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"Malva alcea 'Alba' aff" - Malva alcea aff white form
"Malva alcea var. fastigiata" - Malva alcea
"Malva americana" - Malvastrum americanum
"Malva angustifolia" - Sphaeralcea angustifolia
"Malva arborea" - Lavatera arborea
"Malva arvensis" - Malva nicaeensis
"Malva bicolor" - Lavatera maritima hort.
"Malva bismalva" - Malva alcea
"Malva bonariensis" - Sphaeralcea bonariensis
"Malva borealis" - Malva pusilla
"Malva capensis" - Anisodontea capensis
"Malva caroliniana" - Modiola caroliniana
"Malva coccinea" - Sphaeralcea coccinea
"Malva coromandeliana" - Malvastrum coromandelianum
"Malva fastigiata" - Malva alcea
"Malva fastigiata" - Malva alcea v fastigiata
"Malva involucrata" - Callirhoe involucrata
"Malva montana" - Malva nicaeensis
"Malva moschata R M" - Althaea officinalis Romney Marsh
"Malva moschata var. rosea" - Malva moschata
"Malva munroana" - Sphaeralcea munroana
"Malva obtusiloba" - Sphaeralcea obtusiloba
"Malva peruviana" - Fuertesimalva peruviana
"Malva rotundifolia" - Malva pusilla
"Malva rotundifolia" - Malva neglecta
"Malva spicata" - Malvastrum americanum
"Malva sylvestris" - Malva sylvestris v mauritiana
"Malva sylvestris v mauritiana" - Malva sylvestris
"Malva sylvestris var. incanesc" - Malva sylvestris
"Malva tenella" - Tarasa tenella
"Malva umbellata" - Phymosia umbellata
"Malvastrum capense" - Anisodontea capensis
"Malvastrum clementinum" - Malacothamnus clementinus
"Malvastrum coulteri" - Sphaeralcea coulteri
"Malvastrum hypomandarum x" - Anisodontea hypomandara x
"Malvastrum rotundifolium" - Eremalche rotundifolia
"Malvastrum spicatum" - Malvastrum americanum
"Malvastrum tricuspidatum" - Malvastrum coromandelianum
"Malvaviscus arboreus var. pend" - Malvaviscus penduliflorus
"Malvaviscus grandiflorus" - Malvaviscus arboreus v mexicana
"Malvaviscus mollis" - Malvaviscus arboreus
"Pavonia malvacea" - Pavonia sepium
"Pelargonium malvaefolium" - Pelargonium alchemilloides
"Sida malvacea" - Pavonia sepium

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