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Peganum harmala in profile

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B and T World Seeds' reference: 32453

Peganum harmala, Zygophyllaceae.

Common Names:
African Rue, Alharma, Armel, Dhup (leaves), Gamarza, Harmal, Harmal Shrub, Harmel, Harmelraute, Harmine, Harmul, Hurmal, Hurmur, Isband, Ispand, Ozallaik, Rahshca, Spand, Spend, Steppenraute, Syrian Rue, Wild Rue, Techepak (seeds), Telepathine, Turkish Red (dye from seeds, probably oxidised beta-carbolines).

Showy, single, white, 1 to 2cm diameter - 5 petals and sepals.

Spherical 3 valved capsules 6-10mm diameter.

Bright green to 8 x 4cm deeply pinnatifid

to 1m.


Antitumer, Antiviral, Antibacterial, Aphrodisiac, Aromatic, Dye, Economic, Medicinal, Psychotropic. Along with Amanita muscaria, Peganum harmala is an entheogen proposed as the sacred Zoroastrian (Vedic) plant Haoma (Soma)
Minimum Temperature:
USDA zone: 8 (-12,00 to -6,50 Centigrade)

Peganum harmala seedling - 1:1


Peganum harmala can be propagated fairly easily from seed, sow sparsely in half soil - half sand and water sparingly to avoid damping off (good ventilation helps).

Peganum harmala survives considerable drought and frost - dying back to the roots for the winter. Richer soil, occasional watering and very light applications of nitrogen rich fertiliser will benefit your plants.

Peganum harmala can become an invasive weed once established.

Peganum harmala seedling - 1:1


Peganum harmala seeds and roots contain up to 3% alkaloids and if ingested will interfere with the deamination of biogenic amines - some food, drinks and drugs may become more dangerous, and others may have unexpected entheogenic or telepathic effects.

For more information about Peganum harmala as an Ayahuasca analogue ingredient
we recommend 'Pharmacotheon' by Jonathan Ott.

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Seed count roughly: 250 seeds in 1 gram.

Current Peganum harmala Prices

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