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Passiflora incarnata in profile

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Common names and Synonyms:

Saa'T Gulu, Ward Assa'Ah, White Sarsaparilla, Wild Passion Flower, Zahril Aalaam, Apricot Vine, Carkifelek, Charkhi Felek, May Apple, May-Pop, Maypop Passionflower, Maypops.

Passiflora incarnata, picture from 'Passion Flowers' the book by John Vanderplank.


Fragrant white, lilac, or mauve to 9cm.


Yellow or lime green ovoid to 5cm.


3 lanceolate lobes, 12 to 15cm.


Vigorous climber - to 10 meters.


Medicinal, Economic, Psychotropic, Food, Aromatic.

Minimum Temperature:

USDA zone: 7 (0 to 10F, down to about -17C) Well drained, sandy, poor - unfertile soil will encourage the vine to be healthy and hardy.
More cultivation details below.

Seed count roughly 30 seeds in 1 Gram.

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B & T World Seeds Passifloraceae List

Passiflora incarnata is included in the following B & T World Seeds sub-lists:

List 30: "Exotic" and Other Fruit and Nut Tree and Shrub List.

List 34: Oriental Herb and Vegetable Seed List.

List 36: Herb Seed List - Culinary, Medicinal, Dye, and Aromatic.

List 39: Climbing Plant Seeds, and some Plants.

List 43: Herbaceous Border Plant Seed List.

List 45: Bee and Butterfly Attracting, also Honey and Pollen Plant Seeds.

List 55: Fragrant or Aromatic Flower or Foliage Plant Seeds.

List 85: Natives of U.S.South West (Arizona, Texas, New Mexico).

List 86: Natives of U.S. North East.

List 89: Natives of U.S. South East.

List 190: Trees and Shrubs For Mediterranean Climates.

List 545: Passifloraceae.


Germinates best between 70 and 80F.

Free draining and aerated seed compost.

Sow seeds roughly their own width or slightly deeper (I have found that Passiflora seed will germinate and push their way up from an inch or deeper !) if the seed cases remain on the seedlings when they pull themselves upright the seeds were probably sown too shallow.


Passiflora seeds can be soaked in juice from store bought Passion fruit ( juice from oranges has also been tried ! ) - this softens the seed coat and speeds up germination.

Heat treatment:

For quicker and more uniform germination various heat treatments have been suggested, such as frying (without oil) and making a small fire on the seed bed over the seeds - the soil must be moist, the fire about 15 cm high and made of quick burning tinder such as small dry twigs, pine cones etc. Seeds can be expected to germinate in about 10 days. The seed bed must stay warm and slightly damp after the heat treatment.

Seed count roughly: 33 per gram.

Passiflora incarnata (white flowered), from a photo by Clark SchillingPassiflora incarnata (white flowered) Passion Flowers - The Book !

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Passiflora incarnata flowers and buds, viewed from the side.
Passiflora incarnata flower
Passiflora incarnata buds and flowers.
Passiflora incarnata flowers and leaves, viewed from above.

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