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List 324 - Cornaceae - 6/16/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Cornus alba	708	 10g11 25g16 28g22 100g51 113g60 250g81 454g119 500g192 1000g373 1p16 100s16 1000
Cornus alba Sibirica	71	 10g16 25g25 28g27 100g70 113g75 250g150 454g146 500g265 1000g520
Cornus alba stratified seed	461594	 10g13 100g59 500g204 1000g397
Cornus alternifolia	709	 25g16 28g21 113g48 250g84 454g97
Cornus amomum	711	 10g17 25g18 28g15 113g39 250g81 454g80
Cornus canadensis	712	 1g11 10g77 28g146 100g497 113g402 454g751 500g1975 1000g3940 1p9
Cornus capitata svs	713	 20g29 25g25 28g23 113g60 250g120 454g118 1p9
Cornus controversa	714	 10g15 25g26 28g28 100g131 113g75 250g127 454g146 500g509 1000g485 1p15
Cornus drummondii	435340	 25g28 250g133
Cornus florida	401798	 10g16 25g21 28g18 100g68 113g48 250g99 454g95 500g260 1000g507 25s11
Cornus florida Rubra	717	 10g15 25g26 28g21 113g56 250g212 454g111 1000g485 1p17
Cornus kousa	86077	 1g12 10g26 14g19 100g181 1p6 25s9 100s24 1000s64
Cornus kousa prov. Korea	445627	 10g24 28g55 113g153 250g330 454g290
Cornus kousa v. angustata	24449	 25g23 250g120
Cornus kousa v. chinensis	24686	 10g8 25g25 28g24 100g38 113g64 250g133 454g127 500g139 1000g268 1p11
Cornus kousa v. chinensis Milky Way	446507	 10g23 28g26 113g68 250g267 454g134
Cornus macrophylla	80741	 10g26 250g225
Cornus mas svs	401174	 1g6 7g9 10g9 14g11 20g9 25g17 28g16 56g25 100g21 113g43 250g57 454g88 500g69 100
Cornus nuttallii	721	 10g22 28g36 113g93 250g225 454g187
Cornus obliqua	86926	 25g20 250g94
Cornus officinalis	722	 25g20 28g22 113g59 250g94 454g117
Cornus racemosa	723	 25g16 28g17 113g44 250g65 454g89
Cornus sanguinea	724	 10g10 20g12 25g17 28g14 100g27 113g31 250g55 454g66 500g94 1000g177 100s17 1000s
Cornus sanguinea prov. UK stratified seed	464327	 100g55 500g204 1000g399
Cornus sanguinea prov. USA	448859	 28g14 113g31 454g66
Cornus sanguinea stratified seed	448743	 100g36 500g130 1000g256
Cornus sericea	725	 25g25 28g30 113g81 250g133 454g158
Cornus sessilis	72996	 10g14 250g115
Cornus walteri	72998	 25g16 250g68 1p10
Cornus wilsoniana	80742	 25g27 28g22 113g54 250g127 454g115
Curtisia dentata	808	 1p12 100s18
Dendropanax arboreus Schippii	80752	 100s12 1000s17 10000s57
Griselinia littoralis	18049	 5g18 20g111 250g453
Stylidium affine	16489	 1g19 10g143 25g282
Stylidium amoenum mauve	400219	 2g24 5g55 10g106 25g257 100g1015
Stylidium brunonianum	16492	 0g37 1g35 5g168 10g332 25g822
Stylidium bulbiferum	407625	 2g26 5g65 10g126 25g308 100g1219 1000g10003
Stylidium calcaratum	16787	 1g21 5g96 10g187 25g460
Stylidium caricifolium ssp affine	16494	 10g40 25g93 100g360 1000g2320
Stylidium ciliatum	29906	 1g39 5g186 10g368 25g912
Stylidium crassifolium	16496	 1g16 5g73 10g142 25g347 100g1376 1000g9099
Stylidium dichotomum	16497	 1g39 5g186 10g368 25g912 100g3636
Stylidium hispidum	165	 2g28 5g69 10g133 25g325 100g1286 1000g10605
Stylidium junceum	16788	 2g28 5g69 10g133 25g325 100g1286 1000g10605
Stylidium schoenoides	16789	 2g22 5g55 10g106 25g257 100g1015 1000g8346

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