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"Mimosa arabica" - Acacia nilotica
"Mimosa arborea" - Albizia julibrissin
"Mimosa botrycephala" - Acacia terminalis
"Mimosa bracaatinga" - Mimosa scabrella
"Mimosa caesia" - Acacia caesia
"Mimosa caffra" - Acacia caffra
"Mimosa cochlearis" - Acacia cochlearis
"Mimosa decurrens" - Acacia decurrens
"Mimosa dulcis" - Pithecellobium dulce
"Mimosa farnesiana" - Acacia farnesiana
"Mimosa floribunda" - Acacia floribunda
"Mimosa glomerata" - Dichrostachys cinerea
"Mimosa illinoensis" - Desmanthus illinoensis
"Mimosa juniperina" - Acacia ulicifolia
"Mimosa kalkora" - Albizia kalkora
"Mimosa lebbeck" - Albizia lebbeck
"Mimosa leucophloea" - Acacia leucophloea
"Mimosa linifolia" - Acacia linifolia
"Mimosa nigricans" - Acacia nigricans
"Mimosa nilotica" - Acacia nilotica
"Mimosa nutans" - Dichrostachys cinerea
"Mimosa saligna" - Acacia saligna
"Mimosa scorpioides" - Acacia nilotica
"Mimosa senegal" - Acacia senegal
"Mimosa sirissa" - Albizia lebbeck
"Mimosa stricta" - Acacia stricta
"Mimosa suaveolens" - Acacia suaveolens
"Mimosa terminalis" - Acacia terminalis
"Mimosa ulicifolia" - Acacia ulicifolia
"Mimosa verticillata" - Acacia verticillata
"Mimosa ynga" - Inga edulis vsvs

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