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List 360 - Dilleniaceae - 6/13/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Dillenia indica	893	 25g32 250g154 1000g62 5000g298 10000g368 1p4 10s9 100s14 1000s23 10000s136 10000
Dillenia pentagyna	516476	 1000s26
Hibbertia acerosa	407562	 2g20 5g50 10g95 100g909 1000g6011
Hibbertia amplexicaulis	16104	 3g22 5g36 10g67 100g623 1000g4806
Hibbertia aurea	16656	 2g21 5g51 10g97 100g924 1000g7592
Hibbertia commutata	1677	 4g24 10g56 100g517 1000g3826
Hibbertia cuneiformis	67501	 5g19 10g34 100g292 1000g1868
Hibbertia glomerata	439452	 3g22 5g36 10g67 100g623 1000g4730
Hibbertia gracilipes aff.	439453	 2g17 5g42 10g79 100g744 1000g6086
Hibbertia helianthemoides	439454	 2g21 5g51 10g97 100g924 1000g7592
Hibbertia huegelii	75436	 2g17 5g42 10g79 100g744 1000g6011
Hibbertia hypericoides	16657	 1g22 2g21 5g51 10g97 100g924 1000g6839
Hibbertia lasiopus	16771	 4g20 10g46 100g412 1000g3073
Hibbertia nymphaea	439455	 15g24 100g130 1000g784
Hibbertia obtusifolia	442105	 1g22
Hibbertia ovata	16772	 15g24 100g130 1000g784
Hibbertia pennigera	439456	 15g25 100g134 1000g814
Hibbertia perfoliata	439457	 4g24 10g56 100g511 1000g3826
Hibbertia pilosa	439458	 25g37 100g134 1000g814
Hibbertia racemosa	439459	 2g21 5g51 10g97 100g924 1000g7592
Hibbertia rhadinopoda	439460	 15g25 100g134 1000g814
Hibbertia scandens	16109	 1g22 5g28 10g52 100g472 1000g1567 1p17 1000s96
Hibbertia serrata	16108	 5g29
Hibbertia silvestris	439461	 4g20 10g46 100g412 1000g3073
Hibbertia spicata ssp spicata	439462	 4g24 10g56 100g511 1000g3826
Tetracera loureiri	544594	 100s22

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