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List 268 - Boraginaceae - 6/13/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Alkanna graeca	47533	 1g27
Alkanna orientalis	407690	 1g10 10g100 100g760 1p4
Amsinckia intermedia	86336	 25g83 100g242 1000g1583
Amsinckia tessellata	502468	 50s10
Amsinckia vernicosa v furcata Griswold Hills	86216	 50s10
Anchusa arvensis	80520	 10g20 25g59 100g179 1000g1167
Anchusa azurea	77953	 5g23 10g19 25g82 100g142 1000g1502 1p8
Anchusa azurea Dropmore	25411	 1g8 2g14 10g19 100g99 125g22 250g38 500g70 1000g106 5000g404 10000g715 1p8
Anchusa capensis	39748	 25g30 250g163 1p10
Anchusa capensis Blue Angel	64223	 2g8 10g23 15g32 25g46 50g19 100g31 250g71 500g134 1000g258 2500g587
Anchusa capensis Blue Bird	435628	 500g112 1000g170 5000g695 10000g1274 1p8
Anchusa capensis Dawn Mixture dwarf	401073	 100g31 250g71 500g152 1000g209 2500g398 10000g1152 25000g2500
Anchusa officinalis	23309	 1g8 1g8 2g12 2g9 5g12 10g20 100g129 250g671 1000g884 1p8
Anchusa officinalis organic seeds	551074	 1g10 10g58 100g408
Arnebia pulchra	445881	 1g32 10g214 100g1707 1p32
Asperugo procumbens	435775	 25g83 100g247 1000g1623
Bessera elegans	36383	 8s13
Borago officinalis	3388	 10g8 25g8 50g9 100g11 250g64 500g59 1000g86 2500g158 5000g318 10000g417 25000g91
Borago officinalis Alba	73518	 10g20 12g8 25g10 50g13 100g19 250g41 500g76 1000g210 2500g400 10000g1146 1p8
Borago officinalis Alba organic seed	551076	 1g8 10g42 100g198 1p11
Borago officinalis organic seed	448187	 10g8 25g16 50g26 100g46 250g100 1000g456
Buglossoides arvensis	86360	 5g18 10g30 25g83 100g242 1000g1483 1p8
Buglossoides purpureocaeruleum	34458	 1g8 10g57 100g439
Cerinthe glabra	25443	 1g10 10g51 1p10
Cerinthe major	440703	 1p4
Cerinthe major v purpurascens	79051	 10g8 12g9 25g11 50g15 100g24 250g52 500g97 1000g184 2500g348 10000g998 25000g216
Cerinthe major v purpurascens Kiwi Blue	85357	 1g8 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g20 50g33 100g60 250g142 500g273 1000g485 1p14
Cerinthe major v purpurascens Pride of Gibraltar	85358	 25g10 50g13 100g20 250g41 500g76 1000g115 2500g244 10000g775 25000g1775 1p4
Cerinthe major v purpurascens Purple Belle	456802	 1000s77
Cerinthe minor	67976	 25g18 50g29 100g51 250g120 1p8
Cordia africana	76847	 1000g156 100s22
Cordia africana prov. Ibumu Tanzania	457496	 1000g158
Cordia boissieri	80466	 25g23 250g108
Cordia caffra	83140	 1p12 100s25 1000s200
Cordia decandra	407169	 5g8 10g15 100g111
Cordia dichotoma	29686	 1000g77 100s24 1000s51
Cordia diversifolia	513171	 100s34
Cordia gerascanthus	513173	 100s21 1000s30 10000s124
Cordia monoica	406752	 1000g178 100s30 1000s236
Cordia obliqua	701	 1000g86 1000s77
Cordia ovalis	513190	 1p12
Cordia sebestena	7	 10g14 25g22 1000g158 3s8 1000s132
Cordia sinensis	80041	 1000g139 1p12 100s33 1000s230
Cordia sp. Manabi	551105	 100s34
Cordia taguahyensis	513203	 100s154
Cordia tetrandra	513204	 100s26
Cordia wallichii	27015	 1000g95 100s24 1000s39
Cryptantha caespitosa	403290	 40s12
Cryptantha compacta	403291	 40s12
Cryptantha humilis v nana	445104	 35s10
Cryptantha johnstonii	514110	 50s10
Cryptantha paradoxa	455561	 40s10
Cynoglossum amabile Firmament	65206	 100g9 250g16 500g25 1000g42 2000g79 2500g121 3000g110 5000g146 10000g296 25000g6
Cynoglossum amabile Mystery Rose	66357	 1g4 5g7 5g8 10g9 10g10 25g15 50g30 100g41 250g94 500g178 1000g314
Cynoglossum amabile Mystic Pink	78945	 250g45 500g83
Cynoglossum amabile Mystic White	553826	 100g20 250g43 500g79
Cynoglossum amabile White	66359	 100g20 250g41 500g76 1000g118 5000g415
Cynoglossum creticum	5354	 25g124 100g366 1000g2407
Cynoglossum montanum	462942	 20g27
Cynoglossum nervosum	71258	 1p4
Cynoglossum officinale	15086	 1g6 2g10 6g8 10g10 12g10 25g13 50g19 100g31 250g69 500g131 1000g256 1p6
Cynoglossum officinale organic seed	551208	 1g9 10g29 100g146 1000g720 1p12
Cynoglossum zeylanicum	553213	 1g16
Cynoglossum zeylanicum blue and white mix	25587	 2g11 5g18 10g27 25g58 50g57 100g41 250g94 500g178 1000g314
Cyphia bulbosa	430371	 1p10
Draperia systyla	442765	 100s8
Echium Blue Dwarf	461764	 15s11
Echium Candy Floss	46431	 1p4 10s11
Echium amoenum Eclat	464017	 5000s36 10000s63 20000s123
Echium amoenum Red Feathers	444536	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p14
Echium amoenum Red Feathers organic seed	47903	 1g40 10g313 1p14
Echium boissieri	407702	 1p11
Echium candicans	25045	 1g10 10g50 100s6 1000s10 10000s64
Echium decaisnei	517515	 100s112
Echium fastuosum	517514	 1g8 3g9 7g11 14g15 28g23 56g40 112g73 448g180 4480g1500 22400g6550 1p8 20s10
Echium italicum	34492	 25g84 100g238 1000g1543
Echium lusitanicum ssp. polycaulon	407703	 1p11
Echium pininana	27509	 30s10
Echium pininana x Pink Fountain	436447	 1g34 2g32 1p13 20s10
Echium pininana x Snow Tower	436446	 1g25 2g24 1p10 30s10
Echium plantagineum Bedder Blue dwarf	28403	 5g9 10g10 12g8 15g21 20g16 25g9 30g21 40g27 50g12 100g17 250g36 500g65 1000g104
Echium plantagineum Bedder Mixed dwarf	449027	 6g8 12g9 25g11 50g15 100g23 250g51 500g96 1000g133 2500g247 10000g689 25000g1494
Echium plantagineum Bedder Pink dwarf	438102	 100g22 250g47 500g111 1000g153 2500g287 10000g812 25000g1763 1p8
Echium plantagineum Bedder White dwarf	70855	 100g22 250g47 500g111 1000g153 2500g287 10000g812 25000g1763 1p8
Echium plantagineum Dwarf Hybrids Mix	28402	 100g17 250g36 500g65 1000g106 5000g361 10000g608 25000g1440
Echium plantagineum b.s.	85967	 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g29 50g51 100g96 250g232 500g458 1000g1167 1p4
Echium russicum	73405	 0g12 1g14 10g106 100g834 1p8 50s8
Echium russicum organic seed	552390	 1g27 10g197 100g1557 1p12
Echium simplex	51082	 10s9
Echium tuberculatum	432966	 10s9
Echium vulgare	13643	 1g5 2g10 2g8 5g11 10g8 15g26 20g28 25g14 50g21 100g36 1000g246 5000g1060 10000g1
Echium vulgare Bedder Blue	447649	 5g9 10g12 15g16 25g24 50g41 1p8
Echium vulgare Bedder White	460330	 1p8
Echium vulgare Dwarf Hybrids	447651	 1p8
Echium vulgare organic seed	550309	 1g8 10g38 100g219 1p8
Echium wildpretii	33916	 25g67 100g196 10s12 100s22 1000s91
Echium wildpretii x Red Rocket	447648	 15s10
Ehretia cymosa	517526	 1000g163
Ehretia obtusifolia	446277	 100s16
Ehretia rigida	400549	 1p10 100s12 1000s200
Emmenanthe penduliflora	404253	 1p8
Eritrichium canum Baby Blues	47904	 1g16 10g107 100g783 1p9
Eritrichium nanum	13683	 1g272 1p23
Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia	407707	 50s10
Heliotropium arborescens	26888	 1g14 5g41 10g84 25g44 50g82 100g157 1000g9050 1p8
Heliotropium arborescens Marine dwarf	32502	 1g9 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g59 25g54 50g173 100g294 1000g2697 2500g5253 1p8 100s8 200s1
Heliotropium arborescens Mini-marine extra dwarf	40214	 25g68 50g110 100g216 250g534 500g1055 1000g1620 1p9
Heliotropium arborescens dwarf form	452446	 5g16 10g26 25g58 50g109 100g215 250g534 500g1055 1000g1624
Heliotropium europaeum	83696	 1g8 10g32 25g107 100g314 1000g2081 1p6
Heliotropium filifolium	46830	 1p4
Heliotropium kotschyi	46831	 1p4
Heliotropium paniculatum	67464	 5g38
Hydrophyllum appendiculatum	69999	 3g21 7g26 14g45 28g67 20s8
Hydrophyllum capitatum	79020	 50s9
Hydrophyllum virginianum	69998	 3g21 7g26 14g45 28g67 50s8
Lindelofia longiflora	69674	 1g9 10g64 100g490 1p8
Lindelofia sp. unident.	461850	 1p4
Lithospermum Starry Night	462483	 4g28
Lithospermum arvense	433004	 2g11 10g12 25g20 50g34 100g61 1000g471
Lithospermum officinale	4987	 1g8 5g23 10g35 100g245 1p4 300s8 600s14 1000s22
Lobostemon glaucophyllus	552706	 1p10
Lycopsis arvensis	86409	 25g46 100g140 1000g908
Mertensia maritima	51194	 0g14 0g30 1g55 2g122 5g225 1p8
Mertensia virginica	79980	 1g53 10g416 1p23 90s8
Moltkia petraea	3022	 1g40 10g335 1p14
Myosotidium hortensia	400857	 1g26 5g44 10g197 100g1557 1p40
Myosotidium hortensia Alba	432394	 5g44
Myosotis alpestris Ball Blue dwarf	32541	 1g7 2g14 2g15 50g24 100g42 250g97 500g182 1000g278 2500g624 5000g1156 10000g2054
Myosotis alpestris Ball Indigo	71239	 5g8 10g9 25g14 50g22 100g37 250g86 1p4
Myosotis alpestris Ball Marine	71238	 25g17 50g27 100g47 250g111
Myosotis alpestris Ball Snow - White	71240	 1p4
Myosotis alpestris Blue Basket	32531	 1g8 2g15 50g19 100g31 250g69 500g128 1000g245 5000g557
Myosotis alpestris Royal indigo blue	76841	 5g8 10g9 25g16 50g26 100g45 250g112 500g213 1000g297 2500g563 10000g1712 25000g3
Myosotis alpestris carmine rose	458876	 50g37 100g68 250g164 500g317 1000g442 2500g520 10000g1876 25000g4450
Myosotis alpestris indigo blue	32542	 1g8 2g15 25g31 50g19 100g32 250g72 500g152 1000g237 5000g963 10000g1731 25000g40
Myosotis alpestris organic seed	13892	 25g30 50g53 100g99 1000g315 2000g531
Myosotis alpestris standard blue	81550	 10g8 25g12 50g18 100g29 250g64 500g121 1000g185 5000g738 10000g1296 25000g3053 1
Myosotis alpestris standard indigo	435676	 10g8 25g12 50g18 100g29 250g66 500g122 1000g185 5000g738 10000g1296 25000g3053 1
Myosotis alpestris standard mixed	81549	 50g20 100g33 250g76 500g300 1000g230 2500g798 5000g931 10000g1661 25000g3913
Myosotis alpestris standard rose	81551	 10g8 25g13 50g20 100g33 250g76 500g148 1000g230 2500g865 5000g931 10000g1662 250
Myosotis alpestris standard white	554077	 10g8 25g13 50g20 100g33 250g76 500g148 1000g230 5000g931 10000g1662 25000g3913 1
Myosotis alpestris ultramarine	449056	 1g8 5g28 25g17 50g27 100g48 250g499 500g988 1000g1966 1p8
Myosotis arvensis	13889	 2g10 5g11 10g10 15g27 25g17 50g27 100g47 1000g342 1p8
Myosotis capitata	442344	 1g126 10g1000 1p19
Myosotis discolor	46274	 25g107 100g318 1000g2097
Myosotis oblongata Blue Bird sp name unresolved	435674	 100g31 250g69 500g128 1000g200 5000g824 10000g1532
Myosotis pulvinaris	432395	 1p23
Myosotis scorpioides	15342	 0g8 0g21 0g10 1g14 1g14 2g23 5g39 10g72 100g440 1000g3481 1p8
Myosotis scorpioides Alba	459870	 1g40 1p11
Myosotis scorpioides Semperflorens	435675	 250g82 500g152 1000g233 5000g986 10000g1833
Myosotis sylvatica	15343	 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g29 50g51 100g96 1000g729 1p4
Myosotis sylvatica Standard White	81552	 50g22 100g38 250g69 500g148 1000g250 2500g549 5000g952 10000g1688 25000g3925 1p8
Myosotis sylvatica Sylva - Bluesylva	432546	 1p10 250s9 500s9 1000s15 2500s32 5000s61 10000s117 25000s267 50000s503
Myosotis sylvatica Sylva - Mixed	461796	 500s9 1000s15 2500s32 5000s62 10000s117 25000s267 50000s503
Myosotis sylvatica Sylva - Rosylva	82245	 1p10 500s9 1000s15 2500s32 5000s62 10000s117 25000s267 50000s503
Myosotis sylvatica Sylva - Snowsylva	437251	 1p10 500s9 1000s15 2500s32 5000s62 10000s117 25000s267 50000s503
Myosotis sylvestris Victoria Dwarf Azurea	32546	 1g9 25g17 50g28 100g50 250g118 1p8
Myosotis sylvestris Victoria Dwarf Indigo Blue	434402	 1g8 2g16 5g27 10g50 15g72 25g111 100g439 1p8
Myosotis sylvestris Victoria Dwarf Rosea	32545	 1g8 2g16 25g17 50g28 100g50 250g118 1p8
Myosotis sylvestris Victoria Dwarf White	32544	 1g9 10g59 25g17 50g28 100g50 250g118 1p8
Myosotis sylvestris Victoria Mixture	445002	 1g8 2g13 5g22 25g17 50g28 100g50 250g118 1p9
Nemophila Freckles	66094	 1g9 2g11 5g18 10g31 15g43
Nemophila discoidalis Penny Black (sp. name unresolved)	66095	 1g8 2g11 5g17 6g8 12g10 25g13 50g20 100g34 250g78 500g145 1000g255 1p8
Nemophila maculata	4281	 10g10 25g8 50g10 100g13 250g25 500g44 1000g82 2500g237 5000g329 10000g543 25000g
Nemophila maculata and menziesii mixed	71792	 250g27 500g47 1000g86
Nemophila menziesii Frosty Blue	463521	 50s10
Nemophila menziesii White Confetti	438296	 250g29 500g52 1000g96 5000g329 10000g543 25000g1225
Nemophila menziesii blue	28296	 10g11 12g8 25g9 28g20 50g12 100g17 113g56 250g35 500g64 1000g93 2500g348 5000g31
Nemophila menziesii mixed	437258	 250g28 500g52 1000g95 5000g329 10000g543 25000g1225
Nemophila menziesii v atomaria Snowstorm	71790	 100g21 250g45 500g83 1000g118 2500g235 10000g793 25000g1870 1p8
Nonea lutea	436463	 2g22 1p8
Oenothera tetragona	451413	 1g21 10g158 100g1256 1p10
Omphalodes linifolia	70062	 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g39 50g71 100g140 250g328 500g645 1000g1153 1p9 15s9
Omphalodes nitida	448341	 1p10
Onosma albo-rosea	532364	 1p8
Onosma echioides	85795	 1g12 10g85 1p9
Onosma polyphyllum	440440	 1g12 10g90 1p10
Onosma rigida	434405	 1g10 10g72 100g559 1p8
Onosma stellulata	13911	 1g11 10g85 1p9
Phacelia bolanderi	65632	 1p10 50s10
Phacelia californica	407724	 50s10
Phacelia campanularia	25036	 5g8 6g8 10g14 12g9 15g17 20g30 25g11 28g20 50g15 100g24 113g56 250g53 500g100 10
Phacelia ciliata	452419	 50s10
Phacelia congesta	74906	 250g34 500g62
Phacelia distans	65633	 100s10
Phacelia grandiflora	65634	 1p4 100s10
Phacelia pinnatifida	456351	 100s38
Phacelia purshii	82736	 100g17 250g34 500g62 1p9
Phacelia sericea	3632	 1g27 10g188 100g1660 1p19
Phacelia tanacetifolia	4331	 1g8 10g10 28g20 50g8 100g10 113g44 250g17 454g108 500g27 1000g48 2000g105 2500g1
Phacelia tanacetifolia green manure organic seed	459924	 10g11 100g14 250g28 500g50 1000g82 1500g113 2500g162 5000g307 1p8
Pholistoma auritum	65636	 50s10
Pulmonaria obscura	408458	 1g6 10g26 1p6
Pulmonaria officinalis	35716	 1g8 10g34 100g224 1000g1750 1p11
Pulmonaria officinalis organic seeds	459928	 1g12 10g71 100g490 1000g2913
Romanzoffia californica	407728	 1p4 50s10
Symphytum grandiflorum Sky-Blue-Pink	445816	 1p9
Symphytum officinale	15308	 1g8 2g11 5g15 10g26 25g59 50g93 100g249 1000g1959 1p8 20s10
Symphytum officinale organic seed	459931	 1g8 10g51 100g378 1000g2955 1p4
Symphytum uplandicum x	23239	 2g14 5g23 7g33 10g42 25g90 1p8
Tournefortia candidula	545043	 100s22 1000s51
Tournefortia fuliginosa	456659	 100s14 1000s30 10000s145
Tournefortia glabra	462439	 100s27 1000s85
Tournefortia psilostachya	545044	 100s29 1000s150
Trichodesma zeylanicum	16551	 25g31 100g110 1000g656 1p9
Wigandia ecuadorensis	548356	 100s12 1000s17 10000s61

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