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Moringa oleifera (Ben Oil Tree) in profile

B and T World Seeds' reference: 29274

Common Names:
Ben Oil Tree, Babano del Arbol, Ban Sajna, Ben Aile, Ben Ailee, Ben Ghianda, Ben Oil Tree, Ben Oil Tree, Benboom, Benz'Olive, Benzolive, Benzolive-Tree, Benzolivier, Cigru, Drumsticktree, Graines Ben, Horseradish Tree, Horseradish-Tree, Kelor, Malunggay (Tag.), Maranga, Maroengga, Meerrettichbaum, Merunggai, Moringa, Moringa Ailee, Moringa Tree, Moroengei, Muringueiro, Olivier, Palo De Aceite, Paraiso, Paraiso Blanco, Pois Coolie, Pois quenique, Ramunggai, Remunggai, Sahinjan, Sahinjin, Sajina, Shigru, Shobhanjan, Sigru, Sprokiesboom, Ubat Bedat, West Indian Ben.

Guilandina moringa, Moringa moringa, Moringa pterygosperma.

Fragrant, CREAM, to 2.5cm, in panicles.

Winged, black, oily seeds, in "drumstick" pods. The pods are edible while young, seeds while white.
Ben oil, pressed from the mature seeds, keeps very well, is used as a lubricant for machinery - notably watches, is used in perfumery as a base oil, is said to make an excellent salad oil, and burns without fumes, another good bio-fuel.
The tuberous root is also edible.

2-3 pinnate, to 60cm, edible. In the Philippines, leaves are sold in bunches, tied with Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus).

to 8 meters


Medicinal - Diabetes

Minimum Temperature:
USDA zone: 10 30 to 40°F   -1 to +4.5°C

Seed count roughly 5 seeds in 1 Gram

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