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"Alyssum ludovicianum" - Lesquerella ludoviciana
"Artemisia ludoviciana subsp. m" - Artemisia ludoviciana
"Avena ludoviciana" - Avena sterilis
"Orobanche ludoviciana var. coo" - Orobanche cooperi
"Vicia albicans" - Vicia benghalensis
"Vicia americana var. oregana" - Vicia americana
"Vicia amoena var. oblongifolia" - Vicia amoena
"Vicia atropurpurea" - Vicia benghalensis
"Vicia aurantia" - Vicia crocea
"Vicia baicalensis" - Vicia venosa
"Vicia biflora" - Vicia monantha
"Vicia bivonea" - Vicia villosa
"Vicia calcarata" - Vicia monantha
"Vicia faba Minor" - Vicia faba var. Field Bean Tic Bean Game Feed Gree
"Vicia faba Minuta" - Vicia faba var. Field Bean Tic Bean Game Feed Gree
"Vicia galegifolia" - Swainsona galegifolia
"Vicia gemella" - Vicia tetrasperma
"Vicia globosa" - Vicia sativa Tares
"Vicia gracilis" - Vicia parviflora
"Vicia grandiflora var. kitaibe" - Vicia grandiflora
"Vicia hajastana" - Vicia anatolica
"Vicia hirsuta var. terronii" - Vicia hirsuta
"Vicia incisiformis" - Vicia incisa
"Vicia incurva" - Lathyrus incurvus
"Vicia japonica var. oblongifol" - Vicia japonica
"Vicia kingii" - Vicia magellanica
"Vicia laevigata" - Vicia lutea
"Vicia laxiflora" - Vicia parviflora
"Vicia litvinovii" - Vicia loiseleurii
"Vicia loweana" - Vicia benghalensis
"Vicia lutea var. laevigata" - Vicia lutea
"Vicia maculata" - Vicia sativa Tares
"Vicia meyeri" - Vicia loiseleurii
"Vicia micrantha" - Vicia benghalensis
"Vicia monanthos" - Vicia articulata
"Vicia nana" - Lathyrus nevadensis
"Vicia narbonensis f. serratifo" - Vicia serratifolia
"Vicia narbonensis var. serrati" - Vicia serratifolia
"Vicia neglecta" - Vicia lilacina
"Vicia obscura" - Vicia montevidensis
"Vicia oregana" - Vicia americana
"Vicia pallida" - Vicia amurensis
"Vicia parviflora" - Vicia disperma
"Vicia picta" - Vicia biennis
"Vicia sativa ssp nigra" - Vicia sativa Tares
"Vicia sativa ssp nigra" - Vicia segetalis
"Vicia sativa ssp segetalis" - Vicia sativa ssp nigra
"Vicia sativa ssp segetalis" - Vicia segetalis
"Vicia sativa ssp segetalis" - Vicia sativa Tares
"Vicia sativa ssp. nigra" - Vicia sativa Tares
"Vicia sativa subsp. incisa" - Vicia incisa
"Vicia sativa var. maculata" - Vicia sativa Tares
"Vicia segetalis" - Vicia sativa ssp nigra
"Vicia selloi" - Vicia graminea
"Vicia serratifolia f. integrif" - Vicia narbonensis
"Vicia sylvestris" - Vicia sylvatica
"Vicia tenuissima" - Vicia parviflora
"Vicia tetrasperma subsp. graci" - Vicia parviflora
"Vicia vicina var. pallida" - Vicia pallida

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