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"Lithops chrysocephala" - Lithops julii C 063
"Lithops diutina" - Lithops marmorata v diutina (name unresolved)
"Lithops eberlanzii" - Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii
"Lithops edithiae" - Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii
"Lithops erniana" - Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii fa erniana
"Lithops erniana" - Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii
"Lithops erniana v witputzensis" - Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii fa witputzensi
"Lithops francisci" - Mesembryanthemum francisci
"Lithops fulleri" - Lithops julii ssp fulleri Kakamas
"Lithops hallii v salicola" - Lithops salicola
"Lithops hallii x salicola nat." - Lithops salicola v reticulata
"Lithops herrei v geyeri" - Lithops geyeri
"Lithops hybrid X 03" - Lithops hybrid Sunstone
"Lithops hybrid X 08" - Lithops hybrid Harlequin
"Lithops hybrid X 111" - Lithops hybrid Talisman
"Lithops inae" - Lithops verruculosa fa inae C 095
"Lithops inae" - Lithops verruculosa inae
"Lithops insularis" - Lithops bromfieldii v insularis
"Lithops julii" - Mesembryanthemum julii
"Lithops karasmontana v eberl.." - Lithops erniana
"Lithops lesliei Storms Albini." - Lithops lesliei Storms Albinigold C 036B
"Lithops localis" - Lithops terricolor
"Lithops mundtii" - Lithops pseudotruncatella C 67
"Lithops optica" - Mesembryanthemum opticum
"Lithops peersii" - Lithops terricolor
"Lithops pseudotruncatella v ed" - Lithops pseudotruncatella v riehmerae
"Lithops ruschiorum" - Mesembryanthemum ruschiorum
"Lithops schwantesii" - Lithops schwantesii ssp schwantesii
"Lithops schwantesii" - Mesembryanthemum locale
"Lithops schwantesii ssp terric" - Lithops terricolor
"Lithops schwantesii v christin" - Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis
"Lithops schwantesii v kunjasen" - Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis
"Lithops schwantesii v. christi" - Lithops schwantesii v urikosensis Nutupsdrift
"Lithops turbiniformis" - Lithops hookeri
"Lithops turbiniformis v brunn." - Lithops hookeri v subfenestrata fa brunneoviolacea
"Lithops turbiniformis v dabner" - Lithops hookeri v dabneri C 085
"Lithops turbiniformis v elephi" - Lithops hookeri v elephina C 093
"Lithops turbiniformis v margin" - Lithops hookeri v marginata
"Lithops turbiniformis v subfen" - Lithops hookeri v subfenestrata C 021
"Lithops turbiniformis v susann" - Lithops hookeri v susannae
"Lithops vermiculata" - Lithops hookeri v hookeri v vermiculata
"Lithops verruculosa v verrucul" - Lithops verruculosa fa inae C 095

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