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List 488 - Marantaceae - 6/13/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Aechmea angustifolia	18262	 100s36
Aechmea aquilega	18264	 100s25 1000s86 10000s656
Aechmea bracteata	18271	 1s21 1000s47 10000s334
Aechmea coelestis	18295	 100s27 1000s114 10000s871
Aechmea lueddemanniana	18351	 100s27 1000s114
Aechmea mexicana	18358	 100s27 1000s114
Aechmea nudicaulis	18365	 100s19 1000s54
Aechmea strobilacea	18424	 100s42 1000s262
Ananas ananassoides	18443	 100s50
Ananas comosus	18448	 1p4
Billbergia Hallelujah x Darth Vader	18504	 100s27
Billbergia amoena	18458	 100s27
Billbergia pyramidalis	18516	 100s29
Bromelia karatas	366	 100s53 1000s329
Bromelia pinguin	362	 1000s115
Bromelia sp unident. Mk. 3	447146	 1p9
Bromelia sp unident. Mk.2	30858	 1p9
Bromeliad Dwarf Mix	464111	 100s16 1000s26 10000s81
Calathea crotalifera	73713	 10s20 50s22 100s57 1000s397
Calathea guzmanioides	509136	 10s20
Calathea inocephala	73685	 50s15 100s21 1000s139
Calathea lateralis	509137	 10s16 100s34
Calathea lutea	73684	 50s21 100s73
Calathea ornata	462367	 1000s95
Catopsis sessiliflora	18558	 100s27 1000s135
Donax canniformis	517048	 100s34 1000s243
Dyckia encholirioides	18601	 1g25 100s25 1000s92
Dyckia frigida	18604	 100s25 1000s99
Fascicularia bicolor svs	82546	 1p23
Greigia sphacelata	408821	 100s66 1000s393
Guzmania lingulata	18632	 100s25 1000s79
Guzmania nicaraguensis	18647	 100s19 1000s45
Hechtia aquamarina (name unresolved	443419	 100s25 1000s71 10000s534
Hechtia cpnzattiane	77027	 100s21 1000s60 10000s425
Hechtia galeottii	522491	 100s21 1000s43 10000s296
Hechtia glomerata	455905	 100s19 1000s45 10000s315
Hechtia lanata	464112	 100s31 1000s178 10000s1375
Hechtia lepidophylla	464113	 100s16 1000s36 10000s263
Hechtia michoacana (name unresolved)	464114	 100s19 1000s45 10000s319
Hechtia montana	464115	 100s21 1000s43 10000s296
Hechtia myriantha	464116	 100s25 1000s86 10000s623
Hechtia nuusaviorum	464117	 100s23 1000s71 10000s515
Hechtia perotensis	464118	 100s12 1000s26 10000s162
Hechtia podantha	77593	 100s23 1000s71 10000s515
Hechtia pueblensis (name unresolved)	464119	 100s14 1000s30 10000s169
Hechtia reticulata	464120	 100s25 1000s92 10000s687
Hechtia rosea	464121	 100s25 1000s84 10000s601
Hechtia tillandsioides	464123	 100s57 1000s372
Maranta arundinacea	19151	 24s21 100s27
Neoregelia Island Sunset	404033	 100s25 1000s77
Neoregelia Justins Song	18727	 100s23 1000s71
Neoregelia Leopard Ray	74786	 100s27
Neoregelia pascoaliana	2929	 100s25 1000s79 10000s577
Ochagavia carnea	456811	 100s19 1000s134
Phrynium pubinerve	85654	 100s42 1000s151 10000s939
Pitcairnia bifrons	464131	 100s29
Pitcairnia diffusa	462421	 100s18 1000s43
Pitcairnia elongata	464132	 100s25 1000s86
Pitcairnia grafii	464133	 100s21 1000s60
Pitcairnia megasepala	464134	 100s14 1000s21 10000s55
Pitcairnia piepenbringii	464135	 100s21 1000s69
Pitcairnia sceptigera	464136	 100s16 1000s34 10000s227
Pitcairnia sp. Lago Lindo	464137	 100s25 1000s92
Pitcairnia spectabilis	464138	 100s12 1000s24 10000s126
Pitcairnia trianae	462422	 100s12 1000s19 10000s53
Pleiostachya pruinosa	19159	 100s44 1000s144
Portea petropolitana v. extensa	18839	 100s27 1000s178
Puya alpestris	18256	 1p4 50s10 100s13 1000s23 10000s155
Puya berteroana	74088	 1g29 5g23 10g42 1p9
Puya castellanosii	464140	 100s18 1000s27 10000s196
Puya chilensis	27564	 1p9 100s18 1000s36 10000s265
Puya coerulea	69909	 1p8
Puya coerulea v. monter	46255	 1p4
Puya dasylirioides	537604	 100s24 1000s66
Puya harmsii	464141	 100s20 1000s47 10000s368
Puya mirabilis	26129	 1p10 100s11 1000s14 10000s24
Puya raimondii	77652	 20s16 100s26 1000s153 10000s1189
Puya venusta	439994	 1p8 100s15 1000s30 10000s215
Puya yakespala	464143	 100s38 1000s215 10000s1685
Ronnbergia explodens	404058	 100s42 1000s242
Tillandsia balbisiana	18864	 100s21 1000s40 10000s284
Tillandsia brachycaulos	18867	 1000s115
Tillandsia bulbosa	18868	 100s31 1000s175
Tillandsia complanata	462437	 100s13 1000s62
Tillandsia fasciculata	18885	 100s21 1000s57
Tillandsia fendleri	462438	 100s25 1000s121
Tillandsia flexuosa	544961	 100s25 1000s89
Tillandsia incarnata	18906	 100s34
Tillandsia juncea	18909	 100s23 1000s45 10000s329
Tillandsia pectinata	544969	 100s25 1000s68
Tillandsia streptophylla	18953	 1p10
Vriesea geniculata	464108	 100s21
Vriesea sanguinolenta	19085	 100s12 1000s21 10000s110
Vriesea sanguinolenta Rubra	464144	 100s12 1000s23 10000s146
Werauhia ororiensis	464145	 100s25 1000s68
Werauhia tonduziana	464146	 100s23 1000s68

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