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Psychotria viridis

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Psychotria viridis, Chacruna.

Common Names:
Chacruna, Amiruca Panga, Sami Ruca, Reinha, Folha, Chacrona.

Psychotria psychotriaefolia.

Small, white.

Bilocular, globular - ovoid berry to 0.5cm

Elliptic, dark green, smooth, glossy, and evergreen.

Small tree.

be careful where you point that thing Aphrodisiacs Psychedelia handy links (faq) shows approx. size of plant

Dried Psychotria viridis leaves have been found to contain between 0.10% and 0.66% alkaloids of which up to 99% might be DMT - traces of MMT and MTHC may also be found.

Probably the most important Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) additive plant - Psychotria viridis grows, or is grown in Amazonian Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, and Brazil.

Minimum Temperature:
USDA zone: 10

Cultivation and harvesting:

Psychotria viridis is cultivated in sandy loam - light soils with good drainage. A rainforest plant it likes high humidity and bright filtered light.

Temperatures around (70°F) 21°C are preferred.


Seed count roughly 50 seeds in 1 Gram.

Common Name:
Botanical name:

Psychotria viridis is included in the following

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