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Solanaceae: Species information pages with photographs

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The Nightshade , or Potato family (including Datura, eggplant, mandrake, deadly nightshade or belladonna,
capsicum (paprika, chili pepper), tobacco, tomato, and petunia ) has a long relationship with mankind,
providing us with food, flavourings, and medicines.

Annual or perennial plants, from annual herbs, to trees, including shrubs and some climbers.
Solanaceae flowers usually have a bell or trumpet-shaped corolla composed of 5 joined petals.
The plants often have hairy or spiky parts (stems, leaves, flowers or fruit).
Fruit are berries (tomatos, sweet and chilli peppers, aubergines and belladonna) or dehiscent capsules (datura, tobacco, henbane ).

Scopolamine Solanaceous plants are found growing naturally in temperate and tropical regions from Alaska ( Solanum nigrum ) to Australia ( Duboisia hopwoodii ) in conditions from semi-aquatic ( Datura ceratocaula ) to arid and dry conditions ( Lycium ferocissimum ).

For thousands of years naturally occuring tropane alkaloids (named from Atropa belladonna) have been used for pain relief; Atropine is listed several times on the World Health Organisation's list of essential medicines.

Hyoscyamus niger

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