutisia ilicifolia
"(love charm of bark makes man attractive)"Curtisia dentata
"(lvs. lather when rubbed in water)"Acacia redolens upright form
"(makes good brooms)"Eragrostis gummiflua
"(may be a result of Incan agriculture)"Jaltomata sinuosa BK14515.4.
"(may be used in a mixed herbal lawn)"Sisyrinchium montanum
"(may produce more biomass than T.diversifolia)"Tithonia rotundifolia
"(may produce more biomass than T.diversifolia)"Tithonia rotundifolia Torch
"(med / cul.:boil / steam shoots 20 min.+)"Phyllostachys heteroclada
"(med-cul:sulphur-aminos balance bean protein)"Moringa oleifera
"(med. fatigue, cardiac-defic., diabetes)"Astragalus propinquus
"(med.antidiabetic, treats pancreas)"Momordica charantia
"(med.antidiabetic,pancreas)"Momordica charantia Indian Baby
"(med.non-addictive herbal cerebral sedative)"Valeriana officinalis
"(med.vaginal bacteria,candida)"Lamium purpureum
"(med;antibacterial,anti-yeasts)"Heracleum antasiaticum (unresolved name)
"(Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Baikal)"Leonurus glaucescens
"(nice ones in Corsica, but old, a few in Belfast!)"Eucalyptus regnans
"(nice timber for furniture)"Knightia excelsa
"(nurse-crop facilitates establishment)"Cichorium intybus Chicory forage grade
"(one of the best for UK & similar climates)"Zea mays f1 Earlibird sh2
"(orders by mid March, del. mid Aprl)"Helianthus tuberosus Fuseau tubers
"(origin Vizcaino Desert, BCN)"Ferocactus peninsulae viscainensis
"(origin Walney Island,which is now in Cumbria)"Geranium sanguineum Striatum
"(originally collected on the Drakensberg Mts.)"Dierama pulcherrimum aff. Spring Dancer
"(pharm:cytotoxic, ant-inflamm., antimicrobial)"Buxus sempervirens
"(phosphorus,iron,thiamine,riboflavin,niacin)"Tamarindus indica
"(popular bonsai)"Diospyros rhombifolia
"(possession by spirits)"Sclerocarya birrea ssp. caffra
"(possibility of early Summer and Autumn crop)"Lycopersicon esculentum Sub Arctic Plenty
"(possibly ancestor of A. fistulosum)"Allium altaicum
"(potent ceremonial tobacco)"Nicotiana langsdorffii Lemon Tree
"(pour choucroute, recette avalable)"Cucurbita ficifolia
"(precursor of celery before 1800)"Smyrnium olusatrum
"(prices to be confirmed ~ delivery cost)"Helianthus tuberosus Fuseau tubers
"(prices to be confirmed, ~ delivery cost)"Asparagus officinalis Amaro Montina 1 year rhizome
"(prob. World's most widespread cactus)"Rhipsalis baccifera
"(probably an old cultivar)"Echinopsis pachanoi
"(probably hybrid with ssp. purpurea)"Clarkia purpurea ssp quadrivulnera Burgundy Wine
"(prov typ. Haenertsburg)"Searsia longicauda
"(prov. 110km. w. Karasburg, Namibia)"Lithops karasmontana v. aiaisensis
"(prov. 70km. s Maltahohe, Namibia)"Lithops schwantesii ssp. gebseri C 165 TL
"(prov. Barbados)"Capsicum baccatum Bell Chili
"(prov. Bellingrath Gardens, Alabama)"Capsicum annuum Bellingrath Gardens
"(prov. Bolivia, Peru)"Capsicum baccatum Criolla Sella
"(prov. Drakensberg"Searsia discolor
"(prov. Drakensberg)"Streptocarpus polyanthus ssp. dracomontanus
"(prov. Drakensberg)"Watsonia lepida
"(prov. Drakensberg)_"Zaluzianskya pulvinata
"(prov. India, Bangladesh"Capsicum chinense Bhut Jolokia
"(prov. Namaqualand, my be R. namaquensis"Romulea sp. unident. orange fl.
"(prov. Tibet)"Dactylicapnos scandens
"(prov. typ. 45k. ene. Springbok, N Cape)"Lithops marmorata Framesii
"(prov. typ. Alexander Bay)"Lithops herrei
"(PROV. typ. Betty's Bay"Indigofera cytisoides
"(prov. typ. Betty's Bay)"Moraea lurida
"(prov. typ. Betty's Bay)"Moraea ramosissima
"(prov. typ. Betty's Bay)"Roella incurva
"(prov. typ. Betty's Bay)"Watsonia rogersii
"(prov. typ. Betty's Bay)"Hermas villosa
"(prov. typ. Betty's Bay)"Corycium carnosum
"(prov. typ. Bloemtontein)"Searsia burchellii
"(prov. typ. Boesmansrivier)"Pavonia praemorsa
"(prov. typ. Gansbaai)"Podalyria sericea
"(prov. typ. Gifberg)"Hyaenanche globosa
"(prov. typ. Grabouw)"Moraea flaccida
"(prov. typ. Haenertsburg)"Stachys natalensis
"(prov. typ. Haenertsburg)"Vernonia staehelinoides
"(prov. typ. Haenertsburg)"Monanthotaxis caffra
"(prov. typ. Haernertsburg)"Sida cordifolia
"(prov. typ. Hantamsberg)"Hesperantha hantamensis
"(prov. typ. Heidelberg)"Peponium caledonicum
"(prov. typ. Kimberley)"Lycium horridum
"(prov. typ. Pietersburg)"Schefflera umbellifera
"(prov. typ. Pietersburg)"Solanum catombelense
"(prov. typ. Piketberg)"Maytenus oleoides
"(prov. typ. Piketberg)"Lachenalia lutea
"(prov. typ. Stellenbosch)"Melolobium adenodes
"(prov. typ. Stellenbosch)"Moraea gawleri
"(prov. typ. Stellenbosch)"Lachenalia pallida
"(prov. typ. Stellenbosch)"Moraea unguiculata
"(prov. typ. Tulbagh)"Lachenalia purpureocaerulea
"(prov. typ. Vizcaino, BCS)"Agave vizcainoensis
"(prov. Zimbabwe)"Chlorophytum colubrinum
"(Quality timber)"Eucalyptus dunnii
"(Quebrada de Escoipe, Salta, Arg.)"Puya mirabilis
"(red bark is mysteriously magical)"Curtisia dentata
"(RED dye from bark)"Bombax rhodognaphalon prov. RSA
"(red dye from berries)"Phytolacca americana
"(red-brown-purple wood hard,valuable)"Pithecellobium flexicaule
"(replaces Double Shine)"Helianthus annuus Superted double
"(resin exudate collected by bees)"Xanthorrhoea australis
"(rheumat.arth,gastritis,asthma,bronch)"Saussurea costus cit
"(Root dye golden,berberine)"Mahonia aquifolium c.s.
"(rumoured used to make wine in Belgium long ago)"Lycopersicon esculentum Giant Belgian Pink
"(Runner and French bean cross)"Phaseolus coccineus x Tenderstar runner bean hybri
"(Runner bean x French bean)"Phaseolus coccineus Firestorm runner bean
"(see French Breakfast 3)"Raphanus sativus Radish French Breakfast
"(seed oil edible)"Diplotaxis tenuifolia
"(seed oil for soap,bitter so not edible)"Calodendrum capense svs
"(seed said to be insecticidal)"Annona muricata
"(seedlings popular vegetable in China, onion flav)"Toona sinensis
"(seeds edible, sap as sweetener)"Pinus lambertiana
"(seeds roasted & ground,coffee substitute)"Gymnocladus dioicus
"(series replaces Daybreak, larger flowers, compact"Gazania rigens f1 New Day Bronze Shades
"(Shea Butter Tree)"Argania spinosa
"(shrub endangered, nearly extinct)"Chenopodium sanctae-clarae
"(silkworm food,Polyscias bakeriana is better)"Stereospermum euphorioides
"(small genome size-haploid ~100Mbp of 5chromosomes"Arabidopsis thaliana
"(smokable)"Nicotiana sylvestris
"(some years makes no shoot, but rhizome persists)"Paris quadrifolia
"(source of terebinth (turpentine))"Pinus mugo ssp. mugo
"(Soutpansberg endemic)"Callilepis caerulea
"(sow 8lb.per acre,1lb for 5445 sq.ft.)"Schizachyrium scoparium
"(sow in 1 metre band at water edge)"Wildflower Mix UK pond edge 19spp. flowers only
"(Tangerine x Kumquat nat.hyb.)"Citrofortunella microcarpa vsvs
"(TCM & Unani:lvs.& bark for hypertens.,gingivitis)"Syzygium cumini
"(TCM) Bai zhi"Angelica dahurica Bai Zhi
"(TCM: antibiotic, liver rebuild)"Patrinia villosa
"(TCM: antibiotic,diuretic,liver rebuild)"Patrinia scabiosifolia
"(TCM: Bai zhi)"Angelica dahurica BLBP 02
"(TCM: bark decoction, dysentery"Ailanthus altissima
"(TCM: bladder trouble,parasites)"Polygonum aviculare
"(TCM: Boluohui)"Macleaya cordata
"(TCM: buds,regulate blood, treat haemorrhoids)"Styphnolobium japonicum
"(TCM: menstrual & liver problems)"Artemisia lactiflora
"(TCM: throat, bronchitis, mumps)"Belamcanda chinensis
"(TCM: Xiao guo boluohui)"Macleaya microcarpa
"(TCM:against diabetes)"Clinopodium chinense v parviflorum
"(TCM:bark,diarrhoea,dysentery,flatulence,haemorr.)"Toona sinensis
"(TCM:bark,gen.tonic,depression etc.)"Albizia julibrissin
"(TCM:chron.bronch,-antibact.,antitumour,tonic)"Vitex negundo
"(TCM:clears heat,dispels toxicity,blood tonic)"Scutellaria barbata
"(TCM:dried root to sooth liver(with bupleurum)"Paeonia lactiflora
"(TCM:dried root,uterine problems-)"Paeonia obovata
"(TCM:fruit to treat angina, anti-phlegm,abortivant"Trichosanthes kirilowii
"(TCM:general anti-bacterial,TB,dipth,typh,staph.)"Humulus japonicus
"(TCM:liver problems)"Gentiana tibetica
"(TCM:nerve,liver & blood tonic)"Polygonum multiflorum
"(TCM:pain,bleeding,traumatic injury)"Paeonia obovata
"(TCM:reg.menses,tonifies blood)"Leonurus artemisia
"(TCM:skin problems,trichomoniasis)"Cnidium monnieri
"(TCM:stop bleeding,burns,stings)"Sanguisorba officinalis
"(TCM:tonic,dysentery,colon.bleeding,sunstroke etc)"Lablab purpureus
"(TCM:various,but toxic,research needed)"Xanthium sibiricum
"(TCM:yin tonic,muscle,bone & tissue development)"Lycium barbarum d.b.
"(those from USA are prob. A.americanus)"Acorus calamus
"(timber & honey)"Corymbia torelliana
"(timber durable in ground)"Robinia pseudoacacia
"(timber durable, flexible)"Maclura pomifera vsvs
"(timber for plywood & boxes)"Mitragyna speciosa b.s.
"(timber good for furniture)"Millettia grandis
"(timber insect repell., oil perfumery)"Juniperus virginiana
"(timber rot & termite resistant)"Maclura pomifera vsvs
"(timber rot-resistant)"Calocedrus decurrens
"(timber very rot-resistant)"Bolusanthus speciosus
"(to smoking tobacco)"Pleiospilos bolusii
"(tox WHO Ib)"Ecballium elaterium
"(tox WHO Ib)"Euphorbia myrsinites
"(tox. WHO 1b)"Securigera varia
"(tox.: WHO Ib-II)"Pulsatilla vernalis
"(tox.: WHO Ib-II)"Anemone alpina cs
"(tox.: WHO Ib-II)"Pulsatilla halleri hort.
"(tox.WHO 1b)"Convallaria majalis
"(tox: abrin)"Abrus precatorius
"(tox: all parts contains alkaloid anabasine)"Nicotiana glauca
"(tox: betacyanins,saponins,aglycones,lectin etc)"Phytolacca americana
"(tox: bovoside A cardiac glycoside, bovoruboside)"Bowiea volubilis
"(tox: bufadienolide heart glycosides, cumulative)"Cotyledon orbiculata
"(tox: cardiac glycoside obebioside B etc.)"Adenium multiflorum
"(tox: free base may be absorbed cutaneously)"Nicotiana tabacum
"(tox: lectin mix"robin" in seeds, phasin in bark)"Robinia pseudoacacia
"(tox: obebioside B etc., cardiac glycoside)"Adenium obesum
"(tox: phorbol esters, curcanoleic acid)"Jatropha curcas
"(tox: phorbol esters, ingenol)"Euphorbia tirucalli
"(tox: sesbanimide A alkaloid, etc.)"Sesbania punicea
"(tox: triterpines & esters, caffeine, theobromine)"Ilex paraguariensis
"(tox: WHO 1b)"Melia azedarach
"(tox: WHO 1b)"Lophophora williamsii
"(tox: WHO 1b)"Turbina corymbosa
"(tox: WHO 1b)"Jatropha curcas
"(tox: WHO 1b)"Laburnum anagyroides
"(tox: WHO 1b)"Mandragora autumnalis
"(tox: WHO 1b-II)"Ilex aquifolium c.s.
"(tox: WHO Classe Ia, therapy Phorbol esters)"Datura stramonium
"(tox: WHO Ib leaves & fruit)"Chaerophyllum temulum
"(tox: WHO Ib)"Robinia pseudoacacia
"(tox: WHO Ib)"Erythrina variegata L.
"(tox: WHO Ib)"Peganum harmala
"(tox: WHO Ib)"Nicotiana tabacum
"(tox: WHO Ib)"Nicotiana rustica
"(tox: WHO Ib)"Nicotiana glauca
"(tox: WHO Ib)(leaf & seeds)"Prunus serotina
"(tox: WHO Ib, leaves & fruit)"Chaerophyllum bulbosum
"(tox: WHO Ib-II)"Ornithogalum umbellatum
"(tox: WHO Ib-II)"Solanum dulcamara
"(tox:"buxine" steroidal alkaloids)"Buxus sempervirens
"(tox:a & b thujone (cumulative) etc.)"Thuja occidentalis
"(tox:Absinthin etc., thujone monoterpene)"Artemisia absinthium
"(tox:alkaloids berberine, protopine)"Argemone mexicana
"(tox:apiol,myristicin,allyltetramethoxybenzol)"Petroselinum crispum curly
"(tox:arbutine,aricoline,rhodoxanthine)"Rhododendron ferrugineum
"(tox:berberine etc.)"Mahonia aquifolium c.s.
"(tox:berberine,columbamine etc. isoquinoline alk.)"Berberis vulgaris
"(tox:beta-thujone, sterols, terpenoids, cumulate)"Tanacetum vulgare
"(tox:bitter CGs,saponins & alkaloids)"Helleborus viridis
"(tox:brunfelsamidine, scopoletin, oleanolic acid)"Brunfelsia pauciflora
"(tox:brydiofin toxin protein (fruit))"Bryonia alba
"(tox:bufadienlide lanceotoxin A,B, hellebrigenin)"Kalanchoe lanceolata
"(tox:bufadienolides & CGs)"Moraea pallida
"(tox:carboxyparquin kaurene glycosides)"Cestrum parqui
"(tox:cardenolides, glucosinolates, glucoiberin)"Erysimum cheiri Wild Wallflower
"(tox:CG cotyledoside (a bufadienolide)"Tylecodon wallichii
"(tox:CGs thevetin A & B (cerebroside))"Cascabela thevetia
"(tox:contact allergies,susceptible people)"Rhododendron ponticum
"(tox:cucurbitacin B triterpenoid cell toxin)"Cucumis africanus
"(tox:cucurbitacin E & I triterpenoids)"Ecballium elaterium
"(tox:cucurbitacin triterpenoids)"Cucumis myriocarpus
"(tox:cucurbitacins, cytotoxic spindle poisons)"Bryonia cretica ssp dioica
"(tox:diterpenoid alkaloids, bark & seed)"Erythrophleum africanum
"(tox:fabianine QA, anthraquinones, sesquiterpines)"Fabiana imbricata
"(tox:fruit, brydiofin toxin protein)"Bryonia cretica ssp dioica
"(tox:gaultherin methylsalicylate,arbutin)"Gaultheria procumbens
"(tox:green parts and unripe,uncooked berries)"Solanum indicum
"(tox:hellebrin ao CGs,ranunculin)"Helleborus niger hort.
"(tox:ingenane phorbol esters,euphorbon C30steroid)"Euphorbia lathyris
"(tox:ingenane phorbol esters,euphorbon C30steroid)"Euphorbia marginata
"(tox:ingenane phorbol esters,euphorbon C30steroid)"Euphorbia myrsinites
"(tox:ingenane phorbol esters,euphorbon,C30steroid)"Euphorbia cyparissias
"(tox:intact seeds negligible,milled dangerous)"Linum usitatissimum Flax
"(tox:latex has phorbol esters stachenone etc.)"Spirostachys africana
"(tox:latex is contact irritant,blistering)"Spirostachys africana
"(tox:lobeline etc)"Lobelia tupa
"(tox:mexerein, daphnetoxin phorbol esters,coumarin"Daphne mezereum c.s.
"(tox:ouabain cardiac glycoside)"Acokanthera oblongifolia
"(tox:ouabain cardiac glycoside)"Acokanthera oppositifolia
"(tox:pelletierine etc alkaloids,root,bark,leaves)"Punica granatum
"(tox:pentacyclic triterpenoid esters,verbascoside)"Lantana camara
"(tox:phorbol esters & toxic lectin crepitin)"Hura crepitans
"(tox:phorbol esters, toxic saponins, cell toxins)"Aleurites fordii
"(tox:piperidine alkaloids, mainly lebeline)"Lobelia inflata
"(tox:pyrrole-3-carboxamidine)"Nierembergia hippomanica White Robe
"(tox:pyrrole-3-carboxamidine)"Nierembergia hippomanica Purple Robe
"(tox:raw beans)"Lablab purpureus Ruby Moon
"(tox:raw beans)"Lablab purpureus
"(tox:ricinine & ricin,water soluble,not oil)"Ricinus communis
"(tox:roots ibogaine,tabernanthine alkaloids)"Tabernanthe iboga
"(tox:sabinene etc monoterpenes,podophyllotoxin)"Juniperus sabina
"(tox:sabinene,podophyllotoxin)"Juniperus virginiana
"(tox:sabinine,pinenes,myristicine etc)"Myristica fragrans
"(tox:seeds theobromine,caffeine,alkaloids,tannins)"Theobroma cacao vsvs
"(tox:several bufadienolides incl. melianthugenin)"Melianthus comosus
"(tox:sheep particularly susceptible)"Euphorbia mauritanica
"(tox:strychnine,brucine & minor alkaloids)"Strychnos nux-vomica
"(tox:tryptamines, serotonin mimics (~bufotenin))"Anadenanthera peregrina
"(tox:WHO 1b"Podophyllum peltatum
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Thuja occidentalis
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Ipomoea nil mixed
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Laburnum alpinum
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Ipomoea nil Early Call Chocolate
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Cascabela thevetia
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Hyaenanche globosa
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Euphorbia helioscopia
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Melianthus major
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Mandragora officinarum
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Ipomoea nil
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Ipomoea hederacea
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Moraea polystachya
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Hura crepitans
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Agrostemma githago wild flower
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Tylecodon wallichii
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Ipomoea pes-caprae
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Melianthus comosus
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Ipomoea nil Milky Way
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Mundulea sericea grey lvd. form
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Ipomoea nil Zeeland Hybrids mix o p
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Lobelia inflata
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Lobelia tupa
"(tox:WHO 1B)"Ipomoea nil Scarlett O Hara
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Illicium anisatum
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Ipomoea muricata
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Lactuca virosa
"(tox:WHO 1b)"Ipomoea nil Morning Call mixed
"(tox:WHO 1b-II)"Anemone pulsatilla Alba b.s.
"(tox:WHO 1b-II)"Narcissus pseudonarcissus
"(tox:WHO Ib"Prunus insititia
"(tox:WHO Ib)"Erythrina lysistemon
"(tox:WHO Ib)"Sophora secundiflora
"(tox:WHO Ib)"Tabernanthe iboga
"(tox:WHO Ib)"Genista tinctoria
"(tox:WHO Ib)"Papaver somniferum
"(tox:WHO Ib)"Scopolia carniolica
"(tox:WHO Ib)"Prunus armeniaca
"(tox:WHO Ib)"Dioscorea dregeana
"(tox:WHO Ib)"Prunus persica
"(tox:WHO Ib)"Dioscorea bulbifera bulbils vsvs
"(tox:WHO Ib-II"Anemone pulsatilla b.s.
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Solanum pseudocapsicum
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Ranunculus acris
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Malus sylvestris
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla red form
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla Rubra - Red Bells b.s.
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Pulsatilla nigricans
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla fringed form
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Ornithogalum saundersiae
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Rhododendron ponticum
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla Pasque Flower Mixture r.s.
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Ruta graveolens
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Solanum americanum
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis Prima Papageno Mix
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Sanguinaria canadensis svs
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pratensis ssp. nigricans
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla Rubra - Rote Glocke strat.
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla Gotlandica b.s.
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Lycopersicon esculentum Ailsa Craig
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla Alba Bells White stratified see
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Pulsatilla chinensis
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Scadoxus puniceus vsvs
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla Bells Violet stratified seed
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Pulsatilla nigricans cs
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla Alba Bells White
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla purple form
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Ornithogalum thyrsoides
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla Bells Violet
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Solanum khasianum
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla Heiler Hybrids mix
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemona pulsatilla cs strat
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis Prima Papageno Mix
"(tox:WHO Ib-II)"Anemone pulsatilla Rubra - Red Bells c.s.
"(tox:WHO II-III (raw bean))"Phaseolus vulgaris White Emergo runner bean
"(tox:WHO1b-II"Rhododendron ferrugineum
"(tox:WHOIb)"Euphorbia lathyris
"(Toxic WHO Class Ib-II)"Ornithoglossum viride
"(toxic: Ib-II)"Solanum marginatum
"(toxicity of fruit very variable)"Melia azedarach
"(treating person bewitched by relatives,useful)"Harveya speciosa
"(tuber ext.:15%sucrose,25%oil,30%starch)"Cyperus esculentus v sativus tubers
"(two saponins found in bark)"Cussonia spicata
"(typ. prov. Batopilas, Chihuahua)"Agave shrevei ssp. magna (ssp. unresolved)
"(type Borlotto nano)"Phaseolus vulgaris Coco Nain de Prague a grain mar
"(used for brooms and thatching)"Loudetia simplex
"(used in herbal tobacco & schnapps)"Potentilla erecta
"(useful timber, firewood)"Alnus rubra
"(Uzbekistan)"Allium pskemense (B Fedtsch)
"(valuable seed oil, red dye, incense)"Adenanthera pavonina
"(valuable timber tree)"Eucalyptus pilularis
"(vit.C,A,E,B6,-thiamine,riboflavin,folate)"Spinacia oleracea Spinach d Ete, prickly seeded
"(volatile oil (blutenol) used in perfume)"Reseda odorata
"(wants cli. 34695 1500 sds.) probably"Lasiurus scindicus
"(was thought related to Browningia, but is not)"Castellanosia caineana
"(WHO tox: Ib, neurotoxin)"Styphnolobium japonicum
"(wood also used for boomerangs)"Acacia pendula
"(wood good for furniture,but sawdust v. irritant)"Spirostachys africana
"(woodland sp., prov. Libya)"Arum cyrenaicum
"(yellow dye from bark)"Nauclea orientalis
"(young branches used in basket-work)"Vitex agnus-castus hort. c.s.
"(~best o.p. Chantenay hyb.)"Daucus carota ssp sativa Katrin
"-typical of arable field margins & corners"Wildflower Mix UK cornfield annuals 5 spp. no gras
"17th century, garden of bishop of Rennes"Cucumis melo Petit Gris de Rennes
"5 Leaf Akebia"Akebia quinata (mu tong 1)
"5 Lobed Japanese Maple"Acer pentaphyllum
"8 Day Healing Bush"Lobostemon fruticosus
"A Greek basil"Ocimum basilicum Minette v compact and fine leaved
"A la bo po po na"Veronica persica
"A standard Kentucky Burley"Nicotiana tabacum Burley KY-17
"A'Bbad Al Shams"Helianthus annuus single tall
"A'Jayib Al Maasi"Momordica charantia
"Aambeibossie"Chironia baccifera
"Aardboontjie"Cyphia digitata
"Aaron's Beard"Hypericum calycinum
"Aasblom"Orbea variegata
"Ababa"Alocasia macrorrhizos svs
"Abacaxi"Ananas comosus
"Abana"Annona muricata
"Abata Cola"Cola acuminata
"Abe-Maki"Quercus variabilis
"Abedul"Betula pubescens
"Abele"Populus alba svs
"Abele"Populus canescens x svs
"Abendlandischer Lebensbaum"Thuja occidentalis
"Abete Argentato"Abies alba
"Abete Bianco"Abies alba
"Abeto Bianco"Abies amabilis
"Abeto Blanco"Abies alba
"Abeto-Espanhol"Abies pinsapo
"Abhal"Juniperus communis
"Abir Perfume Plant"Hedychium spicatum
"Abisin"Guizotia abyssinica
"Abobora-Chila"Cucurbita ficifolia
"Abokado"Persea americana
"Abrasin de chine"Aleurites fordii
"Abre Puno"Centaurea calcitrapa
"Abre-o-Sol"Heimia salicifolia
"Abrico"Mammea americana
"Abrico de Macaco"Couroupita guianensis
"Abricot des Antilles"Mammea americana
"Abricotier"Prunus armeniaca
"Abricotier d'amerique"Mammea americana
"Abricotier des Antilles"Mammea americana
"Abrojo"Tribulus cistoides
"Abrotano Hembra"Santolina villosa Mill.
"Abrunheiro"Prunus spinosa
"Abscess"Erythrina variegata L.
"Abscess Root"Polemonium reptans
"Absinth"Artemisia absinthium
"Absinthe"Artemisia absinthium
"Absinthe Wormwood"Artemisia absinthium
"Absinthium"Artemisia absinthium
"Absintio"Artemisia absinthium
"Absinto"Artemisia absinthium
"Abura-Na"Brassica campestris
"Abura-Tsubaki"Camellia oleifera svs
"Abutilon-Hemp"Abutilon theophrasti
"Abyss Aloe"Aloe abyssicola
"Abyssinian Banana"Ensete ventricosum svs
"Abyssinian Banana"Ensete ventricosum svs
"Abyssinian Cabbage"Brassica carinata Texel Greens
"Abyssinian Feathertop"Pennisetum villosum c.s.
"Abyssinian Kale"Crambe hispanica ssp. abyssinica
"Acacia bella rosa"Leucaena leucocephala
"Acacia Leaf Conebush"Leucadendron macowanii
"Acacia-leaf Conebush"Leucadendron macowanii
"Acai Berry Palm"Euterpe oleracea
"Acajou Blanc"Khaya anthotheca
"Acajubaum"Anacardium occidentale red cashew
"Acalbir"Datisca cannabina
"Acanto Bastardo"Onopordum acanthium
"Acebo Comun"Ilex aquifolium c.s.
"Achicoria de Bruselas"Cichorium intybus Chicory
"Achillea Benary's Pearl"Achillea ptarmica The Pearl Superior
"Acker-Glockenblume"Campanula rapunculoides
"Acker-Ringelblume"Calendula arvensis
"Acker-Witwenblume"Knautia arvensis
"Ackerbegleitflora"Wildflower Mix European traditional annual field f
"Aconite Leaved Buttercup"Ranunculus aconitifolius
"Aconito Saludable"Aconitum anthora
"Acorn Banksia"Banksia hookeriana
"Acorn Banksia"Banksia prionotes
"Acorn Squash Table Star"Cucurbita pepo Table Star acorn winter squash
"active principle furanone, a butenolide"Smoke Primer Papers
"Adam's Rib"Chasmanthe aethiopica
"Adam's Rib"Chasmanthe floribunda
"Adeveat-Sorb"Sorbus torminalis
"Adeverat-Sorb"Sorbus torminalis
"Adi Pot Plant Basil"Ocimum basilicum f1 Adi organic seed
"Adriatic Bellflower"Campanula garganica
"Adzuki Bean"Vigna angularis Adzuki Bean
"Adzuki Bean Express"Vigna angularis Adzuki Express 118 days
"Adzuki Beans for sprouting"Vigna angularis Adzuki Bean sprouting seed
"Adzuki Sprouting Beans, organic"Vigna angularis Adzuki Bean sprouting seeds organi
"Affenbrotbaum"Adansonia digitata
"affin E.cinnabarina (L.draxleriana)"Echinopsis sp. unident. Rodeo Bol.
"African Baobab"Adansonia digitata
"African Basil"Ocimum gratissimum Vana Tulsi tree basil
"African Basil"Ocimum americanum African Basil
"African Black Milo"Sorghum bicolor African Black
"African Black Sorghum"Sorghum bicolor African Black
"African Blackwood"Dalbergia melanoxylon
"African Blackwood"Erythrophleum africanum
"African Blackwood"Peltophorum africanum
"African Bowstring Hemp"Sansevieria hyacinthoides
"African Boxthorn"Lycium ferocissimum
"African Boxwood"Myrsine africana svs
"African Bristle Grass"Setaria sphacelata
"African bristle grass"Setaria sphacelata
"African Bush-willow"Combretum caffrum
"African Cabbage"Cleome gynandra
"African Ebony"Dalbergia melanoxylon
"African Hackberry"Celtis africana
"African Hairbell"Dierama pendulum
"African Harebell"Roella ciliata
"African Horned Cucumber"Cucumis metuliferus
"African Marigold All Double Orange"Tagetes erecta, tall double
"African Milk Barrel"Euphorbia horrida
"African Milkbush"Euphorbia tirucalli
"African Sagebrush"Artemisia afra
"African Scabious"Scabiosa africana
"Afrika Bamyasi"Hibiscus sabdariffa
"Afrikanische Aubergine"Solanum macrocarpon
"Afrikanischer Tulpenbaum"Spathodea campanulata
"Afrikanisches Baumbasilikum"Ocimum gratissimum Vana Tulsi tree basil
"Agastache pallida hybrid G."Agastache pallida x rugosa Globetrotter
"Ageratum Florist Blue"Ageratum houstonianum Market Growers Blue tall
"Agrostide Blanca"Agrostis gigantea
"Agrostide blanche"Agrostis gigantea
"Agtdaegeneesbos"Lobostemon fruticosus
"Aguaribai"Schinus molle
"Ahriger Erdbeerspinat"Chenopodium capitatum Strawberry Spinach
"Aibika"Abelmoschus manihot Sunset Grandiflora
"Aibika"Abelmoschus manihot
"Ail des bois"Allium tricoccum
"Ail des bois"Allium ursinum
"Ajayib Al Maasi"Momordica charantia
"Ajemjibre"Zingiber officinale
"Akalbir"Datisca cannabina
"Akar Ara Bukit"Aristolochia tagala
"Akar Beluloh"Ardisia crispa
"Akeleiblatt. Wiesenraute"Thalictrum aquilegiifolium
"Akita Blue"Gentiana triflora v japonica
"Al Karam al Barri"Tamus communis
"Al Sant Al Kathib"Robinia pseudoacacia
"Alabama Hawthorn"Crataegus vulsa
"Alabama Pine"Pinus clausa Choctawatchee
"Alamama, vulnerable species for conservation"Cucurbita ecuadorensis
"Alamo Blanco"Thespesia populnea
"Alaska Blueberry"Vaccinium ovalifolium
"Albacar"Ocimum basilicum Bush fine leaved
"Albaida"Anthyllis cytisoides
"Albany Banksia"Banksia coccinea
"Albany Bottlebrush"Callistemon speciosus
"Albany Cat's Paw"Anigozanthos preissii
"Albany Dryandra"Dryandra serra
"Albany Quoll's Paw"Anigozanthos preissii
"Albany Roo Paw"Anigozanthos flavidus green and yellow
"Albardine"Lygeum spartum
"Albaricoque"Prunus armeniaca
"Albastron (Co)"Leopoldia comosa
"Alberta Spruce"Picea albertiana
"Albertinia Heath"Erica baueri ssp baueri name unresolved
"Albertinia Pincushion"Leucospermum muirii
"Albertinia Thatching Reed"Thamnochortus insignis
"Albino Sage"Salvia officinalis Albiflora
"Albopan"Artocarpus altilis
"Albricoque"Mammea americana
"Alder Buckthorn"Frangula alnus
"Aleluya Tuberosa"Oxalis tuberosa
"Alexander's Rhubarb"Rheum alexandrae
"Alexanders Liebstockel"Smyrnium olusatrum
"Alexandrinischer Lorbeer"Calophyllum inophyllum svs
"Alfalfa Arborea"Medicago arborea
"Alfalfa Arborea"Atriplex semibaccata
"Alfarrobeira"Ceratonia siliqua
"Alfazema Brava"Lavandula latifolia
"Algaroba"Ceratonia siliqua
"Algarobbo"Hymenaea courbaril
"Algarroba"Hymenaea courbaril
"Algarrobo"Prosopis juliflora
"Algarrobo"Prosopis chilensis
"Algarrobo"Ceratonia siliqua
"Algarve French Climbing / Pole Bean"Phaseolus vulgaris Algarve grimpant a rames sabre
"Algodonero De Las Barbados"Gossypium barbadense
"Alhambra Pickling Gherkin"Cucumis sativus f1 Alhambra cornichon
"Aliment des abeilles"Phacelia tanacetifolia
"Alkali Bullrush"Scirpus paludosus
"Alkali Bulrush"Bolboschoenus maritimus
"Alkali-Blite"Chenopodium sp. xx
"All Gold Balm"Melissa officinalis Aurea
"All Green Bush Marrow"Cucurbita pepo All Green Bush courgette and marrow
"All Saints' Herb"Hypericum androsaemum
"Allegheny Blackberry"Rubus allegheniensis
"Allure Dwarf French Bean"Phaseolus vulgaris Kylian
"Aloes do Cabo"Aloe ferox cit II
"Aloha Basket Flower"Centaurea americana
"Aloha Blanca Basket Flower"Centaurea americana Aloha Blanca
"Alonsoa Rebel"Alonsoa meridionalis Rebel
"Alonsoa Salmon Beauty"Alonsoa meridionalis Salmon Beauty - Shell Pink
"Alpen Wachsblume"Cerinthe glabra
"Alpen-Aronstab"Arum alpinum
"Alpen-Berufskraut"Erigeron alpinus bs
"Alpenbalsam"Erinus alpinus
"Alpenbeifuss"Artemisia umbelliformis
"Alpenwaldrebe, blau"Clematis alpina b.s.
"Alpine Balsam"Erinus alpinus
"Alpine Bartsia"Bartsia alpina
"Alpine Basil Thyme"Acinos alpinus
"Alpine Bearberry"Arctostaphylos alpina
"Alpine Bellflower"Campanula alpina
"Alpine Bistort"Persicaria vivipara
"Alpine Bistort Serpent Grass"Persicaria vivipara
"Alpine Bluegrass"Poa alpina
"Alpine Bottlebrush"Callistemon pityoides
"Alpine Buttercup"Ranunculus alpestris
"Alpine Butterwort"Pinguicula alpina
"Alpine Columbine"Aquilegia alpina hort
"Alpine Cranberry"Vaccinium vitis-idaea
"Alpine Fleabane"Erigeron borealis b.s.
"Alpine Laburnum"Laburnum alpinum
"Alpine Rosy Bells"Allium oreophilum
"Alpine Scabious"Cephalaria alpina
"Alpine Skullcap Arcobaleno mix"Scutellaria alpina Arcobaleno mix
"Alpine Snowbell"Soldanella alpina
"Alpine Strawberry Alexandra"Fragaria vesca Alexandria
"Alpine Strawberry Attila"Fragaria vesca Attila
"Alpine Strawberry Baron Solemacher"Fragaria vesca Baron Solemacher
"Alpine Strawberry Red Wonder"Fragaria vesca Wonder Red alpine
"Alpine Strawberry Regina"Fragaria vesca Regina
"Alpine Strawberry Yellow Cream"Fragaria vesca Wonder Yellow alpine
"Alpine Willowherb"Epilobium dodonaei
"Alpine Willowherb"Epilobium fleischeri
"Alpine Yellow Strawberry"Fragaria vesca White Soul - Delight
"Alpine Yellow Strawberry"Fragaria vesca Wonder Yellow alpine
"Alpiste bulbeux"Phalaris aquatica
"Also UK autumn bumblebird mix"Wild Bird Seed Mixture basic autumn sow
"Alyssum Gold Ball"Aurinia saxatilis Goldkugel - Golden Ball
"Amabilis Fir"Abies amabilis
"Amaryllis Hybrid Mix"Hippeastrum hyb mix
"Amazimba"Sorghum bicolor
"Amazonian Basil"Ocimum campechianum
"Ambarella"Spondias dulcis
"Ambari"Hibiscus cannabinus
"Ambashthaki"Hibiscus sabdariffa
"Ambassador summer courgette / zucch."Cucurbita pepo f1 Ambassador zucchino - marrow
"Ambay"Cecropia palmata
"Amber Cane"Sorghum dochna
"Amberbaum"Liquidambar styraciflua
"Amberbell"Erythronium americanum
"Amberique-Bean"Strophostyles helvula
"Amberkraut"Hypericum androsaemum
"Amberparis"Berberis vulgaris
"Amblabaum"Phyllanthus emblica
"Amboyna Wood"Pterocarpus indicus
"Ambramalve"Abelmoschus moschatus
"Ambretta purpurea"Knautia purpurea
"Ambrette"Abelmoschus moschatus
"Ambrevade"Cajanus cajan
"Ambroisie annuelle"Ambrosia artemisiifolia
"Ambrosia"Chenopodium botrys
"Ambrosia De Hojas De Ajenjo"Ambrosia artemisiifolia
"Ambrosinia"Chenopodium botrys
"Ameo Bastardo"Ammi majus
"American Arbor Vitae"Thuja occidentalis
"American Barnyard Grass"Echinochloa muricata
"American Basswood"Tilia americana dry seed
"American Beak Grass"Diarrhena americana
"American Beech"Fagus grandifolia
"American Bellflower"Campanula americana
"American Beth Root"Trillium erectum svs
"American Bird Cherry"Prunus serotina
"American Birthroot"Trillium erectum svs
"American Bittersweet"Celastrus scandens
"American Black Sage"Salvia mellifera
"American Bladdernut"Staphylea trifolia
"American Blue Vervain"Verbena hastata
"American Boxwood"Cornus florida
"American Bugle"Lycopus americanus
"American Bugleweed"Lycopus americanus
"American Cocklebur"Xanthium pensylvanicum
"American Columbo"Frasera caroliniensis
"American Cowbean"Cicuta maculata
"American Cranberry"Vaccinium macrocarpon c.s.
"American Cranberrybush"Viburnum trilobum
"American Cranesbill"Geranium maculatum
"American Elderberry"Sambucus canadensis c.s.
"American Filbert"Corylus americana c.s.
"American Hackberry"Celtis occidentalis northern prov.
"American Hellebore"Veratrum viride
"American Hornbeam"Carpinus caroliniana
"American Ink Berry"Phytolacca americana
"American Mulberry"Morus rubra
"American Potato Bean"Apios americana
"American Red Birch"Betula occidentalis
"American Scrub Pine"Pinus monticola
"American Snowbell"Styrax americanus
"American White Hellebore"Veratrum viride
"American White Hellebore"Veratrum californicum
"American White Hellebore"Veratrum viride
"American Willowherb"Epilobium ciliatum
"American Yama-Bosi"Cornus florida
"Amerikaanse Esseboom"Fraxinus americana d.w.
"Amerikan Kurtbagri"Viburnum prunifolium
"Amerikanische Baumwolle"Gossypium hirsutum
"Amerikanische Bergminze"Pycnanthemum pilosum
"Amerikanische Glockenblume"Campanula americana
"Amerikanische Grob-Seide"Cuscuta campestris
"Amerikanische Kermesbeere"Phytolacca americana
"Amerikanischer Storaxbaum"Liquidambar styraciflua
"Amerikanischer Styraxbaum"Liquidambar styraciflua
"Amethyst Dwarf French Bean"Phaseolus vulgaris Amethyst dwarf French bean
"Amish Bottle Onion"Allium cepa Red Bottle
"Ammobium eleve"Ammobium alatum
"Ammophile des sables"Ammophila arenaria
"Amoro Winter Squash, Red Kabocha type"Cucurbita maxima f1 Amoro red Kabocha type
"Amourette batarde"Solanum mammosum
"Amourette Batarde"Solanum mammosum
"Ampalayang Gubat"Gynostemma pentaphyllum
"Amsoi rouge geant, bio."Brassica juncea Mustard Red Giant organic seed
"Amsterdam Leaf Celery, high dry herb content"Apium graveolens Leaf Celery Amsterdam
"Anabaum"Faidherbia albida
"Anaboom"Faidherbia albida
"Ananasblume"Centratherum intermedium
"Anatolian Storksbill"Erodium pelargoniiflorum Sweetheart
"Anbah"Mangifera indica
"Anchusa Blue Angel"Anchusa capensis Blue Angel
"Ancolie blanc des Alpes"Aquilegia alpina Alba hort.
"Ancolie de Bertolonii"Aquilegia bertolonii hort.
"Andenbeere"Physalis peruviana
"Anemone Annabella Deep Pink"Anemone multifida Rubra
"Anemone Annabella White"Anemone multifida Major
"Anemone Rose Beauty"Anemone tomentosa
"Angelique des bois"Angelica sylvestris
"Angico-branco"Anadenanthera peregrina
"Angico-Branco"Anadenanthera peregrina
"Angled Lobelia (Australia)"Lobelia anceps
"Anikab"Dolichandra unguis-cati
"Anise Basil"Ocimum basilicum Anise Basil
"Anise Hyssop Liquorice Blue"Agastache rugosa Liquorice Blue
"Anise Hyssop,blue"Agastache rugosa Spike Blue
"Anise Shrub"Illicium anisatum
"Aniseed Buchu"Agathosma cerefolium
"Annual Beard-Grass"Polypogon monspeliensis
"Annual Bluegrass"Poa annua
"Annual Bristle Grass"Aristida adscensionis
"Annual Bugloss"Echium plantagineum Bedder Blue dwarf
"Annual Bugloss"Anchusa arvensis
"Annual Buttercup"Ranunculus sceleratus
"Annual Fleabane"Erigeron annuus ssp annuus
"Annual Mallow New Dwarf Pink Blush"Lavatera trimestris Pink Blush dwarf
"Annual Rudbeckia"Rudbeckia hirta
"Annual Wooly Bean"Strophostyles helvula
"Anona Blanca"Annona squamosa
"Anserina-Branca"Chenopodium album
"Anserine blanche"Chenopodium album
"Anserine bon-henri"Chenopodium bonus-henricus
"Antelope Bitterbrush"Purshia tridentata
"Antelope Bush"Purshia tridentata
"Antirrhinum Brighton Rock Mix"Antirrhinum majus Brighton Rock Mix semi-dwarf
"Antirrhinum Candelabra"Antirrhinum braun-blanquetii
"Antirrhinum Cheerio, Carioca bedding type"Antirrhinum majus f2 Cheerio Mixed semi-dwarf
"Antirrhinum Lemon Sherbet"Antirrhinum braun-blanquetii
"Antirrhinum Liberty Lavender"Antirrhinum majus f1 Liberty Classic Lavender
"Antirrhinum Madame Butterfly"Antirrhinum f1 Madame Butterfly double mix
"Anysboegoe"Agathosma cerefolium
"Apache Beads"Anemopsis californica
"Apenbroodboom"Adansonia digitata
"Apfelsinenbaum"Citrus sinensis
"Apio Tuberoso"Apios americana
"Appalachian Bugbane"Actaea cordifolia
"Appelboom"Malus sylvestris
"Apple Berry"Billardiera longiflora
"Apple Blossom Cassia"Cassia javanica
"Apple Box"Eucalyptus bridgesiana
"Apple Serviceberry"Amelanchier lamarckii
"Apple-Box"Eucalyptus bridgesiana
"Appleblossom Cassia"Cassia grandis
"Appleblossom Shower"Cassia javanica
"Apricot Beauty Foxglove"Digitalis purpurea Apricot
"Aprikosenbaum"Prunus armeniaca
"Aprobojtorjan"Agrimonia eupatoria
"Aquiboquil"Lardizabala biternata
"Aquilegia Adonis Blue"Aquilegia f1 Origami Blue and White
"Aquilegia Blue Angel"Aquilegia flabellata Ministar
"Aquilegia Blue Dream"Aquilegia caerulea Heavenly Blue
"Aquilegia Blue Star"Aquilegia caerulea Star Blue
"Aquilegia Blue Star, McKana type"Aquilegia Star Blue
"Aquilegia Brimstone Yellow"Aquilegia f1 Origami Yellow
"Aquilegia Butterfly Mix"Aquilegia f1 Origami Mixed
"Aquilegia Clematiflora Hybrids"Aquilegia vulgaris Clematiflora Hybrids
"Aquilegia Double Rubies"Aquilegia vulgaris v flore pleno Ruby Port
"Aquilegia Hummingbird"Aquilegia canadensis Little Lanterns
"Aquilegia Hummingbird, red & yellow bicolour"Aquilegia canadensis Hummingbird red and yellow dw
"Aquilegia Lemon Sorbet"Aquilegia vulgaris Green Apples
"Aquilegia Magpie double"Aquilegia vulgaris Guinness William - Magpie doubl
"Aquilegia Red Hobbit (dwarf Red Star)"Aquilegia caerulea Red Hobbit
"Aquilegia Remembrance"Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Colorado - Swan Violet
"Aquilegia Swan Blue & White"Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Virginia - Swan Blue -
"Aquilegia Swan Burgundy & White"Aquilegia caerulea f1 State Louisiana - Swan Burgu
"Arabette de Thalius"Arabidopsis thaliana
"Arabette rameuse"Arabidopsis thaliana
"Arabian Coffee"Coffea arabica svs
"Arabian Cucumber"Cucumis dipsaceus
"Arabian Nights"Alcea rosea Nigra - Jet Black
"Arabian Tea"Catha edulis
"Arabica Coffee"Coffea arabica svs
"Arabicakaffee"Coffea arabica svs
"Arabis Compinkie"Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Compinkie
"Arabis Fruhlingszauber"Arabis blepharophylla Spring Charm - Magic
"Arabis Red Sensation"Arabis blepharophylla Red Sensation
"Arabis Schneehaube"Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Schneehaube - Snowcap
"Arabis Snow Peak"Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Schneehaube - Snowcap
"Arabis Snowball"Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Schneehaube - Snowcap
"Arabis Snowcap"Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Schneehaube - Snowcap
"Arabis Snowdrop"Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Snowball - Snowdrop
"Arabis Spring Charm"Arabis blepharophylla Spring Charm - Magic
"Arabis Spring Magic"Arabis blepharophylla Spring Charm - Magic
"Arabische Gummiakazie"Acacia nilotica L. Delile
"Arabischer Kaffeebaum"Coffea arabica svs
"Arabischer Kaffeestrauch"Coffea arabica svs
"Arabkovka Thalova"Arabidopsis thaliana
"Arbol Capoc"Ceiba pentandra
"Arbol de Fuego"Delonix regia
"Arbol de Fuego"Cassia grandis
"Arbol De Lanza"Lansium domesticum
"Arbol de las Orejas"Enterolobium cyclocarpum
"Arbol de Pan"Artocarpus altilis
"Arbol del Caucho"Hevea brasiliensis vsvs
"Arbol del Pan"Artocarpus altilis
"Arbol del Sebo"Sapium sebiferum d.b.
"Arbol Del Ule"Castilla elastica
"Arbol Enano"Melia azedarach
"Arbol-Do-Lanza"Lansium domesticum
"Arbor del Amor"Cercis siliquastrum
"Arbor Maurepasia"Erythrina variegata L.
"Arborescent Buckwheat"Eriogonum arborescens
"Arborvitae"Thuja occidentalis
"Arbre a boulet de canon"Couroupita guianensis
"Arbre a laque"Butea monosperma
"Arbre a pain"Artocarpus altilis
"Arbre a pain"Artocarpus altilis
"Arbre a soie"Calotropis gigantea
"Arbre au Diable"Hura crepitans
"Arbre au mastic"Pistacia lentiscus d.b.
"Arbre blanc"Faidherbia albida
"Arbre chaste"Vitex agnus-castus hort. c.s.
"Arbre de mille ans"Adansonia digitata
"Arbre de Para"Hevea brasiliensis vsvs
"Arbre de Saint Thomas"Bauhinia variegata
"Arbre fourrager du maroc"Argania spinosa
"Arbre puant"Sterculia foetida
"Arbre veritable"Artocarpus altilis
"Arbusier"Arbutus unedo c.s. svs
"Arctic Blue Flag"Iris setosa
"Arganbaum"Argania spinosa
"Argentine Tobacco"Nicotiana sylvestris
"Arizona Barrel Cactus"Ferocactus wislizeni
"Arkansas Blue Star"Amsonia hubrichtii
"Arkansas Bluebell"Amsonia hubrichtii
"Armenian Cranesbill"Geranium psilostemon
"Armeria Ministicks, bulk seed"Armeria maritima Splendens b.s.
"Aronstab"Arum maculatum
"Arrow Broom"Genista sagittalis
"Arrow Leaved Balsam Root"Balsamorhiza sagittata
"Arrowleaf Balsamroot"Balsamorhiza sagittata
"Arrowwood Viburnum"Viburnum dentatum
"Arroyo Buckwheat"Eriogonum fasciculatum ssp fasciculatum
"Arsenic Bush"Senna planitiicola
"Arsenic-Bush"Senna septemtrionalis
"Artichoke Tavor, thornless Green Globe, organic sd"Cynara scolymus Tavor Imperial Star organic seed
"Artichoke Violet Globe"Cynara scolymus Violet Globe
"Arveja Tuberosa"Lathyrus tuberosus
"Arznei-Baldrian"Valeriana officinalis
"Arznei-Rhabarber"Rheum palmatum
"As Z.aethiopica,but frag."Zantedeschia odorata
"Asarabacca"Aristolochia clematitis
"Asarabacca"Asarum europaeum svs
"Asarina Bridal Bouguet"Lophospermum erubescens Bridal Bouquet
"Ascabiosa mordida"Succisa pratensis
"Ashburton Pea"Swainsona maccullochiana
"Ashby's Banksia"Banksia ashbyi
"Ashok (bark)"Polyalthia longifolia vsvs
"Ashokbaum"Saraca indica
"Asian Bell"Radermachera sinica
"Asian Bellflower"Codonopsis clematidea
"Asian Bittersweet"Celastrus orbiculatus
"Asian Black Birch"Betula dahurica
"Asian Bog Myrtle"Myrica rubra
"Asian Columbine"Aquilegia oxysepala
"Asian Globeflower"Trollius asiaticus
"Asian Hornbeam"Carpinus viminea
"Asian Mulberry"Morus australis
"Asian White Birch"Betula platyphylla
"Asiatische Kermesbeere"Phytolacca acinosa
"Asienbirne"Pyrus pyrifolia
"Asparagus Bean"Vigna unguiculata
"Asparagus Bean Red Pod"Vigna unguiculata Red Pod organic seed
"Asparagus Burgundine f1"Asparagus officinale f1 Burgundine
"Asparagus Obelisk, Argenteuil type"Asparagus officinalis f1 Obelisk
"Aspen Paintbrush"Castilleja miniata
"Asperge des bois"Ornithogalum pyrenaicum
"Asphodele blanc"Asphodelus albus
"Assam Banana"Musa velutina pink fr.
"Assegaaibos"Grewia occidentalis
"Assegaaibos"Curtisia dentata
"Astblume"Cladanthus arabicus
"Aster Dark Beauty"Aster alpinus Dark Beauty deep blue
"Aster Gala Blue, double pincushion"Callistephus chinensis Gala Blue
"Aster Gala Burgundy"Callistephus chinensis Gala Burgundy
"Aster Gala Carmine double pincushion"Callistephus chinensis Gala Carmine Rose
"Aster Gala Mixed double pincushions"Callistephus chinensis Gala Mixed
"Aster Gala Scarlet double pincushion"Callistephus chinensis Gala Scarlet
"Aster Hi-no-Maru and Blue Moon Mixed"Callistephus chinensis Moonshine Mixture
"Aster Pompon Fire Beacon"Callistephus chinensis Pompon bright-cherry red
"Aster Pompon, blue with white centre"Callistephus chinensis Pompon blue white centred
"Aster Powder-Puff Bouquet Mixed"Callistephus chinensis Powder Puff Bouquet Mixed
"Aster Rubens improved pompon mix"Callistephus chinensis Pompon Rubens improved mix
"Aster Rubens o.p. mix"Callistephus chinensis Pompon mixture o p
"Aster Starlight Blue"Callistephus chinensis Starlight Blue spider
"Aster Tall Peony, blue"Callistephus chinensis Paeony Blue
"Asthma Herb"Euphorbia hirta
"Astiger Igelkolben"Sparganium erectum
"Astilbe arendsii mix, dwarf"Astilbe arendsii x Showstar Group
"Astilbe Colour Magic"Astilbe arendsii x Bunter Zauber
"Astilbe Grande"Astilbe arendsii x Bunter Zauber
"Astrantia Ruby Stars"Astrantia major Primadonna deep red
"Astromelia Blanca"Lagerstroemia indica
"Atibala"Sida rhombifolia
"Atibala"Abutilon indicum
"Atlantic Ninebark"Physocarpus opulifolius
"Atlas Poppy, double"Papaver atlanticum fl. pl.
"Attractions Quality Bee Food Mix"Bee Mixture Attractions
"Aubergina Ophelia"Solanum melongena f1 Ophelia
"Aubergine (Little) Striped Togo"Solanum melongena Striped Togo
"Aubergine Black Beauty"Solanum melongena Black Beauty
"Aubergine Black Beauty, organic"Solanum melongena Black Beauty organic seed
"Aubergine Emerald Isle"Solanum macrocarpon f1 Emerald Isle
"Aubergine Gboma"Solanum macrocarpon
"Aubergine Japanese White Egg"Solanum melongena White Egg
"Aubergine Jewel Amethyst, dwarf"Solanum melongena Jewel Amethyst dwarf eggplant
"Aubergine Jewel Ivory, dwarf"Solanum melongena Jewel Ivory dwarf eggplant
"Aubergine Kermit"Solanum melongena f1 Kermit
"Aubergine Long seed"Solanum melongena Long Purple organic seed
"Aubergine Money Maker #2, f1 black"Solanum melongena f1 Money Maker No 2
"Aubergine Moneymaker, early"Solanum melongena f1 Moneymaker
"Aubergine Pinstripe f1"Solanum melongena f1 Pinstripe
"Aubergine Red Egg"Solanum melongena Red Egg
"Aubergine Rosa Bianca"Solanum melongena Rosa Bianca organic
"Aubergine Thai Green Pea"Solanum sp. unident. Thai Green Pea
"Aubergine White Egg"Solanum melongena White Egg
"Aufgeblasene Lobelie"Lobelia inflata
"Aufgeblasenes Leimkraut"Silene vulgaris
"Aufrechte Waldrebe"Clematis recta b.s.
"Augustusbossie"Polygala myrtifolia
"Aune blanc"Alnus incana
"Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato"Lycopersicon esculentum Aunt Rubys German Green
"Ausdauerndes Silberblatt"Lunaria rediviva
"Australian Banyan"Ficus macrophylla
"Australian Baobab"Adansonia gregorii
"Australian Bean Flower Mix"Kennedia spp. mix
"Australian Beech"Eucalyptus polyanthemos
"Australian Beefwood"Casuarina equisetifolia
"Australian Blackwood"Acacia melanoxylon
"Australian Bluebell"Billardiera heterophylla
"Australian Bluebell Creeper"Billardiera fusiformis
"Australian Bluebell Creeper"Sollya heterophylla
"Australian Brush Cherry"Syzygium paniculatum
"Australian Bush Cherry"Syzygium paniculatum
"Australian Butter Winter Squash"Cucurbita pepo Australian Butter
"Australian Cabbage Palm"Livistona australis
"Australian Cabbage Tree"Schefflera actinophylla
"Australian Cliff Brake"Pellaea falcata
"Australian Climbing Bluebell"Billardiera fusiformis
"Australian Cranberry"Syzygium luehmannii
"Australian Fever Bush"Alstonia scholaris b.s.
"Australian Harebell"Isotoma axillaris
"Australian Mint Bush"Prostanthera rotundifolia
"Australian Saltbush"Atriplex semibaccata
"Australian Umbrella Tree"Schefflera arboricola
"Australian Umbrella Tree"Schefflera actinophylla
"Australian White Beech"Gmelina leichardtii
"Autumn giant type hybrid"Brassica oleracea f1 Cauliflower Optimist
"Autumn Hawkbit"Scorzoneroides autumnalis
"Avans' Begonia"Begonia(tub) grandis ssp evansiana
"Avellano de lambert"Corylus avellana svs
"Avena Caballuna"Avena sterilis
"Avena Rubia"Trisetum flavescens
"Avoine byzantine"Avena sativa
"Awnless Brome"Bromus inermis
"Axelbaer"Sorbus aria c.s.
"Azebu-tade"Persicaria hydropiper Fastigiatum
"Azebu-Tade"Persicaria hydropiper Fastigiatum
"Azeda-Brava"Rumex acetosa
"Aztec Sweet Herb"Phyla dulcis
"Aztec Sweet Herb"Phyla scabberima
"Aztec Sweet Herb"Lippia dulcis
"Aztec Tobacco"Nicotiana rustica
"Azure-blue Sage"Salvia azurea
"B & L Select Doubles"Begonia(tub) B and L Show Double Mix
"Ba Hem"Umbellularia californica
"Ba ji"Morinda citrifolia
"Ba yue gua"Holboellia latifolia
"Ba'gambil"Cordia africana
"Baadjiebos"Tylecodon paniculatus
"Baardbessie"Searsia incisa
"Baart Wheat (originally Australian, pre 1900)"Triticum aestivum Baart
"Babano del Arbol"Moringa oleifera
"Babantsi"Jatropha curcas
"Babbler's Bill"Thunbergia grandiflora
"Babbula"Acacia nilotica L. Delile
"Babli"Acacia nilotica L. Delile
"Baboon Flower"Babiana stricta blue
"Baboon Flower"Babiana angustifolia
"Baboon Grape"Rhoicissus digitata
"Baboon-flower"Babiana stricta blue
"Babosilla"Sida acuta
"Babul"Acacia nilotica ssp. tomentosa
"Babul"Acacia nilotica L. Delile
"Babul Acacia"Acacia nilotica L. Delile
"Babuna"Matricaria recutita Chamomile
"Babunah"Chamaemelum nobile
"Babunie Ke Phaul"Chamaemelum nobile
"Babunj"Chamaemelum nobile
"Babunnag"Chamaemelum nobile
"Baby Bear Pumpkin"Cucurbita pepo Baby Bear mini pumpkin
"Baby Beetroot Cardeal f1"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris f1 Beetroot Cardeal dwa
"Baby Blue Eyes"Nemophila menziesii blue
"Baby Breath"Petrorhagia saxifraga
"Baby Breath"Talinum paniculatum
"Baby Cyclamen"Cyclamen hederifolium Roseum
"Baby Cyclamen"Cyclamen hederifolium - neapolitanum
"Baby Heath"Erica quadrangularis
"Baby Jade"Crassula ovata
"Baby Kiwi"Actinidia arguta
"Baby Pak Choi"Brassica rapa Pak Choi Canton White, dwarf
"Baby Pine of China"Crassula tetragona
"Baby Pok Choi"Brassica rapa Ching Chiang long green petiole
"Baby Primrose"Primula malacoides
"Baby Round Eggplant"Solanum melongena f1 Kermit
"Baby Snapdragon Sweeties"Linaria maroccana Sweeties
"Baby Sun Rose"Aptenia cordifolia
"Baby Sunrose"Aptenia cordifolia
"Baby Wood-rose"Argyreia nervosa
"Baby Woodrose"Argyreia nervosa
"Baby's Breath"Gypsophila muralis
"Baby's Breath"Gypsophila muralis
"Baby's Breath"Gypsophila paniculata
"Baby's Breath"Gypsophila elegans Covent Garden
"Baby's Slippers"Lotus corniculatus comm.
"Bacarubu"Schizolobium parahyba
"Baccarello"Sorbus torminalis
"Baccio di Satana"Capsicum annuum Satans Kiss
"Bacela"Basella alba
"Bach-Ehrenpreis"Veronica beccabunga
"Bach-Nelkwurz"Geum rivale
"Bachapin Bean"Vigna unguiculata
"Bachbunge"Veronica beccabunga
"Bachbungen-Ehrenpreis"Veronica beccabunga
"Bachelor's Button, organic seed"Centaurea cyanus organic seed
"Bachelor's Buttons"Ranunculus acris
"Bachelor's Buttons"Gomphrena canescens
"Bachelor's-button"Centaurea cyanus hort.
"Backenklee"Dorycnium pentaphyllum
"Bacon & Eggs"Lotus corniculatus wild form
"Bacon & Eggs"Lotus corniculatus comm.
"Bacon & Eggs"Pultenaea villosa
"Bacon & Eggs"Pultenaea blakelyi
"Bacon & Eggs"Pultenaea euchila
"Bacon and Eggs"Lotus corniculatus comm.
"Bacuacu Palm"Attalea dubia
"Badam"Terminalia catappa
"Badamier"Terminalia catappa
"Badannier"Terminalia catappa
"Badea"Passiflora quadrangularis
"Badgersbane"Aconitum lycoctonum ssp lycoctonum
"Badgersbane"Aconitum lycoctonum ssp lycoctonum
"Badoh Negro"Ipomoea tricolor
"Badoh Negro"Ipomoea tricolor Heavenly Blue Clarks Early
"Bael"Aegle marmelos
"Bael de Inde"Aegle marmelos
"Bael de India"Aegle marmelos
"Bael Fruit"Aegle marmelos
"Bael Tree"Aegle marmelos
"Baeltree"Aegle marmelos
"Baga"Annona glabra
"Bagambil"Cordia africana
"Baghdad Hawingi"Chamaemelum nobile
"Bago"Gnetum gnemon
"Bagugosha"Pyrus communis
"Bahama Grass"Cynodon dactylon
"Bahce Sedefotu"Ruta graveolens
"Baheda"Terminalia bellirica
"Bahera"Terminalia bellirica
"Bahia Grass"Paspalum notatum
"Bahia grass"Paspalum notatum
"Bahiagras"Paspalum notatum
"Bai dou kou"Elettaria cardamomum
"Bai guo"Ginkgo biloba vsvs
"Bai guo"Ginkgo biloba vsvs
"Bai hua"Betula platyphylla
"Bai ji zi"Sinapis alba Fine White Kingston Mustard
"Bai Ji Zi"Sinapis alba Fine White Kingston Mustard
"Bai jiang cao"Patrinia scabiosifolia
"Bai jiang cao (villosa)"Patrinia villosa
"Bai jie"Sinapis alba Fine White Kingston Mustard
"Bai Jie"Sinapis alba Fine White Kingston Mustard
"Bai jie"Sinapis alba White Mustard - Salad Mustard
"Bai jie"Sinapis alba White Tilney Mustard Salad Green Manu
"Bai jie zi"Sinapis alba White Tilney Mustard Salad Green Manu
"Bai krathom"Mitragyna speciosa b.s.
"Bai liang jin"Ardisia crispa
"Bai mao gen"Imperata cylindrica
"Bai qu cai"Chelidonium majus
"Bai shao yao"Paeonia lactiflora
"Bai shen"Panax ginseng svs
"Bai suo suo"Haloxylon persicum
"Bai tan"Symplocos sawafutagi
"Bai tou weng"Pulsatilla chinensis
"Bai xian"Amaranthus albus
"Bai xian pi"Dictamnus albus Fraxinella
"Bai zhi"Angelica archangelica
"Bai zi ren"Platycladus orientalis
"Bai-he"Lilium lancifolium
"Baical Skullcap BLBP 02"Scutellaria baicalensis BLBP 02
"Baies roses"Schinus terebinthifolius
"Baikal Skullcap"Scutellaria baicalensis
"Bailey Acacia"Acacia baileyana
"Bailey's Acacia"Acacia baileyana
"Bailey's Wattle"Acacia baileyana
"Baja Pitcher Sage"Lepechinia hastata
"Bajada Lupin"Lupinus concinnus
"Bajem Doeri"Amaranthus spinosus
"Bak Djoek"Arenga pinnata
"Bakayan"Melia azedarach
"Baker Cypress"Cupressus bakeri
"Baker's Azalea"Rhododendron bakeri (name unresolved)
"Baker's Cypress"Cupressus bakeri
"Bakhitry"Erodium cicutarium
"Baking Squash, alternative spaghetti"Cucurbita pepo Spaghetti Squash
"Baklee"Anogeissus latifolia
"Bakula"Mimusops elengi
"Bala"Sida cordifolia
"Bala de Canon"Couroupita guianensis
"Balaniog (Tagalog)"Brucea javanica
"Balbossie"Gomphocarpus physocarpus
"Bald Cypress"Taxodium distichum c.s.
"Bald Island Marlock"Eucalyptus conferruminata
"Bald Spikerush"Eleocharis erythropoda
"Bald-head"Leonotis nepetifolia
"Baldiran"Conium maculatum
"Baldmoney"Meum athamanticum
"Balearic Cyclamen"Cyclamen balearicum
"Balfour's (Himalayan) Touch-me-not"Impatiens balfourii
"Balga"Xanthorrhoea preissii
"Balimbing (Tag.)"Averrhoa carambola
"Balkan Blue Grass"Sesleria heufleriana
"Balkan Cinquefoil"Potentilla supina
"Balkan Crane's Bill"Geranium macrorrhizum
"Balkan Cranesbill"Geranium macrorrhizum
"Balkan Pine"Pinus heldreichii
"Balkan Pine"Pinus peuce
"Balkan pine"Pinus peuce
"Ball Burr"Dissocarpus paradoxus
"Ball Everlasting"Ozothamnus diosmifolius
"Ball Mustard"Neslia paniculata
"Ball-headed Onion"Allium sphaerocephalum
"Ballar"Dipogon lignosus
"Ballico Italiano"Lolium multiflorum
"Ballon Wein"Cardiospermum halicacabum
"Ballonblume"Platycodon grandiflorus
"Balloon Cotton"Gomphocarpus fruticosus
"Balloon Flower"Platycodon grandiflorus Mariesii
"Balloon Flower"Platycodon grandiflorus Blaue Glocke
"Balloon Flower"Platycodon grandiflorus Albus
"Balloon Flower"Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Blue
"Balloon Flower Florist Blue"Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Blue
"Balloon Flower Fuji Blue"Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Blue
"Balloon Flower Fuji White"Platycodon grandiflorus Florist White
"Balloon Flower Mix"Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Mixed
"Balloon Hop Bush"Dodonaea petiolaris
"Balloon Milkweed"Gomphocarpus physocarpus
"Balloon Pea"Lessertiaia frutescens
"Balloon Pea"Sutherlandia frutescens
"Balloon Rose"Platycodon grandiflorus rose
"Balloon Thorn"Acacia luederitzii v. retinens
"Balloon Vine"Cardiospermum halicacabum
"Balloon Vine, organic seed"Cardiospermum halicacabum organic seed
"Balloonflower"Platycodon grandiflorus
"Balloonvine"Cardiospermum halicacabum
"Ballota"Ballota nigra
"Ballote vulgaire"Ballota nigra
"Balm"Melissa officinalis
"Balm-scented Pelargonium"Pelargonium glutinosum
"Balm-scented Pelargonium"Pelargonium vitifolium
"Balmelkbossie"Gomphocarpus physocarpus
"Balmony"Chelone glabra
"Baloon Flower Fuji Pink"Platycodon grandiflorus Florist Pink
"Baloonplant"Gomphocarpus physocarpus
"Balota"Ballota nigra
"Balsa Tree"Ochroma pyramidale
"Balsam"Impatiens noli-tangere
"Balsam Apple"Momordica charantia
"Balsam Apple"Momordica balsamina
"Balsam Fir"Abies balsamea
"Balsam Pear"Momordica charantia
"Balsam Pear Verdure"Momordica charantia f1 Verdure
"Balsam Root"Balsamorhiza sagittata
"Balsam Tom Thumb mix"Impatiens balsamina Tom Thumb Mix o p
"Balsam Tree"Colophospermum mopane
"Balsamapfel"Momordica balsamina
"Balsamie de l'himmalaya"Impatiens glandulifera
"Balsamina"Momordica balsamina
"Balsamina-de-Purga"Momordica balsamina
"Balsamkraut"Tanacetum balsamita
"Balsamo"Myroxylon balsamum
"Balsamo"Carpobrotus edulis
"Balsampear"Momordica charantia
"Balsamstrauch"Cedronella canariensis
"Balsamtanne"Abies balsamea
"Baltic Parsley"Cenolophium denudatum
"Baltic Rush"Juncus balticus
"Baltische Binse"Juncus balticus
"Bama"Hibiscus tiliaceus
"Baman"Hibiscus sabdariffa
"Bambino Blue"Polemonium boreale Heavenly Habit
"Bamboo"Dendrocalamus aspera svs
"Bamboo Grass"Anemanthele lessoniana
"Bamboo Grass"Chasmanthium latifolium cs
"Bamboo Heath"Leucopogon verticillatus
"Bamboo Palm"Rhapis excelsa
"Bamboo Palm"Chamaedorea microspadix
"Bamboo Palm"Chamaedorea seifrizii
"Bamboo Palm"Pinanga coronata
"Bamboo Reed"Phragmites australis
"Bamboo-Leaved Oak"Quercus prinus svs
"Bambou noir"Phyllostachys nigra
"Bambu Gigante"Dendrocalamus giganteus svs
"Bambu Negro"Phyllostachys nigra
"Bambu-Balde"Dendrocalamus giganteus svs
"Ban bian lian"Lobelia inflata
"Ban lan gen"Isatis tinctoria Indigotica Chinese Woad
"Ban lang gen"Isatis tinctoria b.s.
"Ban Sajna"Moringa oleifera
"Ban zhi lian"Scutellaria barbata
"Banaba (Tagalog)"Lagerstroemia speciosa
"Banaf Shah"Viola odorata Alba - Reine des Neiges
"Banafsaj"Viola odorata
"Banafsha"Viola odorata
"Banafshal"Viola tricolor
"Banajwin"Thymus serpyllum
"Banana"Musa acuminata
"Banana de Imbe"Philodendron bipinnatifidum
"Banana de Macaco"Philodendron bipinnatifidum
"Banana de Macaco"Monstera deliciosa
"Banana de Macaco Selloum"Philodendron bipinnatifidum Selloum
"Banana Grueso"Ensete ventricosum svs
"Banana Passion Fruit"Passiflora mollissima
"Banana Passion fruit"Passiflora tripartita
"Banana Passionfruit"Passiflora mollissima
"Banana Shallot"Allium cepa Cuisse de Poulet echalion
"Banana Shrub"Magnolia figo
"Banana Yucca"Yucca baccata
"Banane"Musa acuminata
"Bananier"Musa acuminata
"Bananier d'abyssinie"Ensete ventricosum svs
"Banbaigan"Sinopodophyllum hexandrum
"Bandak"Polygonum aviculare
"Bandana-of-the-Everglades"Canna flaccida
"Banded Aloe"Aloe zebrina
"Baneberry"Actaea rubra Alba
"Baneberry"Actaea dahurica
"Baneberry"Actaea elata
"Baneberry"Actaea racemosa
"Baneberry"Actaea simplex Pritchards Giant
"Baneberry"Actaea pachypoda Silver Leaf
"Banewort"Atropa belladonna
"Banfsa"Viola biflora
"Bang zhi"Arctium lappa
"Bangalay"Eucalyptus botryoides
"Bangalow Palm"Archontophoenix cunninghamiana
"Bangkal"Nauclea orientalis
"Bangkok Teak"Tectona grandis
"Bangkong"Pongamia pinnata
"Bangkongan"Pongamia pinnata
"Bangkwang"Pachyrhizus erosus
"Banj Barry"Hyoscyamus niger
"Banjine"Pimelea floribunda
"Banjiro"Psidium guajava
"Banks Peninsula Blue Tussock Grass"Festuca actae Banks Peninsula Blue
"Banks' Grevillea"Grevillea banksii Alba
"Banksia Rose"Rosa banksiae
"Banksian Rose"Rosa banksiae
"Bankuru"Morinda citrifolia
"Banlangen"Isatis tinctoria Indigotica Chinese Woad
"Banotu"Hyoscyamus niger
"Bans"Dendrocalamus strictus svs
"Banyan"Ficus benghalensis
"Banyan"Ficus virens
"Banyan Fig"Ficus benghalensis
"Banyan Tree"Ficus benghalensis
"Banyanbaum"Ficus benghalensis
"Banyantree"Ficus benghalensis
"Baobab"Adansonia digitata
"Baptisia"Baptisia australis
"Baqan Aghaji"Caesalpinia bonducella
"Baqlat al Laban"Galium verum
"Bara Salpan"Flemingia congesta
"Baraku Pak Choi hybrid"Brassica rapa f1 Pak Choi Baraku
"Baramonjin"Tragopogon porrifolius Salsify
"Barba Cabruna"Tragopogon porrifolius Salsify
"Barba Cabruna"Tragopogon pratensis
"Barba de fraile"Fimbristylis littoralis
"Barba di Becco"Tragopogon pratensis
"Barba di Cappuccino"Plantago coronopus Minutina
"Barba di Frate"Salsola soda
"Barba-De-Bode"Tragopogon porrifolius Salsify
"Barbadine"Passiflora ligularis
"Barbadine"Passiflora quadrangularis
"Barbados Cedar"Cedrela odorata
"Barbados Cedar"Cedrela odorata
"Barbados Cherry"Malpighia glabra
"Barbados Flower Fence"Parkinsonia aculeata
"Barbados Flower-fence"Caesalpinia pulcherrima
"Barbados Nut"Jatropha curcas
"Barbados Pride"Caesalpinia pulcherrima
"Barbados Pride"Caesalpinia pulcherrima
"Barbados Pride, pink form"Caesalpinia pulcherrima pink
"Barbados-nut"Jatropha curcas
"Barbaquois"Diospyros digyna
"Barbarakraut"Barbarea vulgaris
"Barbaree"Barbarea verna
"Barbari tulsi"Ocimum basilicum Subja Indian Basil
"Barbary Fig"Opuntia ficus-indica
"Barbary-fig"Opuntia ficus-indica
"Barbasco"Verbascum thapsus
"Barbasco Guineano"Tephrosia vogelii
"Barbat Skullcap"Scutellaria barbata
"Barbe de Bon Dieu"Clematis vitalba c.s.
"Barbe de bouc"Tragopogon pratensis
"Barbe de capuchin"Clematis vitalba c.s.
"Barbe de Jupiter"Centranthus ruber
"Barbe de Jupiter"Centranthus ruber
"Barbed Wire Grass"Cymbopogon refractus
"Barbenkraut"Barbarea vulgaris
"Barbenkraut"Barbarea verna
"Barberpole Sedge"Scirpus microcarpus
"Barberry"Berberis vulgaris
"Barberton Daisy"Gerbera jamesonii svs
"Barberton Daisy"Gerbera jamesonii hybrid mix
"Barberton Daisy"Gerbera jamesonii mix
"Barbey's Larkspur"Delphinium barbeyi
"Barbietola di Chioggia"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Chioggia
"Barbon de Gerard"Andropogon gerardii
"Barbwire Grass"Cymbopogon refractus
"Barcoo Grass"Iseilema membranaceum
"Bardana"Arctium minus
"Bardana Menor"Arctium minus
"Bardana menor"Xanthium strumarium
"Bardane"Arctium lappa
"Bardane"Arctium minus
"Bardane mineur"Arctium minus
"Bardanne"Arctium minus
"Bare Twig Rush"Baumea juncea
"Barenklau"Heracleum sphondylium
"Barenklau"Acanthus mollis
"Barenklau"Acanthus hungaricus
"Barenlauch"Allium ursinum
"Barenschote"Astragalus glycyphyllos
"Barestem"Teesdalia nudicaulis
"Bargeman's Cabbage"Brassica campestris
"Bark Cloth Tree"Ficus natalensis
"Barked Fir"Abies squamata
"Barlauch"Allium ursinum
"Barlauchkraut"Allium ursinum
"Barley"Hordeum vulgare Barley
"Barodka"Sorbus aria c.s.
"Baroe"Cyphia phyteuma
"Baron Solemacher strain"Fragaria vesca Ruegen verbesserte
"Barooga-Weed"Heliotropium europaeum
"Barr A Bhrisgein"Tanacetum vulgare
"Barrel Cactus"Ferocactus acanthodes
"Barrel Cactus"Echinocactus grusonii
"Barrel Cactus Mix"Ferocactus spp. mix
"Barren Brome"Bromus sterilis
"Barren Strawberry"Waldsteinia fragarioides
"Barren's Claw Flower"Calothamnus validus
"Barren's Clawflower"Calothamnus validus
"Barren's Regelia"Regelia velutina
"Barren-ground Fleabane"Erigeron compositus v discoideus
"Barrens Regelia"Regelia velutina
"Barrier Range Wattle"Acacia beckleri
"Barrier Salt Bush"Enchylaena tomentosa
"Barrier Salt-bush"Enchylaena tomentosa
"Barrilha"Mesembryanthemum crystallinum
"Barrilla de Canarias"Mesembryanthemum crystallinum
"Barron"Ammophila arenaria
"Barsbessie"Chironia baccifera
"Bartfaden"Penstemon barbatus
"Bartfaden"Penstemon cyananthus
"Bartfarden"Penstemon grandiflorus
"Bartfarden"Penstemon hirsutus
"Bartige Glockenblume"Campanula barbata
"Bartnelke"Dianthus barbatus
"Baru"Arenga pinnata
"Baru"Thespesia populnea
"Barwurz"Meum athamanticum
"Barwurz"Ligusticum mutellina
"Bary"Arenga pinnata
"Basal al Hayah"Prospero autumnale
"Basbessie"Osyris compressa
"Basboom"Dais cotinifolia
"Baselle"Basella alba
"Bashful Plant"Mimosa pigra
"Bashfulplant"Mimosa pigra
"Basic Wildflower Field Mixture"Meadow Mix UK universal basic 9spp. flowers
"Basil Aristotle"Ocimum basilicum Aristotle
"Basil British"Ocimum basilicum British Basil
"Basil Compatto"Ocimum basilicum Sweet Genovese Compatto
"Basil Dolce Fresca"Ocimum basilicum Dolce Fresca Basil
"Basil Envigor (Genovese type)"Ocimum basilicum Envigor (tm)
"Basil Fino Verde"Ocimum basilicum Fine Leaved - Fino Verde
"Basil Floral Spires, herb & ornamental"Ocimum basilicum Floral Spires Lavender
"Basil GB5003"Ocimum basilicum f1 GB5003
"Basil Genovese, pellets"Ocimum basilicum Genovese multiseeded pellets
"Basil Gustosa, Genovese type"Ocimum basilicum Gustosa
"Basil Holy Green"Ocimum tenuiflorum Holy Basil Rama Tulsi
"Basil Jolina, organic seed"Ocimum basilicum Jolina Basil organic seed
"Basil Large Leaved, sweet"Ocimum basilicum Large Leaved Sweet
"Basil Lemonette"Ocimum americanum Lemonette
"Basil Minette, best small pot basil"Ocimum basilicum Minette v compact and fine leaved
"Basil Monica, Genovese type"Ocimum basilicum Monica
"Basil Pistou"Ocimum basilicum Pistou
"Basil Purple Delight, Genovese type"Ocimum basilicum Purple Delight
"Basil Purple Ruffles"Ocimum basilicum Ruffles Purple
"Basil Queen of Sheba"Ocimum basilicum Queen of Sheba
"Basil Red Boza"Ocimum basilicum Osmin - Red Boza
"Basil Red Rubin"Ocimum basilicum Red Rubin
"Basil Red, Genovese type"Ocimum basilicum Red Genovese
"Basil Romanesco"Ocimum basilicum Romanesco organic seeds
"Basil Shiraz, red Genovese type"Ocimum basilicum Shiraz dark red
"Basil Spice Boys Mix"Ocimum basilicum Spice Boys Mixture named vars.
"Basil sprouting seed, organic"Ocimum basilicum sprouting seeds organic
"Basil sprouting seeds"Ocimum basilicum sprouting seeds
"Basil Sweet Genovese"Ocimum basilicum Sweet Genovese
"Basil Thyme"Acinos arvensis
"Basil Zanzibar"Ocimum basilicum Zanzibar
"Basil, Dwarf Bush"Ocimum minimum
"Basil, Lime"Ocimum americanum Lime Basil organic seed
"Basilic a petits fleurs"Ocimum gratissimum Vana Tulsi tree basil
"Basilic fin vert"Ocimum basilicum Fine Leaved - Fino Verde
"Basilic Genovese"Ocimum basilicum Genovese
"Basilic grandes feuilles"Ocimum gratissimum Vana Tulsi tree basil
"Basilic Italiano Classico"Ocimum basilicum Genovese
"Basilic peruvien"Ocimum campechianum
"Basilic rouge opal"Ocimum basilicum Purpureum - Dark Opal
"Basilic rouge Rubin"Ocimum basilicum Red Rubin
"Basilic-citron"Ocimum americanum Lemon Basil - Kemangie
"Basilic-Citron"Ocimum americanum Lemon Basil - Kemangie
"Basilic-kannelle"Ocimum basilicum Cinnamon Basil
"Basilicao-Canforado"Ocimum kilimandscharicum
"Basilico Finissimo Verde a Palla"Ocimum basilicum Green Globe Basil
"Basilikum Grunes Krauses"Ocimum basilicum Ruffles Green
"Basilikum Rot Opal"Ocimum basilicum Purpureum - Dark Opal
"Basilique de Provence"Ocimum basilicum Provence
"Basket Asparagus"Asparagus scandens v. deflexus
"Basket Asparagus"Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri
"Basket Flower"Centaurea americana
"Basket Fuchsia"Fuchsia procumbens
"Basket Grass"Oplismenus hirtellus
"Basket Grass"Lomandra longifolia
"Basket Oak"Quercus prinus svs
"Basket Oak"Quercus michauxii svs
"Basket of Gold"Aurinia saxatilis
"Basket Palm"Desmoncus orthacanthos
"Bassant"Hypericum perforatum
"Bastard Almond"Terminalia catappa
"Bastard Balm"Melittis melissophyllum
"Bastard Cabbage Tree"Schefflera umbellifera
"Bastard Camphortree"Cryptocarya woodii
"Bastard Cinnamon"Cinnamomum cassia svs
"Bastard Cress"Lepidium campestre
"Bastard Hogberry"Margaritaria nobilis
"Bastard Indigo"Amorpha fruticosa pods
"Bastard Indigobush"Amorpha fruticosa c.s.
"Bastard Jute"Hibiscus cannabinus
"Bastard Lemonwood"Psychotria capensis
"Bastard Luzerne"Medicago varia x
"Bastard Mulga"Acacia stowardii
"Bastard Olive"Buddleja saligna
"Bastard Pecacuanha"Asclepias curassavica
"Bastard Poppy"Papaver hybridum x
"Bastard Rocket"Reseda odorata
"Bastard Schwertlelie"Iris spuria
"Bastard Tallow-wood"Eucalyptus planchoniana
"Bastard Teak"Butea monosperma
"Bastard Umbrella Thorn"Acacia luederitzii
"Bastard Wormwood"Ambrosia artemisiifolia
"Bastard Yellowwood"Afrocarpus falcatus
"Bastard-Cedar"Guazuma ulmifolia
"Bastard-Fuchsschwanz"Amaranthus hybridus
"Bastard-Gansefuss"Chenopodium hybridum
"Bastard-Ipecac"Asclepias curassavica
"Bastard-Klee"Trifolium hybridum Alsike Clover
"Bastard-Mohn"Papaver hybridum x
"Bastardklee"Trifolium hybridum Alsike Clover
"Bastelmohn"Papaver somniferum mixed
"Basterboegoe"Agathosma ovata
"Basterkiepersol"Schefflera umbellifera
"Basterlebbeck"Albizia procera
"Bastersuikerbos"Oldenburgia grandis svs
"Basuto Torch Lily, hardy"Kniphofia caulescens
"Bat Face"Cuphea viscosissima
"Bat Flower"Tacca chantrieri Bat Plant near black fl.
"Bat Tree"Oroxylum indicum
"Batai"Peltophorum pterocarpum
"Batata Pantai"Ipomoea pes-caprae
"Batatilla"Ipomoea pes-caprae
"Batavian Lettuce Laibacher Eis, organic seed"Lactuca sativa Batavian - Laibacher Eis organic se
"Batavian Lettuce Leny"Lactuca sativa Leny batavian
"Batavian Lettuce Relay"Lactuca sativa Relay batavian
"Batflower"Tacca integrifolia
"Batflower"Tacca chantrieri Bat Plant near black fl.
"Bath Asparagus"Ornithogalum narbonense
"Bath Asparagus"Ornithogalum pyrenaicum
"Bathenien"Stachys officinalis
"Bathurst-bur"Xanthium spinosum
"Batoko Plum"Flacourtia indica
"Batoko Plum"Flacourtia indica
"Baton casse"Cassia fistula
"Baton casse"Cassia grandis
"Baton de Jacob"Alcea rosea Indian Spring mix
"Baton de sorcier"Erythrina variegata L.
"Batplant"Tacca integrifolia
"Bats-in-the-Belfry"Campanula trachelium
"Batswing Coral Tree"Erythrina vespertilio
"Battal"Sorbus aucuparia c.s.
"Baubles"Berzelia galpinii
"Bauernsenf"Teesdalia nudicaulis
"Bauernstockrose"Alcea spp. and vars. singles mix
"Bauerntabak"Nicotiana rustica
"Bauhinia"Lysiphyllum gilvum
"Baum der Hexe"Latua pubiflora
"Baum der Reisenden"Ravenala madagascariensis
"Baume de Tolu"Myroxylon balsamum
"Baumfarn"Dicksonia antarctica
"Baumfarn"Cyathea australis (name unresolved)
"Baumhasel"Corylus colurna
"Baumschneckenklee"Medicago arborea
"Baumtomate"Cyphomandra betacea (name unresolved)
"Baumwolle"Gossypium herbaceum
"Baviaanskloofseder"Widdringtonia schwarzii
"Baxter's Banksia"Banksia baxteri
"Bay"Laurus nobilis c.s. svs
"Bay Cedar"Guazuma ulmifolia
"Bay Laurel"Laurus nobilis c.s. svs
"Bay Palmetto"Sabal mauritiiformis
"Bay-leaf Laurel"Laurus nobilis c.s. svs
"Bayahonda"Acacia farnesiana (not to Australia)
"Bayahonda Blanca"Parkinsonia aculeata
"Bayam Bhaji"Amaranthus dubius Calaloo - Bayam Bhaji
"Bayawas"Psidium guajava
"Bayaz Dari"Sorghum bicolor
"Bayaz Zanbag"Lilium candidum
"Baybean"Canavalia rosea
"Bayberry"Myrica pensylvanica d.b. svs
"Bayonet Plant"Aciphylla squarrosa
"Bayonet-Grass"Bolboschoenus maritimus
"Bayonnette"Yucca aloifolia
"Bazar Bang"Hyoscyamus niger
"Bazir Dam Bil"Plantago major
"Beach Aster"Erigeron glaucus
"Beach Bean"Canavalia rosea
"Beach Carrot"Glehnia littoralis
"Beach Flax Lily"Dianella congesta
"Beach Grass"Ammophila arenaria
"Beach Lovage"Ligusticum scoticum
"Beach Morning Glory"Ipomoea pes-caprae ssp. brasiliensis
"Beach Morning Glory"Ipomoea pes-caprae
"Beach Morning-glory"Ipomoea pes-caprae
"Beach Palm"Bactris major
"Beach Pea"Lathyrus maritimus hort.
"Beach Pine"Pinus contorta v. contorta
"Beach Pumpkin"Arctotheca populifolia
"Beach She-oak"Casuarina equisetifolia
"Beach Silvertop"Glehnia littoralis
"Beach Speedwell"Veronica longifolia
"Beach Stock"Malcolmia maritima
"Beach Tomato"Rosa rugosa
"Beach Wormwood"Artemisia stelleriana Moris Strain
"Beach Wormwood"Artemisia campestris ssp campestris
"Beach Wormwood"Artemisia campestris ssp caudata
"Beach-Almond"Terminalia bellirica
"Beach-head Iris"Iris setosa
"Beach-Head Iris"Iris hookeri
"Bead Bean"Maerua angolensis
"Bead Tree"Adenanthera pavonina
"Bead Tree"Melia azedarach
"Bead Tree"Ormosia henryi
"Bead Tree of India"Elaeocarpus sphaericus
"Beak Grass"Diarrhena obovata
"Beak Grass"Diarrhena americana
"Beaked Filbert"Corylus cornuta b.s. svs
"Beaked Hakea"Hakea rostrata
"Beaked Hazel"Corylus cornuta b.s. svs
"Beaked Hazelnut"Corylus cornuta b.s. svs
"Beaked Heliconia"Heliconia rostrata
"Beaked Sedge"Carex rostrata
"Beaked Stewartia"Stewartia rostrata
"Beaked Yucca"Yucca rostrata
"Beale's Barberry"Mahonia bealei
"Bean Herb"Satureja hortensis Summer Savory
"Bean Herb"Satureja montana Winter Savory
"Bean Tree"Erythrina vespertilio
"Bean Tree"Lysiphyllum gilvum
"Bean Tree"Markhamia zanzibarica
"Bean Trefoil"Menyanthes trifoliata
"Bean-Pod Tree"Brachystegia spiciformis
"Bear Garlic"Allium ursinum
"Bear Garlic, organic"Allium ursinum organic seed
"Bear Grape"Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
"Bear Grass"Xerophyllum tenax
"Bear Grass"Yucca filamentosa
"Bear Grass"Nolina microcarpa
"Bear Grass"Nolina longifolia
"Bear Grass"Dasylirion longissimum
"Bear Leek"Allium ursinum
"Bear Oak"Quercus ilicifolia svs
"Bear's Angelica"Angelica ursina
"Bear's Breech"Acanthus mollis
"Bear's Breeches"Acanthus mollis
"Bear's Breeches"Acanthus hungaricus
"Bear's Ear"Primula auricula
"Bear's Foot"Helleborus foetidus
"Bear's Foot"Smallanthus uvedalia
"Bear's Foot"Aconitum napellus
"Bear's Foot"Aconitum napellus
"Bear's Garlic"Allium ursinum
"Bear's Garlic, tubers"Alium ursinum root tubers
"Bear's Grape"Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
"Bear's Grape"Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
"Bear's Thread"Yucca filamentosa
"Bear-grass"Nolina microcarpa
"Bearberry"Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
"Bearberry Honeysuckle"Lonicera involucrata
"Beard Grass"Polypogon monspeliensis
"Bearded Bellflower"Campanula barbata
"Bearded Iris"Iris prismatica
"Bearded Tree Heath"Erica triflora
"Beardtongue"Penstemon fruticosus ssp fruticosus
"Beardtongue"Penstemon hirsutus
"Beardtongue Pygmaeus"Penstemon hirsutus v pygmaeus
"Beargrass"Xerophyllum tenax
"Bearskin Fescue"Festuca gautieri
"Bearskin Fescue"Festuca scoparia
"Bearwort"Meum athamanticum
"Beaut. hard dark wood"Acacia macradenia
"Beautiful Billardiera"Billardiera floribunda
"Beautiful Bossiaea"Bossiaea pulchella
"Beauty Bush"Kolkwitzia amabilis
"Beautyberry"Callicarpa dichotoma d.b.
"Beautyberry"Callicarpa americana c.s.
"Beautyberry Confusion"Callicarpa bodinieri v. giraldii Profusion
"Beautybush"Kolkwitzia amabilis
"Beaver Poison"Cicuta maculata
"Beaver Tree"Magnolia virginiana c.s.
"Bebb's Oval Sedge"Carex bebbii
"Bebb's Sedge"Carex bebbii
"Bec de grue de Manescot"Erodium manescavi hort. c.s.
"Bec de heron"Erodium cicutarium
"Becabunga"Veronica beccabunga
"Beccabunga Brooklime"Veronica beccabunga
"Becherglocke"Adenophora liliifolia
"Bechermalve"Lavatera trimestris Loveliness - Salmon Beauty
"Bechermalve"Lavatera trimestris
"Bechermalve"Lavatera trimestris mix
"Bedda Nut"Terminalia bellirica
"Bedding Feverfew Golden Ball"Tanacetum parthenium Golden Ball
"Bedding Grass"Pennisetum macrourum
"Bedding Pansy"Viola cornuta
"Bee Balm"Monarda fistulosa
"Bee Balm"Melissa officinalis
"Bee Balm"Monarda didyma
"Bee Balm Mixture"Monarda didyma mixture
"Bee Balm Panorama Mix"Monarda didyma Panorama mix
"Bee Blossom"Gaura coccinea
"Bee Food"Phacelia tanacetifolia
"Bee Nettle"Lamium album
"Bee Orchid"Ophrys apifera
"Bee Sage"Salvia apiana
"Bee Sting Bush"Azima tetracantha
"Bee Tupelo"Nyssa ogeche
"Bee's Primrose"Primula beesiana
"Bee-bee Tree"Tetradium daniellii
"Bee-sting Bush"Azima tetracantha
"Beebalm"Monarda fistulosa
"Beebread"Borago officinalis
"Beech (Australian)"Nothofagus cunninghamii
"Beech Tree"Fagus sylvatica stratified seed
"Beechwood"Gmelina arborea
"Beechwood"Faurea saligna
"Beechwood"Casuarina equisetifolia
"Beef Wood Tree"Casuarina equisetifolia
"Beefsteak Heliconia"Heliconia mariae
"Beefsteak Plant"Perilla frutescens v crispa Shiso Red
"Beefsteak Plant"Acalypha wilkesiana
"Beefsteak Plant"Perilla frutescens v crispa Shiso Red
"Beefsteak Tomato"Lycopersicon esculentum Beefsteak
"Beefsteakplant"Acalypha wilkesiana
"Beefwood"Casuarina cunninghamiana
"Beefwood"Grevillea striata
"Beehive Cactus"Escobaria vivipara
"Beej"Brugmansia candida x White
"Beejband"Sida cordifolia
"Beejband (safed)"Sida rhombifolia
"Beekeepers Mix"Wildflower Mix European bee - butterfly flowers on
"Beeplant"Borago officinalis
"Beesbossie"Chrysocoma coma-aurea
"Beesklouklimop"Bauhinia galpinii
"Beestebalbos"Crassula arborescens
"Beet / Mangel Yellow, fodder"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Mangel Yellow Eckendorf
"Beet White Fodder"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot White Fodder
"Beetberry"Chenopodium capitatum Strawberry Spinach
"Beetberry"Chenopodium foliosum Strawberry Sticks
"Beete"Dalbergia latifolia
"Beetle Daisy"Gorteria diffusa
"Beetlebung"Nyssa sylvatica
"Beetroot Albina Ice"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Albina white
"Beetroot Bikores"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Bikores
"Beetroot Boltardy"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Boltardy
"Beetroot Boltardy, graded & treated seed"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Boltardy grade
"Beetroot Boston, improved Boltardy"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Boston
"Beetroot Brigadier, fodder"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Brigadier fodd
"Beetroot Cheltenham Green Top Tapered"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Cheltenham Gre
"Beetroot Chioggia"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Chioggia
"Beetroot Detroit 2 Crimson Globe"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Detroit 2 Crim
"Beetroot Detroit 2 improved, Bolivar, organic seed"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Detroit 2 Boli
"Beetroot Detroit 2, organic"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Detroit 2 orga
"Beetroot Detroit Globe"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Detroit Globe
"Beetroot Golden Detroit"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Detroit Golden
"Beetroot Noir d'Egypte"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Egyptian turni
"Beetroot Pablo (exhibition)"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris f1 Beetroot Pablo
"Beetroot Pablo, graded seed"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris f1 Beetroot Pablo grade
"Beetroot Plantain"Plantago major Atropurpurea
"Beetroot Plat d'Egypte"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Egyptian turni
"Beetroot Red Ace exhibition"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris f1 Beetroot Red Ace
"Beetroot sprouting seeds, organic"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot sprouting seed
"Beetroot Zentaur Poly White, fodder"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Zentaur fodder
"Beggar Ticks"Bidens frondosa
"Beggar-ticks"Bidens frondosa
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Rose pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(tub) B and L Basket Mix
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 President Mixed
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia Pink pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(tub) grandis ssp evansiana
"Begonia"Begonia(semp) mixed o p
"Begonia"Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Show Angels Mixture
"Begonia"Begonia(tub) Nonstop Rose Petticoat pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Gin rose
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia Mixed
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Coral pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Mixed
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) Organdy Mixed pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(tub) On Top Sunset Shades pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Dragon Wing Red pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia White pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(tub) Nonstop Pink pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador White pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 President Mixed pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Vodka red pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia Red pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Rose pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Organdy Mixed semi dwarf
"Begonia"Begonia(semp) f1 Cocktail Mixed
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Mixed
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia Mixed pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Mixed
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Landscape Inferno Mixed
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Brandy pink pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Bi-color pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Deep Rose pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(tub) On Top Pink Halo pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Whisky white pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(tub) Nonstop Orange pellets
"Begonia"Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Scarlet pellets
"Begonia Ambassador Pink, pellets"Begonia(fib) f1 Ambassador Pink pellets
"Begonia Charisma Salmon Orange, winter flg."Begonia(fib) hiemalis f1 Charisma Salmon Orange pe
"Begonia Charisma Scarlet, winter flg."Begonia(fib) hiemalis f1 Charisma Scarlet pellets
"Begonia Cocktail Rum, pellets"Begonia(fib) f1 Cocktail Rum white pink edge pelle
"Begonia Festival Dwarf Mix"Begonia(semp) mixed dwarf vars. o p
"Begonia Fortune Mixed, pellets"Begonia(tub) Fortune Mixed pellets
"Begonia Illumination Apricot, trailing"Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Apricot
"Begonia Illumination Mix, best trailer"Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Mixed pellets
"Begonia Illumination Mixed"Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Mixed cascadi
"Begonia Illumination Orange"Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Orange pellet
"Begonia Illumination Rose, pellets"Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Rose pellets
"Begonia Illumination Salmon Pink, pellets"Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Salmon Pink p
"Begonia Illumination Scarlet, pellets"Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Scarlet pelle
"Begonia Illumination White, pellets"Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination White pellets
"Begonia Mix, taller var's."Begonia(semp) mixed tall vars. o p
"Begonia Monza Appleblossom f1, pills"Begonia(semp) f1 Monza Appleblossom pellets
"Begonia Monza Formula Mixture"Begonia(semp) f1 Monza Mixture formula pellets
"Begonia Non-stop Appleblossom"Begonia(tub) Nonstop Appleblossom pellets
"Begonia Non-stop Mixed, pellets"Begonia(tub) Nonstop Mixed pellets
"Begonia Non-stop Red, pellets"Begonia(tub) Nonstop Red pellets
"Begonia Non-stop Salmon, pellets"Begonia(tub) Nonstop Salmon pellets
"Begonia Non-stop White, pellets"Begonia(tub) Nonstop White pellets
"Begonia Non-stop Yellow, pellets"Begonia(tub) Nonstop Yellow pellets
"Begonia Nonstop Deep Rose, pellets"Begonia(tub) Nonstop Deep Rose pellets
"Begonia Organdy mixed"Begonia(fib) Organdy Mixed
"Begonia Organdy Mixed, pellets"Begonia(fib) f1 Organdy Mixed pellets
"Begonia pendula f1 Show Angels Mix"Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Show Angels Mixed
"Begonia Pin-up Flame, pellets"Begonia(tub) f1 Pin-up Flame pellets
"Begonia Pin-up Rose, pellets"Begonia(tub) f1 Pin-up Rose pellets
"Begonia Queen mixed, pellets"Begonia(fib) Queen Mixed double pellets
"Begonia Queen Pink"Begonia(fib) Queen Pink double pellets
"Begonia Queen Red"Begonia(fib) Queen Red double pellets
"Begonia Queen White"Begonia(fib) Queen White double pellets
"Begonia Royal Picotee"Begonia(tub) Royal Picotee red on yellow double
"Begonia Royal Picotee f1 Mixed"Begonia(tub) f1 Royal Picotee Mixture
"Begonia Senator Mixed"Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Mixed pellets
"Begonia Senator Pink, pellets"Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Pink pellets
"Begonia Senator Rose bicolour, pellets"Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Rose bicolour pellets
"Begonia Senator Scarlet,"Begonia(fib) f1 Senator Scarlet pellets
"Begonia Senator White, pellets"Begonia(fib) f1 Senator White pellets
"Begonia Show Angels Mixed"Begonia(tub) Show Angels Mixed
"Begonia Skydiver Orange Yellow bicolour, pellets"Begonia(tub) Skydiver Orange Yellow bicolour pelle
"Begonia Skydiver White, pellets"Begonia(tub) Skydiver White pellets
"Begonia Super Olympia Rose, pellets"Begonia(fib) f1 Super Olympia Rose pellets
"Begonia, mixed dwarf var's."Begonia(semp) mixed dwarf vars. o p
"Behaarte Bergminze"Pycnanthemum pilosum
"Behaarte Karde"Dipsacus pilosus
"Behaarte Schlusselblume"Primula hirsuta
"Behaarte Wicke"Vicia hirsuta
"Behaarter Alant"Inula hirta
"Behaarter Loewenzahn"Leontodon hispidus ssp hispidus
"Behaartes Franzosenkraut"Tridax ciliata
"Behaartes Johanniskraut"Hypericum hirsutum
"Behaartes Weidenroschen"Epilobium hirsutum
"Behullte Heckenkirsche"Lonicera involucrata
"Bei he shi"Daucus carota wild carrot
"Bei jing hua qiu"Sorbus discolor
"Bei mei xian"Amaranthus blitoides
"Bei Sha Shen"Glehnia littoralis
"Bei-wu wei zi"Schisandra chinensis c.s.
"Beifuss"Artemisia vulgaris
"Beifussambrosie"Ambrosia artemisiifolia
"Beifussblattriger"Leonurus artemisia
"Beijo De Frade"Impatiens balsamina
"Beinenweide"Teucrium chamaedrys
"Beinwell"Symphytum officinale
"Bejuco Del Diablo"Sarcostemma viminale
"Bekerplant"Sarracenia purpurea typical form
"Bel Indien"Aegle marmelos
"Bela"Aegle marmelos
"Beladama"Atropa belladonna
"Belah"Casuarina cristata
"Belbaum"Aegle marmelos
"Belber Wau"Reseda lutea
"Belbowrie"Melaleuca quinquenervia
"Beldroega"Portulaca oleracea
"Belembe"Xanthosoma brasiliense
"Beleno Blanco"Helleborus niger hort.
"Beleno Blanco"Hyoscyamus albus
"Beleno Negro"Hyoscyamus niger
"Beleric Myrobalan"Terminalia bellirica
"Belerico"Terminalia bellirica
"Belerische Myrobalane"Terminalia bellirica
"Belfruit Tree"Aegle marmelos
"Belgian Endive"Cichorium intybus Chicory
"Belhambra"Phytolacca dioica
"Beli"Aegle marmelos
"Belimbing"Averrhoa bilimbi
"Belize Blackberry"Myrciaria floribunda
"Belizean Pony-tail Palm"Beaucarnea pliabilis
"Belizean White Frangipani"Plumeria obtusa v. sericifolia
"Bell Apple"Passiflora laurifolia
"Bell Bauhinia"Bauhinia tomentosa
"Bell Bean Tree"Markhamia lutea
"Bell Bean Tree"Markhamia zanzibarica
"Bell Flowered Phacelia"Phacelia campanularia
"Bell Fruit Mallee"Eucalyptus preissiana
"Bell Fruited Mallee"Eucalyptus preissiana
"Bell Gardenia"Rothmannia globosa
"Bell Mallee"Eucalyptus preissiana
"Bell-flowered Phacelia"Phacelia campanularia
"Bell-fruited Mallee"Eucalyptus preissiana
"Bella sombra"Phytolacca dioica
"Belladona"Atropa belladonna
"Belladone"Atropa belladonna
"Belladonna"Atropa belladonna
"Belladonna"Atropa belladonna
"Bellbird Tree"Pennantia corymbosa
"Belle Angelique"Acorus americanus
"Belle de nuit"Mirabilis jalapa mix o.p.
"Belle de nuit"Ipomoea alba
"Belle Isle Cress"Barbarea verna
"Belle mexicaine"Antigonon leptopus
"Belle Zamie"Impatiens balsamina
"Belle-of-the-Night"Hylocereus undatus red fruited
"Belleric"Terminalia bellirica
"Belleric Myrobalan"Terminalia bellirica
"Bellevalia de Rome"Bellevalia romana hort.
"Bellflower Clematis"Clematis campaniflora
"Bellflower Clematis"Clematis pitcheri
"Bellisima"Antigonon leptopus
"Bellota"Calliandra haematocephala
"Bellreed"Cannomois virgata
"Bells of Ireland"Moluccella laevis
"Bellwort"Uvularia grandiflora svs
"Bellwort Lily"Uvularia grandiflora svs
"Belly Plant, mixed"Gasteria spp. mix
"Belmore Palm"Howea belmoreana
"Belmore Sentry Palm"Howea belmoreana
"Belvedere Green"Bassia childsii
"Belvedere Red"Bassia scoparia
"Ben Aile"Moringa oleifera
"Ben Ailee"Moringa oleifera
"Ben Franklin Tree"Franklinia alatamaha
"Ben Ghianda"Moringa oleifera
"Ben Oil Tree"Moringa oleifera
"Ben Oil Tree"Moringa oleifera
"Benboom"Moringa oleifera
"Bend Feather Grass"Erianthus contortus
"Bend Feather Grass"Saccharum contortum
"Bend-me-not"Smelophyllum capense
"Bendee"Acacia catenulata
"Bendee Wattle"Acacia catenulata
"Bendemeer White Gum, NZ"Eucalyptus elliptica hardy NZ
"Bendytree"Thespesia populnea
"Benedicte"Geum urbanum
"Benedictendistel"Cnicus benedictus
"Benediktenkraut"Cnicus benedictus
"Benekli Turnagagasi"Geranium maculatum
"Bengal Clock Vine"Thunbergia grandiflora Alba
"Bengal Clock Vine"Thunbergia grandiflora
"Bengal Clockvine"Thunbergia grandiflora
"Bengal Coffee"Psilanthus bengalensis
"Bengal Ginger"Zingiber rubens
"Bengal Inciri Agaci"Ficus benghalensis
"Bengal Kino"Butea monosperma
"Bengal Quince"Aegle marmelos
"Bengal Quince"Aegle marmelos
"Bengal Rose"Rosa chinensis
"Bengal Trumpet"Thunbergia grandiflora
"Bengalischer Hanf"Crotalaria juncea
"Benghal Bean"Mucuna pruriens v. utilis
"Benguet Pine"Pinus kesiya
"Beni-No-Ki"Bixa orellana
"Beni-Shida"Dryopteris erythrosora
"Benjamin Bush"Lindera benzoin
"Benjamin-Bush"Lindera benzoin
"Benjamin-Tree"Ficus benjamina
"Benne"Sesamum indicum
"Bennet's-root"Geum urbanum
"Benoit des ruisseaux"Geum rivale
"Benoit des ruisseaux"Geum rivale
"Benoite"Geum coccineum
"Benoite commune"Geum urbanum
"Bent Grass"Agrostis avenacea bs
"Bent-leaf Wattle"Acacia flexifolia
"Bentangor Bunga"Calophyllum inophyllum svs
"Bentham's Cornel"Cornus capitata svs
"Benz'Olive"Moringa oleifera
"Benzolive"Moringa oleifera
"Benzolive-Tree"Moringa oleifera
"Benzolivier"Moringa oleifera
"Bequilla"Sesbania exaltata
"Beradona"Atropa belladonna
"Berarda"Berardia subacaulis hort.
"Berberis vulgaire"Berberis vulgaris
"Berberitz"Berberis vulgaris
"Berberitze"Berberis vulgaris
"Berbis"Berberis vulgaris
"Berce"Heracleum sphondylium
"Beregiseh"Cassia nodosa
"Bereklauw"Heracleum sphondylium
"Bereksa"Cassia nodosa
"Berenja De Teta"Solanum mammosum
"Berenjena Cimarrona"Solanum torvum
"Berenjena De Gallina"Solanum mammosum
"Berenuk"Crescentia cujete
"Berfena Fennel, for leaf & seeds"Foeniculum vulgare Berfena
"Berg Alwyn"Aloe broomii cit
"Berg Centaurie"Centaurea montana
"Berg Heilwurz"Athamanta cretensis
"Berg Laserkraut"Laserpitium siler
"Berg Palmiet"Tetraria thermalis
"Berg-Ahorn"Acer pseudoplatanus wings
"Berg-Alant"Inula montana
"Berg-Alpenglockchen"Soldanella montana Willd.
"Berg-Aster"Aster amellus
"Berg-Baldrian"Valeriana montana
"Berg-Bohnenkraut"Satureja montana Winter Savory
"Berg-Distel"Carduus defloratus
"Berg-Gamander"Teucrium montanum
"Berg-Haarstrang"Peucedanum oreoselinum (L.) Moench
"Berg-Klee"Trifolium montanum
"Berg-Kronwicke"Coronilla coronata
"Berg-Kuchenschelle"Pulsatilla montana bs
"Berg-Margerite"Leucanthemum adustum
"Berg-Nelkenwurz"Geum montanum c.s.
"Berg-Sandglockchen"Jasione montana
"Berg-Steinkraut"Alyssum montanum
"Berg-Ulme"Ulmus glabra
"Berg-Wohlverleih"Arnica montana
"Bergaalwyn"Aloe marlothii
"Bergaalwyn"Aloe plicatilis
"Bergahorn"Acer pseudoplatanus wings
"Bergamot"Monarda didyma
"Bergamot Bergamo"Monarda citriodora x Bergamo
"Bergamot Horizon Mix"Monarda didyma Horizon Mix
"Bergamot Hybrid Lambada"Monarda Lambada
"Bergamot Mixed"Monarda didyma mixture
"Bergbaroe"Cyphia bulbosa
"Bergbietou"Osteospermum jucundum White Moon dwarf
"Bergboegoe"Empleurum unicapsulare
"Bergbohnenkraut, Kriechend"Satureja spicigera
"Bergbohnenkraut, kriechend"Satureja spicigera
"Bergbohnenkraut, zitroniges"Satureja montana Citriodora
"Bergenia Redstart"Bergenia cordifolia Red Beauty - Redstart
"Bergenia Rotblum"Bergenia cordifolia Red Beauty - Redstart
"Bergenia Winterglut"Bergenia cordifolia Winterglow
"Bergflockenblume"Centaurea montana
"Berggold"Alyssum montanum
"Berghahnlein"Anemone narcissiflora
"Berghardepeer"Olinia emarginata
"Berghauswurz"Sempervivum montanum
"Bergkaffee"Coffea arabica svs
"Bergkankerbossie, Drakensberg"Lessertia montana
"Bergkaree"Searsia leptodictya
"Bergkiepersol"Cussonia paniculata
"Bergkummel"Laserpitium siler
"Berglauch"Allium lusitanicum
"Berglauch"Allium senescens
"Berglelie"Ornithogalum candicans
"Bergmagriet"Ursinia speciosa
"Bergmagriet"Ursinia anthemoides
"Bergminze"Clinopodium nepeta ssp glandulosum
"Bergmispel"Vangueria parvifolium
"Bergnaelthe"Lachenalia rubida
"Bergpalme"Chamaedorea elegans
"Bergplakkie"Crassula nudicaulis
"Bergplakkie"Crassula cotyledonis
"Bergpypie"Tritoniopsis antholyza
"Bergpypie"Gladiolus carneus
"Bergroos"Leucadendron tinctum
"Bergroos"Anisodontea julii
"Bergroos"Anisodontea anomala
"Bergsering"Kirkia wilmsii
"Bergsipres"Widdringtonia nodiflora
"Bergsteentijme"Clinopodium nepeta ssp glandulosum
"Bergtee, SA herb tea"Geranium incanum
"Bergulme"Ulmus glabra
"Bergvaalboom"Brachylaena rotundata
"Bergvaalbos"Brachylaena rotundata
"Bergvygie"Drosanthemum speciosum
"Bergvygie"Drosanthemum bicolor
"Bergvygie"Drosanthemum striatum
"Bergwundklee"Anthyllis montana
"Bergziest"Stachys recta
"Berkheya Zulu Warrior"Berkheya purpurea
"Berliner Turnip-Rooted Parsley"Petroselinum crispum v tuberosum Berliner halflang
"Bermuda Arrowroot"Maranta arundinacea
"Bermuda grass"Cynodon dactylon
"Bermuda Grass"Cynodon dactylon
"Bernagie"Borago officinalis
"Berrigan"Eremophila longifolia
"Berro"Nasturtium officinale
"Berro de Prado"Cardamine pratensis
"Berry Catchfly"Cucubalus baccifer
"Berry Heath"Erica baccans
"Berry Saltbush"Atriplex semibaccata
"Berry Saltbush"Einadia nutans ssp nutans
"Berseem Clover"Trifolium alexandrinum
"Bersim"Trifolium alexandrinum
"Bersim Ahmar"Trifolium pratense comm.
"Bertram"Anacyclus pyrethrum
"Bertramsgarbe"Helenium autumnale
"Besemkoring"Sorghum bicolor
"Besemriet"Elegia capensis
"Besemtrosvy"Ficus sur
"Besen-Beifuss"Artemisia scoparia
"Besenginster"Cytisus scoparius
"Besenheide"Calluna vulgaris b.s.
"Besenrauke"Descurainia sophia
"Bessieheide"Erica baccans
"Best variegated Aquilegia"Aquilegia vulgaris Leprechaun Gold
"Betefaka"Dypsis decipiens
"Betel Nut Palm"Areca catechu svs
"Betel Palm"Areca catechu svs
"Betelnut"Areca catechu svs
"Betelnut Palm"Areca catechu svs
"Betelpalme"Areca catechu svs
"Beth Root"Trillium erectum svs
"Bethroot"Trillium erectum svs
"Bethu Sag"Chenopodium album
"Betoine pourpre"Stachys officinalis
"Betonian Rampion"Phyteuma betonicifolium
"Betonica"Stachys officinalis
"Betonie"Stachys officinalis
"Betonien-Teufelskralle"Phyteuma betonicifolium
"Betoniye"Stachys officinalis
"Betony"Stachys officinalis
"Betony"Pedicularis canadensis
"Betony"Stachys coccinea
"Betony Pow-wow"Stachys coccinea
"Betoum"Pistacia atlantica
"Bette verte a couper"Beta vulgaris v flavescens Erbette green chard
"Betterave a faire germer, biologique"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot sprouting seed
"Betterave boule rouge"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Rote Kugel org
"Betterave crapaudine"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Crapaudine
"Betterave fouragere Brigadier"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Brigadier fodd
"Betterave plate d'egypte"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Plate d Egypte
"Beukessboss"Phyla dulcis
"Bewimperte Heckenkirsche"Lonicera ciliosa
"Beyaz Ballibaba"Lamium album
"Beyaz Centiyane"Laserpitium latifolium
"Beyaz Santal"Santalum album svs
"Beyaz Yogurtotu"Galium album
"Beyaz Yonca"Trifolium repens
"Beyaz Zambak"Lilium candidum
"Beyazcopleme"Veratrum album
"Bhandhania"Eryngium foetidum Mexican Coriander
"Bhang Jala"Datisca cannabina
"Bhat Karela"Momordica cochinchinensis
"Bhendi Tree"Thespesia populnea
"Bhimal"Grewia oppositifolia
"Bhojpatra"Betula utilis
"Bhringaraja"Eclipta prostrata
"Bhringraj"Eclipta prostrata
"Bhudum Palm"Calamus latifolius
"Bhuiamla"Phyllanthus emblica
"Bhunimba"Andrographis paniculata
"Bhutan Bellflower"Codonopsis bhutanica
"Bhutan Cypress"Cupressus torulosa
"Bhutan Pine"Pinus wallichiana
"Bhutika"Cymbopogon citratus b.s.
"Bi li"Ficus pumila
"Bian Tao"Prunus dulcis
"Bian tiao shen"Panax ginseng svs
"Bian xu"Polygonum aviculare
"Bibassier"Eriobotrya japonica svs
"Biberiye"Rosmarinus officinalis
"Bibernell-Rose"Rosa spinosissima c.s.
"Bibernell-Wasserfenchel"Oenanthe pimpinelloides
"Bibhitaka"Terminalia bellirica
"Bible Leaf"Hypericum androsaemum
"Bible-leaf (arom.leaf as Bible marker)"Tanacetum balsamita
"Biblical Hyssop"Origanum syriacum
"Biblical Mint"Mentha longifolia
"Bibor Felho"Malva sylvestris Mauritiana
"Bibor Felho, organic"Malva sylvestris v mauritiana organic seeds
"Bicacaro"Canarina canariensis
"Bichhu Booti"Urtica dioica
"Bicolored Lespedeza"Lespedeza bicolor
"Bicoloured Gourd, ornamental"Cucurbita pepo Small Pear Bicoloured Gourd
"Bidara"Andrographis paniculata
"Biddy-Biddy"Acaena novae - zelandiae
"Biden herisse"Bidens pilosa
"Bidgee-Widgee"Acaena novae - zelandiae
"Bidgee-widgee"Acaena novae - zelandiae
"Bidi-Bidi"Acaena novae - zelandiae
"Bidi-bidi"Acaena novae - zelandiae
"Biduri"Calotropis gigantea
"Bie zhi shen"Panax ginseng svs
"Biegsame Kiefer"Pinus flexilis
"Bienen-Ragwurz"Ophrys apifera
"Bienenbaum"Tetradium daniellii
"Bienenfreund"Phacelia tanacetifolia
"Bienensaug"Melittis melissophyllum
"Biengranada"Chenopodium botrys
"Biennial Gaura"Gaura biennis
"Biesroei"Bobartia aphylla
"Bieta liscia verde da taglio"Beta vulgaris v flavescens Erbette green chard
"Biete o Coste Verde"Beta vulgaris v flavescens Erbette green chard
"Bietola Paonazza D'Egitto"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Plate d Egypte
"Bietola verde a costa bianca"Beta vulgaris v flavescens verte a carde blanche
"Bietola verde a costa larga argentata"Beta vulgaris v flavescens Coste d Argento
"Bietou"Chrysanthemoides monilifera
"Big Badja Gum"Eucalyptus badjensis prov. NZ
"Big Bend Yucca"Yucca rostrata
"Big Blue Lily-turf"Liriope muscari
"Big Blue Lilyturf"Liriope muscari
"Big Bluestem"Andropogon gerardii
"Big Bluestem Bunchgrass"Andropogon gerardii
"Big Bluestem Pawnee"Andropogon gerardii
"Big Boy"Lyonia ligustrina
"Big Bud Hickory"Carya tomentosa
"Big Cone Pine"Pinus coulteri
"Big Deervetch"Lotus crassifolius ssp crassifolius
"Big Horned Euphorbia"Euphorbia grandicornis
"Big Leaf Dogwood"Cornus macrophylla
"Big Leaf Linden"Tilia platyphyllos dry seed
"Big Leaf Maple"Acer macrophyllum d.w.
"Big Leaf Mountain Mint"Pycnanthemum muticum
"Big Marigold"Tagetes erecta, tall double
"Big Petal Clematis"Clematis macropetala
"Big Red Bamboo Japanese Maple"Acer palmatum Beni Otake
"Big Saltbush"Atriplex lentiformis
"Big Shellbark"Carya laciniosa
"Big-Bud Hickory"Carya tomentosa
"Big-head Knapweed"Centaurea macrocephala
"Big-horned Eucalyptus"Eucalyptus megacornuta b.s.
"Big-Leaf Bristle Grass"Setaria megaphylla
"Big-leaf Linden"Tilia platyphyllos dry seed
"Big-leaf Magnolia"Magnolia macrophylla
"Big-leaf Maple"Acer grandidentatum d.w.
"Big-leaf Storax"Styrax obassia
"Big-Leaved Rangiora"Brachyglottis repanda Rangiora extra large leaf b.
"Big-leaved Rangiora"Brachyglottis repanda Rangiora extra large leaf b.
"Big-Petal Clematis"Clematis macropetala hybrids mix c.s.
"Big-seed False Flax"Game cover Camelina sativa Gold of Pleasure
"Bigarade"Citrus aurantium svs
"Bigelow's Aster"Dieteria bigelovii
"Bigelow's Sneezeweed"Helenium bigelovii Tip Top
"Bigflower Self-Heal"Prunella grandiflora
"Bigflower Selfheal"Prunella grandiflora Pagoda Mixture
"Bigleaf Maple"Acer davidii ssp. grosseri d.w.
"Bigleaf Aster"Eurybia macrophylla
"Bigleaf Cucumber Tree"Magnolia macrophylla
"Bigleaf Mahogany"Swietenia macrophylla
"Bigleaf Rhododendron"Rhododendron macrophyllum
"Bigleaf Yarrow"Achillea macrophylla
"Bignai"Antidesma bunius
"Bignay"Antidesma bunius
"Bigroot Geranium"Geranium macrorrhizum
"Bigroot Prickly Pear (forms root-tubers)"Opuntia macrorhiza
"Bigstring Nettle"Urtica dioica
"Bigtree"Sequoiadendron giganteum
"Bija"Bixa orellana
"Bijaguillo"Calathea crotalifera
"Bijao"Calathea lutea
"Bijeli Dubacac"Teucrium polium
"Bijeli Grab"Carpinus orientalis
"Bijvoet"Artemisia vulgaris
"Bilberry Cactus"Myrtillocactus geometrizans
"Bilgari"Aegle marmelos
"Bilimbi"Averrhoa bilimbi
"Bilimbi Tree"Averrhoa bilimbi
"Bilimbibaum"Averrhoa bilimbi
"Bilin"Averrhoa bilimbi
"Billa Ganeru"Catharanthus roseus
"Billberry"Vaccinium myrtillus c.s.
"Billion-Dollar Grass"Echinochloa frumentacea
"Billy Button"Pycnosorus globosus
"Billy Buttons"Pycnosorus globosus coated seed
"Billy-buttons"Pycnosorus globosus coated seed
"Bilsenkraut"Hyoscyamus niger
"Bilsted"Liquidambar styraciflua
"Biltmore Ash"Fraxinus americana d.w.
"Bilva"Aegle marmelos
"Bilva Shripala"Aegle marmelos
"Bilva-shripala"Aegle marmelos
"Bimba"Coccinia grandis
"Bimbi"Coccinia grandis
"Bimble Box"Eucalyptus populnea
"Bimblee"Averrhoa bilimbi
"Bimli"Hibiscus cannabinus
"Bimli Jute"Hibiscus cannabinus
"Bimlipatam Jute"Hibiscus cannabinus
"Bin Dow"Lotus tetragonolobus
"Binbirdelikotu"Hypericum perforatum
"Bindi-eye"Calotis cuneifolia
"Bindi-Eye"Calotis cuneifolia
"Bindweed"Convolvulus arvensis
"Bindweed"Calystegia sepium
"Bine"Humulus lupulus
"Bing Lang"Areca catechu svs
"Binoewa"Annona reticulata
"Binsen Kronwicke"Coronilla juncea
"Binsen-Ginster"Spartium junceum
"Bio-diesel Plant (seed oil, India)"Jatropha curcas
"bio-energy plant"Miscanthus sinensis
"Bio-Energy Plant"Erianthus ravennae
"bio-energy plant"Pennisetum purpureum
"bio-energy plant"Panicum virgatum
"bio-energy plant"Miscanthus sinensis Hybrids New
"bio-energy plant"Panicum amarum
"Biodiesel plant"Leucaena leucocephala
"Birak Negeri"Alocasia macrorrhizos svs
"Birch-leaf Mountain Mahogany"Cercocarpus montanus
"Birch-leaf Pear"Pyrus betulifolia
"Birch-Leaf Pelargonium"Pelargonium betulinum
"Birch-leaved Pelargonium"Pelargonium betulinum
"Birchleaf Pear"Pyrus betulifolia
"Bird Beak Hakea"Hakea orthorrhyncha
"Bird Cherry"Prunus avium
"Bird Cherry"Prunus padus
"Bird Eugenia"Psidium guajava
"Bird Eye"Veronica persica
"Bird Eye Speedwell"Veronica persica
"Bird Honey"Leonotis nepetifolia
"Bird in a Bush"Corydalis solida George P Baker
"Bird of Paradise"Iris ensata
"Bird of Paradise"Caesalpinia gilliesii
"Bird of Paradise"Caesalpinia pulcherrima
"Bird of Paradise Flower"Strelitzia reginae
"Bird of Paradise Sisyrinchium"Sisyrinchium palmifolium
"Bird of Paradise Tree"Strelitzia nicolai
"Bird Rape"Brassica campestris
"Bird Vetch"Vicia cracca v cracca
"Bird's Brandy"Lantana rugosa
"Bird's Eye"Apodytes dimidiata svs
"Bird's Eye"Hovea linearis
"Bird's Eye"Veronica chamaedrys
"Bird's Eye Bush"Ochna serrulata svs
"Bird's Eye Maple"Acer saccharinum ww
"Bird's Eye Primrose"Primula farinosa
"Bird's Eyes"Gilia tricolor
"Bird's Foot Trefoil"Lotus corniculatus wild form
"Bird's Foot Trefoil"Lotus corniculatus comm.
"Bird's Foot Violet"Viola pedata
"Bird's Nest Banksia"Banksia baxteri
"Bird's-eye"Anagallis arvensis
"Bird's-eye Gilia"Gilia tricolor
"Bird's-eyes"Gilia tricolor
"Bird-eye"Veronica chamaedrys
"Bird-Eye Clover"Trifolium resupinatum
"Bird-eye Primrose"Primula farinosa
"Bird-of-Paradise Flower"Strelitzia reginae
"Birdflower"Crotalaria cunninghamii
"Birdplum"Berchemia discolor
"Birdseed Grass"Phalaris canariensis
"Birdseed Millet"Panicum miliaceum
"Birdsfoot Trefoil"Lotus corniculatus comm.
"Birdsfoot-trefoil"Lotus corniculatus comm.
"Birdsnest Anthurium"Anthurium hookeri
"Birdwood Grass"Cenchrus setigerus
"Biriba"Rollinia mucosa
"Birkenblattriger Flugelstorax"Pyrus betulifolia
"Birmi"Taxus baccata
"Birnbaum"Pyrus communis
"Birne"Pyrus communis
"Birnenbaum"Pyrus communis
"Birth Root"Trillium erectum svs
"Birthwort"Aristolochia clematitis
"Biscayne Palm"Coccothrinax argentata
"Bischofskraut"Ammi visnaga
"Bischofskraut"Ammi majus
"Bischofsmutze"Capsicum baccatum Bell Chili
"Biscoyol"Bactris major
"Biscuit Root"Lomatium triternatum
"Bish Barmagh Aghaji"Vitex agnus-castus hort. c.s.
"Bishop Pine"Pinus muricata
"Bishop Wood"Bischofia polycarpa
"Bishop's Cap"Astrophytum myriostigma
"Bishop's Cap"Mitella diphylla
"Bishop's Cap Cactus"Astrophytum myriostigma
"Bishop's Crown"Capsicum baccatum Bell Chili
"Bishop's Flower"Ammi visnaga
"Bishop's Flower"Orlaya grandiflora
"Bishop's Flower"Ammi majus
"Bishop's Hat"Astrophytum myriostigma
"Bishop's Hood"Astrophytum myriostigma
"Bishop's Miter Cactus"Astrophytum myriostigma
"Bishop's Mitre"Tellima grandiflora
"Bishop's Weed"Carum copticum
"Bishop's Weed"Ammi majus
"Bishop's Wort"Stachys officinalis
"Bishop's-weed"Ammi majus
"Bishops Cap"Astrophytum myriostigma
"Bishops Cap Cactus"Astrophytum myriostigma
"Bishops Hat"Astrophytum myriostigma
"Bishops Hood"Astrophytum myriostigma
"Bishops Wort"Stachys officinalis
"Bishopwort"Stachys officinalis
"Bismarck Fan Palm"Bismarckia nobilis
"Bisnaga"Ammi visnaga
"Bisnaga das Searas"Ammi visnaga
"Bissap Koor Rouge (boisson fraiche)"Hibiscus sabdariffa
"Bisselon"Khaya senegalensis
"Bistort"Persicaria bistorta
"Bistort Root"Persicaria bistorta
"Bistorta"Persicaria bistorta
"Bitchu-Furo"Geranium yoshinoi
"Biting Persicaria"Persicaria hydropiper
"Biting Stonecrop"Sedum acre
"Bitter Albizia"Albizia amara
"Bitter Aloe"Aloe ferox cit II
"Bitter Apple"Solanum linnaeanum
"Bitter Bark"Petalostigma banksii
"Bitter Bark"Alstonia scholaris b.s.
"Bitter Bark"Petalostigma pubescens
"Bitter Berry"Strychnos potatorum
"Bitter Broom"Sabatia angularis
"Bitter Candytuft"Iberis amara
"Bitter Clover"Sabatia angularis
"Bitter Cress"Barbarea vulgaris
"Bitter Cumin"Centratherum anthelminticum
"Bitter Dock"Rumex obtusifolius
"Bitter Gourd"Momordica charantia
"Bitter Herb"Chelone glabra
"Bitter Leaf"Brachylaena elliptica
"Bitter Leaf"Daviesia latifolia
"Bitter Lettuce"Lactuca virosa
"Bitter Lupin"Lupinus angustifolius
"Bitter Melon"Momordica charantia
"Bitter Nightshade"Solanum dulcamara
"Bitter Oak"Quercus cerris svs
"Bitter Pecan"Carya aquatica
"Bitter Perfume"Monarda fistulosa
"Bitter Root"Apocynum androsaemifolium
"Bitter Root"Lewisia rediviva
"Bitter Sneezeweed"Helenium amarum Goldfield
"Bitter Tea"Kalmia angustifolia
"Bitter Wood"Lonchocarpus violaceus syn Philenoptera v.
"Bitter Yam"Dioscorea bulbifera bulbils vsvs
"Bitter-Apple"Solanum incanum
"Bitter-leaf"Brachylaena elliptica
"Bitter-Nut Hickory"Carya cordiformis
"Bitter-nut Hickory"Carya cordiformis
"Bitter-Root"Apocynum androsaemifolium
"Bitter-Sweet Nightshade"Solanum dulcamara
"Bitteraalwyn"Aloe ferox cit II
"Bitterappel"Cucumis myriocarpus
"Bitterappelliefi"Withania somnifera
"Bitterbessie"Chironia baccifera
"Bitterblaar"Clerodendrum glabrum
"Bitterblaar"Vernonia glabra
"Bitterblaar"Brachylaena elliptica
"Bitterblombos"Selago corymbosa
"Bitterbloom"Sabatia angularis
"Bitterbos"Chrysocoma ciliata
"Bitterbrush"Purshia tridentata
"Bittere Schleifenblume"Iberis amara
"Bitterer Bauernsenf"Iberis amara
"Bittergousblom"Arctotis fastuosa Orange Prince
"Bittergousblom"Arctotis stoechadifolia
"Bitterholzbaum"Quassia amara
"Bitterleaf"Vernonia glabra
"Bitternut"Carya cordiformis
"Bitternut Hickory"Carya cordiformis
"Bitterquassia"Quassia amara
"Bitterroot"Lewisia rediviva
"Bitterroot"Lewisia pygmaea
"Bittersusser Nachtschatten"Solanum dulcamara
"Bittersusser Nachtschatten"Solanum dulcamara
"Bittersweet"Solanum dulcamara
"Bittersweet Nightshade"Solanum dulcamara
"Bitterwaatlemoen"Citrullus lanatus wild RSA
"Bitterweed"Ambrosia artemisiifolia
"Bitterweed Sunny Boy"Helenium amarum
"Bitterwood"Quassia amara
"Biwa"Eriobotrya japonica svs
"Biznaga"Ammi visnaga
"Bizzy Lizzy Divine Hot Cha-Cha Mix"Impatiens f1 Divine Hot Mixture
"Blaasklimop"Cardiospermum halicacabum
"BLACK (almost) Tomato"Lycopersicon esculentum Indigo Rose
"Black - rooted Broom"Cytisus nigricans
"Black Acacia"Acacia drepanolobium
"Black Alder"Ilex verticillata
"Black Alder"Ilex verticillata
"Black Alder"Alnus glutinosa
"Black Archangel"Ballota nigra
"Black Babool"Acacia nilotica ssp. tomentosa
"Black Bamboo"Phyllostachys nigra
"Black Bean"Kennedia nigricans
"Black Bean Tree"Castanospermum australe svs
"Black Bearberry"Arctostaphylos alpina
"Black Bent Grass"Agrostis gigantea
"Black Berry"Actaea spicata
"Black Bindweed"Fallopia convolvulus
"Black Birch"Betula dahurica
"Black Birch"Betula lenta c.s.
"Black Birch"Betula nigra
"Black Birch"Betula lenta b.s.
"Black Bitter-vetch"Lathyrus niger
"Black Box"Eucalyptus largiflorens
"Black Bread Weed"Nigella arvensis
"Black Bryony"Tamus communis
"Black Bulrush"Scirpus atrovirens
"Black Bur Marigold"Bidens frondosa
"Black Butt"Eucalyptus pilularis
"Black Cabbage"Brassica oleracea Kale Nero di Toscana
"Black Calla"Arum pictum
"Black Caraway"Pimpinella saxifraga hort.
"Black Caraway"Nigella sativa
"Black Cardamom"Amomum subulatum
"Black Carmelite Melon"Cucumis melo Noir des Carmes
"Black Catechu"Acacia catechu
"Black Cherry"Prunus serotina
"Black Cherry Tomato"Lycopersicon esculentum Black Cherry
"Black Chokeberry"Aronia melanocarpa c.s.
"Black Cohosh"Actaea racemosa
"Black Coral Pea"Kennedia nigricans
"Black Coral-pea"Kennedia nigricans
"Black Cosmos"Cosmos atrosanguineus
"Black Courgette"Cucurbita pepo Zucchini Black
"Black Crimean Tomato"Lycopersicon esculentum Black Krim
"Black Crowberry"Empetrum nigrum
"Black Cumin"Nigella sativa
"Black Cumin, organic"Nigella sativa organic seed
"Black Cummin"Nigella sativa
"Black Cutch"Acacia catechu
"Black Cypress"Callitris endlicheri
"Black Cypress Pine"Callitris endlicheri
"Black Cypress-pine"Callitris endlicheri
"Black Dogwood"Frangula alnus
"Black Dragon"Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens
"Black dye plant"Lycopus europaeus
"Black Elder"Sambucus nigra c.s.
"Black Eyed Pea"Vigna unguiculata
"Black Eyed Susan"Thunbergia alata mixed o. p.
"Black Eyed Susan"Rudbeckia hirta
"Black Eyed Susan Hibiscus"Hibiscus diversifolius
"Black False Hellebore"Veratrum nigrum hort.
"Black Goji Berry"Lycium ruthenicum
"Black Goji Berry"Lycium barbarum Black Pearls
"Black Grass"Alopecurus myosuroides
"Black Gum"Eucalyptus ovata
"Black Gum"Eucalyptus aggregata
"Black Gum"Eucalyptus ovata prov. Tas
"Black Gum"Nyssa sylvatica
"Black hair dye(root)"Polygonum multiflorum
"Black Haw"Viburnum lentago
"Black Haw"Viburnum prunifolium
"Black Hawthorn"Crataegus douglasii
"Black Headed Daisy"Erigeron melanocephalus b.s.
"Black Heads"Enneapogon nigricans
"Black Hellebore"Veratrum nigrum hort.
"Black Hellebore"Helleborus niger hort.
"Black Helleborus"Helleborus niger hort.
"Black Hemlock"Tsuga mertensiana
"Black Henbane"Hyoscyamus niger
"Black Hickory"Carya texana
"Black Hills Spruce"Picea albertiana
"Black Hollyhock"Alcea rosea Nigra - Jet Black
"Black Horehound"Ballota nigra
"Black Horehound"Ballota nigra
"Black Hungarian Pepper"Capsicum annuum Black Hungarian
"Black Indian Hemp"Apocynum cannabinum
"Black Iris"Iris chrysographes
"Black Ironbark"Eucalyptus paniculata
"Black Ironbark"Eucalyptus sideroxylon
"Black Ironbox"Eucalyptus raveretiana
"Black Jack"Bidens pilosa
"Black Japanese Squash"Cucurbita moschata Futsu Black
"Black Jetbead"Rhodotypos scandens
"Black Kale"Brassica oleracea Kale Nero organic
"Black Knapweed"Centaurea nigra
"Black Krim Tomato"Lycopersicon esculentum Noire de Crimee
"Black Larch"Larix laricina
"Black Lilyturf"Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens
"Black Locust"Robinia pseudoacacia
"Black Locust"Robinia pseudoacacia
"Black Lovage"Smyrnium olusatrum
"Black Maca"Lepidium peruvianum black rooted var.
"Black Madras Ornamental Rice Grass"Oryza sativa Black Madras
"Black Mallee"Eucalyptus calycogona
"Black Mapou"Pittosporum tenuifolium ssp. colensoi
"Black Matipo"Pittosporum tenuifolium
"Black Medick"Medicago lupulina hort.
"Black Medick"Medicago lupulina wild form
"Black Millet"Sorghum bicolor Nigrum
"Black Mondo"Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens
"Black Monkey Orange"Strychnos madagascariensis
"Black Monkey Thorn"Acacia burkei
"Black Monkey Thorn, KZNatal"Acacia burkei small form prov. KZN
"Black Monkeythorn"Acacia burkei
"Black Mugwort"Artemisia genipi
"Black Mulberry"Morus nigra
"Black Muscadine"Vitis rotundifolia Muscadine
"Black Mustard"Brassica nigra Black - Brown Mustard
"Black Myrobalan"Terminalia chebula
"Black Neem"Murraya koenigii db svs
"Black Nightshade"Solanum americanum
"Black Nightshade"Solanum americanum
"Black Oak"Casuarina cristata
"Black Oak"Quercus velutina
"Black Oak"Quercus velutina
"Black Oat"Avena strigosa
"Black Oil Plant"Celastrus paniculatus b.s.
"Black Palm"Normanbya normanbyi
"Black Parsley, prov. Madeira"Melanoselinum decipiens
"Black Pea"Lathyrus niger
"Black Peanut"Arachis hypogaea Black
"Black Pepper"Piper nigrum
"Black Peppermint"Eucalyptus nova-anglica
"Black Peppermint"Eucalyptus amygdalina
"Black Persimmon"Diospyros digyna
"Black Pine"Pinus nigra ssp. nigra
"Black Pine"Prumnopitys taxifolia
"Black Pine"Pinus thunbergii
"Black Pine"Callitris endlicheri
"Black Pine of New Zealand"Prumnopitys taxifolia
"Black Plum"Syzygium cumini
"Black Pod Shoo Fly"Nicandra physalodes Black Rod
"Black Poplar"Populus nigra svs
"Black Poui"Jacaranda mimosifolia
"Black Radish"Raphanus sativus Radish Round Black
"Black Raspberry"Rubus occidentalis
"Black Rod Shoo-fly"Nicandra physalodes Black Rod
"Black Roseau"Bactris major
"Black Rosewood"Dalbergia latifolia
"Black Sage"Salvia mellifera
"Black Sagebrush"Artemisia nova
"Black Sallee"Eucalyptus stellulata
"Black Sally"Eucalyptus stellulata
"Black Sampson"Echinacea pallida
"Black Sampson"Echinacea angustifolia
"Black Sampson Coneflower"Echinacea angustifolia
"Black Sampson Coneflower, wild"Echinacea angustifolia wild form
"Black Sampson Echinacea"Echinacea angustifolia
"Black Sapote"Diospyros digyna
"Black Scorzonera"Scorzonera hispanica Giant Russian improved
"Black Scorzonera, German"Scorzonera hispanica Hoffmanns Schwarze Pfahl
"Black Sea Bean"Mucuna sloanei
"Black Seed Grass"Alloteropsis semialata
"Black Seeded Yard Long Bean"Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis a grain noir
"Black Seeded Yard-long Bean"Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis a grain noir
"Black Sesame"Sesamum indicum
"Black She-oak"Allocasuarina littoralis
"Black She-Oak"Allocasuarina littoralis
"Black Snakeroot"Actaea racemosa
"Black Sorghum"Sorghum carneum v nigrum
"Black Spanish Radish, long"Raphanus sativus Radish Black Spanish long winter
"Black Spanish Radish, prob. before 16th century"Raphanus sativus Radish Black Spanish round winter
"Black Spear Grass"Heteropogon contortus hort.
"Black Spiked Wheat"Triticum aestivum v spelta Blacky
"Black Spine Prickly-pear"Opuntia macrocentra
"Black Spruce"Picea mariana
"Black Sumac"Rhus copallina
"Black Swainsona"Swainsona stenodonta
"Black Tammar"Allocasuarina acutivalvis
"Black Tea Tree"Melaleuca bracteata
"Black Tea Tree"Melaleuca lanceolata
"Black Tea-tree"Melaleuca bracteata
"Black Thorn Hawthorn"Crataegus calpodendron
"Black Top Grass"Enneapogon nigricans
"Black Tree Fern"Cyathea medullaris name unresolved
"Black Tupelo"Nyssa sylvatica
"Black Twinberry"Lonicera involucrata
"Black Twitch"Alopecurus myosuroides
"Black Walnut"Juglans nigra
"Black Walnut, southern prov."Juglans nigra southern prov.
"Black Wattle"Acacia mearnsii
"Black Wattle"Acacia mangium
"Black Wattle"Callicoma serratifolia
"Black Wattle"Acacia auriculiformis
"Black Wattle"Acacia mabellae
"Black Wattle"Acacia leiocalyx
"Black Widow"Geranium phaeum
"Black Windmill Grass"Chloris truncata
"Black Wood"Dalbergia latifolia
"Black Wormwood"Artemisia genipi
"Black Yate"Eucalyptus kondininensis
"Black-Bark"Diospyros whyteana
"Black-eyed Susan"Rudbeckia hirta
"Black-eyed Susan"Thunbergia alata
"Black-eyed Susan African Sunset Mixed"Thunbergia alata African Sunset Mixed
"Black-eyed Susan Hibiscus"Hibiscus diversifolius
"Black-eyed Susan Vine"Thunbergia alata mixed o. p.
"Black-Fiber Palm"Arenga pinnata
"Black-Fuchsia"Eremophila glabra
"Black-locust"Robinia pseudoacacia
"Black-rim Protea"Protea acuminata
"Black-Seed Squash"Cucurbita ficifolia
"Black-seeded Simpson Lettuce"Lactuca sativa Black-seeded Simpson
"Black-Spine Claret-cup Cactus"Echinocereus triglochidiatus
"Black-spot Horned Poppy"Glaucium corniculatum
"Black-Throated Calla"Zantedeschia albomaculata
"Blackbead"Pithecellobium dulce
"Blackberry"Rubus fruticosus
"Blackberry"Rubus ulmifolius
"Blackberry Lily"Iris domestica
"Blackberry Tupi"Rubus fruticosus Tupi stratified seed
"Blackboard Tree"Alstonia scholaris b.s.
"Blackbutt"Eucalyptus pilularis
"Blackbutt Peppermint"Eucalyptus smithii
"Blackbutt..valuable timber tree"Eucalyptus pilularis hardy NZ
"Blackcap Raspberry"Rubus occidentalis
"Blackfruit Dogwood"Cornus sessilis
"Blackgrass Peldon"Alopecurus myosuroides resistant strain 1
"Blackgrass Spain"Alopecurus myosuroides resistant strain 2
"Blackhaw"Viburnum prunifolium
"Blackjack Oak"Quercus marilandica svs
"Blackmore & langdon's Doubles"Begonia(tub) Blackmore - Langdons Double Mixed
"Blacknut Palm"Astrocaryum standleyanum
"Blackroot"Veronicastrum virginicum
"Blackthorn"Prunus spinosa
"Blackthorn"Prunus spinosa prov. UK
"Blackthorn (Australian)"Bursaria spinosa c.s.
"Blackwell Switch Grass"Panicum virgatum
"Blackwood"Acacia penninervis
"Blackwood"Dalbergia latifolia
"Blackwood"Acacia melanoxylon
"Blackwood Acacia"Acacia melanoxylon
"Bladder Campion"Silene vulgaris
"Bladder Cherry"Physalis alkekengi
"Bladder Cherry"Physalis alkekengi v franchetii
"Bladder Fruit"Gomphocarpus physocarpus
"Bladder Ketmia"Hibiscus trionum
"Bladder Nut"Diospyros whyteana
"Bladder Salt Bush (bulk seed)"Atriplex vesicaria b.s.
"Bladder Senna"Colutea arborescens
"Bladderbush"Isomeris arborea
"Bladderbush"Cleome isomeris
"Bladdernut"Staphylea trifolia
"Bladderpod"Alyssoides utriculata
"Bladderpod"Isomeris arborea
"Bladderpod"Cleome isomeris
"Bladderpod Spiderflower"Cleome isomeris
"Bladdoring"Acacia galpinii
"Blade Thorn"Acacia fleckii
"Bladethorn"Acacia fleckii
"Blady Grass"Imperata cylindrica
"Blaeberry"Vaccinium myrtillus c.s.
"blak-blak"Mitragyna speciosa b.s.
"Blakely's Bush-pea"Pultenaea blakelyi
"Blakely's Red Gum"Eucalyptus blakelyi
"Blakely's Red Gum"Corymbia blakei
"Blaklocka"Campanula rotundifolia
"Blanc de Barletta"Allium cepa Barletta small white pickling onion
"Blando Brome"Bromus mollis
"Blanket-Flower"Gaillardia aristata
"Blanketflower"Gaillardia aristata
"Blankoma White Beet"Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Albino
"Blasenspiere"Physocarpus opulifolius
"Blasenstrauch"Colutea arborescens
"Blasse Stockrose"Alcea pallida
"Blasser Schafschwingel"Festuca pallens
"Blasser Sonnenhut"Echinacea pallida
"Blassgelbe Skabiose"Scabiosa ochroleuca
"Blassgelber Lerchensporn"Corydalis ochroleuca
"Blatt Radieschen"Raphanus sativus Leaf Radish Saisai
"Blatt-Amarant"Amaranthus tricolor Calaloo green
"Blattkoriander"Coriandrum sativum Cilantro Santo
"Blattpetersilie Mooskrause"Petroselinum crispum Mooskrause No.2 close-curled
"Blattpfeffer"Piper auritum cs
"Blau Gefullte, biolog."Centaurea cyanus organic seed
"Blauaugengras"Sisyrinchium angustifolium
"Blaubinse"Juncus inflexus
"Blaublatt Funkie"Hosta sieboldiana
"Blaue Glocke"Campanula persicifolia Grandiflora
"Blaue Heckenkirsche"Lonicera caerulea
"Blaue Himmelsleiter"Polemonium caeruleum hort.
"Blaue Jungs"Centaurea cyanus Boy Blue
"Blaue Klitorie"Clitoria ternatea
"Blaue Lupine"Lupinus angustifolius
"Blaue Luzerne"Medicago sativa
"Blaue malve"Malva sylvestris Mauritiana
"Blaue Rasselblume"Catananche caerulea
"Blaue Wildekelei"Aquilegia vulgaris
"Blauegraue Binse"Juncus inflexus
"Blauer Eisenhut"Aconitum napellus
"Blauer Gauchheil"Anagallis arvensis v caerulea
"Blauer Hibiscus"Alyogyne huegelii
"Blauer Lattich"Lactuca perennis
"Blauer Lauch"Allium caeruleum
"Blauer Staudenlein"Linum perenne
"Blauer Steinklee"Trigonella caerulea
"Blauer Tarant"Swertia perennis
"Blauer Zwerg"Delphinium grandiflorum Gentian Blue Dwarf
"Blaues Pfeifengras"Molinia caerulea
"Blauglockenbaum"Paulownia tomentosa
"Blaugrauer Schafschwingel"Festuca glauca
"Blaugrune Rose"Rosa glauca
"Blaugrune Segge"Carex flacca
"Blaugrunes Rispengras"Poa glauca Blue Hills
"Blaugrunes Schillergras"Koeleria glauca bs
"Blaugrunes Schillergras"Koeleria glauca cs
"Blaukammschmiele"Koeleria glauca bs
"Blaumohn"Papaver somniferum blue single
"Blauregen"Wisteria sinensis
"Blauroter Steinsame"Buglossoides purpureocaeruleum
"Blauschwingel"Festuca glauca
"Blauschwingel"Festuca cinerea
"Blausegge"Carex flacca
"Blausporn"Fumaria officinalis
"Blauwschokker, Dutch heirloom"Pisum sativum Pois a Cosse Violette - Blauwschokke
"Blauzungenlauch"Allium karataviense
"Blaxland's Stringybark"Eucalyptus blaxlandii hardy NZ
"Blazenesche"Koelreuteria paniculata
"Blazing Star"Mentzelia decapetala
"Blazing Star"Mentzelia lindleyi
"Blazing Star"Liatris spicata
"Blazing Stars"Liatris spicata Floristan Violet
"Blazing Stars White"Liatris spicata Floristan White
"Blazing-Star"Liatris spicata
"Ble d'hiver"Triticum aestivum winter wheat
"Bledo"Amaranthus cruentus
"Bledo"Chenopodium capitatum Strawberry Spinach
"Bledo"Amaranthus dubius Calaloo - Bayam Bhaji
"Bledo Carbonesro"Phytolacca americana
"Bledo Espinoso"Amaranthus spinosus
"Bledo Frances"Amaranthus caudatus Love Lies Bleeding
"Bledos Moles"Atriplex hortensis
"Bleeding Heart"Ehrendorfia chrysantha
"Bleeding Heart"Dicentra eximia
"Bleeding Heart"Dactylicapnos macrocapnos
"Bleeding Heart"Dicentra eximia
"Bleeding Heart"Dicentra cucullaria
"Bleeding Heart"Dicentra formosa
"Bleeding Heart Tree"Omalanthus nutans
"Bleeding Heart, White"Lamprocapnos spectabilis Alba
"Bleichschwingel"Festuca pallens
"Bleistiftbaum"Euphorbia tirucalli
"Blessed Lady's Gloves"Aconitum napellus
"Blessed Milk Thistle"Silybum marianum
"Blessed Thistle"Cnicus benedictus
"Blessed Thistle, organic"Silybum marianum organic seed
"Bleuet"Centaurea cyanus hort.
"Blimbing"Averrhoa carambola
"Blimbing Asam"Averrhoa bilimbi
"Blind Grass"Stypandra glauca
"Blind Nettle"Lamium album
"Blinkblaar"Rhamnus prinoides
"Blinkblaar"Diospyros whyteana
"Blinkblaarmispel"Vangueria esculenta
"Blinkblaarwag-'n-bietjie"Ziziphus mucronata
"Blinkblaarwitessenhout"Bersama lucens
"Blinktaaibos"Searsia lucida
"Blister Bush"Notobubon galbanum
"Blister Buttercup"Ranunculus sceleratus
"Blister Cress"Erysimum pumilum
"Blisters Buttercup"Ranunculus sceleratus
"Bljust"Tamus communis
"Bloedbessie"Rivina humilis
"Bloedzuring"Rumex sanguineus
"Blombiesie"Elegia cuspidata
"Blombos"Metalasia muricata
"Blombos"Dombeya pulchra
"Blond Psyllium"Plantago ovata
"Blonde Ispaghula"Plantago ovata
"Blood Amaranth"Amaranthus cruentus
"Blood Banana"Musa acuminata Sumatrana
"Blood Carnation"Dianthus cruentus
"Blood Eye"Comarum palustre
"Blood Flower"Asclepias curassavica
"Blood Leaf Japanese Maple"Acer palmatum Atropurpureum d.w. dry seed
"Blood Orange"Citrus sinensis
"Blood Red Leaf Beet"Beta vulgaris v flavescens Bulls Blood leaf beet
"Blood Twig"Cornus sanguinea
"Blood-drop Emlets"Mimulus luteus
"Blood-red Geranium"Geranium sanguineum
"Blood-twig Dogwood"Cornus sanguinea
"Bloodbell Heath"Erica haematocodon
"Bloodberry"Rivina humilis
"Bloodflower"Asclepias curassavica Apollo Orange
"Bloodflower"Asclepias curassavica
"Bloodflower Milkweed"Asclepias curassavica
"Bloodleaf"Musa acuminata Sumatrana
"Bloodleaf Japanese Maple"Acer palmatum Atropurpureum d.w. dry seed
"Bloodred Iris"Iris sanguinea
"Bloodroot"Haemodorum simplex
"Bloodroot"Potentilla erecta
"Bloodroot"Haemodorum laxum
"Bloodroot"Sanguinaria canadensis svs
"Bloodroot"Wachendorfia thyrsiflora
"Bloodwood"Pterocarpus indicus
"Bloodwort"Rumex sanguineus
"Bloodwort"Sanguinaria canadensis svs
"Bloodwort Dock"Rumex sanguineus
"Bloody Butcher"Pulmonaria officinalis
"Bloody Crane's-bill"Geranium sanguineum
"Bloody Cranesbill"Geranium sanguineum
"Bloody Dock"Rumex sanguineus v. sanguineus c.s.
"Bloody Dock, organic"Rumex sanguineus v. sanguineus c.s. organic seed
"Bloody-veined Dock"Rumex sanguineus
"Blooming Spurge"Euphorbia corollata
"Blossom Tree"Virgilia oroboides
"Blou Afrikaner"Gladiolus carinatus
"Blou agtdaegeneesbos"Lobostemon montanus
"Blou echium"Echium vulgare
"Blou Uintjie"Moraea tripetala
"Blou-aalwyn"Aloe glauca
"Blou-ertjieboom"Mundulea sericea grey lvd. form
"Blou-uintjie"Moraea tripetala
"Bloubekkie"Nemesia barbata
"Blouberglelie"Merwilla plumbea short form
"Bloubessiebos"Diospyros glabra
"Bloubietou"Osteospermum jucundum White Moon dwarf
"Bloublom Bossie"Felicia aethiopica ssp aethiopica
"Bloublom-bossie"Felicia aethiopica ssp aethiopica
"Bloublombossie"Felicia aethiopica
"Bloublommetjie"Felicia echinata blue
"Bloublommetjie"Felicia heterophylla
"Bloublommetjie"Felicia filifolia Cape form
"Bloublommetjiesalie"Salvia chamelaeagnea
"Bloublomsalie"Salvia africana-caerulea
"Bloubos"Diospyros lycioides svs
"Bloudissel"Echium plantagineum b.s.
"Bloudisseldoring"Berkheya purpurea
"Blougras"Andropogon appendiculatus
"Bloukalossie"Ixia rapunculoides
"Bloukappie"Polygala lancifolia A. St.-Hil. - Moq.
"Bloukappies"Polygala myrtifolia
"Bloukeur"Psoralea pinnata
"Bloukeur"Psoralea oligophylla
"Bloukeur"Psoralea aphylla
"Blouklokkiesbos"Mackaya bella
"Bloukoolhout"Leucospermum muirii
"Bloukwasbossie"Vernonia galpinii
"Bloulelie"Agapanthus campanulatus ssp campanulatus
"Bloulelie"Agapanthus praecox ssp praecox
"Blouraaptol"Cyanella hyacinthoides
"Blousterretjie"Lapeirousia plicata
"Blousuikerbos"Protea neriifolia
"Blousuurkanol"Aristea capitata blue
"Blousysie"Geissorhiza aspera
"Blouvuurpyl"Aristea capitata blue
"Blouwaterlelie"Nymphaea nouchali v caerulea svs
"Blow Wives"Achyrachaena mollis
"Blowfish"Gomphocarpus physocarpus
"Blown Grass"Agrostis avenacea bs
"Blue & Red Babiana"Babiana rubrocyanea
"Blue Agapanthus"Agapanthus africanus
"Blue Agave"Agave tequilana
"Blue Allium"Allium caeruleum
"Blue Alpine Daisy"Aster alpinus
"Blue Arrows"Juncus inflexus
"Blue Atlas Cedar"Cedrus atlantica Glauca
"Blue Avena Grass"Helictotrichon sempervirens
"Blue Babiana"Babiana fragrans
"Blue Baby Corn"Zea mays Baby Fingers Blue
"Blue Baikal Scullcap"Scutellaria baicalensis Oriental Blue
"Blue Balloon"Platycodon grandiflorus
"Blue Barrel"Ferocactus glaucescens
"Blue Barrel"Echinocactus platyacanthus
"Blue Bean"Lupinus perennis
"Blue Bean"Decaisnea fargesii
"Blue Beard-tongue"Penstemon heterophyllus
"Blue Beauty"Cheiranthera filifolia
"Blue Beech"Carpinus caroliniana
"Blue Bells"Campanula persicifolia Grandiflora
"Blue Bells"Polemonium reptans
"Blue Billardiera"Billardiera variifolia
"Blue Bird"Nolana paradoxa Blue Bird
"Blue Bird"Lallemantia canescens
"Blue Bishop Pine"Pinus muricata Blue Strain - NZ Blue
"Blue Boneset"Conoclinium coelestinum
"Blue Boronia"Boronia ramosa
"Blue Bottle"Centaurea cyanus hort.
"Blue Boy"Stirlingia latifolia
"Blue Broom"Psoralea pinnata
"Blue Bugle"Ajuga reptans
"Blue Bugle"Ajuga genevensis
"Blue Bush"Maireana brevifolia
"Blue Bush"Eucalyptus macrocarpa b.s.
"Blue BushAcacia"Acacia covenyi
"Blue Butterfly Delphinium"Delphinium grandiflorum Butterfly Blue dwarf
"Blue Buttons"Knautia arvensis
"Blue Buttons"Succisa pratensis
"Blue Campion"Silene coeli-rosa Nana Angel Blue
"Blue Candle"Myrtillocactus geometrizans
"Blue Cardinal Flower"Lobelia siphilitica
"Blue Cardinal Flower"Lobelia siphilitica
"Blue Cardinalflower"Lobelia siphilitica
"Blue Cassia"Senna glutinosa ssp. pruinosa
"Blue Cedar"Cedrus atlantica Glauca
"Blue Chamomile"Matricaria recutita Chamomile
"Blue Chrysanthemum"Heteropappus meyendorffii Blue Knol
"Blue Cohosh"Caulophyllum thalictroides
"Blue Cohosh"Caulophyllum thalictroides
"Blue Columbine"Aquilegia caerulea
"Blue Corn Lily"Aristea ecklonii
"Blue Cornflower"Centaurea cyanus hort.
"Blue Crown Passion Flower"Passiflora caerulea c.s.
"Blue Cupid's Dart"Catananche caerulea
"Blue Cupidone"Catananche caerulea Amor Blue
"Blue Cupidone"Catananche caerulea
"Blue Curls"Trichostema lanatum
"Blue Desert Mallee"Eucalyptus gamophylla
"Blue Devil"Echium vulgare
"Blue Dicks"Dichelostemma capitatum
"Blue Dicks, white form"Dichelostemma capitatum white fld. form
"Blue Dracaena"Cordyline indivisa c.s.
"Blue Dracena"Cordyline indivisa c.s.
"Blue Dragon"Dracocephalum moldavicum Blue Dragon
"Blue Dwarf Bellflower"Campanula collina
"Blue Ebony"Euclea crispa
"Blue Echium"Echium vulgare
"Blue Elderberry"Sambucus glauca cs
"Blue Ephedra"Ephedra nevadensis
"Blue Eros Grass"Eragrostis elliottii
"Blue Eyed Grass"Sisyrinchium idahoense
"Blue Eyed Grass"Sisyrinchium bellum
"Blue Eyed Grass"Sisyrinchium spp. and vars. mixed
"Blue Eyed Grass"Sisyrinchium angustifolium
"Blue Eyed Iris"Aristea ecklonii
"Blue Eyed Mary"Omphalodes cappadocica
"Blue Eyes"Chaenorhinum origanifolium Blue Dreams
"Blue False Indigo"Baptisia australis
"Blue Fan Flower"Goodenia scaevolina
"Blue Fescue"Festuca glauca Blue Select
"Blue Fescue"Festuca glauca
"Blue Fescue"Festuca cinerea
"Blue Festuca"Festuca coxii
"Blue Field-Madder"Sherardia arvensis
"Blue Fig"Elaeocarpus angustifolius
"Blue Flag"Orthrosanthus multiflorus
"Blue Flag"Iris versicolor
"Blue Flag Iris"Iris versicolor
"Blue Flag Iris"Iris virginica
"Blue Flag Iris, organic seed"Iris versicolor organic seed
"Blue Flame"Myrtillocactus geometrizans
"Blue Flax"Heliophila coronopifolia blue
"Blue Flax"Linum perenne
"Blue Flax"Linum lewisii
"Blue Flax Lily"Dianella longifolia
"Blue Flax Lily"Dianella tasmanica
"Blue Flax-Lily"Dianella caerulea
"Blue Flax-lily"Dianella tasmanica
"Blue Fleabane"Erigeron acris
"Blue Flower Rattlepod"Crotalaria verrucosa
"Blue Garlic Chives"Allium nutans
"Blue Gilia"Gilia capitata
"Blue Ginger"Alpinia caerulea
"Blue Ginseng"Caulophyllum thalictroides
"Blue Gladiolus"Gladiolus carinatus
"Blue Grama"Bouteloua gracilis
"Blue Grama Grass"Bouteloua gracilis
"Blue Grass Lily"Aphyllanthes monspeliensis
"Blue Grass Lily"Agrostocrinum scabrum
"Blue Green Sedge"Carex flacca
"Blue Gromwell"Buglossoides purpureocaeruleum
"Blue Guarri"Euclea crispa
"Blue Gum"Eucalyptus tereticornis
"Blue Gum"Eucalyptus globulus ssp. bicostata
"Blue Gum"Eucalyptus leucoxylon
"Blue Gum"Eucalyptus globulus hardy N Z
"Blue Hair Grass"Koeleria glauca cs
"Blue Hair Grass"Koeleria glauca bs
"Blue Hesper Palm"Brahea armata
"Blue Hibiscus"Alyogyne huegelii
"Blue Honeysuckle"Lonicera caerulea
"Blue Hounds-tongue"Cynoglossum creticum
"Blue Hubbard Winter Squash"Cucurbita maxima Hubbard Blue large
"Blue Huckleberry"Vaccinium ovalifolium
"Blue Hungarian Breadseed Poppy"Papaver somniferum Breadseed Blue Hungarian
"Blue Hyssop"Hyssopus officinalis Caeruleus
"Blue Iris"Iris versicolor
"Blue Iris"Iris spuria
"Blue Jacaranda"Jacaranda mimosifolia
"Blue Jacket"Tradescantia ohiensis
"Blue Joint Grass"Calamagrostis canadensis
"Blue Kuri Japanese Squash"Cucurbita maxima Blue Kuri potimarron
"Blue Lace Flower"Trachymene caerulea
"Blue Lace Flower Madonna"Trachymene caerulea
"Blue Lake French Climbing Bean"Phaseolus vulgaris Blue Lake Stringless French cli
"Blue Latan"Latania loddigesii
"Blue Latan Palm"Latania loddigesii
"Blue Leaf Wattle"Acacia saligna
"Blue Leaved Stringybark"Eucalyptus agglomerata
"Blue Lechenaultia"Lechenaultia biloba
"Blue Lettuce"Lactuca perennis
"Blue Lights"Anagallis monelli
"Blue Lilly-pilly"Syzygium oleosum
"Blue Lily of the Nile"Agapanthus praecox ssp praecox
"Blue Lobelia"Lobelia siphilitica
"Blue Love Grass"Eragrostis elliottii
"Blue Lungwort"Pulmonaria officinalis
"Blue Lupine"Lupinus angustifolius
"Blue Lupine"Lupinus pilosus
"Blue Mallee"Eucalyptus polybractea
"Blue Mallet"Eucalyptus gardneri
"Blue Mallow"Malva sylvestris Mauritiana
"Blue Mallow, organic"Malva sylvestris v mauritiana organic seeds
"Blue Man"Consolida regalis
"Blue Marble Tree"Elaeocarpus angustifolius
"Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm"Chamaerops humilis v cerifera
"Blue Moor Grass"Sesleria albicans
"Blue Moor Grass"Sesleria caerulea
"Blue Mountain Bidi-Bidi"Acaena inermis
"Blue Mountain Lupin"Lupinus pilosus
"Blue Mountain Penstemon"Penstemon venustus
"Blue Mountains Ash"Eucalyptus oreades
"Blue Mountains Mallee Ash"Eucalyptus stricta
"Blue Mustard"Chorispora tenella
"Blue Myrtle Spurge"Euphorbia myrsinites
"Blue Nasturtium, prov. Chile"Tropaeolum azureum climbing perennial nasturtium
"Blue Oak"Quercus douglasii svs
"Blue Oat Grass"Helictotrichon sempervirens
"Blue Olive Berry"Elaeocarpus reticulatus
"Blue Paisley Flower"Salpiglossis sinuata Kew Blue
"Blue Palmetto"Sabal palmetto
"Blue Papillon"Delphinium elatum Bellamosum
"Blue Parsley Bush"Heteromorpha arborescens v. frutescens (var. name
"Blue Parsnip"Trachymene glaucifolia
"Blue Passion Flower"Passiflora caerulea c.s.
"Blue Pea"Clitoria ternatea
"Blue Penstemon"Penstemon serrulatus
"Blue Petrea"Petrea volubilis
"Blue Phlox"Phlox divaricata
"Blue Pimpernel"Anagallis monelli ssp linifolia
"Blue Pimpernel"Anagallis arvensis v caerulea
"Blue Pimpernell"Anagallis monelli
"Blue Pincushion"Brunonia australis
"Blue Pine"Pinus wallichiana
"Blue Plantain Lily"Hosta ventricosa
"Blue Podded Pea"Pisum sativum Pois a Cosse Violette - Blauwschokke
"Blue Pollen Nicotiana"Nicotiana langsdorffii Lemon Tree
"Blue Poppy"Papaver somniferum blue single
"Blue Poppy"Meconopsis betonicifolia
"Blue Pygmy"Delphinium grandiflorum Gentian Blue Dwarf
"Blue Pygmy Balloon Flower"Platycodon grandiflorus Zwerg dwarf
"Blue Pyjama Bush"Lobostemon montanus
"Blue Quandong"Elaeocarpus angustifolius
"Blue Ridge Buckbean"Thermopsis villosa
"Blue Rush"Juncus inflexus
"Blue Sage"Salvia azurea
"Blue Sage"Artemisia cana
"Blue Sage"Salvia chamelaeagnea
"Blue Sage"Salvia farinacea
"Blue Sage"Salvia pachyphylla
"Blue Sailors"Cichorium intybus Chicory
"Blue Salvia"Salvia chamelaeagnea
"Blue Salvia"Salvia africana-caerulea
"Blue Sausage Fruit"Decaisnea fargesii
"Blue Sceptre"Aristea capitata blue
"Blue Siberian Spruce"Picea obovata v. caerulea
"Blue Skyflower"Thunbergia grandiflora
"Blue Smoke"Limonium perezii c.s.
"Blue Smoke Bush"Conospermum caeruleum
"Blue Sotol"Dasylirion wheeleri
"Blue Sow Thistle"Cicerbita alpina
"Blue Spiderwort"Commelina coelestis
"Blue Sprangletop"Leptochloa caerulescens
"Blue Sprite"Koeleria glauca cs
"Blue Spruce"Picea pungens Glauca Arizona Kaibab
"Blue Spruce"Sedum rupestre
"Blue Spruce"Picea pungens Glauca
"Blue Spurge"Euphorbia myrsinites
"Blue Squill"Merwilla plumbea short form
"Blue Squill"Chamaescilla corymbosa
"Blue Star"Chamaescilla corymbosa
"Blue Star Flower Grass"Sisyrinchium angustifolium
"Blue Stars"Chamaescilla corymbosa
"Blue Stars"Nigella bucharica Blue Stars (name unresolved)
"Blue Swan River Daisy"Brachyscome iberidifolia Splendour Blue
"Blue Sweet Pea Bush"Psoralea pinnata
"Blue Thatching Grass"Hyparrhenia tamba
"Blue Thorn"Acacia erubescens
"Blue Throatwort"Trachelium caeruleum Lake Michigan Violet
"Blue Throatwort"Trachelium caeruleum
"Blue Tongued Leek"Allium karataviense
"Blue Trailing Lobelia"Lobelia erinus Pendula Fountain Blue
"Blue Tree Lupin"Lupinus arboreus blue form
"Blue Trumpet Vine"Thunbergia grandiflora
"Blue Trumpet Vine"Thunbergia grandiflora
"Blue Trumpets"Iochroma australe
"Blue Tulp"Moraea polystachya
"Blue Umbrella"Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis large blue selec
"Blue Vervain"Verbena hastata
"Blue Vine"Clitoria ternatea
"Blue Virgin's Bower"Clematis columbiana
"Blue Wallis Fescue"Festuca valesiaca Glaucantha
"Blue Water Lily"Nymphaea nouchali v caerulea svs
"Blue Wax-weed"Cuphea viscosissima
"Blue Waxweed"Cuphea viscosissima
"Blue Weed"Echium vulgare
"Blue Whortleberry"Vaccinium ovalifolium
"Blue Wild Indigo"Baptisia australis
"Blue Woodruff"Asperula orientalis
"Blue Yucca"Yucca baccata
"Blue Yucca"Yucca rigida
"Blue-bell"Wahlenbergia albomarginata
"Blue-bush"Eucalyptus macrocarpa b.s.
"Blue-Dicks"Dichelostemma capitatum
"Blue-eyed Grass"Sisyrinchium angustifolium
"Blue-eyed Mary"Omphalodes cappadocica
"Blue-Grey Sedum"Sedum rupestre
"Blue-leaf"Eucalyptus delegatensis
"Blue-leaf"Eucalyptus delegatensis
"Blue-Leaf Stringybark"Eucalyptus agglomerata
"Blue-leaved Mallee"Eucalyptus polybractea
"Blue-of-the-Heavens"Allium caeruleum
"Blue-Pea"Clitoria ternatea
"Blue-Red Gromwell"Buglossoides purpureocaeruleum
"Blue-Rocket"Aconitum napellus
"Blue-stemmed Goldenrod"Solidage caesia
"Bluebeard"Salvia viridis
"Bluebeard Blue Myth"Caryopteris incana Blue Myth
"Bluebell"Campanula rotundifolia
"Bluebell"Hyacinthoides non-scripta
"Bluebell Creeper"Billardiera heterophylla
"Bluebell of Scotland"Campanula rotundifolia
"Bluebells"Mertensia virginica
"Blueberry"Dianella tasmanica
"Blueberry"Dianella nigra
"Blueberry"Myoporum insulare
"Blueberry Ash"Elaeocarpus reticulatus
"Blueberry Bush"Diospyros glabra
"Blueberry Climber"Ampelopsis brevipedunculata
"Blueberry Root"Caulophyllum thalictroides
"Blueberry-Ash"Elaeocarpus obovatus
"Bluebird Vine"Petrea volubilis
"Bluebush Monkey Plum"Diospyros lycioides svs
"Bluebush Pea"Crotalaria eremaea
"Bluegrass"Panicum dichotomiflorum
"Bluegum Tree"Eucalyptus dumosa
"Bluejoint"Calamagrostis canadensis
"Bluejoint Reed Grass"Calamagrostis canadensis
"Blueskin"Acacia irrorata
"Bluestar"Amsonia tabernaemontana
"Bluestar"Amsonia ciliata
"Bluestem Grass"Schizachyrium scoparium
"Bluestem Palmetto"Sabal minor
"Bluethorn"Acacia erubescens
"Blueweed"Echium vulgare
"Blueweed"Echium plantagineum b.s.
"Blueweed"Echium vulgare
"Blumen-Esche"Fraxinus ornus
"Blumen-Hartriegel"Cornus florida
"Blundell Blue Balsam Fir"Abies balsamea Cooks Blue Improved
"Blunt Bush-pea"Pultenaea retusa
"Blunt Mountain Mint"Pycnanthemum muticum
"Blunt Spine Prickly-pear"Opuntia macrocentra
"Blunt-leaved Dock"Rumex obtusifolius
"Blunt-leaved Taaibos"Searsia rehmanniana
"Blush Macaranga"Macaranga tanarius
"Blushing Spyridium"Pomaderris rotundifolium
"Blut-Ampfer"Rumex sanguineus
"Blutampfer"Rumex sanguineus v. sanguineus c.s.
"Blutgras"Imperata cylindrica
"Bluthirse"Digitaria sanguinalis
"Blutrote Fingerhirse"Digitaria sanguinalis
"Blutroter Hartriegel"Cornus sanguinea
"Blutroter-Storchschnabel"Geranium sanguineum
"Blutweiderich"Lythrum salicaria
"Blutwurz"Potentilla erecta
"Bo Cai"Spinacia oleracea
"Bo he"Mentha arvensis
"Bo mao wei ling cai"Potentilla inclinata
"Bo Tree"Ficus religiosa svs
"Bo-bo'e (yokia)"Rhus trilobata
"Bo-La (Yokia)"Dichelostemma capitatum
"Boab Tree"Adansonia gregorii
"Boar Thistle"Cirsium vulgare
"Boat Grass"Monocymbium ceresiiforme
"Boat Lily"Tradescantia spathacea
"Boat-Lily"Tradescantia spathacea
"Bobbejaandruif"Rhoicissus digitata
"Bobbejaandruifboom"Phytolacca dioica
"Bobbejaanklou"Leucospermum cordifolium orange
"Bobbejaankos"Euphorbia meloformis
"Bobbejaanskool"Othonna parviflora
"Bobbejaantjie"Babiana angustifolia
"Bobbejaanuintje"Babiana fragrans
"Bobbins"Arum maculatum
"Bobie Bobie"Nematolepis squameum
"Bobie-bobie"Nematolepis squameum
"Bocha Blanca"Dorycnium pentaphyllum
"Bockdorn"Lycium afrum
"Bocks-Johanniskraut"Hypericum hircinum
"Bocksdorn"Lycium barbarum d.b.
"Bockshornklee"Trigonella foenum - graecum
"Bodhibaum"Ficus religiosa svs
"Bodljikava Vep"Ruscus aculeatus
"Bodur Domuzdikeni"Carlina vulgaris
"Bodziszek"Geranium sylvaticum
"Boegoebossie"Osteospermum microphyllum
"Boehmers Cats-tail"Phleum phleoides
"Boehmerwald Strain (Bavaria)"Picea abies prov. Boehmerwald
"Boekenhout"Rapanea melanophloeos
"Boer Love Grass"Eragrostis curvula
"Boereturksvy"Opuntia ficus-indica
"Boetabessie"Chrysanthemoides monilifera
"Boetebos"Xanthium spinosum
"Bog Arum"Calla palustris
"Bog Arum"Lysichiton americanus
"Bog Asphodel"Narthecium ossifragum
"Bog Bean"Menyanthes trifoliata
"Bog Bean"Menyanthes trifoliata
"Bog Cotton"Eriophorum angustifolium
"Bog Elephant Head"Pedicularis groenlandica
"Bog Gentian"Swertia perennis
"Bog Gum"Eucalyptus kitsoniana
"Bog Iris"Iris pseudacorus
"Bog Myrtle"Myrica gale
"Bog Myrtle"Menyanthes trifoliata
"Bog Panicled Sedge"Carex diandra
"Bog Sage"Lobelia cardinalis
"Bog Spruce"Picea mariana
"Bog Star"Parnassia palustris
"Bog-bean"Menyanthes trifoliata
"Bogadikeni"Eryngium planum
"Bogan Flea"Calotis cuneifolia
"Bogurtlen"Rubus fruticosus
"Bohera"Terminalia bellirica
"Bohmischer Storchschnabel"Geranium bohemicum Orchid Blue
"Bohnenkraut"Satureja hortensis Summer Savory
"Bohnenkraut, ausdauerndes"Satureja montana Winter Savory
"Bohnenkraut, einjahriges"Satureja hortensis Summer Savory
"Bois chavanon"Catalpa speciosa
"Bois couleuvre"Passiflora rubra
"Bois d'arc"Maclura pomifera vsvs
"Bois d'homme"Guazuma ulmifolia
"Bois d'orme"Guazuma ulmifolia
"Bois de fer"Casuarina equisetifolia
"Bois de fer du maroc"Argania spinosa
"Bois de gommier blanc"Bursera simaruba
"Bois De Hetre"Guazuma ulmifolia
"Bois de Panama"Sapindus saponaria
"Bois de Sainte-Lucie"Prunus mahaleb
"Bois de vie"Guaiacum officinale
"Bois Dorme"Guazuma ulmifolia
"Bois harongue"Harungana madagascariensis
"Bois jonc"Ulex europaeus
"Bois madame"Ochroma pyramidale
"Bois noir"Albizia lebbeck
"Bois rape"Cordia sebestena
"Bois saisissement"Cascabela thevetia
"Bois santal"Santalum album svs
"Bois savane"Albizia lebbeck
"Bois savonette"Sapindus saponaria
"Bois tanniste rouge"Enterolobium cyclocarpum
"Bois-sent-bon"Myrica gale
"Boj"Buxus sempervirens
"Bok Choi"Brassica rapa Pak Choi Chinese Greens
"Bok Choy"Brassica rapa Pak Choi Chinese White thick white p