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"Areca alba" - Dictyosperma album svs
"Areca augusta" - Rhopaloblaste augusta
"Areca baueri" - Rhopalostylis baueri
"Areca calapparia" - Actinorhytis calapparia
"Areca catechu" - Areca catechu Macrocarpa svs
"Areca crinita" - Acanthophoenix crinita
"Areca dicksonii" - Pinanga dicksonii
"Areca horrida" - Oncosperma horridum
"Areca hortensis" - Areca catechu svs
"Areca langloisiana" - Areca vestiaria
"Areca lutescens" - Chrysalidocarpus lutescens (germinated)
"Areca lutescens" - Hyophorbe indica
"Areca monostachya" - Linospadix monostachya
"Areca normanbyi" - Normanbya normanbyi
"Areca oleracea" - Roystonea oleracea svs
"Areca oliviformis" - Drymophloeus oliviformis
"Areca rubra" - Acanthophoenix rubra
"Areca sapida" - Rhopalostylis sapida svs
"Areca spicata" - Calyptrocalyx spicatus
"Areca tigillaria" - Oncosperma tigillarium
"Areca wendlandiana" - Nenga pumila
"Arecastrum romanzoffianum" - Syagrus romanzoffiana
"Arecastrum romanzoffianum var." - Syagrus coronata
"Arecastrum romanzoffianum var." - Syagrus botryophora

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