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List 365 - Dracaenaceae - 6/13/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Dracaena aletriformis	70921	 1p10 100s24 1000s63 10000s440
Dracaena arborea	450324	 100s34 1000s185
Dracaena cambodiana	517115	 100s30 1000s177
Dracaena cubensis	517118	 100s112 1000s854
Dracaena draco	927	 1g17 28g19 113g49 454g98 10s11 100s23 1000s68 5000s589 10000s597 50000s2100
Dracaena fragrans	928	 1p9 6s9 100s34 1000s148
Dracaena hookeriana	451993	 1p17 1000s226
Sansevieria ehrenbergii	540497	 100s28 1000s135
Sansevieria hyacinthoides	401043	 1p10
Sansevieria metallica	450369	 100s25 1000s209

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