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List 446 - Juglandaceae - 6/13/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Carya aquatica	5616	 113g28 250g81 454g58
Carya cathayensis	517	 10g14 100g62 250g81 1p4
Carya cordiformis	30997	 113g28 250g71 454g58
Carya glabra	30998	 113g26 454g55
Carya illinoinensis	518	 250g55 454g55
Carya illinoinensis Improved	25268	 113g27 454g58 1p4
Carya laciniosa	519	 113g27 250g42 454g55
Carya lecontei x	510492	 454g56
Carya ovata	52	 113g27 250g55 454g57 500g179 1000g356
Carya texana	30999	 250g81
Carya tomentosa	39839	 113g28 250g68 454g58
Cyclocarya paliurus	80749	 10g19 250g225
Engelhardtia spicata	518029	 100s21 1000s64 10000s461
Juglans ailanthifolia	1493	 100g38 113g36 250g39 454g74 500g138 1000g263
Juglans ailanthifolia v. cordiformis	1494	 113g28 454g60
Juglans cinerea	1495	 113g24 250g47 454g53
Juglans hindsii	70586	 113g32 454g66
Juglans mandshurica	1496	 250g57
Juglans microcarpa	3425	 100s311
Juglans mollis	525864	 100s381
Juglans neotropica	32851	 100s274
Juglans nigra	23689	 454g51 500g29 1000g48
Juglans nigra southern prov.	24629	 454g53
Juglans nigra stratified seed	431300	 500g35 1000g60
Juglans olanchana	525865	 100s489
Juglans regia	1498	 250g25 500g38 1000g66
Juglans regia hardy Carpathian prov.	5292	 113g28 454g60
Juglans regia stratified seed	5291	 500g42 1000g74
Juglans subcordiformis	525876	 250g44
Platycarya strobilacea	435273	 1p8
Pterocarya fraxinifolia	400610	 10g10 100g43 1000g290 1p6 100s28 1000s73
Pterocarya stenoptera	2305	 10g14 100g43 1p8

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