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List 439 - Hypoxidaceae - 6/16/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Curculigo orchioides	85565	 100s21 1000s63
Hypoxis angustifolia	77908	 1p10
Hypoxis galpinii	454703	 1p10
Hypoxis hemerocallidea	27391	 1p10 100s19 1000s36
Hypoxis hygrometrica	454382	 1p4
Hypoxis villosa	82176	 100s15
Molineria capitulata	530565	 1000s47 10000s385
Molineria latifolia	530567	 100s25 1000s77
Pauridia aquatica	405292	 1p10 100s16
Pauridia canaliculata	403010	 1p10
Pauridia capensis white fl.	403011	 1p10 100s16
Pauridia capensis yellow fld. form	80684	 1p10 100s16
Pauridia flaccida	434619	 1p10 100s51
Pauridia serrata	442250	 1p10
Rhodohypoxis baurii Coral Stars mix red to white	36907	 1p27
Rhodohypoxis hybrids mixed	443198	 1p16

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