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Passifloraceae list

Botanical name	reference number	Price-Codes
Adenia gummifera v gummifera	447284	 6s9
Passiflora alata	1886	 1p8
Passiflora aurantia	63891	 10s8 100s23 1,000s146
Passiflora caerulea Constance Elliott	63597	 250s33 500s60 1,000s112
Passiflora caerulea bs	458608	 1p10 100s12 500s37 1,000s67
Passiflora caerulea cs	1888	 1p4 7g8 10g11 25g20 50g33 100g60 113g124 250g142 454g237 500g272 1,000g417 2,500
Passiflora caerulea mix	452460	 1,000s90
Passiflora cincinnata	63901	 250s33 500s60 1,000s112
Passiflora edulis	1891	 1p4 5g8 3.50g11 10g11 25g19 50g31 100g55 1,000s111.50 113g142 250g263 454g270 1,
Passiflora edulis Golden Giant	21202	 1p4 1,000s41 10,000s364
Passiflora edulis Orange Giant	1893	 1,000s33 10,000s278
Passiflora edulis Purple Giant	459572	 1p4 1g8 100s10 100g100 250g258 1,000g951 100,000s2,085
Passiflora edulis Red Giant	1892	 1,000s111.50
Passiflora edulis fa flavicarpa	1894	 1p4 28g56 113g163
Passiflora edulis mixed vars	452461	 1,000s90
Passiflora foetida	1896	 20s8 1p10 10g25 25g50 50g110 100g200 1,000s217.50 250g400 500g770 1,000g1,500
Passiflora foetida mixed varieties	447777	 20s10
Passiflora gracilis	39091	 1,000s219
Passiflora herbertiana	63916	 10s9 1,000s110
Passiflora incarnata	28756	 1p4 15s8 3.50g20 7g30 14g45 1,000s52 28g67 100,000s2,160
Passiflora laurifolia	36743	 20s8 50s9 10g26 25g47
Passiflora ligularis	1898	 1p8 1,000s65
Passiflora loefgrenii	447719	 1p11
Passiflora macrophylla	73683	 15s11 100s65
Passiflora maliformis	24584	 1p10 1,000s219
Passiflora miniata	461510	 30s8 300s30 3,000s58
Passiflora mollissima	1899	 25s9 1p10 1,000s33 5g37 28g122 10,000s278 113g344 454g644
Passiflora morifolia	34335	 1,000s219
Passiflora palenquensis	47236	 1p4
Passiflora quadrangularis	2764	 1p9 5s11 500s38 1,000s70
Passiflora spp mixed	449065	 1p9 100s12 500s37 1,000s67
Passiflora suberosa	3434	 1g8 5g15 10g30 100g223
Passiflora tenuifila	77375	 1,000s112
Passiflora tripartita	77377	 1p4 24s9 2g12
Passiflora vespertilio	63954	 100s29
Passiflora vitifolia	63601	 500s220 1,000s431

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