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List 406 - Goodeniaceae - 6/16/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Brunonia australis	15796	 1g17 25g24 1000g437 50s9
Coopernookia polygalacea	15923	 1g19
Dampiera linearis	439398	 5g22 10g38 25g88 100g337 1000g2169
Dampiera wellsiana	407509	 5g39
Goodenia caerulea	442091	 25g28 100g146 1000g889
Goodenia scaevolina	16084	 5g38 25g24 100g123 1000g738
Goodenia scapigera	16085	 5g29 10g25 25g28 100g96 1000g566 1p17
Goodenia tenella	439431	 10g28 100g246 1000g1567
Lechenaultia biloba	16175	 1g28 3g22 5g38 10g72 25g173 100g676 1000g4429 1p10
Lechenaultia floribunda	16176	 1g25 3g18 5g32 10g59 25g139 100g541 1000g3523
Lechenaultia formosa	16178	 3g21 5g36 10g67 25g159 100g623 1000g3826
Lechenaultia linarioides	16179	 1g13 5g60 10g115 25g280 100g1105 1000g9099
Lechenaultia macrantha	400199	 1g46
Scaevola calliptera	34009	 4g20 10g46 25g106 100g412 1000g3073
Scaevola crassifolia	16447	 5g32 25g30 100g108 1000g641 1p8
Scaevola cylindrica	540712	 100s96 1000s572
Scaevola globulifera	16449	 25g30 100g104 1000g611
Scaevola nitida	16451	 10g22 25g48 100g175 1000g1085
Scaevola platyphylla	400215	 4g35 10g56 25g131 100g511 1000g3826
Scaevola plumieri	31421	 1p10
Scaevola spinescens	400997	 5g38 10g24 100g209 1000g1190
Scaevola striata	439522	 5g23 10g40 25g93 100g360 1000g2320
Scaevola taccada	38799	 100s25 1000s53
Scaevola thesioides	16454	 10g24 25g53 100g199 1000g1251
Velleia rosea	16563	 5g23 15g21 25g31 100g110 1000g663
Velleia trinervis	16564	 10g23 25g50 100g186 1000g1168

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