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Index of tab separated .txt files for these seed price-lists

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Cucurbitaceae: Species information pages with photographs

Click here for the currently available Cucurbitaceae: species for which we have prices.

Benincasa hispida
Citrullus lanatus f1 Sungold FR
Citrullus lanatus f1 Yellow Cutie
Cucumis anguria
Cucurbita foetidissima
Cucurbita maxima Marina di Chioggia
Cucurbita maxima Marina di Chioggia organic seed
Ecballium elaterium
Gynostemma pentaphyllum
Lagenaria siceraria Cavemans Club
Luffa acutangula
Luffa cylindrica
Macrozanonia macrocarpa
Melancium campestre
Melothria pendula
Melothria scabra Cucamelon - Mouse Melon
Momordica balsamina
Momordica charantia
Momordica charantia v abbreviata
Momordica cochinchinensis

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Common Name: