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List 498 - Melastomataceae - 6/16/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Antherotoma naudinii	437688	 1p10
Bellucia pentamera	507564	 100s14 1000s21 10000s74
Benkara armigera	35604	 100s26
Blakea subconnata	507963	 100s24 1000s47
Brachyotum ledifolium	508286	 100s13 1000s23 10000s155
Clidemia hirta	85559	 100s39 1000s111 10000s356
Clidemia octona	512565	 100s39 1000s111 10000s360
Dissotis canescens	915	 1p10
Dissotis debilis	83147	 1p10
Dissotis princeps	5464	 1p10
Dissotis princeps mix	440462	 1p4
Geochloa rufa	463033	 1p10
Hordeum vulgare Barley organic seed	462988	 500g25 1000g44 2500g79 5000g147 10000g200 25000g419
Medinilla albiflora	529617	 100s27 1000s123
Medinilla speciosa	457395	 100s22
Melastoma malabathricum L.	85628	 1p17 100s17 1000s27
Memecylon bachmannii	85630	 1p12
Meriana nobilis	529958	 100s14 1000s26 10000s178
Miconia nervosa	462412	 100s16 1000s46
Miconia trinervia	530121	 100s28
Osbeckia stellata	404226	 100g48 100s24 1000s60 10000s451
Oxyspora paniculata	404227	 100s28 1000s98
Pseudosbeckia swynnertonii	80313	 1p9
Rhexia virginica	76644	 1g32 10g244 1p17
Sorghum bicolor Nigrum	463543	 1p8
Sorghum bicolor Red Broomcorn Mix	463544	 28g20 1p9
Tibouchina grossa	78269	 100s26 1000s87
Tibouchina lepidota Alba	544925	 100s20 1000s66
Tibouchina mollis	544926	 100s13 1000s19 10000s42
Tibouchina urvilleana	2738	 100s25 1000s152

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