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Common Name:
Botanical name:

Lycium barbarum "Goji" in profile

Lycium barbarum 'Goji'

B and T World Seeds' reference: 66134

Common Names:
Goji, Duke of Argyll's Tea Tree, Common Matrimony Vine, Chinese Wolfberry, Di Gu Pi, Goji Zi, Gou Qi Zi, Gou Gi, Box thorn, Gemeiner Bocksdorn, Boksdoorn, Chinese Wolfberry, Cambronera, Christmasberry, Goji, Goji Zi, Gou Gi Zi, Gou Ji Zi, Gou Qi Zi, Gou Zi, Di Gu Pi (Wolfberry Root), Duke of Argyll's Tea Tree, Fructus Lycii, Goji brer, Goji brer, Goji bago, Goji baie, Goji baya, Goji-Beeren, Goji berries, Goji bessen, Happy berry, Happy Goji, Himalaya Goji, Hochzeits-Wein, Kei Tze, Kuko, Love Berries, Lycium fruit, Lycii fructus, Lycium fructus, Lycium barbarum L., Lycium chinese Miller, Lyium ferocissimum Miers, Mater Silvi, Matrimony Vine, Tibetan Goji, Wolfsbeeren, Wolfberries.
Lycium barbarum is very variable and widespread - Lycium chinense and Lycium europaeum are sometimes used as synonyms for Lycium barbarum, but they are also distinct species (the species Lycium chinense "gou qui zi ko chi" grows slightly bigger and has slightly larger, redder fruit, and is used similarly in Traditional Chinese Medicine).
Lycium vulgare and Lycium halmifolium are synonyms for Lycium barbarum

Lilac in clusters of 1 to 4

Ovoid Orange berries, to 2cm.

Narrow oblanceolate to 5cm.

3.5 meters

Deciduous shrub

Aromatic, Culinary, Economic, Medicinal
Studies in China and elsewhere suggest that Goji has many applications:
Goji reduces antibodies associated with allergic-type reactions.
Psoriasis has been usefully treated using Goji berry.
The LBP polysaccharide complex in Goji berries stimulates human growth hormone production and reverses peroxidation by free radicals.
Goji Berry consumption increases superoxide dismutase levels, which helps decrease lipid peroxides in the blood; improving cardiovascular health.
Goji polysaccharides enhance the conversion of food into energy and help reduce body weight.

Minimum Temperature:
USDA zone: 6 (about -23C/-10F)

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Seed count roughly:
600 seeds in 1 Gram.

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