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List all - Master List - 7/13/2020


The original B & T World Seeds' Master Seed List

The Master List contains prices for seeds from over 35,000 different plant species or varieties, including all the flowering plant seeds, fern spores, funghi mycelia, germination aids, certificates etc. for which we currently have active sources.
Please see our stock list for seeds that in stock. Stock seeds are almost always dispatched within a couple of working days of order confirmation. The vast majority of non-stock seeds can be dispatched within 8 weeks of order confirmation. Most lists include a few species that are seasonal or otherwise currently unavailable, fresh seeds are shipped in season, rare seeds whenever our collectors can get them. The full Master List database contains information for over 100,000 plants. Some plants in the full database listing never produce viable seeds, or produce seeds that may not come true to form, these are not usually listed in the price-lists.

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