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"Magnolia champaca" - Michelia champaca vsvs
"Magnolia compressa" - Michelia compressa
"Magnolia conspicua" - Magnolia denudata
"Magnolia conspicua var. farges" - Magnolia biondii
"Magnolia discolor" - Magnolia liliiflora
"Magnolia doltsopa" - Michelia doltsopa
"Magnolia fargesii" - Magnolia biondii
"Magnolia foetida" - Magnolia grandiflora
"Magnolia fraseri var. pyramida" - Magnolia pyramidata
"Magnolia fuscata" - Michelia figo
"Magnolia glauca" - Magnolia virginiana
"Magnolia gracilis" - Magnolia liliiflora
"Magnolia grandiflora f. lanceo" - Magnolia grandiflora
"Magnolia grandiflora var. exon" - Magnolia grandiflora
"Magnolia heptapeta" - Magnolia denudata
"Magnolia highdownensis x" - Magnolia wilsonii
"Magnolia insignis" - Manglietia insignis svs
"Magnolia kobus v borealis" - Magnolia kobus
"Magnolia kobus var. borealis" - Magnolia kobus
"Magnolia kobus var. kobus" - Magnolia kobus
"Magnolia kobus var. stellata" - Magnolia stellata
"Magnolia liliifera err" - Magnolia liliiflora
"Magnolia mollicomata" - Magnolia campbellii
"Magnolia nicholsoniana" - Magnolia wilsonii
"Magnolia obovata" - Magnolia hypoleuca
"Magnolia oyama" - Magnolia sieboldii
"Magnolia parviflora" - Magnolia sieboldii
"Magnolia parviflora var. wilso" - Magnolia wilsonii
"Magnolia praecoxissima" - Magnolia kobus
"Magnolia quinquepeta" - Magnolia liliiflora
"Magnolia sargentiana var. robu" - Magnolia sargentiana
"Magnolia stellata var. rosea" - Magnolia stellata
"Magnolia taliensis" - Magnolia wilsonii
"Magnolia thurberi" - Magnolia kobus
"Magnolia tomentosa" - Magnolia stellata
"Magnolia verecunda" - Magnolia sieboldii
"Magnolia virginiana var. austr" - Magnolia virginiana
"Magnolia wilsonii f. taliensis" - Magnolia wilsonii
"Magnolia x proctoriana" - Magnolia salicifolia
"Magnolia yulan" - Magnolia denudata
"Magnolia yunnanensis" - Magnolia nitida v nitida

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