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List 336 - Cyatheaceae - 6/12/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Cnemidaria mutica	512629	 1p13
Cyathea alata	462370	 1p38
Cyathea albifrons (name unresolved)	462371	 1p42
Cyathea australis (name unresolved)	5881	 1p32 100s10
Cyathea bicrenata	514468	 1p13
Cyathea borneensis	514472	 1p13
Cyathea caracasana	514473	 1p13
Cyathea carrii	514474	 1p15
Cyathea cicatricosa name unresolved	462372	 1p38
Cyathea dealbata name unresolved	24492	 10g63 1p12 100s14
Cyathea decurrens	462373	 1p18
Cyathea divergens	514476	 1p13
Cyathea dregei	406757	 1p10
Cyathea erinacea	514477	 1p13
Cyathea fenicis	514478	 1p13
Cyathea firma	514479	 1p13
Cyathea furfuracea	514480	 1p13
Cyathea glauca name unresolved	437781	 1p38
Cyathea gleichenioides	514481	 1p11
Cyathea intermedia	462374	 1p45
Cyathea leichardtiana	5735	 10g39 25g74 1p15
Cyathea lepifera	514483	 1p12
Cyathea leucotricha	78698	 1p13
Cyathea loheri	514485	 1p18
Cyathea longipes	514484	 1p18
Cyathea medullaris name unresolved	51684	 1p12
Cyathea podophylla	514487	 1p13
Cyathea poeppigii	514488	 1p11
Cyathea schiedeana	514489	 1p11
Cyathea smithii name unresolved	17909	 1p32
Cyathea sp. unident. Tiny Top	40124	 1p15
Cyathea spinulosa	437692	 1p11
Cyathea straminea	514490	 1p15
Cyathea suprastrigosa	514492	 1p18
Cyathea truncata	431314	 1p18
Cyathea truncata name unresolved	462375	 1p48
Sphaeropteris cooperi	5882	 1p57

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