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Wild flowers, Native plants, and introduced species
by Geographical regions.

12 British Native Wild Flowers, Shrubs and Trees

British Trees

14 Cape Heaths (African Ericas) Seed List

15 Australian Natives and Introduced Species

Australian Flora
More Australian Flora

18 Australian and African Proteaceae

20 Australian and New Zealand Conifer Seed List

NZ Plant Pics Website - New Zealand Plants Photography

21 Australian, New Zealand, and Introduced Palms, Cycads, etc.

22 Rare Cycads and Allies of Australia and New Zealand

23 New Zealand Natives and Introduced Species

Flora of New Zealand

32 Ghanaian Natives and Introductions

33 Zambian Natives and Introductions

35 Zimbabwean Natives and Introductions

37 South African Natives and Introductions

38 Indian Natives and Introductions

41 Malaysian Natives and Introductions

Malagasy/Indo-Australo-Malesian phytogeographic connections by George E. Schatz
Tropical Evergreen Forests of Malaysia from the Malaysia OnLine WWW Server

42 Croatian Natives and Introductions


46 Mediterranean Natives and Introduced Plant Seeds

Find out about Mediterranean climates and Join the Mediterranean plant discussion group
Eric Rowe's 'Mediterranean Wild Flowers, Shrubs and Trees for Gardens'.
Bob Beer's Plants of Western Turkey

47 Chilean Native Plant, Tree and Shrub Seeds

48 Polish Natives and Introductions

49 Israeli Natives and Introductions

Flora and Vegetation in Israel

50 Japanese Natives and Introductions

Ian Black's Japanese Iris pages

51 Chinese Natives and Introductions

The Flora of China
Kunming Botanical Gardens

54 Ecuadorean Natives and Introductions

58 Honduran Native and Introductions

59 Brazilian Natives and Introductions

Plant Species of Mata Ciliar, Brazil (in Portuguese)

62 Mexican Natives and Introductions

63 Madagascan Natives and Introductions

Madagascar Conspectus Web
Malagasy/Indo-Australo-Malesian phytogeographic connections by George E. Schatz

64 Argentinian Natives and Introductions

66 Burmese Natives and Introductions

67 Philippine Natives & Introductions

68 West Indian Natives and Introductions

69 Costa Rican Natives and Introductions

Manual de Flora de Costa Rica

70 Hawaiian Natives and Introductions

Plants of Hawaii
Hawaiian Medicinal Plants

71 Middle East - "Arabian" Natives and Introductions

72 Russian Natives and Introductions (Central)

73 East Asian Natives and Introductions

74 West Asian Natives and Introductions

75 Natives of Asia Minor and Introductions

Bob Beer's Plants of Western Turkey

76 Californian Native Plant Seed List

Find out about Mediterranean climates and Join the Mediterranean plant discussion group
Botanical Society of America
Desert Vegetation (Eastern Mojave Desert, California, USA) by Tom Schweich
Wrigley Memorial Botanical Gardens
Californian floral index
JOE'S NURSERY: PO Box 1867, Vista, CA 92085-1867

77 Central European Natives and Introductions

Zeigerwerte der Gefäßpflanzen Mitteleuropas, so far only in German

78 South Eastern European Natives and Introductions

79 North African Natives and Introductions

80 South West European Natives and Introductions

81 Pacific Island Native Plant Seed List

82 Peruvian and Bolivian Natives

Plants of the Machiguenga
Peru Checklist - Catalogue of the Flowering Plants and Gymnosperms of Peru, Missouri Botanical Garden

85 Natives of U.S. South West (Arizona, Texas, New Mexico)

A Tour of the Flynn Bogs System, Texas
Wild Plants of the Pueblo Province, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Desert Horticulture Conference
Texas Flora Checklist

86 Natives of U.S. North East

87 Natives of Central U.S.A.

88 Natives of U.S. North West

89 Natives of U.S. South East

91 Colombian Natives and Introductions

92 Indonesian Natives and Introductions

94 Natives of Rocky Mountain Area, U.S.A.

Rocky Mountain Wildflowers CD-ROM

95 Canadian Natives, Central Area

96 Canadian Natives, Eastern

97 Canadian Natives, Western, and British Colombia

99 East Indies Natives and Introductions

100 North East European Native Plant Seed List

Seppo Vesterinen's Garden in Finland - interesting links, recipies.
Finnish data

101 North West European Native Plant Seed List

Flora of the Netherlands and of Europe
Botanical Garden, University of Oslo

102 Eastern European Native Plant Seed List

103 Western European Natives and Introductions

104 South East Asian Native Plant Seeds

105 North East Asian Native Plant Seeds

106 Central Asian Native Plant Seed List

107 South West Asian Native Plant Seeds

108 North West Asian Native Plant Seeds

109 Central American Natives and Introductions

110 South American Native Plant Seed List

Andean Botanical Information System

111 Caribbean Native Plants and Introductions

112 Bermudan Natives and Introductions

113 East African Native Plant Seed List

114 Czechoslovakian Natives and Introductions

115 West African Native Plant Seed List

116 Central African Native Plant Seed List

117 Hungarian Native Plants and Introductions

Szabolcs-Szatmr-Bereg County, Hungary - Botanic Garden and Regions

118 Siberian Native Plant Seed List

119 Polynesian Native Plants and Introductions

120 Alaskan Native Plant Seed List

121 Uruguayan Natives and Introductions

122 Venezuelan Natives and Introductions

123 Moroccan Native Plant Seed List

Greenland Native Plant Seed List

125 Nevada Desert Plant Seed List

126 Balearic Islands (W.Med.) Native Plant Seeds

127 Icelandic Native Plant Seed List

128 Scandinavian Native Plant Seed List

Plants of the Norwegian Forests and Mountains (images) by Trine S. Tveter and Jon Wikne

129 Tibetan Natives and Introductions

134 Tasmanian Natives Seed List

135 Mauritian Native Plant Seed List

Pamplemouses Botanical Garden, Mauritius

136 Falkland Islands Native Plant Seed List

137 Azores Native Plant Seed List

Azores Islands

138 Arctic Native Plant Seed List

How Arctic plants survive.

140 Taiwanese Native Plant Seed List

141 Nepalese Natives and Introductions

142 Bhutanese Natives and Introductions

143 Canary Islands Natives and Introductions

144 Sri Lankan Native Plants and Introductions

147 Madeiran Native Plants and Introductions

152 Papua New Guinean Natives and Introductions

155 Pyreneean and Cantabrian Native and Introduced Plant Seeds

156 Melanesian and Micronesian Natives and Introductions

158 Puerto Rican Native and Introduced Plant Seed List

164 Zairean Native Plants and Introductions

175 Mali (Sahel) West African Natives & Introductions

182 Reunion Island Natives and Introductions

183 U.S. Middle West Natives and Introductions

186 Seychelles Islands Natives and Introductions

188 South-West European Vegetables and Culinary Herbs

189 French Vegetables and Culinary Herbs

Trees and Shrubs For Mediterranean Climates

Find out about Mediterranean climates and Join the Mediterranean plant discussion group

191 Tropical Shrubs and Trees

Tropical Flowers Forums - Tropical flower discussion group

192 Tropical Commercial Selection, Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers

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