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"?Pinus oocarpa v trifoliata" - Pinus luzmariae
"Alopecurus alpinus" - Alopecurus borealis
"Alopecurus alpinus subsp. glau" - Alopecurus borealis
"Aster alpinus Dunkle Schone" - Aster alpinus Dark Beauty deep blue
"Aster alpinus Rose Beauty" - Aster alpinus Rose / Pinkie
"Astragalus alpinus subsp. arct" - Astragalus alpinus
"Cactus curvispinus" - Eriosyce curvispina
"Carpinus americana" - Carpinus caroliniana
"Carpinus betulus f. pendula" - Carpinus betulus
"Carpinus betulus v caucasica" - Carpinus caucasica
"Carpinus caucasica" - Carpinus betulus
"Carpinus erosa" - Carpinus cordata
"Carpinus fangiana Hu" - Carpinus fangiana
"Carpinus fargesii" - Carpinus viminea
"Carpinus fargesii" - Carpinus laxiflora v macrostachys
"Carpinus hupeana var. henryana" - Carpinus henryana
"Carpinus laxiflora v fargesii" - Carpinus viminea
"Carpinus laxiflora v fargesii" - Carpinus laxiflora v macrostachys
"Carpinus laxiflora v macrostac" - Carpinus viminea
"Carpinus tschonoskii var. henr" - Carpinus henryana
"Carpinus viminea" - Carpinus laxiflora v macrostachys
"Carpinus virginiana" - Ostrya virginiana c.s.
"Carpinus yedoensis" - Carpinus tschonoskii
"Cleistocactus aureispinus" - Cleistocactus baumannii ssp baumanii
"Cleistocactus bruneispinus" - Cleistocactus baumannii ssp baumanii b
"Cytisus alpinus" - Laburnum alpinum
"Cytisus alpinus var. macrostac" - Laburnum alpinum
"Cytisus supinus" - Chamaecytisus supinus
"D.zehntneri ssp albispinus" - Discocactus albispinus cit
"Desmodium supinus" - Desmodium incanum
"Dianthus alpinus var. semenovi" - Dianthus semenovii
"Discocatus areneispinus" - Discocactus zehntneri ssp araneispinus cit
"E. pectinatus ssp rubispinus" - Echinocereus rigidissimus ssp rubispinus
"E.nigrhorridispinus" - Echinocereus arizonicus
"E.pectinatus v rubispinus" - Echinocereus rigidissimus ssp rubispinus b
"Echinocactus flavispinus" - Ferocactus haematacanthus
"Ferocactus latispinus 'flavisp" - Ferocactus recurvus
"Ferocactus rectispinus" - Ferocactus emoryi ssp rectispinus
"Ferocactus rectispinus" - Ferocactus emoryi Sonoita Son.
"Ferocactus rectispinus S J B " - Ferocactus emoryi ssp rectispinus hybrid
"Ferocactus rectispinus s. M." - Ferocactus emoryi s Mulege
"Ferocactus rectispinus SIBCS" - Ferocactus emoryi ssp rectispinus San Ignacio BCS.
"Ferocactus rectispinus x" - Ferocactus emoryii ssp rectispinus x
"Ferocactus setispinus" - Thelocactus setispinus
"Gossampinus malabaricus" - Bombax ceiba L.
"Hamatocactus setispinus" - Thelocactus setispinus
"Hamatocactus setispinus" - Thelocactus setispinus b
"Hamatocactus setispinus K." - Thelocactus setispinus Kimble Co Tx
"Hamatocactus setispinus S." - Thelocactus setispinus San Antonio Tx
"Hamatocactus setispinus C." - Thelocactus setispinus Cameron Co Tx
"Hamatocactus setispinus v seta" - Thelocactus setispinus setaceus
"Hamatocactus setispinus v seta" - Thelocactus setispinus setaceus Starr Co Tx
"Hamatocatus setispinus V." - Thelocactus setispinus Val Verde Co Tx
"Juncus alpinus" - Juncus alpinoarticulatus
"Lupinus albicaulis var. shaste" - Lupinus albicaulis
"Lupinus arboreus f caeruleus" - Lupinus arboreus blue form
"Lupinus arboreus f luteus" - Lupinus arboreus
"Lupinus arbustus subsp. neolax" - Lupinus arbustus
"Lupinus attenuatus" - Lupinus coriaceus
"Lupinus canescens" - Lupinus leucophyllus
"Lupinus chilensis" - Lupinus subacaulis
"Lupinus concinnus var. arizoni" - Lupinus arizonicus
"Lupinus cruckshankii" - Lupinus mutabilis
"Lupinus cumulicola" - Lupinus diffusus
"Lupinus cyaneus" - Lupinus leucophyllus
"Lupinus ehrenbergii" - Lupinus mexicanus
"Lupinus erectus" - Lupinus leucophyllus
"Lupinus flexuosus" - Lupinus sericeus
"Lupinus hartwegii" - Lupinus mexicanus
"Lupinus hartwegii P.D." - Lupinus nanus Pixie Delight mixed
"Lupinus hirsutus" - Lupinus pilosus
"Lupinus laxiflorus" - Lupinus arbustus
"Lupinus leucophyllus subsp. er" - Lupinus leucophyllus
"Lupinus leucophyllus subsp. le" - Lupinus leucophyllus
"Lupinus leucophyllus var. bell" - Lupinus leucophyllus
"Lupinus leucophyllus var. cane" - Lupinus leucophyllus
"Lupinus leucopsis" - Lupinus sericeus
"Lupinus linifolius" - Lupinus angustifolius
"Lupinus macrostachys" - Lupinus bolivianus
"Lupinus microcarpus v densif." - Lupinus densiflorus v aureus
"Lupinus mutabilis v cruckshank" - Lupinus mutabilis Javelin formula mix
"Lupinus mutabilis v cruckshank" - Lupinus mutabilis Pink Javelin
"Lupinus mutabilis v cruckshank" - Lupinus mutabilis Blue Javelin
"Lupinus mutabilis v cruckshank" - Lupinus mutabilis Sunrise
"Lupinus ornatus" - Lupinus sericeus
"Lupinus polyphyllus Chandelier" - Lupinus Russell Chandelier yellow
"Lupinus propinquus" - Lupinus arboreus blue form
"Lupinus reticulatus" - Lupinus angustifolius
"Lupinus sericeus var. egglesto" - Lupinus sericeus
"Lupinus sericeus var. flexuosu" - Lupinus sericeus
"Lupinus sericeus var. maximus" - Lupinus sericeus
"Lupinus sericeus var. sericeus" - Lupinus sericeus
"Lupinus shastensis" - Lupinus albicaulis
"Lupinus sparsiflorus subsp. mo" - Lupinus sparsiflorus
"Lupinus texanus" - Lupinus texensis
"Lupinus varius" - Lupinus angustifolius
"M.curvispinus v lobelii" - Melocactus curvispinus ssp caesius lobelii
"M.longispinus IOS 01378" - Melocactus ernestii ssp ernestii
"M.rubrispinus IOS 10128" - Melocactus levitestatus
"Malacocarpus curvispinus" - Eriosyce curvispina
"Melocactus arcuatispinus" - Melocactus zehntneri arcuatispinus
"Notocactus curvispinus" - Parodia curvispina
"Penstemon alpinus" - Penstemon glaber v alpinus
"Phaseolus supinus" - Macroptilium supinum
"Pinus abies" - Picea obovata
"Pinus abies var. acutissima" - Picea rubens
"Pinus abies var. orientalis" - Picea orientalis
"Pinus alba" - Pinus strobus
"Pinus amabilis" - Abies amabilis
"Pinus araucana" - Araucaria araucana svs
"Pinus arizona ssp cooperi" - Pinus arizonica v ornelasii (name unresolved)
"Pinus arizona ssp cooperi" - Pinus cooperi
"Pinus armandii v amamiana" - Pinus amamiana
"Pinus atlantica" - Cedrus atlantica
"Pinus australis" - Pinus palustris
"Pinus austriaca" - Pinus nigra ssp nigra
"Pinus ayacahuite v veitchii" - Pinus veitchii
"Pinus ayacahuite var. brachypt" - Pinus strobiformis
"Pinus balsamea" - Abies balsamea
"Pinus bhutanica v ludlowii" - Pinus bhutanica
"Pinus bracteata" - Abies bracteata
"Pinus brunoniana" - Tsuga dumosa
"Pinus canadensis" - Tsuga canadensis
"Pinus caramanica" - Pinus nigra ssp pallasiana
"Pinus cembra ssp sibirica" - Pinus sibirica
"Pinus cembra var. pumila" - Pinus pumila
"Pinus cembroides v monophylla" - Pinus monophylla
"Pinus cembroides v. edulis" - Pinus edulis
"Pinus cembroides var. parryana" - Pinus quadrifolia
"Pinus chihuahuana" - Pinus leiophylla v chihuahuana
"Pinus cilicica" - Abies cilicica
"Pinus comonfortii" - Pinus leiophylla v leiophylla
"Pinus cupressoides" - Fitzroya cupressoides cit
"Pinus dammara" - Agathis dammara
"Pinus decandolleana" - Pinus leiophylla v leiophylla
"Pinus deodara" - Cedrus deodara
"Pinus dumosa" - Tsuga dumosa
"Pinus edulis" - Pinus cembroides ssp cembroides
"Pinus eldarica" - Pinus brutia ssp eldarica
"Pinus elliottii v densa" - Pinus densa
"Pinus excelsa" - Pinus wallichiana
"Pinus flexilis x strobiformis" - Pinus reflexa x (P strobiformis Sudw non Engel )
"Pinus glauca" - Picea glauca typ. prov. Lake States
"Pinus grandis" - Abies grandis inland strain
"Pinus griffithii" - Pinus wallichiana
"Pinus halepensis subsp. brutia" - Pinus brutia
"Pinus halepensis v brutia" - Pinus brutia
"Pinus halepensis var. brutia" - Pinus brutia
"Pinus himekomatsu" - Pinus parviflora
"Pinus insignis" - Pinus radiata
"Pinus insularis" - Pinus kesiya
"Pinus kaempferi" - Larix kaempferi
"Pinus khasya" - Pinus kesiya
"Pinus khasyana" - Pinus kesiya
"Pinus kwangtungensis" - Pinus fenzeliana
"Pinus laricina" - Larix laricina
"Pinus laricio" - Pinus nigra prov. NZ
"Pinus laricio v. austriaca" - Pinus nigra ssp nigra
"Pinus larix" - Larix decidua
"Pinus lasiocarpa" - Abies lasiocarpa
"Pinus laxa" - Picea glauca typ. prov. Lake States
"Pinus leucodermis" - Pinus heldreichii
"Pinus longifolia" - Pinus roxburghii
"Pinus longifolia" - Pinus palustris
"Pinus maritima" - Pinus pinaster
"Pinus mertensiana" - Tsuga mertensiana
"Pinus michoacaensis" - Pinus devoniana
"Pinus montana" - Pinus mugo hort.
"Pinus montana v. mughus" - Pinus mugo ssp mugo
"Pinus montana v. pumilio" - Pinus mugo v pumilio
"Pinus montezumae var. rudis" - Pinus hartwegii
"Pinus morrisonicola" - Pinus parviflora
"Pinus mugo Mughus etc" - Pinus mugo ssp mugo
"Pinus mugo v rostrata" - Pinus uncinata
"Pinus mugo v uncinata" - Pinus uncinata
"Pinus muricata v borealis" - Pinus muricata Blue Strain / NZ Blue
"Pinus nigra f. pygmaea" - Pinus sylvestris
"Pinus nigra ssp hispanica (err" - Pinus nigra prov. Spain
"Pinus nigra ssp maritima" - Pinus nigra ssp laricio
"Pinus nigra v calabrica" - Pinus nigra ssp laricio
"Pinus nigra v caramanica" - Pinus nigra ssp pallasiana
"Pinus nigra v corsicana" - Pinus nigra ssp laricio prov. UK
"Pinus nordmanniana" - Abies nordmanniana
"Pinus occidentalis" - Pinus montezumae
"Pinus omorika" - Picea omorika
"Pinus orientalis" - Picea orientalis
"Pinus parryana" - Pinus quadrifolia
"Pinus pentaphylla var. himekom" - Pinus parviflora
"Pinus ponderosa v ponderosa" - Pinus ponderosa
"Pinus ponderosa var. arizonica" - Pinus arizonica v arizonica
"Pinus religiosa" - Abies religiosa
"Pinus rudis" - Pinus hartwegii
"Pinus sibirica glauca" - Pinus sibirica Glauca
"Pinus sinensis var. yunnanensi" - Pinus yunnanensis
"Pinus smithiana" - Picea smithiana
"Pinus sosnowskyi" - Pinus kochiana
"Pinus spectabilis" - Abies spectabilis
"Pinus strobus f. prostrata" - Pinus strobus
"Pinus sylvestris f. nana" - Pinus sylvestris
"Pinus sylvestris v rigensis" - Pinus sylvestris prov. Riga
"Pinus tecunumanii" - Pinus patula ssp tecunumanii
"Pinus tenuifolia" - Pinus maximinoi
"Pinus thunbergiana" - Pinus thunbergii
"Pinus veitchii x wallichiana" - Pinus holfordiana x
"Pinus venusta" - Abies bracteata
"Pinus viminalis" - Picea abies
"Pinus wallichiana ssp bhutanic" - Pinus bhutanica
"Pinus webbiana" - Abies spectabilis
"Pinus yucul" - Pinus patula ssp tecunumanii
"Podocarpus alpinus" - Podocarpus lawrencei
"Pyrrhocactus curvispinus" - Eriosyce curvispina
"Pyrrhocactus curvispinus v nov" - Neoporteria curvispina v nov. n Andacollo
"Rumex alpinus" - Rumex crispus
"S.brevispinus" - Sclerocactus glaucus Duchesne Co Utah cit
"Sclerocactus unguispinus" - Echinomastus unguispinus
"Senecio alpinus" - Jacobaea alpina
"Sonchus alpinus" - Cicerbita alpina

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