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"Ellebore" currently available from B & T World Seeds

"(first double Hellebore from seed)"Helleborus orientalis Queen Double Mixed
"American Hellebore"Veratrum viride
"American White Hellebore"Veratrum viride
"American White Hellebore"Veratrum californicum
"American White Hellebore"Veratrum viride
"Black False Hellebore"Veratrum nigrum hort.
"Black Hellebore"Veratrum nigrum hort.
"Black Hellebore"Helleborus niger hort.
"Californian False Hellebore"Veratrum californicum
"Corsican Hellebore"Helleborus argutifolius
"Ellebore"Veratrum nigrum hort.
"European White Hellebore"Veratrum album
"False Hellebore"Veratrum californicum
"False Hellebore"Veratrum viride
"Green Hellebore"Helleborus viridis
"Stinking Hellebore"Helleborus foetidus
"Swamp Hellebore"Veratrum viride
"White False Hellebore"Veratrum album
"White Hellebore"Veratrum album
"White-Hellebore"Veratrum viride

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