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"Mammilaria alamensis" - Mammillaria grahamii ssp sheldonii
"Mammilaria bocasana f rosea" - Mammillaria bocasana rosea
"Mammilaria camptotricha v alb." - Mammillaria decipiens ssp camptotricha
"Mammilaria celsiana (err.)" - Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii
"Mammilaria centricirrha" - Mammillaria magnimamma
"Mammilaria crocidata" - Mammillaria polythele
"Mammilaria dolichocentra" - Mammillaria polythele
"Mammilaria dolichocentra" - Mammillaria polythele Zimapan Hgo.
"Mammilaria dolichothele" - Mammillaria polythele
"Mammilaria heeseana" - Mammillaria petterssonii
"Mammilaria hidalgensis" - Mammillaria polythele
"Mammilaria kewensis fa durispi" - Mammillaria polythele ssp polythele v durispina
"Mammilaria lanata" - Mammillaria supertexta
"Mammilaria louisiae" - Mammillaria hutchisoniana ssp louisae e Comundu
"Mammilaria obconella" - Mammillaria polythele ssp obconella Valle de Fanta
"Mammilaria obscura" - Mammillaria wagneriana
"Mammilaria pilcayansis 'chryo." - Mammillaria spinosissima ssp pilcayensis v chrysod
"Mammilaria potosina" - Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii
"Mammilaria ritteriana" - Mammillaria formosa ssp chionocephala
"Mammilaria schwartzii" - Mammillaria coahuilensis
"Mammilaria slevinii I S E" - Mammillaria albicans ssp albicans Isla San Evarist
"Mammilaria tesopacensis" - Mammillaria sonorensis fa tesopacensis Nuri Son.

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