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"Blitum americanum" - Phytolacca americana
"Cimicifuga americana" - Actaea podocarpa
"Erica conica" - Erica abietina ssp constantiana
"Erica daboecia" - Daboecia cantabrica proteg.
"Erica gibbosa" - Erica scabriuscula
"Erica gilva" - Erica mammosa white form
"Erica grandiflora" - Erica abietina ssp aurantiaca
"Erica hebecalyx" - Erica unicolor ssp georgensis
"Erica herbacea" - Erica carnea
"Erica longifolia" - Erica viscaria ssp longifolia
"Erica mediterranea" - Erica carnea
"Erica viridescens" - Erica unicolor
"Erica viridipurpurea" - Erica mauritanica
"Ericameria nauseosa" - Chrysothamnus nauseosus
"Fagus americana" - Fagus grandifolia
"Fraxinus americana var. uhdei" - Fraxinus uhdei
"Genipa americana var. caruto" - Genipa americana
"Inula dysenterica" - Pulicaria dysenterica
"Larix americana" - Larix laricina
"Liparia sphaerica" - Liparia splendens
"Pennisetum americanum" - Pennisetum glaucum
"Pericalymma crassipes" - Pericalymma ellipticum
"Pericalymma floridum" - Pericalymma ellipticum
"Pyrus americana" - Sorbus americana
"Scilla hemisphaerica" - Scilla peruviana
"Viburnum americanum" - Hydrangea arborescens
"Viburnum opulus v americanum" - Viburnum trilobum
"Viburnum opulus v americanum " - Viburnum trilobum Wentworth
"Xanthoxylum americanum" - Zanthoxylum americanum

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