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List 448 - Juncaceae - 6/12/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Juncus acutus	76133	 25g96 100g282 1000g1867
Juncus balticus	525894	 3g21 7g29 14g45 28g67 1p4 2000s8
Juncus bufonius	86399	 1g8 5g20 25g107 100g318 1000g2099 1p8
Juncus canadensis	449131	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 454g1208 1000s8
Juncus conglomeratus	408449	 1g13 10g13 25g24 50g41 100g75 1000g566
Juncus dudleyi	441130	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 454g1208 1000s8
Juncus edgarie	434552	 1g24 5g51 100s15
Juncus effusus	76871	 1g12 3g26 7g36 10g12 14g56 25g107 28g88 50g32 100g57 450g1208 1000g428 1p8 100s7
Juncus effusus fa. spiralis	551207	 1g212 10g1810 100g15489 1p18
Juncus effusus fa. spiralis pellets	76873	 1p8 100s13 250s29 500s53 1000s45 2000s72 2500s103 5000s178 10000s354 100000s2986
Juncus ensifolius	76872	 1g27 10g209 100g1660 1p10
Juncus filiformis Spiralis	438189	 1g156 10g1242 100g9942 1p14 500s8
Juncus filiformis Spiralis pills	448809	 2000s65 5000s157 10000s313 100000s2607
Juncus inflexus	76874	 1g17 10g12 50g35 100g62 1000g461 1p9
Juncus inflexus Afro	436568	 5000s74 10000s146 25000s362 50000s722 100000s1291 500000s6454
Juncus interior	83607	 3g14 7g18 14g26 28g38 454g480 1000s6
Juncus kraussii prov. RSA	552656	 1p10 100s12 1000s24
Juncus kraussii prov. WA	83266	 25g45 1000g1055
Juncus maritimus	82223	 1g24 5g51 1p8 100s15
Juncus nodosus	83608	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 454g1208 1000s8
Juncus pallidus	16143	 1g27 3g20 5g28 10g61 25g144 100g563 1000g4580 1p10 100s15
Juncus patens Carmans Grey	440008	 3000s55 10000s181 25000s451 50000s899 100000s1539
Juncus pincei	457106	 1g30
Juncus sarophorus	82224	 1p4
Juncus sp. nov. Hedgehog Grass	445822	 3000s78 10000s256 100000s2197
Juncus squarrosus	434542	 1g13 2g12 5g18 10g29
Juncus tenuis	83609	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 1000s8
Juncus torreyi	83610	 3g31 7g45 14g75 28g127 1000s8
Juncus usitatus	434458	 25g45 1000g1055
Luzula Starmaker	448056	 100s8 250s16 500s29 1000s53
Luzula campestris	406279	 10g27 25g138 50g82 100g157 1000g1213
Luzula lutea	443162	 1g6 10g40 1p4
Luzula luzuloides	79414	 1g8 10g12 50g34 100g62 1000g461
Luzula meridionalis	442123	 1p15
Luzula multiflora	408452	 10g12 25g138 50g34 100g62 1000g461
Luzula nivea	4161	 0g9 1g4 1g11 2g15 5g24 10g36 100g2846 1p3 2500s16 5000s29 10000s56
Luzula nivea Lucius	448054	 1g41 10g339 100g2847 1p11
Luzula pedemontana	455113	 1g9 10g59 100g516 1p8
Luzula sylvatica	4163	 1g4 2g15 5g20 10g36 25g138 100g405 1000g2690 1p3
Luzula sylvatica Select	448810	 1g21 10g171 100g1428 1p8
Luzula sylvatica Solar Flair	458150	 1g49 10g429 1p9
Luzula ulophylla	18181	 1g40 10g313 1p14
Prionium serratum	536880	 1p7
Triglochin maritima	406282	 1g10 10g72 25g107 28g45 100g318 113g124 454g236 1000g2099 1p8 200s8

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