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Hoodia gordonii in profile

B and T World Seeds' reference: 19687

Hoodia gordonii, Asclepiadaceae.

Common Names:
Hoodia, Queen of the Namib, African Hats, Milkweed.

Pink to maroon corona, 8-10cm diameter - smelly !


Pale green to purple, branching stems with short woody tubercles that are sometimes pointed. Stems 5cm diameter, spiny.

to 45 cm

Perennial. Clumping. Hoodia are not cacti, they are succulent plants from the Asclepiadaceae "Milkweed" Family.

Medicinal: appetite suppressant and thirst quencher.

Minimum Temperature:
USDA zone: 11 (to 10 Centigrade)
Frost Tolerance: to 28F ( -2C).


Hoodia gordonii is said to be the easiest Hoodia to cultivate !

Full sun to light shade.

Hoodias have a reputation for being rather difficult. Apart from H. alstonii all species easily root from cuttings. Light requirements during growing season - medium (only morning or afternoon sun) to high (full sun during whole day). Minimum winter temperatures 15 degree/day, 10 degree/night. 


Winter - keep completely dry 
Spring/autumn - give little water and allow soil to dry out after watering 
Summer - normal watering (allow soil to dry out after watering) 

Tolerance to cultivation - medium - generally reasonably tolerant. 

Although the bushmen say they use ALL species of Hoodia for appetite control, the most often mentioned species is Hoodia gordonii.

Seeds germinate best around: 15-26C. (60 to 80F).

Growing medium: 3 parts volcanic tufa, 1 part leaf-mold or peat; 2 parts coarse river sand.

Seed count roughly 250 seeds in 1 Gram.

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