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Argyreia nervosa "Hawaiian Baby Woodrose" in profile

Argyreia nervosa
Baby Hawaiian Woodrose

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Argyreia nervosa, Baby Hawaiian Woodrose has become panTropical.

Common Names: Baby Hawaiian Woodrose, Baby Woodrose, Cordon Seda, Coup D'Air, Elephant Creeper, Liane A Minguet, Liane D'Argent, Samudrasokh, Silver Morning Glory, Woolly Morning Glory.

Synonyms: Argyreia speciosa, Convolvulus nervosus, Convolvulus speciosus.

Flower: clusters of trumpets, 5cm (about 2 inches) violet/lavender inside with a deeper coloured throat, white with fine hairs outside.

Fruit: "Woodrose"; globular berry, 1 to 2cm diameter, with rosette of "wooden" petals. Often sold for dried flower arrangements/pot-pourri.

Foliage: 15 to 40cm long cordate (heart-shaped) prominently nerved leaves, felted (tomentose) beneath with minute silky hairs.

Height: vine to 10m.

Form: perennial climber.

Uses: Psychotropic, an Ayurvedic medicinal plant, ornamental (dried flower arrangements).

Minimum Temperature: USDA zone: 9 (-6,50 to -1,00 Centigrade).

Cultivation: Very easy !

Just soak the seeds in water overnight, then keep them warm on a moist paper towel until the roots start to poke out.

When you can see a little white root starting to push out from one end of a seed sow the seed into a water retaining but free draining growing mix - about an inch (2 cm) or slightly more below the surface with the little root pointing upwards !

Within a few days the first 2 leaves will pull themselves out of the ground.

Grow the plants on in a free-draining, but water retentive growing mix (rocky or sandy, with some organic material).

Hawaiian Baby Wood-rose vines detest standing in water.

Argyreia nervosa seed count
roughly 200 seeds in 25 Grams.

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