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List 294 - Caricaceae - 6/16/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Carica candicans	510378	 100s87 1000s632
Carica cauliflora	510380	 100s87 1000s612
Carica cnidoscoloides	510383	 100s112 1000s851
Carica lanceolata	510392	 100s198 1000s1281
Carica microcarpa ssp. baccata	510394	 100s45 1000s271
Carica palandensis	510398	 100s211 1000s1496
Carica papaya	64	 10g17 25g28 250g181 1000g600 1p9 100s9 1000s43 10000s338
Carica papaya Ceylon Honeydew	501	 1000s27 100000s1078
Carica papaya Coorg Honeydew	5276	 1000g187 2500g458 5000g836 100s13 1000s21 10000s99 100000s1123
Carica papaya Mamba Numba	402242	 100s28 1000s157
Carica papaya Mammoth	503	 100s20 1000s28 100000s1103
Carica papaya Nickerie Long	405142	 100s86
Carica papaya Ranchi semi dwarf	505	 1000s27 100000s1078
Carica papaya Solo Sunrise	23631	 100s17 1000s94
Carica papaya Solo Sunset	28089	 100s14 1000s76
Carica papaya Solo Waimanalo	35626	 100s25 1000s152
Carica papaya Washington	507	 1000s27 100000s1098
Carica papaya Watermelon tested non-GMO	462170	 10g46 50g158 10s8
Carica papaya Wild Small Fruit	31904	 100s56 1000s393
Carica papaya dwarf	35503	 100s8
Carica pubescens	496	 100s17 1000s28 10000s187
Carica pubescens Cobquecura	510400	 100s69 1000s436
Carica pubescens Cundinamarca	510401	 100s47 1000s286
Carica stipulata	497	 100s133
Carica weberbaueri	510404	 100s211 1000s1493
Jacaratia digitata	525714	 100s87 1000s631
Jacaratia mexicana	525718	 100s109 1000s846
Jacaratia mexicana Maroon	525717	 100s87 1000s631
Jarilla caudata	525768	 100s130 1000s847
Jarilla chocola	525769	 100s130 1000s847
Jarilla heterophylla	525770	 100s173 1000s1277

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