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"Daffodil" currently available from B & T World Seeds

"Daffodil"Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp major
"Daffodil"Narcissus poeticus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus cyclamineus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium (13)
"Daffodil Garlic"Allium neapolitanum
"Petticoat Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium (13)
"Sea Daffodil"Pancratium maritimum
"Wild Daffodil"Narcissus pseudonarcissus

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"Daffodil"Narcissus Hollands Sensation bicolor trumpet
"Daffodil"Narcissus Bolton (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Cedric Morris
"Daffodil"Narcissus Charity May
"Daffodil"Narcissus Chesterton
"Daffodil"Narcissus Chickadee
"Daffodil"Narcissus Cora Ann (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Eaton Song
"Daffodil"Narcissus gaditanus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Binkie (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Bantam (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus rupicola ssp watieri (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus nobilis (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Polnesk (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Picoblanco jonquil (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Parcpat jonquil (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Minicycla (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Apricot (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium Nylon (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Elvira
"Daffodil"Narcissus Erlicheer
"Daffodil"Narcissus Little Sentry jonquil (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Little Spell (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus medeoluteus x (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Telamonius Plenus (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Roger (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Rosedown (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Tibet
"Daffodil"Narcissus Small Talk
"Daffodil"Narcissus Little Dancer (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Lemon Heart (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Garden Princess
"Daffodil"Narcissus Geranium (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Golden Sceptre
"Daffodil"Narcissus Hesla jonquil (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Hors dOeuvre
"Daffodil"Narcissus Keats (9)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Lady Bee
"Daffodil"Narcissus La Fiancee (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Stocken jonquil (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Xit (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus humilis (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium ssp praecox v paucinervis (1
"Daffodil"Narcissus Carlton (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Day Dream
"Daffodil"Narcissus Ice Follies (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Salome (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Stainless
"Daffodil"Narcissus Orange Queen
"Daffodil"Narcissus romeuxii v mesatlanticus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus romieuxii ssp romieuxii (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Paperwhite Nony (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Paperwhite Yael (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Paperwhite Sheleg large white (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Paperwhite
"Daffodil"Narcissus Silver Chimes tazetta pend (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Nancegollan white jonquil (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus moschatus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus minor ssp asturiensis (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Barrett Browning (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Delnashaugh (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Flower Record (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Fortune (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Sempre Avanti (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus St Patricks Day (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Segovia (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Toby dwarf cyclamineus (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Tracey (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Trena (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Ambergate large cupped (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Verger (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Lemon Drops triandrus (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Kenellis (10)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Broadway Star split corona
"Daffodil"Narcissus Changing Colours split corona (11)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Centannees split corona (11)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Tripartite split corona (11)
"Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium Golden Bells (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Birma (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Paperwhite Galil (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Easter Bonnet large cupped
"Daffodil"Narcissus minor (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Grand Soleil dOr (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Avalanche (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Chinese Sacred Lily (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Golden Ducat (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Mary Copeland (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Broadway Star (11)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Colblanc (11)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Lightstar (11)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Constantinople (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Actaea (9)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Niveth (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Fairy Gold (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Elka (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium ssp b. v filifolius (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus cantabricus v foliosus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus cantabricus Clusii (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Falconet (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Grand Monarque (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Orangery (11)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Palmares (11)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Halvose (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Golden Quince (12)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Larkwhistle (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Lilac Charm (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Daffodil Far North Mixed
"Daffodil"Narcissus Rugulosus Plenus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus poeticus Flore Pleno (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus canaliculatus
"Daffodil"Narcissus intermedius x (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus pseudonarcissus Lobularis sm. bulbs(13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus mixed bulbs no trumpet or dwarf vars
"Daffodil"Narcissus mixed bulbs trumpet daffodils no dwarf
"Daffodil"Narcissus Rugulosus
"Daffodil"Narcissus Rogue (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium hyb. ex mesatlanticus (10)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Bilbo (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus intermedius x Compressus (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Tarlatan (10)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Buttercup (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Double Fortune
"Daffodil"Narcissus Honolulu double
"Daffodil"Narcissus Martinette
"Daffodil"Narcissus poeticus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus viridiflorus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus poeticus v poetarum (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus poeticus Praecox (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Albany
"Daffodil"Narcissus Apotheose double (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Sabine Hay small cupped (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Passionale large cupped (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Professor Einstein large cupped (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Romance large cupped (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Sweet Charity large cupped (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Tutankhamun large cupped (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Delibes (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Angel small cupped (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Audubon small cupped (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus White Lady (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Trewirgie (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Johanna (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Jezebel (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Ideal (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Elf (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Dinkie (3)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Chinita (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Chit Chat (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Cherie (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Kokopelli (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Lanarth (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Toto (12)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Reggae (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Pride of Cornwall (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Polglaze (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Pen Pol (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Oz (12)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Nor Nor (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Nirvana (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Modern Art large cupped (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Trevithian (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Midget (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Little Witch (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Liberty Bells (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus scaberulus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus romieuxii ssp albidus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus minor v pumilus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus tazetta Canaliculatus (10)
"Daffodil"Narcissus tenuior x (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus pseudonarcissus ssp major
"Daffodil"Narcissus dubius (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium ssp b. v nivalis (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus broussonetii (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Minnow tazetta (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Peeping Tom (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Jack Snipe (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Thalia (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Tete a Tete (12)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Sweetness (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Suzy (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Surfside
"Daffodil"Narcissus Sun Disc (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Sundial jonquilla (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Rijnveldts Early Sensation (2)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Quince (12)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Quail (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Pueblo (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Pipit (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus assoanus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Baby Moon (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Little Beauty (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Pencrebar double div. (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus W P Milner (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Topolino dwarf bicolor (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Jumblie (12)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Jenny (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus February Silver cyclamineus (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus February Gold cyclamineus (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Beryl cyclamineus (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium Taffeta (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus apertus
"Daffodil"Narcissus pseudonarcissus Lobularis (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus pseudonarcissus Lobularis (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Rip Van Winkle double (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Paperwhite Ziva (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus odorus x (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Little Gem (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Itzim (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Ice Wings (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Hawera triandrus (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Cheerfulness double white and cream (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Bell Song jonquilla pink tinge (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium v citrinus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus obvallaris (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus rupicola ssp rupicola (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus poeticus v recurvus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Paperwhite Omri (8)
"Daffodil"Narcissus triandrus ssp triandrus
"Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Magnet trumpet (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Unique double (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Greenlet (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Tahiti (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Sir Winston Churchill (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Sweet Harmony
"Daffodil"Narcissus Mount Hood (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Bravoure large bicolor trumpet (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Dutch Master (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus White Marvel (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus White Lion (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Petit Four double (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Golden Harvest trumpet (1)
"Daffodil"Narcissus cyclamineus (13)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Dickcissel (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Lintie jonquilla (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Waterperry (7)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Mite cyclamineus (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Jetfire (6)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Tuesdays Child (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Yellow Cheerfulness (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Bridal Crown double white
"Daffodil"Narcissus Rippling Waters (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Tresamble (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Martinetto jonquilla
"Daffodil"Narcissus Acropolis (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Petrel (5)
"Daffodil"Narcissus Dick Wilden (4)
"Daffodil"Narcissus mixed bulbs daffodils and narcissi
"Daffodil & Narcissus Bulb Mix"Narcissus mixed bulbs daffodils and narcissi
"Daffodil 'Rippling Waters' (triandrus)"Narcissus Rippling Waters (5)
"Daffodil Acropolis (double)"Narcissus Acropolis (4)
"Daffodil Baby Moon (jonquilla)"Narcissus Baby Moon (7)
"Daffodil Bell Song (jonquilla)"Narcissus Bell Song jonquilla pink tinge (7)
"Daffodil Beryl (cyclamineus)"Narcissus Beryl cyclamineus (6)
"Daffodil Bravoure (trumpet)"Narcissus Bravoure large bicolor trumpet (1)
"Daffodil Bridal Crown (double)"Narcissus Bridal Crown double white
"Daffodil Cheerfulness"Narcissus Cheerfulness double white and cream (4)
"Daffodil Dick Wilden (double)"Narcissus Dick Wilden (4)
"Daffodil Dick Wilden Double"Narcissus Dick Wilden (4)
"Daffodil Dickcissel (jonquilla)"Narcissus Dickcissel (7)
"Daffodil Dickcissel Jonquilla"Narcissus Dickcissel (7)
"Daffodil Dutch Master (trumpet)"Narcissus Dutch Master (1)
"Daffodil Dutch Master Trumpet"Narcissus Dutch Master (1)
"Daffodil February Gold (cyclamineus)"Narcissus February Gold cyclamineus (6)
"Daffodil February Silver (cyclamineus)"Narcissus February Silver cyclamineus (6)
"Daffodil Garlic"Allium neapolitanum
"Daffodil Greenlet (cyclamineus)"Narcissus Greenlet (6)
"Daffodil Hawera (triandrus form)"Narcissus Hawera triandrus (5)
"Daffodil Ice Wings (triandrus)"Narcissus Ice Wings (5)
"Daffodil Itzim (cyclamineus)"Narcissus Itzim (6)
"Daffodil Jack Snipe (cyclamineus)"Narcissus Jack Snipe (6)
"Daffodil Jenny (cyclamineus)"Narcissus Jenny (6)
"Daffodil Jetfire (cyclamineus)"Narcissus Jetfire (6)
"Daffodil Jumblie"Narcissus Jumblie (12)
"Daffodil Lemon Drops (triandrus)"Narcissus Lemon Drops triandrus (5)
"Daffodil Liberty Bells (triandrus)"Narcissus Liberty Bells (5)
"Daffodil Little Beauty (trumpet)"Narcissus Little Beauty (1)
"Daffodil Little Gem (trumpet)"Narcissus Little Gem (1)
"Daffodil Little Witch (cyclamineus)"Narcissus Little Witch (6)
"Daffodil Martinetto (jonquilla)"Narcissus Martinetto jonquilla
"Daffodil Midget (trumpet)"Narcissus Midget (1)
"Daffodil Minnow (tazetta)"Narcissus Minnow tazetta (8)
"Daffodil Mite"Narcissus Mite cyclamineus (6)
"Daffodil Mount Hood (trumpet)"Narcissus Mount Hood (1)
"Daffodil Paperwhite Omri (tazetta)"Narcissus Paperwhite Omri (8)
"Daffodil Paperwhite Ziva (tazetta)"Narcissus Paperwhite Ziva (8)
"Daffodil Peeping Tom (cyclamineus)"Narcissus Peeping Tom (6)
"Daffodil Pencrebar (double)"Narcissus Pencrebar double div. (4)
"Daffodil Petit Four (double)"Narcissus Petit Four double (4)
"Daffodil Petrel (triandrus)"Narcissus Petrel (5)
"Daffodil Pipit (jonquilla)"Narcissus Pipit (7)
"Daffodil Pueblo (jonquilla)"Narcissus Pueblo (7)
"Daffodil Quail (jonquilla)"Narcissus Quail (7)
"Daffodil Quince (cyclamineus)"Narcissus Quince (12)
"Daffodil Rijnveldt's Early Sensation (trumpet)"Narcissus Rijnveldts Early Sensation (2)
"Daffodil Rip van Winkle (double)"Narcissus Rip Van Winkle double (4)
"Daffodil Silver Chimes (tazetta)"Narcissus Silver Chimes tazetta pend (8)
"Daffodil Sir Winston Churchill (double)"Narcissus Sir Winston Churchill (4)
"Daffodil Sundial (jonquilla)"Narcissus Sundial jonquilla (7)
"Daffodil Sundisc (jonquilla)"Narcissus Sun Disc (7)
"Daffodil Surfside (cyclamineus)"Narcissus Surfside
"Daffodil Suzy (jonquilla)"Narcissus Suzy (7)
"Daffodil Sweet Harmony (trumpet)"Narcissus Sweet Harmony
"Daffodil Sweetness (jonquilla)"Narcissus Sweetness (7)
"Daffodil Taffeta (bulbocodium hyb.)"Narcissus bulbocodium Taffeta (13)
"Daffodil Tahiti (double)"Narcissus Tahiti (4)
"Daffodil Tamar Double"Narcissus poeticus Flore Pleno (13)
"Daffodil Tete a Tete"Narcissus Tete a Tete (12)
"Daffodil Thalia (triandrus)"Narcissus Thalia (5)
"Daffodil Topolino"Narcissus Topolino dwarf bicolor (1)
"Daffodil Tresamble (triandrus)"Narcissus Tresamble (5)
"Daffodil Trevithian (jonquilla)"Narcissus Trevithian (7)
"Daffodil Tuesday's Child (triandrus)"Narcissus Tuesdays Child (5)
"Daffodil Unique (double)"Narcissus Unique double (4)
"Daffodil W P Milner (trumpet)"Narcissus W P Milner (1)
"Daffodil Waterperry (jonquilla)"Narcissus Waterperry (7)
"Daffodil White Lion (double)"Narcissus White Lion (4)
"Daffodil White Marvel (double)"Narcissus White Marvel (4)
"Double Daffodil Pencrebar"Narcissus Pencrebar double div. (4)
"Double Yellow Daffodil"Narcissus Telamonius Plenus (4)
"Hoop Petticoat Daffodil, Portugal"Narcissus obesus (13)
"Pansy Banner Daffodil Mix"Viola f1 Banner Daffodil Mixed
"Peruvian Daffodil"Hymenocallis narcissiflora Sulphurea
"Petticoat Daffodil"Narcissus bulbocodium (13)
"Sea Daffodil"Pancratium maritimum
"Tenby Daffodil"Narcissus obvallaris (13)
"Trumpet Daffodil Bulb Mixture"Narcissus mixed bulbs trumpet daffodils no dwarf
"White Hoop Petticoat Daffodil"Narcissus cantabricus (13)
"Wild Daffodil"Narcissus pseudonarcissus
"Wild Daffodil"Narcissus pseudonarcissus Lobularis (13)

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