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Trees and Shrubs

7 Palm Seed List
(See Also List 21)

International Palm Society
Palms of the World by Mike Maxson

8 "World Classic" Tree Seed List

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) On-Line

10 Rhododendron and Azalea Species and Hybrid Seed List
The Rhododendron Page
The Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden
Rhododendron Park und Botanischer Garten Bremen
Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens, Washington

11 Seed List of Plant Species Suitable For Bonsai (Hardy and Tender).

Hunter's Pony Farm, Bonsai.
The Bonsai Primer
Belgian Bonsai Web - in French

16 Seeds of Eucalyptus Trees - Relatively Hardy in GB.

17 Seeds of Eucalyptus Trees - Relatively Tender in GB (most Species).
Delta description of Myrtaceae Family
The Eucalyptus site

20 Australian and New Zealand Conifer Seed List

21 Australian, New Zealand, and Introduced Palms, Cycads, etc.

22 Rare Cycads and Allies of Australia and New Zealand.
International Palm Society

27 Acacia Seed list.

29 Temperate Forest and Woodland Trees.

30 Seeds of "Exotic" and Other Fruit or Nut, Trees, Shrubs, and Climbing Plants.
Millican Pecan Company: Pecan Products Page.

52 Cabinet Wood - Tree Seeds.

60 Economic Timber Trees. - in English, Spanish or Dutch.

Forestry Resource Guide


Academic Resources

Government Resources


Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding


65 World Coastal Trees.

157 Conifers.
the American Conifer Society

168 Seeds for Shade and Shelter, Shrubs and Trees.

172 Seeds of Trees suitable for Coppicing.

177 Seeds of Shrubs and Trees recommended for Autumn Colour.

179 Street Trees.

190 Trees and Shrubs For Mediterranean Climates.
Find out about Mediterranean climates and Join the Mediterranean plant discussion group

191 Tropical Shrubs and Trees.

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Delta descriptions include more taxonomic information than you could shake a stick at + Botanical drawings

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Economic, Ethnobotanic, and Useful Plants
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Natives, and introduced species - by Geographical regions.
Families, or Habits

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