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List 239 - Aristolochiaceae - 6/16/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Aristolochia californica	406228	 30s10
Aristolochia clematitis	34445	 2g11 10g21 25g61 100g77 1000g512 1p10 15s10
Aristolochia clematitis organic seed	47589	 2g11 10g23 100g146 1000g996 1p13
Aristolochia debilis	408213	 5g19 10g27 28g32 113g88 250g330 454g170 100s8
Aristolochia esperanzae	503793	 1000g1838
Aristolochia fimbriata	406230	 1000g1838 8s10 10s8
Aristolochia gigantea	40114	 1000g3024
Aristolochia grandiflora	400861	 1000g2727 18s13
Aristolochia lindneri	461245	 1000g1838
Aristolochia littoralis	306	 1000g685 1p11 15s10 100s13 1000s58 10000s95
Aristolochia macrophylla	305	 5g28 1p10
Aristolochia manshuriensis	406234	 5g22
Aristolochia pilosa	461247	 1000g1930
Aristolochia pothieri	503808	 100s25 1000s86
Aristolochia pseudotriangularis	461248	 1000g1930
Aristolochia ringens	66128	 1p9 100s15 1000s35 10000s250
Aristolochia serpentaria svs	48055	 1g18 5g83 10g162
Aristolochia tagala	73913	 500g212 1p4 100s15 1000s90
Asarum canadense svs	31874	 1g14 3g31 7g45 10g120 14g75 100g998 1p11 40s8
Asarum caudatum svs	68655	 1g8 10g47 1p6
Asarum caulescens	403893	 1g22 1p17
Asarum europaeum svs	12673	 1g6 10g37 25g107 100g318 1000g2097 1p6
Asarum marmoratum	504100	 40s12
Pararistolochia goldieana	533607	 100s241
Saruma henryi svs	441873	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p14 20s9

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