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"Acacia nigrescens var. pallens" - Acacia nigrescens
"Acacia pallens" - Acacia nigrescens
"Acacia senegalensis" - Acacia senegal
"Allium pallens" - Allium neapolitanum
"Aloe arborescens var. natalens" - Aloe arborescens cit II
"Aloe natalensis" - Aloe arborescens cit II
"Apium graveolens v secalinum" - Apium graveolens Leaf Celery a couper
"Apium graveolens Westland" - Apium graveolens Leaf Celery a couper
"Ballota suaveolens" - Hyptis suaveolens
"Beaucarnea guatemalensis Rose" - Beaucarnea guatemalensis
"Centaurea odorata suaveolens" - Amberboa moschata ssp suaveolens
"Chamomilla suaveolens" - Matricaria matricarioides
"Coffea bengalensis" - Psilanthus bengalensis
"Daphniphyllum himalense subsp." - Daphniphyllum macropodum
"Datura suaveolens err" - Brugmansia suaveolens
"Dombeya natalensis" - Dombeya tiliacea
"Eucalyptus camaldulensis var. " - Eucalyptus camaldulensis
"Eucalyptus drysdalensis" - Corymbia dichromophloia cs pure seed
"Eulalia nepalensis" - Miscanthus nepalensis
"Fagus fusca var. colensoi" - Nothofagus truncata
"Geranium nepalense var. thunbe" - Geranium thunbergii
"Gladiolus natalensis" - Gladiolus dalenii early flg. form
"Gossypium transvaalense" - Gossypium herbaceum
"Hakea suaveolens" - Hakea drupacea
"Haworthia angolensis" - Chortolirion form 3 sp. unident. aff. angolense
"Hyphaene natalensis" - Hyphaene coriacea
"Iris nepalensis" - Iris decora
"Leucopogon colensoi" - Cyathodes colensoi
"Leucopogon suaveolens" - Cyathodes colensoi
"Ligustrum insulense" - Ligustrum vulgare
"Mamillaria ocotillensis" - Mammillaria gigantea
"Mammillaria apozolensis v salt" - Mammillaria petterssonii v saltensis
"Mandevilla suaveolens" - Mandevilla laxa
"Matricaria suaveolens" - Matricaria matricarioides
"Maytenus chilensis" - Maytenus boaria
"Melocactus azulensis M G B" - Melocactus ernestii ssp ernestii Minas Gerais Br
"Mimosa suaveolens" - Acacia suaveolens
"N.taltalensis ssp paucicostata" - Eriosyce paucicostata
"Neoporteria taltalensis" - Eriosyce taltalensis
"Nolina guatemalensis" - Beaucarnea guatemalensis
"Nothofagus fusca var. colensoi" - Nothofagus truncata
"Oenothera suaveolens" - Oenothera biennis
"Ornithogalum natalense" - Ornithogalum graminifolium
"Ornithogalum suaveolens" - Albuca suaveolens
"Peucedanum graveolens" - Anethum graveolens
"Phormium colensoi" - Phormium cookianum hybs pink striped
"Phormium colensoi" - Phormium cookianum
"Phormium colensoi Tricolor" - Phormium cookianum Tricolor
"Pilosocereus alensis" - Pilosocereus leucocephalus
"Racosperma suaveolens" - Acacia suaveolens
"Rhus transvaalensis" - Searsia transvaalensis
"Stanhopea graveolens v stram." - Stanhopea warszewicziana v straminea
"Terminalia benguelensis" - Terminalia prunioides
"Watsonia natalensis" - Gladiolus dalenii early flg. form
"Yucca guatemalensis" - Yucca elephantipes

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