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Peppers: Vegetable and Spice Capsicums Although thought of as a minor crop, peppers are a major world commodity due to their great versatility. They are used not only as vegetables in their own right but also as flavourings in food products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and as such are rapidly gaining in interest throughout the world.

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Aimed at advanced students and growers, this indispensable book provides the reader with up to date comprehensive coverage on all aspects of the plant's history, genetics, composition, production, harvesting and related diseases and pests.


I. Introduction -
II. Taxonomy, Pod Types, & Genetic Resources
III. Botany
IV. Seeds
V. Genetics, Plant Breeding, & Biotechnology
VI. Chemical Composition
VII. Field and Greenhouse Production
VIII. Harvesting
IX. Postharvest Handling
X. Disorders, Diseases and Pests

P Bosland and E Votava, Department of Agronomy & Horticulture, New Mexico State University, USA

Crop Production Science in Horticulture Series, No. 12

December 1999 . 216 pages PB
ISBN 0 85199 335 4

B & T's Peppers list (Capsicum species and varieties)

Cornucopia II:A Source Book of Edible PlantsReference and source book of edible plants of the world, invaluable to gardeners, cooks, economic botanists, those in the specialty and gourmet foods business. Includes 3,000 species and 7,000 varieties of food plants. More than 1300 catalog sources for seeds, plants and food products are listed. Revised, updated and expanded edition.
Cornucopia II:
Stephen Facciola - ISBN 0962808725

B & T Passifloraceae list

Passion Flowers Exactly the right balance of detail and general information. History, propagation and cultivation, pollinators and pests - John (custodian of The UK National Collection of Passiflora) loves these plants and makes sure we can all have the information needed to care for them.
Line drawings illustrate important points, tables enable rapid comparisons, and 120 colour photos . . .
Passion flowers
John Vanderplank - ISBN 0-262-22043-1

B & T Passifloraceae list

Tree Wisdom
The definitive guidebook
to the myth, folklore and healing power of Trees
Like a Betula alba Dryad, Jacki leads us back to the shining center of the wild wood. Not to a still lake hidden deep within the dark forbidding forest, but to a fresh sparkling spring that invites us to drink deep and join the celebrations.
Tree Wisdom
Jacqueline Memory Paterson - Thorsons - ISBN 0-7225-3408-6

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The World Wildlife Book of Plants

"Plants are the foundation of all existence. They feed us, cure our ills, provide materials for industry and leisure, and enrich our lives. Without plants, oxygen-breathing life could not have evolved; without plants it cannot hope to persist."

A very pretty book, full of wonderful illustrations and photographs; a gentle introduction to economic botany and ethnobotany.

Green Inheritance
Anthony Huxley (foreword by David Attenborough) - ISBN 0-941423-70-0


"The Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folklore of Herbs, Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs and Trees with all their Modern Scientific Uses"
First published in 1931 'A Modern Herbal' contains more useful information and covers a wider range of plants than any of my other Herb reference books !
A Modern Herbal
Mrs M. Grieve - Penguin - ISBN 0-14-046440-9

B & T World Seeds Economic, Ethnobotanic, and Useful Plant Catalogues.



Over 1000 Plants
and 1500 Photographs
The Definitive Reference Work
for Every Gardener

A very nice book with good illustrations and concise but useful notes about a fairly wide range of herbs from around the world.
If the herbal information I want is not in Mrs Grieve's 'A Modern Herbal' I look in the RHS Encyclopedia of Herbs, if I want to see herb pictures this is where I look first !
Encyclopedia of Herbs
DENI BOWN - Dorling Kindersley - ISBN 0-7513-0203-1


to over 550 KEY HERBS

An excellent book for the budding herbalist, like the RHS Encylopedia of Herbs I find this book beautifully designed but difficult to navigate, too useful for pure decoration and not detailed enough for professional herbalists.
Besides good basic information about the plants one also finds a history of herbs, an explanation of the active constituents, guides to growing, harvesting and making herbal remedies, and even a page of advice about consulting qualified herbal practitioners.
Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants
Andrew Chevallier - Dorling Kindersley - ISBN 0789410672

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Entheogenic drugs, their plant sources and history
Pharmacotheon is the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary book on the subject of shamanic inebriants, their active agents and artificial cousins.

Jonathan Ott - Natural Products Co. - ISBN 0-9614234-3-9


Pangaean Entheogens
"one of the most sophisticated pharmacognostical discoveries of all antiquity"
Describes traditional preparations for visionary Ayahuasca potions, modern Pharmahuasca, and a potential 4000 Ayahuasca Analogues.
Worth buying just for Ott's detailed notes and bibliography.
Although it almost duplicates the Ayahuasca information in Pharmacotheon, Ayahuasca Analogues has the advantage of being pocket sized - in price and dimensions.
Ayahuasca Analogues
Jonathan Ott - Natural Products Co. - ISBN 0-9614234-5-5

Plants of the Gods
Their Sacred, Healing and Hallucinogenic Powers
"shows the importance of the rituals and ceremonies of tribal peoples for the discovery and conservation of new medicines . . . a volume that anyone interested in Medicinal plants, economic botany, or ethnobotany would want to possess."

Plants of the Gods
Richard Evans Shultes and Albert Hofmann - ISBN 0-89281-406-3


Over 1000 full-colour photographs of bulbs in flower

A reference book for over 1000 flowering bulbs, corms, tubers and rhizomes from all over the world. Text is minimal, but useful.
Species are listed by genus name in seasonal flowering order !
Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix - Pan - ISBN 0-330-30253-1

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A photographic dictionary of around 5000 (mainly decorative) trees, shrubs and climbers. The plant photographs illustrate the most distinctive features of each species or variety. Text is minimal - species are listed by genus name in alphabetical order.
Cultivated Plants of the World
Don Ellison - Flora Publications International - ISBN 0-7513-0203-1


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