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List 720 - Molluginaceae - 6/13/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Abronia wootonii	450112	 1p13
Acaena microphylla	13166	 1g8 2g8 5g10 10g14 25g27 50g48 100g94 250g230 500g450 1000g890 1p8
Acaena microphylla Copper Carpet	442496	 1p4
Acaena saccaticupula	408304	 1g19 10g141 100g1109 1p10
Acanthocalycium spiniflorum	33712	 1000s65
Acantholimon sp unident. br pink fl bluish fol	403112	 1g21 10g158
Acanthosicyos naudinianus	71794	 1p9 100s18 1000s165
Acca sellowiana	1089	 1g32 1p9 50s8 100s9 250s14 500s21 1000s36 10000s139 50000s1360
Achyranthes bidentata	74121	 300s8
Aciphylla pinnatifida	78070	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p14 100s27 1000s136
Acis autumnalis	71450	 1p9 100s10
Acis nicaeensis	36725	 1p4
Acnistus arborescens	500590	 100s11 1000s14 10000s45
Aconitum anthora	28368	 1g7 10g37 100g482 1p6
Aconitum carmichaelii Latecrop or Spatlese	32422	 1g11 10g81 100g654 1p9
Aconitum carmichaelii v carmichaelii	449136	 1g19
Aconitum napellus ssp vulgare Albidum	457781	 1g14 10g111 100g869 1p11
Acorus americanus	80170	 3g12 7g14 14g20 28g28 454g336 300s8
Acorus calamus	31668	 1g10 10g68 100g525 1000g90 5000g350
Acrodon parvifolius	406909	 1p10
Acrostichum aureum	34599	 1p14
Actaea pachypoda	27582	 1g8 3g36 10g23 1p8 50s8
Actaea pachypoda Silver Leaf	450445	 1g27 1p14
Actaea pachypoda fa rubrocarpa	63455	 1g15 10g115 1p9
Actaea rubra	3166	 1g10 3g30 7g45 10g67 14g74 28g123 100g525 1p8
Actaea rubra Alba	14307	 1p4
Actaea spicata	5664	 1g8 10g23 100g172 1p6 100s8
Adansonia digitata	9	 10g22 250g265 1p13 4s12 6s12 100s22
Adansonia digitata prov. Ibihua Tanzania	457473	 1000g129
Adansonia digitata prov. Mvumi Tanzania	457472	 1000g129
Adansonia digitata prov. Ruaha Mbuyuni Tanzania	457471	 1000g129
Adansonia grandidieri (not to USA)	80014	 100s135 1000s1094
Adansonia gregorii	14947	 10g31 25g18 100g55 250g384 1000g280 1p16 100s75 1000s430
Adenia cladosepala	462396	 100s67
Adenia gummifera v gummifera	447284	 6s9
Adenium multiflorum	31343	 10s10 100s45
Adenium obesum	192	 1000g1590 1p12 10s10 1000s102 10000s803
Adenium obesum mixed	446721	 10s25
Adenium obesum purple fl.	452967	 1p4
Adenium obesum ssp. somalense	401402	 25s28
Adenium obesum white fl.	463088	 10s19 100s160
Adenium sp. unident. Grumby	500788	 5s10 10s19
Adiantum bicolor	430974	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Adiantum caudatum	51445	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Adiantum hispidulum	5707	 100s10
Adiantum raddianum Brilliant Else	445623	 0g34 0g53 1g87
Adiantum raddianum Monocolor	400890	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Adiantum tetraphyllum	500883	 1p14
Adonis annua	3184	 0g8 1g9 2g10 2g11 5g16 10g26 1p4
Adonis microcarpa	440901	 25g98 100g284 1000g1861
Adromischus marianae	434636	 100s16
Aegopodium podagraria	15047	 25g46 100g140 1000g908
Aeonium arboreum v. holochrysum	37236	 100s21 1000s39
Aeonium aureum	443431	 100s15 1000s23 10000s154
Aeonium ciliatum	444165	 100s13 1000s62
Aeonium davidbramwellii	436842	 100s11 1000s21 10000s146
Aeonium haworthii	400859	 100s11 1000s19 10000s110
Aeonium lancerottense	464214	 100s11 1000s19 10000s123
Aeonium longithyrsum	464215	 100s11 1000s21 10000s129
Aeonium percarneum	436845	 100s11 1000s14 10000s45
Aeonium spathulatum	436846	 100s11 1000s19 10000s110
Aeonium spp. mixed	435180	 1p12 100s13 1000s19 10000s88
Aeonium tabuliforme	75978	 100s13 1000s62
Aeonium undulatum	500973	 100s11 1000s21 10000s130
Aesculus californica	72394	 113g27 250g81 454g57
Aesculus carnea	30969	 250g31
Aesculus flava	39837	 250g55 454g58
Aesculus glabra	3085	 250g55
Aesculus hippocastanum	400368	 250g21 454g53 1000g41 100s89
Aesculus indica svs	198	 1000g73 1000s408
Aesculus parviflora	431243	 454g90
Aesculus pavia	199	 250g55 454g57
Aesculus turbinata	30971	 250g71
Aethephyllum pinnatifidum	408765	 100s10
Aframomum angustifolium	431711	 10s13 100s33 1000s86 10000s457
Agapanthus Blue Baby	31534	 1p16 1000s92
Agapanthus Getty White	24993	 1g20 10g133 100g1041 1p15 1000s61 5000s61 10000s114
Agapanthus Headbourne Blue	51124	 0g11 0g19 1g21 2g73 1p11
Agapanthus Headbourne Hybrids blues mix	11771	 0g12 0g21 1g22 2g82 3g28 15s10 50s9
Agapanthus Peter Pan	12842	 1g27 5g43 10g210 100g1660 250g1160 1p16 12s10 1000s60 5000s70 10000s125
Agapanthus Purple Cloud	404255	 1p4
Agapanthus Queen Anne	11769	 1g20 5g46 10g133 100g1041 250g1244 1p15 1000s57 5000s68 10000s123
Agapanthus Storm Cloud	46564	 1p10 25s8
Agapanthus Wavy Navy	400071	 1p16 1000s140
Agapanthus africanus	11765	 1g9 2g26 3g38 5g46 10g37 100g287 250g1103 1p10 100s8 250s15 500s27 1000s26 10000
Agapanthus africanus Albus	12418	 1g14 5g46 10g100 100g783 250g1103 1p11 1000s39 5000s75 10000s137 50000s613 10000
Agapanthus africanus nanus Albus	66233	 1p16 10s10 1000s157
Agapanthus campanulatus	460021	 1p10 100s13 1000s220
Agapanthus campanulatus ssp campanulatus	23522	 1p10 100s13
Agapanthus comptonii ssp comptonii	80606	 100s26 1000s218
Agapanthus garden hybrids mixed	552555	 1p9
Agapanthus inapertus ssp inapertus	29421	 1p10 100s13 1000s142
Agapanthus inapertus ssp intermedius	5458	 1p10
Agapanthus nutans	68644	 1p10
Agapanthus praecox dwarf blue	430280	 100s38 1000s99
Agapanthus praecox dwarf white	82156	 1p10 100s13 5000s96 10000s181
Agapanthus praecox medium white	69314	 1p10
Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis Cape Blue	5459	 1p10 100s13
Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis dark blue	450319	 5000s99 10000s189 50000s866
Agapanthus praecox ssp orientalis tall white	12313	 1p10 100s13
Agapanthus praecox ssp praecox	400087	 500g705 1000g1103 5000g4908 100s12 1000s26 10000s142
Agapanthus praecox ssp praecox white form	25169	 500g705 1000g1105 5000g4464 10000g8021 100s12 1000s428
Agapanthus praecox tall white form	83307	 100s11
Agapanthus sp. unident. blue	442498	 100s10
Agapanthus umbellatus v. ovatus (name unresolved	464007	 1p9
Agave aktites	443394	 1000s123
Agave albescens	501148	 100s27 1000s156 10000s1207
Agave americana	19561	 1p16 100s18 1000s39 10000s270
Agave andreae	441237	 1p4 100s51 1000s304
Agave angustifolia	25822	 100s14 1000s82
Agave asperrima ssp. maderensis	464161	 100s23 1000s66 10000s491
Agave asperrima ssp. potosiensis	464162	 100s23 1000s109 10000s835
Agave asperrims ssp. zarcensis	464163	 100s25 1000s94
Agave attenuata	19503	 1p16 100s19 1000s44 5000s385 10000s322 50000s3528
Agave aurea	501154	 100s25 1000s94
Agave avellanidens	501155	 100s23 1000s48
Agave azurea (name unresolved)	501156	 100s87 1000s500
Agave bovicornuta	75979	 100s29 1000s149 10000s1144
Agave cerulata	449457	 100s21 1000s55 10000s413
Agave chazaroi	449458	 100s19 1000s40 10000s272
Agave chiapensis	449460	 100s25 1000s91 10000s690
Agave chrysantha	74708	 100s19 1000s38 10000s269
Agave colorata	454584	 100s27 1000s158 10000s1099
Agave deserti	31788	 25s8 100s13 1000s75
Agave deserti montane form	77506	 90s10
Agave deserti v. pringlei	501172	 100s16 1000s33 10000s231
Agave deserti v. simplex	449411	 100s19 1000s40 10000s279
Agave difformis	441222	 100s23 1000s48 10000s346
Agave durangensis	441239	 100s19 1000s40 10000s280
Agave felgeri	401341	 100s44 1000s85 10000s628
Agave filifera	31293	 100s19 1000s44 10000s319
Agave funkiana	441224	 100s21 1000s51 10000s412
Agave garciae-mendozae	441225	 100s19 1000s35 10000s233
Agave geminiflora	441240	 100s5 1000s44 10000s319
Agave gentryi	86489	 100s16 1000s33 10000s231
Agave gentryi La Escondida	441226	 100s21 1000s46 10000s321
Agave gomezpompae (name unresolved)	501180	 100s94
Agave guadalajarana	449463	 100s25 1000s91 10000s691
Agave guiengola	436850	 1p4
Agave gypsophila	553381	 20s31 100s21 1000s59 10000s412
Agave havardiana Jeff Davis Co. Tx	31791	 60s9
Agave horrida	443398	 100s13 1000s50
Agave hurteri Zunil Guat.	449465	 1p4
Agave impressa	449466	 100s27 1000s126
Agave karwinskii	454585	 1p4 100s25 1000s89 10000s644
Agave kavandivi (name unresolved)	501182	 100s31 1000s170 10000s1293
Agave kerchovei	401404	 100s19 1000s33 10000s231
Agave kristenii (name unresolved)	441241	 100s25 1000s85 10000s627
Agave lechuguilla	31787	 100s12 1000s41 10000s271
Agave lechuguilla El Paso Co. Tx	86488	 90s10
Agave macroacantha	75981	 100s19 1000s38 10000s278
Agave macroacantha Teotihuacan	441242	 1p4
Agave macroculmis Conception del Oro	449470	 1p4
Agave marmorata	449479	 100s16 1000s33 10000s235
Agave mckelveyana	74711	 100s25 1000s85 10000s627
Agave mckelveyana Yavapai Co. Az	74710	 70s10
Agave mitis v. albidior	501198	 100s25 1000s70 10000s519
Agave montana	46565	 100s11 1000s46 10000s334
Agave multifilifera	446722	 100s21 1000s42 10000s300
Agave nayaritensis	501202	 100s16 1000s33 10000s231
Agave neomexicana Otero Co. NM	20562	 80s10
Agave nussaviorum	501203	 100s27 1000s113 10000s863
Agave obscura	403043	 100s21 1000s59
Agave obscura Xalapa	501205	 100s23 1000s83
Agave ocahui	441228	 100s23 1000s53 10000s379
Agave ocahui v. longifolia	444167	 100s23 1000s66 10000s476
Agave ornithobroma	441229	 100s16 1000s29 10000s192
Agave ortgiesiana	441230	 100s23 1000s70 10000s562
Agave ovatifolia	454586	 100s27 1000s126 10000s971
Agave palmeri dwarf form	3349	 100s16
Agave parryi Grant Co. NM	449474	 90s10
Agave parryi ssp. neomexicana	86486	 100s18 1000s81 10000s614
Agave parryi ssp. parryi	19198	 1p11 100s14 1000s87
Agave parryi v. couesii	40549	 25s9 90s9 100s27 1000s126 10000s971
Agave parvidentata Volc. Santa Ana El Salvador	449475	 100s29 1000s137
Agave parviflora Ruby Az. cit (not to USA)	82359	 100s17
Agave peacockii	443397	 100s34 1000s200
Agave pelona	401343	 100s34 1000s145 10000s1057
Agave pendula	449476	 100s44 1000s263
Agave petrophila	403061	 100s31 1000s177 10000s1508
Agave polyanthiflora Nacori Chico Son.	454587	 1p4
Agave potatorum	82364	 100s12 1000s89
Agave rhodacantha	501213	 100s27 1000s134 10000s1035
Agave rhodacantha Dwarf	501214	 100s34 1000s197
Agave rutteniae	501215	 100s66 1000s392
Agave rzedowskiana	501216	 100s25 1000s72 10000s541
Agave salmiana	448769	 100s10 1000s30
Agave salmiana ssp. crassispina	454588	 100s27 1000s134 10000s1035
Agave schidigera	64536	 100s19 1000s35 10000s229
Agave schidigera White Stripe	441236	 1p4 100s25 1000s106 10000s799
Agave schottii	404683	 100s23 1000s48
Agave seemanniana	501219	 100s21 1000s51 10000s369
Agave shawii ssp. goldmaniana	443401	 100s21 1000s38 10000s265
Agave shrevei ssp. magna (ssp. unresolved)	449481	 100s23 1000s48 10000s347
Agave shrevei ssp. matapensis (ssp. unresolved)	404684	 100s23 1000s51
Agave sobria	443403	 100s19 1000s40
Agave sobria ssp. frailensis (ssp. unresolved)	77508	 100s23 1000s61 10000s452
Agave sobria ssp. roseana	453873	 100s27
Agave spp. mix	74214	 1p12
Agave striata	72608	 100s21 1000s38 10000s235
Agave striata ssp. falcata	441232	 100s16 1000s33 10000s231
Agave striata ssp. falcata Blue	443406	 100s21 1000s46 10000s343
Agave stricta	31789	 100s21 1000s38 10000s265
Agave stringens	66251	 100s25 1000s81
Agave subsimplex	86484	 100s25 1000s104 10000s777
Agave temacapulinensis (name unresolved)	501222	 100s21 1000s38 10000s265
Agave tenuifolia	443405	 100s25 1000s113
Agave tenuifolia Blue	462365	 100s25 1000s98
Agave tequilana	501221	 10s9
Agave toumeyana v bella Gila Co Az	401344	 100s10
Agave triangularis	443407	 1p4 100s25 1000s85 10000s627
Agave triangularis Subintegra	443408	 100s27 1000s126 10000s971
Agave underwoodii	501226	 100s19 1000s38 10000s265
Agave utahensis	76954	 100s10 1000s101
Agave utahensis ssp kaibabensis Coconino Co Az	400426	 70s10
Agave utahensis ssp. kaibabensis	552958	 100s21 1000s59 10000s412
Agave utahensis v nevadensis San Bernardino Co. Ca	66258	 100s10
Agave utahensis v. nevadensis	66257	 100s21 1000s38 10000s261
Agave valenciana	501228	 100s27 1000s126 10000s970
Agave vasquezgarciae	501227	 100s21 1000s59 10000s429
Agave victoriae-reginae	19506	 1p16 100s24 500s26 1000s46
Agave victoriae-reginae Huasteca Canyon	441233	 100s25 1000s78 10000s603
Agave vilmoriniana	64042	 100s21 1000s59 10000s369
Agave vivipara	501232	 100s23 1000s61
Agave vizcainoensis	453876	 1p4 100s21 1000s46 10000s326
Agave warelliana	501230	 100s87 1000s543
Agave winteriana x	501231	 100s29
Agave xylonacantha	75983	 100s23 1000s57 10000s409
Agave xylonacantha Blue	403308	 100s19 1000s38 10000s265
Agrimonia eupatoria	400141	 1g8 2g10 5g8 10g10 20g22 25g13 50g20 100g33 250g308 1000g234 1p6 25s8 100s8
Agrimonia procera	80516	 10g8 25g13 50g19 100g33 500g117 1000g226 1p4
Agrostocrinum scabrum	15687	 1g20 2g29 10g120 25g292 1000g7590
Ajuga reptans	37676	 0g8 0g11 0g9 1g8 1g12 2g18 5g29 10g51 25g135 50g268 100g396 1000g3911 1p6
Albuca abyssinica	430735	 50s8 100s12 250s26
Albuca acuminata	34819	 1p10 100s16
Albuca anguinum (name unresolved)	439341	 100s15
Albuca bracteata	552962	 5g21 50s8 100s19 1000s44 10000s276
Albuca canadensis	11774	 1p10 100s10
Albuca clanwilliamae-gloria	434604	 1p10 100s16
Albuca cooperi	444270	 1p10 100s16
Albuca fastigiata	405637	 100s10
Albuca flaccida	442216	 1p10 100s16
Albuca fragrans	435447	 1p10
Albuca gildenhuysii	463714	 1p10
Albuca glandulosa	462135	 100s18
Albuca glauca	434345	 100s10
Albuca humilis	36851	 1p18
Albuca juncifolia	434346	 100s17
Albuca longibracteata	460234	 1p10 100s13
Albuca longifolia	408651	 100s16
Albuca longipes	438755	 1p10
Albuca maxima	80608	 1p10 100s13
Albuca nelsonii	400475	 1p10 100s13 1000s47
Albuca pachychlamys	501635	 1p10
Albuca scabrocostata	454323	 100s10
Albuca secunda	71385	 100s18
Albuca setosa	3114	 1p10 100s10
Albuca setosa large form	553451	 100s10
Albuca sp. unident. bright yellow fl.	46579	 1p10
Albuca sp. unident. large upright yellow fl.	408650	 1p10
Albuca suaveolens	29564	 1p10
Albuca tenuifolia	71876	 2g40 1p9 100s10
Albuca tortuosa	406841	 1p10
Albuca virens	448919	 1p10
Albuca vittatus	501636	 100s17
Albuca zebrina	463794	 100s17
Allium proliferum x Egyptian Onion	51259	 25bl21
Allium proliferum x Saint Jean	463495	 20bl24
Allium pskemense (B Fedtsch)	436101	 1p8 10s10
Allium ramosum	11762	 1g9 10g55 50g44 100g84 250g203 500g393 1000g293 2500g1854 5000g3468 1p8
Allium ramosum organic seed	459906	 1g13 10g77 100g520 1p10
Allium robinsonii	439081	 70s10
Allium rosenbachianum (hort )	36921	 1g8 2g10 10g34 100g249 1p8
Allium roseum Aglio Scalogno bulbs	81313	 250g22 500g31 1000g51 6000g309 12000g456
Allium sativum Select Red cloves	552861	 250g22 500g31 1000g51 6000g166 12000g276
Allium sativum Select White cloves	81312	 250g22 500g31 1000g51 6000g166 12000g276
Allium sativum Yugoslavian Giant Garlic	463596	 25s10
Allium schoenoprasum Chives thick for micro chives	408412	 50g45 100g83 500g335 1000g622
Allium schoenoprasum Forcing Chives Grolau	82917	 1p4 300s8
Allium schoenoprasum Polystar	553305	 2g8 5g10 10g17 25g35 50g62
Allium schoenoprasum Polyvit	47581	 1g8 4g11 10g28 100g155 1000g884 1p8
Allium schoenoprasum Polyvit organic seeds	408411	 1g8 10g42 100g292 1p8
Allium schoenoprasum Prager	46522	 500g122 1000g167 2500g316 10000g898 25000g1950
Allium schoenoprasum Staro	408336	 1p4
Allium schoenoprasum fine leaved	66459	 6g8 10g10 12g9 25g11 50g15 100g23 500g122 1000g160 2500g316 10000g898 25000g2114
Allium schoenoprasum medium fine leaf	76314	 25g26 50g40 100g65 500g122 1000g167 2500g316 10000g898 25000g1950 1p4
Allium schoenoprasum medium lvd. organic seeds	451137	 1g8 5g8 10g12 25g26 50g32 100g62 250g231 500g154 1000g299 1p8
Allium schoenoprasum thick - broad leaved	433941	 10g9 25g25 50g41 100g27 1000g160
Alluaudia procera cit	75884	 100s18 1000s95 10000s732
Alnus acuminata	73791	 1000g267 100s12 1000s14 10000s33
Alnus cordata	223	 10g17 25g34 28g36 100g61 113g98 250g251 454g189 500g240 1000g467 5000g2065
Alnus cremastogyne	73837	 28g20 113g46 454g92
Alnus glutinosa	225	 2g17 10g16 25g25 28g20 100g28 113g51 454g103 500g101 1000g192 5000g750
Alnus glutinosa prov. Scotland	454831	 10g24 100g115 500g446 1000g880
Alnus glutinosa prov. n e France - mountains	462048	 100g64 500g253 1000g493 5000g2183
Alnus hirsuta	76467	 28g20 113g54 454g108
Alnus incana	227	 10g18 28g62 100g82 113g173 250g251 454g327 500g259 1000g508
Alnus incana prov. UK	46567	 10g18 100g82 500g314 1000g617
Alnus incana ssp. rugosa	73840	 3g40 7g65 14g114 28g36 113g98 454g189 150s8
Alnus incana ssp. tenuifolia	34657	 28g33 113g90 454g174
Alnus japonica	400470	 10g17 28g20 113g52 250g133 454g104
Alnus jorullensis svs	5566	 2g17 25g28 1000g643
Alnus nepalensis	229	 25g18 28g18 113g48 250g107 454g97 100s20 1000s55
Alnus nitida	73838	 10g13 25g20 28g18 100g59 113g45 250g94 454g91 500g221 1000g430
Alnus rhombifolia	232	 5g29 28g54 113g149 454g265 4540g2355
Alnus rubra	231	 10g26 25g34 28g44 100g129 113g122 250g295 454g233 500g504 1000g997 1p9 100s13
Alnus rubra prov. Canada	459658	 10g28 100g129 500g500 1000g997
Alnus rubra prov. U K	448741	 10g28 100g129 500g504 1000g997
Alnus rubra prov. USA	461588	 10g55 100g268 500g1059 1000g2107
Alnus viridis	233	 10g20 25g34 100g94 250g225 500g363 1000g715
Alocasia brisbanensis	453713	 2g17 100s33 1000s120
Alocasia odora	443061	 1000s54 10000s406
Aloe aculeata	74215	 1p10 100s13 1000s38 10000s265
Aloe acutissima v. antanimorensis (var. name unresolved)	404307	 100s31
Aloe affinis	23585	 1p10 100s13 1000s106
Aloe africana	69373	 1p10 100s13 1000s43
Aloe albiflora cit (not to USA)	80094	 6s10 100s29
Aloe alooides	432780	 1p10 100s13 1000s32 10000s227
Aloe ammophila	29337	 100s44
Aloe arborescens cit II	20697	 1p10 100s13 1000s45
Aloe arborescens red form	448868	 1p10 100s13
Aloe austroarabica	463759	 6s10
Aloe barberae	86429	 1p4 10s6 100s50 1000s400
Aloe bosseri	75887	 6s10 100s34
Aloe boylei	77290	 1p10 100s13 1000s46
Aloe branddraaiensis	401049	 1p10 100s13 1000s34
Aloe brevifolia	74644	 100s26
Aloe broomii cit	400358	 100s15
Aloe burgersfortensis	451834	 1p10 100s13 1000s36
Aloe bussei	501944	 100s44
Aloe cameronii	404286	 100s21
Aloe camperi	19514	 10s10
Aloe castanea	23589	 1p10 100s12 1000s23 10000s157
Aloe castanea Yellow	444278	 100s13 1000s25 10000s169
Aloe chabaudii	400357	 1p10 100s13 1000s39 10000s276
Aloe charlotteae	408582	 100s27 1000s155
Aloe chortolirioides	438802	 10s10
Aloe chrysostachys	438803	 10s10 25s22 100s44 1000s284
Aloe ciliata	442256	 1p10
Aloe citrina	463089	 5s12
Aloe classenii	430992	 6s10 100s31 1000s176 10000s1290
Aloe claviflora	33493	 100s10
Aloe comosa	19577	 100s16
Aloe cooperi	37473	 1p10 100s13 1000s45
Aloe cryptopoda	86431	 1p10 100s13 1000s28 10000s193
Aloe decurva	438743	 6s10 100s38 1000s217 10000s1698
Aloe deltoideodonta v. fallax	430856	 6s10
Aloe descoingsii	446723	 6s10
Aloe dewetii	406910	 1p10 100s13
Aloe dhufarensis	552660	 4s20 100s44 1000s327 10000s2579
Aloe dichotoma cit	19211	 100s18
Aloe divaricata	75888	 8s10
Aloe duckeri	434066	 100s38 1000s217
Aloe dyeri	404293	 1p10 100s13 1000s47 10000s341
Aloe ecklonis	432789	 100s14 1000s41
Aloe ecklonis yellow to red typ.	83390	 1p4
Aloe elegans	74799	 5s8 100s24 1000s90 10000s730
Aloe esculenta	441556	 100s14
Aloe excelsa	86432	 1p10 100s13 1000s218
Aloe falcata	52585	 1p10 100s13
Aloe ferox cit II	19515	 0g11 1g14 2g33 5g58 1p8 100s10 500s13 1000s20 10000s83
Aloe ferox x thraskii nat hybrid	74800	 1p10
Aloe fievetii	434068	 10s10 100s27 1000s155
Aloe fleurentinorum	463800	 100s16
Aloe fleuretteana	449445	 6s10
Aloe flexilifolia	443437	 p10 100s21 1000s45 10000s317
Aloe fosteri	52586	 1p10 100s11 1000s47
Aloe furringiana	408591	 1p4
Aloe gariepensis red fls.	19516	 1p10 100s11 1000s41 10000s280
Aloe gerstneri	404280	 100s29
Aloe glauca	63829	 1p10 100s13
Aloe globuligemma	400432	 1p10 100s11 1000s36 10000s254
Aloe greatheadii v greatheadii	1969	 1p10 100s13
Aloe greatheadii v. davyana	80092	 1p10 100s13
Aloe hahnii	75890	 1p10
Aloe hereroensis cit	19518	 1p10 100s13 1000s40 10000s280
Aloe humilis	20658	 1p4 10s16
Aloe imalotensis v longiracemosa	501955	 6s10
Aloe isaloensis	501956	 10s10 100s28 1000s132
Aloe kaokoensis	501957	 1p10 100s16 1000s32 10000s227
Aloe khamiesensis	52589	 1p10 100s13
Aloe kraussii	431838	 100s19 1000s39
Aloe labworana	453883	 6s10 100s40 1000s243
Aloe lateritia v. graminicola	86436	 100s36
Aloe lavranosii	430857	 100s36 1000s211
Aloe linearifolia	405638	 100s27
Aloe lineata	71926	 1p10 100s13
Aloe lineata v. muirii	52591	 1p10
Aloe littoralis	41519	 1p10 100s13
Aloe lolwensis	72478	 6s10 100s31 1000s176 10000s1375
Aloe longibracteata	401051	 1p10 100s13 1000s41
Aloe lutescens orange fld. form	551148	 100s8
Aloe macroclada	402530	 100s27 1000s133
Aloe macrosiphon	451837	 10s10 100s27 1000s133
Aloe maculata	74647	 1p10 100s13
Aloe maculata hardy form	450022	 1p10 100s13
Aloe madecassa	63834	 6s10 100s34 1000s200
Aloe manandonae	453884	 100s44
Aloe mandotoensis	446725	 10s10 100s34
Aloe marlothii	19572	 1p10
Aloe marlothii x aculeata nat. hybrid	451838	 1p10 100s13
Aloe mawii	404294	 6s10 100s14 1000s28
Aloe megalacantha	75691	 1p10 100s14 1000s28
Aloe megalacantha Yellow Flower	431840	 100s30
Aloe megalacantha x Aloe sinkatana nat. hybrid	444286	 100s21 1000s36
Aloe melanacantha	19583	 1p10 100s13
Aloe menyharthii	404296	 6s10 100s31 1000s176
Aloe microstigma	19212	 1p19 100s12 1000s19 10000s76
Aloe mitriformis	63835	 1p10 100s13
Aloe modesta	432794	 10s10
Aloe mubendiensis	446724	 10s10 100s27 1000s133
Aloe mudenensis	442258	 1p10 100s13 1000s41
Aloe mutabilis	68232	 1p10 100s27 1000s148
Aloe omavandae	401411	 10s10 25s22 100s42 1000s282
Aloe omoana	464166	 100s44
Aloe palmiformis	501964	 10s10 25s22 100s44
Aloe parvibracteata	71925	 100s12 1000s30 10000s190
Aloe peglerae	35455	 1p10 100s13
Aloe penduliflora	78882	 6s10 100s34
Aloe perrieri	501966	 10s10 100s29 1000s143
Aloe petricola	75692	 1p10 100s13 1000s46
Aloe pienaarii	68318	 1p10
Aloe plicatilis	37475	 100s42
Aloe pluridens	23597	 1p19 100s13 1000s31 10000s227
Aloe polyphylla	444955	 1p12
Aloe praetermissa	434070	 5s29 6s10 100s36 1000s210
Aloe pretoriensis	41526	 1p10 100s13 1000s44
Aloe pruinosa	408589	 100s29 1000s218
Aloe pseudoparvula	501971	 100s31 1000s175
Aloe purpurea	408590	 6s10 100s29 1000s160
Aloe rauhii (not to USA)	35519	 1p10 100s25 1000s83
Aloe richaudii	501974	 100s42 1000s281
Aloe ruffingiana	501975	 10s10
Aloe rupestris	71924	 100s14 1000s25 10000s169
Aloe saponaria	438747	 100s16
Aloe secundiflora	401347	 10s10 100s25 1000s132
Aloe secundiflora v. tweedieae	35521	 6s10 100s34 1000s208
Aloe simii	463269	 1p10
Aloe speciosa	19524	 1p10 100s13 1000s218
Aloe spectabilis	404299	 1p10 100s12 1000s36 10000s227
Aloe spicata	74648	 1p10 100s13 1000s25 10000s169
Aloe striata	19525	 1p10 100s13 1000s21 5000s105 10000s104 50000s897
Aloe striata v. stricta	453889	 1p4
Aloe striatula	19526	 1p10
Aloe suprafoliata	68316	 100s21 1000s40 10000s270
Aloe tenuior	81711	 100s14 1000s40
Aloe thraskii	19528	 1p10 100s13 1000s25 10000s104
Aloe transvaalensis	77300	 1p10 100s13 1000s44 10000s317
Aloe turkanensis	501981	 100s57
Aloe umfoloziensis	404281	 1p10 100s21 1000s53
Aloe vacillans yellow	441557	 100s12
Aloe vanbalenii	404282	 1p10 100s13 1000s40 10000s296
Aloe vaombe	446340	 10s10 100s39
Aloe vaombe High Plateau	501989	 100s27 1000s147
Aloe variegata	19214	 15p10 100s38 1000s254
Aloe vera	453029	 1p4 10s14 25s27 50s48 100s90 250s218 500s430 1000s854 10000s5937
Aloe viguieri	74651	 1p4 6s10 20s28 100s30 1000s175
Aloe vogtsii	81713	 1p10 100s23 1000s68 10000s558
Aloe vryheidensis	408593	 1p10 100s13 1000s40 10000s279
Aloe werneri	501994	 6s10
Aloe wickensii	434074	 1p10 100s13 1000s40 10000s317
Aloe wickensii v lutea	75693	 100s10
Aloe zebrina	68315	 1p10 100s13
Aloinopsis luckhoffii	19215	 1p8 100s19 1000s47
Aloinopsis luckhoffii Boonstevlei	72479	 100s9
Aloinopsis malherbei	19216	 1p10 70s9 100s10
Aloinopsis orpenii	19715	 60s9 100s19 1000s40
Aloinopsis peersii	19584	 30s9 100s18
Aloinopsis rosulata	19219	 1p10 70s9 100s10
Aloinopsis rubrolineata	400344	 p10 100s14 1000s47
Aloinopsis rubrolineata se Graaff-Reinet	35539	 40s9 100s14
Aloinopsis schooneesii Shalom Willowmore	401439	 100s18
Aloinopsis schooneesii v. schooneesii	19221	 100s18
Aloinopsis setifera	19222	 1p10 50s9 100s14 1000s39
Aloinopsis spathulata	19719	 1p10 60s10
Aloinopsis spathulata x Nananthus transvaalensis	35542	 70s10
Aloinopsis spp. mix	19217	 1p10
Aloinopsis villetii	19223	 1p10 100s18
Alpinia arctiflora	462398	 10s14 100s23 1000s153
Alpinia caerulea	31175	 20s17 100s38 1000s179
Alpinia caerulea Red Back	453714	 20s17 1000s179
Alpinia galanga	5642	 24s21
Alpinia mutica	74401	 10s14 100s21 1000s60 10000s431
Alpinia nigra	502047	 10s14 100s21 1000s47
Alpinia nutans	464104	 10s15 100s24 1000s71 10000s527
Alpinia oxymitra	502048	 10s16
Alpinia sp. Borneo	450118	 10s18 100s44
Alpinia sp. Samar mix	70547	 10s17 100s40
Alpinia sp. Sayal	75596	 10s28
Alpinia sp. Silver	502051	 10s38
Alpinia sp. Vietnam mix	81372	 10s15 100s27
Alpinia zerumbet	31541	 10s18 100s41 1000s84
Alstroemeria Dandy Candy hybrid	443688	 1g14 10g102 100g800 1p14 8s11
Alstroemeria aurea Devotion pink shades	408001	 0g8 0g9 0g12 1g18 2g30 5g54 10g106 25g262 50g522 100g1040 1p4
Alstroemeria aurea Graham	28743	 1g11 2g19 5g32 6g26 10g57 1p8 10s8
Alstroemeria aurea hybrids mixed	445092	 10g26 25g58 50g109 100g215 250g532 500g1053 1000g2095
Alstroemeria aurea yellow form	83769	 20p8
Alstroemeria gayana	403213	 1g8
Alstroemeria hookeri	401115	 1g10 5g25 10g41 100g377 8s10
Alstroemeria hookeri v maculata	433873	 1g10
Alstroemeria huemulina	75804	 10s10
Alstroemeria ligtu x Dr Salters hybrids	27328	 1g16 2g35 5g21 10g19 25g40 50g73 1p9 12s12 20s9
Alstroemeria ligtu x New Hybrids	408554	 1g9 2g20 5g35 10g52 1p9
Alstroemeria magnifica	401120	 1g9
Alstroemeria magnifica ssp maxima	401121	 1g9
Alstroemeria paupercula	407156	 1g8
Alstroemeria philippii	407157	 1g8
Alstroemeria pulchella	402944	 1g8 p4 1p4 10s8
Alstroemeria pulchella Mona Lisa	69381	 1g14 10g102 100g800 1p12
Alstroemeria revoluta	68392	 20s9
Alstroemeria spp. mix	68398	 1p9
Alstroemeria versicolor	68395	 1p11
Amaryllis hybrid mixture	453061	 1000s30 100000s1300
Amomum compactum	86118	 10s15 100s25
Amomum maximum	451908	 1p9 10s15 100s25 1000s33 10000s257
Amomum spiceum	502395	 10s19 100s51
Amomum subulatum	443064	 1g8 10g32 100g181 1000g1063 1p16 10s15 100s39 1000s244 10000s257 25000s481
Amomum uliginosum	502396	 10s15 100s27 1000s127
Amomum verum	502387	 10s14 100s21 1000s56
Amomum villosum v. xanthioides	502398	 10s14 100s23 1000s67
Amorphophallus bulbifer	68666	 100bl38 1000bl190 1p8 100s33 1000s84 10000s641
Amorphophallus dactylifer	70548	 100s218
Amorphophallus mossambicensis	462426	 10s11 25s20 50s35 100s67
Ampelopsis arborea	67094	 5g18 1p4
Amphipogon strictus	439268	 2g23 10g105 25g254 1000g8346
Anacampseros albidiflora	35554	 1p10 100s12
Anacampseros arachnoides	401419	 1p8
Anacampseros australiana	84224	 100s12
Anacampseros baeseckii Grunau	443446	 100s12
Anacampseros coahuilensis	463081	 100s14 1000s29 10000s211
Anacampseros decapitata (name unresolved)	463082	 10s10
Anacampseros filamentosa	19224	 20s10
Anacampseros lanceolata	20574	 1p10
Anacampseros marlothii	408767	 20s10
Anacampseros namaquensis	502526	 100s10
Anacampseros papyracea Kinderle	408785	 100s32
Anacampseros pisina	401429	 100s20
Anacampseros rufescens	435115	 100s16 1000s38
Anacampseros telephiastrum	453903	 1p10 100s20 1000s34
Anacampseros tomentosa	19589	 100s10
Anacamptis pyramidalis	35401	 0g10 1g43 10g355
Anacardium occidentale yellow cashew	457173	 1000s456
Androcymbium austrocapense	552661	 100s22
Androcymbium burchelii	404094	 1p10
Androcymbium burchellii ssp pulchrum	462999	 1p10
Androcymbium latifolium	29561	 1p10
Androcymbium longipes	83312	 1p10 100s16
Androcymbium sp. unident. prostrate lvs., coastal	438753	 1p10
Anemanthele lessoniana	68336	 1g14 10g102 100g808 1p8 100s12 1000s16 10000s85
Anemarrhena asphodeloides	401154	 5g22 10g16 100g33 250g75 510g143 1010g217 2010g335 4010g508 1p8 10s8 100s12 1000
Anemone altaica	26595	 1g10 10g71 1p8
Anemone baldensis	400095	 0g16 0g9 1g12 2g27 5g48 10g90 1p8
Anemone barbulata	404824	 3g28
Anemone canadensis	65242	 1g17 3g26 7g36 10g128 14g56 28g86 454g1184 1p13 200s8
Anemone caroliniana bs	404825	 1p4
Anemone coronaria De Caen Mixed o p	34354	 10g14 25g28 50g49 100g92
Anemone coronaria hyb Mona Lisa Wine - White bicolour	34363	 15s12
Anemone coronaria hyb St Brigid Mixed o p	34359	 25g27 50g47 100g110 250g268 500g505 1000g1010
Anemone coronaria hyb f1 Mona Lisa mix	34346	 15s12 25s16 50s29 100s53 250s121
Anemone coronaria mix hort.	443781	 1p8
Anemone cylindrica	36617	 0g8 0g10 1g10 1g13 3g19 7g31 10g72 14g56 28g86 100g559 1p8
Anemone decapetala bs	435182	 1p4
Anemone demissa	442679	 1p4
Anemone fulgens x	12653	 1p9
Anemone hupehensis	75569	 1p8 100s10
Anemone hupehensis September Charm	463403	 1p10
Anemone hupehensis v japonica	4899	 1g55 10g429 100g3406 1p8
Anemone hupehensis v japonica Pink Saucer	82922	 100s12 250s24 500s44 1000s83
Anemone hupehensis v japonica dark pink form	460275	 1p9
Anemone lesseri x bs (unresolved name)	38165	 1p8
Anemone macrophylla (name unresolved)	407758	 10s11
Anemone multifida	27584	 1g8 2g10 5g19 10g33 100g231 250g564 1000g1062 5000g8141 1p8
Anemone multifida Major	77043	 1g19 10g141 100g1040 1p12
Anemone multifida Rubra	68987	 1g19 10g141 100g1040 1p12
Anemone narcissiflora	12657	 1g8 5g13 10g19 100g120 1000g893 1p8
Anemone narcissiflora small seeded form	460723	 1p4
Anemone narcissiflora ssp. zephyra	48066	 90s10
Anemone nemorosa	12658	 0g8 1g8 1g9 2g11 5g15 10g24 100g191 1000g1751 1p8
Anemone occidentalis	462736	 1g19 10g145 100g1144 1p10 90s10
Anemone palmata hort. c.s.	3238	 1g19 10g141 100g1040 1p12
Anemone ranunculoides	36615	 1g8 2g12 5g17 10g27 100g213 1p8
Anemone rivularis	36618	 1g9 2g15 3g28 5g24 10g41 25g95 50g185 100g783 1p8
Anemone sherriffii	457803	 1p4
Anemone sylvestris Madonna	451909	 1p11
Anemone sylvestris hort.	12662	 0g9 0g11 0g15 0g65 0g24 1g62 1g41 2g76 5g145 10g283 100g4266 1p10 500s30 1000s55
Anemone tomentosa	26596	 4g24 1p8
Anemone tomentosa Rose Beauty	447584	 1p11
Anemone virginiana	354	 0g10 1g12 1g13 3g26 7g31 10g90 14g56 28g86 100g697 1p8 300s8
Anemonella thalictroides	69880	 1g105 3g63 7g111 1p17 50s8
Anemonopsis macrophylla	85938	 0g13 0g20 1g33 2g75 10g623 1p8 12s11 30s9
Anemonopsis macrophylla White Swan	47613	 1p23
Anemopsis californica	40127	 5g19 100s9 500s9
Angelica hispanica	85939	 5g31
Anigozanthos bicolor	15694	 4g25 10g11 25g128 1000g3706
Anigozanthos flavidus green and yellow	15696	 5g30 10g83 15g28 25g43 1000g957 50s10
Anigozanthos flavidus orange red	28255	 1p8 50s10
Anigozanthos flavidus red	15695	 1g17 10g83 25g199
Anigozanthos gabrielae	15697	 1g38
Anigozanthos humilis	15698	 1g63 5g28 10g51 25g119 1000g2998 1p17
Anigozanthos manglesii	15699	 10g89 25g229
Anigozanthos preissii	15701	 1g29 3g24 10g72 25g173 1000g5483
Anigozanthos pulcherrimus	439271	 3g24 10g70 25g167 1000g5303
Anigozanthos rufus	15703	 1g38 2g19 10g79 25g189 1000g6086 25s9
Anigozanthos viridis	15704	 1g38 2g17 4g25 10g58 25g137 1000g3977 25s9
Anisotome haastii	18114	 100s21 1000s44
Antegibbaeum fissoides	19227	 1p10 100s67
Antennaria plantaginifolia	3252	 1g62 3g65 7g113 10g477 14g211 28g398 1p14 300s8
Anthericum liliago	12664	 1g17 1g8 2g11 2g10 5g13 6g28 10g19 25g39 50g72 100g138 1000g2611 1p6
Anthericum ramosum	12665	 1g12 2g13 10g22 100g129 1000g998 1p6
Anthericum saundersiae	74167	 100s8
Anthocercis ilicifolia	453807	 1g16
Anthocercis littorea	15706	 1g16 10g21 25g44 1000g994 100s9
Antimima argentea	408788	 90s9
Antimima dualis	444078	 100s16 1000s28
Antimima dualis larger form	80647	 1p10
Antimima dualis smaller form	405976	 1p10 100s23 1000s47
Antimima menniei	408793	 1p10 100s16
Antimima pygmaeum	80649	 1p10 100s17
Antimima sp. unident. purple fl. compact cushion	80097	 1p10
Antimima ventricosa	80651	 1p10 100s13 1000s47
Apatesia helianthoides	80099	 1p10 100s18
Apatesia maughanii	551149	 100s10
Apatesia pillansii	454777	 1p10
Aphyllanthes monspeliensis	1287	 1g20 1g9 2g11 5g16 10g26 1p8
Apios americana	38648	 1bl24
Aptenia cordifolia	408811	 1p10 200s9
Aralia racemosa	28372	 0g16 1g8 3g36 7g55 10g26 14g85 28g146 100g191 1p6 100s8
Arbutus andrachne	68246	 5g23 250g624
Arbutus menziesii c.s.	458657	 10g61 25g125 50g228 100g428 30s9
Arbutus unedo c.s. svs	83685	 2g17 5g20 10g59 25g36 50g218 100g434 250g149 500g292 1000g578 1p10 100s8 1000s21
Arbutus xalapensis	289	 30s9
Argyroderma crateriforme	19729	 1p10 100s22 1000s44
Argyroderma delaetii	19725	 1p10 100s10
Argyroderma delaetii Aureum	19228	 1p10 100s10 1000s44
Argyroderma delaetii Roseum	19732	 1p10 100s10
Argyroderma delaetii fa delaetii	437742	 1p10
Argyroderma fissum	19231	 1p10 100s12
Argyroderma fissum Braunsii	401443	 100s22 1000s44
Argyroderma framesii ssp. hallii	4102.	 1p10 100s13
Argyroderma patens	19746	 100s40
Argyroderma pearsonii	25842	 100s16
Argyroderma pearsonii Luckhoffii	19236	 1p10 100s22 1000s44
Argyroderma pearsonii fa. pearsonii	19747	 1p10
Argyroderma ringens	19238	 100s16
Argyroderma spp. mixed	19233	 1p10
Argyroderma subalbum	19239	 1p10 100s14 1000s44
Argyroderma testiculare	19754	 1p10
Argyroderma theartii	463735	 100s20
Aridaria brevicarpa	450311	 1p10 100s18 1000s212
Aridaria noctiflora	35363	 1p10
Ariocarpus bravoanus cit EU only	449249	 1000s259
Ariocarpus fissuratus cit 1 EU only	8031	 10s8
Ariocarpus fissuratus ssp. lloydii cit 1 EU only	8033	 10s9
Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus fa elephantidens cit	447135	 1p4
Ariocarpus retusus cit EU only	401239	 10000s589
Ariocarpus retusus ssp. pectinatus cit EU only	464302	 100s50
Ariocarpus retusus ssp. scaphirostroides cit EU only	454052	 100s26 1000s132 10000s847
Ariocarpus retusus ssp. trigonus yellow cit EU only	10176	 100s24 1000s109 10000s830
Ariocarpus spp. mix cit	447133	 1p9
Arisaema amurense	76471	 1g12 10g90 1p14
Arisaema ciliatum	78057	 1g14 10g102 1p9 10s8
Arisaema concinnum	69915	 1000g119 100s25 1000s150
Arisaema consanguineum	12339	 1g18 6g29 10g133 1p22 20s12
Arisaema costatum	403887	 100s25 1000s150
Arisaema erubescens	503714	 12s8
Arisaema flavum	70050	 10g93 1p12 10s8 100s25 1000s71 10000s435
Arisaema griffithii	11781	 10000s435
Arisaema intermedium	403890	 100s25 1000s73
Arisaema jacquemontii	69917	 1g23 1p13 10s9 10000s445
Arisaema speciosum	79619	 1g12 10g89 100g697 1p14 100s24 1000s75 5000s342 10000s435
Arisaema speciosum v. sikkimense	453066	 1000s60 100000s3500
Arisaema tortuosum	69916	 1g10 10g68 100g525 1p19 10s9 100s22 1000s37 10000s278 100000s1800
Arisaema triphyllum	11788	 1g8 3g19 7g26 10g54 14g39 28g57 100g198 454g772 1p19 10s8
Arisaema wallichianum	443070	 1000s58
Aristea abyssinica	77890	 1p10 100s15
Aristea africana	400073	 1p10 100s13
Aristea anceps	408652	 1p10 100s16
Aristea angolensis	68173	 1p10 100s10 1000s36
Aristea biflora	80610	 1p10
Aristea capitata blue	11793	 1p10 100s13 1000s44
Aristea confusa	70211	 1p10 100s13
Aristea cuspidata	460022	 1p10
Aristea ecklonii	11791	 1g20 1p10 100s13 1000s36
Aristea ensifolia	79287	 1p10
Aristea fimbriata	46584	 1p10
Aristea galpinii	553219	 1p10
Aristea glauca	447267	 1p10
Aristea macrocarpa	52354	 1p10 100s15
Aristea montana aff	406845	 1p10
Aristea monticola	70212	 1p10
Aristea nana	406846	 1p10
Aristea palustris	460023	 1p10
Aristea pusilla ssp pusilla	460024	 1p10 100s13
Aristea schizolaena	440540	 1p10
Aristea simplex	460025	 1p10 100s15
Aristea spiralis	2953	 1p10
Aristea woodii	52355	 1p10
Aristea zeyheri	460041	 1p10
Armatocereus arboreus	62914	 25s8
Armatocereus laetus	77114	 100s15 1000s32 10000s220
Armatocereus rauhii	464303	 100s15 1000s32 10000s220
Armatocereus rauhii KK309 Huancabamba	447144	 1p4
Armeria Armada Pink	462444	 100s8 250s14 500s25 1000s46
Armeria Armada Rose	462445	 100s8 250s14 500s23 1000s46
Armeria Armada White	462446	 100s8 250s14 500s25 1000s46
Armeria Bees Ruby	451275	 1p4
Armeria alliacea	14406	 0g8 0g10 1g9 1g14 5g37 10g68 1p6
Armeria alliacea white form	14414	 0g16 1g11 5g48 10g90 1p6
Armeria alpina	14407	 0g24 1g8 2g18 5g32 10g57 1p6
Armeria caespitosa	28548	 1p8 40s9
Armeria caespitosa Alba	62912	 1p4
Armeria juniperifolia Bevans Variety b.s.	62911	 1p4
Armeria maritima Alba b.s.	34423	 1p4
Armeria maritima Alba c.s.	408686	 1g17 2g36 2g43 5g80 10g128 100g1006 1p9 500s9 1000s16 2500s33 5000s64
Armeria maritima Dusseldorfer Stolz b.s.	457820	 1p4
Armeria maritima Laucheana	449223	 1p8
Armeria maritima Morning Star Deep Rose	459857	 1g70 10g623 1p12
Armeria maritima Morning Star White	459858	 1g70 10g623 1p12
Armeria maritima Pink Lusitanica c.s.	28547	 5000s19 10000s31 15000s42 25000s68 50000s133 100000s264
Armeria maritima Pink Lusitanica r.s.	408687	 5000s15 10000s24 20000s41 50000s95 100000s188
Armeria maritima Splendens b.s.	77796	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g25 50g44 100g81 1000g1024 1p4
Armeria maritima Splendens c.s.	408685	 0g9 0g11 0g10 0g15 1g17 1g24 2g40 5g72 10g128 50g107 100g210 250g519 500g1028 10
Armeria maritima Splendens r.s.	14408	 10g37 25g86 250s8 500s13 750s19 1000s24
Armeria maritima b.s.	307	 1g8 2g17 5g30 10g54 25g30 50g53 100g100 250g243 500g476 1000g729 5000g3253 10000
Armeria maritima c.s.	437482	 1g16 2g10 10g31 50g120 100g234 250g981 500g1949 1000g2997 5000g14197 1p8
Armeria maritima f1 hybrid Ornament white to deep rose mix	400128	 1g40 10g352 1p10
Armeria maritima hybrids mix large fld.	454333	 p4 1p4 175s8
Armeria maritima ssp elongata	439695	 5g15 10g23 100g129 1000g998
Armeria pseudarmeria	445879	 1g10 10g72 100g559 1p8
Armeria pseudarmeria Ballerina Lilac	550865	 1g139 1p18
Armeria pseudarmeria Ballerina Red	458294	 1g139 1p8
Armeria pseudarmeria Ballerina White	458295	 1g139 1p8
Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick Lilac Shades c.s.	408690	 250s15 500s27 1000s50 2500s111
Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick Mixed c.s.	435187	 250s15 500s27 1000s50 2500s112
Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick Red c.s.	408691	 250s15 500s27 1000s50 2500s111
Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick White c.s.	408692	 250s15 500s27 1000s50 2500s111
Armeria pseudarmeria Mardi Gras mix b.s.	77798	 50g62 100g118
Armeria pseudarmeria Mardi Gras mix r.s.	77799	 10g22 25g48 50g89
Armeria pseudarmeria hybs white to red mix c.s.	408693	 1g10 10g17 25g33 50g59 100g116 250g284 500g558 1000g1213 2500g2905 5000g5435 1p8
Armeria pseudarmeria hybs white to red mix r.s.	28549	 25g20 50g33 100g60 250g144 500g276 1000g540 5000g2481
Armeria scabra ssp. sibirica	503842	 40s10
Armoracia rusticana	51104	 1bl15
Arnica chamissonis	29795	 0g10 0g13 1g15 2g53 5g46 10g107 100g783 1000g5450 1p8 100s8 400s8
Arnica chamissonis organic seed	459901	 1g22 10g158 1p8
Arnica longifolia	445882	 1p4
Arnica montana	400096	 0g8 1g10 2g12 5g17 10g28 25g63 50g120 100g234 1000g1751 1p4
Arnica montana Arbo pvp	458152	 1g22 5g61 10g117 50g236 100g466 500g0 1000g0 1p8
Arnica montana organic seed	459902	 1g15 10g77 100g611 1p8
Arrojadoa rhodantha	62916	 25s8
Artemesia absinthum organic seed	459900	 1g22 10g102 100g855 1p6
Artemisia absinthium	3308	 1g6 10g9 100g41 250g80 500g150 1000g289 2500g371 5000g1006 10000g1430 1p4
Artemisia absinthium Grossblattriger	434556	 10g18 50g48 100g94 500g317 1000g626 1p4
Artemisia absinthium Silverado	463980	 1g15 10g107 100g783 1p8
Artemisia absinthium Silverado organic seeds	463981	 1g15 10g107 100g783 1p8
Artemisia afra	311	 1p8 100s12
Artemisia alpina	503884	 1p8
Artemisia annua	31869	 1g18 5g74 10g158 1000g217 2000g355 4000g566 8000g977 1p4 1000s8
Artemisia annua organic seed	461512	 1g32 10g213 100g1483 1p8
Artemisia arbuscula	503887	 10g23 1p8
Artemisia arctica ssp. saxicola	503888	 100s9
Artemisia californica	25063	 25g27 250g127
Artemisia campestris ssp campestris	51276	 2g8 5g9 10g12 50g39 100g58 500g225 1000g418
Artemisia campestris ssp caudata	434666	 3g11 7g14 14g20 28g28 454g336 1p4 1000s8
Artemisia campestris ssp variabilis	400637	 1g9 10g59 1p6
Artemisia chamaemelifolia	14419	 1g11 2g25 5g43 10g79 1p8
Artemisia dracunculus Russian Tarragon	23401	 1g8 5g13 10g21 15g34 20g42 25g48 50g83 100g55 250g129 500g246 1000g484 2500g989
Artemisia dracunculus Russian Tarragon organic	47583	 1g8 10g51 100g378 1p8
Artemisia filifolia	51274	 100s9
Artemisia frigida	41728	 1g16 1p8 100s10
Artemisia genipi	400129	 0g53 1g49 5g208 10g410 1p8
Artemisia glacialis	77975	 0g52 1g49 10g401 1p8
Artemisia hololeuca	48074	 1p8
Artemisia lactiflora	39158	 1g34 10g262 100g2073 1p9 100s8
Artemisia lagocephala	461674	 1p8
Artemisia lercheana	48075	 10g23 1p8
Artemisia ludoviciana	51275	 1g6 3g26 7g36 10g38 14g56 100g284 1p6 30s8 1000s8
Artemisia nova	450430	 10g18 1p8
Artemisia pauciflora	503917	 1p8
Artemisia pedunculosa	503916	 25s10
Artemisia princeps	408118	 5g28 1p4 500s8
Artemisia scoparia	439701	 100s8
Artemisia scoparia BLBP 01	458153	 1g57 1p15
Artemisia spinescens	403223	 70s10
Artemisia stelleriana Moris Strain	81194	 1g53 10g416 1p17 25s8
Artemisia tridentata Big Sagebrush	2908	 100s10
Artemisia tridentata ssp wyomingensis	75166	 500s9
Artemisia tridentata ssp. vaseyana	503931	 10g17 1p8
Artemisia umbelliformis	3088	 0g53 1g40 10g326 1p8 40s10 50s10
Artemisia vulgaris	3322	 5g10 10g8 25g13 50g19 100g32 250g124 500g236 1000g246 2500g627 10000g1898 1p4
Arthropodium candidum Purpureum	551621	 1p4
Arthropodium cirrhatum	23695	 1g10 5g37 10g25 20g30 100g525 1p10 100s12 1000s18 10000s94
Arthropodium cirrhatum Matapouri Bay	463233	 20g46 1000s126
Arthropodium milleflorum	407454	 100s12 1000s18 10000s81
Arthropodium strictum	503954	 100s14 1000s27
Arum alpinum	408419	 2g11 5g8 10g14 25g29 100g219 1p8
Arum concinnatum	39701	 10g26 25s8
Arum cyrenaicum	72352	 10g24 50g64 20s8
Arum dioscoridis	73557	 p4 1p4
Arum italicum Pictum	433839	 15s10
Arum italicum ssp italicum	430753	 1g6 2g11 5g8 10g9 25g16 50g26 100g45 1000g260 1p6
Arum italicum ssp italicum Marmoratum	12671	 1p9
Arum maculatum	12672	 1g6 2g10 5g8 10g9 25g16 50g26 100g45 1000g312 1p6
Arum pictum	36626	 10g32 50g99 1p4 25s8
Arum purpureospathum	73558	 1p4 4s16 5s10
Aruncus dioicus	3324	 7g27 10g47 25g44 50g87 100g170 250g420 500g827 1000g1643 2500g3895 1p9 500s8
Aruncus dioicus Whirlwind	458126	 1g208 10g1861 1p22
Asarina purpusii Victoria Falls (sp. name unresolved)	400864	 1p11 1000s39 2000s77 5000s192 10000s345 20000s686
Asarum canadense svs	31874	 1g14 3g31 7g45 10g120 14g75 100g998 1p11 40s8
Asarum caudatum svs	68655	 1g8 10g47 1p6
Asarum caulescens	403893	 1g22 1p17
Asarum europaeum svs	12673	 1g6 10g37 25g107 100g318 1000g2097 1p6
Asclepias syriaca	325	 1g19 25g98 50g51 100g99 250g241 500g472 1000g933 5000g4124 1p10 50s8
Asclepias tuberosa	326	 1g8 2g8 5g10 5g14 10g20 25g24 50g42 100g77 250g186 450g615 500g361 1000g643 2500
Asclepias tuberosa organic seed	550223	 1g14 10g90 100g697 1000g5535 1p11
Asclepias tuberosa ssp. interior	551167	 1g11 10g72 100g525 1p11
Asparagus acutifolius	504220	 5s11
Asparagus aethiopicus	402551	 1p10 100s18
Asparagus albus	504222	 25g29 250g145
Asparagus asparagoides Smilax	11797	 5g21 10g21 25g44 1p10 50s8 100s13 1000s32 10000s223
Asparagus crassicladus	402550	 1p8 100s24 1000s210
Asparagus densiflorus	11799	 1p10 10s8 100s18 1000s135 5000s101 10000s166 50000s714
Asparagus densiflorus Mazeppa	404275	 1p10 100s15
Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri	11801	 3g8 7g9 14g13 25g25 28g19 56g31 113g52 250g146 454g88 4540g625 1p10 100s9 250s19
Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri Compacta	12517	 10g27 250g260
Asparagus densiflorus Sprengeri select uniform	46568	 1p4 5000s79 10000s116 50000s456
Asparagus falcatus	11802	 1p10 100s16 1000s57 10000s373
Asparagus officinale f1 Burgundine	551865	 25s19
Asparagus officinalis Amaro Montina 1 year rhizomes	462549	 12bl64 25bl88 50bl140 100bl238 250bl499 500bl914
Asparagus officinalis Connovers Colossal	23286	 25g11 50g19 75g29 100g34 250g74 500g130 1000g238 1p8 100s7
Asparagus officinalis Crimson Pacific	448127	 25s14 50s25 100s46 250s103 500s194
Asparagus officinalis Crimson Pacific rhizomes	463499	 25bl88 50bl140 100bl238 250bl489 500bl914
Asparagus officinalis Mary Washington	76141	 2g10 25g12 50g19 75g31 100g34 250g75 500g124 1000g224 2500g422 10000g1253 25000g
Asparagus officinalis Precoce d Argenteuil	65517	 25g21 50g26 100g36 250g73 500g120 1000g224 2500g522 10000g1253 25000g2838
Asparagus officinalis f1 Gijnlim	440061	 25s20 50s36 100s66 250s150 500s281
Asparagus officinalis f1 Jersey Knight	448399	 1p13 100s17 200s27 300s41 500s57 1000s102
Asparagus officinalis f1 Mondeo	459677	 25s17 50s29 100s54 250s123 500s232
Asparagus officinalis f1 Obelisk	74071	 1p4
Asparagus officinalis f1 Portlim	453553	 25s20 50s36 100s66 250s150 500s283
Asparagus officinalis f1 Saent	461476	 15s15 50s42 100s76 500s341 1000s605
Asparagus officinalis wild form	86342	 1g8 2g10 5g14 25g45 100g143 1000g910 1p4
Asparagus pseudoscaber Spitzenschleier	408746	 1g10 10g68 100g512 1p22 9s10
Asparagus racemosus	1249	 25g9 50g11 100g15 250g30 500g53 1000g100 5000g390 10000g620 1p8 100s14 1000s28 1
Asparagus retrofractus	11804	 1p10 100s15 1000s163
Asparagus sarmentosus	11805	 313s24 1250s25 2500s43 5000s80 10000s123 50000s504
Asparagus scandens v. deflexus	11806	 100s36 1000s221 5000s395 10000s736 50000s3478
Asparagus setaceus	22778	 1p10 100s16 1000s34 5000s165 10000s194 50000s1304
Asparagus setaceus Nanus	11809	 1g8 3g9 7g12 14g18 28g29 56g51 113g95 454g183 1p4 50s9 100s17 250s36 500s68 1000
Asparagus setaceus Pyramidalis	400075	 5g8 10g11 15g15 100s35 1000s28
Asparagus setaceus Pyramidalis Blue Flame	450321	 625s28 1250s49 2500s91 5000s175 10000s315 50000s1410
Asparagus setaceus Robustus	31387	 10g25 250g261
Asparagus verticillatus	11812	 1g8 10g37 100g277 1p19 10s9 15s9
Asparagus virgatus	11813	 1p9 100s9 250s16 500s25 1000s44
Asphodeline liburnica	12341	 1g8 10g42 100g318 p8
Asphodeline lutea	11814	 1g8 2g8 5g11 10g16 25g32 50g64 100g121 250g297 500g584 1000g1159 2500g2722 1p8
Asphodeline taurica	34426	 1g8 10g59 100g460 1p8 30s10
Asphodelus aestivus	36489	 1p4
Asphodelus albus	12343	 1g8 5g33 10g19 100g112 1p6
Asphodelus fistulosus	5077	 1g8 5g26 10g21 25g22 100g71 1000g286 1p6 100s21 1000s53
Asphodelus ramosus	12674	 1g8 10g27 100g191 1p7
Asphodelus tenuifolius	504276	 100s21 1000s40
Asplenium Osaka	430979	 0g38 0g60 1g98
Asplenium antiquum	430978	 0g38 0g60 1g98
Asplenium prolongatum	551592	 1p8
Asplenium serra	504310	 1p17
Astelia alpina v. alpina	83233	 100s22
Astelia banksii	401601	 1g24 5g63 10g262 100g2073 1p19 100s15
Astelia chathamica	51908	 1g17 10g31 100g2073 1p10
Astelia fragrans	3332	 1g14 10g31 100g783 1p8 100s18 1000s36
Astelia grandis	405886	 1g16 10g58 100s15
Astelia hemichrysa	77814	 1g8 10g39 100g291
Astelia neocaledonica	504322	 100s23 1000s49 10000s365
Astelia nervosa	3333	 1g18 5g29 10g62 100s14
Astelia solandri	405887	 1g20 5g59 100s13 1000s24 10000s159
Aster sibiricus	28377	 1g19 10g141 1p10
Astilbe arendsii Astary Mixed pellets	451058	 50s15 100s27 250s60 500s114
Astilbe arendsii x Bella red to rose	430462	 1g212 1p19
Astilbe arendsii x Bunter Zauber	75312	 1g79 10g700 100g6265 1p14
Astilbe arendsii x Grande mix	430463	 1g79 10g700 100g6265 1p14
Astilbe arendsii x New Hybrids	28927	 0g8 0g10 0g13 0g20 1g34
Astilbe arendsii x Showstar Group	72528	 1g690 1p12 100s8 250s10 500s17 1000s30
Astilbe chinensis	75574	 1g27 10g197 100g1557 1p10
Astilbe chinensis White Cloud	462941	 2g3
Astilbe chinensis v pumila	14444	 1g53 10g416 100g3320 1p9
Astilbe chinensis v taquetii hyb lilac shades	28926	 0g9 0g12 0g18 1g40 2g54 5g101 10g200 25g498 50g994 100g1986 1p12
Astilbe japonica hybrids mix	82122	 1g66 10g520 1p14
Astilbe rivularis v myriantha	82121	 1g66 1p14
Astilbe thunbergii hybrid mix	82119	 1g66 10g520 1p14
Astragalus canadensis	65243	 1g8 7g12 10g51 14g15 28g22 100g387 454g220 1p8 500s8
Astridia longifolia	406622	 1p10
Astroloba corrugata	464009	 1p10
Astroloba foliolosa	458684	 1p10
Astroloba spiralis	435110	 1p4
Astrophytum asterias Nudum Kikko cit EU only	447100	 1p4
Astrophytum asterias cit EU only	8053	 100s24 1000s150
Astrophytum asterias nudum cit EU only	3601	 100s24 1000s141
Astrophytum capricorne	36014	 100s20 1000s59
Astrophytum capricorne kraussii	447112	 100s24 1000s85
Astrophytum capricorne v. niveum	403898	 100s20 1000s55 10000s400
Astrophytum capricorne v. niveum fa. nudum	447104	 100s24 1000s85
Astrophytum ornatum	26161	 25s8
Astrophytum spp. and hybs. mix	31804	 1p10
Atractylodes macrocephala	78009	 20s8 100s19 1000s45
Atriplex amnicola	33902	 2g17 10g18 25g17 100g55 250g192 1000g166
Atriplex bunburyana	15711	 2g17 10g21 25g17 100g55 250g222 1000g241
Atriplex canescens	5049	 2g17 10g17 25g23 28g14 113g23 227g39 250g197 454g69 1000g339 1p4
Atriplex cinerea prostrate form	439276	 25g17 100g55 1000g280
Atriplex codonocarpa	29673	 25g17 100g55 1000g166
Atriplex confertifolia	339	 2g17 25g22 250g104 1p9
Atriplex halimus	5563	 10g8 25g11 50g20 100g38 250g98 500g190 1000g339 1p4
Atriplex hastata	86343	 25g77 100g215 1000g1427
Atriplex holocarpa	16746	 25g17 100g55 1000g166
Atriplex hortensis	23363	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 100g183 250g113 500g216 1000g301 2500g572 1p4
Atriplex hortensis Plume Copper	440243	 10g8 25g12 50g18 100g30 250g67 500g122 1000g233 10000g1465 1p4
Atriplex hortensis Plume Formula Mix	28934	 250g54 500g96 1000g181 5000g797 10000g1458 1p8
Atriplex hortensis Plume Gold	28931	 100s8
Atriplex hortensis Plume Green	28932	 250g67 500g122 1000g234 5000g970 10000g1788
Atriplex hortensis Plume Green graded seeds	461568	 1000g325 5000g1460 10000g2721
Atriplex hortensis Plume Red	28933	 10g8 25g11 50g16 250g54 500g96 1000g180 5000g776 10000g1425 1p4
Atriplex hortensis Plume Red graded seeds	82126	 250g89 500g168 1000g327 5000g1460 10000g2721
Atriplex hortensis Red Flash	448972	 500g97 1000g170 2500g394 5000g758
Atriplex hortensis Scarlet Emperor	452350	 5g8 10g12 25g21 50g38 100g69 250g124 500g226 1p8
Atriplex hortensis Scarlet Emperor for micro orach	69987	 50g38 100g69 250g124 500g226
Atriplex hortensis v. rubra	436444	 250g113 500g216 1000g301 2500g572
Atriplex hortensis v. rubra c.s. organic seed	47584	 1g8 10g38 100g172 1000g1150
Atriplex hortensis v. rubra purple-violet	408087	 100s9
Atriplex hymenelytra	505361	 80s1
Atriplex isatidea	15713	 2g17 25g17 100g55 1000g205
Atriplex lentiformis	29674	 2g17 10g19 25g17 100g55 250g215 1000g159
Atriplex lindleyi b.s.	33903	 2g17 25g22 1000g292
Atriplex linifolia	86345	 25g59 100g179 1000g1167
Atriplex nitens	439708	 100s10
Atriplex nummularia	406151	 2g17 10g22 25g17 100g55 250g231 1000g139
Atriplex nummularia De Koch	67142	 25g17 100g55 1000g226
Atriplex nummularia ssp. spathulata	33904	 25g17 100g55 1000g226
Atriplex oblongifolia	439709	 25g82 100g235 1000g1555
Atriplex paludosa	15716	 25g17 100g55 1000g234
Atriplex patula	15403	 25g51 100g154 1000g1013
Atriplex polycarpa	344	 1p8
Atriplex prostrata	15062	 5g19 25g59 100g179 1000g1167 1p4
Atriplex pseudocampanulata	75185	 10g14 250g154
Atriplex semibaccata	15719	 2g17 5g20 25g17 100g55 250g220 1000g189
Atriplex semilunaris	38045	 25g17 100g55 1000g166
Atriplex stipitata	406148	 2g17 25g17 100g55 1000g241
Atriplex undulata	16611	 2g17 25g17 100g55 1000g144 1p4
Atriplex vesicaria b.s.	400169	 2g17 25g17 100g55 1000g234
Atriplex vesicaria c.s.	38046	 25g17 100g55 1000g234
Atropa acuminata	437503	 5g36 100s8
Atropa belladonna	4906	 1g7 10g11 25g21 100g64 1p4
Atropa belladonna GA-3 treated	454843	 1g16 5g41 100s9
Atropa belladonna Lutea	69002	 0g12 100s8
Atropa belladonna organic seed	550229	 1g8 10g42 100g219 1000g1192 1p6
Atropa komarovii Blin. et Schal.	435896	 1g13 1p8
Augea capensis	52597	 1p6
Avonia grisea (name unresolved)	449454	 20s12
Avonia papyracea	441638	 10s4 100s15
Avonia ruschii	403317	 100s16
Aztekium hintonii	441177	 1p8 20s10
Babiana ambigua	71137	 1p10 100s13
Babiana blanda	552571	 1p10
Babiana dregei	1275	 1p10
Babiana ecklonii	1225	 1p10
Babiana fourcadei	454758	 1p10
Babiana fragrans	66336	 1p10 100s12
Babiana hirsuta	552573	 1p10
Babiana inclinata	460043	 1p10 100s15
Babiana karooica	463717	 p10 100s16
Babiana leipoldtii	46406	 100s18
Babiana lineolata	80614	 1p9 100s13
Babiana melanops	434473	 1p10 100s13
Babiana mucronata	430286	 1p10 100s13
Babiana mucronata ssp minor	463718	 1p10 100s16
Babiana nana	12251	 1p10 100s20 1000s37
Babiana nana ssp nana	463719	 1p10
Babiana noctiflora	460044	 1p10
Babiana odorata	12751	 1p10 100s13
Babiana patersoniae	12752	 1p10 100s15
Babiana patersoniae white - yellow form	462209	 100s15
Babiana patula	404003	 1p10 100s15
Babiana praemorsa	463715	 10s10
Babiana purpurea light purple form	464011	 1p10
Babiana purpurea pink form	551132	 1p10
Babiana purpurea purple form	464010	 1p10
Babiana purpurea white form	402978	 1p10 100s15
Babiana pygmaea	12254	 12s10 100s15
Babiana ringens	11779	 8s10
Babiana rubrocyanea	552537	 1p10
Babiana sambucina	51023	 1p10 100s13
Babiana scariosa	402979	 100s15
Babiana sp. unident. frag. blue and yellow fl.	440553	 1p10
Babiana spathacea	68676	 1p10
Babiana stricta blue	12257	 1p10 100s13
Babiana stricta cream - green	404312	 100s16
Babiana stricta cream - white form	551133	 1p10
Babiana stricta pink or white - purple	433153	 1p10
Babiana tanquana	80615	 100s15
Babiana tubaeformis	463716	 100s16
Babiana tubiflora	460045	 1p10
Babiana vanzyliae	71033	 1p10
Babiana vanzyliae blue - yellow form	460047	 1p9 100s13
Babiana villosa	12259	 1p10 100s13
Babiana villosula	71034	 1p10 100s15
Baeometra uniflora	12681	 1p10
Baumea articulata	434757	 1g20 25g43 1000g1320
Baumea juncea	442077	 5g21
Baumea rubiginosa	442078	 25g43 1000g1320
Baumea rubiginosa prov. eastern states	434475	 5g27
Baumea teretifolia	75228	 25g43 1000g1320
Beaucarnea guatemalensis	27522	 1p9 100s12 500s30 1000s53
Beaucarnea hiriartiae (not to USA)	464167	 100s24 1000s56 10000s375
Beaucarnea recurvata c.s. (not to USA)	38	 1p17 25s8 100s13 1000s28 10000s147 50000s757
Beaucarnea sanctomariana (not to USA)	464168	 100s87 1000s632
Beaucarnea stricta (not to USA)	458652	 100s24 1000s111 10000s841
Begonia boliviensis Santa Cruz Sunset pellets	506195	 25s14 50s25 100s46 250s103
Begonia boliviensis(tub) Bossa Nova Orange pellets	461751	 25s16 50s28 100s52 250s116
Begonia boliviensis(tub) Bossa Nova Yellow pellets	463814	 25s16 50s26 100s52 250s116
Begonia palmata	507002	 100s22 1000s62
Begonia(fib) Organdy Mixed	37953	 1000s18 2000s34 3000s51 5000s70 10000s141 15000s205 25000s327
Begonia(tub) B and L Basket Mix	400553	 200s31 1000s132
Begonia(tub) B and L Show Double Mix	26919	 200s29 1000s122
Begonia(tub) Blackmore - Langdons Double Mixed	463815	 200s28 1000s119
Begonia(tub) Funky Pink pellets	463423	 50s19 100s35 250s79 500s148
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Appleblossom pellets	86459	 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s84
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Deep Rose pellets	436207	 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s84
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Joy Mocca White double pellets	463810	 50s10 100s17 250s37 500s68
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Joy Yellow trailing pellets	462448	 50s10 100s17 250s37 500s68
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Mixed	463817	 100s29 200s45 300s66 500s92 1000s169
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Mixed pellets	86460	 30s13 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s84
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Mocca Mixed pellets	453487	 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s83
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Orange pellets	436205	 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s84
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Pink pellets	436206	 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s84
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Red pellets	436202	 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s84
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Rose Petticoat pellets	436208	 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s84
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Salmon pellets	436209	 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s84
Begonia(tub) Nonstop White pellets	436211	 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s84
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Yellow pellets	436212	 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s84
Begonia(tub) Nonstop Yellow with Red back pellets	550749	 100s11 250s24 500s44 1000s84
Begonia(tub) On Top Pink Halo pellets	436224	 50s12 100s22 250s49 500s91
Begonia(tub) On Top Sunset Shades pellets	442016	 50s12 100s22 250s49 500s91
Begonia(tub) Royal Picotee red on yellow double	72557	 250s28 1250s120
Begonia(tub) Show Angels Mixed	64403	 250s25 1250s105
Begonia(tub) Skydiver Red pellets	462455	 100s12 250s27 500s49 1000s91 2500s202
Begonia(tub) Skydiver Salmon pellets	551948	 100s12 250s27 500s49 1000s91 2500s202
Begonia(tub) Skydiver White pellets	462456	 100s12 250s27 500s49 1000s91 2500s202
Begonia(tub) Skydiver Yellow pellets	462457	 1s12 250s27 500s49 1000s91 2500s202
Begonia(tub) boliviensis Bossa Nova Orange pellets	462458	 25s16 50s28 100s52 250s115
Begonia(tub) boliviensis Bossa Nova Red pellets	462459	 25s16 50s28 100s52 250s115
Begonia(tub) boliviensis Bossa Nova Rose pellets	462460	 25s16 50s28 100s52 250s115
Begonia(tub) boliviensis Bossa Nova White pellets	462461	 25s16 50s28 100s52 250s115
Begonia(tub) boliviensis Bossa Nova Yellow pellets	463422	 25s16 50s28 100s52 250s115
Begonia(tub) f1 Chanson Bicolour Pink - White	462451	 100s20 200s31 300s46 500s63 1000s116
Begonia(tub) f1 Chanson Creamy Yellow trailing	462452	 100s20 200s31 300s46 500s63 1000s116
Begonia(tub) f1 Chanson Mixed trailing	462450	 100s20 200s31 300s46 500s63 1000s116
Begonia(tub) f1 Chanson Orange - Yellow	462453	 100s20 200s31 300s46 500s63 1000s115
Begonia(tub) f1 Fortune Mixed pellets	552021	 250s27 500s42 750s62 1000s80 2500s159
Begonia(tub) f1 Nonstop Mocca Mixed	453486	 100s29 200s43 300s66 500s92
Begonia(tub) f1 Pin-up Flame pellets	436218	 1p14 100s18 250s39 500s72 1000s136
Begonia(tub) f1 Pin-up Rose pellets	436219	 1p14 100s18 250s39 500s72 1000s136
Begonia(tub) f1 Primary Deep Red	460281	 1p13
Begonia(tub) f1 Royal Picotee Mixture	437860	 250s33 1000s37 1250s139 2000s68 5000s169 10000s302
Begonia(tub) f1 Skydiver Red pellets	551947	 100s13 250s28 500s51 1000s96 2500s215
Begonia(tub) f1 Skydiver Salmon pellets	461049	 100s13 250s28 500s51 1000s96 2500s215
Begonia(tub) f1 Skydiver White pellets	461050	 100s13 250s28 500s51 1000s96 2500s215
Begonia(tub) f1 Skydiver Yellow pellets	461051	 100s13 250s28 500s51 1000s96 2500s215
Begonia(tub) grandis ssp evansiana	32461	 1p10
Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Apricot	77973	 100s29 500s45 750s66 1000s85 2500s169
Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Apricot pellets	462462	 100s15 250s33 500s60 1000s115
Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Lemon pellets	462463	 100s15 250s33 500s60 1000s114
Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Mixed cascading	436221	 100s29 500s45 750s66 1000s85 2500s169
Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Mixed pellets	437165	 1p13 100s15 250s33 500s60 1000s115
Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination Rose pellets	406192	 100s15 250s33 500s60 1000s115
Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Illumination White pellets	436220	 100s15 250s33 500s60 1250s115
Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Show Angels Mixed	72560	 250s27 1000s37 1250s116 2000s68 5000s169 10000s302
Begonia(tub) pendula f1 Show Angels Mixture	82789	 250s28 1000s37 1250s121 2500s85 5000s168 10000s303 50000s1469 100000s2861
Belamcanda chinensis	550239	 1g8 10g17 25g28 28g21 50g154 100g34 113g55 250g77 454g111 1p8 25s8 50s10 100s10
Belamcanda chinensis Hello Yellow	433813	 1g14 10g102 100g800 1p14
Bergenia cordifolia	3373	 0g9 0g12 1g17 2g27 5g48 10g90 100g1071 250g2671 500g5331 1000g8200 1p11 100s10 2
Bergenia cordifolia New Winter Flowering Hybs.	72505	 1g70 10g606 100g5513 1p12
Bergenia cordifolia Winterglow	437877	 1g135 10g1250 1p19 100s9 3000s36 7000s77 10000s99 20000s198
Bergenia crassifolia	66293	 1g49 10g382 100g3019 1p11
Bergenia emeiensis	507732	 1g212 1p19
Bergenia purpurascens	3378	 1g49 10g382 100g3019 1p8
Bergeranthus jamesii	449575	 60s10
Bergeranthus jamesii Tarkastad	4400	 100s10
Bergeranthus multiceps	19764	 1p10
Bergeranthus scapiger	404276	 1p10
Bergerocactus emoryi typ. El Rosario BCN	406994	 100s44 1000s320
Beschorneria albiflora	436940	 30s13 100s79 1000s651
Beschorneria wrightii	462195	 12s13
Beschorneria yuccoides	403895	 50s10 100s25 1000s81 10000s601
Bessera elegans	36383	 8s13
Besseya alpina	78960	 100s10
Besseya wyomingensis	403241	 100s10
Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris f1 Beetroot Wodan	553731	 2500s19 5000s27 7500s40 10000s52 25000s102
Bijlia cana	19685	 1p10 100s14
Bijlia tugwelliae Gamka	51542	 100s27
Blechnum auratum	443071	 1p17
Blechnum brasiliense	51475	 0g32 0g49 1g77 1p17
Blechnum buchtienii	507971	 1p14
Blechnum chilense	507966	 1p4
Blechnum minus	432663	 1p12
Blechnum nudum	82561	 1p12
Blechnum occidentale	34615	 1p18
Blechnum orientale	73161	 1p4
Blechnum sp. unident. Pink Panama	46713	 1p12
Blechnum stipitatum	85543	 1p13
Blechnum tabulare	80403	 1p10 100s13
Bloomeria crocea	36987	 0g10 1p4
Blossfeldia liliputana	8093	 100s12 1000s25 10000s161
Bobartia aphylla	80617	 1p10
Bobartia filiformis	460049	 1p10 100s15
Bobartia indica	423	 1p10 100s13
Bobartia longicyma	71035	 1p10
Bobartia orientalis smaller form	462210	 1p10
Bobartia orientalis tall form	71036	 1p10
Bolboschoenus caldwellii	406088	 5g25
Bolboschoenus maritimus	401700	 1g8 10g28 25g107 100g163 1000g2097 1p4
Bolboschoenus maritimus tubers svs	454974	 25g154 100g454 1000g3017
Boltonia asteroides	82971	 0g30 7g13 14g18 28g26 454g278 1p4 2000s8
Boltonia decurrens	82972	 1g27 7g13 10g210 14g18 28g26 454g254 1p9 2000s8
Bomarea edulis	78247	 1g32 2g27 6s12
Bomarea involucrata	508082	 100s154 1000s1064
Bomarea multiflora	34295	 6s11 8s13 100s27 1000s70 10000s520
Bomarea obovata	508084	 100s36
Bomarea salsilla	73173	 1g23 2g28 1p13 10s11
Bowiea volubilis	11827	 100s31 1000s52 100000s2382
Brachystegia spiciformis	67711	 1000g137 1p12 100s25
Brachystegia spiciformis prov. Kigwe Tanzania	457487	 1000g146
Brachystegia spiciformis prov. Kwatwanga Tanzania	457486	 1000g146
Braunsia apiculata	19242	 1p10 100s21
Braunsia geminata	4200	 1p10
Brodiaea Queen Fabiola	451990	 100g63 1000g533
Brodiaea californica	402572	 25s8 30s10 100s10
Brodiaea elegans	31881	 30s10
Bromeliad Dwarf Mix	464111	 100s16 1000s26 10000s81
Browallia Jingle Bells	440074	 250s11 500s19 1000s35 2500s78
Browallia americana Snowwhite	72153	 50g76 100g148 250g329 500g648 1000g1288
Browallia americana sky blue	72152	 25g37 50g67 100g130 250g377 500g1143 1000g1600 2500g3075 500s8
Browallia speciosa Blue Bells	77809	 2g9 5g12 10g18 25g38 50g70 100g135 250g332 500g650 1000g998 1p8
Browallia speciosa Silver Bells	551099	 1p8
Browallia viscosa Amethyst	72151	 1p8
Browningia candelaris	81632	 100s32 1000s180 10000s1420
Browningia hertlingiana	36029	 1p10
Browningia viridis	406993	 100s26 1000s92
Brugmansia Pumpkin yellow	552866	 100s22 1000s65 10000s435
Brugmansia arborea	432	 1p4 s17 12s10 100s21 1000s39 10000s255
Brugmansia arborea Double Orange	432751	 500s38 1000s69
Brugmansia arborea Double Purple	432750	 500s38 1000s69
Brugmansia arborea Double Yellow	463341	 500s38 1000s69
Brugmansia candida x Double White	69006	 500s38 1000s69
Brugmansia candida x White	30855	 1000s32 10000s513 100000s1118
Brugmansia insignis pink form	41703	 10s13 1000s60
Brugmansia insignis white form	41702	 1000s90
Brugmansia mixed cvs.	551100	 500s32 1000s58
Brugmansia sanguinea	32278	 7s10 100s28 1000s97 10000s674
Brugmansia sanguinea Aurea	62886	 100s28 1000s97 10000s674
Brugmansia suaveolens	400686	 15s13 50s12 100s22 250s48 500s32 1000s34 2000s113 10000s226 100000s2504
Brugmansia suaveolens mixed colours	443236	 500s36 1000s66
Brugmansia suaveolens pink	40696	 1g46 1p12 500s38 1000s69 2000s140
Brugmansia suaveolens yellow	40695	 1p13 500s39 1000s72 2000s140
Brugmansia suaveolens yellow-peach	40693	 100s19 1000s130
Brugmansia versicolor	41705	 6s14 1000s66
Brugmansia versicolor Ecuador Pink	30856	 10s12 1000s112
Brunfelsia lactea	39106	 1g14
Brunfelsia latifolia	72398	 25g45 1p17 100s19 1000s30 10000s179
Brunfelsia pauciflora	33839	 100s28 1000s195
Brunfelsia pauciflora Floribunda	25005	 10000s660 50000s3148
Brunfelsia pauciflora Floribunda dwarf form	83686	 10000s660 50000s3148
Bryonia alba	86358	 25g124 100g366 1000g2407
Buglossoides purpureocaeruleum	34458	 1g8 10g57 100g439
Bulb seed mix hardy taller plants 45-120cm	442318	 1p9
Bulb seeds Hardy Tall Mix	553484	 1p8
Bulbine abyssinica	69374	 1p10 100s12 1000s24 10000s157
Bulbine alooides	83397	 100s10
Bulbine annua	77870	 1p10
Bulbine asphodeloides	406913	 1p10 100s15 1000s36
Bulbine bulbosa	67173	 1p4
Bulbine favosa	444302	 1p10 100s16
Bulbine frutescens	30683	 1g13 10g94 1p8 100s12 1000s28 10000s178
Bulbine frutescens organic seed	438758	 1g17 10g124 100g1032 1p9
Bulbine frutescens white form	451845	 1p10 100s15
Bulbine frutescens yellow form	447289	 1p10 100s12 1000s31 10000s176
Bulbine inflata	71882	 1p10
Bulbine latifolia	69375	 1p10 100s11 1000s31 10000s211
Bulbine latifolia Natalensis	434637	 1p10 100s13 1000s26 10000s181
Bulbine narcissifolia	83398	 1p10 100s10 1000s31 10000s215
Bulbine praemorsa	12682	 1p10 100s16
Bulbine semibarbata	407473	 1p4 100s13 1000s26
Bulbine succulenta	463002	 1p10
Bulbinella angustifolia	12547	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p21
Bulbinella barkerae	463004	 100s15
Bulbinella cauda-felis	25203	 1p10 10s9 100s13
Bulbinella eburniflora	80618	 1p10 10s9 100s13
Bulbinella elata	80960	 1p10 100s13
Bulbinella elegans	401752	 10s9
Bulbinella gibbsii v balanifera	430471	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p21
Bulbinella graminifolia	408655	 1p10 10s8 100s13
Bulbinella hookeri	25204	 0g8 0g10 1g13 2g25 5g43 10g80 25g170 100g1385 1p18 100s15
Bulbinella latifolia ssp denticulata	460050	 1p10 100s13
Bulbinella latifolia ssp latifolia	34768	 1p10 100s10 1000s201
Bulbinella nutans ssp turfosicola	71883	 1p10 100s13
Bulbinella nutans white form	552663	 1p10 100s13
Bulbinella nutans yellow form	66232	 1p10 100s13
Bulbinella punctulata	71041	 1p10 100s15
Bulbinella sp. unident. small plants to 30cm.	407159	 1p10
Bulbinella triquetra	71043	 1p10 10s16
Bulbocodium vernum	28644	 1g14 10g37 1p10
Bursera aptera	441624	 100s112 1000s851
Bursera hindsiana	407536	 10s32
Butomus umbellatus	68596	 1g11 10g81 25g127 100g375 1000g2472 1p8
Buxus macowanii	463005	 1p12
Buxus microphylla	82538	 10g19 250g186
Cactus spp Old Man Mixture	450127	 1p9
Cactus spp flowering mix	450128	 1p10
Cactus spp mix rarer sorts	451916	 1p11
Cactus spp quick growing columnar mix	450129	 1p9
Cactus spp. mix	78	 0g8 1g13 1g21 2g28 5g56 25g38 50g70 100g144 250g351 500g691 1000g1063 2500g3374
Caesia parviflora	439381	 4g21 10g46 25g106 100g412 1000g3073
Calamovilfa longifolia	446366	 3g19 7g26 14g32 28g57 150s8
Calathea crotalifera	73713	 10s20 50s22 100s57 1000s397
Calathea guzmanioides	509136	 10s20
Calathea inocephala	73685	 50s15 100s21 1000s139
Calathea lateralis	509137	 10s16 100s34
Calathea lutea	73684	 50s21 100s73
Calathea ornata	462367	 1000s95
Calibrachoa sp. f1 Kabloom Deep Blue pellets	461755	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s94 500s177
Calibrachoa sp. f1 Kabloom Deep Pink pellets	461756	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s94 500s127
Calibrachoa sp. f1 Kabloom White pellets	461758	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s94 500s127
Calibrachoa sp. f1 Kabloom Yellow	461759	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s94 500s127
Calla palustris	12421	 1g11 3g15 7g22 10g81 14g32 28g49 100g628 1p11 75s8
Callianthemum coriandrifolium	457339	 30s12
Callirhoe bushii	441124	 1g18 3g34 7g54 10g138 14g93 28g163 100g1041 454g2370 1p18 30s8
Callirhoe involucrata	31886	 1g12 10g77 100g520 1p10
Callirhoe involucrata v tenuissima	86220	 1g18 10g133 100g1041 1p18
Calochortus albus	37007	 70s10
Calochortus amabilis	436480	 30s12
Calochortus ambiguus	36259	 100s10
Calochortus aureus	40507	 100s10
Calochortus clavatus	445893	 80s10
Calochortus eurycarpus	40553	 70s1
Calochortus gunnisonii alpine form Eagle Co.	77442	 90s10
Calochortus invenustus	37024	 50s10
Calochortus kennedyi	37025	 1p19 50s12
Calochortus lyalli	77670	 10s9
Calochortus nuttallii pink form	40508	 70s10
Calochortus nuttallii white form	36324	 50s8 100s10
Calochortus raichei	66049	 100s94
Calochortus tolmiei	401641	 40s10
Calochortus venustus Mariposa Co.	40602	 1p22 50s10
Calochortus venustus Ventura Co.	449191	 90s12
Caloscordum neriniflorum	402574	 25s10
Calylophus hartwegii ssp. fendleri name unresolved	450756	 60s10
Camassia angusta	444462	 3g30 7g45 14g74 28g125 25s8 50s8
Camassia leichtlinii	36631	 1g8 9g26 10g55 100g421 1p9
Camassia leichtlinii Alba	23889	 2g8 8g25 1p9
Camassia leichtlinii ssp. suksdorfii Caerulea Group	460433	 1g8 10g55 100g421 1p8
Camassia quamash	12823	 1g10 5g17 10g68 100g525 1p4
Camassia scilloides	28641	 1g18 3g14 7g18 14g26 28g40 454g481 25s8 40s8
Camellia japonica	468	 25g25 28g19 113g50 250g120 454g100
Camellia oleifera svs	63215	 25g25 250g133
Camellia sasanqua	469	 10g19 250g225
Camellia sinensis Darjeeling svs	438644	 1000g69 2000g167 5000g193 10000g306 20000g1318
Camellia sinensis organic svs	403679	 1000g148 2000g247 4000g410 8000g587
Camellia sinensis svs	23402	 25g21 28g15 100g59 113g40 250g99 454g82 1000g276 4540g1245 1p18 6s12 1000s90 500
Camellia sinensis v assamica svs	63808	 1000g110
Campanula alpestris	25429	 0g9 0g11 0g30 1g25 2g58 5g110 10g186 1p9
Canna New Hybrids	69303	 5g11 10g18 15g25 25g37
Canna compacta	510051	 12s10
Canna flaccida	64462	 1000s132
Canna generalis x Tropical Bronze Scarlet dwarf	459797	 1p16 25s27 50s49 100s90 250s202 500s180 1000s352 5000s1725 10000s3429 25000s7156
Canna generalis x Tropical Red dwarf	436258	 25s27 50s45 100s91 250s202 1000s353 5000s1725 10000s3429 25000s7156 50000s14261
Canna generalis x Tropical Rose dwarf	436259	 25s27 50s45 100s91 250s202 1000s353 5000s1725 10000s3429 25000s7156 50000s14261
Canna generalis x Tropical Salmon dwarf	436260	 25s27 50s45 100s91 250s202 1000s353 5000s1725 10000s3429 25000s7156 50000s14261
Canna generalis x Tropical White dwarf	448046	 25s27 50s45 100s91 250s202 1000s353 5000s1725 10000s3429 25000s7156 50000s14261
Canna generalis x Tropical Yellow dwarf	440081	 25s27 50s45 100s91 250s202 1000s353 5000s1725 10000s3429 25000s7156 50000s14261
Canna generalis x f1 South Pacific Scarlet	463197	 500s270 1000s534 10000s5244 25000s10918
Canna glauca	76027	 12s12
Canna indica	12516	 10g9 1p12 4s9 100s28 1000s148
Canna indica Brasiliensis	76029	 5s10
Canna indica New Hybrids Mix red and yellow	28086	 5g12 10g21 15g28 25g42 50g16 100g25 250g55 500g104 1000g160 5000g652
Canna jaegeriana	463198	 1p4 10s16 15s10 100s33 1000s182
Canna speciosa	451893	 1000s84
Canna spp. mixed	459589	 1p12
Canna tuerckheimii	452689	 8s10 10s15 100s29 1000s118 10000s884
Canna warscewiczii	76026	 15s11
Capsicum annuum Aladdin ornamental	77991	 50g25 100g42
Capsicum annuum Alma Paprika	80123	 25s8
Capsicum annuum Ariane - Delirio	462970	 1000s326 2000s649
Capsicum annuum Bell Purple	551248	 2000s68 5000s166
Capsicum annuum Bell White	551250	 2000s68 5000s166
Capsicum annuum Big Jim	441663	 1p8 50s6 100s10 250s14 500s23 750s35 1000s44 2500s96
Capsicum annuum Black Hungarian Pepper organic seeds	454838	 10g56 100g392 1p8
Capsicum annuum Bulgarian Carrot	457147	 50s8 100s13 250s26 500s45 1000s81
Capsicum annuum California Wonder	64582	 10g7 25g13 50g22 75g34 100g39 250g83 500g156 1000g214 2500g408 10000g1183 25000g
Capsicum annuum California Wonder organic seed	457309	 1g8 2g8 5g11 10g19 25g41 50g73 1000g1536 1p4
Capsicum annuum Californian Wonder Golden organic seed	457310	 2g7 5g11 10g19 25g40 50g73
Capsicum annuum Caloro yellow jalapeno	439623	 250s10 500s16 750s25 1000s31 2500s67
Capsicum annuum Cayenne	29976	 5g16 10g28 25g59 50g31 100g51 250g95 500g156 1000g214 2500g408 10000g1183 25000g
Capsicum annuum Cayenne Golden	451159	 50s8 100s11 250s11 500s18 750s28 1000s35 2500s75
Capsicum annuum Cayenne Golden organic seed	457026	 50s8 100s13 250s23 500s41 1000s71
Capsicum annuum Cayenne Long Slim	407480	 5g15 1p8 250s8 500s12 750s17 1000s22 2500s47
Capsicum annuum Cayenne organic	450418	 50s8 100s13 250s23 500s41 1000s69
Capsicum annuum Chiang Rai	462612	 250s23 500s38 750s58 1000s74 2500s162
Capsicum annuum Chilli pepper mix Asian	552006	 100s8 250s11 500s18 1000s33 2500s79
Capsicum annuum Chilli pepper mix Mexican	552008	 100s8 250s11 500s19 1000s33 2500s79
Capsicum annuum Ciliegia Piccante	439632	 10g16 50g45 100g73 250g138 500g223 1000g376 1p8
Capsicum annuum Conga	462829	 1000s147 10000s1446 100000s12575 200000s25140
Capsicum annuum Corno Di Toro Giallo	39890	 2g8 5g9 10g16 25g20 50g32 75g48 100g61 250g122 500g227 1000g374 1p8
Capsicum annuum Corno di Toro Mix	439630	 10g16 50g45 100g73 250g140 500g227 1000g374 1p8
Capsicum annuum Corno di Toro Rosso	39433	 10g16 50g45 100g73 250g140 500g227 1000g375 1p8
Capsicum annuum Cubana Deep Orange ornamental pot	552546	 1000s146 10000s1441 100000s12577 200000s25143
Capsicum annuum Cubana Mixture ornamental pot	552548	 1000s146 10000s1441 100000s12577 200000s25143
Capsicum annuum Cubana Red ornamental pot	552551	 1000s146 10000s1441 100000s12577 200000s25143
Capsicum annuum Cubana Yellow ornamental pot	552552	 1000s146 10000s1441 100000s12577 200000s25143
Capsicum annuum Cuneo Giallo yellow bell	439635	 10g16 50g45 100g73 250g140 500g227 1000g374 1p8
Capsicum annuum Cyklon	462613	 250s8 500s11 750s17 1000s21 2500s45
Capsicum annuum D Asti Giallo yellow bell	551498	 10g15 20g25 30g37 50g45 100g73 250g140 500g227 1000g374 1p8
Capsicum annuum D Asti Mix	439634	 10g16 50g45 100g73 250g140 500g227 1000g374 1p8
Capsicum annuum D Asti Rosso red bell	439633	 10g16 50g45 100g73 250g140 500g227 1000g374 1p8
Capsicum annuum Del Arbol tree pepper	32628	 80s8
Capsicum annuum Demon Red ornamental - edible	459748	 1p8 50s11 100s17 150s26 250s38 500s69 1000s153
Capsicum annuum Etna ornamental - edible	551244	 18s8
Capsicum annuum Explosive Ember	551245	 1p8
Capsicum annuum Favorit Deep Red ornamental pot	463200	 1000s111 10000s1092 100000s9554 200000s19098
Capsicum annuum Favorit Mixed ornamental pot	461456	 500s59 1000s111 10000s1091 100000s9554 200000s19097
Capsicum annuum Favorit Orange ornamental pot	463201	 1000s111 10000s1092 100000s9554 200000s19098
Capsicum annuum Favorit Purple Red ornamental pot	463202	 1000s111 10000s1092 100000s9554 200000s19098
Capsicum annuum Favorit Red ornamental pot	463203	 1000s111 10000s1092 100000s9554 200000s19098
Capsicum annuum Favorit Yellow Red ornamental pot	463205	 1000s111 10000s1092 100000s9554 200000s19098
Capsicum annuum Favorit Yellow ornamental pot	463204	 1000s111 10000s1092 100000s9554 200000s19098
Capsicum annuum Filius blue to red ornamental	440991	 10g9 25g16 50g25 100g43 250g99 1p4
Capsicum annuum Firecracker	462608	 2g18 5g29 10g54 25g113 250s6 500s11 750s16 1000s20 2500s44
Capsicum annuum Fresno	445588	 5g25 1p8 50s6 100s8 250s13 500s23 1000s41 5000s162
Capsicum annuum Friggitello	439636	 10g16 50g45 100g73 250g140 500g227 1000g374 1p8
Capsicum annuum Golden Greek Pepperoncini organic seed	463538	 10g40 100g287 1p8
Capsicum annuum Hungarian Cherry Pepper	47965	 40s8
Capsicum annuum Hungarian Hot Wax	66149	 5g16 10g11 20g20 30g29 50g41 100g75 250g113 500g216 1000g301 2500g572 10000g1726
Capsicum annuum Hungarian Hot Wax organic seed	552095	 5g20 10g34 15g50 25g73 50g134
Capsicum annuum Hungarian Sweet Wax	407485	 250g85 500g160 1000g224 2500g422 10000g1253
Capsicum annuum Jalapeno	82859	 1g8 2g8 5g9 10g11 10g14 20g24 25g15 30g36 50g23 50g52 100g39 100g96 250g90 500g1
Capsicum annuum Jalapeno Early	39444	 10g13 20g21 30g31 50g44 100g80
Capsicum annuum Jalapeno Early organic seed	552096	 5g18 10g31 15g46 25g67 50g123
Capsicum annuum Jalapeno organic seed	453619	 2g10 5g15 10g28 15g39 250g361 500g712 1000g998
Capsicum annuum Kapiya	551251	 250g103 500g195 1000g272 2500g516 10000g1549 25000g3510
Capsicum annuum Lamuyo Akron	459749	 50s12 100s21 250s45 500s79 1000s140
Capsicum annuum Little Bomb	463948	 100s20 250s43 500s76 1000s135
Capsicum annuum Lombardo	439631	 10g16 50g45 100g73 250g140 500g227 1000g375 1p8
Capsicum annuum Magno organic	457306	 50s70 100s125 250s276 500s492 1000s878
Capsicum annuum Mambo Mixture ornamental pot	553096	 1000s146 10000s1440 100000s12575 200000s25140
Capsicum annuum Mambo Orange ornamental pot	553097	 1000s146 10000s1441 100000s12575 200000s25141
Capsicum annuum Mambo Purple Orange ornamental pot	553100	 1000s146 10000s1441 100000s12575 200000s25141
Capsicum annuum Mambo Purple Red ornamental pot	553099	 1000s146 10000s1441 100000s12575 200000s25141
Capsicum annuum Mambo Red ornamental pot	553098	 1000s146 10000s1441 100000s12575 200000s25141
Capsicum annuum Mambo Yellow Red ornamental pot	553102	 1000s146 10000s1441 100000s12575 200000s25141
Capsicum annuum Mambo Yellow ornamental pot	553101	 1000s146 10000s1441 100000s12575 200000s25141
Capsicum annuum Marconi Red organic seed	448246	 1g8 2g12 5g21 10g37 25g82
Capsicum annuum Marconi Rosso	65159	 5g8 10g12 20g19 25g24 30g28 50g39 100g72 250g140 500g227 1000g375 1p8
Capsicum annuum Marconi Yellow	451162	 5g8 10g13 25g27 50g47 100g85
Capsicum annuum Marta Polka yellow	441657	 100g68 250g163 500g316 1000g444 2500g844
Capsicum annuum Midas	463536	 100s20 250s43 500s77 1000s135
Capsicum annuum Mini-Chili ornamental	447923	 20s10
Capsicum annuum Mushroom Red	462615	 250s7 500s11 750s16 1000s21 2500s43
Capsicum annuum Mushroom Yellow	462616	 250s8 500s14 750s20 1000s25 2500s52
Capsicum annuum Nardello Sweet	460954	 10s9
Capsicum annuum Nardello Sweet organic	552094	 5g16 10g27 15g41 25g59 50g108
Capsicum annuum Numex Twilight ornl. and edible	408149	 50s8 100s13 250s26 500s45 1000s81
Capsicum annuum Orange Horizon	551249	 2000s69 5000s166
Capsicum annuum Ornamental Peppers Dwarf Mix	452495	 50g41 100g76 250g183 500g357 1000g500 2500g953 10000g2892 25000g6869
Capsicum annuum Ornamental Peppers Mix	442431	 50g29 100g51 250g120 500g230 1000g320 2500g610 10000g1844 25000g4180
Capsicum annuum Ox Horn Diablo red	459753	 50s14 100s24 250s52 500s92 1000s164
Capsicum annuum Ox Horn Ringo yellow	459754	 50s14 100s24 250s53 500s93 1000s164
Capsicum annuum Paradise	551426	 50s26 100s45 250s98 500s175 1000s312
Capsicum annuum Paragon	441660	 500s62 1000s117 2000s68 2500s290 5000s166 10000s328
Capsicum annuum Pasilla Bajio	447928	 140s8
Capsicum annuum Peter Pepper	32634	 10s8
Capsicum annuum Pot Black edible - ornamental	553392	 50s26 100s48 250s100 500s177 1000s317
Capsicum annuum Purple Prince edible - ornamental	445587	 250s8 500s10 750s16 1000s21 2500s45
Capsicum annuum Purple Tiger edible and ornamental	445585	 250s8 500s15 750s20 1000s25 2500s52
Capsicum annuum Red Padron	461956	 20s9
Capsicum annuum Redskin dwarf bell	551425	 50s26 100s45 250s98 500s175 1000s312
Capsicum annuum Ring of Fire hot organic	448489	 5g20 10g34 15g51 25g74 50g136
Capsicum annuum Rio Light Orange cutflower use	439621	 1000s135 10000s1333 100000s11620 200000s23246
Capsicum annuum Rio Yellow cutflower use	461312	 1000s135 10000s1333 100000s11620 200000s23246
Capsicum annuum Rouge de la Bresse	441137	 1p8
Capsicum annuum Salsa Deep Orange ornamental pot	553103	 1000s100 10000s983 100000s8189 200000s16368
Capsicum annuum Salsa Mixture ornamental pot	461460	 1000s100 10000s984 100000s8189 200000s16368
Capsicum annuum Salsa Multicolour Red	462827	 1000s100 10000s984 100000s8189 200000s16368
Capsicum annuum Salsa Orange ornamental pot	553104	 1000s100 10000s984 100000s8189 200000s16368
Capsicum annuum Salsa Red ornamental pot	553105	 1000s100 10000s984 100000s6169 200000s16368
Capsicum annuum Salsa Yellow Red ornamantal pot	553107	 1000s100 10000s984 100000s8189 200000s16368
Capsicum annuum Salsa Yellow ornamental pot	553106	 1000s100 10000s984 100000s8189 200000s16368
Capsicum annuum Serrano	29973	 2g8 5g9 10g11 20g19 25g20 30g27 50g38 100g62 250g150 500g289 1000g407 2500g770 1
Capsicum annuum Serrano Tampiqueno	552002	 100s8 250s8 500s11 750s16 1000s21 2500s44
Capsicum annuum Siberian House Pepper	447925	 20s9
Capsicum annuum Sweet Banana	439628	 5g8 10g9 25g14 50g23 100g40 250g93 500g160 1000g224 2500g415 10000g1253
Capsicum annuum Sweet Chocolate	461203	 1p4 25s8
Capsicum annuum Sweet Chocolate organic seed	407484	 1p4
Capsicum annuum Tangerine Dream	462609	 100s25 250s55 500s102 1000s169
Capsicum annuum Tango Deep Orange ornamental pot	463206	 1000s111 10000s1092 100000s9554 200000s19098
Capsicum annuum Tango Light Orange ornamental pot	463207	 1000s111 10000s1092 100000s9554 200000s19098
Capsicum annuum Tango Mixed ornamental pot	461461	 1000s111 10000s1091 100000s9554 200000s19098
Capsicum annuum Tango Red ornamental pot	463208	 1000s111 10000s1092 100000s9554 200000s19098
Capsicum annuum Tango Yellow ornamental pot	463209	 1000s111 10000s1092 100000s9554 200000s19098
Capsicum annuum Thai Hot Pepper	81582	 100s23 200s39 300s60 500s86 1000s162
Capsicum annuum Topepo Rosso	459751	 250g114 500g216 1000g300 2500g572 1p8
Capsicum annuum Uchu variegated ornamental pot	461313	 500s77 1000s147 10000s1445 100000s12574 200000s25140
Capsicum annuum Vampire	463534	 1p9
Capsicum annuum Wisconsin Lakes	462923	 20s9
Capsicum annuum Wonder Little (Red) ornamental	77990	 50g25 100g43 250g99
Capsicum annuum Yellow Sunbright	551247	 2000s59
Capsicum annuum Yolo Wonder	407447	 250g83 500g156 1000g214 2500g408 10000g1183 25000g2569
Capsicum annuum Yolo Wonder yellow form	452635	 100g110 250g160 500g309 1000g429 2500g841
Capsicum annuum Zimbabwe Black	463537	 100s20 250s43 500s76 1000s135
Capsicum annuum d Espelette	441136	 1g13
Capsicum annuum f1 Ancho Gigante	551501	 3g54 10g126 50g522 100g869 250g2101 500g3826 1p20
Capsicum annuum f1 Apache ornamental and edible	29975	 250g81 1p8 10s9 25s14 50s21 100s33 150s49 200s63 250s81 500s144 1000s256
Capsicum annuum f1 Ariane	64588	 1p13 50s30 100s38 150s70 250s97 500s163 1000s293 2500s655
Capsicum annuum f1 Astor sweet	553739	 50s20 100s32 150s47 250s65 500s119
Capsicum annuum f1 Atol red	407448	 1000s433
Capsicum annuum f1 Atris red	455032	 1000s433 2000s864
Capsicum annuum f1 Aurelio	452636	 8s8
Capsicum annuum f1 Basket of Fire ornament - edible	550841	 25s16 50s24 75s36 100s44 250s91 500s171 1000s304
Capsicum annuum f1 Beauty Bell	80163	 50s13 100s20 150s29 250s40 500s73
Capsicum annuum f1 Beja	550838	 50s15 100s25 250s55 500s97 1000s173
Capsicum annuum f1 Bell Boy	64585	 50s12 100s20 250s43 500s75 1000s133
Capsicum annuum f1 Bendigo organic seed	448244	 1p8 25s29 50s35 100s61 150s116 250s134 500s238 1000s425
Capsicum annuum f1 Bianca sweet pepper	64589	 1p8 50s38 100s38 250s145 500s163 1000s293 2500s655
Capsicum annuum f1 Capino	407449	 1000s271 2000s541
Capsicum annuum f1 Cayenne Chocolate	445589	 25s22 50s34 75s51 100s65 250s129
Capsicum annuum f1 Cherry Bomb	439622	 50s8 100s13 250s8 500s12 750s18 1000s23 2500s49
Capsicum annuum f1 Cheyenne	432611	 50s20 100s32 150s46 200s60 250s81 500s118 1000s256
Capsicum annuum f1 Chilly Chili	437188	 1p8 50s19 100s35 250s79 500s147
Capsicum annuum f1 Crest Red	407438	 50s26 100s37 250s74 500s62 1000s117 2500s290 5000s573 10000s1046
Capsicum annuum f1 Crest Yellow	457308	 500s62 1000s117 2500s290 5000s573 10000s1046
Capsicum annuum f1 Felicity	86914	 2500s142 5000s279 10000s504
Capsicum annuum f1 Fiesta sweet organic	448245	 1p4
Capsicum annuum f1 Fuoca Giallo	461488	 1p12 100s25 500s40 1000s67 2500s149 5000s263
Capsicum annuum f1 Gusto Green	551242	 50s13 100s23 250s49 500s87 1000s157
Capsicum annuum f1 Gusto Purple	551243	 50s13 100s23 250s50 500s88 1000s157
Capsicum annuum f1 Hytower	551502	 3g54 10g126 50g522 100g869 250g2101 500g3826 1p20
Capsicum annuum f1 Jolly Giallo	551504	 3g54 10g126 50g522 100g869 250g2101 500g3826 1p20
Capsicum annuum f1 Jolly Rosso	551503	 3g54 10g126 50g522 100g869 250g2101 500g3826 1p20
Capsicum annuum f1 Lamuyo Akron	551500	 3g29 10g71 50g317 100g574 250g1301 500g2360 1p16 50s12 100s20 250s44 500s77 1000
Capsicum annuum f1 Lamuyo Elfo	459750	 50s12 100s20 250s43 500s76 1000s135
Capsicum annuum f1 Lirica yellow	460748	 1000s433 2000s864
Capsicum annuum f1 Mavras purple - red sweet	64583	 50s20 100s31 150s47 250s64 500s117 1000s461
Capsicum annuum f1 Medusa ornamental	436261	 1p4 25s13 50s19 100s35 250s79 500s147
Capsicum annuum f1 Mogador	551505	 3g54 10g125 50g521 100g868 250g2099 500g3822 1p20
Capsicum annuum f1 Mohawk	432612	 50s20 100s30 150s45 200s58 250s81 500s114 1000s256
Capsicum annuum f1 New Ace sweet pepper	65157	 100s23 200s36 300s53 500s74 1000s137
Capsicum annuum f1 Nirvana sweet pepper yellow	461134	 50s21 100s37 250s81 500s144 1000s256
Capsicum annuum f1 Orange Fresno	407434	 50s15 100s25 250s55 500s96 1000s172
Capsicum annuum f1 Palladio yellow	462971	 1000s434 2000s864
Capsicum annuum f1 Paradise sweet pepper red	461133	 50s21 100s37 250s81 500s144 1000s256
Capsicum annuum f1 Paragon	462610	 50s17 100s30 250s65 500s108 1000s205
Capsicum annuum f1 Phoebus sweet yellow	445591	 50s11 100s19 250s39 500s69 1000s123
Capsicum annuum f1 Pikito	462607	 50s17 100s30 250s65 500s108 1000s205
Capsicum annuum f1 Poseidon	445590	 50s11 100s19 250s39 500s69 1000s123
Capsicum annuum f1 Rainbow Mixed	445592	 50s17 100s29 250s62 500s110 1000s196
Capsicum annuum f1 Red Missile ornamental	405623	 50s21 100s39 250s87 500s163
Capsicum annuum f1 Redskin dwarf sweet bell pepper	400604	 50s21 100s35 150s51 200s66 250s81 500s145 1000s256
Capsicum annuum f1 Roberta	461543	 100s19 250s42 500s72 1000s126
Capsicum annuum f1 Rodeo	459747	 50s14 100s24 250s51 500s89 1000s160
Capsicum annuum f1 Special red	462972	 1000s433 2000s864
Capsicum annuum f1 Sweet Sunshine ornamental - edible	461961	 25s16 50s24 75s35 100s45 250s89
Capsicum annuum f1 Tabaluga	408143	 8s9
Capsicum annuum f1 Tequila sweet pepper	66153	 1p13 100s38 500s163 1000s293 2500s655
Capsicum annuum f1 Thor	552092	 50s12 100s18 150s26 250s36 500s65
Capsicum annuum f1 Topepo Giallo	459752	 50s11 100s19 250s39 500s69 1000s123
Capsicum annuum f1 Treasures Red ornamental	64592	 50s16 100s29 250s63 500s118
Capsicum annuum f1 Unicorn	551506	 1p10 100s15 500s64 1000s114 2500s255 5000s456
Capsicum annuum f1 Volante Hot Red	462611	 25s19 50s29 75s43 100s55 250s109
Capsicum annuum v. Minimum	32639	 20s11
Capsicum annuum v. aviculare Birdseye	407487	 250s10 500s16 750s25 1000s31 2500s67
Capsicum annuum v. aviculare Tepin	80122	 1p4 50s8 100s9 250s19 500s32 1000s57
Capsicum annuum vars. Peppers Mixed	74127	 100g127 250g295 500g579 1000g890
Capsicum baccatum Aji Delight	80131	 100s20 250s43 500s76 1000s135
Capsicum baccatum Bell Chili	447920	 20s11 2000s68 5000s166
Capsicum baccatum Criolla Sella	447921	 30s8
Capsicum baccatum Havana Gold	80130	 100s20 250s44 500s77 1000s135
Capsicum baccatum Hot Lemon	462614	 250s20 500s33 750s50 1000s64 2500s139
Capsicum baccatum v baccatum Bolivian Wild	47963	 10s11
Capsicum chinense Aribibi Gusano	451578	 100s20 250s43 500s76 1000s135
Capsicum chinense Bhut Jolokia	458806	 1p4 20s11 25s9 50s11 100s16 250s33 500s60 1000s113 2000s219
Capsicum chinense Biquinho	551241	 1000s36 2000s69
Capsicum chinense Biquinho Amarela	464029	 1000s36 2000s68
Capsicum chinense Dorset Naga Black	462973	 1000s110
Capsicum chinense Fuoco della prateria ornamental	551499	 1p13 100s27 500s44 1000s73 2500s165 5000s294
Capsicum chinense Habanero Chocolate	439614	 1p4 100s9 200s15 250s17 300s22 500s30 1000s54 2000s68 5000s229
Capsicum chinense Habanero White	450748	 250s8 500s13 750s19 1000s24 2500s51
Capsicum chinense Habanero Yellow or Lemon	453621	 1p8 50s8 100s10 250s8 500s12 750s19 1000s24 2000s69 2500s51
Capsicum chinense Machu Pichu	62684	 100s19 250s43 500s76 1000s135
Capsicum chinense Scotch Bonnet orange	450420	 30s11 50s8 100s9 250s19 500s32 1000s57
Capsicum chinense Scotch Bonnet red	458838	 1p8 20s8 30s11 50s8 100s9 250s9 500s14 750s21 1000s26 2500s58
Capsicum chinense Scotch Bonnet yellow	451160	 50s8 100s0 250s9 500s14 750s22 1000s27 2500s58
Capsicum chinense Trinidad Perfume	74182	 50s13 100s20 150s31 250s43 500s76 1000s135
Capsicum chinense Trinidad Scorpion	462606	 50s25 100s44 250s96 500s171 1000s304
Capsicum chinense Trinidad Scorpion Moruga	552819	 50s20 100s43 500s134 1000s256
Capsicum chinense f1 Habanero Orange	66152	 1g9 2g13 5g16 10g27 15g39 20g49 25g57 1p13 100s9 250s14 500s22 1000s38 2000s69 5
Capsicum chinense f1 Habanero Orange organic seeds	453620	 2g12 5g19 7g28 10g35 25g74
Capsicum chinense f1 Habanero Red	80153	 1p13 50s8 100s9 250s17 500s31 1000s54 2000s69 5000s229
Capsicum chinense f1 Habanero Red organic seed	457303	 50s8 100s13 250s26 500s45 1000s81
Capsicum chinense f1 Habanero White	439613	 1p4 50s8 100s9 250s8 500s13 750s19 1000s25 2500s52
Capsicum frutescens Adorno	461487	 1p13 100s27 500s44 1000s73 2500s164 5000s294
Capsicum frutescens Aladin ornamental	553200	 1p8
Capsicum frutescens Bird Pepper wild	3084	 1g8 2g12 5g21 10g34 25g63 1p8
Capsicum frutescens Etna edible and ornl.	445597	 5g25 10g44 50g129 100g213 250g400 1p11
Capsicum frutescens Hidalgo	447926	 20s11
Capsicum frutescens Peruvian Purple	447922	 20s11
Capsicum frutescens Tabasco	69007	 20s11 50s6 75s8 100s8 150s17 250s18 500s26 1000s46
Capsicum frutescens f1 Gusto Green	510126	 25s18 50s20 100s24 250s46 500s78 1000s65 2500s159 5000s316 10000s629 15000s943 2
Capsicum frutescens f1 Gusto Purple	434049	 25s18 50s20 100s24 250s46 500s78 1000s65 2500s159 5000s316 10000s629 15000s943 2
Capsicum pubescens Manzano Rocoto Amarillo	39116	 20s14
Capsicum pubescens Manzano Rocoto Rojo	441289	 20s14
Capsicum sp. unident. Ecuador Purple	447924	 30s11
Capsicum sp. unident. Martinique Chili	447927	 1p4 20s11
Capsicum sp. unident. Thai Chili	447929	 1p4 20s9
Caralluma flava Albiflora	510181	 5s30
Cardamine bulbifera	23956	 1g4 5g20 10g10 1p4
Cardamine heptaphylla	23958	 1g4 10g18 100g150 1000g1200 1p3
Cardamine trifolia	430477	 1g12 1p8
Cardiocrinum cordatum	65799	 1g24
Cardiocrinum cordatum v. glehnii	443075	 1p10
Cardiocrinum giganteum	1189	 1g8 2g27 10g36 100g593 1p8 25s8 100s19 1000s40 10000s513 100000s1695
Cardiocrinum giganteum yunnanense	450714	 1p12
Carex Prairie Fire	448053	 100s10 250s21 500s38 1000s70
Carex acuta	70915	 1g8 5g27 10g47 100g353 1p8
Carex acutiformis	70916	 1g8 10g41 100g292
Carex albula	448756	 10g49 100s14
Carex albula Frosted Curls	510227	 1g40 10g266 100g2073 1p12
Carex annectens	83589	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g49 454g627 500s8
Carex appalachica	553690	 1g27 1p14
Carex aquatilis	510229	 3g28 7g40 14g66 28g105 300s8
Carex arenaria	66955	 1g10 10g16 25g27 50g48 100g90 1000g676 1p8
Carex atherodes	444470	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 500s8
Carex aurea	408914	 1g16 10g102 100g697 1p9
Carex bebbii	76515	 3g12 7g14 14g20 28g28 454g336 500s8
Carex berggrenii	37076	 1g70 10g622 1p14
Carex bicknellii	65706	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g47 500s8
Carex blanda	552511	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g69 454g917 100s8
Carex brevior	408898	 3g12 7g14 14g20 28g30 454g336 750s8
Carex buchananii	493	 1g27 3g27 10g209 100g1660 1p8 100s9 250s19 500s34 1000s63
Carex buchananii Firefox	47952	 1g36 10g266 100g2073 1p12 100s9 250s19 500s34 1000s62
Carex buchananii Viridis	62952	 1g36 10g279 1p14
Carex chathamica	434758	 1g28
Carex comans	31902	 1g27 5g17 10g210 100g1660 1p9
Carex comans Frosted Curls	39	 1g27 1g27 10g209 100g1660 1p10 100s8 250s16 500s29 1000s53 5000s92 10000s182 500
Carex comosa	83590	 1g8 7g18 10g34 14g26 28g40 100g219 454g481 750s8
Carex conoidea	462909	 80s8
Carex coriacea	82143	 5g18 10g50 100s15
Carex crawei Dewey (ex Torr)	457615	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 100s8
Carex crinita	83591	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g49 454g627 500s8
Carex cristatella	408900	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g69 454g917 750s8
Carex crus-corvi	408901	 7g13 14g18 28g26 454g278 200s8
Carex davalliana	445672	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p14
Carex davisii	408902	 3g19 7g26 14g39 28g57 454g772 100s8
Carex dissita	82144	 10g58 100s15
Carex flacca	70918	 1g8 2g10 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 50g40 100g74 1000g621 1p5
Carex flagellifera	62954	 2g30 1p4
Carex flagellifera brown bronze to green form	452561	 5g30 10g42
Carex folliculata	81633	 1g16 10g102 100g697
Carex frankii	444471	 7g13 14g18 28g24 750s8
Carex geminata	82145	 5g30 20g38
Carex gracillima	444472	 750s8
Carex granularis	408905	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g67 454g917 150s8
Carex gravida	82240	 3g28 7g40 14g66 28g105 150s8
Carex grayii	3649	 1g8 3g14 5g15 7g18 10g24 14g26 25g51 28g38 50g100 100g198 250g488 454g481 500g96
Carex hirsutella	408906	 3g30 7g36 14g56 28g86 454g1208 200s8
Carex hystericina	76516	 3g12 7g14 14g20 28g30 454g336 750s8
Carex interior	408907	 3g31 750s8
Carex intumescens	441126	 3g16 25s8
Carex lacustris	83592	 3g31 7g45 14g75 28g125 454g1789 1p4 80s8
Carex lasiocarpa	510295	 1g10 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 1p4
Carex leporina	406268	 5g16 10g12 50g32 100g53 1000g385
Carex leptalea	510298	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 200s8
Carex lessoniana	550995	 10g51 100s15
Carex lupulina	83593	 3g12 7g16 14g23 28g32 100s8
Carex lurida	81639	 1g10 3g14 7g18 10g60 14g26 28g38 100g525 454g481 1p8 200s8
Carex macrocephala	51526	 1g20
Carex maorica	405884	 10g42 100s14
Carex molesta	408908	 3g12 7g16 14g23 28g34 454g394 300s8
Carex morrowii Pinkie	454646	 2g27 1p9
Carex muehlenbergii	82241	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g47 454g627 100s8
Carex muricata ssp. muricata	453761	 10g10 25g11 50g16 100g26 1000g160
Carex muskingumensis	3651	 1g11 3g14 7g18 10g72 14g26 28g38 100g525 454g481 1p8 75s8
Carex nigra	81640	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 50g39 100g71 1000g525
Carex normalis	408910	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g67 400s8
Carex paniculata	23906	 1g8 5g22 10g49 100g353
Carex pellita	408909	 3g31 7g45 14g75 28g125 200s8
Carex pendula Fresh Look	461391	 3000s75 5000s123 10000s245 50000s1219 100000s2123
Carex pendula Moonraker	454647	 3g28
Carex pendula c.s.	3655	 1g5 2g10 5g8 10g9 11g27 25g16 50g25 100g44 1000g343 1p4 3000s81 10000s269 100000
Carex pensylvanica	434455	 3g89 7g161 14g308 28g590 75s8
Carex petriei	400710	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p12
Carex prairea	83594	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g47 1000s8
Carex projecta	405983	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g47 500s8
Carex pseudocyperus	400711	 10g46 1p8 200s8
Carex pumila	510336	 100s14 1000s30
Carex remota	81641	 1g8 2g8 5g10 10g14 100g75 1000g568 1p8
Carex riparia	51312	 1g8 10g38 25g107 100g249 1000g2097 1p8
Carex rosea	405984	 1g14 3g40 7g65 10g90 14g114 28g202 100g611 1p8 200s8
Carex rostrata	460705	 5g16
Carex scoparia	83596	 3g12 7g16 14g23 28g32 454g394 1000s8
Carex secta	33153	 1g16 5g17 10g141 100g1109 1p11 100s19
Carex shortiana	408911	 3g14 7g18 14g26 28g38 454g461 200s8
Carex solandri	82146	 1g19 10g51 100g1109 1p10 100s15
Carex sp. unident. Majken	81643	 1g13 10g89 1p8
Carex sparganioides	454961	 1g14 3g28 10g102 100g783 1p8 100s8
Carex spp. select mix	458894	 3g29 1p8
Carex sprengelii	83597	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g67 150s8
Carex squarrosa	441127	 7g13 14g18 28g24 454g278 750s8
Carex sterilis	83598	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 500s8
Carex stipata	83599	 3g12 7g14 14g20 28g28 454g336 750s8
Carex stricta	83600	 3g31 7g45 14g75 28g125 454g1789 150s8
Carex sylvatica	81644	 1g8 10g14 50g45 100g83 1000g621
Carex tenera	441128	 3g28 7g40 14g66 28g105 454g1498 150s8
Carex tenuiculmis	81634	 1g27 10g63 100g1660 1p12 100s15
Carex testacea	494	 1g21 10g210 100g1660 1p10 100s6 500s34 1000s63
Carex tribuloides	438587	 3g28 7g40 14g66 28g105 1000s8
Carex trichocarpa	510368	 3g28 7g40 14g66 28g105 150s8
Carex trifida	35708	 0g8 1g10 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g30 100g525 1p8 100s19 1000s37
Carex typhina	405985	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g47 454g627 150s8
Carex utriculata	408913	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g47 454g627 250s8
Carex vesicaria	439745	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 300s8
Carex virgata	82147	 1g18
Carex vulpina	34467	 1g8 10g14 25g23 50g39 100g71 1000g525
Carex vulpinoidea	76517	 7g12 14g15 28g20 454g220 1p8 1000s8
Carnegiea gigantea	10078	 10s10 100s8 1000s23 10000s156
Carpanthea pomeridiana	19694	 1p10
Carpenteria californica	512	 100s10
Carpobrotus deliciosus	24982	 1p10
Carpobrotus edulis	123	 1p10 100s12 1000s221
Carpobrotus glaucescens	28087	 1p16 1000s50
Carpobrotus mellei	406582	 1p10 100s15
Carpobrotus muirii	71929	 1p10 100s16
Carpobrotus rossii	83243	 100s11 1000s14 10000s36
Carpobrotus virescens	38051	 1g16 10g24 25g52 100g194 1000g1214 100s11 1000s16 10000s52
Carpodetus serratus	18047	 1g29 1p4
Carpolyza spiralis svs	450375	 5s10
Carruanthus peersii	19248	 100s24
Cartonema philydroides	439384	 3g28 10g86 25g206 100g812 1000g5333
Castellanosia caineana	434854	 25s8
Catharanthus roseus	2815	 12g8 25g9 50g11 100g15 250g29 500g52 1000g96 2500g213 5000g376 10000g602 1p4 50s
Catharanthus roseus Albus	34285	 1000s52
Catharanthus roseus Little Blanche	68433	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g26 50g46 100g123 250g302 500g592 1000g830 2500g1052 10000g3908
Catharanthus roseus Little Bright Eyes	68434	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g26 50g46 100g123 250g299 500g588 1000g830 2500g1588 10000g4868
Catharanthus roseus Little Delicata pale pink	68435	 25g26 50g46
Catharanthus roseus Little Linda deep rose	68437	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g26 50g46 100g123 250g302 500g542 1000g830 2500g1052 10000g3908
Catharanthus roseus Little Pinkie	68436	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g26 50g46 100g123 250g302 500g592 1000g830 2500g1052 10000g3908
Catharanthus roseus Oceana Mixture formula	47805	 1g14 2g21 5g35
Catharanthus roseus Pacifica Mixed new colours	74960	 250s11 500s20 1000s29 2500s80
Catharanthus roseus f1 Victory Mixed	552034	 250s10 500s16 750s23 1000s29 2500s56
Catharanthus roseus f1 Vitesse Mixed	453545	 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s79
Catharanthus roseus tall carmine	431330	 100g60 250g143
Catharanthus roseus tall mix o p	68432	 100g50 250g112 500g212 1000g331 2500g1335 5000g1458 10000g2758 25000g9557
Catharanthus roseus tall pure rose	431331	 100g60 250g143
Catharanthus roseus tall pure white	431333	 100g60 250g143
Catharanthus roseus tall white with eye	431332	 100g60 250g143
Catharanthus trichophyllus	447603	 1p9
Caulokaempferia sikkimensis	510888	 10s15 100s25 1000s114
Caulophyllum thalictroides	69689	 3g14 7g18 14g26 28g40 454g481 1p17 5s8
Cautleya gracilis	510887	 10s15 100s25 1000s84 10000s654
Cautleya gracilis v. robusta	434739	 1000g91 10s15 100s25 1000s96 10000s700
Cautleya spicata	452013	 10s15 100s25 1000s103
Ceanothus americanus	53	 3g16 7g17 14g27 28g47 454g627 1p10 75s8
Ceanothus cordulatus	532	 90s10
Ceanothus integerrimus	535	 7g13 14g20 28g33 113g91 454g175
Ceanothus ovatus	83578	 3g19 7g31 14g56 28g86 1p4 106s8
Ceanothus prostratus	537	 28g51 113g141 454g268
Ceanothus pumilus	510925	 60s12
Ceanothus sanguineus	538	 1g8 7g13 14g20 28g33 113g90 454g174 1p8
Celmisia mackaui	78047	 100s21
Cephalophyllum alstonii	400345	 1p10 100s10 1000s31
Cephalophyllum alstonii Ceres Karoo	69376	 100s10
Cephalophyllum aureorubrum	19252	 100s24
Cephalophyllum diversiphyllum	19769	 1p10 100s23
Cephalophyllum franciscii	19254	 199s8
Cephalophyllum loreum	19772	 1p10
Cephalophyllum niveum	460118	 1p10
Cephalophyllum pillansii	19773	 1p10 100s12 1000s38
Cephalophyllum pulchrum	19595	 1p10 100s14 1000s38
Cephalophyllum sp. unident. prostrate	401457	 1p10
Cephalophyllum spissum	82986	 1p10 100s12 1000s38
Cephalophyllum spongiosum	19256	 100s10
Cephalophyllum spp. mixed	19531	 1p8
Cephalophyllum subulatoides	19257	 100s15
Cephalophyllum tricolorum	406915	 1p10
Ceratonia siliqua	400894	 7g8 10g13 25g22 50g53 1000g306 1p4 10s4 100s19
Ceratopetalum gummiferum	14956	 5g33 10g15 25g24 100g81 1000g460 1p17
Cercis canadensis	24732	 7g8 10g12 14g9 25g20 28g12 56g17 100g50 113g27 227g47 250g94 454g88 500g187 1000
Cercis canadensis Alba	551780	 5g47 28g24 113g73 454g142
Cercis canadensis northern provs.	47450	 28g19 113g51 454g102
Cercis canadensis v. mexicana	551781	 5g47
Cercis chinensis	597	 25g25 28g18 56g29 113g51 250g120 454g101 4540g772 1p10 25s8
Cercis gigantea	431265	 28g23 113g61 454g120 25s8
Cercis glabra	511272	 5g21 100s19 1000s46
Cercis occidentalis	598	 25g27 28g25 56g37 113g67 250g127 454g132 4540g1897 100s26 1000s61
Cercis racemosa	46545	 10g24 250g251
Cercis siliquastrum	599	 10g7 25g18 100g27 250g92 500g91 1000g172 1p8
Cercis siliquastrum Album	400896	 1p4 100s23 1000s71
Cerochlamys pachyphylla	19779	 1p10
Ceropegia haygarthii	406918	 5s16
Ceropegia nilotica v simplex	462269	 5s16
Ceropegia stapeliformis	405611	 5s11
Ceropegia variegata	463010	 1p4
Ceropegia woodii	601	 10s10 20s9
Cestrum buxifolium Black Beauty	511360	 100s31
Cestrum fasciculatum	430990	 100s25 1000s81
Cestrum latifolium	511359	 15s8
Cestrum microcalyx	511361	 100s21 1000s54
Cestrum nocturnum	602	 1p8 25s8 100s19 1000s120 10000s384 50000s1845
Cestrum parqui	63691	 6s13
Chamaescilla corymbosa	15885	 1g17 4g25 10g56 100g510 1000g3825
Chasmanthe aethiopica	11837	 1p10 100s18
Chasmanthe bicolor	29445	 25g26 50g43 100g78 1000g681 1p8 100s13
Chasmanthe floribunda	11838	 1p8 100s13
Chasmanthe floribunda v ducketii	25175	 1p10
Chasmatophyllum braunsii	19783	 100s24
Chasmatophyllum nelii	452010	 100s8
Chasmatophyllum willowmorense	460119	 100s10
Cheilanthes quadripinnata	435377	 1p9
Cheilanthes viridis	455461	 100s12
Cheilocostus lacerus	552867	 1000s24 10000s171 50000s641
Cheilocostus speciosus	12868	 10s15 100s24 1000s30 10000s196 50000s730 100000s2406
Cheiridopsis acuminata	401467	 1p10 100s16 1000s42
Cheiridopsis candidissima	458711	 1p10 100s10
Cheiridopsis carinata	406598	 1p10 100s12
Cheiridopsis cuprea	402562	 100s30
Cheiridopsis denticulata	19695	 1p10 1000s38
Cheiridopsis derenbergiana	401475	 1p10
Cheiridopsis glomerata	443274	 1p10 100s15
Cheiridopsis herrei	196	 1p10
Cheiridopsis imitans	441569	 1p10
Cheiridopsis marlothii	19265	 1p10 100s12
Cheiridopsis meyeri	81738	 1p10
Cheiridopsis namaquensis	434638	 1p10 100s13 1000s32
Cheiridopsis peculiaris	19601	 1p10 100s13
Cheiridopsis pillansii	19266	 1p10 100s12
Cheiridopsis purpurea	402565	 1p10 100s12
Cheiridopsis roodiae	402564	 100s8
Cheiridopsis rostrata	19784	 1p10
Cheiridopsis schlechteri	75346	 100s12 1000s32
Cheiridopsis setifera (name unresolved)	462256	 100s12
Cheiridopsis spp. mix	69377	 1p8
Cheiridopsis vanzylii	19533	 1p10 100s12
Cheiridopsis vanzylii Pofadder	444095	 100s12
Cheiridopsis verrucosa	81744	 1p10 100s13
Chiastophyllum oppositifolium	3746	 0g13 0g19 0g31 0g56 1g105 10g932 1p8 100s10
Chlorophytum borivilianum	445847	 1000g121 5000g437 10000g742
Chlorophytum bowkeri	404314	 100s9 1000s36
Chlorophytum cymosum	52386	 100s12
Chlorophytum filipendulum ssp. amandiense	511779	 100s27 1000s154
Chlorophytum haygarthii	46600	 1p10
Chlorophytum krookianum	71884	 1p10 100s13 1000s38
Chlorophytum saundersiae	460062	 1p10 20s20 100s12 1000s31 10000s227
Chlorophytum transvaalense	462319	 1p10
Chlorophytum triflorum	552584	 1p10
Chlorophytum undulatum	402980	 1p10
Choristylis rhamnoides	463012	 1p10
Chrysosplenium alternifolium	83962	 0g44 1g18 10g104 1p10
Cipocereus minensis	454116	 25s9
Circaea lutetiana	15331	 1g5 5g18 10g24 20g55 100g180 1p4
Cistanthe grandiflora Brightness	435355	 1p8
Cistanthe guadalupensis	449507	 10s14 100s27
Citrus Citronelle	5063	 5g24 10g20 25g35 1000g779
Citrus aurantifolia svs	30832	 250g116 1000g382 1000s156
Citrus aurantium svs	400943	 1p12 1000s156 3000s450
Citrus glauca db	512227	 25g21 250g73 1000g211
Citrus limettoides svs	661	 1000s228
Citrus limon	662	 1000s97 10000s812
Citrus limon x Ponderosa	38261	 1000s228
Citrus maxima svs	66	 1000g129 2500g288 5000g500 10000g798 1000s123 10000s849
Citrus reticulata	30834	 25g29 250g169 1000s102 10000s696
Citrus sinensis	400957	 25g23 250g108
Citrus sinensis x Citrange Carrizo svs	458666	 2500s389
Citrus sinensis x Citrange Troyer svs	86670	 2500s389
Claytonia perfoliata for micro purslane winter	436432	 25g32 50g59 100g108 250g233
Claytonia virginica	72254	 3g65 7g113 75s8
Cleistocactus brookeae ssp. vulpis-cauda	447075	 100s21 1000s47 10000s291
Cleistocactus buchtienii	26171	 25s8
Cleistocactus hyalacanthus jujuyensis	78694	 25s8
Cleistocactus morawetzianus	464305	 100s16 1000s34 10000s230
Cleistocactus samaipatanus	62986	 100s14 1000s30 10000s210
Cleistocactus smaragdiflorus	10192	 100s14 1000s30 10000s195
Cleistocactus strausii	8097	 25s8 100s21 1000s37 10000s266
Clementsia rhodantha name unresolved as yet	38857	 100s9
Cleretum bellidiformis	406465	 1g9 10g55 28g20 100g353 113g46 1p6 100s13 1000s8
Cleretum bellidiformis mix	23608	 10g14 12g8 15g19 25g10 28g20 50g13 100g19 113g50 250g41 500g76 1000g116 2500g308
Cleretum bellidiformis yellow fld. form	512504	 1p10 100s13
Cleretum herrei	75347	 1p10
Cleretum papulosum	35665	 100s10
Cleretum papulosum ssp. schlechteri	68868	 100s15 1000s38
Clintonia borealis	69837	 1g13 10g94 100g697 1p8
Clivia caulescens vsvs	82162	 1p14
Clivia gardenii Maxima vsvs	460307	 1p13
Clivia gardenii vsvs	29554	 1p14
Clivia miniata Aurea Yellows vsvs	453428	 100s59 1000s381
Clivia miniata Belgian hybrid vsvs	453753	 10000s5233
Clivia miniata orange extra wide leaf vsvs	436820	 100s35 1000s274
Clivia miniata pastel coloured hybrids vsvs	450335	 3s11 10000s15756
Clivia miniata peach hybrid vsvs	453431	 5s10 10s20 100s125
Clivia miniata v citrina vsvs	68451	 1p12
Clivia miniata vsvs	11863	 1p17 100s59 1000s642
Clivia miniata yellow hybrids vsvs	82131	 100s50 1000s350
Clivia nobilis vsvs	82128	 2s10
Clivia robusta vsvs	460305	 1p13 100s25
Codonorhiza corymbosa	12757	 1p10
Codonorhiza falcata	526454	 1p10
Codonorhiza micrantha	77912	 1p10
Colchicum Lilac Wonder	83057	 1p4
Colchicum autumnale	11867	 10g11 25g20 50g34 100g62 1000g570 1p8
Colchicum autumnale organic seed	434673	 1g8 10g29 100g215 1000g1270 1p8
Colchicum coloratum	71181	 1p10
Colchicum eucomoides	440544	 1p10
Colchicum macrophyllum	70886	 10g89 100g696 1p12
Colchicum spp and hybs mix	72242	 1g10 2g17 5g28 10g50 1p8
Coleocephalocereus goebelianus	36031	 25s8
Colocasia affinis	33832	 1000s35 100000s1358
Colocasia esculenta	31925	 3bl20
Colocasia fallax	450908	 1p11 1000s75 10000s599
Comarum palustre	4489	 0g8 1g4 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g25 1p4 100s8
Commelina coelestis	3733	 1g9 10g51 25g32 50g57 100g110 250g269 500g528 1000g1045 1p8
Commelina coelestis Alba	458897	 1g16 10g22 25g46 50g86 100g169 250g376 500g741 1000g1473 1p9
Commelina coelestis Blue	458896	 10g22 25g46 50g86 100g169 250g376 500g741 1000g1473
Commelina coelestis Formula Mixture	461164	 10g22 25g46 50g86 100g169 250g376 500g741 1000g1473
Commelina coelestis Lilac	458898	 10g22 25g46 50g86 100g169 250g376 500g741 1000g1473
Commelina dianthifolia	36264	 0g8 0g10 0g13 1g19 10g128 100g998 1p8
Commelina diffusa	85560	 1g18 5g83 10g149 25g376 100g1124 1000g7457 1p4
Commelina tuberosa Ouverture Mix	442531	 1p9
Commiphora guillaumini	430860	 1000g125
Conicosia elongata	401489	 1p10 100s15
Conicosia pugioniformis	25886	 1p10
Conicosia pugioniformis ssp. pugioniformis	463778	 1p10
Conoclinium coelestinum	1016	 1g27 3g31 7g45 10g201 14g75 100g1557 1p10 500s8
Conophytum bilobum	19686	 20s25
Conophytum calculus	19301	 25s8
Conophytum minutum	19305	 100s21
Conophytum pillansii	434643	 25s8
Conophytum subfenestratum	19308	 1p10
Conophytum uviforme	1931	 100s24
Conophytum uviforme Vanrhynsdorp	430051	 100s24
Conophytum uviforme ssp subincanum	68872	 1p9
Conostylis aculeata	75359	 3g23 5g36 10g67 100g623 1000g4504
Conostylis candicans ssp candicans	442069	 3g23 5g36 10g67 100g623 1000g4504
Conostylis discolor	439392	 1g15 5g66 10g127 100g1226 1000g10108
Conostylis phathyrantha	439393	 3g22 5g36 10g67 100g623 1000g5077
Conostylis serrulata	75360	 3g21 5g33 10g61 100g563 1000g4580
Conostylis setigera	12855	 2g22 5g51 10g97 100g924 1000g7592
Conostylis setosa	11843	 2g22 5g51 10g97 100g924 1000g7592
Convallaria majalis	400076	 1g4 10g18 50g63 100g120 p4 1p4
Convallaria majalis variegated form	403486	 5s12
Coptis japonica	51303	 1p11
Corallocarpus welwitschii	454591	 1p10 4s24 10s9
Coreopsis rosea	79527	 1g19 10g141 100g1109 1p10
Cornus canadensis	712	 1g11 10g77 28g146 100g497 113g402 454g751 500g1975 1000g3940 1p9
Cornutia caerulea Jacq. (Moldenke)	462292	 28g52 113g146 454g277
Corryocactus brevistylus	449268	 100s11 1000s23 10000s150
Corydalis cava	25455	 1g8 10g20 20g40 25g124 100g138 1000g1976 1p8 15s8
Corydalis cheilanthifolia	12424	 0g12 1g18 1p8
Corydalis heterocarpa	442740	 0g8 2g30 1p8
Corydalis lutea svs	15309	 1g18 10g88 25g171 50g341 100g679 250g1692 500g3374 1000g5190 1p8 100s7 250s13 50
Corydalis nobilis	12432	 1g8 2g15 5g24 10g94 100g731 1p8 10s9
Corydalis ochroleuca	12433	 1g21 10g158 1p8
Corydalis persica v hyrcana	462704	 1p9
Corydalis solida	12438	 1g8 10g42 100g318 1p8 8s9
Corydalis solida George P Baker	36636	 1p10
Corydalis spp. mix	46414	 1p9
Corydalis taliensis	442741	 0g9 1g12 2g26 5g47 1p9 20s10
Corydalis wilsonii	76011	 1p8
Corynopuntia invicta	78681	 100s45
Corynopuntia marenae	78823	 1p4
Coryphantha borwigii	459317	 100s22
Coryphantha cornifera	33717	 100s15
Coryphantha delaetiana	10211	 100s13
Coryphantha echinus Howard Co. Tx.	82658	 40s10
Coryphantha macromeris	82630	 25s8 100s30
Coryphantha odorata	553313	 100s20 1000s55
Coryphantha pulleineana	8162	 1000s81
Coryphantha pycnacantha	449930	 30s10
Coryphantha ramillosa	82648	 100s22
Coryphantha recurvata	8165	 100s22 1000s61
Coryphantha robustispina ssp. scheeri Eddy Co. NM	10246	 100s24
Coryphantha sulcata Williamson Co. Tx.	10225	 30s10
Coryphantha vaupeliana San Vicente Tam.	8214	 100s24
Coryphantha vogtherriana	434893	 100s22
Coryphantha werdermannii Cuatrocienegas cit app. 1 EU only	406313	 100s20 1000s64
Cosmos atrosanguineus	40343	 4s18
Cosmos atrosanguineus Black Magic	462705	 1g70 10g520 1p19 4s20
Costus dinklagei	551093	 1p10
Costus dubius	432706	 10s15 100s24 1000s69 10000s448
Costus erythrocoryne	513354	 10s15 100s29
Costus guianensis	431109	 10s13 100s15 1000s162
Costus lima	73705	 10s13 100s16 1000s32 10000s236
Costus ricus	513358	 10s19
Costus scaber	513359	 10s14 100s21 1000s59
Costus woodsonii	455538	 100s25 1000s93
Cotyledon barbeyi	75350	 1p10 100s10 1000s218
Cotyledon campanulata	77307	 1p10 100s13
Cotyledon cuneata	404534	 1p8
Cotyledon orbiculata	767	 1p10 100s10
Cotyledon orbiculata Staghorn	450385	 100s8
Cotyledon orbiculata flat leaf	450384	 100s8
Cotyledon orbiculata flat lf. light grey	463084	 100s8
Cotyledon orbiculata narrow lf.	463085	 100s15
Cotyledon orbiculata powdery white form	449422	 10000s314
Cotyledon orbiculata silver	463086	 100s11
Cotyledon orbiculata v. flanaganii	69386	 1p10
Cotyledon orbiculata v. oblonga	19697	 100s9
Cotyledon orbiculata v. oblonga green lf.	82040	 1p4
Cotyledon orbiculata v. orbiculata	68873	 1p10
Cotyledon orbiculata v. spuria	75352	 100s25 1000s208
Cotyledon velutina	26141	 1p10 100s13 1000s38
Cotyledon woodii	513477	 1p10
Cotypedon woodii	463780	 1p8
Crassula acinacifomis	80894	 1p10 100s13
Crassula alba	71103	 1p10
Crassula arborescens	37487	 1p10 100s13 1000s210
Crassula biplanata	437743	 1p10 100s16
Crassula capensis v. capensis	19537	 1p10 100s16
Crassula capitella	80895	 100s16
Crassula capitella ssp. thyrsiflora	80503	 100s20 1000s38 10000s280
Crassula coccinea	21232	 1p10 100s13
Crassula columnaris	52606	 1p4 100s13
Crassula cotyledonis	406576	 1p10 100s20 1000s38 10000s280
Crassula cultrata	75353	 1p10 100s20 1000s38 10000s280
Crassula cymosa	71931	 100s15
Crassula dejecta	52607	 1p10 100s13
Crassula dependens	80897	 1p10
Crassula dichotoma	71104	 1p10
Crassula ericoides	75779	 1p10
Crassula expansa	430054	 1p10
Crassula falcatus	463781	 100s8
Crassula fallax	406578	 1p10 100s15
Crassula fascicularis	37488	 1p10
Crassula glomerata	430056	 1p10
Crassula lactea Bracteata	513586	 100s20 1000s38 10000s280
Crassula lanceolata ssp. transvaalensis	83402	 1p10
Crassula latibracteata	75780	 1p10
Crassula mesembryanthemoides	430057	 1p10 100s15 1000s38 10000s280
Crassula mollis	551151	 1p10
Crassula multiflora	23605	 1p10 100s16
Crassula muscosa	402566	 1p10
Crassula natalensis	83403	 1p10
Crassula nudicaulis	19312	 1p10 100s15 1000s38 10000s280
Crassula obvallata	458688	 100s10
Crassula orbicularis	52608	 1p9
Crassula ovata	75615	 1p10 100s13 1000s34
Crassula pellucida	553462	 1p10
Crassula pellucida ssp. brachypetala	450313	 1p10
Crassula perfoliata	430059	 1p10 100s25 1000s208
Crassula perfoliata v. minor	551150	 1p10 100s9
Crassula perforata	80899	 1p10 100s16 1000s38 10000s280
Crassula rubricaulis	14487	 1p10
Crassula rupestris	52612	 1p10
Crassula sarcocaulis ssp. rupicola	406579	 1p10
Crassula setulosa	406580	 1p10
Crassula setulosa aff.	439368	 1p10
Crassula southii	458689	 1p10
Crassula sp. unident. compact rosette, hairy grey lvs.	430060	 1p10
Crassula spp. mixed	447617	 1p10
Crassula subaphylla	444958	 1p10
Crassula subaphylla v. virgata	463083	 100s10
Crassula subulata v. subulata	463782	 1p10
Crassula swaziensis	71106	 1p10
Crassula tetragona	773	 1p10 100s15 1000s38 10000s280
Crassula tetragona ssp robusta	69391	 1p19
Crassula vaginata	80901	 1p10
Crepis aurea	37078	 0g16 1p8
Crinum asiaticum v. pedunculatum svs	12519	 1p21 1000s765
Crinum bulbispermum svs	2933	 100s15
Crinum macowanii	29496	 25s10 100s38
Crinum mauritianum vsvs	462661	 1p13
Crithmum maritimum	33911	 1g8 10g55 100g421 1p4 30s10
Crocosmia Lucifer	36856	 1g8 2g12 5g18 10g29 25g65 40g100 1p9
Crocosmia New Hybrids	457089	 1p10
Crocosmia Orangerot	430964	 1g8 10g47 100g353
Crocosmia aurea	27392	 1p10 100s20
Crocosmia paniculata	36859	 1p10 45s12 100s13
Crocus kotschyanus ssp kotschyanus autumn flg.	11878	 1p9
Crocus sativus autumn flg. bulbs	28684	 20bl22
Crocus spp mix	450137	 1p8
Crocus tommasinianus spring flg.	39723	 2g8 5g12 10g20 20g32 25g37 1p8
Crocus vernus	447618	 100g90
Crocus vernus ssp albiflorus spring flg.	83970	 1g4 10g36 100g320 1p3
Crocus vernus ssp vernus spring flg.	83079	 1g15 10g101
Crossyne flava vsvs	552899	 1p10 100s19
Cucumis zeyheri	77202	 1p10 100s26 1000s211
Cucurbita moschata f1 Hunter butternut squash	440002	 50s11 100s17 200s29 250s34 300s41 500s58 1000s105
Cumulopuntia boliviensis ssp. ignescens	464306	 100s71
Curculigo orchioides	85565	 100s21 1000s63
Curcuma longa	31335	 2bl16 5bl26 10bl45 24s18
Curcuma sessilis	514380	 100s27
Cussonia arenicola	460058	 100s27 1000s220
Cyanella alba	11847	 1p10
Cyanella hyacinthoides	25176	 1p10 100s13
Cyanella lutea	11849	 1p10
Cyanella orchidiformis	12828	 1p10
Cyathea australis (name unresolved)	5881	 1p32 100s10
Cyathea dealbata name unresolved	24492	 10g63 1p12 100s14
Cyathea dregei	406757	 1p10
Cyathea glauca name unresolved	437781	 1p38
Cyathea leichardtiana	5735	 10g39 25g74 1p15
Cyathea leucotricha	78698	 1p13
Cyathea medullaris name unresolved	51684	 1p12
Cyathea smithii name unresolved	17909	 1p32
Cyathea sp. unident. Tiny Top	40124	 1p15
Cyathea spinulosa	437692	 1p11
Cyathochaeta avenacea	439397	 4g20 10g46 25g107 100g412 1000g3073
Cyclamen africanum	51727	 1g15 10g110 1p9 100s12 250s24
Cyclamen alpinum	36596	 15s10
Cyclamen balearicum	36598	 1p4 5s6 15s9
Cyclamen cilicium	28647	 1g40 5g180 10g313 1p9 10s4 100s15
Cyclamen cilicium Album	51726	 1p11
Cyclamen coum	28648	 0g16 0g29 0g9 0g52 0g12 1g28 1g17 2g28 5g50 10g240 100g2137 1p12 20s11
Cyclamen coum Album	36593	 1g36 10g313 1p16 15s10
Cyclamen coum Cyberia Mixed	457843	 25s14 50s24 100s44 250s98
Cyclamen coum Maurice Dryden	51724	 6s11
Cyclamen coum Rubrum	76483	 1g36 1p16
Cyclamen coum Silverleaf (Pewter group) mix	36595	 1g105 1p57
Cyclamen coum mix	457842	 1p12 20s11
Cyclamen coum ssp coum fa albissimum	460822	 1p4 10s12
Cyclamen coum ssp. caucasicum	83084	 1g40 10g352 100g3143 1p16
Cyclamen creticum	51725	 6s9
Cyclamen cyprium	3659	 15s11
Cyclamen f1 Friller Mixed	461763	 25s24 50s43 100s79 250s179
Cyclamen f1 Latinia mix	435513	 25s18 50s28 75s41 100s52 250s103
Cyclamen f1 SeeWhy Mixed	403493	 25s19 50s35 100s64 250s145
Cyclamen f1 Sierra Mixed	64956	 25s20 50s36 100s67 250s150
Cyclamen f1 Silverado Mixed	453492	 25s20 50s36 100s67 250s151
Cyclamen graecum	31936	 1g30 10g280 1p4 20s12 100s16
Cyclamen graecum Album	72356	 12s12
Cyclamen graecum vars. mix	447626	 15s12
Cyclamen hederifolium - neapolitanum	11851	 0g10 0g16 0g16 0g38 1g19 1g25 2g30 2g44 5g82 10g158 100g1402 1p8
Cyclamen hederifolium Album	12359	 1p4 15s11
Cyclamen hederifolium Perlenteppich	451944	 1g32 10g257 100g2154 1p17
Cyclamen hederifolium Roseum	51729	 1g32 5g119 10g256 100g2154 1p18
Cyclamen hederifolium Silverleaf mixed fls	438040	 1p4
Cyclamen hederifolium Silverleaf pink fl.	76484	 1g105 1p57
Cyclamen hederifolium mixed forms	449016	 0g8 1g9 2g15 5g23 10g39 25g89 50g176 100g349 250g867 500g1723 1000g3095 1p4 20s1
Cyclamen intaminatum	405193	 1p4 15s10
Cyclamen libanoticum	2546	 0g50 1p4 15s11 100s64
Cyclamen mirabile (Tile Barn Ann)	36589	 1g53 1p23 12s12
Cyclamen mirabile Tile Barn Jan	463829	 8s11
Cyclamen mirabile Tile Barn Mix Jan and Nicholas	463830	 9s12
Cyclamen mirabile Tile Barn Nicholas	462476	 10s11 12s12
Cyclamen mirabile fa niveum	457850	 15s12
Cyclamen parviflorum	79892	 6s10
Cyclamen persicum	36599	 1p4 15s11
Cyclamen persicum Album	450138	 12s10
Cyclamen persicum Giant Formula Mix	431879	 12s12 500s27 1000s47
Cyclamen persicum Royal Maxi mixed	69581	 500s37 1000s68
Cyclamen persicum Royal Mini mix	78935	 500s59 1000s110
Cyclamen persicum f1 Royal Mini formula mix	553824	 500s63 1000s119
Cyclamen persicum f1 Royal large flowered formula mix	553825	 500s77 1000s148
Cyclamen persicum large flowered mix	78933	 500s27 1000s47
Cyclamen persicum small flowered mix	78934	 500s59 1000s110
Cyclamen pseudibericum	400712	 1g40 10g313 1p23 15s11
Cyclamen purpurascens	1532	 1g53 1p23 15s12
Cyclamen repandum	76485	 1g36 10g313 1p16 15s12
Cyclamen repandum Album	447624	 12s12
Cyclamen repandum ssp peloponnesiacum	514590	 15s12
Cyclamen repandum ssp rhodense	447625	 15s12
Cyclamen repandum ssp. peleponnesiacum	460316	 15s7
Cyclamen rohlfsianum	36591	 15s8
Cyclamen saundersii Grey-Wilson (name unresolved)	460385	 10s11
Cyclamen spp. mix hardy species	403494	 1p12
Cyclamen wellensiekii x	451948	 15s12
Cyclamen whitei x	455088	 15s10
Cylindrophyllum calamiforme	430066	 1p10
Cylindrophyllum comptonii	406445	 1p10
Cylindrophyllum tugwellii	406452	 1p10 100s16
Cylindropuntia alcahes ssp. alcahes	514628	 100s43 1000s259
Cylindropuntia imbricata	9491	 1g8 10g38 100g219 1p4 25s8 50s9 100s18 1000s34 10000s261
Cylindropuntia molesta	78864	 100s43 1000s302
Cylindropuntia spinosior	514626	 100s20 1000s55 10000s415
Cylindropuntia viridiflora x	401282	 30s10
Cylindropuntia whipplei	9521	 50s9
Cymbopogon bombycinus	67209	 15g27 25g40 100g146 1000g889 1p20
Cymbopogon obtectus	67211	 1g16
Cymbopogon procerus	86364	 15g27 25g41 100g151 1000g919
Cypella coelestis	71459	 50s10
Cypella peruviana	451203	 20s10 50s10
Cyperus esculentus seeds	446380	 25g96 100g282 1000g1865 1p4 20s8
Cyperus esculentus v sativus tubers	32936	 25g9 50g18 100g16 500g55 1000g90 5000g150 1p13
Cyperus rotundus	86081	 25g87 100g262 1000g1722 300s8
Cyperus rotundus tubers	454962	 25g154 100g454 1000g3055
Cyperus serotinus tubers	514819	 25g163 100g477 1000g3166
Cyphia bulbosa	430371	 1p10
Cyphia incisa	80045	 1p10
Cyphia volubilis	29572	 1p10
Cyphia volubilis aff.	460174	 1p10
Cyphomandra betacea (name unresolved)	401244	 1g8 10g24 100g151 1p9 100s13 1000s57
Cyphomandra crassicaulis White Egg	401245	 1000s33 10000s257
Cyphomandra crassicaulis yellow fruited	434775	 1000s63 100000s5007
Cyphostemma congestum	553384	 4s10
Cyphostemma juttae	37491	 100s110
Cyphostemma natalitium	458512	 1p9
Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus svs	12813	 1p10 10s34
Cyrtanthus mackenii red svs	74222	 100s13
Dactylicapnos macrocapnos	76887	 1p10
Dactylicapnos scandens	73352	 0g9 0g11 1g27 2g44 10g183 1p10 100s10 250s17 500s28 1000s49 2000s91 5000s224 100
Dactylorhiza fuchsii	72824	 0g9 0g32 1g27 10g241 1p8 100s10
Dactylorhiza maculata hort. svs cit	73264	 1p8
Dactylorhiza majalis	402683	 1p4
Dactylorhiza praetermissa	80537	 0g10 1g43 10g313
Dahlia Diablo Mixed double and semi-double	64987	 2g13 5g12 10g19 15g29 20g36 25g42 50g77 100g246
Dahlia Double Bedding Mixed	435666	 100g46 250g108 500g203 1000g310 5000g1350 10000g2543
Dahlia Double Extreme	446497	 5000s91 10000s180
Dahlia Dwarf Hybrids semi-double	515019	 1p8
Dahlia Dwarf dark leaved double mix	452501	 25g25 50g43 100g79 250g192 500g372 1000g524 2500g998 10000g3033 25000g7205
Dahlia Early Bird Mix semi double	64978	 5g9 10g11 15g20 20g18 25g29 50g52 100g27 250g62 500g223 1000g311 2500g591 10000g
Dahlia Figaro Improved Mix	64984	 2g11 5g18 7g26 10g33 15g55 25g69 50g166 100g318
Dahlia Figaro Orange Shades	72627	 250s15 500s27 1000s51 2500s112 5000s217
Dahlia Figaro Red Shades	72628	 250s15 500s28 1000s52 2500s113 5000s218
Dahlia Figaro Violet Shades	72629	 250s15 500s28 1000s52 2500s113 5000s218
Dahlia Figaro White	64985	 250s15 500s28 1000s52 2500s113 5000s218
Dahlia Figaro Yellow Shades	64986	 250s15 500s28 1000s52 2500s113 5000s218
Dahlia Fireworks mix	450665	 250s29 500s51 1000s95 5000s465
Dahlia Mardi Gras mix	551874	 2500s46 5000s85 10000s167
Dahlia Mignon Mixed dwarf	64979	 100g26 250g57 500g106 1000g181 2500g499 5000g705 10000g1253 25000g2945
Dahlia Mignon Piccolo Mixed early extra dwarf	69864	 100g29 250g66
Dahlia Mignon Purple Shades	69858	 100g35 250g80 1000g224
Dahlia Mignon Red Shades	69859	 100g35 250g80
Dahlia Mignon Rose Shades	69860	 100g35 250g80 1p8
Dahlia Mignon White	69861	 100g35 250g80 1p8
Dahlia Mignon Yellow	69862	 100g35 250g80
Dahlia Opera Mixed double - semi-double dwarf	81183	 10g13 25g26 50g46 100g85 1p9
Dahlia Opera Orange Shades dwarf double	446202	 50g53 100g99
Dahlia Opera Red Shades dwarf double	446201	 50g53 100g99
Dahlia Opera Violet Shades dwarf double	446203	 50g53 100g99
Dahlia Opera White double dwarf	446204	 50g53 100g99 2500g1766
Dahlia Opera Yellow Shades dwarf double	446205	 50g53 100g99
Dahlia Pompon Mixed	64991	 1g4 10g9 25g16 50g26 100g48 250g108 500g311 1000g412 2500g645 10000g2420 25000g5
Dahlia Redskin Mix	64983	 2g11 5g18 10g24 15g43 25g44 100g46 250g107 500g204 1000g310 2500g751 5000g1300 1
Dahlia Rigoletto Mixed	452499	 50g37 100g68 250g164 500g317 1000g321 2500g550 10000g1989 25000g4719
Dahlia Semi Dwarf Cactus Flowered Mix	552520	 25g34 50g62 100g122 250g299 500g588 1000g1052 2500g2525
Dahlia Starlight Mixed	458246	 25g34 50g61 1p8
Dahlia Sunny Reggae Mix	553520	 2g12 5g17 10g36 15g50 25g77 1p8
Dahlia Unwins Bedding Mixed	81184	 100g29 250g65 500g213 1000g230 2500g372 10000g1312 25000g3107
Dahlia Unwins Dwarf Hybrids	64981	 5g10 10g17 15g25 20g31 25g36 50g64 100g116
Dahlia Unwins Ideal Bedding Mixed	81185	 50g18 100g31 250g69
Dahlia Victoriana Mixed	448600	 5000s84 10000s166
Dahlia campanulata	462585	 10s8 100s26 1000s74 10000s488
Dahlia coccinea Palmeri	439974	 6s10
Dahlia coccinea Victoriana mix	450042	 50s10 5000s84 10000s166
Dahlia coccinea wild form	36391	 12s9
Dahlia coccinea x mixed colours	463523	 50s10
Dahlia coccinea x orange shades	403162	 50s10
Dahlia extra dwarf double mix	452500	 50g43 100g79 250g192 500g373 1000g524 2500g549 10000g1989 25000g4719
Dahlia imperialis f2 hybrids	66159	 1p9
Dahlia merckii	436445	 8s9
Darmera peltata	4301	 1g27 1g27 10g210 1p10 100s10
Dasylirion acrotrichum	442384	 100s25 1000s89 10000s687
Dasylirion berlandieri	462405	 100s25 1000s109 10000s795
Dasylirion cedrosanum	462406	 100s25 1000s100 10000s838
Dasylirion durangense	67059	 1000s74 10000s580
Dasylirion gentryi	515318	 100s25 1000s100 10000s795
Dasylirion glaucophyllum	450392	 100s27 1000s111 10000s859
Dasylirion longissimum	26123	 1p8 100s15 1000s64 10000s489
Dasylirion lucidum	515319	 100s19 1000s36 10000s261
Dasylirion miquihuanense	462377	 100s23 1000s46 10000s341
Dasylirion parryanum	67058	 100s31 1000s176
Dasylirion serratifolium	454592	 100s21
Dasylirion texanum	435134	 100s20 1000s45 10000s339
Dasylirion wheeleri	125	 90s10 100s17 1000s41 10000s296
Datura Aquamarine double	552868	 1000s39 10000s310
Datura Golden Queen double	552802	 100s16 1000s26 10000s255 100000s842
Datura La Fleur Lilas	69027	 0g8 0g13 1g24 2g50 5g95 10g175 25g350 1p8 5p18 10p28 20p43
Datura ceratocaula GA-3 treated seeds	403155	 5g26 25g77 25s8
Datura discolor	69029	 1p4 20s12 100s16 1000s34 100000s1136
Datura discolor GA-3 treated seeds	440880	 10g21 25g28 50s8
Datura ferox	86372	 25g92 100g271 1000g1776
Datura innoxia (D. meteloides	859	 2g8 5g23 10g15 100g72 250g310 1000g466 1p8 5p18 10p28 20p43 12s9 30s10 1000s47 1
Datura innoxia Evening Fragrance	452181	 250s76 500s147 1000s292
Datura innoxia GA-3 treated seed (D. meteloides)	46542	 28g35 113g89 100s9
Datura innoxia Mill.	40488	 28g26 113g72 1p12 100s9 1000s21 100000s649
Datura innoxia double fl.	552800	 100s20 1000s33
Datura leichhardtii GA-3 treated seeds	440883	 5g21 25g57 25s8
Datura metel	86	 1g26 100g73 250g187 1000g364 5000g1458 1p10 100s9 1000s32 10000s227
Datura metel Belle Blanche	66274	 5g36 1p10 25s8 2500s23 5000s40 10000s74
Datura metel Mranaha	552286	 5g21 25s9
Datura metel dark purple double	441132	 1000s26 10000s257
Datura metel double mixed	69968	 1p4 50s9 100s12 250s23 500s40 1000s73 2000s144
Datura metel double purple	461196	 1p4 50s9 100s12 250s23 500s40 1000s73 2000s144
Datura metel double purple - yellow mix	552285	 250s20 500s33 1000s59 2000s116
Datura metel double white - double purple mix	457606	 20s9 50s18
Datura metel double yellow	551041	 1p4 25s9 50s9 100s12 250s23 500s40 1000s73 2000s144
Datura metel v. chlorantha Double Golden Queen	403156	 18s12 1000s26 100000s1053
Datura metel v. fastuosa Cornucopea double purple	63429	 50s17 100s30 250s66 500s125
Datura metel v. fastuosa Double Blackcurrant Swirl	403157	 20s10 1000s25 2000s192 100000s725
Datura parajuli (name unresolved)	458670	 1000s35 10000s278
Datura quercifolia	69967	 100s21 1000s30 100000s1323
Datura sp. unident. single purple fl.	552801	 100s20 1000s22 100000s755
Datura spp. mixed	453059	 1000s22 100000s680
Datura stramonium	401249	 2g11 5g17 10g10 25g18 50g27 100g49 1000g497 1p5 100s8 1000s22 10000s171 100000s1
Datura stramonium mix	461822	 5p18 10p28 20p43
Datura stramonium v inermis	69026	 50s8
Datura stramonium yellow form	445918	 1g16 100g108 1000g403
Datura wrightii	452393	 14g54 28g101 1p4 100s15 1000s25 100000s750
Daubenya zeyheri	448888	 100s47
Delosperma aberdeenense	443296	 20s18
Delosperma asperulum	20043	 1p10
Delosperma basuticum	407788	 40s10
Delosperma bosseranum	81702	 50s11
Delosperma congestum	80100	 1g105 10g855 100g6889 1p14
Delosperma cooperi	19556	 1g96 10g760 1p8 90s8 5000s40 10000s74 25000s183 50000s358 100000s714
Delosperma esterhuyseniae	81703	 90s9
Delosperma hybs. mix	460447	 1g62 10g485 100g3857 1p9
Delosperma lavisiae aff	441750	 1p4
Delosperma macrostigma	463270	 1p9 100s18
Delosperma nakurense	444168	 100s10
Delosperma pilosulum	441572	 100s10
Delosperma steytlerae	86733	 1p4 100s10
Delosperma sutherlandii	19558	 1g83 10g692 1p12
Delosperma sutherlandii Peach Star	445772	 1p18
Delphinium menziesii	38349	 1p4 30s8 60s10
Delphinium semibarbatum	4935	 0g9 0g11 0g15 0g24 1g139 1g42 2g78 5g153 10g305 25g757 50g1511 100g2868 1p9 100s
Denmoza rhodacantha	434871	 25s8
Desmoschoenus spiralis	73065	 1g17 5g23 10g124 100g972 1p9
Deutzia scabra Plena	435960	 100s10
Dianella atraxis	551708	 1p17 1000s110
Dianella brevicaulis	452213	 1g20 100s16 1000s31
Dianella brevipedunculata	73001	 1g26 1p17 1000s50
Dianella caerulea	72999	 1g20 1p17 100s22 1000s35
Dianella congesta	73002	 1p17 1000s108
Dianella ensifolia Madagascar	85572	 100s16 1000s28 10000s162
Dianella longifolia	73000	 1p17 100s20 1000s35
Dianella nigra	51892	 1p4 100s17 1000s30
Dianella revoluta c.s. prov. eastern states	407514	 1p17 1000s113
Dianella revoluta prov. WA	1185	 5g21 10g37 25g84 100g322 1000g2094
Dianella revoluta v. divaricata	457080	 3g21 5g33 10g61 25g144 100g563 1000g4429
Dianella tasmanica	38056	 1g9 1p4 1000s54
Diarrhena americana	405986	 1g8 3g9 7g12 10g51 14g18 100g295 100s8
Diarrhena obovata	516238	 1g8 3g12 7g16 14g23 28g32 1p4 100s8
Dicentra cucullaria	69843	 1g75 3g40 7g65 14g114 28g204 1p11 60s8
Dicentra eximia	3812	 0g8 0g10 1g13 2g25 5g43 10g128 100g998 1p4 25s10 50s16 100s29
Dicentra formosa	3813	 1g32 10g243 1p4 20s8
Dichelostemma capitatum	36221	 1g6 10g38 100g284
Dichelostemma ida-maia	402679	 50s8
Dichelostemma pulchellum	551825	 40s9
Dichelostemma volubile	401643	 25s10
Dichopogon capillipes	67222	 2g22 5g51 10g97 25g234 100g924 1000g6011
Dichopogon fimbriatus	407455	 100s14 1000s28
Dicksonia antarctica	5736	 1p12
Dicksonia blumei	516295	 1p38
Dicksonia fibrosa	5835	 1p10
Dicksonia squarrosa	5834	 1p32
Didymaotus lapidiformis	19276	 1p10
Didymochlaena truncatula	51505	 0g34 0g53 1g87
Dierama Autumn Sparkler	462943	 2g24 1p10
Dierama Barrs Hybrids	454363	 1p4
Dierama Blackberry Bells	457090	 1g7 2g12 5g16 10g32 1p4
Dierama Blood Drops	463406	 10s9
Dierama Guinevere	451319	 1p4
Dierama Jewel Hybrids early	439976	 2g24 1p9
Dierama Petite Fairy	460454	 1p4
Dierama adelphicum	404545	 1g15 10s4
Dierama argyreum	77894	 1g10 1p4 100s19
Dierama atrum	454702	 10s13
Dierama dissimile	441722	 1p10 100s16
Dierama dracomontanum	71046	 2g30 1p8 100s13
Dierama erectum	83320	 2g26 1p9 8s13 100s13
Dierama erectum x Pink Rocket	459588	 2g30 1p10
Dierama galpinii	83321	 12s11
Dierama igneum	52392	 1g27 2g30 10g184 1p10 100s15
Dierama insigne	404092	 1p10
Dierama latifolium	52393	 1p10 100s13
Dierama medium aff.	52394	 1p10
Dierama mossii	83322	 2g29 1p10
Dierama pauciflorum	83323	 3g28 1p4
Dierama pendulina	463080	 100s15
Dierama pendulum	52396	 1p10 100s23
Dierama pulcherrimum	888	 1g6 1g10 2g14 5g21 10g35 100g340 1p4 50s12 100s20 250s45 500s85
Dierama pulcherrimum Blackbird	407697	 2g25 1p9
Dierama pulcherrimum Cosmos	454643	 1p4
Dierama pulcherrimum Dark Cerise	459860	 1g19 10g141 100g1109 10s10
Dierama pulcherrimum Portwine	451320	 50s10
Dierama pulcherrimum Slieve Donard Hybrids Mix	79056	 1g12 10g94 100g740 1p4 10s9
Dierama pulcherrimum aff. Spring Dancer	437711	 2g27 1p9
Dierama pulcherrimum dwarf	442461	 1p4
Dierama pulcherrimum hybrids mix	445930	 1p4
Dierama pulcherrimum pink form	433123	 1p4
Dierama pulcherrimum purple form	86910	 1p4
Dierama pulcherrimum white form	86909	 1g27
Dierama reynoldsii	83324	 15s10
Dierama riparia	450652	 2g30 p4 1p4
Dierama robustum	80624	 1p10 100s13
Dierama spp. and hybrids wider mix	439977	 1p11
Dierama spp. mixed	406856	 3g27 1p9
Dierama trichorhizum	83325	 1g27 10g184 1p14
Dietes bicolor	11885	 1p10 100s10 1000s25 10000s101
Dietes butcheriana	68684	 100s10 1000s53 10000s366
Dietes flavida	82169	 1p10 100s21 1000s41
Dietes grandiflora	11884	 25g58 1p10 100s13 1000s24 10000s111
Dietes iridioides	5461	 1p17 100s18 1000s58
Digitalis lanata Cafe Creme	445903	 1g8 2g18 3g26 4g32 5g38 10g34 100g219
Dilatris ixioides	71889	 1p10
Dilatris pillansii	891	 1p10 10s13
Dilatris viscosa	52398	 8s13
Dimerocostus strobilaceus	81388	 100s23 1000s47
Dinteranthus microspermus	19278	 1p9 100s18
Dinteranthus puberulus	447290	 1p10 100s10
Dinteranthus vanzylii	19281	 1p9 100s10
Dinteranthus wilmotianus	19282	 1p9 100s16
Dioscorea dregeana	401389	 100s31 1000s240
Dioscorea elephantipes	11886	 1p10 100s28 1000s266
Dioscorea filiformis	516588	 100s31
Dioscorea hemicrypta	430069	 1p4 100s35 1000s269
Dioscorea sylvatica	69698	 1p12 100s28 1000s239
Dioscorea sylvatica aff. prov. KZN	458514	 1p12
Dipcadi glaucum	431793	 1p10
Dipcadi gracillimum	444331	 1p10
Dipcadi serotinum	401265	 1g4 10g14 1p3 100s10
Dipcadi sp. unident. greyish fol.	404319	 1p10
Dipcadi viride	40160	 1p10 100s12 250s27
Diplarrena latifolia	72632	 1p9 100s11 1000s18 10000s90
Diplarrena moraea	29688	 1p4 50s8 100s16 1000s30 10000s170
Diplazium esculentum	516752	 1p8
Diplosoma luckhoffii	19432	 20s10
Dipteris conjugata	75865	 1p38
Disphyma crassifolium	403076	 1p10 100s14 1000s17 10000s41
Disporum hookeri	79707	 25g29 25s9
Disporum smithii	430296	 10s8
Dodecatheon amethystinum	82980	 3g65 7g113 100s8
Dodecatheon conjugens	36339	 70s10
Dodecatheon cusickii	36268	 100s10
Dodecatheon dentatum	13598	 80s10
Dodecatheon hendersonii	76170	 1p4 80s10
Dodecatheon jeffreyi	13599	 1g40 10g313 1p14 90s10 2500s19 5000s32 10000s57 20000s112
Dodecatheon jeffreyi ssp. pygmaeum	449165	 90s10
Dodecatheon meadia	13629	 0g8 0g11 1g25 1g16 3g26 7g46 10g197 14g85 28g163 100g1460 454g2370 1p9 500s14 10
Dodecatheon meadia Alba	76169	 1p9
Dodecatheon meadia Goliath	80472	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p10
Dodecatheon meadia Red Colours	80471	 1g32 10g244 100g1935 1p12
Dodecatheon meadia Select Mixture	80473	 1g21 10g158 100g1247 1p8 100s8
Dodecatheon meadia Shooting Stars Deluxe Mixture	455079	 1p10
Dodecatheon pulchellum	34894	 0g10 1g18 1g25 10g313 100g2485 1p8 100s10
Dodecatheon pulchellum Black Hills form	460457	 100s10
Dodecatheon pulchellum Red Wings	38189	 1p4
Doronicum austriacum	83983	 1g15 10g102 100g802 1p8
Doronicum clusii	83982	 1g7 10g42 1p6
Doronicum grandiflorum	80476	 1g7 10g42 1p6
Doronicum orientale Finesse	80475	 1g40 10g348 100g3019 1p9
Doronicum orientale Golden Pygmy	438097	 10g23 25g51 50g99 100g196 250g483 500g956 1000g1347 2500g2910 10000g10933 25000g
Doronicum orientale Hoffm.	11887	 1g20 2g8 5g11 10g18 25g38 50g72 100g140 250g342 500g672 1000g1344 2500g3183 1p8
Doronicum orientale Leonardo	553706	 1g70 10g606 1p17
Doronicum orientale Little Leo	84347	 1g79 10g692 1p9 250s13 500s23 1000s43 2500s94
Doronicum orientale Magnificum	400765	 10g17 25g35 50g64 100g135 250g332 500g650 1000g998 5000g4575 1p8 100s6 500s12 10
Doronicum pardalianches	80474	 1g12 10g90 100g697 1p8
Dorotheanthus apetalus	462257	 100s14
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato Bright Red	445295	 2500s10 5000s19 50000s29 100000s52 500000s247 1000000s490
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato Dark Pink	68881	 2500s10 5000s19 50000s29 100000s52 500000s247 1000000s490
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato Mixed	445298	 50000s29 100000s52 500000s247 1000000s490
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato Orange	445297	 50000s29 100000s52 500000s247 1000000s490
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato White	68882	 1p8 2500s10 5000s19 50000s29 100000s52 500000s247 1000000s490
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Gelato Yellow Shades	445296	 2500s10 5000s19 50000s29 100000s52 500000s247 1000000s490
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Harlequin Mixed	458090	 5g13 10g20
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Pastels Mixed	402568	 50g11 100g16 250g32 500g58 1000g108
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Shimmer Apricot	406464	 1g10 2g11 5g19 10g34 15g49 4060s8
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis Sparkles Mixture	454907	 100g50 250g126 500g241 1000g428
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis orange	449574	 50g20 100g33 250g73
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis red	406467	 50g20 100g32 250g73
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis white	460768	 50g20 100g32 250g73
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis yellow	402569	 50g20 100g32 250g73 1000g407
Dorotheanthus maughanii	80905	 1p10 100s13
Dorotheanthus oculatus Lunette soft yellow	19547	 25g15 50g26 100g47 250g110 500g210 1000g419 5000g1920
Doryanthes excelsa vsvs	15996	 5g21 25g34 250g476 1p17
Doryanthes palmeri vsvs	73008	 5g27 10g19 25g34 250g568 1p17 100s28 1000s114
Dracophilus dealbatus	82680	 100s21
Dracophilus proximus	19289	 1p9
Dracunculus vulgaris	79602	 3s15 12s9
Dracunculus vulgaris Cretan form	450146	 1p8
Drimia albiflora	450061	 100s17
Drimia altissima	52401	 100s17
Drimia anomala	86427	 1p10 100s21 1000s41
Drimia capensis	406859	 1p10
Drimia convallaroides aff.	553465	 1p10
Drimia filifolia	29437	 1p10 100s15
Drimia macrocentra	460235	 1p10
Drimia modesta aff.	463019	 1p10
Drimia sp. unident. 10cm. flower spikes	450060	 1p10
Drimia sp. unident. 20cm.	446317	 1p10
Drimia sp. unident. summer growing plant	444334	 1p2
Drimia virens aff.	463020	 1p10
Drimia zambesiaca	462428	 25s12 50s19 100s35
Drimiopsis maxima	517166	 3s8
Drosanthemopsis vaginatus Kwagganap	406459	 20s18
Drosanthemum albiflorum	401397	 1p10
Drosanthemum ambiguum	406468	 1p10 100s16
Drosanthemum bicolor	2361	 100s16
Drosanthemum crassum	401400	 1p9
Drosanthemum diversifolium	401401	 1p10
Drosanthemum duplessiae	454556	 1p10
Drosanthemum flavum	406927	 1p10
Drosanthemum floribundum	19292	 1p10 100s13 1000s37 10000s273
Drosanthemum hispidifolium	401390	 1p10
Drosanthemum hispidum	19293	 1g191 10g1706 1p10 100s15 1000s33
Drosanthemum lique	517175	 1p10
Drosanthemum marinum	406473	 1p10
Drosanthemum micans	19294	 1p9 100s18 1000s33 10000s249
Drosanthemum parvifolium	406929	 1p10
Drosanthemum praecultum	406928	 1p10
Drosanthemum prostratum	401396	 1p10
Drosanthemum pulchrum	460123	 1p10
Drosanthemum semiglobosum	406469	 1p10
Drosanthemum speciosum	82994	 1p10 100s13
Drosanthemum striatum	19297	 1p10
Drosera erythrorhiza	15993	 1p25
Drosera gigantea	86643	 1g38
Drosera heterophylla	29854	 4g22 10g46
Drosera macrantha	29859	 1g21 5g96
Drosera menziesii	66572	 1g30 5g141
Drosera microphylla	439405	 1g21 5g96
Drosera stolonifera	21166	 4g24 10g56 1p19
Dryopteris erythrosora	82570	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Dryopteris wallichiana	517224	 1p18
Dudleya abramsii ssp. murina	552235	 100s12
Dudleya albiflora Punte Norte Cedros Is.	20623	 100s15 1000s21 10000s94
Dudleya brittonii	26145	 100s12
Dudleya caespitosa	70637	 100s12
Dudleya caespitosa dune form	20624	 100s12
Dudleya cymosa	20625	 100s12
Dudleya lanceolata	430092	 100s12
Dudleya pulverulenta ssp pulverulenta	65649	 1p4 100s10
Dulichium arundinaceum	449130	 3g31 7g45 14g75 28g125 150s8
Eberlanzia sp. unident. white fl.	552598	 1p9
Ebracteola fulleri	441581	 100s15
Ebracteola montis-moltkei	82686	 100s34
Eccremocarpus scaber mix	24465	 1g13 2g27 5g47 10g24 25g52 50g152 100g299 250g544 500g1076 1000g1654 2500g3965 5
Echeveria peacockii	2446	 1p9 100s8 250s15 500s28 1000s51
Echeveria spp. mixed	26151	 1p10
Echinacea purpurea	401675	 10g10 100g29 250g58 1000g170 2500g516 5000g716 10000g1301 25000g3510 1p8 50s9
Echinacea purpurea Doubledecker	442337	 1g21 10g158 100g1247 1p11
Echinacea purpurea Green Twister	460466	 1g27 10g210 100g1866 1p11
Echinacea purpurea Magnus	30026	 1g9 5g31 10g55 100g421 1p8
Echinacea purpurea Paradiso Hybrid Mix	454908	 1p4 50s9 100s11 250s20 500s34 1000s62 5000s299 10000s536
Echinacea purpurea White Swan	25494	 1g19 2g8 5g10 10g13 15g53 25g25 50g44 100g242 250g142 500g272 1000g417 5000g1780
Echinacea spp. mix	455034	 1p12
Echinocactus grusonii	78228	 1p4 25s9 100s11 250s10 500s13 1000s14 10000s39
Echinocactus horizonthalonius	78227	 25s9 100s31 1000s176
Echinocactus platyacanthus	400515	 25s9 100s15 1000s25 10000s155
Echinocactus texensis	36095	 35s9
Echinocereus adustus	3606	 40s9
Echinocereus barthelowanus Magdalena Island	36065	 100s15 1000s30 10000s215
Echinocereus brandegeei	447016	 40s10
Echinocereus chisoensis ssp. fobeanus	36077	 100s22
Echinocereus chloranthus Presidio Co. Tx.	434923	 40s9
Echinocereus chloranthus Socorro Co. NM	10268	 40s9
Echinocereus chloranthus ssp. cylindricus	434926	 40s9
Echinocereus chloranthus ssp. milleri Coke Co. Tx.	434925	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus	8302	 100s16 1000s92
Echinocereus coccineus Bachs Pink	10296	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus Coconino Co. Az.	452978	 40s10
Echinocereus coccineus Navajo Co. Az. JRT8450	36068	 40s10
Echinocereus coccineus Otero Co. NM JRT593	453985	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus Otero Co. NM JRT594	453986	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus Otero Co. NM JRT595	8303	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus Otero Co. NM JRT597	26202	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus Otero Co. NM JRT598	36067	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus Otero Co. NM JRT599	453984	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus Otero Co. NM TC060	8308	 40s10
Echinocereus coccineus Oterp Co. NM TC059	33723	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus Sierra Co. NM	26201	 70s9
Echinocereus coccineus Socorro Co. NM JRT560	10293	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus v. roetteri JRT583	449953	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus v. roetteri JRT584	8327	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus v. roetteri JRT586	447019	 40s9
Echinocereus coccineus v. rosei Otero Co. NM 1 (sp. name unresolved)	36069	 40s9
Echinocereus dasyacanthus	33725	 100s20 1000s36 10000s247
Echinocereus dasyacanthus Chaves Co. NM JRT5107	10283	 40s9
Echinocereus dasyacanthus Crockett Co. Tx. JRT 4105	8326	 40s9
Echinocereus dasyacanthus Hudspeth Co. Tx. JRT 4104	453989	 40s9
Echinocereus dasyacanthus Otero Co. NM JRT 596	10284	 40s9
Echinocereus dasyacanthus Pecos Co. Tx. JRT 4102	8329	 40s9
Echinocereus dasyacanthus San Miguel Co. NM	400653	 100s10
Echinocereus dasyacanthus Terrell Co. Tx. JRT 4103	453988	 40s9
Echinocereus engelmannii	8341	 100s16 1000s40 10000s282
Echinocereus engelmannii chrysocentrus Inyo Co. Ca.	449956	 50s10
Echinocereus enneacanthus ssp. brevispinus	10292	 100s19 1000s46
Echinocereus fasciculatus Pima Co. Az.	33721	 40s9
Echinocereus fendleri Chaves Co. NM JRT554	26205	 40s9
Echinocereus fendleri Fremont Co. CO JRT153	10291	 40s9
Echinocereus fendleri Fremont Co. Col. JRT 151	454059	 40s10
Echinocereus fendleri Guadaloupe Co NM JRT557	8359	 40s9
Echinocereus fendleri Otero Co. NM JRT553	449960	 40s9
Echinocereus fendleri Santa Fe Co. NM TC092	838	 40s10
Echinocereus fendleri Sierra Co. NM	26206	 60s10
Echinocereus fendleri Socorro Co. NM JRT556	10311	 40s9
Echinocereus fendleri Socorro Co. NM JRT557	550920	 40s9
Echinocereus fendleri v. ledingii	434917	 50s8
Echinocereus fendleri v. nova Fremont Co. JRT152	454060	 30s10
Echinocereus fendleri x lloydii	440363	 50s9
Echinocereus ferreirianus	405531	 100s13 1000s36 10000s265
Echinocereus ferreirianus v. lindsayi cit EU only	517420	 100s26 1000s109
Echinocereus knippelianus v. kruegeri	10319	 1p4
Echinocereus knippelianus v. reyesii	11176	 20s8
Echinocereus leucanthus	405537	 1000s55
Echinocereus lloydii X Pecos Co. TX JRT493	447034	 30s10
Echinocereus lloydii X Pecos Co. Tx. JRT492	10321	 40s9
Echinocereus lloydii x	405538	 100s9
Echinocereus lloydii x Pecos Co. Tx. JRT 491	447033	 30s10
Echinocereus maritimus v. hancockii	8433	 100s20 1000s64
Echinocereus pectinatus Coahuila Mx.	405540	 40s9
Echinocereus pectinatus mixed vars.	447647	 1p8
Echinocereus pectinatus v. wenigeri	26219	 30s10
Echinocereus pectinatus v. wenigeri ctenoides Melcor Muzquiz Coahuilla	8328	 40s10
Echinocereus polyacanthus v. pacifica	447011	 100s15 1000s51 10000s351
Echinocereus poselgeri	10334	 1000s28 10000s180
Echinocereus pseudopectinatus Sonora Mx. JRT036	10274	 40s9
Echinocereus pulchellus	36104	 1p4
Echinocereus reichenbachii	10341	 100s15 1000s45
Echinocereus reichenbachii Beckham Co. Ok.	459330	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii Caespitosus Burnet Co. Tx. JRT420	405562	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii Caespitosus Commanche Co. Tx. JRT416	26649	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii Caespitosus Kimble Co. TX	26232	 35s10
Echinocereus reichenbachii Caespitosus San Saba Co. TX JRT419	2623	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii Caespitosus Teddy Bear TC011	36107	 40s10
Echinocereus reichenbachii Caespitosus minor Wichita Co. TX	26231	 40s10
Echinocereus reichenbachii Harmon Co. Ok. JRT213	8486	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii Las Animas Co. Co. JRT103	405572	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii Morton Co. Ks. JRT302	459331	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii St Martin de las Vacas Coah. TC030	454062	 40s10
Echinocereus reichenbachii v. baileyi Commanche Co. OK JRT223	405570	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii v. baileyi Greer Co. OK JRT218	400017	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii v. baileyi Greer Co. OK JRT219	405569	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii v. baileyi Jackson Co. OK JRT229	26228	 40s10
Echinocereus reichenbachii v. baileyi X perbellus Kiowa Co. OK JRT220	459333	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii v. baileyi longispinus Commanche Co. OK JRT222	405568	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii v. baileyi minor Johstone Co. OK JRT227	449282	 40s10
Echinocereus reichenbachii v. baileyii Troy Co. OK	447044	 50s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii v. fitchii	10317	 100s15 1000s32 10000s215
Echinocereus reichenbachii v. fitchii Webb Co. Tx.	10315	 40s9
Echinocereus reichenbachii x TC063	405571	 40s10
Echinocereus rigidissimus ssp. rubispinus Ruficeps	1036	 1p4 40s7 100s9
Echinocereus schmollii cit EU only	10363	 100s21
Echinocereus spp. hardy mix	458815	 100s16 1000s91
Echinocereus triglochidiatus	10366	 1p4
Echinocereus triglochidiatus Fremont Co. Col.	403326	 50s10
Echinocereus triglochidiatus v. gurneyi	10278	 50s8
Echinocereus triglochidiatus v. gurneyi Pecos Co. Tx JRT482	10279	 40s9
Echinocereus viereckii v. morricalii	1037	 10000s219
Echinocereus viridiflorus Brewster Co. Tx.	858	 30s12
Echinocereus viridiflorus v. davisii	8334	 1p4
Echinocereus viridiflorus v. robustior (var. name unresolved)	10288	 100s22 1000s89
Echinocereus websterianus	80496	 10000s178
Echinocystis lobata svs	34491	 3g16 7g22 14g22 25g92 28g47 100g266 1000g1763 5s8 10s10
Echinofossulocactus spp. mix	8589	 1p4
Echinopsis Abbey Brook Mix	452876	 1p9
Echinopsis ancistrophora Angusto de Villamontes	434959	 1p4
Echinopsis atacamensis	464307	 100s35 1000s211
Echinopsis atacamensis ssp. pasacana	78784	 1p4
Echinopsis boyuibensis	434847	 25s8
Echinopsis candicans	459440	 100s10
Echinopsis candicans Potreiro Funes San Luis Arg.	446716	 100s10
Echinopsis einsteinii v. aureiflora	10702	 1p4
Echinopsis eyriesii	8621	 1p4
Echinopsis obrepanda	8631	 1p4
Echinopsis pachanoi	30847	 12s8 100s14 1000s86
Echinopsis peruviana	72031	 1p4
Echinopsis terscheckii	441378	 25s8
Echinopsis thionantha ssp. glauca	26342	 100s18 1000s36 10000s250
Edithcolea grandis	450300	 10s10
Ehrendorfia chrysantha	65602	 1p4 100s10
Einadia nutans ssp nutans	15997	 1g19 25g30 250g185 1000g656
Elettaria cardamomum	5649	 1000s86
Enchylaena tomentosa	15998	 10g15 25g22 100g74 1000g415
Ensete lasiocarpum	462416	 100s61 1000s338 10000s2379
Epilobium angustifolium	439057	 1g8 10g38 25g199 100g224 1000g1751 1p8
Epilobium angustifolium Roseum	454663	 1g12 10g68 100g546 1p8
Epilobium angustifolium organic seed	459886	 1g10 10g72 100g559 1000g3880 1p8
Epilobium dodonaei	4949	 0g8 0g9 0g12 1g14 1g17 2g28 5g50 10g94 100g761 1p4
Epilobium glandulosum	82981	 3g19 7g26 14g39 28g57 500s8
Epipactis gigantea cit	65604	 1p8
Epipactis palustris cit	67513	 0g10 1g43 100s10
Epiphyllum Hybrids large flowered mix	460331	 1p11
Epiphyllum New Hybrids	443106	 1p11
Epiphyllum phyllanthus	518190	 100s23 1000s90 10000s682
Epithelantha micromeris ssp. greggii El Pilar Coah.	449986	 1p4
Epithelantha micromeris ssp. pachyrhiza	8659	 1p4
Epithelantha micromeris ssp. polycephala	449992	 1p4
Eranthis hyemalis	3863	 0g8 1g6 1g9 2g17 2g10 3g25 4g32 5g15 10g22 20g54 25g53 100g176 1000g1993 1p6
Eranthis hyemalis Aurantiaca	460474	 8s10
Eremophila alternifolia	67268	 25g16 100g56 1000g286
Eremophila bignoniiflora	16005	 25g17 100g55 1000g256
Eremophila cuneifolia	16007	 25g29 100g100 1000g588
Eremophila delisseri	439409	 25g18 100g56 1000g286
Eremophila deserti	67269	 25g20 100g66 1000g362
Eremophila dielsiana	439410	 25g20 100g66 1000g362
Eremophila duttonii	16766	 25g18 100g56 1000g286
Eremophila exilifolia	439411	 25g24 100g56 1000g437
Eremophila forrestii	439412	 25g24 100g78 1000g437
Eremophila fraseri	439413	 5g23 25g26 100g89 1000g512
Eremophila freelingii	16011	 25g17 100g55 1000g226
Eremophila georgei	439414	 25g54 100g66 1000g362
Eremophila gilesii	31472	 25g44 100g56 1000g286
Eremophila glabra	16012	 10g20 25g25 100g86 1000g286 1p17
Eremophila granitica	407519	 100g78 1000g337 25s18
Eremophila laanii	29694	 25g18 100g56 1000g286
Eremophila latrobei	406099	 5g24 25g24 100g78 1000g437
Eremophila linearis	439415	 25g17 100g55 1000g226
Eremophila longifolia	16013	 25g17 100g55 1000g249 1p4
Eremophila maculata	16015	 10g18 25g17 100g55 250g222 1000g211 1p17
Eremophila maculata v brevifolia	439416	 25g17 100g55 1000g211
Eremophila miniata	439417	 25g24 100g78 1000g437
Eremophila mitchellii	518372	 10g22 25g39 1000g971
Eremophila oldfieldii	439418	 25g18 100g56 1000g271
Eremophila oppositifolia	406100	 25g24 100g78 1000g437
Eremophila pantonii	439419	 25g20 100g66 1000g362
Eremophila pterocarpa	439420	 25g18 100g56 1000g286
Eremophila scoparia	16768	 5g24 25g18 100g56 1000g286
Eremophila serrulata	29697	 25g18 100g56 1000g286
Eremophila spectabilis	67272	 25g17 100g55 1000g280
Eremophila sturtii	439421	 25g18 100g56 1000g286
Eremurus aitchisonii	402684	 1g8 10g47 100g353 1p8
Eremurus isabellinus x Erfo Hybrids Mixed	83992	 1g8 10g47 100g353
Eremurus robustus	3864	 1g8 10g33 100g219 1p8
Eremurus stenophyllus	3884	 p9 1p11
Erepsia anceps	80102	 1p10 100s15
Erepsia forficata	463022	 1p10
Erepsia inclaudens	80103	 1p10
Erepsia pillansii	435472	 1p10
Erigeron glaucus	13664	 0g8 1g40 10g27 25g59 50g115 100g228 250g562 500g1111 1000g1708 5000g8015 1p9
Eriospermum cordiforme	463277	 1p10
Eriospermum lanceifolium	441724	 1p10
Eriospermum parphyrium	404321	 1p10
Eriosyce aspillagae	449240	 100s12 1000s25 10000s161
Eriosyce napina (name unresolved)	459135	 100s21
Eriosyce paucicostata v. viridis	459152	 100s8
Eriosyce setosiflora	459416	 100s14 1000s28
Eriosyce strausiana Uspallata Mendoza	405679	 1p4
Eriosyce taltalensis	11281	 100s14 1000s30 10000s182
Eriosyce villosa	459163	 100s23
Erythrina zeyheri	29388	 1p10 5s8 100s32
Erythronium albidum	407040	 3g65 7g113 10s8
Erythronium americanum	36665	 3bl10
Erythronium californicum	36666	 1p10
Erythronium dens-canis	11896	 1g6 2g13 5g20 10g34 100g236 1p8
Erythronium grandiflorum	11893	 1g21 5g36 10g157 100g1247 1p14 75s8
Erythronium montanum	11898	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p14
Erythronium oregonum	400078	 1g23 10g176 1p17 12s9
Erythronium revolutum	11901	 1g15 2g30 5g53 10g100 25g242 50g475 100g2073 1p8
Erythronium revolutum Johnsonii Group	451330	 1p9
Erythronium spp. - hybs. mix	407039	 1p10
Escallonia resinosa	439019	 1000g474
Escobaria duncanii	8684	 100s22
Escobaria henricksonii	553325	 1000s66
Escobaria roseana ssp. galeanensis	464308	 100s36
Escobaria vivipara	10517	 25s8
Escobaria zilziana	8709	 10000s310
Escontria chiotilla	10545	 100s20 1000s53 10000s400
Espostoa hylaea	454112	 1p9
Espostoa lanata	8712	 25s8
Espostoa lanata ssp lanata b	78329	 1p4
Espostoa melanostele ssp nana	401251	 1p8
Espostoa mirabilis	8718	 25s8
Esterhuysenia alpina	447292	 1p10
Ethyrium spicatum	445622	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Etlingera elatior pink	400484	 1p12 5s8 100s13 1000s27 10000s128
Etlingera elatior red	72903	 10s10 100s13 1000s27 10000s128
Etlingera elatior white	551557	 100s22
Eucalyptus cypellocarpa	16834	 25g25 100g83 1000g475
Eucalyptus eremophila b.s.	17141	 10g16 25g28 250g207 1000g595
Eucalyptus eremophila c.s.	452222	 25g19 100g60 1000g325
Eucodonia spp. and var. mix	443110	 1p10
Eucomis autumnalis	11889	 1p10 100s14 1000s60
Eucomis bicolor	1245	 1p8 100s13 1000s161
Eucomis comosa	23996	 1g6 2g10 5g14 10g22 1p6 100s21 1000s58
Eucomis hybrids select shorter pot forms	430288	 100g63 1000g533
Eucomis hybrids select taller garden forms	47571	 100g63 1000g533
Eucomis pallidiflora	33678	 1p10 100s13 1000s180
Eulychnia acida	456917	 100s11 1000s23 10000s150
Eulychnia iquiquensis	456919	 100s22 1000s59 10000s435
Euphorbia avismontana	404667	 100s32
Euphorbia bubalina	86538	 1p9
Euphorbia burmannii	519314	 1p10
Euphorbia canariensis	75925	 100s12
Euphorbia caput-medusae	19314	 100s36
Euphorbia cereiformis	435136	 10s10
Euphorbia clandestina	52617	 1p4 100s36
Euphorbia clava	31239	 1p10
Euphorbia cooperi	408702	 100s22 1000s89 10000s765
Euphorbia enopla cit app. II	403468	 100s42
Euphorbia esula	86389	 25g138 100g405 1000g2691
Euphorbia fasciculata	408705	 5s16
Euphorbia ferox	404669	 10s10
Euphorbia grandicornis	19321	 100s23 1000s46 10000s362
Euphorbia griffithii	82999	 1g36 10g313 1p19
Euphorbia handiensis	75935	 2s63
Euphorbia horrida	401359	 10s10
Euphorbia ingens	553386	 100s25 1000s75 10000s580
Euphorbia lignosa	553387	 5s16
Euphorbia mammillaris	408703	 1p10
Euphorbia mauritanica	519522	 1p10
Euphorbia pentagona cites app. II	431853	 1p12 10s15
Euphorbia peplus hort.	86390	 100s9
Euphorbia pithyusa	79066	 10s8
Euphorbia pseudocactus	75973	 1p4
Euphorbia schillingii	403470	 1g24
Euphorbia stenoclada	454606	 100s21 1000s55
Euphorbia supina	46269	 25g118 100g344 1000g2278
Euphorbia tirucalli	401364	 100s23 1000s48 10000s341
Euphorbia triangularis	83007	 100s36
Euphorbia tuberculata	37688	 1p10
Euphorbia viguieri	84553	 4s30
Euryale ferox	435353	 10g21 250g222
Eurystigma clavatum	440612	 1p9 100s16
Excoecaria simii	463026	 1p10
Fabiana imbricata	450584	 100s10
Facheiroa squamosa	519718	 100s13 1000s27 10000s195
Facheiroa ulei	446991	 100s13 1000s27 10000s195
Faucaria boscheana	19335	 1p10
Faucaria britteniae	19336	 1p10 100s20 1000s46
Faucaria felina	406490	 1p10 100s13 1000s30
Faucaria paucidens	20078	 1p10
Faucaria spp. - hybs. mix	19341	 1p10
Faucaria subintegra	19338	 1p10 100s15 1000s33
Faucaria tigrina	19339	 1p10
Faucaria tuberculosa	400347	 1p10
Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp. aurantiaca	19342	 1p10
Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp. rhopalophylla	37451	 1p10
Fern mix hardy species	434780	 1p14
Fern spp hardy mix	460335	 1p15
Ferobergia x f2 Violet PRIFOR x PRIFOR	446992	 20s11 100s28
Ferocactus acanthodes	441433	 1p4
Ferocactus alamosanus Rancho San Pedro not pottsii	453005	 100s20 1000s51
Ferocactus chrysacanthus	403473	 100s22 1000s66 10000s500
Ferocactus chrysacanthus Cedros Is.	449674	 1p4
Ferocactus cylindraceus	454121	 100s15 1000s29 10000s212
Ferocactus cylindraceus White Spines	446996	 100s21
Ferocactus echidne Venados Hidalgo Co. Mx.	26274	 100s20
Ferocactus emoryi ssp. covillei	10548	 1p4
Ferocactus emoryi ssp. rectispinus	441442	 100s13 10000s111
Ferocactus flavovirens	10551	 1p4
Ferocactus fordii	434982	 100s22 1000s110
Ferocactus glaucescens	8731	 25s8 100s18 1000s44 10000s326
Ferocactus gracilis	8732	 100s15 1000s29 10000s186
Ferocactus gracilis ssp. coloratus	74156	 100s20 1000s39 10000s302
Ferocactus hamatacanthus	10554	 1p9 100s18
Ferocactus herrerae	449326	 100s10
Ferocactus histrix	8735	 1p4
Ferocactus histrix Aureispina	33719	 1p4
Ferocactus latispinus ssp. spiralis	446955	 1p4
Ferocactus lindsayi Infernillo Michoacan Mx.	26669	 1p4
Ferocactus peninsulae	401252	 100s11 1000s23 10000s155
Ferocactus peninsulae Sta. Rosalia	10564	 100s11 1000s25
Ferocactus peninsulae v. santa-maria Puerto San Carlos BC	1057	 1p4
Ferocactus peninsulae v. townsendianus	26282	 100s22 1000s62
Ferocactus pilosus	10569	 100s11 1000s16 10000s68
Ferocactus recurvus	441436	 100s11 1000s21 10000s109
Ferocactus robustus	8746	 100s15 1000s23 10000s132
Ferocactus schwarzii	407249	 1p4 10000s251
Ferocactus spp. mix	8738	 1p4 100s16 1000s93
Ferocactus viridescens	26672	 100s13 1000s25 10000s173
Ferocactus wislizenii Yellow	435150	 100s15 1000s38
Ferraria crispa	24964	 1p10 100s13
Ferraria variabilis	519813	 1p10
Ferula communis	23731	 1g8 2g13 5g20 10g34 50g104 100g550 1p10 25s8
Fessia hohenackeri	432101	 1p8
Ficinia nodosa	453835	 100s12 1000s14 10000s25
Ficinia nodosa prov. WA (Isolepis nodosa)	67543	 1g25 5g49 10g20 25g36 100g148 1000g779 100s13
Filipendula vulgaris	23048	 1g8 2g10 5g9 10g15 25g59 50g60 100g96 250g222 500g431 1000g686 300s8
Fockea crispa	436853	 10s36
Foeniculum vulgare Chiarino bulbing fennel	448430	 50g24 100g39 250g63 500g91 1000g160 1p8
Foeniculum vulgare Florence bulbing fennel	66518	 5g8 50g18 100g31 150g45 200g55 250g58 1000g92 2500g166 10000g441 25000g957 1p8
Foeniculum vulgare Sweet Fennel	3953	 10g8 25g12 50g18 100g29 250g66 500g126 1000g201 2000g395
Foeniculum vulgare Zefa Fino bulbing fennel organic seed	448182	 5g7 10g11 20g20 25g24 30g29 50g41 100g75 250g172
Foeniculum vulgare bulbing fennel mixed vars.	459645	 5g8 10g13 25g25 50g44 100g80
Foeniculum vulgare bulbing fennel mixed vars. pellets	459646	 100s7 250s12 500s21 1000s36
Foeniculum vulgare f1 Rondo bulbing fennel	459644	 1p10 250s13 500s23 1000s41 5000s161
Fouquieria burragei pink form	1155	 1000s218
Fouquieria burragei white form	449483	 100s34 1000s261
Fouquieria columnaris	449484	 100s44 1000s284
Fouquieria diguetii	1156	 10s10
Fouquieria formosa	77591	 100s53 1000s327
Fouquieria macdougalii	75714	 10s10
Fouquieria splendens	1157	 1p4 100s22 1000s126
Fragrant Flowers Perennial Mixed	68675	 1p8
Frailea gracillima ssp. horstii	78362	 100s10
Francoa appendiculata	83820	 0g17 1g31 1p8 400s8
Francoa sonchifolia	37088	 0g20 1g24 1p8 100s8
Francoa sonchifolia Pink Giant	448778	 1g26 1p8
Francoa sonchifolia Rogersons Form	432967	 0g8 1g10 2g27 2g22 5g41 1p8 100s10
Freesia alba	11906	 1p8 50s10
Freesia caryophyllacea	458564	 1p10 100s13
Freesia corymbosa	552616	 1p10 30s15 100s15
Freesia fucata	52409	 1p10 100s13
Freesia grandiflora	77889	 1p10
Freesia hybrida Multicolour Mixture	460337	 25g64 50g124 100g243 250g602 500g1194 1000g1836 5000g9088
Freesia hybrida Royal Champion Blue Shades	76186	 100g91 1000g759
Freesia hybrida Royal Champion Mixed	76185	 5g26 10g46
Freesia hybrida Royal Crown Mixed tetraploid	79566	 0g9 1g15 2g29 3g39 5g22 10g37 25g89 50g177 100g350 1p11 50s11 100s19 250s41 500s
Freesia laxa	12746	 3g36 10g19 100g89 1p10 50s8
Freesia laxa Alba	36853	 1p4 25s8
Freesia laxa Joan Evans	454327	 1p4
Freesia laxa red - white form	551136	 1p10
Freesia laxa red form	74490	 1p10
Freesia leichtlinii v alba	402966	 1p10
Freesia refracta	11909	 1p10 100s13
Freesia speciosa	460099	 1p10 100s16
Freesia verrucosa	452728	 1p10
Freesia viridis	38078	 50s10 100s16
Frithia pulchra	19344	 1p10
Fritillaria acmopetala	11917	 0g8 0g10 1g13 2g27 5g48 10g90 1p8
Fritillaria affinis	11916	 0g8 1g10 2g22 5g30 10g163 1p8 100s8
Fritillaria collina	431908	 1g36 10g244 1p17
Fritillaria imperialis	400079	 1p4 8s12 18s10 20s9
Fritillaria lusitanica	442467	 1p4
Fritillaria meleagris hort. (proteg. UK)	11913	 1g6 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g45 50g84 100g559 1000g3906 1p8
Fritillaria meleagris v unicolor sv alba	11912	 1p4 20s9
Fritillaria meleagris vars. mixed	445962	 1p4
Fritillaria messanensis	40269	 10s8
Fritillaria messanensis ssp gracilis	40268	 1p4
Fritillaria michailovskyi	36677	 1p4
Fritillaria orientalis hort.	402705	 10s8
Fritillaria pallidiflora	400715	 1g27 10g210 1p21
Fritillaria persica	36681	 1g21 10g163 100g1273 1p17
Fritillaria pontica	36682	 1g17 10g141 1p9 12s9
Fritillaria pudica	31951	 5g21 75s8
Fritillaria pyrenaica	37136	 1p4
Fritillaria raddeana	65316	 1p4
Fritillaria tubiformis	12576	 1g8 5g29 10g51 100g396 1p8
Fumaria officinalis	15095	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g22 50g37 100g68 250g163 500g320 1000g633 2500g1573 5000g3135 1p
Furcraea guatemalensis	449487	 100s88 1000s538
Furcraea guerrerensis	520492	 100s126 1000s502
Furcraea longaeva	433366	 100s85
Furcraea quicheensis	520494	 100s122 1000s409 10000s2710
Furcraea undulata	449488	 100s120
Galanthus nivalis	15446	 1g10 10g72 100g559 1p9
Galanthus spp. - hybs. mix	551180	 12s10
Galaxia versicolor	11926	 10s9
Galtonia regalis	406860	 1p10 100s13
Galtonia viridiflora	31153	 1g21 1p10
Gasteria acinacifolia	35985	 1p10
Gasteria brachyphylla	434647	 1p10 100s13
Gasteria croucheri	52628	 100s15 1000s26
Gasteria disticha	400741	 1p10
Gasteria excelsa	77258	 1p10
Gasteria obliqua	430115	 1p10 100s13 1000s44 10000s328
Gasteria spp. mix	25981	 100s20 1000s34
Gazania Orange Peacock rs	449030	 25g65 50g123 100g242 250g542 500g1073 1000g2136
Gazania heterochaeta	451711	 1p10 100s13
Gazania hybrida Sunshine Mixture bs	69169	 5g8 10g8 10g10 25g17 50g27 100g47 250g414 500g816 1000g1273 1p4 1000s20
Gazania hybrida Sunshine Mixture rs	81256	 10g15 25g29 50g52 100g97 250g238 500g464 1000g651 2500g1389 1p9
Gazania krebsiana grey leaved form	552619	 1p10 100s13
Gazania krebsiana orange	25861	 1p10 100s12 1000s194
Gazania krebsiana red streaked form	458528	 1p10
Gazania krebsiana yellow form	458529	 1p10 100s15 1000s194
Gazania linearis Colorado Gold c.s.	431704	 1g79 10g700 100g6287 1p21
Gazania pectinata	434051	 1p10
Gazania rigens Dwarf Mixed r.s.	436742	 2g9 5g11 10g16 1p4
Gazania rigens Mixed c.s.	452503	 1g9 2g15 3g21 5g31 10g29 25g65 50g129 100g256 250g634 500g1257 1000g1763 2500g33
Gazania rigens Sunshine Hybrids Mix r.s.	452504	 2g8 5g10 10g14 25g29 50g53 100g132 250g325 500g552 1000g847 2500g1714 5000g3930
Gazania rigens Sunshine Hybrids Mixed b.s.	460873	 10g9 25g16 50g26 100g45 1p4
Gazania rigens Talent Mixed	84365	 1p9 100s10 200s17 250s23 300s25 400s31 500s37 1000s78 2500s174 5000s339
Gazania rigens Talent Orange	437219	 100s11 250s23 500s41 1000s79 2500s174 5000s339
Gazania rigens Talent Red Shades	448050	 1p9 100s11 250s23 500s41 1000s79 2500s174 5000s339
Gazania rigens Talent Rose Shades	437218	 100s11 250s23 500s41 1000s79 2500s174 5000s339
Gazania rigens Talent White	437217	 100s11 250s23 500s41 1000s79 2500s174 5000s339
Gazania rigens Talent Yellow	84366	 100s11 250s23 500s41 1000s79 2500s174 5000s339
Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss Red	461766	 50s11 100s19 250s41 500s76 1000s143 2500s321
Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss White Flame	459808	 1p4 50s11 100s19 250s41 500s76 1000s144 2500s321
Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss Yellow	461767	 50s11 100s19 250s41 500s76 1000s144 2500s321
Gazania rigens f1 Big Kiss Yellow Flame	459809	 50s11 100s19 250s41 500s76 1000s144 2500s321
Gazania rigens f1 Daybreak Red Stripe	84358	 100s12 200s19 300s28 500s38
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Bronze	432515	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s80 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Flame Mixed striped	453494	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Frosty Mixed silvery leaved	440098	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Golden Flame	445144	 1p4 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Mahogany	440097	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Mixed	459807	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Orange	432517	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Orange Flame	457192	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Rose	432518	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss White	432519	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Yellow	432520	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 Kiss Yellow Flame	445145	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81 2500s179 5000s350
Gazania rigens f1 New Day Bronze Shades	84354	 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s78 2500s175 5000s342
Gazania rigens f1 New Day Clear Orange	84355	 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s79 2500s175 5000s342
Gazania rigens f1 New Day Mixed	84008	 1p11 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s79 2500s175 5000s342
Gazania rigens f1 New Day Pink Shades	84357	 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s79 2500s175 5000s342
Gazania rigens f1 New Day Red Shades	461768	 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s79 2500s175 5000s342
Gazania rigens f1 New Day Red Stripe	462496	 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s79 2500s175 5000s342
Gazania rigens f1 New Day Rose Stripe	461769	 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s79 2500s175 5000s342
Gazania rigens f1 New Day Tiger Stripes	463840	 100s11 200s19 300s28 500s42
Gazania rigens f1 New Day White	432512	 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s79 2500s175 5000s342
Gazania rigens f1 New Day Yellow	440096	 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s79 2500s175 5000s342
Gazania rigens v rigens	24924	 1p10
Gazania rigens v uniflora	41714	 1p10 100s13
Gazania rigida	440493	 1p10
Geissorhiza aspera	11931	 1p10 100s13
Geissorhiza bracteata	404554	 1p10
Geissorhiza confusa	74251	 1p10
Geissorhiza darlingensis	12763	 1p10
Geissorhiza heterostyla	2945	 1p10 10s9 100s17
Geissorhiza imbricata	29532	 1p10
Geissorhiza inaequalis	11933	 1p10 100s16
Geissorhiza inconspicua	46636	 1p10
Geissorhiza inflexa	12764	 1p10 100s13
Geissorhiza inflexa red form	442221	 1p10 100s13
Geissorhiza leipoldtii	86281	 1p10
Geissorhiza louisabolusiae	520816	 1p10
Geissorhiza monanthos	451778	 1p10
Geissorhiza ornithogaloides	80631	 1p10
Geissorhiza ovata	29534	 1p10 100s13
Geissorhiza pseudinaequalis	462211	 1p10
Geissorhiza purpurascens aff. blue fl.	462330	 1p10
Geissorhiza radians	11939	 1p10 100s16
Geissorhiza ramosa	80630	 1p10
Geissorhiza sp. unident. 30cm., white fls.	458565	 1p10
Geissorhiza splendidissima	400080	 1p10
Geissorhiza tulbaghensis	11941	 1p10 100s13
Gelasine caerulea	445968	 1p4
Geranium Country Garden Mixture	431683	 30s8
Geranium albanum	404560	 2g27 10s8 500s54 1000s102 5000s500 10000s898
Geranium aristatum	72043	 0g20 1g36 10g279 1p8
Geranium asphodeloides	71502	 0g23 1g40 10g313 100g2481 1p31
Geranium bohemicum Orchid Blue	407880	 1g14 2g32 5g57 10g107 100g834 1p8 10s8 25s20 50s36 100s66 250s150 1000s119
Geranium bohemicum Orchid Blue scarified	460899	 100s17 250s36 500s70 1000s140 5000s811
Geranium caffrum	404559	 1p10 100s24 1000s198
Geranium canariense	25251	 1g29 1g25
Geranium dissectum	3995	 2g10 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g124 100g121 1000g2407
Geranium endressii hort.	3983	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p9 10s9
Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Cherry	445147	 50s22 100s41 250s91 500s170 1000s324 2500s726
Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Light Pink	445150	 50s22 100s41 250s91 500s170 1000s324 2500s726
Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Mixed	453495	 50s22 100s41 250s91 500s170 1000s324 2500s726
Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Red	551952	 50s22 100s41 250s91 500s170 1000s324 2500s726
Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Salmon	445148	 50s22 100s41 250s91 500s170 1000s324 2500s726
Geranium f1 Bulls Eye Scarlet	445149	 50s22 100s41 250s91 500s170 1000s324 2500s726
Geranium f1 Horizon Appleblossom	440099	 50s20 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Coral Spice	442026	 50s20 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Deep Red	440101	 50s18 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s268 2500s593
Geranium f1 Horizon Deep Salmon	440102	 50s18 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Deep Scarlet	440103	 50s20 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114
Geranium f1 Horizon Lavender	445146	 50s18 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Light Salmon	440105	 50s18 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Mixed	440119	 50s18 100s33 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Neon Rose	440106	 50s18 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Orange	442025	 50s18 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Picotee Red	440113	 50s18 100s33 250s74 500s135 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Red	440107	 50s18 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Rose	550763	 50s18 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Scarlet	442027	 50s18 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon Star	440109	 50s18 100s33 250s74 500s139 1000s268 2500s593
Geranium f1 Horizon Violet	440110	 50s18 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Horizon White	440111	 50s18 100s30 150s44 250s62 500s114 1000s257 2500s576
Geranium f1 Inspire Appleblossom	431322	 25s11 50s19 100s35 250s74 500s145 1000s276
Geranium f1 Inspire Mixed	457198	 25s11 50s16 75s24 100s30 250s59 500s145 1000s276
Geranium f1 Inspire Rose	457194	 25s11 50s19 100s35 250s77 500s145 1000s276
Geranium f1 Inspire Salmon	457195	 25s11 50s19 100s35 250s77 500s145 1000s276
Geranium f1 Inspire Scarlet	457196	 25s11 50s18 75s26 100s33 250s64 500s145 1000s276
Geranium f1 Inspire White	457197	 25s11 50s19 100s35 250s77 500s145 1000s276
Geranium f1 Maverick Appleblossom	432523	 50s19 100s33 150s49 250s68 500s125 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Maverick Coral	84368	 50s19 100s36 250s79 500s149 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Maverick Mixed	81245	 50s19 100s33 150s49 250s67 500s125 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Maverick Orange	432525	 50s19 100s33 150s49 250s68 500s125 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Maverick Pink	81239	 50s19 100s36 250s79 500s149 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Maverick Red	81240	 50s19 100s33 150s49 250s68 500s125 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Maverick Rose	551953	 50s19 100s33 150s49 250s68 500s125 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Maverick Salmon	81241	 50s19 100s33 150s49 250s68 500s125 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Maverick Scarlet	81242	 50s19 100s33 150s49 250s68 500s125 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Maverick Scarlet Picotee	461770	 50s19 100s36 250s79 500s149 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Maverick Star pink rose eye	81243	 50s19 100s36 250s79 500s149 1000s262 2500s633
Geranium f1 Maverick Violet	431302	 50s20 100s37 250s82 500s153 1000s291 2500s652
Geranium f1 Maverick Violet Picotee	463428	 50s20 100s33 150s49 250s68 500s125 1000s291 2500s652
Geranium f1 Maverick White	81244	 50s19 100s33 150s49 250s68 500s125 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Moulin Rouge	431328	 50s20 100s30 150s45 250s62 500s114 1000s296 2500s665
Geranium f1 Multibloom Mixed	65451	 1000s224
Geranium f1 Nano Mixed nat. dwarf	551954	 50s20 100s36 250s80 500s150 1000s285 2500s639
Geranium f1 Pinto White to Rose	463841	 25s12 50s20 100s37 250s82 500s154 1000s292
Geranium f1 Quantum Mixed stellate type	65502	 25s12 50s20 100s37 250s82 500s154 1000s292
Geranium f1 Ripple Raspberry	81222	 50s19 100s36 250s79 500s148 1000s282 2500s633
Geranium f1 Tornado Bi-colour Duet ivy trailing	459816	 25s22 50s39 100s72 250s163 500s304 1000s583
Geranium f1 Tornado Carmine ivy trailing	437221	 25s22 50s39 100s72 250s163 500s305 1000s583
Geranium f1 Tornado Fuchsia ivy trailing	459817	 25s22 50s39 100s72 250s163 500s305 1000s583
Geranium f1 Tornado Lilac ivy trailer	81226	 25s22 50s39 100s72 250s163 500s305 1000s583
Geranium f1 Tornado Mix ivy trailer	437225	 25s22 50s39 100s72 250s163 500s305 1000s583
Geranium f1 Tornado Pink ivy trailer	437222	 25s22 50s39 100s72 250s163 500s305 1000s583
Geranium f1 Tornado Red ivy trailer	437223	 25s22 50s39 100s72 250s163 500s305 1000s583
Geranium f1 Tornado Rose ivy trailer	437224	 25s22 50s39 100s72 250s163 500s305 1000s583
Geranium f1 Tornado White ivy trailer	81227	 25s22 50s39 100s72 250s163 500s305 1000s583
Geranium f2 Cabaret Mixed	65514	 100s17 250s38 500s69 1000s132 2500s294 5000s574
Geranium f2 Paintbox Mixed	69403	 1g20 2g34 3g51 4g64 5g75 10g139
Geranium f2 Spirit Orange	459811	 50s10 100s18 250s39 500s72 1000s137 2500s307
Geranium f2 Spirit Pink	459812	 50s10 100s18 250s39 500s73 1000s137 2500s307
Geranium f2 Spirit Red	459813	 50s10 100s18 250s39 500s73 1000s137 2500s307
Geranium f2 Spirit Rose	459810	 50s10 100s18 250s39 500s73 1000s137 2500s307
Geranium f2 Spirit Salmon	459814	 50s10 100s18 250s39 500s73 1000s137 2500s307
Geranium f2 Spirit Star	461771	 50s10 100s18 250s39 500s73 1000s137 2500s307
Geranium f2 Spirit White	459815	 50s10 100s18 250s39 500s73 1000s137 2500s307
Geranium f2 Summer Showers Burgundy ivy cascade	402927	 25s26 50s47 100s84 250s199 500s376 1000s715
Geranium f2 Summer Showers Fuchsia ivy cascade	440122	 25s26 50s47 100s54 250s199 500s376 1000s715
Geranium f2 Summer Showers Mixed ivy cascade	65513	 25s26 50s47 100s85 250s199 500s376 1000s715
Geranium f2 Summer Showers White Blush ivy cascade	432528	 25s26 50s47 100s88 250s199 500s375 1000s715
Geranium f2 Summertime Mixed fast trailer	81221	 25s14 50s24 100s44 250s98
Geranium gracile	79067	 3g26
Geranium ibericum	72045	 1g36 1p27
Geranium incanum	1247	 1p10 100s14
Geranium incanum x Silver Cloak	432975	 1g21 1p9
Geranium lucidum	3984	 2g10 2g12 5g17 10g27
Geranium macrorrhizum	13724	 1p8
Geranium macrorrhizum Album	79842	 0g18 2g29 1p8 10s8
Geranium macrorrhizum Bevans Variety	38695	 2g29 10s10
Geranium macrorrhizum Czakor	407881	 2g24 1p4 10s10
Geranium macrorrhizum Ingwersens Variety	447660	 1p12
Geranium macrorrhizum Purple-Red wild form	447661	 0g8 0g10 1g9 1g14 2g22 5g37 10g68 100g568 1p8 15s10
Geranium macrorrhizum Snow Sprite	432969	 1g26 1p8 10s8
Geranium macrorrhizum White Ness	437537	 1p27
Geranium maculatum	35008	 1g53 1g21 3g36 7g55 1p40 45s8
Geranium maderense	25253	 1g26 15s10
Geranium maderense Guernsey White	450655	 1g30 10g416 100g3311 1p36 15s11
Geranium molle	15513	 2g11 25g221 100g665 1000g4423
Geranium nodosum	71487	 1g36 10g312 100g2795 1p27 15s10
Geranium palmatum	68404	 1g32 1g24 1p8 15s10
Geranium palustre	404562	 1g19 2g21 5g35 10g64 100g386 1000g3051
Geranium phaeum	15313	 1g21 1g9 2g12 5g17 10g27 25g59 100g179 1000g1167 1p11
Geranium phaeum Samobor	404564	 1g26 8s9
Geranium platyanthum	79070	 1g36 10g279 1p27
Geranium pratense	3996	 1g8 2g10 2g12 3g35 4g44 5g19 10g17 25g76 50g64 100g121 1000g1288 1p8 20s8 100s10
Geranium pratense Dark - Midnight Reiter strain	448838	 1g36 10g313 100g2795 1p27 15p9 10s11
Geranium pratense Mrs Kendall Clarke	37185	 1g18 10g133 1p10
Geranium pratense Painters Palette mixed	551181	 1g12 10g90 100g697 10s8
Geranium pratense Pastel Palette mix	444537	 500s25 1000s43 2000s80 5000s197 10000s354
Geranium pratense Purple Haze	407882	 0g14 1g22 2g30 1p10 10s9
Geranium pratense Splish-Splash scarified	460900	 100s30 250s70 500s140 1000s278 5000s1596
Geranium pratense fa albiflorum Snowflakes	71506	 1g16 1p10
Geranium pratense mixed colours	442339	 1g12 10g90 100g697 1p9
Geranium psilostemon	71491	 1g27 10g210 1p21 10s10
Geranium psilostemon Fluorescent	436512	 1g27 10g210 1p21
Geranium pulchrum	71510	 1p10 100s24 1000s199
Geranium pusillum	3988	 25g124 100g366 1000g2409
Geranium pyrenaicum	3997	 2g10 2g10 5g12 10g17 100g96 1000g729 1p4
Geranium pyrenaicum Bill Wallis	73282	 1g34 1g27 10g262 100g2073 1p10
Geranium pyrenaicum Summer Sky	432974	 1g23
Geranium pyrenaicum Summer Snow	448334	 2g22 20s8
Geranium reuteri	521222	 100s30
Geranium robertianum	35497	 0g8 1g9 10g26 25g220 100g665 1000g3525 1p4 160s10
Geranium robertianum organic seed	553695	 1g19 10g133 100g976 1p10
Geranium robustum	3998	 1g16 1p8 10s11 100s20 1000s198
Geranium robustum Silver Cloak	444348	 10s9
Geranium rubescens	85761	 2g22
Geranium sanguineum	15311	 0g12 0g10 1g22 1g14 2g21 5g35 10g67 p8 1p9 10s9 500s63 1000s125 5000s549 10000s1
Geranium sanguineum Album	71489	 500s55 1000s103 5000s501 10000s901
Geranium sanguineum Lancastriense	463513	 10s9
Geranium sanguineum Striatum	38697	 1g19 10g157 p4 1p4 25s9 50s11 100s15 250s30 500s53 1000s100 10000s879
Geranium sanguineum Vision Light Pink	445152	 25s12 50s22 100s40 250s88
Geranium sanguineum Vision Violet	435490	 1g19 10g157 100g1402 25s12 50s22 100s40 250s89
Geranium sanguineum fa nanum	71488	 1g36 10g312 100g2795 1p27
Geranium schlechteri	406890	 1p10
Geranium sessiliflorum Nigricans	52554	 1p17 10s11
Geranium shikokianum	443120	 15g28 12s9
Geranium spp. Hardy Mixed Select	68405	 18s12
Geranium spp. and vars. mixed	73285	 2g27 1p12 10s8 30s10
Geranium sylvaticum	400605	 1g10 2g9 10g15 25g35 50g63 100g120 250g1069 500g2040 1000g1020 1p3
Geranium versicolor	52556	 1p9
Geranium viscosissimum	24023	 1g45 7g19 10g348 14g31 28g56 1p34
Geranium wallichianum Buxtons Variety - Blue	65321	 1g36 10g313 1p27 8s9 10s10 250s31 500s55 1000s103 5000s501 10000s901
Geranium wlassovianum	404870	 1g19 10g156 1p13
Geranium yesoense v nipponicum	521309	 1g19 10g158 1p13
Geranium yoshinoi	75024	 1g36 10g270 100g2141 p5 1p27 10s9
Gerrardanthus macrorhizus	430118	 8s12
Geum aleppicum	72348	 3g12 7g14 14g20 28g28 454g336 200s8
Geum chiloense Blazing Sunset double	436513	 1g18 2g31 3g46 5g68 10g313 100g2761 1p12 1000s111 5000s549
Geum chiloense Koi	442797	 100s10 250s20 500s36 1000s68
Geum coccineum	407812	 0g8 1g10 2g14 5g22 10g37 1000g4760 1p4
Geum montanum c.s.	24025	 0g8 0g8 0g11 0g9 0g17 1g10 1g12 2g47 5g27 10g47 100g316 1p8
Geum rivale	13732	 1g6 1g8 2g10 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g34 50g61 100g116 1000g901 1p5
Geum rivale Album	440428	 1g10 1p8
Gibbaeum album	52642	 1p10
Gibbaeum album fa. roseum	431854	 1p10
Gibbaeum album white	444103	 1p10 100s10
Gibbaeum album white fld. form	444102	 1p10 100s10
Gibbaeum geminum	19349	 100s21
Gibbaeum haagei	406501	 1p10 100s15
Gibbaeum haagei white form	430095	 1p10
Gibbaeum heathii	19351	 1p10
Gibbaeum petrense	19352	 1p10 100s12 1000s31
Gibbaeum petrense Haagei	406511	 100s18 1000s36
Gibbaeum pubescens	19353	 1p10 100s16
Gibbaeum pubescens ssp. shandii	434649	 1p10 25s10 100s15
Gibbaeum spp. mixed	430119	 1p10
Gibbaeum velutinum pink form	19355	 1p10 100s10 1000s38
Gibbaeum velutinum white form	406514	 1p10 100s10 1000s38
Gladiolus abbreviatus	430311	 1p10 100s15
Gladiolus alatus	460250	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus alatus aff	29537	 1p10
Gladiolus angustus	11946	 1p10
Gladiolus appendiculatus	553474	 1p10
Gladiolus aureus	11945	 10s10
Gladiolus brevifolius v. brevifolius	11948	 1p10
Gladiolus carinatus blue form	551139	 1p10
Gladiolus carinatus large yellow form	551137	 1p10 100s15
Gladiolus carinatus purple lip	551138	 100s15
Gladiolus carinatus small light yellow fl.	451780	 100s15
Gladiolus carmineus	74352	 1p10 100s16
Gladiolus carneus	11953	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus carneus colourful strongly marked form	458569	 1p10 100s15
Gladiolus carneus tall pale pink form (callistus)	458568	 1p10 100s15
Gladiolus carneus v. albidus yellow spot	463795	 1p10 100s17
Gladiolus carneus white form	458567	 1p10 100s15
Gladiolus caryophyllaceus	11957	 1p10
Gladiolus ceresianus aff.	80632	 1p10
Gladiolus communis	28651	 1g8 10g42 100g318 1p8 25s8
Gladiolus crassifolius	77903	 1p10 20s8 100s13
Gladiolus cunonius	12825	 1p4
Gladiolus dalenii	74260	 1p10 100s15 1000s41 10000s270
Gladiolus dalenii early flg. form	11959	 1p4 50s8 100s14 250s29
Gladiolus dalenii late flg. form	462430	 25s10 50s18 100s32
Gladiolus debilis	462332	 10s10
Gladiolus densiflorus	452729	 1p10 100s17
Gladiolus densiflorus aff. fl. unseen	553477	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus densiflorus dark pink	553475	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus ecklonii	71057	 1p10
Gladiolus elliottii	442222	 100s10
Gladiolus exiguus	80633	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus ferrugineus	439346	 1p10
Gladiolus flanaganii	441725	 1p4 30s13
Gladiolus floribundus	71892	 1p10 100s13 1000s40 10000s286
Gladiolus gracilis	437720	 1p10 100s27
Gladiolus grandiflorus	408656	 1p10
Gladiolus griseus	404556	 8s10
Gladiolus gueinzii	400977	 1p10
Gladiolus guthriei	52426	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus hirsutus	25181	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus hyalinus	71058	 1p10
Gladiolus illyricus	72184	 1g9 1g10 2g13 5g19 10g32 25g73 50g140 100g611 1p4 100s10
Gladiolus imbricatus	84018	 1g8 2g15 10g47 25g112 100g338 1000g2227 1p8
Gladiolus inflatus	451781	 1p10
Gladiolus inflexus	440562	 1p4 10s10
Gladiolus involutus	402983	 1p10
Gladiolus italicus	72185	 1p4 20s8
Gladiolus liliaceus	11965	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus longicollis	83332	 1p4 100s15
Gladiolus longicollis white form	440563	 1p10
Gladiolus maculatus	402986	 1p4 8s10 100s27
Gladiolus meliusculus	404557	 1p10
Gladiolus merianellus	82170	 15s10
Gladiolus oppositiflorus ssp. salmoneus	83333	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus orchidiflorus	11969	 12s10
Gladiolus ornatus aff.	462218	 1p10
Gladiolus palustris hort.	24028	 1g8 10g26 100g181 1p6
Gladiolus papilio	1197	 1p4
Gladiolus pappei	71894	 1p10
Gladiolus pardalinus	46638	 1p10
Gladiolus parvulus	444921	 1p10
Gladiolus patersoniae	74259	 1p10
Gladiolus permeabilis	402987	 1p10 100s15
Gladiolus permeabilis ssp. edulis	460251	 1p10
Gladiolus priorii	52427	 1p10
Gladiolus pulcherrimus	430313	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus quadrangularis	444922	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus recurvus	2954	 8s10
Gladiolus robertsoniae	550850	 1p10
Gladiolus saundersii	71895	 10s10 100s21
Gladiolus scabridus	11976	 1p10
Gladiolus scullyi	463093	 10s1
Gladiolus sericeovillosus	52432	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus sp. unident. 30cm. growing in wet areas	460789	 1p10
Gladiolus sp. unident. Citrusdale area	442159	 1p10
Gladiolus sp. unident. fl. not seen winter growing	451782	 1p10
Gladiolus sp. unident. near Knysna	404558	 1p10
Gladiolus splendens	67493	 1p10
Gladiolus stellatus	440564	 1p10 100s15
Gladiolus stokoei	552895	 1p10
Gladiolus sufflavus	552633	 8s10
Gladiolus teretifolius	80638	 1p10 100s15
Gladiolus trichonemifolius	1198	 1p10
Gladiolus tristis	11981	 1p4 100s15
Gladiolus tristis darker fl.	551140	 100s15
Gladiolus tristis long spike many fls.	462222	 100s15
Gladiolus tristis v. concolor	29541	 1p10
Gladiolus undulatus	11985	 1p10
Gladiolus venustus	74261	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus vernus	80636	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus violaceo-lineatus	71896	 1p10
Gladiolus virescens	34828	 1p10 100s13
Gladiolus virgatus	401686	 10s10
Gladiolus watsonius	12024	 12s10
Gladiolus watsonoides Mt. Kenya	74262	 100s62
Gladiolus woodii	431799	 1p10
Glaucidium palmatum	72181	 1g53 10g468 1p4 6s12
Glaucidium palmatum v leucanthum	448839	 1g53
Glechoma hederacea	15105	 1g10 10g72 100g525 1000g3903 1p8 100s8
Glechoma hederacea organic seed	459891	 1g20 10g150 100g1075 1000g6431 1p8
Gleichenia linearis	551598	 1p8
Globba clarkei bulbils	81391	 100bl40 1000bl114 10000bl659
Globba marantina	40408	 1000s40
Globba schomburgkii	552869	 1000s54
Globba winitii	11994	 100s34
Gloriosa Orange Glory	453062	 1000s47 10000s364 50000s1282
Gloriosa modesta	12124	 5s10 100s15
Gloriosa superba	11997	 100s24 1000s160
Gloriosa superba Lutea	11995	 10s8
Gloriosa superba Rothschildiana	27228	 10s10
Gloriosa superba mauve - yellow forms mixed	84764	 1p10 100s15
Gloriosa superba yellow form	552632	 1p10
Glottiphyllum cruciatum	434650	 1p10
Glottiphyllum depressum	25988	 1p9 100s16
Glottiphyllum fergusoniae	463034	 1p10
Glottiphyllum haagei	551153	 100s16
Glottiphyllum herrei	69398	 100s10
Glottiphyllum linguiforme	430104	 1p10
Glottiphyllum longum	19357	 1p10
Glottiphyllum nelii	69399	 1p10 100s12
Glottiphyllum regium	19358	 1p10 100s10 1000s25
Glottiphyllum spp. mix	1936	 1p10
Glottiphyllum suave	430106	 1p10
Glottiphyllum surrectum	458515	 1p10 100s16
Gloxinia perennis f1 Empress Mixed pellets	73495	 100s10 250s16 500s38 1000s71
Glyceria canadensis	76513	 3g16 5g28 7g22 14g33 28g47 500s8
Gnidia kraussiana	451714	 1p9
Gomphocarpus fruticosus	441676	 1g14 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g41 25g37 50g68 100g133 250g328 500g645 1000g1156 1p10 100s1
Gomphocarpus fruticosus Super Puffs	463035	 100s12
Goniolimon collinum Sea Spray	452067	 1g21 10g154 100g1213 1p11
Goniolimon speciosum	85766	 1g40 10g313 100g2481 1p14
Goniolimon tataricum Woodcreek	66734	 2500s29 5000s51 10000s103
Goniolimon tataricum b.s.	434107	 6g8 10g23 12g10 25g13 50g19 100g32 250g72 500g130 1000g225 5000g845 10000g1473 2
Goniolimon tataricum c.s.	13836	 0g8 1g12 10g81 250g383 500g754 1000g148 2000g228 4000g381 5000g10810 1p9 10000s3
Gratiola officinalis hort.	35496	 1p14
Gymnocalycium anisitsii	878	 1p8
Gymnocalycium mostii ssp. valnicekianum	8862	 25s8
Gymnocalycium stellatum ssp occultum	10649	 1p4 100s9
Gymnopentzia bifurcata aff.	463745	 1p10
Gynostemma pentaphyllum	80771	 0g8 1g9 3g12 7g17 14g27 28g47 45g79 56g87 113g167 454g317 480g494 960g784 1000g5
Gypsophila paniculata	4024	 1g8 5g7 10g11 12g8 15g16 20g17 25g10 30g24 40g30 50g13 100g19 250g39 500g72 1000
Gypsophila paniculata Flocon de Neige double	24044	 1g8 25g15 50g24 75g33 100g42 250g98 500g231 1000g442 2500g845 10000g2584 25000g5
Habranthus brachyandrus	63648	 1p8
Habranthus citrinus v texensis	447666	 1p8
Habranthus martinezii	79647	 1p8
Habranthus robustus	40417	 1p9 25s8 100s16
Habranthus robustus Russel Manning	457895	 100s17
Habranthus tubispathus	12294	 2g14 5g25 10g42 1p8
Haemanthus montanus vsvs	82172	 1p4
Haemodorum laxum	12002	 1g28
Haemodorum paniculatum	12003	 2g22 10g97 100g924 1000g6086
Haemodorum simplex	67413	 4g27 10g62 100g571 1000g4278 25s9
Haemodorum simulans	439438	 1g13 5g60 10g115 100g1105 1000g9099
Haemodorum spicatum	12004	 3g20 10g61 100g563 1000g4580
Hallianthus planus	406516	 20s18
Hardy bulbs small plant seed mix	461190	 1p9
Hardy bulbs taller plant seed mix	461191	 1p9
Harrisia divaricata	443556	 100s20 1000s55 10000s410
Harrisia eriophora	400026	 100s35 1000s216
Harrisia pomanensis	68901	 100s24 1000s74
Haworthia cymbiformis	404571	 1p10
Haworthia fasciata	408675	 100s16
Haworthia margaritifera	408678	 100s16
Haworthia pumila	522377	 100s30
Haworthia reticulata v. reticulata	80109	 100s9
Haworthia semiviva	405619	 100s16
Hebe Youngii	442562	 1p4
Hebe elliptica	78115	 1g23 5g49 100s14
Hebe hulkeana name unresolved	463706	 5g26 10g40
Hebe obtusata	522477	 1g16
Hebe parviflora	406300	 1p30
Hebe raoulii	551183	 1g45 10g348 1p10
Hebe salicifolia	78117	 1g23
Hebe speciosa	2998	 1g23 1p4
Hebe stricta v stricta	33176	 1g23
Hechtia aquamarina (name unresolved	443419	 100s25 1000s71 10000s534
Hechtia cpnzattiane	77027	 100s21 1000s60 10000s425
Hechtia galeottii	522491	 100s21 1000s43 10000s296
Hechtia lanata	464112	 100s31 1000s178 10000s1375
Hechtia lepidophylla	464113	 100s16 1000s36 10000s263
Hechtia michoacana (name unresolved)	464114	 100s19 1000s45 10000s319
Hechtia montana	464115	 100s21 1000s43 10000s296
Hechtia myriantha	464116	 100s25 1000s86 10000s623
Hechtia nuusaviorum	464117	 100s23 1000s71 10000s515
Hechtia perotensis	464118	 100s12 1000s26 10000s162
Hechtia podantha	77593	 100s23 1000s71 10000s515
Hechtia pueblensis (name unresolved)	464119	 100s14 1000s30 10000s169
Hechtia reticulata	464120	 100s25 1000s92 10000s687
Hechtia rosea	464121	 100s25 1000s84 10000s601
Hechtia tillandsioides	464123	 100s57 1000s372
Hedychium aurantiacum	522507	 1000s86
Hedychium coccineum	5651	 100s29 1000s116
Hedychium coronarium	12528	 1p4 100s29 1000s211
Hedychium deceptum (name unresolved)	41337	 100s66
Hedychium densiflorum	27926	 10s12 100s25 1000s75 5000s300
Hedychium densiflorum Assam Orange	76065	 10s12
Hedychium elatum	522508	 1000s88
Hedychium ellipticum	75444	 100s25 1000s81 5000s236 10000s697 50000s1523
Hedychium gardnerianum	12529	 12s9 100s28 1000s54 10000s449 50000s1603
Hedychium gracile	81397	 12s13 100s25 1000s77 10000s534
Hedychium sp. unident. Nepal	461853	 1p4
Hedychium spicatum	12844	 100s28 1000s71 10000s535
Hedychium stenopetalum	451882	 1000s75 10000s599 50000s1923
Hedychium thyrsiforme	81412	 100s25 1000s54 10000s428
Helianthus giganteus	28416	 3g21 7g36 14g56 28g86 100s8
Helianthus laetiflorus	65755	 0g8 0g10 0g13 1g21 1g19 2g32 5g57 10g107 100g834 1p14
Helianthus maximiliani	71536	 1g8 28g16 100g48 113g60 227g84 454g162 1p8 100s8
Helianthus mollis	71735	 1g8 1g14 3g21 7g30 10g55 14g45 28g69 100g421 454g917 1p8 100s8
Helianthus occidentalis	71737	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 100s8
Helianthus strumosus	65749	 10bl24
Helianthus tuberosus Fuseau tubers	433182	 25bl67 50bl97 100bl138
Helianthus tuberosus Patate tubers	40162	 12bl22
Helicodiceros muscivorus	460525	 1p11
Heliconia champneiana Maya Gold	452692	 100s27 1000s162 10000s997
Heliconia champneiana Splash	83663	 100s51 1000s267
Heliconia griggsiana	82209	 100s48 1000s230
Heliconia harlingii	551693	 100s51 1000s254 10000s1799
Heliconia impudica	83672	 100s44 1000s166
Heliconia latispatha	29419	 100s38 1000s123 10000s764
Heliconia latispatha Orange Gyro	83673	 100s40 1000s166
Heliconia librata	522811	 100s44 1000s166
Heliconia mariae	76149	 100s34
Heliconia nigripraefixa	551694	 100s44 1000s179 10000s1197
Heliconia platystachys Sexy Orange	83682	 100s48 1000s230
Heliconia riopalenquensis	551692	 100s40 1000s230
Heliconia sclerotricha	52125	 100s42 1000s144
Heliconia spathocircinata	76153	 100s42 1000s138 10000s810
Helleborus Black Beauty mix	73294	 20s10
Helleborus Double Roses	460530	 1g39 10s11
Helleborus anemone centred mix	455096	 15s11
Helleborus argutifolius	37189	 1g8 1g9 2g12 5g17 10g27 100g697 1p6
Helleborus argutifolius Pacific Frost variegated	407884	 1g34 10g262 1p21
Helleborus foetidus	1343	 1g11 2g9 10g13 50g46 100g86 1000g635 1p6
Helleborus foetidus Gold Bullion	436455	 10s11
Helleborus foetidus Miss Jekylls Scented	439985	 4g28 1p9 10s8
Helleborus hybridus Ashwood Garden hybrids	445784	 1p4
Helleborus hybridus Newest Hybrids	81975	 1g20 10g154 100g1213
Helleborus hybridus unidentified mix	404817	 1p4
Helleborus hybridus white	454380	 1p4
Helleborus niger hort.	1345	 1g12 10g90 100g697 500g1042 1000g2073 1p11 10s9 16s9 25s8 50s9 100s16 250s35 500
Helleborus orientalis Helen Ballard Group	79082	 0g13 0g21 1g39 2g85 15s12 20s10
Helleborus orientalis Hybrids	72738	 1g16 10g115 100g912 1p11
Helleborus orientalis Ladies Double Mixed	448842	 1g79 10g606 1p62
Helleborus orientalis New Hybrids	80007	 1g20 10g154 100g1213 10s11
Helleborus orientalis Queen Double Mixed	450029	 250s657 500s1314 1000s2624
Helleborus orientalis mixed Select Forms	434738	 1p11 10s9
Helleborus orientalis select exhibition mix	85922	 10s9
Helleborus spp. - hybs. doubles select	459592	 10s12
Helleborus spp. - vars. Cottage Garden Mix	460528	 2g22 10s9
Helleborus spp. and vars. mix	1347	 2g22
Helleborus spp. and vars. special select mix	455097	 1p4
Helleborus sternii x	37192	 1g16 10g114 100g912 1p9
Helleborus viridis	1346	 1g23 2g22
Hemerocallis Day Lily Hybrids	400480	 1g12 10g90 100g697 1p15 25s19 50s34 100s63 250s143
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus	72746	 5s12
Hemerocallis minor	28427	 1g21 10g158 100g1247
Hemerocallis mix full range	434773	 7g26 28g58 25s8
Hemerocallis mixed hybrid Day Lilies	84692	 15s14
Hemerocallis spp. and vars. small flowered mix	452447	 5g40 10g73 25g180 50g356 100g707 250g1763 500g3514 1000g5406
Hemerocallis spp. select mix	443186	 25s18 50s33 100s61 250s138
Hemionitis arifolia	73162	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Hepatica nobilis	24042	 1g9 5g32 10g58 1p6
Herbertia lahue	74499	 p5
Hereroa acuminata	441588	 20s18
Hereroa nelii aff.	458516	 1p9
Herrea elongata	80120	 100s16
Hesperaloe campanulata	450325	 100s45 1000s286
Hesperaloe funifera	78987	 100s24 1000s61 10000s433
Hesperaloe parviflora	5605	 1g9 1g8 3g10 7g14 10g54 28g45 56g65 100g421 113g124 454g236 1p9 100s18 1000s72 1
Hesperaloe parviflora Rubra	445055	 250s17 500s27 1000s47
Hesperantha Mixed Colours	403816	 2g21 1p10
Hesperantha bachmannii	12773	 1p10
Hesperantha baurii	74384	 1p10
Hesperantha coccinea	460864	 1p10 100s13
Hesperantha coccinea mix	450186	 1p8
Hesperantha cucullata	12774	 1p10 100s13
Hesperantha falcata white form	12008	 1p10 100s13
Hesperantha falcata yellow form	80639	 1p10 100s13
Hesperantha grandiflora	435451	 1p10
Hesperantha hantamensis	460113	 1p10 100s13
Hesperantha luticola	405957	 1p10 100s13
Hesperantha oligantha	451785	 1p10
Hesperantha pauciflora	29459	 1p10 100s15
Hesperantha pilosa	430316	 1p10
Hesperantha radiata ssp caricina	463720	 1p10
Hesperantha radiata ssp radiata	402991	 1p10
Hesperantha scopulosa	451374	 1p10
Hesperantha sp. unident. 30cm. narrow lvs.	402990	 1p10
Hesperantha sp. unident. high altitude prob. pink fls.	52439	 1p10
Hesperantha sp. unident. high altitude small plant	444925	 1p10
Hesperantha sp. unident. pink fls. - Drakensberg	434752	 1p10
Hesperantha sp. unident. shaded cliffs - Drakensberg	431800	 1p10
Hesperantha vaginata	1201	 1p10
Hesperoyucca whipplei	436867	 10g41 25g71 1p17 10000s166
Heuchera Marvellous Marble	551961	 250s9 500s16 1000s29 2500s63
Heuchera Newest Hybrids	432362	 1g36 10g270 100g2154 1p9 100s8
Heuchera americana	1362	 1g15 10g111 1p8
Heuchera americana Dales Strain	404873	 1g23 10g171 100g1359 1p12 100s8
Heuchera americana Emperors Cloak	79083	 1p8
Heuchera americana Malachite pellets	458375	 1g156 1p27
Heuchera americana Melting Fire pellets	459868	 1g156 1p27 100s10 250s22 500s40 1000s75
Heuchera americana Metallica mix	436456	 1p9
Heuchera americana Palace Purple	29622	 0g13 0g22 0g8 1g38 1g10 2g14 5g21 10g35 25g79 50g156 100g307 250g764 500g1515 10
Heuchera americana Palce Purple pellets	463441	 1000s10 2500s23 5000s42 10000s80
Heuchera cylindrica	39859	 1g21 10g158 100g1247 1p11
Heuchera cylindrica Greenfinch	37193	 2g27 1p8
Heuchera maxima	436946	 1g70 1p17 100s10
Heuchera micrantha	1366	 0g15 1g62 1p11 500s8
Heuchera micrantha Palace Purple	462855	 5g57 10g36 25g82 50g162 100g321 250g781 500g1551 1000g2785
Heuchera micrantha Palace Purple pellets	462501	 1000s12 2500s25 5000s47 10000s90
Heuchera pulchella	79213	 1g40 10g312 100g2485 1p11 100s8
Heuchera richardsonii	65695	 3g28 7g40 14g65 28g106 750s8
Heuchera sanguinea Bressingham Hybrids	1369	 0g10 1g9 5g34 10g13 25g25 50g44 100g869 250g209 500g405 1000g622 5000g2855 1p8
Heuchera sanguinea Coral Petite (tm)	553713	 1g212 10g1896 100g17037 1p13
Heuchera sanguinea Fackel	29623	 25g56 50g109 100g215 250g532 500g1054 1000g2095
Heuchera sanguinea Leuchtkafer - Firefly	29624	 0g16 0g15 1g23 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g55 50g42 100g77 250g183 500g356 1000g546 5000g2
Heuchera sanguinea Sioux Falls	72748	 10g13 25g25 50g44
Heuchera sanguinea Vivid	4091	 10g25 25g55 50g109 100g215 250g531 500g1052 1000g2095
Heuchera sanguinea White Cloud	401151	 1g70 10g554 1p8
Heuchera villosa v macrorrhiza	434079	 1g23 10g171 100g1385 1p12
Hippeastrum sprekelia x	523242	 5s12
Hippeastrum vittatum Red Giant	12015	 10s11
Holcus mollis	24821	 25g31 100g60 1000g370
Homogyne alpina	12577	 1g6 1p5
Hoodia gordulata (name unresolved)	523376	 5s18
Hoodia pilifera ssp pilifera	434652	 100s92
Horminum pyrenaicum	12871	 0g9 0g12 1g18 2g38 5g70 1p17 25s9
Horminum pyrenaicum Album	457901	 0g8 1g79 1p8 50s8
Horminum pyrenaicum Rubrum	448843	 1p17
Hornstedtia scottiana	85607	 100s66 1000s417
Hornstedtia tomentosa	464106	 100s29 1000s172
Hosta Ginko Craig	65329	 1p4
Hosta New Hybrids	72752	 1g14 10g100 100g783 1p11
Hosta capitata	443129	 1p8
Hosta nigrescens	443130	 1g17 10g124 100g912 1p13
Hosta sieboldiana	24926	 0g14 0g23 1g17 2g93 10g124 1p8
Hosta sieboldiana v elegans	4058	 1g18 5g46 10g85 100g1041 1p11
Hosta spp. mixed	12026	 7g12 14g18 28g29 113g83 454g162 50s8
Hosta ventricosa	12025	 1g8 2g25 5g44 10g81 100g611 1p6 100s30
Huernia zebrina	77607	 1p10
Humulus lupulus	4971	 1g11 2g15 5g20 10g36 25g101 100g302 250g406 1000g1993 1p9
Humulus lupulus organic seed	459894	 1g16 10g90 100g535 1000g3190 1p4
Hyacinthoides hispanica	37065	 1p4
Hyacinthoides hispanica Alba	400718	 1p4
Hyacinthoides italica	431934	 1p4
Hyacinthoides non-scripta	1511	 1g8 2g10 2g10 5g16 7g27 10g16 15g53 25g24 50g42 100g77 1000g985 1p8 50s8 100s8
Hydrastis canadensis hort.	63866	 3g31 7g36 10g109 14g66 28g125 100g707 1000g4873 1p28 20s8
Hydrophyllum appendiculatum	69999	 3g21 7g26 14g45 28g67 20s8
Hydrophyllum virginianum	69998	 3g21 7g26 14g45 28g67 50s8
Hylocereus megalanthus	446906	 100s22 1000s44 10000s326
Hylocereus undatus red fruited	446907	 1p9 100s31 1000s110
Hymenogyne glabra	68904	 1p12
Hymenosporum flavum	15011	 1g19 25g27 100g94 1000g551 10s11 100s14 1000s27
Hyoscyamus albus	34593	 1g9 2g11 5g16 10g26 25g58 1p4
Hyoscyamus niger	15111	 1g6 1g9 2g11 5g16 10g26 25g59 100g179 1000g1167 1p4
Hyoscyamus niger organic seed	550343	 1g11 10g81 1p6
Hyoscyamus niger v. pallidus Rehb.	430180	 1g16 10g107 1p9
Hypertelis salsoloides	68905	 1p10
Hypoxis angustifolia	77908	 1p10
Hypoxis galpinii	454703	 1p10
Hypoxis hemerocallidea	27391	 1p10 100s19 1000s36
Hypoxis hygrometrica	454382	 1p4
Hypoxis villosa	82176	 100s15
Ibervillea lindheimeri	77611	 100s112
Ibervillea tenuisecta	443420	 100s77 1000s491
Idria columnaris Kellogg	5114	 5s16
Ihlenfeldtia excavata Platbakkies	406524	 100s34
Ihlenfeldtia vanzylii	406950	 1p10
Imperata cylindrica	74211	 2g9 5g11 25g221 100g665 250g277 500g547 1000g1055 1p10 100s13
Incarvillea delavayi	5684	 0g11 0g8 1g14 1g9 2g25 2g11 3g36 4g46 5g15 10g23 25g51 100g256 1p8
Incarvillea delavayii Bees Pink	433188	 0g21 0g12 0g17 1g22 1g27 2g48 5g89 10g171 100g1376 1p14
Incarvillea mairei	1466	 0g9 0g12 1g12 1g17 2g27 5g48 10g90 100g697 p4 1p4
Incarvillea mairei v mairei	457908	 1p4
Incarvillea olgae	4116	 1g27 10g197 100g1557 1p14
Incarvillea zhongdianensis	442569	 1g53 1p27 10s9
Inula acaulis b.s.	403848	 1p4
Iochroma australe	431178	 1p9 25s9
Iochroma edule Sweetheart	39118	 100s23 1000s118
Iochroma fuchsioides	85174	 100s23 1000s49 10000s341
Ipomoea cairica v cairica	73361	 10g14 25g21 50g10 100g14 250g27 1000g112 5000g331 10000g546 1p4
Ipomoea costata	31051	 5g23 1p4
Ipomoea leptophylla	82983	 0g8 1g9 3g11 5g23 7g16 14g25 28g43 113g89 1p23
Ipomoea pubescens	67437	 5s10
Ipomoea sepacuitensis	455003	 1000s153
Ipomoea setosa	454283	 10g8 25g11 50g16 100g26 250g56 500g105
Ipomoea sp. unident. small yellow woodrose	455004	 1000s115
Iris Louisiana Hybrids Mix	31577	 1p4
Iris bucharica	28441	 1g8 10g47 100g353 1p10 10s9
Iris bulleyana	73980	 1g8 10g57 100g434 1p8
Iris chrysographes	12047	 1g10 1p9 10s9
Iris chrysographes Black Gold	52356	 3g28 1p9
Iris domestica	12345	 2g8 5g12 10g20 25g74 28g19 50g147 56g31 100g290 113g56 454g111 1p9 25s8 100s15 1
Iris douglasiana	400082	 1p4
Iris ensata	12041	 1g8 5g20 100g30 1000g100 1p4
Iris ensata Cup Winners mix	46471	 2g28 12s9
Iris ensata New Hybrids mix	2723	 1g8 10g38 100g284 1p8
Iris ensata Prize Winning Mix	460544	 15s10
Iris foetidissima	12048	 10g8 100g56 1000g418
Iris foetidissima Citrina	408036	 1g8 10g47 100g353 1p20
Iris foetidissima Pauls Gold	461193	 10s10
Iris forrestii	38705	 1p4
Iris germanica	47538	 g16
Iris graeberiana	525357	 1p4
Iris graminea	12061	 1g8 10g34 100g219 1p8
Iris hookeri	446003	 1g10 10g64 100g482 1p8
Iris innominata	407060	 1g10 1p4
Iris laevigata	29986	 1g13 10g85 1p11
Iris laevigata Colchesterensis	76553	 6s11
Iris latifolia	72431	 4g32 1p4 8s8
Iris latifolia Montblanc	407070	 1p4
Iris lutescens Nana	12872	 1g19
Iris magnifica	24055	 1g7 10g47 100g353 1p9
Iris magnifica Alba	442824	 1p4
Iris orientalis	24059	 1g6 10g29 100g163 1p14
Iris pallida	28448	 1g8 10g47 100g353 1p12
Iris pseudacorus	12036	 1g5 2g10 10g8 25g15 50g23 100g39 250g94 1000g248 1p6 100s24 1000s64
Iris pseudacorus Alba - Clotted Cream	83094	 5g25 1p9
Iris pseudacorus organic seed	407031	 1g8 10g29 100g112 1000g753 1p12
Iris pseudocaucasica	432364	 1g21 10g163
Iris pumila	12068	 1g8 10g55 100g421 1p11
Iris reichenbachii	72435	 100g257
Iris sanguinea Alba - Snow Queen	72429	 1p9
Iris setosa	12456	 1g8 2g12 5g17 10g28 100g353 1p8
Iris setosa Alba	85779	 1p4
Iris setosa ssp. canadensis	450957	 1p8
Iris setosa v. arctica	442572	 1p4
Iris sibirica New Hybrids	12457	 1g8 10g20 100g112
Iris sibirica mix hort.	437513	 7g19 28g35 1p10 50s8
Iris sibirica wild form hort.	24965	 1g6 10g12 25g22 50g38 100g69 250g169 1000g686 1p6
Iris sibirica wild form organic seed	460550	 1g8 10g28 100g216 1000g1271
Iris spp. and hybs. mix	69577	 1p9
Iris spp. mixed	407067	 1p9
Iris spuria	12055	 10g22 100g150 1p6
Iris spuria hybrids mix	72432	 1g8 10g21 100g77 1p8
Iris tectorum	12584	 1g8 10g47 100g353 1p12
Iris tectorum Alba	460553	 1p4
Iris tenax	28453	 1g10 10g71 100g559 25s8
Iris tuberosa proteg.	36723	 6s10
Iris variegata	28454	 1g10 10g74 1p4
Iris versicolor	12037	 1g8 1g9 3g11 7g15 10g47 14g23 28g32 100g353 454g394 1p8
Iris versicolor Kermesina	52365	 1g9 10g64 100g490 10s8
Iris versicolor organic seed	550345	 1g12 10g68 100g396 1000g2095
Iris virginica	74938	 1g7 1g9 3g11 7g16 10g47 14g23 28g32 100g353 1p12
Iris wilsonii	451389	 1p4
Isopyrum biternatum	408886	 0g12 0g18 1g29 3g51 7g87 1p4 50s8
Isopyrum thalictroides	81664	 1g8 10g55 100g421
Itea virginica b.s.	71130	 28g116 1p25
Ixia abbreviata	463722	 1p10 100s16
Ixia bellendinii	525677	 10s10
Ixia contorta	463723	 1p10
Ixia curta	405961	 1p10
Ixia curvata	451786	 100s28 1000s223
Ixia divaricata	46654	 1p10
Ixia dubia	28656	 1p10 100s15 1000s222
Ixia flexuosa	12073	 1p10 100s15
Ixia gloriosa	525680	 1p10
Ixia latifolia	442226	 1p10 100s13
Ixia latifolia v ramulosa	440567	 1p10
Ixia longituba	408657	 1p10 100s15
Ixia longituba v bellendenii	439576	 10s10
Ixia maculata	12078	 1p10 100s15
Ixia maculata v fuscocitrina	442227	 1p10
Ixia marginifolia	71062	 100s28 1000s222
Ixia meterlekampiae	437726	 1p10 100s28 1000s222
Ixia micrandra	437727	 100s15
Ixia monadelpha	402994	 1p10
Ixia namaquana	463044	 1p10
Ixia odorata	38091	 1p10 100s16
Ixia orientalis	440568	 1p10 100s15 1000s222
Ixia orientalis white form	460252	 1p10 100s16
Ixia paniculata aff.	29322	 1p10
Ixia polystachya	29321	 1p10
Ixia purpurea-rosea	408658	 100s28 1000s222
Ixia rapunculoides	12778	 1p10 100s13 1000s222
Ixia rapunculoides v rigida	451787	 1p10
Ixia rapunculoides v subpendula	451789	 1p10
Ixia rivulicola	442825	 1p10 100s13
Ixia rouxii	552652	 1p10
Ixia scillaris	68724	 1p10 100s13
Ixia thomasiae	74371	 1p10 100s13 1000s224
Ixia trifolia	80962	 1p10
Ixia viridiflora	12082	 10s10
Ixia viridiflora v minor (v. name unresolved)	446322	 10s10 100s25 1000s208
Ixiolirion tataricum	68749	 10g28 50g90 100s8
Jaborosa sativa	431336	 10g21 50s8
Jacobsenia kolbei	19368	 20s18
Jaltomata bernardelloana	525755	 100s31 1000s182
Jaltomata herrerae	525756	 100s27 1000s127 10000s967
Jaltomata procumbens	431337	 100s23 1000s71 10000s515
Jamesia americana	3004	 100s10
Jatropha augustii	454608	 3s12
Jatropha cinerea	441637	 1p4
Jatropha macrocarpa	430124	 3s12
Jatropha mahafalensis	450315	 1000g78 100s26 1000s212
Jeffersonia diphylla	24065	 1g20 3g34 7g54 14g93 28g163 1p8 30s8
Johnsonia lupulina	16142	 4g23 5g29 10g52 25g121 100g472 1000g3375
Jordaaniella cuprea	406953	 1p10 100s16
Jordaaniella dubia	86288	 1p10 100s14
Jordaaniella spongiosa	46656	 1p10 100s9 1000s38
Juncus acutus	76133	 25g96 100g282 1000g1867
Juncus bufonius	86399	 1g8 5g20 25g107 100g318 1000g2099 1p8
Juncus canadensis	449131	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 454g1208 1000s8
Juncus conglomeratus	408449	 1g13 10g13 25g24 50g41 100g75 1000g566
Juncus dudleyi	441130	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 454g1208 1000s8
Juncus edgarie	434552	 1g24 5g51 100s15
Juncus effusus	76871	 1g12 3g26 7g36 10g12 14g56 25g107 28g88 50g32 100g57 450g1208 1000g428 1p8 100s7
Juncus effusus fa. spiralis	551207	 1g212 10g1810 100g15489 1p18
Juncus effusus fa. spiralis pellets	76873	 1p8 100s13 250s29 500s53 1000s45 2000s72 2500s103 5000s178 10000s354 100000s2986
Juncus ensifolius	76872	 1g27 10g209 100g1660 1p10
Juncus filiformis Spiralis	438189	 1g156 10g1242 100g9942 1p14 500s8
Juncus filiformis Spiralis pills	448809	 2000s65 5000s157 10000s313 100000s2607
Juncus inflexus	76874	 1g17 10g12 50g35 100g62 1000g461 1p9
Juncus inflexus Afro	436568	 5000s74 10000s146 25000s362 50000s722 100000s1291 500000s6454
Juncus interior	83607	 3g14 7g18 14g26 28g38 454g480 1000s6
Juncus kraussii prov. RSA	552656	 1p10 100s12 1000s24
Juncus kraussii prov. WA	83266	 25g45 1000g1055
Juncus maritimus	82223	 1g24 5g51 1p8 100s15
Juncus nodosus	83608	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 454g1208 1000s8
Juncus pallidus	16143	 1g27 3g20 5g28 10g61 25g144 100g563 1000g4580 1p10 100s15
Juncus patens Carmans Grey	440008	 3000s55 10000s181 25000s451 50000s899 100000s1539
Juncus pincei	457106	 1g30
Juncus sarophorus	82224	 1p4
Juncus sp. nov. Hedgehog Grass	445822	 3000s78 10000s256 100000s2197
Juncus squarrosus	434542	 1g13 2g12 5g18 10g29
Juncus tenuis	83609	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 1000s8
Juncus torreyi	83610	 3g31 7g45 14g75 28g127 1000s8
Juncus usitatus	434458	 25g45 1000g1055
Juttadinteria albata	20128	 1p10 100s28
Juttadinteria simpsoni	37507	 100s10
Kaempferia roscoeana	68969	 100s27 1000s114
Kalanchoe alticola	404694	 1p10
Kalanchoe beharensis	403526	 1p10
Kalanchoe brachyloba	69404	 1p10
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi	526042	 100s10
Kalanchoe grandiflora	406573	 100s11 1000s15 10000s42
Kalanchoe lanceolata	68907	 1p10
Kalanchoe longiflora	441752	 100s11 1000s20
Kalanchoe luciae	440613	 1p10 100s10
Kalanchoe marmorata	450396	 1p10
Kalanchoe orgyalis	403531	 100s20
Kalanchoe paniculata	76674	 1p10
Kalanchoe prittwitzii	450395	 100s10
Kalanchoe rotundifolia	80909	 1p10
Kalanchoe sexangularis	77391	 100s8 1000s18 10000s44
Kalanchoe sp. unident. prov. India	452866	 1p4
Kalanchoe tetraphylla	69405	 1p10 100s8
Kalanchoe tomentosa	75798	 1p10
Kalanchoe zimbabweensis	451849	 100s25 1000s208
Kedrostis sp. unident. Dodoma Tanzania	462171	 10s10
Khadia acutipetala	25997	 1p10
Khadia alticola	406955	 1p10
Kleinia fulgens	77392	 8s10
Kleinia grantii	431016	 1p8
Kleinia longiflora	74155	 1p10 100s13
Kleinia neriifolia	444183	 100s25 1000s90
Kniphofia albescens	404699	 1p10 100s13
Kniphofia baurii	83349	 1p10
Kniphofia bruceae	434024	 1p10 100s17
Kniphofia caulescens	65336	 1g12 10g90 100g697 1p8 100s13
Kniphofia citrina	77910	 1g12 10g90 100g611 1p10
Kniphofia galpinii	72487	 1g27 10g180 100g1213 1p17
Kniphofia hirsuta	448844	 1g12 10g89 100g697 1p9
Kniphofia hirsuta Traffic Lights dwarf	439655	 1000s37 2000s67 5000s164 10000s326
Kniphofia hirsuta Traffic Lights treated seed	462859	 1000s39 2000s72 5000s178
Kniphofia hybrida x New Hybrids mix	407712	 5g9 10g16 15g23 25g32 50g57 250s14 500s26 1000s47 2500s106
Kniphofia ichopensis orange or yellow form	406868	 1p10
Kniphofia laxiflora	406869	 100s17
Kniphofia linearifolia	71900	 1p10 100s13 1000s36
Kniphofia multiflora cream fld. form	460114	 1p10 100s13
Kniphofia multiflora yellow-orange	430320	 1p10 100s13
Kniphofia northiae	68727	 1g32 1p9 100s13
Kniphofia parviflora	406870	 1p10
Kniphofia praecox	80643	 1p10 100s13
Kniphofia pumila	28457	 15s10
Kniphofia rooperi	71901	 1g12 10g90 100g697 1p10 100s13 1000s37 10000s264
Kniphofia stricta	71071	 1p10
Kniphofia thodei	454706	 1p10
Kniphofia triangularis	458132	 1g12 10g89 100g697 1p10
Kniphofia uvaria	25031	 1p10 100s13 1000s21 10000s90 50000s1937
Kniphofia uvaria Flamenco	432366	 1g21 10g163 100g1342 1p17 100s9 250s20 500s36 1000s67
Kniphofia uvaria Grandiflora mix	24079	 1g8 10g47 100g318 1p8
Kniphofia uvaria New Hybrids	400481	 2g8 5g10 10g15 15g23 25g32 50g58 1p8 150s8 250s15 500s26 1000s49 2500s109
Kniphofia uvaria Royal Castle hybrids	31158	 10g19 25g33 100g52 250g123 500g236 1000g345 2500g657 5000g1705 1p9 100s8
Kniphofia uvaria mix	31159	 5g8 10g9 25g16 50g25 100g43 250g99 500g188 1000g290 5000g1135 10000g2113 1p4
Lachenalia alba	74357	 1p10
Lachenalia aloides v. aloides	31582	 1p10
Lachenalia anguinea aff.	434613	 1p10
Lachenalia arbuthnotiae	405962	 1p10
Lachenalia attenuata	80652	 1p10
Lachenalia bulbifera	29424	 1p10 100s25
Lachenalia callista	439348	 1p10 100s27
Lachenalia canaliculata	463725	 1p10
Lachenalia capensis	446324	 1p10
Lachenalia carnosa	12694	 1p10 100s15
Lachenalia cernua	451791	 1p10
Lachenalia comptonii	12695	 100s14
Lachenalia congesta	68729	 1p10
Lachenalia contaminata	12084	 100s15
Lachenalia corymbosa	430326	 1p10 10s27
Lachenalia doleritica	442228	 1p10
Lachenalia elegans v. elegans	23544	 1p10 100s13
Lachenalia elegans v. suaveolens	405963	 100s15
Lachenalia ensifolia ssp. ensifolia	400101	 1p10 100s13
Lachenalia fistulosa	12086	 1p10
Lachenalia flava	407100	 1p10 100s13
Lachenalia framesii	405965	 1p10
Lachenalia gillettii	403001	 1p10
Lachenalia glauca	451793	 1p10
Lachenalia glaucophylla	405966	 1p10
Lachenalia hirta v. hirta	12701	 10s10
Lachenalia inconspicua	552695	 1p10
Lachenalia judithiae	82187	 1p10
Lachenalia juncifolia	552696	 1p10
Lachenalia juncifolia aff.	405967	 1p10
Lachenalia kliprandensis	74356	 8s10
Lachenalia latimerae	442231	 1p10 100s15
Lachenalia leipoldtii	46661	 1p10
Lachenalia liliflora	12703	 1p10 100s15
Lachenalia longibracteata	405968	 1p10 100s15
Lachenalia lutea	552697	 1p10 100s16
Lachenalia magentea	442229	 1p10
Lachenalia marginata	442232	 1p10
Lachenalia marginata ssp. neglecta	442233	 1p10
Lachenalia mathewsii	12706	 1p10 100s27
Lachenalia maughanii	442241	 1p4
Lachenalia maximiliani	405969	 1p10
Lachenalia mediana	29429	 1p10
Lachenalia mediana v. rogersii	442234	 1p10
Lachenalia membranacea (name unresolved)	552698	 1p10
Lachenalia multifolia	460115	 10s10
Lachenalia mutabilis	12705	 1p10 100s13
Lachenalia nardousbergensis	460116	 1p10
Lachenalia obscura	430323	 1p10
Lachenalia orchioides	447272	 1p10 100s15
Lachenalia orchioides v. glaucina	12087	 1p10
Lachenalia orchioides v. orchioides	68728	 1p10 100s15
Lachenalia pallida	12088	 1p10 100s13
Lachenalia patula	69318	 1p10
Lachenalia polyphylla	74358	 1p10
Lachenalia purpureocaerulea	29369	 1p10 100s13
Lachenalia pusilla	12714	 1p10
Lachenalia pustulata	3807	 1p10 100s15
Lachenalia pygmaea	451814	 1p10
Lachenalia quadricolor	407102	 1p10
Lachenalia reflexa	1209	 1p10 100s15
Lachenalia rosea	25187	 1p10
Lachenalia rosea pink - white form	451797	 1p10 100s15
Lachenalia rosea pinky-blue form	451798	 1p10
Lachenalia rubida	12716	 1p10 100s10
Lachenalia sp. unident. - Polyxena 2050	442235	 1p4
Lachenalia sp. unident. - Polyxena Kamiesberg Bulb	553892	 1p4
Lachenalia sp. unident. Roggeveld	71381	 1p10
Lachenalia splendida	12717	 1p10
Lachenalia stayneri	406875	 1p10 100s13
Lachenalia suaveolens	405964	 1p10
Lachenalia thomasiae	74360	 1p10
Lachenalia trichophylla	404701	 1p10
Lachenalia trichophylla smooth form	446326	 1p10
Lachenalia trichophylla very hairy form	452716	 1p10
Lachenalia unicolor	552901	 100s16
Lachenalia unifolia v. unifolia	12091	 1p10 100s13
Lachenalia variegata	406876	 1p10
Lachenalia ventricosa	19373	 1p10 100s15
Lachenalia violacea	12721	 1p10 100s13
Lachenalia viridiflora	12093	 1p10 100s17
Lachenalia whitehillensis	46663	 8s10
Lachenalia wrightii	431801	 1p10
Lachenalia xerophila	442236	 1p10
Lachenalia zebrina	80653	 1p10 100s17
Lachenalia zeyheri	406873	 1p10
Lagenifera huegelii	75224	 0g26 2g21 5g51 10g97 25g234 100g924 1000g7592
Lampranthus amoenus	19374	 1p10
Lampranthus aureus	68909	 100s15 1000s28 10000s212
Lampranthus bicolor	68911	 1p10
Lampranthus brevistamineus	25998	 1p10
Lampranthus deltoides	19592	 1p10 100s13
Lampranthus densifolius	405158	 1p10
Lampranthus dulcis	462343	 1p10
Lampranthus elegans	71941	 1p10
Lampranthus falciformis	451850	 1p10
Lampranthus haworthii	29401	 1p10
Lampranthus maximilianus	68914	 1p10
Lampranthus multiradiatus	400349	 1p10 100s13
Lampranthus roseus	38232	 1p10
Lampranthus spectabilis	19383	 1p10 100s20 1000s38
Lampranthus spiniformis	451855	 100s25 1000s210
Lampranthus spp. mix	19551	 1p9
Lampranthus stenus	71943	 1p10
Lampranthus stipulaceus	406963	 100s13 1000s25 10000s152
Lamprocapnos spectabilis	24459	 0g23 0g40 0g60 1g62 2g89 2g167 10g485 1p20 15s12 25s12 100s37 250s83 1000s33
Lamprocapnos spectabilis Alba	36552	 1g62 10g485 1p13 25s12 50s20 100s37 250s83 1000s33
Lanaria lanata	1556	 1p10
Lapeirousia anceps	34802	 1p10 100s16
Lapeirousia divaricata	68782	 1p10 100s13
Lapeirousia fabricii	71273	 1p10 100s13
Lapeirousia fabricii ssp purpurascens	405084	 1p10
Lapeirousia jacquinii	12098	 1p10 100s13
Lapeirousia macrospatha	463280	 1p10
Lapeirousia micrantha	463796	 100s18
Lapeirousia plicata	68784	 1p10
Lapeirousia pyramidalis ssp pyramidalis	68791	 1p10 100s13
Lapeirousia sandersonii	401953	 1p10
Lapidaria margaretae	19552	 1p10 100s42
Lasianthus hirsutus	451558	 0g8 1g15 2g32 5g57 10g107 100g697 1p8
Lasiurus scindicus	406083	 250g47 500g88 1000g168 2000g267 4000g449 8000g695
Lathyrus latifolius Red Pearl	24891	 5g11 10g8 25g12 50g18 100g29 250g65 1000g460 1p8
Lathyrus tuberosus	15406	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g22 25g37 100g130 1000g1008 1p4
Latua pubiflora	526601	 20s18
Lavandula angustifolia	13814	 1g6 2g8 5g8 10g9 25g16 28g28 50g25 100g43 113g76 250g99 454g147 500g191 1000g375
Lavandula angustifolia Blue River	460797	 250s9 500s12 1000s17 2500s35 5000s64 20000s249 100000s1116 500000s5557
Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Pink	551963	 1g62 10g544 1p17 100s10 250s20 500s36
Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Purple	455101	 1g62 10g544 1p17 100s10 250s21 500s28 1000s67 2500s148
Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Sky	448071	 1g62 10g545 1p17 100s10 250s21 500s38 1000s70
Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Snow	47940	 1g62 10g544 1p17 25s9 100s10 250s20 500s36 1000s67 2500s148
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Blue	13815	 1g8 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g18 25g38 50g70 100g134 250g330 1000g4184 1p8 500s10 1000s18
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Blue treated seed	441086	 250s9 500s15 1000s27 2500s58 5000s114 10000s218
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Superior select	433946	 1g14 10g107 100g834 1p8
Lavandula angustifolia Lady	65842	 15g76 25g93 50g180 100g353 1000g1722 1p9 20s11
Lavandula angustifolia Lavance Purple	458385	 1p15
Lavandula angustifolia Mini Blue Lavender	63448	 1p14 1000s152
Lavandula angustifolia Muffets Children dwarf compact	461187	 3g25 1p9
Lavandula angustifolia Munstead	4136	 1g9 2g8 5g10 10g13 15g80 25g24 50g41 100g76 250g176 500g342 1000g546 2000g1488 5
Lavandula angustifolia Pink Perfume	452177	 1g19 5g74 10g141 100g1109 1p10 3000s60 10000s199
Lavandula angustifolia Provence Blue	445011	 2g17 3g28 5g27 7g41 10g43 25g100 100g568 1000g1722 1p9 100s8
Lavandula angustifolia Rosea	40002	 1g19 10g141 100g1109 1p10 20s8
Lavandula angustifolia Vicenza Blue	552244	 1p9 1000s89
Lavandula angustifolia dwarf	448439	 2g9 5g10 10g16 15g23 20g28 25g33 1p4 1500s8
Lavandula angustifolia organic seed	451651	 1g8 1g9 10g29 25g52 50g98 100g189 250g580 500g1149 1000g1295 1p8
Lavandula angustifolia ssp pyrenaica	456040	 5g11 10g15 25g30 50g55
Lavandula cvs dwarf mixed	26889	 100s8
Lavandula dentata	23349	 1g36 10g287 1p13 100s11 1000s14 10000s24
Lavandula lanata	400551	 1p9 50s10 500s9 1000s11 2500s19 5000s32 10000s57 20000s111 50000s274 100000s544
Lavandula latifolia organic seed	550362	 1g13 10g81 100g555 1000g3860 1p8
Lavandula multifida	458923	 1g21 10g145 1p9 100s8 5000s45 10000s84 100000s802
Lavandula multifida Spanish Eyes	29988	 100g3104 1p9 250s12 500s22 1000s40 2500s87
Lavandula pedunculata	35498	 0g8 0g12 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g40 50g73 100g141 250g351 500g570 1000g1130 1p9
Lavandula pedunculata Fragrant Butterfly	444477	 1g80 10g572 1p10
Lavandula pedunculata ssp. atlantica	461607	 100s11 1000s17 10000s50
Lavandula stoechas	13817	 0g10 1g16 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g18 25g38 50g69 100g131 250g580 500g509 1000g1008 2500g
Lavandula stoechas Bandera Purple	550363	 1g169 1p20 100s15 250s31 500s58 1000s109
Lavandula stoechas Castiliano Violet	403172	 1g62 10g545 100g4868 1p15
Lavandula stoechas Purple Ribbon	457555	 10g27 25g59 50g102 100g202 1p13 1000s130 10000s652
Lavandula stoechas Sancho Panza	444549	 1000s31 2500s69 5000s136 10000s242 25000s601 50000s1199 100000s2395
Lavandula viridis	34236	 10g30 1p8 50s8
Ledebouria hypoxidioides	404710	 1p10
Ledebouria revoluta	83857	 1p10
Ledebouria zambesiaca	462429	 50s18 100s35 250s79
Leipoldtia jacobseniana	37508	 20s16
Leontochir ovallei	404623	 1g12 5g27 10g55 100g498
Leopoldia comosa	12596	 1g8 5g20 10g38 100g284 250g406
Lepidium meyenii	436485	 1p4 80s11 100s14 1000s19 10000s70
Lepismium lorentzianum	441340	 100s10
Leptocereus paniculatus	526840	 100s20 1000s42 10000s325
Leuchtenbergia principis Hipolito Coah. cit	435166	 100s24 1000s72 10000s560
Leucojum aestivum	28658	 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 100g99 1p6
Leucojum vernum	12585	 1g6 10g13 100g90 1p6
Lewisia brachycalyx	36277	 1g70 10g554 1p8
Lewisia columbiana v columbiana	51888	 1g79 10g700 1p19
Lewisia cotyledon Alba	76371	 0g10 0g18 1g105 10g829 1p8
Lewisia cotyledon Bridal Bouquet dwarf mix	437546	 1g139 1p19
Lewisia cotyledon Elise Ruby Red	76372	 1g427 1p23
Lewisia cotyledon Elise White	76374	 1g427 1p23
Lewisia cotyledon Elise mix	551964	 1g341 10g3185 1p23 50s16 100s29 250s65 500s57 1000s107
Lewisia cotyledon Praline Mix semi-double	76373	 1g139 1p21
Lewisia cotyledon Rainbow Hybs mix	76369	 1g92 10g777 100g6416 1p15
Lewisia cotyledon Sunset Strain mix	35269	 1g66 10g520 100g4137 1p12 75s8 100s10 250s21 500s38 1000s70 1500s26 3000s45 5000
Lewisia cotyledon hybrids mixed	38204	 1g40 10g313 100g2481 1p10
Lewisia cotyledon pink-orange	400118	 1g105 10g828 1p19
Lewisia cotyledon red-purple	76375	 1g105 10g828 1p19
Lewisia cotyledon v heckneri	73177	 1g79 10g623 1p14
Lewisia cotyledon yellow	77496	 1g105 10g828 1p19
Lewisia longipetala x Little Mango	551185	 1g105 10g884 1p19
Lewisia longipetala x Little Peach	442343	 1g105 10g884 1p19
Lewisia longipetala x Little Plum	408303	 1g105 10g884 1p19
Lewisia longipetala x Little Raspberry	462722	 1g105 10g884 1p19
Lewisia longipetala x Little Snowberry	77488	 1g105 10g884 1p19
Lewisia longipetala x Little Tutti Frutti mix	552381	 1g105 10g884 1p19
Lewisia nevadensis	27576	 0g9 0g12 0g18 1g41 1g29 2g52 10g416 100g3311 1p10
Lewisia pygmaea	31985	 0g11 0g16 0g25 1g40 1g43 2g80 4g126 10g313 100g2485 1p8
Lewisia rediviva	36342	 1g92 10g726 1p15
Lewisia tweedyi	68966	 0g15 0g27 1g62 10g477 1p9
Lewisia tweedyi Alba	455104	 1p23
Lewisia tweedyi Lovedream	76370	 1g92 10g820 100g7319 1p20
Lewisia tweedyi Rosea	68967	 10s12
Leymus arenarius	3851	 2g11 10g28 100g267 250g365
Liatris aspera	4147	 1g12 3g16 7g22 10g85 14g27 28g47 454g627 1p8 200s8
Liatris cylindracea	13831	 1g27 3g16 7g26 10g193 14g45 1p14 75s8
Liatris pycnostachya	30151	 1g8 3g14 7g18 10g24 14g26 28g38 56g71 454g481 1p8 150s8 200s8
Liatris scariosa	23091	 1g17 3g21 7g26 10g124 14g45 28g67 454g917 1p9 100s8
Liatris scariosa Alba	405078	 1g17 10g124 1p9
Liatris spicata	23093	 3g12 7g16 10g19 14g23 25g29 28g34 50g17 100g27 250g60 454g394 500g113 1000g170 5
Liatris spicata Alba	24082	 25g21 50g35 100g64 p4 1p4
Liatris spicata Floristan Violet	24081	 1g11 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g35 50g64 100g125 250g306 500g601 1000g1191 2500g2804 1p8
Liatris spicata Floristan White	13833	 1g11 10g72 25g35 50g64 100g125 250g306 500g601 1000g1191 2500g2804 1p8 500s12 10
Libertia Amazing Grace	408881	 1p8
Libertia Sunset Strain	462931	 1p10
Libertia caerulescens	85925	 0g9 1g18 1g12 3g27 1p8
Libertia formosa	83830	 1g17 5g65 10g124 100g955 1p9
Libertia grandiflora	12461	 0g8 0g9 1g12 1g11 2g16 4g25 5g26 10g46 100g735 1p8 100s16 1000s32
Libertia ixioides	12551	 1g15 10g102 100g802 1p8
Libertia peregrinans	12103	 1g27 10g262 100g2116 1p12
Libertia peregrinans Gold Stripe	432980	 1g34 1g25 10g261 100g2115 1p12
Ligustrum delavayanum	527263	 1p8
Ligustrum japonicum cs	402512	 25g21 28g33 113g67 250g99 454g170
Ligustrum lucidum cs	448003	 1000g177 50s8
Ligustrum lucidum db	400180	 1000g132
Ligustrum obtusifolium	31016	 25g27 250g127
Ligustrum quihoui	442393	 1p8
Ligustrum sinense	1587	 25g21 250g113
Ligustrum vulgare	1588	 1g6 6g8 10g10 25g15 100g32 250g72 500g155 1000g106 1p6
Ligustrum vulgare stratified seed	463376	 10g11 100g48 500g179 1000g348
Lilium Asiatic Hybrids mix select	80002	 10s8 20s12 50s23
Lilium Golden Splendour trumpet	79969	 10s8
Lilium World Lily Mix	443160	 1p13
Lilium bosniacum	527299	 1g15 10g107 100g826
Lilium bulbiferum ssp. croceum	12588	 1g15 20s10
Lilium canadense	72117	 1p9
Lilium candidum	36582	 20s10
Lilium columbianum	75131	 1p9
Lilium davidii	28813	 1p8
Lilium formosanum v pricei	403300	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p9
Lilium henryi	25197	 15s9 20s8
Lilium henryi Citrinum	463603	 5g32 12s9 25s8
Lilium kesselringianum	439103	 1g17 10g114 100g783 1p4 25s10
Lilium lancifolium	441087	 5bl12
Lilium lankongense	437559	 1p9
Lilium leichtlinii v. maximowiczii	551188	 1p9
Lilium leucanthum v centifolium	405905	 1p8
Lilium martagon	400091	 1g7 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g29 25g66 50g126 100g245 1000g1968 1p8
Lilium martagon Painted Ladies mixed	448780	 1g21 10g153 100g1213 1p17
Lilium martagon Wild Pink	460567	 25s9
Lilium martagon mix	434678	 20s8
Lilium martagon red form	460566	 1p9
Lilium martagon v album	12112	 1g15 1p8
Lilium michiganense	79725	 1g31 3g55 7g94 60s8
Lilium monadelphum	37205	 1p4 15s9
Lilium nepalense	12114	 1g19 10g127 1p10 15s12
Lilium pardalinum	12116	 1p9 25s9
Lilium philippinense	33848	 1g17 10g124 100g972 1p9 1000s40 100000s1715
Lilium pumilum	2374	 1p4
Lilium pyrenaicum	79729	 0g9 1g8 1g11 2g16 5g26 10g46 1p8 10s9
Lilium regale	24095	 1g12 10g89 1p8 25s8
Lilium regale Album	3689	 1p4
Lilium spp. and cvs. select mix	67612	 1p14 30s10
Lilium sulphureum	431973	 1p8
Lilium superbum	68077	 1p9
Lilium szovitsianum	47942	 1g14 10g98 100g697 20s8
Lilium wallichianum	403301	 1p10
Lilium wigginsii	79730	 1p9
Limonium bellidifolium	432369	 0g8 0g10 0g13 1g57 1g20 2g33 5g59 1p14
Limonium caspium Dazzling Blue (sp. name unresolved)	51008	 2g37 5g67 1p9 20000s50 25000s63 50000s121 100000s240 500000s1135
Limonium gmelinii c.s.	17854	 25g38 50g69
Limonium gmelinii ssp hungaricum	85633	 1g12 10g85 100g641 1p8
Limonium gougetianum	85634	 1g94 1p19
Limonium latifolium	4148	 1g18 10g36 25g83 100g783 1p8 40s8 20000s68 50000s166 100000s326 250000s775
Limonium longifolium	80224	 1p10 100s16
Limonium minutum hort.	85635	 1p4
Limonium perezii Atlantis c.s.	51009	 1g23 10g192 100g1711 1p12 1250s15 2500s23 5000s39 10000s77 25000s179 50000s337 1
Limonium perezii c.s.	4221	 1g23 2g18 5g30 10g53 100g1711 1p12 5000s39 10000s77
Limonium purpuratum	68523	 1p10
Limonium sinuatum American Beauty carmine rose	72327	 25g20 50g33 100g59
Limonium sinuatum Apricot Beauty	72328	 25g19 50g31 100g56 1000g663 1p8
Limonium sinuatum Apricot Shades	551048	 50g55 100g103 250g251 500g491 1000g689 2500g1315 10000g4021 25000g9557
Limonium sinuatum Art Shades Mixed	552180	 2g10 5g15 7g21 10g28 25g58 100s8
Limonium sinuatum Blue River	40657	 1g9 5g32 25g19 50g31 100g56
Limonium sinuatum Different Colour Mix	75007	 28g36 113g100 454g193
Limonium sinuatum Forever Blue c.s.	72321	 25g42 50g78 100g154 250g378 500g746 1000g1336
Limonium sinuatum Forever Gold c.s.	40658	 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g20 25g42 50g78 100g154 250g378 500g746 1000g1336 1p4
Limonium sinuatum Forever Mixed formula c.s.	72326	 25g42 50g78 100g154 250g378 500g746 1000g1366 2500g3309 1p9
Limonium sinuatum Forever Rose c.s.	72324	 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g20 25g42 50g78 100g154 250g378 500g746 1000g1336 1p4
Limonium sinuatum Forever Silver c.s.	72325	 10g46 25g42 50g78 100g154 250g378 500g746 1000g1336
Limonium sinuatum Fortress Dark Blue	550900	 1p4
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Dark Blue	452509	 50g55 100g103 250g251 500g491 1000g689 2500g1315 10000g4021 25000g9557
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Deep Rose	452510	 50g55 100g103 250g251 500g491 1000g689 2500g1315 10000g4021 25000g9557
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Mixed o p	452518	 50g41 100g76 250g183 500g356 1000g500 2500g579 10000g2102 25000g4988
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Pastel Shades Mix	452514	 50g55 100g103 250g251 500g491 1000g689 2500g1315 10000g4021 25000g9557
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Purple	452515	 50g55 100g103 250g251 500g491 1000g689 2500g1315 10000g4021 25000g9557
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Rose Red	452511	 50g55 100g103 250g251 500g491 1000g689 2500g1315 10000g4021 25000g9557
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Salmon Rose	452516	 50g55 100g103 250g251 500g491 1000g689 2500g1315 10000g4021 25000g9557
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Sky Blue	452512	 50g55 100g103 250g251 500g491 1000g689 2500g1315 10000g4021 25000g9557
Limonium sinuatum Fortune White	452517	 50g55 100g103 250g251 500g491 1000g689 2500g1315 10000g4021 25000g9557
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Yellow	452513	 50g55 100g103 250g251 500g491 1000g689 2500g1215 10000g4021 25000g9557
Limonium sinuatum Gold Coast	75006	 25g19 50g31 100g56 1000g663
Limonium sinuatum Heavenly Blue	75011	 25g19 50g31 100g56
Limonium sinuatum Iceberg	75010	 25g19 50g31 100g56 1000g663 1p8
Limonium sinuatum Kampfs Blue	452457	 25g27 50g47 100g88 250g215 500g420 1000g643
Limonium sinuatum Lavandin deep lavender	85335	 25g27 50g47 100g88 250g215 500g420 1000g643
Limonium sinuatum Midnight Blue	82805	 25g17 50g30 100g56
Limonium sinuatum Pacific mixed	30048	 10g24 25g18 50g30 100g54 250g138 500g266 1000g505 2500g1134 5000g1918 10000g3457
Limonium sinuatum Pacific sky blue	30043	 25g27 50g47 100g88 250g213 500g416 1000g645
Limonium sinuatum Pacific white	30044	 1p4
Limonium sinuatum Pastel Blue	460799	 1000s25 1500s32 3000s58 10000s190 100000s1630
Limonium sinuatum Pastel Shades	460798	 1000s27 1500s36 3000s65 10000s207 100000s1758
Limonium sinuatum Petit Bouquet Mix dwarf	40656	 25g21 50g35 100g64
Limonium sinuatum Purple Attraction	75012	 25g19 50g31 100g56 1p8
Limonium sinuatum Purple Monarch	452458	 25g27 50g47 100g88 250g215 500g420 1000g643
Limonium sinuatum QIS Apricot	51006	 500s9 1000s15 2500s34 5000s28 10000s50 20000s94 25000s274
Limonium sinuatum QIS Dark Blue	24097	 1p4 1000s10 2500s17 5000s28 10000s50 20000s94
Limonium sinuatum QIS Lavender	51007	 1p4 1000s10 2500s17 5000s28 10000s50 20000s94
Limonium sinuatum QIS Mix Soft Pastel Shades	40654	 1p4 500s9 1000s15 2500s32 5000s62
Limonium sinuatum QIS Mixed	66363	 1p4 1000s10 2500s17 5000s28 10000s50 20000s94 50000s231
Limonium sinuatum QIS Pale Blue	24098	 1p4 1000s10 2500s17 5000s28 10000s50 20000s94
Limonium sinuatum QIS Purple	463490	 500s9 1000s16 2500s34 5000s64 10000s121 25000s275
Limonium sinuatum QIS Rose	24099	 1p4 1000s10 5000s28 10000s50 20000s94
Limonium sinuatum QIS White	39733	 500s9 1000s16 5000s28 10000s50 20000s94
Limonium sinuatum QIS Yellow	24101	 500s9 1000s16 5000s28 10000s50 20000s94
Limonium sinuatum Rosea Superba	438210	 25g27 50g47 100g88 250g215 500g420 1000g643
Limonium sinuatum Roselight	75013	 25g19 50g31 100g56 1p8
Limonium sinuatum Seeker Blue	47734	 10g21 25g44
Limonium sinuatum Seeker Light Yellow	47738	 10g21 25g44
Limonium sinuatum Seeker Mixture	47733	 10g21 25g44
Limonium sinuatum Seeker Pastel Blue	47735	 10g21 25g44
Limonium sinuatum Seeker Purple	47736	 10g21 25g44
Limonium sinuatum Seeker Rose Shades	47737	 10g21 25g44
Limonium sinuatum Seeker White	47739	 10g21 25g44
Limonium sinuatum Seeker Yellow	47740	 10g21 25g44
Limonium sinuatum Standard Mix o.p.	438212	 2g10 5g16 7g22 10g29 25g59
Limonium sinuatum Sunset Mixed	40655	 1p8
Limonium sinuatum Supreme Mixture formula c.s.	444997	 2g10 5g16 7g23 10g30 25g63
Limonium sinuatum Twilight lilac-lavender	75014	 25g19 50g31 100g56
Limonium sp. unident. Blue Diamond	432371	 1g53 1p14
Limonium vulgare	451605	 1g21 10g154 100g1212 1p11
Liriope Majestic d.b.	79977	 10000s1162 50000s5830
Liriope muscari	12593	 1g8 5g25 10g19 100g129 1p9 1000s130 10000s2765 50000s13360
Liriope muscari Big Blue	432374	 1g8 10g19 100g129 1p9
Liriope muscari Gigantea b.s.	74129	 1000s94 10000s1209
Lithophragma parviflorum	527630	 1000s10
Lithops aucampiae	20142	 1p10
Lithops aucampiae Danielskuil	460256	 1p10
Lithops aucampiae v. aucampiae	449404	 1p10
Lithops aucampiae v. koelemanii	19388	 1p4 100s10
Lithops bromfieldii C 279	444110	 100s15
Lithops bromfieldii C 368	444112	 100s10
Lithops bromfieldii mix	458630	 1p10
Lithops bromfieldii v insularis	19391	 1p10
Lithops bromfieldii v insularis Sulphurea	550975	 1p10
Lithops bromfieldii v insularis Sulphurea C362	73596	 1p4
Lithops bromfieldii v mennellii name unresolved	19392	 1p10 100s10
Lithops bromfieldii v. bromfieldii	446348	 1p10
Lithops bromfieldii v. glaudinae C 116 TL	19397	 1p10 100s10
Lithops comptonii v. comptonii	20165	 100s10
Lithops dinteri ssp. multipunctata C 181 TL	19619	 1p4
Lithops dinteri v. brevis	20167	 1p10
Lithops dinteri v. frederici	400362	 1p4 100s10
Lithops divergens e. Bitterfontein	26005	 100s10
Lithops divergens v. divergens	449513	 1p10
Lithops dorotheae	19626	 1p10
Lithops fulviceps C 170	20196	 1p4
Lithops fulviceps v. karasburg	20191	 1p10
Lithops fulviceps v. lactinea	19399	 1p10
Lithops gesinae v. annae C 078 TL (name unresolved)	19625	 100s23
Lithops geyeri	68917	 1p9 100s10
Lithops hallii grey form	20204	 100s10
Lithops hallii mixed forms	435142	 1p10
Lithops hallii v. ochracea	400399	 100s10
Lithops helmutii n. Steinkopf	441601	 100s10
Lithops helmutii v. helmutii	20217	 100s10
Lithops hermetica	441595	 100s10
Lithops herrei	439372	 1p10
Lithops hookeri	73599	 1p10
Lithops hookeri mixed forms	454750	 1p10
Lithops hookeri v. hookeri	446349	 1p10
Lithops hookeri v. hookeri Vermiculata	19425	 1p10
Lithops hookeri v. lutea	19427	 1p10
Lithops hookeri v. marginata	19646	 1p10
Lithops hookeri v. subfenestrata	550977	 100s11 1000s47
Lithops hookeri v. susannae	19647	 1p10
Lithops julii Warmbad	76678	 100s10
Lithops julii ssp julii fa littlewoodii C218	400401	 1p10
Lithops julii ssp. fulleri C 056	73625	 100s15
Lithops julii ssp. fulleri v. brunnea C 179 TL	73597	 100s15
Lithops julii ssp. julii	20229	 1p10
Lithops karasmontana	20232	 1p10
Lithops karasmontana Signalberg	20244	 1p10
Lithops karasmontana ssp eberlanzii fa erniana	19395	 100s10
Lithops karasmontana ssp. bella	19667	 1p10 25s8
Lithops karasmontana v lerichiana	444153	 1p10
Lithops karasmontana v. tischerii	19629	 1p10
Lithops lesliei Pietersburg form	449529	 1p10
Lithops lesliei albinica form C 036A	19418	 1p10
Lithops lesliei ssp burchellii	26024	 100s10
Lithops lesliei v hornii	20262	 1p10
Lithops lesliei v. minor	19631	 1p10
Lithops lesliei v. venteri	19417	 1p10
Lithops lesliei v. venteri Ventersdorp form	449530	 1p9
Lithops lesliei v. venteri Warrenton form	20274	 100s10
Lithops marmorata Framesii	73664	 1p10 100s22 1000s86
Lithops marmorata v. elisae	20291	 1p10
Lithops meyeri	19412	 1p10
Lithops otzeniana C 128 TL	73652	 20s5
Lithops pseudotruncatella mixed forms	435125	 1p10
Lithops salicola	19423	 1p10
Lithops schwantesii ssp. schwantesii C 143B	460260	 1p10
Lithops schwantesii v. triebneri	400364	 1p10
Lithops spp. mix	26587	 1p10 100s22 1000s134
Lithops villetii ssp deboeri	400415	 1p10
Lloydia serotina	12375	 0g47 1g38 1p12
Lobivia pygmaea	26338	 1p4
Lophocereus schottii	8958	 1000s79
Lophophora williamsii	10746	 1p4 100s24 1000s87 10000s595
Loxocarya cinerea	439490	 1g19 5g87 10g169 25g415 100g1647 1000g13618
Lycianthes crassipetala (name unresolved)	542167	 100s25 1000s90
Lycianthes lenta	528537	 100s36 1000s211
Lycianthes moziniana	528539	 100s173 1000s1277
Lycianthes multiflora	542409	 100s25 1000s69
Lycianthes pauciflora	528540	 100s27 1000s112
Lycianthes sp. unident. Jellybean	528536	 100s36 1000s211
Lycianthes sp. unident. Salina	464202	 100s25
Lycium afrum	451607	 1p10 100s15 1000s215
Lycium barbarum c.s. organic seed	552280	 1g30 10g210 100g1556 1p16
Lycium barbarum large leaved form	47967	 20s10
Lycium brevipes	528547	 100s27 1000s118
Lycium chinense c.s.	551413	 10g14 25g24 28g33 112g72 1000g388 1p17 100s8
Lycium cinereum	430424	 100s29 1000s215
Lycium exsertum	75728	 28g26 100s8
Lycium ferocissimum	29392	 1p10 100s16 1000s209
Lycium horridum	528551	 1p10 100s15
Lycium oxyrocarpum	528553	 1p9
Lycium ruthenicum	528554	 1g10 10g62 100g409 1p4
Lycopersicon esculentum Abraham Lincoln	463409	 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Ace 55 VF	47016	 50g49 250g85 500g160 1000g226 2500g422 10000g1253 25000g2838 1p9
Lycopersicon esculentum Ace 55 VF organic seed	460756	 50g105 100g207 250g513 500g1015 1000g1423 2500g1118
Lycopersicon esculentum Ailsa Craig	40435	 1g8 2g13 2g16 3g19 5g27 10g49 15g71 25g109 1p8 10000s91 20000s178
Lycopersicon esculentum Alicante	40434	 1g8 2g13 2g16 3g19 5g27 10g29 15g70 25g106 1p4 10000s90 20000s177
Lycopersicon esculentum Amateur	40433	 1g9 2g15 3g21 5g31 10g57 1p8
Lycopersicon esculentum Ananas	552344	 1g26 5g101 25g399
Lycopersicon esculentum Arancia	462980	 100g108 250g264 500g518 1000g727 2500g1388
Lycopersicon esculentum Balconi Red	456842	 1p8 100s13 250s28 500s49 1000s63 2000s125 2500s192
Lycopersicon esculentum Balconi Yellow	456843	 1s13 100s13 250s28 500s49 1000s63 2000s125 2500s192
Lycopersicon esculentum Banana Legs	457110	 100g95 250g231 1p4
Lycopersicon esculentum Beefsteak	551282	 250g127 500g240 1000g340 2500g626 10000g1629 25000g4182 1p8
Lycopersicon esculentum Beefsteak White	551283	 50g86 100g170 250g419 500g827 1000g1159
Lycopersicon esculentum Berry Brown	457118	 50g72 100g140 250g343 500g676 1000g1222 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Berry Brown cherry	438248	 50g70 100g134 250g329 500g648 1000g1160 20s8 50s9 100s14 250s30 500s52
Lycopersicon esculentum Berry Orange cherry	552013	 1g20 2g24 5g30 10g43 25g87 50g72 100g140 250g343 500g676 1000g1222 50s9 100s14 2
Lycopersicon esculentum Berry Snow cherry	552015	 1g20 2g24 5g30 10g43 25g39 50g72 100g140 250g343 500g676 1000g1222 1p4 50s9 100s
Lycopersicon esculentum Black Cherry	457112	 10g26 50g92 100g159 250g327 500g588 1000g1063 1p8 15s8 50s17 100s29 250s62 500s1
Lycopersicon esculentum Black Krim	457114	 1p4
Lycopersicon esculentum Black Opal	462636	 100s15 200s26 250s32 300s39 500s52 1000s96
Lycopersicon esculentum Black Russian	456844	 1g8 2g13 3g19 5g27 10g50 1p8 10000s91 20000s178
Lycopersicon esculentum Black from Tula	457113	 15s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Bloody Butcher	438252	 0g9 50g72 100g140 250g343 500g676 1000g1222 50s9 100s14 250s30 500s52
Lycopersicon esculentum Blue Bayou	553742	 1p9
Lycopersicon esculentum Blue Ridge Mountain	453096	 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Brads Black Heart	459632	 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Brandywine Pink Improved	438245	 1g19 5g83 25g405 50g72 100g140 250g343 500g676 1000g1222
Lycopersicon esculentum Brandywine Red	438262	 10g41 50g182 100g331 250g768 500g1418 1p8 15s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Brandywine Yellow	448665	 50g59 100g116 250g284 500g558 1000g783 10s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Cal - J	47024	 50g49 100g73 250g129 500g171 1000g290 1p9
Lycopersicon esculentum Cereza Amarilla	452658	 100g70 250g170 500g550 1000g463 2500g880 10000g2667
Lycopersicon esculentum Cerise organic seed	46995	 100g527 250g756 500g1500 1000g2073
Lycopersicon esculentum Cherry Falls	552218	 100s12 250s24 500s43 1000s74
Lycopersicon esculentum Christmas Grapes	438249	 50g72 100g140 250g343 500g676 1000g1222 20s8 50s9 100s14 250s30 500s52
Lycopersicon esculentum Cornue des Andes	459956	 1g22 5g86 25g346
Lycopersicon esculentum Costoluto Florentino	553497	 1p8
Lycopersicon esculentum Costoluto Genovese	84877	 10g17 50g56 100g86 250g157 500g257 1000g461 1p10
Lycopersicon esculentum Couilles de Taureau	438260	 10s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Craigella	462074	 1g8 2g13 3g19 5g27 10g49
Lycopersicon esculentum Cream Sausage	457123	 50g79 100g140 250g343 500g676 1000g1222 30s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Delicious	459612	 10s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Druzba	461006	 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum First in the Field	40432	 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Floradade	47025	 50g49 100g73 250g129 500g171 1000g290 1p9
Lycopersicon esculentum Gardeners Delight	40427	 1g10 2g20 5g35 10g65 15g93 25g145 100g327 250g141 500g272 1000g379 2500g723 1p8
Lycopersicon esculentum German Red Strawberry	445966	 10s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Gigante Liscio new selection	84876	 1p4 200s10 250s13 500s19 1000s34 2500s75 5000s133 10000s237
Lycopersicon esculentum Gold Nugget	461515	 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Golden Crown	84879	 15s9 250s13 500s22 750s33 1000s42 2500s92
Lycopersicon esculentum Golden Queen	448578	 0g8 100g73 250g177 500g343 1000g482 2500g916 10000g2780
Lycopersicon esculentum Golden Sunrise	40431	 1g10 2g17 2g23 3g25 5g36 10g66 15g109 25g170 1p8
Lycopersicon esculentum Goldrush Currant	457128	 30s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Gourmandise Red	452371	 1000s55 2500s137 5000s272
Lycopersicon esculentum Gourmandise Yellow	459618	 1000s55 2500s137 5000s272
Lycopersicon esculentum Green Sausage	457129	 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Green Zebra	457130	 1g20 5g81 25g346 1p8 15s8 100s11 500s33 1000s50 2500s101 5000s186
Lycopersicon esculentum Homestead	551258	 50g86 100g170 250g419 500g827 1000g1159 2500g2222
Lycopersicon esculentum Honey Bubbles	553500	 10s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Ildi small yellow profuse	452368	 2g20 5g35 10g65 25g145 30s8 500s19 1000s31 1500s47 2000s59 3000s68 5000s111 1000
Lycopersicon esculentum Indian Moon	457132	 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Indigo Apple	463410	 10s9
Lycopersicon esculentum Indigo Blue Berries	462631	 10s10 50s19 100s33 250s69 500s126 1000s344
Lycopersicon esculentum Indigo Rose	553502	 10s10 1000s174 2500s433 5000s864
Lycopersicon esculentum Japanese Black Trifele	457133	 15s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Koralik	461008	 20s8 100s18 200s30 300s44 500s66 1000s123 2500s325 5000s649
Lycopersicon esculentum Liguria	431579	 1000s163
Lycopersicon esculentum Long Tom	463411	 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Marmande Super	39479	 1g8 2g17 5g30 10g54 15g79 25g113
Lycopersicon esculentum Marmande VR	552173	 1g10 2g17 3g25 5g37 10g68 250g85 500g160 1000g214 2500g505 10000g1183 25000g2569
Lycopersicon esculentum Marmande VR organic seed	462979	 100g267 250g661 500g1311 1000g2095
Lycopersicon esculentum Maskotka	453644	 2g8 10s8 100s12 250s24 500s42 1000s74 2500s175
Lycopersicon esculentum Matina organic seed	448317	 1g11 2g22 2g23 3g33 5g41 10g76 15g109 25g170 100g684 250g1703 500g3396 1000g5430
Lycopersicon esculentum Micro Cherry	454935	 1p11 5000s228 10000s414 25000s1032
Lycopersicon esculentum Micro Tom	440056	 10s8 50s10 100s17 250s36 500s62 1000s109
Lycopersicon esculentum Microcherry	551262	 20s10
Lycopersicon esculentum Miel de la Mexique cherry	553506	 10s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Minibel ornamental - edible	76818	 2g8 5g10 10g13 1p8
Lycopersicon esculentum Moneymaker	40429	 1g8 2g13 2g17 3g19 5g27 10g49 25g101 250g83 500g156 1000g214 2500g408 10000g1183
Lycopersicon esculentum Moneymaker organic seed	451170	 1g9 2g18 5g32 10g59 15g85 25g131 1p8
Lycopersicon esculentum Noire de Crimee	441919	 0g8 1g22 5g86 25g346 1p9 100s13 500s39 1000s55 2500s122 5000s219
Lycopersicon esculentum Orange Ray	463306	 10000s91 20000s178
Lycopersicon esculentum Oxheart Giant - Cuore di Bue	431580	 5g22 10g17 25g46 50g59 100g34 250g78 500g202 1000g282 2500g626 10000g1929 25000g
Lycopersicon esculentum Oxheart Orange	457142	 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Patio Plum	550389	 10s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Pear Red	441893	 1g20 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g265 50g70 100g116 250g208 500g367 1000g568 2500g1120 1p11
Lycopersicon esculentum Pear Yellow organic seed	46994	 100g267 250g661 500g1311 1000g2095
Lycopersicon esculentum Peardrops	462075	 25s62 50s12 75s18 100s22 250s47
Lycopersicon esculentum Red Alert bush	40425	 100s11 200s18 250s22 300s27 500s39 1000s68
Lycopersicon esculentum Red Brandywine	457158	 1p8
Lycopersicon esculentum Red Cherry larger fruit	550390	 250g127 500g244 1000g340 2500g648 10000g1963 25000g4450
Lycopersicon esculentum Red Cherry smaller fruited	448579	 250g132 500g258 1000g359 2500g685 10000g2080 25000g4719
Lycopersicon esculentum Red Cherry smaller fruited organic seed	457168	 25g69 50g135 100g267 250g661 500g1311 1000g2095
Lycopersicon esculentum Red Pear	459623	 100g89 250g217 500g424 1000g595 2500g1134
Lycopersicon esculentum Rosella	553744	 50s8 100s13 150s19 200s24 259s32 500s51 1000s98
Lycopersicon esculentum Ruby Falls	452367	 100s15 250s32 500s56 1000s98
Lycopersicon esculentum San Marzano 2	67638	 1g8 2g15 2g16 3g21 5g28 10g52 15g74 25g115 250g85 500g160 1000g224 2500g422 1000
Lycopersicon esculentum San Marzano Lampadina 2	84883	 50g46 100g73 250g125 500g210 1000g375 1p9
Lycopersicon esculentum Stonors Exhibition	462085	 25s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Striped Stuffer	438259	 1g20 2g24 5g30 10g43 25g87 50g72 100g140 250g343 500g676 1000g1222 50s9 100s14 2
Lycopersicon esculentum Stupice	550392	 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Sun Baby yellow cherry	84433	 1p4 15s9 100s14 250s30 500s53 1000s86
Lycopersicon esculentum Sun Belle yellow miniplum	84432	 100s13 250s28 500s49 1000s86
Lycopersicon esculentum Super-Roma VF	84882	 50g49 100g73 250g129 500g171 1000g289 1p9
Lycopersicon esculentum Supersteak bifteck	452656	 10g70 25g173 50g344 100g686 250g1709 500g2977 1000g5450
Lycopersicon esculentum Sweet Aperitif	462630	 50s8 100s12 150s18 250s26 500s48 1000s86
Lycopersicon esculentum Sweet n Neat Cherrie Kisses	461000	 50s11 100s19 250s39 500s69
Lycopersicon esculentum Sweet n Neat Lemon Sherbert	461001	 50s11 100s19 250s39 500s69
Lycopersicon esculentum Sweetie cherry	76819	 100g105 250g257 500g504 1000g708 2500g1352
Lycopersicon esculentum Sweetie organic seed	552010	 100s9 250s14 500s23 750s34 1000s43 2500s138 5000s96
Lycopersicon esculentum Tigerella striped tom.	3236	 1g9 2g16 2g23 3g23 5g33 10g61 15g99 25g155 250g141 500g272 1000g379 2500g723 100
Lycopersicon esculentum Tiny Tim	76834	 1g11 2g19 2g25 3g28 5g41 10g75 50g87 100g172 250g425 500g839 1000g966 2500g1658
Lycopersicon esculentum Tiny Tommy miniature	449053	 5000s135 10000s239 25000s591
Lycopersicon esculentum Tumbling Tom Red patio pot	440054	 15s9 20s8 100s13 200s23 250s28 300s34 400s43 500s49 1000s86
Lycopersicon esculentum Tumbling Tom Yellow patio pot	440055	 1p8 20s8 100s13 200s23 250s28 300s34 400s43 500s49 1000s86
Lycopersicon esculentum Vintage Wine	438247	 50g71 100g140 250g343 500g676 1000g1222 20s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Yellow Pear	67639	 1g7 2g13 3g18 5g26 10g48 250g99 500g188 1000g263 2500g497 10000g1490 25000g3376
Lycopersicon esculentum Yellow Perfection organic	448664	 1g10 2g18 3g26 5g38 10g70
Lycopersicon esculentum Zebra Red Improved	438256	 2g24 5g30 10g43 25g87 50g72 100g140 250g343 500g676 1000g1222
Lycopersicon esculentum Zlatava	457160	 50s10 100s17 250s36 500s62
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Akron	462072	 50s12 100s20 250s43 500s76 1000s188
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Albenga	459776	 50s859 100s17 250s36 500s62
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Alexa	459777	 25s8 100s24 500s109 1000s207
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Apero	76821	 6s9 25s12 50s19 100s32 500s137 1000s249
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Arancino	67635	 25s18 50s31 100s51 500s225 1000s410
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Balconi Red cherry	453641	 100s13 250s28 500s49 1000s86
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Balconi Yellow cherry	453642	 100s13 250s28 500s49 1000s86
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Beefmaster giant	440652	 0g9 1g23 2g37 3g54 5g75 10g138 50g698 100g1266 250g2886 500g5234 1p19
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Big Boy	76824	 100s15 250s32 500s56 1000s98
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Big Green	459779	 50s20 100s35 250s77 500s137
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Big Red	459778	 50s14 100s24 250s51 500s89
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Big Rio 2000	441924	 3g39 10g110 50g500 100g922 250g2090 500g3783 1p18
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Bocati	441915	 1000s238
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Bombero	551279	 5g110 10g219
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Bottondoro	552009	 25s10 100s31 500s141 1000s267
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Brandy Boy	452370	 100s1946 250s45 500s79 1000s142
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Carson pick in trusses	47034	 1p21 50s51 100s92 500s410 1000s754 2500s1787
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Celebration	462982	 100g568 250g1413 500g2816 1000g4503
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Cherrola	457593	 50s10 100s17 150s26 200s34 250s36 500s62 1000s134
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Estamino rootstock	462638	 25s29 50s45 75s67 100s86 250s170
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Estamino rootstock for grafting	462076	 25s24 50s37 75s55 100s71 250s140
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Fandango amateur	452657	 1000s174
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Fandango pro. sel.	463665	 1000s281
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Ferline	553498	 1g31 5g119 25g470 12s9 20s10 50s13 100s22 250s47 500s83
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Flamingo	551280	 10s9
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Gold Star	461471	 1p18 50s25 100s41 500s174 1000s333 2500s787
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Golden Grape	459784	 25s7 100s22 500s97 1000s183
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Golden Shine	448324	 50s16 100s27 250s58 500s103
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Golden Sweet	448311	 50s23 100s41 250s89 500s157
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Grande	459783	 50s9 100s14 250s30 500s52
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Heartbreakers Vita	552011	 50s25 100s44 250s96 500s171 1000s206
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Heinz 3402	462632	 50s10 100s17 250s36 500s62
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Hobby	47028	 3g50 10g134 50g597 100g1086 250g2467 500g4471 1p18
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Indalo	551455	 1p18 100s29 500s83 1000s152 2500s359 5000s681
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Massaro	47035	 3g56 10g149 50g698 100g1331 250g3155 1p18
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Mountain Magic	438960	 50s26 100s46 250s100 500s177
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Premio	445123	 1000s260
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Protector rootstock	448314	 50s36 100s63 250s138 500s245
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Pyros	448576	 100s31 250s60 1000s152
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Pyros pro.	441916	 1000s260
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Raspberry Ruffles	462637	 25s9 50s14 75s20 100s26 250s50
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Ravello	551281	 10s9 1000s378
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Red Zebra	453640	 100s12 250s24 500s42 1000s74
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Rosella	461472	 12s10
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Sandor	47029	 3g50 10g134 50g597 100g1086 250g2467 500g4471 1p18
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Santonio	84425	 6s9 25s110 50s19 75s28 100s35 250s69
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Ship Saint	453637	 50s21 100s37 250s81 500s144
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Shirley exhibition	76830	 50s16 100s27 200s43 250s58 300s63 500s88 1000s161
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Slalom	452369	 1p18 100s29 500s84 1000s152 2500s364 5000s681
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Sparta	448320	 50s19 100s29 150s43 200s55 250s73 300s73 500s130
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Submarine rootstock	448325	 50s23 100s41 250s89 500s157
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Super Sarno	441922	 1p13 100s18 500s61 1000s110 2500s248
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Supersweet 100	40426	 10g197 1p4 50s17 100s32 150s80 250s48 500s123 1000s150
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Sweet 100	79420	 100s25 250s48 1000s150
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Sweet Million	445116	 50s17 100s26 200s34 250s57 300s68 500s87 1000s150
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Sweet Olive	451171	 6s9 50s27 100s47 250s104 500s184
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Tasha	462073	 50s24 100s45 250s105 500s198 1000s369
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Terenzo	553400	 50s18 100s30 250s66 500s116
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Tigris	460994	 25s46 100s162 500s759 1000s1445
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Tigro	460995	 25s24 100s84 500s388 1000s738
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Tomatoberry	440049	 8s10 50s28 100s49 250s108 500s192
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Trilly mini San Marzano	403543	 50s24 100s42 250s92 500s163
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Tropical Ruby	459780	 50s18 100s30 250s66 500s116
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Tumbler	40422	 1p8 50s13 100s22 200s42 250s47 300s62 500s83 1000s156
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Velocity	457327	 50s28 100s49 250s108 500s191
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Yellow Grapes	551284	 50g86 100g170 250g419 500g827 1000g1159
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Yellow River	441921	 100s26 250s51 1000s196
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Zebedee mini plum	76828	 25s8 100s26 500s119 1000s224
Lycopersicon esculentum f1 Zucchero	459772	 50s15 100s25 250s55 500s97
Lycopus americanus	26614	 3g14 7g18 14g26 28g38 454g481 1000s8
Lycopus europaeus organic seed	550394	 1g8 10g45 100g352
Lysichiton americanus	4998	 0g16 1p10
Lysichiton camtschatcensis	40291	 0g16 1g10 10g44 1p6
Lysimachia ciliata	3709	 0g37 1g17 10g485 1p4 100s8
Lysimachia thyrsiflora hort.	83758	 100s7
Machairophyllum albidum	19703	 1p10
Magnolia acuminata c.s.	400762	 10g22 28g45 113g123 250g225 454g236
Magnolia acuminata v subcordata	402875	 28g138
Magnolia campbellii	404223	 100s43 1000s181
Magnolia cathcartii	528888	 100s24 1000s104
Magnolia cylindrica	401714	 5g47 250g1037
Magnolia delavayi	435252	 10g23 250g225 1020g227 2020g374 4020g625
Magnolia denudata c.s.	24564	 10g13 25g22 28g24 113g66 250g147 454g129 1000g319
Magnolia grandiflora c.s.	1632	 25g30 28g27 113g73 250g183 454g143 500g113 1000g217 2000g335 4000g527 1p17 100s2
Magnolia hypoleuca	1634	 5g45 250g975
Magnolia kobus c.s.	1635	 10g21 28g52 100g94 113g145 250g267 454g275 1000g715
Magnolia liliiflora c.s.	38293	 10g16 25g25 28g25 113g67 250g147 454g132 1000g574 1000s245
Magnolia macclurei	530106	 520g163 1020g256 2020g394 4020g645
Magnolia macrophylla	1636	 10g23 28g42 113g115 250g267 454g331
Magnolia officinalis organic seed	28864	 250g57 500g108 1000g207 2000g316 4000g508
Magnolia pterocarpa	528902	 100s28 1000s83
Magnolia sieboldii c.s.	35572	 10g17 28g36 113g98 250g173 454g189 1p4
Magnolia soulangeana	1639	 10g11 28g34 100g53 113g93 250g225 454g180 1000g383 7s12
Magnolia tripetala c.s.	3101	 10g24 28g43 113g119 250g278 454g228
Magnolia virginiana c.s.	1643	 10g27 28g48 113g132 250g330 454g252
Maianthemum bifolium	12594	 1g4 5g11 10g12 1p4
Maianthemum dilatatum	458789	 1g16 5g36 25s8
Maianthemum racemosum c.s.	4582	 1g8 1g8 2g9 3g13 5g11 7g17 10g15 14g24 28g38 100g163 454g481 1p12
Maianthemum racemosum d.b.	459648	 1p4
Maianthemum stellatum	23213	 1g8 3g65 10g55 100g396 1p27 15s8
Maihueniopsis bolivianum	553371	 100s15 1000s27 10000s188
Maihueniopsis colorea	78610	 100s48 1000s348
Maihueniopsis glomerata prov. Chile	456953	 100s15 1000s27 10000s188
Maireana amoena	407585	 25g17 100g55 1000g226
Maireana aphylla	1668	 25g17 100g55 1000g196
Maireana appressa	400602	 25g17 100g56 1000g295
Maireana astrotricha b.s.	33881	 25g17 100g56 1000g295
Maireana atkinsiana	33883	 25g17 100g55 1000g271
Maireana brevifolia	16224	 10g21 25g17 100g55 250g125 1000g286
Maireana campanulata	439492	 25g17 100g55 1000g204
Maireana carnosa	67619	 25g17 100g55 1000g196
Maireana convexa	67621	 25g17 100g56 1000g310
Maireana georgei	29721	 25g17 100g55 250g123 1000g204
Maireana melanocoma	400985	 25g17 100g55 1000g347
Maireana pentatropis	67625	 25g17 100g55 1000g280
Maireana planifolia	75471	 25g17 100g55 1000g241
Maireana platycarpa	38128	 25g17 100g55 1000g241
Maireana polypterygia	16225	 25g17 100g55 1000g211
Maireana pyramidata	29722	 25g17 100g55 1000g234
Maireana sedifolia	406031	 25g17 100g56 1000g295
Maireana tomentosa	38129	 25g17 100g55 1000g295
Maireana trichoptera	406030	 25g17 100g55 1000g196
Maireana triptera b.s.	67627	 25g17 100g55 1000g194
Maireana villosa	407584	 25g17 100g55 1000g211
Malephora crocea	80910	 1p10 100s15 1000s28
Malephora lutea	80913	 1p10
Mammillaria albicans ssp. fraileana s. La Paz	441199	 1p4
Mammillaria albiflora	10872	 1p4 50s10
Mammillaria baumii	443581	 100s20
Mammillaria beneckei	553315	 100s38
Mammillaria blossfeldiana	10772	 1p4
Mammillaria brandegeei	10779	 100s11 1000s23 10000s155
Mammillaria capensis	10784	 100s20 1000s42
Mammillaria carmenae	401259	 1p4
Mammillaria carnea	9023	 100s13 1000s19 10000s64
Mammillaria chionocephala	9031	 100s11 1000s23 10000s167
Mammillaria coahuilensis ssp. albiarmata	8966	 100s20
Mammillaria crucigera ssp. tlalocii	441209	 100s24 1000s72
Mammillaria decipiens	9045	 1000s25 10000s178
Mammillaria decipiens ssp. camptotricha v. albescens	449837	 100s13 1000s25 10000s178
Mammillaria duwei	9057	 1p4
Mammillaria goodridgei	10845	 100s20
Mammillaria halbingeri Yellow Flower (name unresolved)	464231	 100s13
Mammillaria hernandezii	441291	 1p4
Mammillaria huitzilopochtli	9119	 1000s51
Mammillaria huitzilopochtli ssp. louisae	459102	 100s20 1000s38
Mammillaria insularis	10887	 100s20 1000s42
Mammillaria magallanii	553349	 100s24 1000s72
Mammillaria marksiana	9157	 10000s154
Mammillaria nazasensis (name unresolved)	529087	 100s20 1000s51
Mammillaria pectinifera EU only	10997	 1p4 100s9
Mammillaria peninsularis	400039	 10000s212
Mammillaria petrophila	9206	 100s11 1000s23 10000s175
Mammillaria picta	441320	 100s20
Mammillaria picta ssp. viereckii	553358	 100s18 1000s44
Mammillaria schiediana ssp. giselae	446847	 100s26
Mammillaria sheldonii	26399	 100s15 1000s25 10000s135
Mammillaria solisioides EU only	446817	 100s28 1000s193
Mammillaria spinosissima Super Rubriflora	11074	 1p4
Mammillaria spinosissima ssp. pilcayensis	921	 100s20 1000s38
Mammillaria spp. mix	29963	 1p4
Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya	404146	 100s15 10000s264
Mammillaria tayloriorum	401274	 100s15
Mammillaria tetrancistra	11082	 100s24
Mammillaria verhaertiana	446827	 10000s212
Mandragora autumnalis	66333	 1g79 10g606 100g4825 1p23 10s15 30s25
Mandragora officinarum	26615	 0g12 1g27 2g54 5g110 10g377 25g936 50g1865 100g3724
Manfreda maculosa	443421	 10s10
Manfreda scabra	77629	 100s27 1000s134
Marsilea vestita	529324	 1p9
Massonia citrina	440573	 1p10
Massonia depressa	12126	 1p10 100s14
Massonia echinata	82183	 10s10
Massonia echinata aff.	448950	 10s10
Massonia longipes	444394	 1p10 100s14
Massonia pustulata	12725	 1p10 100s16
Matucana madisoniorum	9293	 100s20
Melanthium virginicum	71437	 3g28 7g40 14g66 28g105 85s8
Melasphaerula ramosa	12127	 1p10 100s15
Melocactus curvispinus ssp. curvispinus	11164	 1p4
Melocactus neryi	9345	 1p4 1000s34 10000s216
Melocactus violaceus	443723	 25s8
Menyanthes trifoliata	63456	 0g22 1g12 10g84 1p6
Merremia dissecta	439967	 1p10
Mertensia virginica	79980	 1g53 10g416 1p23 90s8
Merwilla plumbea short form	450382	 1p10 100s13 1000s69
Merwilla plumbea taller form	553416	 1p10
Mesembryanthemum Harlequin	453448	 5g11 10g18 15g27 25g38 50g68
Mesembryanthemum Magic Carpet Mixed	72446	 5g8 10g14 15g20 25g28 50g49 1000s8
Mesembryanthemum barklyi	86289	 1p10 100s13
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum	26828	 1g4 5g16 10g25 25g55 50g104 100g202 250g499 500g988 1000g1385
Mesembryanthemum digitatum	19267	 1p9 100s15
Mesembryanthemum excavatum	552670	 1p10 100s16
Mesembryanthemum guerichianum	1968	 1p10
Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum	39889	 1p10
Mesembryanthemum parviflorum	530019	 1p10
Mesembryanthemum splendens	460132	 1p10
Mestoklema macrorhizum	430134	 100s26
Micranthocereus auriazureus	26717	 25s8
Micranthocereus polyanthus	26719	 25s8
Micranthus alopecuroides	400596	 1p10
Micranthus plantagineus	68786	 1p9
Microlepia speluncae	430975	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Microlepia strigosa	450341	 1g73 1p4
Mimulus guttatus	4186	 1g27 2g25 10g213 1p10
Miqueliopuntia miquelii	456959	 1p9
Mirabilis jalapa Bicolors Mixed	441034	 250g31 500g55
Mirabilis jalapa Broken Colours Mix	438289	 250g31 500g55 1000g104 2500g230 5000g429 10000g808
Mirabilis jalapa California Wild Magenta	458823	 28g20 25s8
Mirabilis jalapa Custard and Cream	438285	 500g43 1000g77 2000g146 5000g324 10000g571
Mirabilis jalapa Limelight rose	438287	 500g42 1000g77 2000g146 5000g324 10000g571
Mirabilis jalapa Marbles Mixed	457557	 25g12 500g80 1000g129 5000g512 10000g866
Mirabilis jalapa Marbles white - red mix	458091	 250g43 500g80 1000g129 5000g512 10000g866
Mirabilis jalapa Marbles white - yellow mix	458092	 12g21 25g25 50g33 100g52 250g43 500g80 1000g129 5000g512 10000g866
Mirabilis jalapa Marbles yellow - red mix	458093	 25g22 100g65 250g43 500g80 1000g129 5000g512 10000g866 1p8
Mirabilis jalapa Mauve-Violet	403019	 10g12 100g43 1000s67
Mirabilis jalapa Red	40438	 500g38 1000g69 2500g166 5000g275 10000g380 25000g822 1p8
Mirabilis jalapa Red Glow	438288	 1p8
Mirabilis jalapa Rose	40439	 1000g61 2500g146 5000g275 10000g380 25000g822
Mirabilis jalapa Striped Mix	452521	 25g8 50g9 100g12 250g22 500g38 1000g70 1500g100 2500g132 10000g329 25000g688 1p4
Mirabilis jalapa Yellow	40440	 1000g61 2500g146 5000g276 10000g380 25000g822 1000s67
Mirabilis jalapa carmine fls. marbled lvs.	458266	 250g31 500g55
Mirabilis jalapa mix o.p.	28735	 10g7 50g14 100g19 500g25 1000g43 2500g121 5000g168 10000g264 25000g581 1p4
Mirabilis jalapa mix organic seed	550398	 250g42 500g78 1000g148 2000g257 4000g410
Mirabilis jalapa violet pink	458265	 250g31 500g55
Mirabilis viscosa	86235	 12s9 50s10
Miscanthus capensis	435465	 1p10 100s10
Miscanthus sinensis	4278	 0g9 0g11 1g11 1g16 2g25 5g44 10g81 100g628 1p8
Mitella breweri	439991	 1g17 1g30 1p9
Mitella diphylla	85458	 100s8
Mitella stauropetala	463604	 500s8
Mitrophyllum mitratum	462340	 1p9 100s10
Molineria capitulata	530565	 1000s47 10000s385
Molineria latifolia	530567	 100s25 1000s77
Monarda citriodora x Bergamo	530594	 1g79 10g700 1p9 20s8
Mondia whytei	430428	 1p9
Monilaria moniliformis	80914	 1p9 100s16
Monilaria moniliformis Bitterfontein	443323	 100s16
Monilaria pisiformis	406564	 1p9 100s16
Monochoria vaginalis	85640	 25g171 100g466 1000g3533 1p4
Moraea algoensis	463053	 1p10
Moraea alpina	442846	 5s11
Moraea alticola	83350	 1p10 100s13
Moraea amabilis	462226	 1p10 10s8
Moraea angusta	401956	 1p10
Moraea anomala	402989	 1p10
Moraea bellendenii	12304	 1p10 100s15
Moraea bituminosa	12133	 1p10
Moraea brevistyla	463054	 1p10
Moraea britteniae	448903	 1p10
Moraea bulbillifera	450287	 1p10
Moraea cedarmontana	71151	 1p4
Moraea ciliata	12135	 1p10
Moraea citrina	434610	 1p10
Moraea collina	25184	 1p10 10s9
Moraea contorta	463055	 1p10
Moraea cookii	74344	 1p10
Moraea cooperi	74310	 1p10
Moraea crispa	460137	 1p10
Moraea elegans	3809	 1p10
Moraea elliottii	408660	 1p10 100s23 1000s45
Moraea falcifolia	71074	 1p10
Moraea flaccida	460220	 1p10 100s16
Moraea flaccida orange - pink form	79918	 1p10
Moraea fugacissima	530660	 1p10 100s13
Moraea fugax blue	12136	 1p10 100s13
Moraea fugax yellow form	551143	 1p10 100s13
Moraea gawleri	12137	 1p10 100s16
Moraea gigandra	29546	 12s10
Moraea huttonii	71904	 5g27 1p8 100s13
Moraea inclinata	401958	 1p10
Moraea inconspicua	400083	 1p10 100s15
Moraea incurva	451805	 1p10
Moraea lazulina	434386	 1p10 100s16
Moraea lewisiae	29463	 1p10 100s15
Moraea lurida	80660	 1p10 100s30
Moraea macronyx	80661	 1p10
Moraea marlothii	451806	 1p10
Moraea miniata	440578	 1p10 100s13
Moraea miniata salmon form	553439	 1p10
Moraea miniata yellow form	553440	 1p10
Moraea nana	552715	 1p10
Moraea neglecta	25202	 1p10 100s16
Moraea ochroleuca	12018	 1p10 100s15
Moraea pallida	437751	 1p10 100s15
Moraea papilionacea	12145	 1p10 100s16
Moraea papilionaceae red form	462228	 100s16
Moraea papilonaceae yellow form	462229	 1p10
Moraea polyanthos darker form	29548	 1p10 100s15
Moraea polyanthos lighter form	463056	 1p10
Moraea polystachya	12306	 1p10 100s15
Moraea ramosissima	29549	 1p10 100s13 1000s209
Moraea serpentina	12784	 1p10
Moraea setifolia	12772	 1p10 100s20
Moraea spathulata	52463	 1p10 100s13 1000s40
Moraea speciosa	440582	 1p10
Moraea stricta	40156	 1p10
Moraea tricuspidata	12149	 1p10
Moraea trifida aff.	77914	 1p10
Moraea tripetala	400084	 1p10 100s13
Moraea tripetala ssp. jacquiniana	12148	 1p10
Moraea tulbaghensis	401960	 1p10 100s13
Moraea unguiculata	12151	 1p10 100s16
Moraea unguiculata brown fld. form	406877	 1p10
Moraea variabilis	462230	 1p10
Moraea variabilis select mix	434612	 1p10
Moraea vegeta	12155	 1p10 100s15
Moraea versicolor	67497	 1p10
Moraea villosa	12153	 1p10 100s16
Moraea virgata	458575	 1p10
Moraea viscaria	462231	 1p10
Moringa Pkm1	553223	 1000g217
Moringa drouhardii	75830	 1000g105 100s160 1000s624
Moringa ovalifolia	70974	 5s15 10s41 100s41 1000s223
Musa acuminata	1733	 100s38 1000s65 10000s291 50000s406
Musa acuminata Dwarf Banana	74806	 100s40 1000s110 10000s614
Musa acuminata Sumatrana	74760	 100s32 1000s211
Musa acuminata v tomentosa	530811	 100s126
Musa arfakiana	553441	 100s182
Musa balbisiana	67846	 50s24 100s26 1000s43 10000s342 50000s1282
Musa balbisiana Atia Black	552876	 1000s65 10000s513
Musa balbisiana Gigantia	552877	 1000s54 10000s428 50000s1603
Musa balbisiana Sikkim	552878	 1000s65 10000s513
Musa bauensis	462413	 100s50 1000s384
Musa cheesmanii	451919	 100s44 1000s166 10000s1089
Musa chunii (name unresolved)	553229	 1000s193
Musa griersonii	552879	 1000s97 10000s791
Musa itinerans	462414	 100s38 1000s266
Musa itinerans Indian form	450913	 1000s75 10000s599
Musa itinerans Kavalanensis	530821	 100s64
Musa itinerans v. formosane	530820	 100s61
Musa johnsii	530822	 100s126 1000s899
Musa lasiocarpa	76941	 5s11 100s47 1000s388
Musa laterita	552880	 1000s150
Musa lolodensis	530823	 100s182
Musa mannii	83707	 100s44 1000s166 10000s1089
Musa nagensium	450171	 100s44 1000s129
Musa ornata	173	 100s35 1000s108
Musa ornata Pink	552875	 100s42 1000s123 10000s764
Musa ornata Purple	83719	 50s21 100s42 1000s123 10000s764
Musa paradisiaca x	403334	 100s35 1000s56 10000s449
Musa sikkimensis	403002	 5s14 100s34 1000s55 10000s748 25000s1496
Musa sikkimensis x paradisiaca	460737	 1000s107 10000s855 25000s1603
Musa yunnanensis	462415	 100s45 1000s123 10000s745
Muscari armeniacum	28663	 1p4 15s8
Muscari armeniacum Gul	446034	 15s8
Muscari macrocarpum	36729	 5s8
Myerophytum meyeri	463783	 1p9
Myoporum acuminatum	27515	 25g20 100g66 1000g362
Myoporum caprarioides	33996	 15g29 25g41 100g155 1000g949
Myoporum insulare	16312	 10g13 25g21 100g75 250g339 1000g328 1p17
Myoporum laetum	1806	 5g24 20g33 250g577
Myoporum laetum v decumbens	47039	 5g25
Myoporum montanum	77145	 25g10 100g66 1000g362
Myoporum platycarpum	16315	 25g26 100g92 1000g527
Myrtillocactus geometrizans	9376	 25s8
Namaquanthus vanheerdii	62665	 1p10
Nananthus aloides	430144	 1p10 1000s31
Nananthus margaretifera	550116	 1p10
Nananthus wilmaniae	20421	 100s24
Narcissus bulbocodium (13)	12156	 1g6 10g20 1p5
Narcissus cyclamineus (13)	408280	 1g27 1p14 30s9
Narcissus obesus	531097	 1g16
Narcissus poeticus (13)	432396	 1g5 10g13 100g95 p4 1p4 25s8
Narcissus pseudonarcissus	442849	 1g3 10g11 100g90 1p3
Nardostachys grandiflora	74016	 1p18
Nelumbo nucifera	73522	 25g22 250g104 1p4 10s4 25s10 100s35 250s70 500s130 1000s200
Nelumbo nucifera Alba	455038	 25g22 250g91
Neobuxbaumia tetetzo	454117	 100s15 1000s29 10000s216
Neomarica caerulea	443240	 1p11
Neoraimondia arequipensis	74143	 1p4
Neowerdermannia peruviana	551372	 100s22
Neowerdermannia vorwerkii	432477	 20s11
Nepeta tuberosa	85792	 50s8 100s10 300s8
Nephrolepis cordata	51488	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Nephrolepis multiflora	531440	 1p13
Nerine laticoma	77639	 1p10 100s17
Neurachne alopecuroides	38133	 4g22 25g118 100g457 1000g3375
Nicandra physalodes	400279	 1g6 5g8 10g9 25g15 50g25 100g45 250g106 500g200 1000g390 2500g903 5000g1686 1000
Nicandra physalodes Black Rod	30067	 28g30 500s8
Nicandra physalodes Splash of Cream	407722	 1p8
Nicandra physalodes Variegata	551643	 1p8
Nicandra physalodes Violacea	442598	 1p8
Nicotiana Hot Chocolate	460000	 50s10
Nicotiana Priscilla	463524	 50s10
Nicotiana acuminata	28738	 1g37 5p18 10p28 20p43
Nicotiana alata Lavender Cloud	461823	 5p18 10p28 20p43
Nicotiana alata Lime Green	32557	 2g10 5g13 10g20 50g20 100g33 250g74 500g147 1000g286 5000g1329 1p8
Nicotiana alata Sweet Scented White	32558	 2g10 5g10 6g8 10g16 12g9 25g11 50g16 100g26 250g57 500g91 1000g140 5000g555 1000
Nicotiana attenuata	447828	 250s9
Nicotiana bigelovii v quadrivalvis	77691	 1g16 5g55 1p8
Nicotiana clevelandii	531510	 5g47 10g73 25g133 50g219 100g351 200g527 400g868
Nicotiana excelsior	531517	 1p10
Nicotiana glauca	400282	 0g32 1g14 2g26 5g46 10g262 1p11 5p18 10p28 20p43 1000s8
Nicotiana glutinosa	445526	 1g11 1p8 5p18 10p28 20p43 100s10 1000s8
Nicotiana langsdorffii Lemon Tree	32556	 5g8 10g11 25g21 50g38 100g73 250g177 500g343 1000g676 2500g1658 5000g3286 10000g
Nicotiana langsdorffii variegated	407721	 1p9
Nicotiana maritima	531532	 1p9 5p18 10p28 20p43
Nicotiana megalosiphon	445710	 1g30
Nicotiana mutabilis	451961	 1p8 5p18 10p28 20p43 100s10 1000s8
Nicotiana mutabilis Marshmallow pellets	553145	 5000s32 10000s59 20000s115
Nicotiana mutabilis Marshmallow tricolour	450033	 1p4 1000s9 2500s15 5000s23 10000s40 20000s72 40000s144
Nicotiana rustica	1803	 1g12 10g79 1p8 500s8
Nicotiana rustica Hopi	450428	 5p18 10p28 20p43
Nicotiana rustica Isleta Pueblo	68104	 5g72 10g122 25g257 50g426 100g682 200g1025 400g1365
Nicotiana rustica Kessu	462666	 1g38 250s11
Nicotiana rustica Midewiwan Sacred Tobacco	406310	 0g9 1g12 3g18 7g30 14g45 28g67 454g917 1p4
Nicotiana rustica Mop Cap	79099	 2g32
Nicotiana rustica Mt Pima	451219	 5g72 10g122 25g257 50g426 100g673 200g1025 400g1365
Nicotiana rustica Papante	80437	 5g72 10g122 25g257 50g426 100g682 200g1025 400g1365
Nicotiana rustica Punche Mexicano	32754	 5g72 10g122 25g237 50g426 100g682 200g1025 400g1365
Nicotiana rustica Rapa Nui Easter Island Tobacco	441157	 1g20 5g76 40s9 500s8
Nicotiana rustica San Juan Pueblo	51365	 5g26 1p8
Nicotiana sanderae Bedder Crimson	67973	 50g20 100g33 250g74 1p8
Nicotiana sanderae Bedder White	67974	 100g60 250g142
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Appleblossom	448081	 1p8 500s10 1000s18 2500s41 5000s78 10000s147
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Lime	448083	 1p8 500s10 1000s18 2500s44 5000s78 10000s147
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Lime - Purple bicolour	462513	 1p8 500s10 1000s18 2500s41 5000s78 10000s147
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Mixed dwarf	439661	 500s10 1000s18 2500s41 5000s78 10000s147
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Mixed pellets	461061	 1000s25 2500s55 5000s107 10000s203 25000s463
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon Red	448086	 500s10 1000s18 2500s41 5000s78 10000s147
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Avalon White	448088	 500s10 1000s18 2500s41 5000s78 10000s147
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Antique Lime pellets	451079	 500s14 1000s25 2500s55 5000s107 10000s204
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Blue pellets	440171	 500s14 1000s26 2500s56 5000s107 10000s204
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Bright Rose pellets	440172	 500s14 1000s26 2500s56 5000s107 10000s204
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Deep Purple pellets	448089	 500s14 1000s26 2500s56 5000s107 10000s204
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Formula Mixed pellets	461797	 500s14 1000s26 2500s56 5000s107 10000s204
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Lime pellets	440173	 500s14 1000s26 2500s56 5000s107 10000s204
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Mixed	440176	 500s10 1000s18 1500s26 2000s33 2500s36 5000s73
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume Red pellets	440174	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s109 10000s206
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Perfume White pellets	440175	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s109 10000s206
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Saratoga Lime pellets	408529	 1000s27 2500s61 5000s120 10000s226 25000s519
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Saratoga Mixed pellets	408534	 1000s28 2500s62 5000s120 10000s226 25000s519
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Saratoga Red pellets	408531	 1000s28 2500s62 5000s120 10000s226 25000s519
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Saratoga Rose pellets	432552	 1000s28 2500s62 5000s120 10000s226 25000s519
Nicotiana sanderae f1 Saratoga White pellets	408532	 1000s28 2500s62 5000s120 10000s226 25000s519
Nicotiana sanderae f2 Roulette Mixed dwarf	33861	 0g8 0g13 0g18 1g23 2g51 1p8
Nicotiana sanderae f2 Tinkerbells Mixture dwarf	67972	 2g9 5g14 7g20 10g8 25g13 50g20 100g33 250g74 500g345 1000g480 2500g1028 1p4
Nicotiana sanderae x Whisper Mixed	459833	 250s8 500s11 1000s20 2500s43
Nicotiana solanifolia	531554	 0g29
Nicotiana sylvestris	451962	 5g13 7g18 10g24 25g49 250g97 500g182 1000g278 5000g1114 10000g1984 25000g4719 1p
Nicotiana sylvestris Only the Lonely	400281	 10g9 1p4 450s8 1000s10 150000s39 250000s64 500000s123 1000000s241
Nicotiana tabacum	433130	 0g29 100s13 1000s16 10000s22
Nicotiana tabacum Bamboo Shoot	552497	 5g65 10g110 25g231 50g383
Nicotiana tabacum Banana Leaf	552496	 5g65 10g110 25g231 50g383 100g613 200g922 400g1227
Nicotiana tabacum Black Sea Samsun	461824	 5p18 10p28 20p43
Nicotiana tabacum Brown Leaf Virginia	458829	 1g8 10g32 25g62 100g260 1p4
Nicotiana tabacum Burley KY-17	447709	 10g46 100g343 1p8 500s8 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Burley TN-86	551019	 10g46 1p8
Nicotiana tabacum Burley TN-90	70422	 10g46 1p8
Nicotiana tabacum Dark KY-171	551020	 10g46 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Dark TND-950	551021	 10g46 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Delgold Virginia	74137	 0g10 0g14 1g21 2g36 5g65 10g124 25g255 50g426 1p8
Nicotiana tabacum Havana Cigar 142	67488	 5g72 10g122 25g257 50g426 100g682 200g1023 400g1364
Nicotiana tabacum Havana Cigar 608	67492	 1g14 5g46 10g75 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Little Crittenden	458825	 10g46 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Little Wood	458826	 10g46 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Lizard Tail Orinoco Virginia	458830	 10g46 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Madole Improved	458827	 10g46 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Madole Narrow Leaf	458828	 10g46 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Madole Tom Ross	70425	 10g46 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Montcalme Yellow	69087	 5g72 10g122 25g257 50g426 100g682 200g1026 400g1364
Nicotiana tabacum Ontario Bold CT572	552247	 0g45 1g48 10g324 1p8
Nicotiana tabacum Ontario Light CT157	552248	 1g48 10g324 1p8
Nicotiana tabacum Pedros Cuban	461825	 5p18 10p28 20p43
Nicotiana tabacum Perique	69094	 10g46 100g216 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Shirazi - Scherazi Iranian	3925	 5p18 10p28 20p43
Nicotiana tabacum Shirey Virginian	458832	 5g72 10g122 25g257 50g426 100g682 200g1026 400g1365
Nicotiana tabacum Small Stalk Black Mammoth	70426	 5g72 10g46 25g257 5p18 10p28 20p43 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Tabaco Rosa	34235	 1p8
Nicotiana tabacum Turkish	69092	 0g29
Nicotiana tabacum Variegata	438627	 1p10
Nicotiana tabacum Virginia T Walkers Broadleaf	551022	 10g46 1000s8
Nicotiana tabacum Virginia VA-309	458833	 10g46 1p4 1000s8
Nierembergia hippomanica Purple Robe	1817	 25g35 50g63 100g162 250g398 500g786 1000g1103 1000s15 2500s32 5000s61 10000s116
Nierembergia hippomanica White Robe	66096	 0g8 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g30 25g67 1p4
Nivenia corymbosa	52464	 1p10 20s13
Nivenia stokoei	52466	 8s10
Nolana humifusa	52465	 2g9 5g14 10g22 250g48 500g85 1000g160 2500g526 5000g952 50s8
Nolana paradoxa Blue Bird	27232	 2g9 5g15 7g22 10g27 15g53 25g56 100g30 250g67 500g124 1000g235 2400g531 2500g610
Nolana paradoxa Little Bells	433901	 2g9 5g13 10g23 15g31
Nolana paradoxa Purple Bird	444566	 50g34 100g62 150g89 250g131 500g251 1000g493
Nolana paradoxa Snow Bird (White Bird)	64993	 1g16 5g13 10g23 15g32 25g47 100g48 250g112
Nolina durangensis	531614	 100s26 1000s67 10000s498
Nolina excelsa (name unresolved)	531615	 100s37
Nolina palmeri v. brandegeei	70638	 100s37
Nolina texana	84312	 100s54
Notholirion bulbuliferum	36787	 1p9
Nuphar lutea	37254	 1g12 10g44 1p10
Ocimum kilimandscharicum	35488	 1p4 250s8
Odontophorus angustifolius	20425	 1p10 100s12
Odontophorus nanus	20427	 1p10 100s12
Oenothera caespitosa	551831	 1p4
Oenothera caespitosa ssp eximia	1841	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p14
Oenothera caespitosa v. longiflora	436436	 50s9
Oenothera pallida Innocence	74092	 2g9 5g16 10g29 25g17 50g28 100g50 250g129 500g246 1000g482 5000g2092 1p9 100s8
Oenothera pilosella Yella Fella	448787	 0g9 0g12 0g18 1g27 1g29 3g52 7g89 10g171 14g162 28g299 100g1342 1p9 500s8
Oenothera speciosa	40007	 5g9 10g14 15g20 25g28 50g28 100g49 250g117 500g220 1000g430 2500g609 10000g2215
Olea capensis ssp capensis	430435	 100s29 1000s212
Olea capensis ssp macrocarpa	430436	 1000g194
Olea europaea	27563	 10g13 25g10 28g20 113g45 454g91 1000g321 1010g237 2010g355 4010g547 4540g776 801
Olea europaea ssp cuspidata	24901	 10g17 25g29 1000g636 1p12 100s31 1000s232
Olea exasperata	74569	 1p11 100s30 1000s240
Olea macrocarpa	532174	 100s37
Olea welwitschii	532192	 1000g156
Olsynium douglasii v inflatum	443225	 1g16 50s9
Oophytum nanum	19444	 1p9 100s23
Oophytum oviforme	19445	 1p9 100s12
Ophiopogon intermedius	79733	 1000s47 10000s364 50000s1282
Ophiopogon jaburan	27536	 1p17 1000s140
Ophiopogon japonicus	403808	 28g14 113g37 250g50 454g76 500g93 1000g178 2000g296 4000g527 8000g895
Oplopanax horridus	77452	 100s47
Opuntia atrispina	11395	 100s30 1000s154
Opuntia bentonii Galveston Tx. (name unresolved)	449359	 1p4 100s28 1000s176
Opuntia chlorotica	78641	 100s52
Opuntia clarkiorum (name unresolved)	532437	 100s52 1000s367
Opuntia cylindrica	78663	 100s20 1000s51
Opuntia dillenii	532442	 100s26
Opuntia durangensis	78659	 100s43 1000s259
Opuntia engelmannii	11409	 10g19 50s8 100s20 1000s34 10000s245
Opuntia engelmannii ssp. linguiformis Central Tx.	31811	 100s26 1000s154
Opuntia ficus-indica	78685	 1g6 10g10 100g62 1p6
Opuntia fuliginosa	532451	 100s33
Opuntia humifusa	11399	 1g4 2g8 3g26 5g9 7g36 10g6 25g19 50g31 100g56 1p4
Opuntia humifusa fa. rafinesqui	71868	 1g5 10g8 100g60 1p5
Opuntia hyptiacantha	532456	 100s26 1000s109
Opuntia karwinskiana	552930	 100s13 1000s44
Opuntia lasiacantha	532463	 100s22 1000s87
Opuntia macrocentra	9496	 1p4
Opuntia macrocentra Santa Rita	434409	 25s8
Opuntia macrorhiza	11442	 28g25 113g72 1p4 50s8
Opuntia microdasys ssp. rufida	532472	 100s84 1000s606
Opuntia phaeacantha	23144	 100s18 1000s34 10000s242
Opuntia polyacantha	9509	 10g55 100g421 1p14
Opuntia quimilo	11479	 20s8
Opuntia quitensis	532477	 100s43
Opuntia spp. hardy mix	32858	 1p9
Opuntia spp. mix	26579	 1p8 100s15 1000s25 10000s143
Opuntia streptacantha	532489	 100s22 1000s87
Opuntia stricta	464247	 100s30 1000s173
Opuntia tomentosa	446636	 1p4
Opuntia violacea Santa Rita	78667	 25s8
Orbea variegata	19666	 1p10 100s27
Oreocereus celsianus	9523	 100s18 1000s40 10000s300
Oreocereus trollii	9545	 100s20 1000s51 10000s384
Oreocereus urmiriensis (name unresolved)	9547	 1p4
Origanum vulgare	4406	 2g10 2g8 5g9 10g11 15g31 25g20 50g33 100g52 250g121 500g231 1000g452 2500g1024 1
Origanum vulgare Album	85310	 1g8 2g11 5g19 10g32 25g73 1p8
Origanum vulgare Wild Marjoram	457366	 2g11 2g9 5g15 10g15 15g34 100g84 1000g1130
Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum Greek Oregano	26914	 1g8 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g16 25g33 50g59 100g178 250g444 1000g1125 2500g2300 1p4 10500
Ornithogalum arcuatum	451419	 1p4
Ornithogalum candicans	11927	 1g13 10g94 100g52 1000g406 1p8 100s13 1000s41
Ornithogalum concinnum	12733	 1p4
Ornithogalum conicum	404721	 1p10
Ornithogalum corticatum	552718	 1p10 100s13
Ornithogalum dubium orange form	442600	 1p10 100s13
Ornithogalum dubium yellow form	52468	 1p9 100s13
Ornithogalum graminifolium	29434	 100s16
Ornithogalum hispidum	460141	 1p10 100s13
Ornithogalum hispidum ssp. berghii	439351	 1p10
Ornithogalum juncifolium	74362	 1p10 100s19 1000s33 10000s190
Ornithogalum leeupoortens	532625	 100s15
Ornithogalum maculatum orange form	1283	 1p10
Ornithogalum maculatum yellow form	463059	 1p10
Ornithogalum magnum	76662	 1p4
Ornithogalum montanum	28672	 1p4
Ornithogalum multifolium	12734	 1p10
Ornithogalum narbonense	52476	 1g8 2g9 1p4
Ornithogalum nutans	28673	 10s8
Ornithogalum princeps	532632	 100s28
Ornithogalum pruinosum	12737	 100s15
Ornithogalum pyrenaicum	12599	 1g8 2g10 5g12 10g17 25g36 100g124 1p8
Ornithogalum regale	532633	 100s15
Ornithogalum saundersiae	25206	 1p10 100s13
Ornithogalum schelkovnikovii	46498	 1p4
Ornithogalum seineri	463060	 1p10
Ornithogalum sp. unident. Blaukranz	444400	 100s10
Ornithogalum thyrsoides	12167	 1p10
Ornithogalum umbellatum	400092	 3bl9 1g10 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g68 100g525 1p4
Ornithogalum viridiflorum	532637	 1p4 100s21
Ornithogalum xanthochlorum	80678	 1p10 100s13
Ornithoglossum viride	400487	 8s9 100s18
Orobanche hederae	443171	 1g27 1p11
Orthopterum waltoniae	406636	 100s10
Orthrosanthus chimboracensis	72644	 1p4 100s14 1000s20 10000s67
Orthrosanthus laxus	12169	 1g22 10g27 25g61 100g227 1000g1440 1p4
Orthrosanthus multiflorus	1217	 1p25
Orthrosanthus polystachyus	73319	 1g22 2g25 1p10 100s12 1000s17 10000s60
Osmunda regalis	5689	 1p10
Othonna alba	460197	 1p4
Othonna arborescens	52235	 1p4 100s28 1000s211
Othonna capensis	438837	 100s17 1000s34
Othonna parviflora	442190	 1p10
Othonna sonchifolia	404738	 2s18
Othonna triplinervia	460196	 1p8
Ourisia macrophylla Snowflake	65365	 0g37 1p4
Oxalis tuberosa	51193	 10bl21
Oxyria digyna	12181	 1g8 10g51 1p4 100s8
Pachycarpus appendiculatus	435420	 1p10
Pachycereus hollianus	11497	 100s22 1000s87
Pachycereus marginatus Zimapan Hidalgo	78370	 1p4
Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum	26487	 1000s42 10000s307
Pachycereus pringlei Cardon	9552	 100s11 1000s23 10000s116
Pachyphragma macrophyllum	443174	 1p8
Pachypodium densiflorum	35358	 100s36 1000s217
Pachypodium eburneum	404774	 100s41 1000s256 10000s2041
Pachypodium geayi	12941	 100s16 1000s40 10000s282
Pachypodium horombense	12942	 100s35 1000s219 10000s1723
Pachypodium lamerei	12943	 1p17 10s16 100s14 1000s62
Pachypodium mikea	460229	 100s24 1000s106 10000s839
Pachypodium rutenbergianum	430866	 100s36 1000s220
Pachypodium rutenbergianum Meridionale	404775	 100s44 1000s263
Pachypodium saundersii	12944	 1p9
Paeonia anomala	2847	 1g10 10g68 100g525 1p34 6s11
Paeonia daurica ssp mlokosewitschii	70174	 5g50 10g92 28g39 113g106 454g203 1p4
Paeonia emodi	23487	 1p11
Paeonia lactiflora	28471	 25g25 28g24 113g66 250g120 454g129 10s8
Paeonia mascula	46501	 1p4
Paeonia mascula ssp mascula hort.	28472	 1p4 5s11
Paeonia obovata	28473	 1g4 5g31 10g10 1p4
Paeonia officinalis	5386	 1g6 10g13 1p6
Paeonia officinalis ssp. banatica	70173	 2g11 10g36 100g267 1000g2097 1p21
Paeonia officinalis ssp. banatica organic seed	551114	 2g11 10g36 100g267 1000g2097 1p21
Paeonia ostii	407984	 10s10 100s45
Paeonia peregrina	25477	 2g11 10g29 100g215 1p8 4s12
Paeonia rockii	403933	 4s11
Paeonia rockii hybrids mixed	407987	 1g13 10g94 100g697 1p4
Paeonia spp. mixed	447716	 1p10
Paeonia suffruticosa	24728	 25g23 28g22 56g37 113g67 250g129 454g131 10s13
Paeonia tenuifolia	28474	 1g14 10g102 100g783 1p27 4s16
Paeonia veitchii	70172	 1p8 5s10
Paeonia veitchii v woodwardii	403931	 1p4 6s11
Paeonia wendelboi name unresolved	462730	 4s13
Palisota barteri	464130	 100s57 1000s372
Panax ginseng svs	51137	 1g13 5g19 10g81 100g611 1000g3944 1p18 100s19 1000s49 10000s369
Panax quinquefolius	4415	 5g22 100g189 1000g1227 1p9
Pancratium canariense	533135	 100s23 1000s92
Pancratium maritimum proteg.	36797	 1g10 10g67 100g535 1p23 8s10 10s10 15s9
Paradisea liliastrum	407897	 2g11 5g16 5g26 10g25 20g51 25g55 50g100 1p4
Paradisea liliastrum Major	12182	 1g14 10g192 100g783
Paradisea lusitanica	65371	 0g8 0g10 1g8 1g13 2g19 5g31 10g28 100g396 1p4
Pardancanda norrisii Dazzler dwarf	432401	 1g14 10g102 100g800 1p18
Pardancanda norrisii x mix	12183	 1g10 10g24 25g51 50g98 100g193 250g478 500g945 1000g1879 1p15 12s9
Paris quadrifolia	12382	 1g6 5g22 10g37 100g783 1p6 15s9
Parnassia palustris	24582	 0g23 1g40 10g304 1p8
Parodia graessneri	9445	 1p4
Parodia haselbergii	9448	 100s15 1000s27 10000s195
Parodia mammulosa	9453	 100s10
Parodia mammulosa ssp. submammulosa	9441	 100s10
Parodia mueller-melchersii	10141	 100s10
Parodia muricata	10133	 100s10
Paropsia brazzaeana	463285	 1p12
Pasithea caerulea	76563	 1p9
Passiflora Purple Giant	442385	 10g27 25g50 1000g1361 1p17
Passiflora adenopoda	63881	 100s47 1000s300
Passiflora alata	1886	 1000s112
Passiflora ambigua	63885	 100s38 1000s148
Passiflora amethystina	63887	 12s10
Passiflora auriculata	63892	 100s31 1000s200
Passiflora bryonioides	47062	 100s66 1000s434
Passiflora caerulea Constance Elliott	63597	 500s60 1000s112
Passiflora caerulea c.s.	1888	 1g8 2g9 5g15 7g21 10g27 28g44 100g60 113g121 250g142 454g232 500g272 1000g417 50
Passiflora caerulea mixed forms	452460	 500s50 1000s90
Passiflora capsularis	63898	 1p9 100s27 1000s155 10000s1282
Passiflora cinnabarina	1889	 100s46 1000s299
Passiflora coccinea	24583	 10g27 250g281
Passiflora colinvauxii	408043	 100s25 1000s153
Passiflora cuneata	63877	 100s47 1000s299
Passiflora edulis	1891	 5g8 10g9 25g16 50g25 100g55 250g120 1000g595 10s9 50s11 1000s111
Passiflora edulis Golden Giant	21202	 100s18 1000s41 10000s364
Passiflora edulis Orange Giant	1893	 1000s33 10000s278
Passiflora edulis Purple Giant	459572	 2g12 5g19 10g27 25g50 1000g1361 1p17 100s34 1000s51 100000s2446
Passiflora edulis Red Giant	1892	 1000s111
Passiflora edulis fa. flavicarpa	1894	 7g19 28g52 10s8 25s8 100s16 1000s28 100000s98
Passiflora edulis mixed vars	452461	 15s10 1000s90
Passiflora foetida	1896	 1p9 20s8 100s27 1000s155
Passiflora foetida v. gossypifolia	408735	 100s36 1000s219
Passiflora giberti	63912	 100s46 1000s298
Passiflora gracilens	533890	 10s10
Passiflora gracilis	39091	 1000s219
Passiflora herbertiana	63916	 1p4 100s75 1000s110
Passiflora incarnata	28756	 1g9 3g12 7g17 14g27 28g43 1p10 50s9 1000s52 100000s2160
Passiflora laurifolia	36743	 20s8 100s56 1000s358
Passiflora ligularis	1898	 1p10 100s12 1000s24 10000s138
Passiflora loefgrenii	447719	 10s10
Passiflora macrophylla	73683	 100s42 1000s245
Passiflora maliformis	24584	 100s12 1000s21 10000s96
Passiflora miniata	461510	 30s8 300s30 3000s58
Passiflora mollissima	1899	 5g34 28g119 113g335 454g627 1p17 12s11 25s9 100s14 1000s27 10000s174
Passiflora morifolia	34335	 1000s219
Passiflora palenquensis	47236	 1p4
Passiflora pinnatistipula	63934	 100s197
Passiflora platyloba	63603	 100s47 1000s299
Passiflora quadrangularis	2764	 1p4 5s11 10s9 100s23 500s41 1000s43 10000s286
Passiflora resticulata	63936	 100s51
Passiflora rubra	34339	 100s37 1000s268
Passiflora sexflora	67672	 100s38 1000s240
Passiflora suberosa	3434	 1g8 5g15 10g30 100g223 1p4
Passiflora subpeltata	39092	 100s38 1000s270
Passiflora tenuifila	77375	 100s47 1000s112
Passiflora tiliifolia	533915	 100s59 1000s369
Passiflora trifasciata	63602	 100s47 1000s284
Passiflora tripartita	77377	 2g12
Passiflora umbilicata	63949	 10s12
Passiflora vespertilio	63954	 100s29
Passiflora vitifolia	63601	 10s12
Patersonia fragilis	451437	 100s28
Patersonia lanata	75509	 100s13 1000s23 10000s128
Patersonia occidentalis	12186	 5g38 10g20 15g25 25g35 100g133 1000g799 1p17 100s12 1000s16 10000s50
Patersonia occidentalis Alba	434534	 100s12 1000s23
Patersonia pygmaea	439505	 2g21 5g51 10g97 25g234 100g924 1000g7592
Patersonia rudis	75508	 25g28 100g96 1000g558
Patersonia sericea	12187	 25g29 100g101 1000g588 1p17 100s12 1000s15 10000s39
Patersonia umbrosa	12514	 5g35 15g23 25g35 100g126 1000g762
Patersonia umbrosa v. xanthina	12515	 15g28 25g42 100g155 1000g957 100s45
Pauridia aquatica	405292	 1p10 100s16
Pauridia canaliculata	403010	 1p10
Pauridia capensis white fl.	403011	 1p10 100s16
Pauridia capensis white, dark centred form	460152	 1p10
Pauridia capensis yellow fld. form	80684	 1p10 100s16
Pauridia flaccida	434619	 1p10 100s51
Pauridia ovata	460153	 1p10
Pauridia serrata	442250	 1p10
Pedilanthus macrocarpus	19554	 3s12
Pelargonium anethifolium	404638	 1p10
Pelargonium appendiculatum	4823	 1000s268
Pelargonium crithmifolium	4836	 100s28 1000s209
Pelargonium echinatum	25227	 4s10
Pelargonium endlicherianum	75324	 1g45 10g348 100g2761
Pelargonium incrassatum	4851	 10s10
Pelargonium laxum	34978	 2s5 4s10 6s14
Pelargonium mollicomum	404728	 10s9
Pelargonium odoratissimum	4859	 1p10 4s10
Pelargonium parvipetalum	408625	 4s10
Pelargonium radicatum	434377	 4s10
Pelargonium reniforme	4868	 6s10 100s20
Pelargonium triste	4879	 100s36
Pellaea calomelanos ssp calomelanos aff	435423	 1p9
Pellaea falcata	35744	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Pellaea rotundifolia	400888	 0g32 0g53 1g87
Peltoboykinia tellimoides	4429	 1g35 10g416 1p8
Peltoboykinia watanabei	433737	 1g70 10g554 1p8
Peniocereus greggii ssp. transmontanus Agua Prieta	435070	 100s20 1000s107
Peniocereus maculatus	553367	 100s52
Peniocereus striatus	405649	 100s24 1000s152
Pennisetum orientale	72727	 1g79 10g700 100g6287 1p14
Pereskia aculeata	82497	 100s18
Pergularia daemia v daemia	73382	 1p10
Persea americana	40238	 1s9
Persea borbonia	434326	 10g12 250g110
Persicaria bistorta	13992	 1g8 2g10 5g17 10g23 25g64 50g73 100g130 500g515 1000g1008 1p8
Petasites albus	63447	 1g8 2g15 5g23 10g40 100g525 1p6
Petasites hybridus	73377	 1g8 10g38 25g87 100g251 1000g1635 1p8
Petasites hybridus organic seeds	459923	 1g8 10g55 100g421 1000g2912 1p8
Petroselinum crispum v tuberosum Berliner halflange	408080	 2500g110 10000g264 25000g554
Petroselinum crispum v tuberosum Hamburg	32897	 50g14 100g24 150g35 200g41 250g51 500g104
Petunia Bedder Mixed o p nana compacta	67949	 2g9 5g13 25g15 50g24 100g43 250g99 500g217 1000g304 2500g638 10000g2328 25000g55
Petunia Bedder Red nana compacta	67945	 10g12 25g23 50g40 100g75 250g182 500g354 1000g498 2500g935 10000g3457 25000g8213
Petunia Bedder Red with White Star nana compacta	74905	 10g13 25g25 50g43 100g79
Petunia Bedder Violet nana compacta	74904	 25g21 50g35 100g63 250g153 500g295 1000g414 2500g875 10000g3231 25000g7675
Petunia Bedder White nana compacta	67947	 25g22 50g37 100g67 250g161 500g311 1000g443 2500g935 10000g3457 25000g8213
Petunia Mixed Hybrids	437392	 25g16 50g25 100g44 250g104 500g197 1000g277 2500g579 10000g2102 25000g4988
Petunia Nana Compacta Coral-Salmon	67944	 50g46 100g85
Petunia Nana Compacta Rose of Heaven	67946	 25g23 50g39 100g72 250g267 500g524 1000g736 2500g1406 10000g4304 25000g10230
Petunia Nana Compacta Snowball	447733	 25g23 50g39 100g71 250g155 500g300 1000g463 2500g1406 5000g1410 10000g2646 25000
Petunia Nana Compacta Stars Mixed	437390	 25g32 50g58 100g109 250g267 500g524 1000g736 2500g1426 10000g4331 25000g9404
Petunia Nana Compacta Stellaris	463685	 50g46 100g85
Petunia Nana Compacta f2 Mix o p	463684	 50g60 100g113 250g276 500g540 1000g759 2500g1451 10000g4445 25000g10565
Petunia Superbissima Magnum Mix	40745	 5g33 10g59
Petunia Triumph Mixed mostly doubles dwarf	74903	 5g49 10g91
Petunia Trumpet Rainbow Mix	431689	 1150s8
Petunia Victoria Falls pink	452464	 25g59 50g111 100g219 250g540 500g1070 1000g1643
Petunia f1 African Sunset trailing pellets	461844	 12s8 25s10 50s13 100s19 250s40 500s73 1000s139 10000s1374 25000s2832 100000s1131
Petunia f1 Burgundy	458879	 2500s31 5000s55
Petunia f1 Cascade Mixed pendula	67911	 1p4 250s9 500s11 1000s15 2500s31 5000s55 10000s109
Petunia f1 Cascade Petunia f1 Cascade Double Pink	437377	 250s14 500s25 1000s46 2500s102 5000s198
Petunia f1 Daddy Mixed veined	432832	 500s12 1000s21 1500s32 2500s44 5000s79 10000s164
Petunia f1 Daddy Mixed veined pellets	459836	 500s13 1000s24 2500s53 5000s101 10000s191
Petunia f1 Dark Blue	458880	 2500s31 5000s55
Petunia f1 Dreams Mixed	78733	 500s16 1000s24 1500s35 2500s49 5000s89
Petunia f1 Duo Double Blue pellets	463887	 500s25 1000s47 2500s104 5000s203 10000s386
Petunia f1 Duo Double Burgundy pellets	463888	 500s25 1000s47 2500s104 5000s203 10000s386
Petunia f1 Duo Double Lavender pellets	463889	 500s25 1000s47 2500s104 5000s203 10000s386
Petunia f1 Duo Double Mixed	448632	 250s12 500s22 1000s41 2500s91 5000s176
Petunia f1 Duo Double Red - White pellets	463890	 500s25 1000s47 2500s104 5000s203 10000s386
Petunia f1 Duo Double Rose - White pellets	463892	 500s25 1000s47 2500s104 5000s203 10000s385
Petunia f1 Duo Double Rose pellets	463891	 500s25 1000s47 2500s104 5000s203 10000s386
Petunia f1 Duo Double Salmon pellets	463893	 500s25 1000s47 2500s104 5000s203 10000s386
Petunia f1 Duo Double Satin Pink pellets	463894	 500s25 1000s47 2500s104 5000s203 10000s386
Petunia f1 Eagle Mixed	448630	 1p9 1000s18 2000s28 3000s41 5000s56 10000s103
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Berry Velour trailing pellets	461841	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Blue trailing pellets	553278	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Burgundy Velour trailing pellets	461842	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Coral Reef trailing pellets	553280	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Mixed trailing pellets	553288	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Neon Rose trailing pellets	553281	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Pink trailing pellets	553282	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Plum Vein trailing pellets	553283	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Red Velour trailing pellets	461843	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Red trailing pellets	553284	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Rosy Dawn trailing pellets	553285	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Violet trailing pellets	553286	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave White trailing pellets	553287	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Easy Wave Yellow trailing pellets	463475	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95 500s178
Petunia f1 Explorer Blue pellets	445253	 50s19 100s29 150s43 200s55 250s60 500s109
Petunia f1 Explorer Pink pellets	445257	 50s19 100s29 150s43 200s55 250s60 500s109
Petunia f1 Explorer Purple pellets	445258	 50s19 100s29 150s43 200s55 250s60 500s109
Petunia f1 Explorer Scarlet pellets	551719	 1p12
Petunia f1 Flambe Salmon	440185	 500s18 1000s34 2500s74 5000s143 10000s272
Petunia f1 Frillytunia Burgundy	440016	 500s14 1000s25 2500s54 5000s104 10000s197
Petunia f1 Frillytunia Rose	437385	 500s14 1000s24 2500s54 5000s104 10000s197
Petunia f1 Glacier	452535	 2500s31 5000s55
Petunia f1 Glorious Double Mixed	400846	 250s14 500s25 1000s46 2500s102 5000s198
Petunia f1 Glorious Double Mixed pellets	432590	 500s28 1000s51 2500s115 5000s224 10000s427
Petunia f1 Harlequin Burgundy	461064	 100s8 250s15 500s27 1000s50 2500s110
Petunia f1 Harlequin Cherry Rose	461065	 100s8 250s15 500s27 1000s50 2500s110
Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Blue picotee	78760	 500s10 1000s18 2500s39 5000s75 10000s141 25000s324
Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Mixed picotees	78766	 250s8 500s10 1000s15 1500s22 2500s30 5000s55 10000s141 25000s325
Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Mixed picotees pellets	459834	 250s11 500s15 1000s23 2500s50 5000s97 10000s184 25000s423
Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Purple Velvet picotee	78765	 500s10 1000s18 2500s39 5000s75 10000s141 25000s325
Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Red picotee	78762	 500s10 1000s18 2500s39 5000s75 10000s141 25000s325
Petunia f1 Hula Hoop Rose picotee	78764	 500s10 1000s18 2500s39 5000s75 10000s141 25000s325
Petunia f1 Lady Blue cascade pellets	437378	 1p15
Petunia f1 Lady Purple cascade pellets	85519	 1p15
Petunia f1 Limbo Blue Vein pellets	462523	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Blue v. dwarf pellets	445245	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Burgundy Picotee pellets	463882	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Burgundy v. dwarf pellets	461066	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Deep Purple v. dwarf pellets	445246	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Mid Blue pellets	463477	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Mixed v. dwarf	445252	 250s11 500s16 1000s29 2500s63 5000s123 10000s234
Petunia f1 Limbo Mixed v. dwarf pellets	461067	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Pink	463884	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Pink Morn v. dwarf pellets	550799	 500s20 1000s36 2500s82 5000s156 10000s297
Petunia f1 Limbo Plum v. dwarf pellets	553277	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Purple v. dwarf pellets	445247	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Red Picotee pellets	463885	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Red Vein v. dwarf pellets	457208	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Red v. dwarf pellets	448100	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Rose Morn v. dwarf pellets	457210	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Rose Picotee pellets	463886	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Rose Vein v. dwarf pellets	445248	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Rose v. dwarf pellets	457209	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Salmon Morn v. dwarf pellets	550800	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Salmon v. dwarf pellets	445249	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Sky Blue pellets	463478	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Sweet Pink pellets	462524	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo Violet v. dwarf pellets	445250	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Limbo White v. dwarf pellets	445251	 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 5000s150 10000s286
Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Blue pills trailing	461439	 1000s139 10000s1374 25000s2831 100000s11319
Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Coral pills trailing	463160	 1000s139 10000s1374 25000s2832 50000s5660 100000s11319
Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Lavender pills trailing	463156	 1000s139 10000s1374 25000s2832 50000s5660 100000s11319
Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Light Blue	463161	 1000s139 10000s1374 25000s2832 50000s5660 100000s11319
Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Lilac Ice pills trailing	553025	 1000s139 10000s1374 25000s2832 50000s5660 100000s11319
Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Pink Morn pills trailing	553026	 1000s139 10000s1374 25000s2832 50000s5660 100000s11319
Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Purple pills trailing	553027	 1000s139 10000s1374 25000s2831 50000s5660 100000s11319
Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Raspberry Ice Imp. pills trailing	463162	 1000s139 10000s1374 25000s2832 50000s5660 100000s11319
Petunia f1 Opera Supreme Red	463163	 1000s31 10000s1374 25000s2832 50000s5660 100000s11319
Petunia f1 Opera Supreme White pills trailing	553028	 1000s139 10000s1374 25000s2831 50000s5660 100000s11319
Petunia f1 Pirouette Double Purple	437383	 100s9 250s14 500s24 1000s46 2500s102 5000s198
Petunia f1 Pirouette Double Red	445239	 100s9 250s14 500s4 1000s46 2500s102 5000s198
Petunia f1 Pirouette Double Rose	437384	 100s9 250s14 500s24 1000s46 2500s102 5000s198
Petunia f1 Postilion Mixed dwarf series	434130	 2g139 5g271
Petunia f1 Prio Mix formula	47877	 2g113
Petunia f1 Prism Sunshine	84402	 500s10 1000s15 1500s22 2500s30 5000s54 10000s160
Petunia f1 Prism Sunshine pellets	459835	 1000s26 2500s58 5000s111 10000s212 25000s487
Petunia f1 Red Cloud	452536	 2500s31 5000s55
Petunia f1 Salmon Velvet	462528	 10s11
Petunia f1 Shock Wave Yellow pellets	462526	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s93 500s175
Petunia f1 Showers Blue spreading	47876	 250s24 500s42
Petunia f1 Showers Burgundy	47873	 250s24 500s42
Petunia f1 Showers Lavender	47874	 250s24 500s42
Petunia f1 Showers Mix formula	47866	 250s24 500s42
Petunia f1 Showers Pink	47868	 250s24 500s42
Petunia f1 Showers Red	47872	 250s24 500s42
Petunia f1 Showers Rose	47869	 250s24 500s42
Petunia f1 Showers Salmon	47870	 250s24 500s42
Petunia f1 Showers Scarlet	47871	 250s24 500s42
Petunia f1 Showers Violet	47875	 250s24 500s42
Petunia f1 Showers White	47867	 250s24 500s42
Petunia f1 Sky Blue	458881	 2500s31 5000s55
Petunia f1 Sophistica Antique pellets	463476	 1p9
Petunia f1 Sophistica Blackberry pellets	551967	 50s14 100s22 250s44 500s81 1000s225
Petunia f1 Sophistica Lime - Rose bicolour pellets	463900	 50s14 100s22 150s32 250s44 500s81
Petunia f1 Sophistica Lime Green pellets	551968	 1p9 50s16 100s29 250s64 500s119 1000s225
Petunia f1 Spangles Light Blue cascade pellets	550801	 25s11 50s19 100s34 250s76 500s142 1000s268
Petunia f1 Spangles Pink Morn cascade pellets	459837	 25s11 50s19 100s34 250s76 500s142 1000s268
Petunia f1 Spangles Raspberry Vein cascade pellets	459838	 25s11 50s19 100s34 250s76 500s142 1000s268
Petunia f1 Spangles Red cascade pellets	461074	 25s11 50s19 100s34 250s76 500s142 1000s268
Petunia f1 Star Blue	458878	 2500s31 5000s55
Petunia f1 Star Red	458877	 2500s31 5000s55
Petunia f1 Success Blue pellets	440017	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Burgundy pellets	78298	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Coral pellets	463915	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Pink Chiffon pellets	432592	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Pink Star	78299	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Pink Vein pellets	405514	 1p4 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Pink pellets	432591	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Purple pellets	440018	 1p4 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Red pellets	463916	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Rose pellets	463917	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Salmon pellets	78300	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Violet pellets	440019	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success White pellets	84401	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Success Yellow Chiffon	463918	 25s11 50s22 100s40 250s90 500s169
Petunia f1 Supercascade Mixed	437386	 500s11 1000s20 1500s35 2500s43 5000s82 10000s156
Petunia f1 Supercascade Mixed pellets	437447	 1000s26 2500s56 5000s109 10000s207 25000s475
Petunia f1 Tickled Pink pellets	553149	 1000s82 5000s406
Petunia f1 Trilogy Blue pills	463165	 1000s122 10000s1208 25000s2396 50000s4789 100000s9577
Petunia f1 Trilogy Deep Purple pills	463166	 1000s122 10000s1208 25000s2396 50000s4789 100000s9577
Petunia f1 Trilogy Lavender Pink pills	463167	 1000s122 10000s1208 25000s2396 50000s4789 100000s9577
Petunia f1 Trilogy Purple pills	463168	 1000s122 10000s1208 25000s2396 50000s4789 100000s9577
Petunia f1 Trilogy Red pills	463169	 1000s122 10000s1208 25000s2396 50000s4789 100000s9577
Petunia f1 Trilogy Rose pills	463170	 1000s122 10000s1208 25000s2396 50000s4789 100000s9577
Petunia f1 Trilogy Scarlet pills	463171	 1000s122 10000s1208 25000s2396 50000s4789 100000s9577
Petunia f1 Trilogy White pills	463172	 1000s122 10000s1208 25000s2396 50000s4789 100000s9577
Petunia f1 Tritunia Blue Star pellets	463895	 500s15 1000s27 2500s59 5000s114 10000s218
Petunia f1 Tritunia Crimson Star pellets	463896	 500s15 1000s27 2500s59 5000s114 10000s218
Petunia f1 Tritunia Red Star pellets	463897	 500s15 1000s27 2500s59 5000s114 10000s219
Petunia f1 Tritunia Rose Star pellets	463898	 500s15 1000s27 2500s59 5000s114 10000s219
Petunia f1 Tritunia Star Mixed pellets	463899	 500s15 1000s27 2500s59 5000s114 10000s219
Petunia f1 Ultra Blue Star pellets	78736	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Blue pellets	78735	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Burgundy pellets	78738	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Crimson Star pellets	78739	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Mixed	78753	 1000s25
Petunia f1 Ultra Mixed pellets	78767	 150s8 250s10 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Pink pellets	78742	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Plum pellets	78743	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Red Star pellets	78745	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Red pellets	78744	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Rose Star pellets	78747	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Rose pellets	78746	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Salmon Morn pellets	432731	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Sky Blue pellets	461068	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Star Mixed pellets	78752	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra Violet pellets	437380	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Ultra White pellets	78751	 500s14 1000s25 2500s56 5000s108 10000s204
Petunia f1 Velvet Purple pellets	463901	 50s13 100s19 150s29 200s38 250s39
Petunia f1 Velvet Rose Vein pellets	463902	 50s13 100s19 150s29 200s38 250s39
Petunia f1 Velvet Salmon Shades pellets	463903	 50s13 100s15 150s29 200s38 250s39
Petunia f1 Wave Blue cascade pellets	440020	 25s15 50s24 100s41 250s98 500s183 1000s348
Petunia f1 Wave Lavender cascade pellets	439013	 25s15 50s24 100s41 250s98 500s183 1000s348
Petunia f1 Wave Pearly cascade pellets	85518	 25s15 50s24 100s41 250s98 500s183 1000s348
Petunia f1 Wave Pink cascade pellets	84406	 25s15 50s24 100s41 250s98 500s183 1000s348
Petunia f1 Wave Purple cascade pellets	84407	 25s15 50s24 100s41 250s98 500s183 1000s348
Petunia f1 Wave Rose cascade pellets	403885	 25s15 50s24 100s41 250s98 500s183 1000s348
Petunia f2 Bedder De-luxe Mixed	82735	 5g13 10g19 25g40
Petunia f2 Triumph dwarf mixed	463683	 2g34 5g61
Petunia grandiflora Grandi Burgundy pellets	463905	 250s8 500s14 1000s24 2500s53 5000s102
Petunia grandiflora Grandi Mixed	463911	 250s8 500s14 1000s24 2500s53 5000s102
Petunia grandiflora Grandi Pink pellets	463906	 250s8 500s14 1000s24 2500s53 5000s102
Petunia grandiflora Grandi Red pellets	463907	 250s8 500s14 1000s24 2500s53 5000s102
Petunia grandiflora Grandi Rose	463908	 250s8 500s14 1000s24 2500s53 5000s102
Petunia grandiflora Grandi Salmon pellets	463909	 250s8 500s14 1000s24 2500s53 5000s102
Petunia grandiflora Grandi White pellets	463910	 250s8 500s14 1000s24 2500s53 5000s102
Petunia grandiflora f1 Best of All Mixed	452538	 2500s29 5000s55
Petunia grandiflora f1 Packstar Mixed	448099	 100s8 250s11 500s20 1000s37 2500s82 5000s159
Petunia hybrida Californian Giants mixed	447727	 5g29 10g52 1p8
Petunia hybrida Nana Compacta Deluxe Bedding Mix dwarf	447728	 50g82 100g161
Petunia hybrida Pendula Balcony Mix	74901	 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g21 50g35 100g64 500g244 1000g374 5000g1619 10000g3080 1p4
Petunia hybrida Sparklers	553147	 5000s35 10000s63 50000s309
Petunia hybrida Sparklers pellets	553150	 5000s50 10000s94 50000s457
Petunia hybrida f1 All-double Dwarf Mixed	447730	 1p16
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome Blue	47848	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome Deep Purple	47847	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome Light Salmon	47853	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome Purple	47849	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome Red	47844	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome Red veined	47851	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome Rose	47842	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome Rose Morn	47852	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome Rose veined	47850	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome Salmon	47843	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome Violet	47846	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome White	47841	 2g139 5g271
Petunia hybrida f1 Gnome formula mix	47774	 2g140 5g274
Petunia hybrida f1 Picotee Mixed formula	447726	 1p13
Petunia hybrida f1 Tickled Blush	461651	 500s46 1000s85 5000s417
Petunia hybrida f1 Tickled Pink	553148	 500s46 1000s85 5000s417
Petunia hybrida f1 Tickled Rose	463302	 500s46 1000s85 5000s417
Petunia hybrida f1 Tickled White	461652	 500s46 1000s85 5000s417
Petunia hybrida pendula mixed	437387	 50g41 100g76 250g183 500g356 1000g500 2500g973 10000g2892 25000g6869 1p8
Petunia hybrida tall mixed	46264	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 50g39 100g72 250g173 500g335 1000g466 2500g892 10000g2730 25
Petunia integrifolia	69097	 14g25 1p4 500s8
Petunia integrifolia Totty Mixed formula	441047	 10g18 25g39
Petunia milliflora f1 Fantasy Crystal Red	432911	 1p4
Petunia milliflora f1 Fantasy Mixed	432765	 1p12
Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Blue pellets	457212	 100s9 250s15 500s26 1000s49 2500s109 5000s211
Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Carmine pellets	457213	 100s9 250s15 500s26 1000s49 2500s109 5000s211
Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Mixed pellets	457218	 100s9 250s15 500s26 750s55 1000s49 2500s109 5000s211
Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Red pellets	461070	 100s9 250s15 500s26 1000s49 2500s109 5000s211
Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Rose Morn pellets	461071	 100s9 250s15 500s26 1000s49 2500s109 5000s211
Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Rose Star pellets	461072	 100s9 250s15 500s26 1000s49 2500s109 5000s211
Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Rose pellets	457215	 100s9 250s15 500s26 1000s49 2500s109 5000s211
Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella Salmon pellets	461073	 100s9 250s15 500s26 1000s49 2500s109 5000s211
Petunia milliflora f1 Picobella White pellets	457216	 100s9 250s15 500s26 1000s49 2500s109 5000s211
Petunia multiflora f1 Blue Veined pellets	463912	 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Bonanza Mixed double	437391	 250s18 500s28 750s41 1000s39 2000s72 2500s103
Petunia multiflora f1 Candy Picotee Mixed	437398	 50s9 100s11 250s19 500s34 1000s62 2500s139 5000s270
Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Blue	453519	 500s29 1000s54 2500s118 5000s232 10000s442
Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Burgundy pellets	437400	 500s26 1000s48 2500s107 5000s207 10000s395
Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Lavender pellets	437401	 500s26 1000s48 2500s107 5000s207 10000s395
Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Mixed	437409	 100s8 250s12 500s22 750s46 1000s41 2500s91 5000s176
Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Mixed pellets	437410	 500s26 1000s48 2500s107 5000s207 10000s395
Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Red and White	437405	 500s26 1000s48 2500s107 5000s207 10000s395
Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Rose and White pellets	440186	 500s26 1000s48 2500s107 5000s207 10000s395
Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Rose pellets	437406	 500s26 1000s48 2500s107 5000s207 10000s395
Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Salmon pellets	437407	 500s26 1000s48 2500s107 5000s207 10000s395
Petunia multiflora f1 Double Duo Satin Pink pellets	437408	 500s26 1000s48 2500s107 5000s207 10000s395
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Blue compact pellets	453523	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Burgundy pellets	459661	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s50 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Deep Purple pellets	453524	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Mid Blue pellets	463479	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Mixed compact	453534	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s56 5000s108 10000s200 25000s469
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Mixed pellets	453535	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Peach pellets	459662	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Pink Morn pellets	453526	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Pink pellets	453525	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Plum	463913	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Purple pellets	453527	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Red Morn pellets	551966	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Red pellets	453528	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Rose Vein pellets	459663	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Rose pellets	453529	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Salmon pellets	453530	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Sky Blue pellets	463914	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Sweet Pink pellets	453531	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo Violet pellets	453532	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Mambo White pellets	453533	 250s11 500s15 1000s26 2500s59 5000s113 10000s216
Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Blue Morn	440022	 1p8 500s9 750s12
Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Blue dwarf	432896	 500s10 1000s15 1500s22 2000s28 5000s55
Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Cherry Rose	432897	 500s10 1000s15 1500s22 2000s26 5000s55
Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Mixed dwarf	432906	 500s10 1000s15 1500s22 2000s26 5000s55
Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Morn Mixed	552177	 50s8 500s16 1000s25 1500s37 2000s48 5000s94
Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Pink	432898	 500s10 1000s15 1500s22 2000s26 5000s55
Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Red	432900	 500s10 1000s15 1500s22 2000s26 5000s55
Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Rose	432902	 500s10 1000s15 1500s22 2000s26 5000s55
Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin Salmon	432904	 500s10 1000s15 1500s22 2000s26 5000s55
Petunia multiflora f1 Merlin White	432905	 500s10 1000s15 1500s22 2000s26 5000s55
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Blue Star pellets	437412	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Blue pellets	437411	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Burgundy Star pellets	437413	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Buttercream pellets	437414	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Carmine pellets	437415	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Chic pink and rose pellets	437416	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Lavender Glow pellets	448102	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Lavender pellets	437418	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Light Blue pellets	437419	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Lilac pellets	437420	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Mid Blue pellets	437421	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Mixed	437434	 250s8 500s10 1000s19 2500s40 5000s77 10000s145 25000s334
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Mixed pellets	437435	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Pink pellets	437422	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Plum Crystal pellets	437423	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s29 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Purple pellets	437424	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Red Morn pellets	451083	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Red Picotee pellets	451084	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Red pellets	540959	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Rose Morn pellets	448103	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Rose pellets	437426	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Salmon Morn pellets	448104	 1p4 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Salmon pellets	437427	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Spring salmon pellets	437428	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage Sugar orchid pellets	437429	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Mirage White pellets	437432	 250s9 500s12 1000s22 2500s49 5000s95 10000s181
Petunia multiflora f1 Strawberry Sundae	437394	 250s8 500s9 1000s16 2500s35 5000s66 10000s126
Petunia multiflora f2 Colorama Mixed	437389	 1g8 5g33 10g53 25g21 50g35 100g64 250g155 500g300 1000g460 5000g1995 10000g3833
Petunia multiflora f2 Crown Mixed	448635	 1g8 2g13 3g19 5g27 10g50
Petunia multiflora f2 Picotee Mixed	441043	 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g29 25g66 1p4
Petunia multiflora f2 Star Mixed	441044	 1g8 2g12 5g17 10g28 25g62 1p8
Petunia multiflora f2 Veined Mix	441045	 1g8 2g12 5g17 10g28 25g62 1p4
Petunia pendula f1 Cascade Mixed	437388	 2500s26 5000s45 10000s88
Petunia pendula mixed	462864	 25g19 50g31 100g55 250g114 500g216 1000g304 2500g639 10000g2328 25000g5526 1p9
Petunia violacea	553024	 500g201 1000g393
Peucedanum ostruthium	4448	 1g9 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g45 50g84 100g421 1p8
Phalaris arundinacea	4333	 1g8 10g10 50g9 100g12 250g23 500g39 1000g69 2500g130 5000g254 10000g458 1p4 1000
Pharnaceum dichotomum	440514	 1p10
Phedimus selskianus	25504	 1g13 5g24 10g41 25g96 50g188 100g374 250g714 500g1418 1000g2180 1p8 1000s8 2500s
Phedimus selskianus Goldilocks	448802	 1g18 10g141 100g1109 1p8 1000s8 2500s15 5000s28 10000s52
Phlebodium aureum v. areolatum (polypod )	400891	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Phlomis russeliana	24666	 1g6 1g8 2g10 5g14 6g24 10g21 25g79 100g155 1p6 25s9
Phlomis tuberosa	24219	 0g8 0g10 1g14 1g19 2g32 5g57 10g107 100g834 1p4 100s10
Phlox divaricata	28592	 0g10 0g14 0g21 1g36 3g65 7g113 35s8
Phlox maculata	83548	 100s8
Phormium cookianum	18062	 1g8 10g23 20g30 25g21 100g284 250g267 1p8 100s13 1000s24
Phormium cookianum Purpureum	445787	 1g19 10g124 100g851
Phormium cookianum seed ex dwarf vars	434768	 5g23
Phormium spp. mixed	439993	 10g31
Phormium tenax	54	 1g6 2g9 5g20 10g20 15g54 20g30 25g21 50g66 100g125 250g462 1000g2327 1p17 100s14
Phormium tenax Atropurpureum	78123	 1g8 2g23 5g28 10g19 25g62 100g335 250g714 1p10 100s16 250s9 500s11 1000s15 2500s
Phormium tenax New Hybrids mix	448797	 1g8 10g37 100g284 1p11
Phormium tenax Variegatum	18068	 5g29 10g33 25g62 250g664 1000g1018 100s16 1000s24 5000s158 10000s98 50000s440
Phyllobolus oculatus (name unresolved)	451851	 1p4
Phyllobolus oculatus aff. (name unresolved)	458519	 1p4
Phyllobolus splendens	434662	 100s22 1000s52
Phyllobolus tenuiflorus Quaggaskop	553390	 1p4
Phymatosorus diversifolius	450342	 0g34 0g53 1g87
Physalis alkekengi	443729	 1g12 10g28 25g27 50g48 100g90 1000g295 2000g491 1p8 100s8
Physalis alkekengi v franchetii	1997	 1g8 5g10 10g16 25g33 100g37 250g84 500g156 1000g245 2500g657 5000g1060 10000g194
Physalis alkekengi v franchetii Gnome - Zwerg	67708	 1g10 10g71 100g38 250g88 500g166 1000g292 2500g698 5000g1366 10000g2681 1p8 100s
Physalis alkekengi v. franchetii Gigantea	403901	 1g8 2g8 5g11 10g18 15g25 100g36 250g82 500g152 1000g292 2500g689 5000g1241 10000
Physalis angulata	444223	 25s8 100s23 1000s71 10000s487
Physalis cinerascens	535304	 100s27 1000s110
Physalis crassifolia	552401	 100s27 1000s118
Physalis hederifolia	85305	 100s27 1000s161
Physalis heterophylla	535310	 25g163 100g477 1000g3166
Physalis ixocarpa	39253	 250g100 500g188 1000g265 2500g497 10000g1490 25000g3376 1p4 100s8
Physalis ixocarpa Violet - Purple	551935	 7g26 10s8
Physalis peruviana	1999	 1g8 2g10 5g14 7g21 10g24 15g31 25g57 50g174 100g84 250g204 500g397 1000g557 2500
Physalis peruviana Giant	460835	 1g8 2g14 5g24 10g43 25g95 50g174 1p8 25s8
Physalis pruinosa	39254	 1g8 2g15 25g100 50g115 100g227 250g134 500g258 1000g360 2500g685 10000g2080 50s8
Physalis subglabrata	28482	 25g145 100g427 1000g2839
Physochlaina orientalis	85439	 1g32 10g244 1p24 10s8
Physostegia angustifolia	438579	 3g12 7g14 14g20 28g28 454g336 300s8
Physostegia virginiana	28483	 0g8 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 454g1208 1p8 200s8
Physostegia virginiana Alba	450524	 0g24 1g11 10g18 25g38 50g69 100g559 1p8
Physostegia virginiana Rose Crown	5017	 1g11 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g18 25g38 50g69 100g559 1000g1520 1p8
Physostegia virginiana Rose Queen	434425	 0g12 1g11 2g48 5g86 10g18 25g38 50g70 100g135 250g332 500g650 1000g998 5000g4460
Physostegia virginiana Snow Crown	5016	 0g8 0g9 0g13 0g11 1g11 1g15 2g23 5g39 10g72 100g559 1p8
Physostegia virginiana White Queen	437451	 25g38 50g70 100g135 250g332 500g650 1000g998 5000g4468 10000g8455
Piaranthus punctatus	19447	 1p10
Pilosella officinarum	23079	 0g8 1g8 1g12 2g20 5g34 10g62 15g89 100g373 1000g2943 1p8
Pilosocereus chrysacanthus	436911	 100s22 1000s44
Pilosocereus leucocephalus	400003	 100s16
Pilosocereus magnificus	26785	 25s8
Pilosocereus polygonus	535437	 100s24 1000s81 10000s608
Pinellia pedatisecta	405286	 1g12 5g24 20s8 100s27 1000s134
Pistacia atlantica	2107	 1g7 25g18 250g82 1p4
Pistacia chinensis c.s.	2108	 10g17 25g25 250g120 1000g629 1p17
Pistacia khinjuk	535627	 25g18 250g85
Pistacia lentiscus c.s.	553216	 10g19 250g129 500g251 1000g493 1p4
Pistacia lentiscus d.b.	25359	 250g67 500g127 1000g246 1p4
Pistacia terebinthus	2109	 1g8 10g11 100g82 250g153
Pistacia vera	2135	 25g19 250g104
Platanus acerifolia x	461617	 10g26 20g13 25g18 28g16 100g33 113g40 250g81 454g83 1000g223
Platanus occidentalis c.s.	2115	 10g13 25g18 28g20 113g53 250g81 454g105 1000g319
Platanus orientalis c.s.	23692	 10g22 25g18 28g17 113g45 250g81 454g91 1p17
Platanus racemosa	2117	 113g74 454g178 4540g1681 1p4
Platycerium superbum	535840	 1p11
Plectranthus Silver Shield pellets	457220	 25s13 50s22 100s41 250s93
Plectranthus oertendahlii	29378	 1p10
Plectranthus rubropunctatus aff.	553452	 1p10
Plectranthus saccatus	431071	 1p10
Plectranthus spp. mixed	437675	 1p10
Pleiospilos bolusii	19448	 1p9 100s17 1000s47
Pleiospilos compactus	19706	 1p10
Pleiospilos compactus ssp canus Willowmore	26058	 100s9
Pleiospilos compactus ssp. canus	26059	 1p9 100s8 1000s47
Pleiospilos magnipunctatus Schwantes (name unresolved)	462261	 100s11
Pleiospilos nelii	19454	 1p9 100s12
Pleiospilos simulans	26064	 1p9 100s14 1000s46
Pleiospilos spp. mix	1946	 1p10 100s22 1000s46
Plumbago auriculata	2134	 1p9
Plumbago auriculata Escapade Blue compact	437456	 15s15 25s21 50s37 100s69 250s156
Plumbago europaea	435852	 5g13
Plumeria alba	5105	 5s10
Plumeria hybrid	535944	 1000s418
Plumeria obtusa Singapore White	63676	 1000s172
Plumeria obtusa v. sericifolia	462393	 1000s172
Plumeria rubra	31046	 100s52 1000s312
Plumeria rubra Celadine	63679	 1000s172
Podophyllum peltatum	4471	 1g17 3g28 10g36 1p17 20s8
Polemonium reptans	12608	 1g19 3g31 7g55 10g141 14g95 100g1109 1p11 100s8
Polygala tenuifolia	441111	 10g9 100g40 250g90 510g173 1000g848 1010g266 2010g394 4010g723 1p10 100s11 1000s
Polygonatum biflorum	65742	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g47 454g627 30s8
Polygonatum falcatum	79749	 1g8 10g42 1p13
Polygonatum hirtum	76534	 1g8 10g28 100g163 1p9
Polygonatum multiflorum	400093	 1g6 5g9 10g8 25g17 50g28 100g49 1p5 50s8
Polygonatum odoratum	4361	 1g8 5g28 10g13 50g35 100g64 1000g506 1p8 15s8 50s8
Polygonatum oppositifolium	536319	 100s26 1000s82
Polygonatum punctatum	432081	 100s26 1000s82
Polygonatum verticillatum	4362	 1g10 5g36 10g18 50g42 100g77 1p8
Polygonum multiflorum	450410	 2g74 4g123 10g182
Polymnia canadensis	456402	 3g21 7g30 14g45 75s8
Polyosma le-ratii (name unresolved)	464210	 100s61 1000s400
Pomaderris apetala	74596	 5g32
Pomaderris kumeraho	400858	 1g23 5g17 1p8 100s14
Pomaderris myrtilloides	16398	 5g27
Pomaderris rotundifolium	67779	 5g27
Prenia pallens	451856	 1p10
Prepodesma orpenii	19712	 1p10
Prepodesma orpenii Kuruman	454807	 100s26
Primula hirsuta	12612	 0g27 1g21 2g50 5g93 10g180 100g1514 1p6
Primula latifolia	2221	 1g38 10g300 1p10
Primula polyantha Juliana Carpet Primula	66711	 1g212 1p18
Prochnianthes mexicana	462397	 100s20 1000s97
Prochnyanthes mexicana	464165	 100s19 1000s38 10000s278
Prospero autumnale	71079	 1p4
Prunus St. Julien	86164	 20g14 100g31 500g113 1000g214
Prunus africanus	442198	 1000g165
Prunus americana	407387	 28g17 113g45 454g91
Prunus armeniaca	407388	 28g14 113g37 250g36 454g77
Prunus avium	27363	 20g11 25g20 28g21 100g27 113g56 250g94 454g111 1000g127 12s8
Prunus avium England Stratified seed	463379	 100g51 500g192 1000g373
Prunus avium Import select stand stratified seed	464316	 100g45 500g167 1000g324
Prunus avium Import stratified seed	463380	 100g38 500g138 1000g264
Prunus avium prov. England	464312	 100g51 500g192 1000g373
Prunus avium prov. Scotland	464313	 100g55 500g204 1000g397
Prunus avium prov. UK approved orchard	448750	 20g19 100g45 1000g324
Prunus avium prov. import select stand	436422	 20g18 100g45 500g167 1000g324
Prunus besseyi	407389	 28g43 113g116 454g222
Prunus campanulata	537014	 5g13
Prunus caroliniana c.s.	407390	 454g104 4540g756 22700g3112
Prunus cerasifera	2255	 100g13 1000g67 100s30 1000s124 10000s603
Prunus cerasifera virus free cert.	448699	 28g21 113g55 454g108
Prunus domestica Armenia	537034	 100s44
Prunus domestica Black Delight	435866	 100s92
Prunus domestica Golden Honey Suckle	537032	 100s92
Prunus domestica Golden Red	537031	 100s92
Prunus domestica Nutmeg Plum	537030	 100s92
Prunus domestica Syriaca Red Speckled	537021	 100s92
Prunus domestica Syriaca Sweet Orange	537017	 100s92
Prunus domestica Syriaca Tiny Tart	537020	 100s92
Prunus domestica Tart Red - Purple	537029	 100s92
Prunus domestica Tiny Purple	537028	 100s92
Prunus domestica Tiny Sweet	537026	 100s92
Prunus domestica Tricolor	537024	 100s92
Prunus dulcis	402012	 28g15 113g37 250g39 454g77
Prunus glandulosa	537046	 25g20 250g94
Prunus ilicifolia	435277	 454g104 4540g751 22700g3040
Prunus incisa Fuji	78097	 28g47 113g136
Prunus incisa montane form	448863	 28g47 113g137
Prunus insititia	86165	 20g14 25g18 100g33 250g107 500g118 1000g226 1p4
Prunus laurocerasus	2267	 10g8 25g16 100g36 250g42 500g130 1000g250 100s28 1000s76 10000s446
Prunus laurocerasus stratified seed	47014	 100g41 500g150 1000g287
Prunus lusitanica hort.	86163	 10g14 100g65 250g225 500g240 1000g480
Prunus lusitanica stratified seed	463381	 10g14 100g68 500g253 1000g506
Prunus lyonii	435274	 113g41 454g80 4540g524 22700g1972 1p4 5s10
Prunus maackii	2269	 28g31 113g84 454g162
Prunus mahaleb	2268	 25g25 28g22 30g11 100g16 113g58 250g120 454g115 500g50 1000g90 100s15 1000s33 10
Prunus mahaleb virus free cert.	448700	 28g22 113g58 454g115
Prunus mandshurica	3098	 28g17 113g43 454g88
Prunus maritima	444970	 28g22 113g59 454g117
Prunus padus	2272	 10g10 28g23 100g28 113g61 250g186 454g121 1000g109 100s16 1000s30 10000s156
Prunus padus Import stratified seed	464314	 100g42 500g155 1000g300
Prunus padus UK stratified seed	552271	 10g24 100g112 1000g861
Prunus padus prov. U K	436423	 10g23 100g100 1000g765
Prunus pensylvanica	435279	 28g27 113g73 454g142
Prunus persica	2274	 100g21 250g42 500g69 1000g130
Prunus persica Nemaguard	458941	 1000s231
Prunus sargentii	435282	 28g55 113g153 454g290
Prunus serotina	2277	 25g18 28g14 100g14 113g37 250g68 454g75 1000g76 100s15 1000s28 10000s92
Prunus serotina ssp. capuli	537117	 100s24 1000s106
Prunus serrula	86731	 28g35 113g97 454g188
Prunus serrulata	408027	 28g26 113g71 454g139
Prunus spinosa	2279	 1g8 10g10 25g16 100g15 250g76 1000g80 1p8 15s8 100s17 1000s45 10000s178
Prunus spinosa UK stratified seed	464315	 100g38 500g140 1000g270
Prunus spinosa import stratified seed	552272	 100g19 500g64 1000g120
Prunus spinosa prov. UK	436424	 20g14 100g36 1000g250
Prunus subhirtella	435284	 28g62 113g173 454g328
Prunus subhirtella Pendula	435285	 28g70 113g196 454g370
Prunus tenella	2282	 28g20 113g54 454g108
Prunus tomentosa	435287	 28g21 113g56 454g111
Prunus virginiana	435289	 28g15 113g39 454g80 100s64 1000s318
Prunus virginiana Schubert	448862	 28g29 113g88 454g170
Pseudomuscari azureum	28653	 1p4
Pseudoschoenus inanis	553453	 1p9
Psilocaulon coriarium	463289	 1p9 100s18
Psophocarpus tetragonolobus blue fld. form	5336	 1p4
Psophocarpus tetragonolobus red fld. form	460926	 10g8 25g15 50g26 100g47 250g105 500g186
Psylliostachys suworowii Pink Pokers c.s.	438213	 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g36 50g66 100g128 250g315 500g619 1000g1110 1p4
Psylliostachys suworowii b.s.	51011	 50g18 100g29 250g65 500g119 1000g183 5000g737 10000g1268 25000g3011
Psylliostachys suworowii c.s.	17852	 0g8 1g11 2g22 5g39 25g38 50g74 100g137 250g336 500g659 1000g960 2500g2295 5000g4
Pteris cretica Albo-lineata	400886	 0g32 0g49 1g77 1p4
Pteris ensiformis Evergreen	445620	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Pteris quadriaurita Tricolor	51442	 0g32 0g49 1g77
Pteronia onobromoides	463749	 1p10
Pteronia oppositifolia	444436	 1p10
Pulmonaria obscura	408458	 1g6 10g26 1p6
Pulmonaria officinalis organic seeds	459928	 1g12 10g71 100g490 1000g2913
Punica granatum	2308	 10g14 25g24 100g14 250g27 500g48 1000g88 5000g305 10000g460 1p8 15s8 1000s28 100
Punica granatum Nana	27559	 1g8 7g12 10g18 25g32 100g98 454g218 1p4 25s9
Punica granatum Nana Orange Master dwarf	29198	 1g16 5g45 10g84 25g208 50g415 100g828 250g2065 500g4119 1000g7408 1p4
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium	552500	 1g15 1g14 3g21 7g30 10g115 14g45 28g67 454g917 1p8 1000s8
Pyracantha angustifolia	2313	 1000g156
Pyracantha coccinea c.s.	408028	 10g19 20g14 28g39 100g33 113g107 250g225 454g205 500g127 1000g228 100s11 1000s17
Pyracantha fortuneana	3049	 250g48 500g90 1000g173
Quercus acutissima svs	2327	 250g68 454g53
Quercus agrifolia svs	25013	 250g68 454g67 4540g393 22700g1395
Quercus alba svs	2328	 250g68 454g53 1p18 1000s500
Quercus aliena svs	80842	 250g94
Quercus bicolor svs	24744	 113g27 250g68 454g57
Quercus canariensis svs	33138	 250g120
Quercus cerris svs	2329	 250g12 454g58 500g30 1000g50
Quercus chenii svs	448703	 250g120
Quercus chrysolepis svs	2331	 113g35 250g68 454g72
Quercus coccifera svs	400494	 250g20
Quercus coccinea svs	2333	 100g27 113g26 250g68 454g56 500g94 1000g177 1p20 1000s748
Quercus dentata svs	2335	 250g120
Quercus douglasii svs	2336	 113g27 250g68 454g56
Quercus durata svs	68102	 250g107
Quercus ellipsoidalis svs	73397	 113g29 250g68 454g61
Quercus faginea svs	431430	 250g36
Quercus falcata svs	400474	 113g26 454g55
Quercus gambelii svs	537822	 113g34 250g68 454g71
Quercus garryana svs	51482	 113g31 250g68 454g64
Quercus garryana v. breweri svs	401657	 250g68
Quercus georgiana	41761	 454g240
Quercus gilva svs	448704	 250g120
Quercus glauca svs	82218	 250g81
Quercus hemispherica svs	31021	 250g81
Quercus humboldtii	537830	 100s180
Quercus ilex svs	2342	 100g15 250g31 454g70 500g47 1000g84 1p17 1000s330
Quercus ilicifolia svs	68103	 113g42 454g83
Quercus imbricaria svs	41762	 113g27 250g68 454g57
Quercus kelloggii svs	2341	 250g68 454g77 4540g496
Quercus lanata svs	448705	 250g81
Quercus laurifolia svs	3111	 250g68 454g85
Quercus libani svs	403813	 250g94
Quercus lobata svs	25014	 250g68 454g67 4540g393
Quercus lyrata svs	38244	 250g68 454g55
Quercus macrocarpa svs	24625	 113g28 250g55 454g60
Quercus macrocarpa x gambelii svs	458955	 113g31 454g64 1p4
Quercus marilandica svs	74149	 250g107
Quercus michauxii svs	2345	 250g55 454g55
Quercus muehlenbergii svs	31022	 113g27 250g68 454g58
Quercus nigra svs	2347	 250g68 454g53
Quercus nuttallii svs	2348	 113g27 250g63 454g58
Quercus pagoda svs	537855	 113g26 250g68 454g55
Quercus palustris svs	2349	 100g22 250g36 454g53 500g84 1000g155 1p18 1000s344
Quercus petraea Import	431440	 500g33 1000g51
Quercus petraea svs	27186	 100g11 250g29 1000g50
Quercus phellos svs	2351	 250g68 454g56
Quercus polymorphus svs	442408	 250g68
Quercus prinoides svs	73398	 250g120 454g240
Quercus prinus svs	3108	 250g68 454g53 1p4
Quercus pubescens	25362	 250g34
Quercus pyrenaica svs	431441	 250g42
Quercus robur Fastigiata svs	2354	 250g55 454g55
Quercus robur Import svs	448752	 100g11 500g33 1000g51
Quercus robur prov. Australia, NZ svs	453720	 1p18 1000s606
Quercus robur svs	27187	 100g11 250g29 454g53 500g33 1000g51
Quercus rotundifolia	537866	 250g36
Quercus rubra	2353	 100g11 250g31 454g51 500g33 1000g51
Quercus shumardii	400476	 250g68 454g56
Quercus stellata	31023	 113g31 250g68 454g64
Quercus suber	5217	 113g36 250g36 454g69 4540g410 22700g1479
Quercus texana	537878	 113g26 454g56
Quercus vaccinifolia	401658	 250g81
Quercus variabilis	39897	 250g120
Quercus velutina	2357	 250g68 454g53
Quercus virginiana	2358	 250g81 454g56 100s42 1000s122
Quercus wislizenii	34328	 250g68 454g97
Rabiea albinota	30758	 1p10 25s11 100s15 1000s44
Rabiea difformis	449565	 1p10 100s20 1000s45
Radinosiphon leptostachya	552739	 1p10
Ranunculus aconitifolius	4632	 1g10 5g39 10g71 100g589 1p8
Ranunculus acris Citrinus	400779	 1p13
Ranunculus buchananii	432427	 1g53 10g399 1p14
Ranunculus bulbosus	2372	 2g10 5g8 10g10 25g16 50g25 100g44 1000g934
Ranunculus haasti ssp piliferus	432428	 1g75 10g597 1p23
Ranunculus lyallii	13264	 1g28 10g244 100g1935 1p13
Ranunculus thora	12628	 1g8 5g27 10g47 1p8
Raphanus sativus Radish Round Black	440770	 2500g110 10000g264 25000g554
Raphanus sativus Radish Round Black organic seed	463664	 100g40 250g92 500g174 1000g243 2500g459 10000g1271
Raphionacme burkei	430868	 100s24
Rebutia heliosa	11603	 1p4
Rebutia spp. mix	26582	 1p11
Remusatia hookeriana	462423	 100s25 1000s92
Remusatia vivipara	451965	 100s25 1000s92
Renealmia alpinia	538080	 100s12 1000s24 10000s134
Renealmia aromatica	52134	 100s30 1000s182
Renealmia exaltata	538083	 10s8
Renealmia oligosperma	538086	 100s23 1000s49 10000s355
Renealmia thyrsoides	538089	 100s23 1000s49 10000s355
Rhagodia baccata	16434	 25g22 100g75 1000g415
Rhagodia candolleana	442140	 100s12 1000s24
Rhagodia parabolica	406010	 25g22 100g73 1000g690
Rhagodia spinescens	406011	 25g25 100g86 1000g437
Rheum alexandrae	538200	 1g36 10g279 100g2116 1p19
Rheum australe	2401	 1g9 10g64 100g490 1p9
Rheum hybridum x Champagne	461136	 5g8 10g12 25g24 50g42 100g76 250g170 1p8
Rheum hybridum x Glaskins Perpetual	32898	 1g8 10g10 20g16 25g19 30g24 50g33 100g59 250g132 500g236 1000g994 1p8
Rheum hybridum x Glaskins Perpetual organic seed	553684	 1g8 10g42 100g215 1000g1475 1p12
Rheum hybridum x Lider	46979	 100g78 250g200 500g370 1000g520 2500g989
Rheum hybridum x Victoria	32899	 10g9 20g15 25g18 30g22 50g31 100g57 250g128 500g236 1000g379 2500g723 10000g2200
Rheum hybridum x Victoria organic seed	550474	 1g8 10g42 100g215 1000g1475 1p12
Rheum hybridum x organic seeds	47604	 1g8 10g21 100g112 1000g633 1p12
Rheum nobile	538211	 0g12 0g17 1g27 10g201 100g1557 1p22 6s11
Rheum officinale BLBP 01	458155	 1g7 10g34 100g219 1000g1505 1p12
Rheum officinale Gansu strain	452180	 1p4
Rheum palmatum	25493	 1020g227 2020g355 4020g596 8020g925 10s8
Rheum palmatum v tanguticum	28495	 0g9 0g12 1g13 1g17 3g26 5g48 10g90 100g697 1000g4847 1p11
Rheum rhabarbarum hybridum x	433787	 1g8 10g16 100g77 1000g549 1p8
Rheum rhabarbarum x organic seed	538213	 1g8 10g21 100g112 1000g753 1p8
Rheum rhaponticum	85045	 1g8 10g38 100g219 1p8 30s10
Rhexia virginica	76644	 1g32 10g244 1p17
Rhinephyllum muirii	20499	 1p10
Rhipsalis baccifera	405698	 1p10
Rhodiola atropurpurea	450442	 1g79 10g700 1p14
Rhodiola rhodantha	86449	 1g79 1p15
Rhodiola rosea	3026	 0g30 1g49 10g429 1p9 300s11
Rhodiola semenovii	86450	 1g79 1p15
Rhodohypoxis baurii Coral Stars mix red to white	36907	 1p27
Rhodohypoxis hybrids mixed	443198	 1p16
Rhodophiala bifida v spathacea svs	459874	 1g27 1p19
Rhodophiala chilensis svs	83837	 1p9
Rhodophiala splendens svs	450625	 1p10
Rhombophyllum dolabriforme	20501	 1p10 100s15
Rhombophyllum nelii Seekoegat	19463	 10s34
Rhynchosia totta	538817	 100s29 1000s213
Rhytidocaulon fulleri (name unresolved)	463797	 1s20
Ribes alpinum	2426	 1g7 2g15 5g24 10g42 1p4
Ribes aureum	69457	 1p9
Ribes cereum	448021	 5g26 1p4
Ribes fasciculatum v chinense	35757	 5g26
Ribes sanguineum	452421	 50s8
Ribes uva-crispa	84290	 0g16 1g8 10g56 1p6
Rodgersia New Hybrids	85046	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p9 200s9
Rodgersia aesculifolia	4524	 0g29 1g24 10g623 100g4954 1p6
Rodgersia aesculifolia v henrici hybrids	35294	 1g36 10g279 100g2210 1p10 200s9
Rodgersia pinnata (neme unresolved)	4525	 1g53 10g415 1p14
Rodgersia sambucifolia	4526	 1g53 10g416 1p14
Rohdea japonica	438629	 1g10 10g68 100g525 1p68
Romanzoffia californica	407728	 1p4 50s10
Romneya coulteri	24681	 1g27 10g210 28g61 100g1660 1p12 50s10
Romulea albiflora	440586	 1p10 100s13
Romulea albomarginata	460147	 1p10
Romulea amoena	12786	 1p10 100s13
Romulea atrandra v atrandra	12835	 1p10
Romulea austinii	451815	 1p10
Romulea biflora	440588	 1p10
Romulea bulbocodium	405288	 1p4
Romulea citrina	68178	 1p10
Romulea cruciata v intermedia	442243	 1p10
Romulea discifera	71077	 1p10
Romulea diversiformis	74373	 1p10
Romulea eximia	29468	 1p10
Romulea flava white form	52478	 1p10 100s17
Romulea flava yellow form	12788	 1p10
Romulea hantamensis	440589	 12s10
Romulea hirsuta v hirsuta	12789	 1p10
Romulea hirta	29469	 1p10 100s13
Romulea hirta white fld. form	460642	 1p10
Romulea komsbergensis	74375	 1p10 100s13
Romulea leipoldtii	2947	 1p10
Romulea luteoflora	34809	 1p10
Romulea macowanii v alticola	442621	 1p4
Romulea minutiflora	12791	 1p10 100s22 1000s43
Romulea monadelpha	29471	 1p9 100s13
Romulea montana	74376	 1p10
Romulea monticola	12792	 1p10
Romulea namaquensis aff.	442244	 1p10
Romulea namaquensis ssp bolusii	434616	 1p10
Romulea obscura v obscura	71266	 1p10 100s13
Romulea obscura v subtestacea	440592	 1p10
Romulea pearsonii	74378	 1p10
Romulea requienii	442902	 1p4
Romulea rosea	446106	 25g82 100g240 1000g1580 1p4 100s15
Romulea rosea v reflexa high altitude form	444929	 1p10 100s13
Romulea rosea v reflexa lower altitude form	444928	 1p10
Romulea sabulosa	29551	 1p10
Romulea saxatilis aff.	552742	 1p10
Romulea schlechteri	74379	 1p10
Romulea setifolia v aggregata	440594	 1p10
Romulea setifolia v setifolia	29474	 1p10
Romulea sladenii	38099	 1p10
Romulea sp. unident. from the Gydoberg	552743	 1p10
Romulea sp. unident. from the Western Cape	80681	 1p10
Romulea sp. unident. orange fl.	450291	 1p10
Romulea sp. unident. prov. Cedarberg	434617	 1p10
Romulea subfistulosa	400756	 1p10
Romulea tabularis	400085	 1p10 100s13
Romulea tetragona	460149	 1p10 100s13
Romulea tetragona v tetragona	68807	 1p10 100s13
Romulea thodei	405644	 1p4
Romulea tortuosa	434618	 1p10 100s13
Romulea tortuosa ssp tortuosa	71078	 1p10 100s16
Romulea tortuosa ssp. aurea	52482	 1p10
Romulea triflora	12796	 1p10
Romulea zahnii	451487	 1p4
Roscoea alpina	2476	 1g19 1p14
Roscoea auriculata	68093	 1g14 10g106 100g834 1p10
Roscoea cautleyoides	25496	 1g19 10g141 1p10
Roscoea purpurea	12411	 1g19 2g27 1p14
Roscoea scillifolia	86262	 1p4
Roscoea scillifolia darker form	68096	 1p4
Rosularia rechingeri	407681	 1g161 1p12
Rudbeckia fulgida v sullivanti Goldsturm	5021	 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g15 15g40 20g50 25g58 50g53 100g99 250g242 500g474 1000g850 2500g
Rudbeckia fulgida v sullivanti Goldsturm treated seed	461868	 1g19 10g141 100g1127 1p8 100s8 250s12 500s20 1000s37 2500s82 5000s160 10000s304
Rumex alpinus	539872	 1g8 10g16 100g90 1p8
Rumohra adiantiformis	30588	 0g32 0g49 1g77 1p4
Rumohra variegata	445619	 0g34 0g53 1g87
Ruschia archeri	443360	 1p10 100s17
Ruschia laxipetala	539928	 1p10 100s18
Ruschia macrocarpa	458693	 100s51
Ruschia marianae	68928	 1p22
Ruschia maxima	69411	 1p10 100s18
Ruschia multiflora	19469	 1p10 100s16
Ruschia parviflora	430230	 1p10 100s18
Ruschia pulvinaris	30638	 10s34
Ruschia pungens	35379	 1p10 100s16
Ruschia putterillii	441755	 1p10
Ruschia rariflora	440614	 1p10
Ruschia schollii	539929	 1p10 100s18
Ruschia spinosa	458522	 1p10 100s18
Ruschia strubeniae	19473	 1p10 100s19
Ruschia suaveolens	400681	 1p10 100s18
Ruschia tenella	435479	 1p10
Ruschiella lunulata	463785	 1p10
Sagittaria cuneata	456489	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g47 300s8
Sagittaria sagittifolia	70014	 5g36 25g121 100g330 1000g2488
Salicornia quinqueflora	83295	 100s13
Salpiglossis sinuata Black Trumpets	463529	 1p8
Salpiglossis sinuata Chilean Black	552403	 1g22 500s9
Salpiglossis sinuata Kew Blue	400993	 5g63 10g49 25g114 50g227 100g451 250g1122 500g2234 1000g4020 1p8
Salpiglossis sinuata Little Friends Mixture	438375	 10g49 25g114 50g227 100g451 250g1122 500g2234 1000g4014 1p10
Salpiglossis sinuata Superb(issima) Mixed	32874	 5g26 25g87 50g21 100g35 250g89 500g167 1000g256 5000g1082 10000g2005 1p4 500s8
Salpiglossis sinuata f1 Royale Chocolate	437586	 100s8 250s13 500s23 1000s43 2500s94
Salpiglossis sinuata f1 Royale Mixed	437584	 100s8 250s13 500s23 750s33 1000s43 2500s84
Salpiglossis sinuata f2 Bolero Mixture	82325	 5g9 10g15 15g22 25g22 50g39 100g71 250g173 500g335 1000g266 2500g579 10000g2102
Salvia patens Cambridge Blue	86870	 5g39 10g72 25g177 50g352 100g702 250g1749 500g3484 1000g6273 1p10 1000s106 5000s
Salvia spathacea	79143	 25s10 30s10
Sambucus ebulus c.s.	5026	 1g5 10g17 25g16 50g25 100g43 1000g4120 1p5
Sandersonia aurantiaca	12203	 100s57
Sanguinaria canadensis svs	4533	 1g18 3g36 7g55 10g158 14g95 28g163 1p9 20s8
Sanguisorba menziesii	437588	 1g17 10g137 100g1170 1p9
Sanguisorba minor Burnet for micro burnet	460653	 100g23 250g47 500g80 1000g139
Sansevieria hyacinthoides	401043	 1p10
Sansevieria metallica	450369	 100s25 1000s209
Sarcococca pruniformis	83112	 1g5 10g44 1p4
Sarcostemma viminale	77657	 1p10
Sarracenia purpurea New Hybrids mix	21142	 1g100 10g778 1p16
Sarracenia purpurea ssp purpurea	21144	 0g27 1g79 10g692 1p16 1000s40 2000s76 5000s187 10000s358
Sarracenia purpurea typical form	29955	 1g16 10g130 100g1080 1p8
Sauromatum venosum	27234	 3s13
Saussurea alpina	439065	 0g18 1g6 10g108 1p6
Saussurea costus cit	443009	 1p10 10s11
Savannosiphon euryphylla	526453	 1g12 5g54
Saxifraga Mossy Group Rockery Mix	24312	 0g15 0g25 0g36 1g46 2g19 5g35 10g63 25g154 50g306 100g610 250g1443 1p9 5000s12 1
Saxifraga Mossy Group dark pink	82348	 1p4
Saxifraga Petra	46332	 1p4
Saxifraga aizoides	14103	 1g6 5g24 10g42 100g310 1p6
Saxifraga arendsii x Blutenteppich	79263	 1g20 10g157 100g1324 1p8
Saxifraga arendsii x Floral Carpet	35295	 2g17 5g28 10g49 25g115 50g306 100g608 500g2256 1000g3470 5000s12 10000s21 25000s
Saxifraga arendsii x Manteau Pourpre	14109	 g20 2g17 5g28 10g49 25g115 500g2256 1000g3470 500s8 5000s12 10000s21 25000s46 50
Saxifraga arendsii x Rockery Hybrids Mossy Mix	460934	 2g21 5g35 10g63 25g154 50g306 100g456 250g1134 500g2257 1000g3470 1p4 5000s12 10
Saxifraga arendsii x Tapis de Neige	14111	 1g20 10g49 25g115 50g229 100g456 250g1133 500g2256 1000g3470 1p8 5000s12 10000s2
Saxifraga aspera	14112	 1g10 10g99 1p8
Saxifraga aurantiaca	83889	 1g8 5g27 10g47 100g353 1p6
Saxifraga biflora	14113	 1g13 10g99 1p8
Saxifraga callosa	456769	 1p4
Saxifraga canaliculata	404946	 1p4
Saxifraga cochlearis	403715	 1g57 1p10
Saxifraga cotyledon	442627	 1p4
Saxifraga cotyledon Pyramidalis	14149	 1g12 10g90 100g697 1p8
Saxifraga cuneifolia	14152	 1g11 10g84 1p8
Saxifraga exarata	14154	 1g53 1p14
Saxifraga granulata	77720	 0g8 0g10 1g17 2g21 5g35 10g64 100g386 1000g3051 1p8
Saxifraga hostii	14168	 1g27 10g210 1p8
Saxifraga longifolia	14185	 1g199 1p27
Saxifraga longifolia Aitana	442919	 1p4
Saxifraga manschuriensis	82340	 1g53 1p14
Saxifraga marginata	82341	 1g79 10g622 1p14
Saxifraga oppositifolia	82342	 0g27 1g20 5g89 10g171 100g1406 1p10
Saxifraga oppositifolia ssp oppositifolia v latina	14202	 2g58 5g110 10g214 100g1836 1p14
Saxifraga paniculata	14104	 1g40 10g313 1p11
Saxifraga paniculata Brevifolia	82343	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p10
Saxifraga paniculata Lagraveana	458004	 1p4
Saxifraga paradoxa	46340	 1p4
Saxifraga parnassifolia	461847	 1p4
Saxifraga pensylvanica	65707	 3g31 7g45 14g75 28g125 750s8
Saxifraga rotundifolia	14216	 1g6 10g120 1p6
Saxifraga sempervivum	82345	 1g79 10g623 1p14
Saxifraga spp. and vars. mossy mixed	451967	 1p9
Saxifraga spp. and vars. rock garden mix	82349	 1p9
Saxifraga stellaris	82347	 0g23 1g10 1p7
Saxifraga umbrosa Clarence Elliott	456863	 1g19 10g140 100g1109 1p8
Sceletium crassicaule	71109	 1p10
Sceletium rigidum	443367	 1p10
Sceletium sp. unident. prov. Little Karoo	458524	 1p10
Sceletium varians	405091	 100s18
Schinus molle	2532	 10g14 25g24 28g22 56g37 113g67 250g197 454g132 1000g122 4540g958 22700g5613 100s
Schinus terebinthifolius	5577	 10g19 28g37 113g85 250g199 454g197 4540g1666 22700g7789 1p4 100s12 1000s27 10000
Schizaea pectinata	460237	 1p10 100s16
Schizanthus Angels Wings mix	32875	 10g8 25g12 50g17 100g28 250g63 500g124 1000g187 2500g892 5000g781 10000g1446 250
Schizanthus Dr Badgers Hybrids Mix	77257	 100g28 250g61 500g116 1p9
Schizanthus Gay Pansies mixed	82786	 50g58 100g110
Schizanthus Star Parade	3305	 1p10 250s13 500s24 1000s44 2500s98
Schizanthus pinnatus Tinkerbell Mixed	47930	 25g37 50g68 100g133 250g327 500g644 1000g1154
Schizanthus x wisetonensis, Dr. Badgers Mix	33049	 1p8
Schizocarphus nervosus	31165	 1p10 100s13
Schizorhiza neglecta	71903	 1p10 100s13
Schlumbergera truncata	11177	 100s12 1000s71
Schoenoplectus lacustris	4542	 1g8 10g21 25g154 100g112 1000g3027
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani	34554	 1g8 3g12 7g14 10g21 14g20 25g31 28g28 100g112 454g336 1000g902 500s8
Scilla bifolia	400588	 1g6 10g23 1p2
Scilla bithynica	460659	 1p4
Scilla hyacinthoides hort.	448801	 1g8 10g34 100g215
Scilla kraussii	405085	 100s10
Scilla latifolia	446120	 100s26 1000s90
Scilla luciliae	28642	 1g8 10g20 1p8
Scilla peruviana	12631	 1p4
Scilla sardensis	11839	 1g8 10g21 1p8
Scilla siberica	28681	 1p4
Scilla siberica Alba	36805	 1p8
Scilla verna	15464	 1p4
Scirpus atrovirens	82331	 28g16 454g162 1000s8
Sclerocactus scheeri	400004	 100s16 1000s92
Sclerocactus uncinatus b	435028	 100s30
Scopolia carniolica	63966	 0g50 1g19 10g141 100g1109 1p14 10s8 40s10
Scutellaria lateriflora	26918	 1g10 10g68 1p4 100s8
Sedum acre	14253	 0g12 0g8 1g15 1g10 2g13 5g20 10g33 25g74 100g265 500g1418 1000g2083 2500g9452 1p
Sedum acre Oktoberfest	445798	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p10
Sedum album	13323	 1g17 2g17 5g28 10g49 25g115 100g386 1000g3051 1p9
Sedum anacampseros	13328	 0g22 1g19 1p12
Sedum hybridum Czars Gold	442351	 1g19 10g140 100g1109 1p8
Sedum kamtschaticum	454657	 1g17 5g25 10g44 25g96 50g188 100g265 1000g2083 1p9
Sedum lanceolatum	67518	 1g79 1p14
Sedum montanum	445799	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p10
Sedum rubens Lizard	461019	 0g20 0g34 1g62 10g545 100g4868 1p14 500s10 1000s18 2500s38 5000s74
Sedum rupestre	453447	 0g11 0g8 1g13 1g10 5g85 10g44 25g82 50g158 100g265 250g742 1000g2083 1p8
Sedum rupestre organic seed	551117	 1g19 10g141 1p8
Sedum sediforme	13363	 1g24 10g209 100g1660 1p11
Sedum spp. - vars. mix for 0.5m. x 0.5m. roof or wall garden	462741	 1p12
Sedum spp. - vars. mix for 1m. x 1m. roof or wall garden	462742	 1p32
Sedum spp. and vars. mix suit roof or wall gardens rockery etc.	4569	 1g13 2g28 5g50 10g94 100g731 1p8 2500s7 5000s12 10000s22 25000s49
Sedum spp. mix other than S. rupestre (reflexum) - telephium	444181	 10g35 25g81
Sedum spurium	26842	 0g8 0g21 1g11 5g25 10g44 100g265 1000g2083 1p4
Sedum spurium Coccineum	25505	 0g8 1g17 1g10 2g14 5g22 10g39 25g89 50g173 100g344 250g854 500g1697 1000g2610 1p
Sedum spurium Summer Glory	403724	 1g21 10g158 100g1247 1p9
Sedum spurium Summer Snow	541246	 1g21 10g158 100g1247 1p12
Sedum spurium Voodoo	442352	 1g212 10g1899 1p8 500s10 1000s18 2500s40 5000s76
Sedum stenopetalum	450397	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p11
Sedum stoloniferum	404954	 1g21 10g157 100g1247 1p11
Sedum takesimense	452029	 1g92 10g760 1p14
Sedum telephium	4687	 100s8
Sedum telephium Emperors Waves	445800	 1g135 10g1036 1p12
Sedum telephium Purpureum	4686	 1g7 10g41 1p6
Sedum telephium Surrender Red	463487	 50s8 100s14 250s30 500s55
Sedum telephium ssp maximum	14259	 1g6 2g14 5g21 10g36 100g245 1000g1968 1p6
Sedum ternatum	86444	 1g199 1p12
Sedum ussuriense	459275	 0g28 1g49 10g382 1p12 250s8 3000s65 5000s107 10000s213
Sedum ussuriense multi-pellets	553152	 1500s41 3000s76 5000s125 10000s250
Selenicereus testudo	541296	 100s15
Semnanthe lacera	19479	 1p10
Sempervivum arachnoideum	13313	 1g105 10g829 1p14
Sempervivum arachnoideum ssp. tomentosum	28608	 1g27 10g214 1p10
Sempervivum spp. and vars. mix	2376	 0g18 0g30 0g45 1g40 1g81 10g352 100g3143 1p11 500s9 1250s9 2500s11 5000s21 10000
Sempervivum tectorum	400113	 0g9 1g6 2g15 5g24 10g42 100g310 1000g2613 1p6
Senecio barbertonicus	448924	 1p10 100s25 1000s210
Senecio cotyledonis	552674	 1p10
Senecio longiflorus	440525	 1p10 100s25 1000s209
Senecio pinifolius	458525	 1p10
Senecio pseudoarnica	446124	 1p4
Senecio rowleyanus	68954	 1p4
Senecio serpens	456538	 100s19 1000s36 10000s229
Silene primuliiflora	404061	 1p10 100s15
Sinacalia tangutica	71421	 1p12
Sinningia canescens	12206	 100s19 1000s90
Sinningia f1 Empress Blue Picotee pills	553019	 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia f1 Empress Lavender Bicolor pills	463174	 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia f1 Empress Mixed pills	12213	 100s9 250s18 500s22 1000s38 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia f1 Empress Pink Bicolor pills	463175	 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia f1 Empress Purple Spotted Throat pills	553021	 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia f1 Empress Purple Spotted pills	553020	 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia f1 Empress Purple pills	463176	 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia f1 Empress Red Picotee pills	553022	 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia f1 Empress Red Spotted pills	553023	 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia f1 Empress Red pills	463177	 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia f1 Empress White pills	463178	 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia f1 Empress Wine Red pills	463179	 2000s69 10000s343 100000s2965
Sinningia florianopolis (name unresolved)	463798	 5s10
Sinningia insularis	462197	 5s8 50s13
Sinningia sellovii orange to pink	447754	 1p10 100s9
Sinningia speciosa f1 Avanti Mixed formula	68025	 1p10
Sinningia tubiflora dwarf	77502	 250s8
Sinopodophyllum hexandrum	432077	 1g10 2g18 5g30 10g54 1p11
Sisyrinchium Mrs Spivey	454441	 1p4
Sisyrinchium albidum	408895	 3g48 7g89 14g162 75s8
Sisyrinchium angustifolium	12466	 0g8 0g10 1g10 1g14 2g22 3g24 5g19 7g55 10g68 14g95 20g138 28g187 40g270 100g525
Sisyrinchium angustifolium v. album	38774	 1g10 10g67 100g525 1p8
Sisyrinchium bellum	2569	 1g9 2g11 5g18 10g32 15g46 25g17 50g27 100g47 220g144 250g112 450g220 500g214 100
Sisyrinchium bellum Album	46355	 1p4
Sisyrinchium bellum fa nanum	451549	 1p4
Sisyrinchium californicum	247	 0g8 0g9 0g12 1g14 1g18 2g23 5g54 10g102 1p8 500s13 1000s24 2500s53 5000s102 1000
Sisyrinchium californicum Brachypus Group	451548	 0g8 0g9 0g11 1g16 3g25 1p4
Sisyrinchium californicum Yellow Stone	458020	 0g8 0g9 0g12 1g14 1g18 2g30 5g54 10g102 1p8 500s13 1000s25 2500s53 5000s102 1000
Sisyrinchium campestre	28515	 3g23 7g31 14g41 28g76 454g1062 75s8
Sisyrinchium idahoense	406297	 1p4
Sisyrinchium idahoense v macounii Album	446138	 1p4
Sisyrinchium montanum	2852	 1p4
Sisyrinchium montanum aff.	446359	 1p4
Sisyrinchium palmifolium	439998	 3g27 1p9 18s11
Sisyrinchium sp. unident.	442953	 1p4
Sisyrinchium striatum	2578	 0g8 0g9 0g12 1g14 1g18 2g27 5g54 10g102 100g783 1p8
Sium sisarum	28908	 25s8 100s15
Sium suave	552501	 3g26 7g45 14g75 28g125 300s8
Smallanthus sonchifolius tuber	536381	 1bl19
Smallanthus uvedalia	4478	 25s9
Smicrostigma viride	405157	 1p2 100s18
Solanum aculeastrum	542119	 100s26 1000s196
Solanum aculeatissimum	40787	 500s8
Solanum aethiopicum N Drowa Issia	461871	 5g11
Solanum africanum	463070	 100s13
Solanum americanum	5674	 1g6 10g35 25g86 100g264 1000g1718 1p5
Solanum anguivi	542144	 1p10 100s13 1000s26
Solanum asperolanatum	542156	 100s28 1000s118
Solanum atropurpureum	67772	 1g15 5g41 1p8 100s8
Solanum bicorne	542168	 100s101
Solanum burbankii x Wonderberry	462091	 1g10 10g42 50s8 100s8
Solanum burchellii	458679	 100s15 1000s256
Solanum candidum	542206	 100s19 1000s34 10000s229
Solanum capsiciforme	407621	 5g23
Solanum caripense	442996	 100s13 1000s24 10000s134
Solanum catombelense	542213	 100s12
Solanum centrale c.s.	439531	 5g23
Solanum cheesmaniae	542219	 10g111 100g1084
Solanum cheesmaniae Galapagos	528558	 10g100 25g245
Solanum chippendalei	407622	 25g17 100g56 1000g286
Solanum diversiflorum	30724	 5g23 25g26 100g89 1000g512
Solanum dulcamara	5036	 1g6 5g19 10g18 25g37 50g68 100g130 1000g1008 1p6 50s8 100s8 1000s28
Solanum esuriale	407623	 5g23 25g24 100g83 1000g475
Solanum ferocissimum	67766	 25g21 100g68 1000g377
Solanum ferox	85688	 100s21 1000s47
Solanum galapagense (unresolved name)	462080	 1g16
Solanum giganteum	77261	 1p10 100s13 1000s212
Solanum grandiflorum	542291	 100s14 1000s22 10000s45
Solanum guineense	542295	 1p10
Solanum incanum	446389	 25g112 100g338 1000g2227 1p4
Solanum indicum	444973	 250g26 500g46 1000g84 5000g318 10000g485 100s22 1000s34 100000s1338
Solanum khasianum	70073	 10g14 250g154 500s9
Solanum laciniatum	24346	 10g30 1p9 100s14 1000s62
Solanum laciniatum prov. N Z	551005	 10g43 100s14
Solanum lanceifolium	542351	 100s25 1000s80
Solanum lasiophyllum c.s.	16471	 1g16 15g21 25g32 100g111 1000g663
Solanum linearifolium (name unresolved)	551716	 1p10
Solanum linnaeanum	86464	 25g199 100g586 1000g3906 1p10
Solanum luteum	462092	 25g124 100g366 1000g2407
Solanum lycopersicum v. cerasiforme	542378	 100s24 1000s79
Solanum macrocarpon Red Egg	461869	 25s11
Solanum macrocarpon f1 Emerald Isle	550818	 25s9 50s15 100s26 250s58 500s108
Solanum mammosum	5319	 2g12 5g19 10g31 25g68 1p4 12s8 100s12 1000s26 10000s169
Solanum marginatum	434366	 1p8 100s20 1000s20 100000s725
Solanum mauritianum	67327	 2g16 5g25 25g124 100g366 1000g2407 1p8
Solanum melongena Black Beauty	34724	 10g8 12g8 25g11 50g17 75g28 100g31 250g67 500g93 1000g129 2500g239 10000g664 250
Solanum melongena Black Beauty organic seed	448128	 5g24 10g41 15g61 25g91 50g167 500s8 1000s10 2500s22 5000s44 10000s80
Solanum melongena Brazilian Oval Orange	551575	 10s8
Solanum melongena Cima Viola	551867	 2g8
Solanum melongena Golden Eggs	34011	 100g39 250g89 500g165 1000g293 2500g751 5000g1393 10000g2288 25000g5190
Solanum melongena Halflange Violette	461633	 500g93 1000g129 2500g250 10000g664 25000g1443
Solanum melongena Ivory	551959	 100s27 200s45 300s69 500s103 1000s192
Solanum melongena Jewel Amethyst dwarf eggplant	463588	 50s12 250s51 1000s76 2500s187 5000s370 10000s670
Solanum melongena Jewel Ivory dwarf eggplant	51204	 50s12 250s51 500s89 1000s76 2500s186 5000s369 10000s669
Solanum melongena Jewel Jade dwarf eggplant	553729	 50s12 250s51 1000s76 2500s187 5000s370 10000s670
Solanum melongena Jewel Jet dwarf eggplant	408185	 50s12 250s51 1000s76 2500s187 5000s370 10000s670
Solanum melongena Listada de Gandia	460820	 1p4 25s8
Solanum melongena Long Purple	78233	 25g12 50g19 75g29 100g34 250g72 1p8
Solanum melongena Long Purple organic seed	459676	 5g16 10g28 15g41 25g60 50g110
Solanum melongena Louisiana Long Green	552458	 25s8
Solanum melongena Prosperosa	551493	 10g34 50g134 100g245 250g443 500g816 1p11
Solanum melongena Red Egg	463500	 25s12
Solanum melongena Rotonda Bianca Sfumata di Rosa	442438	 2g9 50g31 100g53 250g113 500g197 1000g300 2500g572 1p9
Solanum melongena Slim Jim	442439	 50g28 100g48 250g74 500g119 1000g213 1p8
Solanum melongena Snowy organic	453556	 100s10 250s20 500s36 1000s69 2500s153
Solanum melongena Striped Togo	463502	 25s10
Solanum melongena Thai Long Green	34727	 5000s68
Solanum melongena Udumalapet	446417	 0g10
Solanum melongena Violetta di Firenze	442437	 1g8 50g28 100g48 250g74 500g119 1000g213 1p8
Solanum melongena Violetta di New York	551866	 1g9
Solanum melongena White Egg	442440	 2g9 5g8 10g10 25g18 50g31 100g53 250g113 500g197 1000g301 1p9 100s23 250s50 1000
Solanum melongena f1 Baluroi	553673	 50g107 100g207 250g513 500g1015 1000g1423
Solanum melongena f1 Birgah	551495	 1p18 15s14 50s27 100s48 500s214 1000s389 2500s922
Solanum melongena f1 Black Bell	81610	 25s12
Solanum melongena f1 Bonica	440060	 1g19 5g46 25g186 1p8 100s8 250s14 500s26 1000s48 2500s107
Solanum melongena f1 Calliope	81608	 25s9
Solanum melongena f1 Clara	551956	 50s13 100s19 150s28 250s38 500s70
Solanum melongena f1 Emerald Isle	461907	 25s9 50s16 100s28 250s62 500s116
Solanum melongena f1 Falcon organic seed	451099	 25s18 50s32 100s59 250s133 500s250
Solanum melongena f1 Farmers Long	445324	 1p8 100s8 250s11 500s20 1000s38 2500s82
Solanum melongena f1 Galine	551496	 1p12 100s20 500s68 1000s114 2500s268 5000s499
Solanum melongena f1 Giotto	461084	 100s9 250s18 500s33 1000s63 2500s139
Solanum melongena f1 Ivory	461085	 25s9 50s16 100s28 250s62 500s116
Solanum melongena f1 Jackpot	408188	 100s35 200s55 300s82 500s113 1000s209
Solanum melongena f1 Kaberi	461908	 1p9 25s8 50s13 100s23 250s50 500s94
Solanum melongena f1 Kermit	81606	 0g19 100s23 250s49 1000s159
Solanum melongena f1 Miranda	551957	 100s23 200s36 300s53 500s73 1000s135
Solanum melongena f1 Moneymaker	34723	 100s8 200s27 250s15 500s26 1000s51 2500s110
Solanum melongena f1 Morella	551494	 1p13 100s19 500s61 1000s99 2500s218 5000s396
Solanum melongena f1 Ophelia	457242	 20s9 1000s207
Solanum melongena f1 Picola mini-aubergine	551869	 40s14
Solanum melongena f1 Pinstripe	453555	 25s9 50s16 100s28 150s44 250s60 500s110
Solanum melongena f1 Shoya Long	463587	 5000s82 10000s145 25000s359
Solanum melongena f1 xxxx	551868	 25s14
Solanum muricatum	2585	 1p4 10s9 500s45 1000s83
Solanum muricatum Pepino Dulce	431061	 1p4 100s17 1000s104
Solanum oldfieldii	439533	 25g19 100g64 1000g355
Solanum oleraceum	402958	 30s8
Solanum orbiculatum	439534	 25g21 100g70 1000g385
Solanum pimpinellifolium Currant Red	553552	 100s13 250s28 500s50 1000s86
Solanum pimpinellifolium Currant Yellow	552220	 1p4 100s13 250s28 500s49 1000s86
Solanum pseudocapsicum	439902	 5g17
Solanum pseudocapsicum Joker	30729	 250s8 500s12 1000s22 2500s64
Solanum pseudocapsicum New Patterson	70249	 50g43 100g79 250g192 500g373 1000g524 2500g998 10000g3033 25000g7205
Solanum pseudocapsicum Red Giant	79259	 100g47 250g111
Solanum pseudocapsicum Thurino Light	70250	 500s27 1000s48 2000s89 10000s429 50000s2136 100000s3781
Solanum pseudocapsicum Tucana ornamental pot	461878	 100s14 250s29 500s54 1000s101
Solanum ptycanthum	40173	 25g124 100g368 1000g2419
Solanum pyracanthos	542481	 100s25 1000s92 10000s644
Solanum pyracanthum	406703	 1p10 30s10
Solanum quadriloculatum	542482	 25g21 100g70 1000g385
Solanum quitoense	2584	 1p9 100s11 1000s15 10000s60
Solanum retroflexum	39256	 50s8
Solanum sanitwongsei	542507	 1p4
Solanum sarachoides	454976	 25g174 100g536 1000g3545
Solanum seaforthianum	27141	 1p17 100s19 500s19 1000s32
Solanum sessiliflorum	52199	 1p4 100s12 1000s22 10000s74
Solanum sessiliflorum Red Giant	542520	 100s36 1000s222
Solanum sessiliflorum Red Topiro	542522	 100s20 1000s52 10000s377
Solanum simile	16473	 25g19 100g64 1000g355
Solanum sisymbrifolium	401722	 1p9
Solanum sp. Tuwayo	464213	 100s23 1000s72
Solanum sp. unident. Thai Green Pea	461870	 25s11
Solanum stramoniifolium	542538	 100s18 1000s34 10000s253
Solanum sturtianum	16474	 25g23 100g78 1000g445
Solanum symonii	76501	 15g25 25g37 100g133 1000g807
Solanum ternatum	542559	 100s23
Solanum tettense	458769	 1p9
Solanum tomentosum	401333	 1p10
Solanum topiro	74943	 1p4 100s25 1000s153
Solanum torvum	67878	 2g8 5g14 10g24 100g155 1p8 100s12 1000s22
Solanum trilobatum	542567	 100s17
Solanum uporo	401725	 1p9 20s11
Solanum vescum	47527	 100s12 1000s24
Solanum villosum	444241	 1p4
Solanum villosum Golden Pearls	551576	 1p4 50s9
Solanum xanthocarpum	27142	 25g8 50g10 100g15 250g27 500g47 1000g85 5000g315 10000g475 1p4 1000s63
Solaum lycopersicum Craigella	552127	 1g8 2g13 3g19 5g27 10g50
Solidago canadensis	1535	 0g8 0g10 1g8 1g13 2g19 5g32 10g57 25g120 40g188 100g460 1p6
Solidago graminifolia	23219	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g67 454g917 1000s8
Sorbus folgneri	408798	 10g53 250g666
Sparaxis auriculata	442247	 1p10
Sparaxis bulbifera	29316	 1p9 100s13
Sparaxis caryophyllacea	454763	 1p10
Sparaxis elegans	12215	 1p10 100s13
Sparaxis fragrans	442248	 1p10 100s16
Sparaxis grandiflora ssp acutiloba	12797	 1p10 100s13
Sparaxis grandiflora ssp fimbriata	439355	 1p10
Sparaxis grandiflora ssp grandiflora	12217	 1p10 100s16
Sparaxis grandiflora ssp violacea	12799	 10s4 100s13
Sparaxis maculosa	460150	 1p10
Sparaxis meterlekampiae	431807	 1p10 100s13
Sparaxis sp. unident.	80683	 1p10
Sparaxis tricolor	400104	 1p10
Sparaxis tricolor Colour Mill	75821	 1g11 2g22 5g39 10g72
Sparaxis villosa	71084	 1p10 100s15
Spartina pectinata	4727	 7g13 14g18 28g24 57g40 113g73 454g278 250s8
Spetaea lachenaliiflora	552749	 1p9
Sphaeralcea ambigua	4729	 7g20 28g35 500s8
Sphaeropteris cooperi	5882	 1p57
Spiraea tomentosa	38657	 3g20 7g29 14g45 28g68 1000s8
Stachys affinis tubers Crosne du Japon	39211	 100g42
Stachys palaestina	4588	 5g8 10g10 25g17 50g28 100g49 250g119 500g225 1000g440 5000g2318 1p4
Stapelia gettliffei	62658	 40s12
Stapelia gigantea	52618	 1p10 100s31
Stapelia leendertziae	62662	 8s9 100s16 1000s61
Stapelia spp. mix	434665	 1p13
Steganotaenia araliacea	68627	 1p12 100s15
Stenocactus vaupelianus	441420	 100s20
Stenocereus fimbriatus	543249	 100s52 1000s324
Stenocereus fricii	543248	 100s15 1000s29 10000s212
Stenocereus pruinosus	26323	 100s22 1000s87 10000s691
Stenocereus queretaroensis	26527	 25s9 100s24 1000s81
Stenocereus queretaroensis Amarillo	78368	 100s24 1000s81
Stenocereus queretaroensis Blanco	443260	 100s24 1000s81
Stenocereus queretaroensis Rojo	543252	 100s24 1000s81
Stenocereus queretaroensis Rosita	75854	 100s24 1000s81
Stenocereus stellatus	9887	 25s9
Stenocereus thurberi	78367	 100s20 1000s42 10000s324
Stephania glandulifera	464299	 100s20 1000s62
Stetsonia coryne	30746	 25s8
Stipa calamagrostis	67052	 1g21 10g141 100g1256 1p8
Stomatium alboroseum	443380	 1s10
Stomatium mustellinum	407853	 1p10
Stomatium rouxii	463072	 100s34
Stomatium villettii	406981	 100s19
Stomatostemma monteiroae	454724	 1p10 100s17 1000s211
Streptopus amplexifolius	12637	 1g4 10g30 1p4
Strombocactus disciformis ssp. esperanzae	443263	 100s22 1000s66 10000s498
Strombocactus disciformis ssp. jarmilae	553375	 10000s350
Strombocactus disciformis v. seidelii	543590	 100s15 1000s40
Strumaria speciosa	463799	 5s16
Stylochaeton puberulus	462427	 25s11 50s18 100s35
Sulcorebutia arenacea	9892	 1p4
Symphyotrichum oblongifolium	543985	 1g32 10g214 1p11
Symphyotrichum praealtum	86715	 3g31 7g45 14g75 28g125 100s8
Synandrospadix vermitoxicus	460373	 5s17
Tacca chantrieri Bat Plant near black fl.	12234	 1p14 10s9 100s27 1000s54 100000s2982
Tacca chantrieri Green Isle	405888	 1000s65
Tacca chantrieri mauve form	453060	 1000s80
Tacca chantrieri white form	78669	 1000s53
Tacca integrifolia	405889	 10s9 100s25 1000s53 10000s387
Tacca integrifolia white form	453794	 1000s123 10000s1089
Tacca nivea	78670	 8s12 100s43 1000s41 10000s641 100000s1810
Talbotia elegans	431808	 1p9
Talinum caffrum	26093	 1p10
Talinum calycinum	441169	 0g8 1g105 3g47 10g932 100g8372 1p14 100s8
Talinum okanoganense	405252	 1p14
Talinum paniculatum	13322	 1g27 10g210 1p4 200s10
Talinum rugospermum	71328	 3g47 100s8
Tamus communis	15192	 1g4 5g23 10g14 25g41 100g120 1000g1580 1p4
Tanacetum balsamita	51091	 1g17 10g107 100g697 1000g4849 1p8 100s8
Tanacetum balsamita organic seed	550516	 1g49 10g305 100g2116 1p17
Tanquana hilmarii	68066	 1p10
Tanquana prismatica	20541	 1p10
Tavaresia grandiflora	463692	 4s10
Tellima grandiflora	4597	 1g10 2g15 3g24 10g64 100g430 1p7 1000s8
Tellima grandiflora Rubra Group	407900	 3g27 1p8
Tetragonia eremaea	67812	 25g19 100g60 1000g325
Tetragonia tetragonioides	26973	 50g8 100g9 150g35 250g15 500g24 1000g122 2500g106 5000g229 10000g251 25000g527 1
Teucrium chamaedrys	29282	 1g10 2g11 5g16 10g25 25g53 50g102 100g144 250g499 500g988 1000g1106 2500g4642 50
Teucrium chamaedrys wild form	77089	 1g10 2g11 5g16 10g25 50g75 100g145 250g285 500g560 1000g1116 1p8
Teucrium lucidrys x (name unresolved)	439913	 0g9 1g14 2g30 5g54 10g100
Teucrium scorodonia	26935	 2g10 10g14 1000g662 1p4 300s8
Thalictrum alpinum	13427	 1g21 10g158 1p8 20s9
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium	4601	 0g17 1g6 2g25 2g63 10g23 25g40 50g73 100g139 1000g1245 1p6 100s8 250s15 500s27 1
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium Album	24371	 0g8 0g9 0g12 0g18 1g22 1g29 2g52 5g97 10g188 1p12
Thalictrum dasycarpum	4602	 1g9 3g14 7g18 10g55 14g26 28g41 100g396 454g481 1p10 100s8 200s8
Thalictrum delavayi	2712	 1g11 2g19 3g27 5g40 10g73 1p8
Thalictrum delavayi Album	452074	 1g27 10g210 1p14 20s10
Thalictrum dioicum	83571	 3g26 7g36 14g56 28g86 454g1208 100s8
Thalictrum fendleri v polycarpum	440342	 50s10
Thalictrum flavum ssp. flavum	15196	 1g8 2g10 2g9 5g12 10g17 100g171 1000g1331 1p4
Thalictrum flavum ssp. glaucum	4603	 0g8 1g6 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g30 100g213 1p6
Thalictrum foetidum	71324	 1g9 10g49 100g318 1p8
Thalictrum isopyroides	404979	 1p4
Thalictrum lucidum	65416	 1g8 10g57 100g439 1p8
Thalictrum minus	15386	 1g8 10g42 25g82 100g232 1000g1502 1p8
Thalictrum minus Adiantifolium	67815	 1g14 10g107 100g834 1p8
Thalictrum minus ssp. minus	458028	 1g9 10g41 100g284
Thalictrum pubescens	404977	 1g21 10g158 100g1256 1p11
Thaspium trifoliatum	83572	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g67 454g917 1p4 100s8
Thelocactus bicolor ssp. bolaensis	9903	 100s20
Thelocactus conothelos ssp. aurantiacus EU only	454230	 100s28 1000s85
Thelocactus conothelos ssp. garciae	446715	 100s18
Thelocactus hexaedrophorus	9913	 1p4
Thelocactus leucacanthus ssp. schmollii	11725	 100s20
Thelocactus rinconensis ssp. nidulans	443946	 100s30
Thelocactus setispinus	8874	 100s12
Thereianthus bracteolatus	83360	 1p10
Thereianthus juncifolius	462357	 1p10
Thereianthus minutus	80689	 1p10
Thereianthus spicatus	52485	 1p10
Thermopsis chinensis	444600	 1g8 10g23 100g387 1p8
Thermopsis lanceolata	2551	 1g8 2g11 10g29 100g215 p4
Thermopsis rhombifolia v. montana	4757	 1g12 1p8
Thorncroftia succulenta	463752	 1p10
Threlkeldia diffusa	16537	 1g19
Thuranthos basuticum	83361	 100s11
Thysanotus dichotomus	16544	 2g24 5g60 10g115 25g280 100g1105 1000g9099
Thysanotus multiflorus	12867	 4g22 10g50 25g118 100g457 1000g3375 1p27 100s24 1000s92
Thysanotus patersonii	76001	 2g18 5g42 10g79 25g197 100g744 1000g6086
Thysanotus sparteus	439546	 2g23 5g57 10g108 25g263 100g1038 1000g6839
Thysanotus thyrsoideus	16545	 2g19 5g46 10g67 25g210 100g828 1000g6689
Tiarella polyphylla Filigran	85318	 1g40 10g312 1p9 100s8
Tiarella wherryi	25512	 1g49 1g35 2g67 5g131 10g260 1p9 100s10 250s20 500s36 1000s68
Tigridia chiapensis	446150	 50s10
Tigridia pavonia Alba	433244	 1p8 50s10
Tigridia vanhouttei	446151	 50s10
Titanopsis calcarea	19483	 1p10 100s20 1000s49
Titanopsis fulleri	19484	 1p10 100s55
Titanopsis primosii	20549	 100s15
Titanopsis spp. mix	19485	 1p10
Todea barbara prov. South Africa vsvs	431781	 1p10
Tofieldia calyculata	12388	 0g25 1g16 1p6
Tofieldia pusilla hort.	544995	 1p4
Tolmiea menziesii	63656	 1g27 10g210 1p8
Townsendia hookeri	85889	 1p4
Trachelospermum jasminoides	63662	 1p4 25s10 50s14 100s24 250s41
Trachyandra ciliata	460154	 1p10
Trachyandra divaricata	16713	 1p10 20s8 100s14
Trachyandra falcata	71087	 1p10
Trachyandra filiformis aff.	80691	 1p10
Trachyandra gerrardii	552753	 1p10
Trachyandra hirsuta	80690	 1p10 100s15
Trachyandra hirsutiflora	52486	 1p10
Trachyandra muricata	405839	 1p10 100s15
Trachyandra sabulosa	463727	 1p10
Trachyandra smalliana	552754	 1p10
Tradescantia andersoniana x Blanca	28524	 1g17 10g120 1p13
Tradescantia andersoniana x Carmine Red	28525	 1g17 10g120 1p13
Tradescantia bracteata	83573	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g67 150s8
Tradescantia spathacea	2407	 1p17 1000s128
Trichodiadema marlothii	404793	 1p10
Trichodiadema mirabile	26099	 100s19
Trichodiadema stellatum	19489	 100s19
Tricyrtis hirta	12471	 0g8 0g10 0g13 1g16 10g110 100g3019 1p8
Tricyrtis hirta Alba White Towers	79993	 1g139 1p16
Tricyrtis hirta Miyazaki	79990	 1g92 10g735 100g5814 1p16
Tricyrtis latifolia	63647	 1g49 10g428 1p11
Tricyrtis macranthopsis	65796	 1g156 1p18
Tricyrtis macropoda	79989	 0g10 0g13 1g19 10g122 1p8
Trillium camschatcense svs	401610	 1p11
Trillium chloropetalum red form svs	451557	 10s11
Trillium chloropetalum v chloropetalum svs	73342	 6s10
Trillium erectum svs	12398	 8s12
Trillium grandiflorum svs	12399	 3g39 7g65 14g114 20s8
Trillium ovatum svs	79132	 25s9
Trillium rivale svs	79987	 p4 8s13
Trillium spp. mixed svs	403305	 1p13
Triosteum perfoliatum	69879	 3g16 7g22 15s8
Tristagma Alberto Castillo	68705	 1p4
Tristagma Blue Mix	450158	 1p9
Triteleia bridgesii	408312	 1p9
Triteleia grandiflora	430470	 15s9
Tritonia cooperi	444932	 1p10 100s15
Tritonia crocata	1231	 1p10 100s15
Tritonia deusta	12802	 1p10 100s16
Tritonia disticha	431809	 100s22 1000s64
Tritonia flabellifolia	406882	 1p10 100s16
Tritonia florentiae	440596	 1p10 100s18
Tritonia laxifolia	405840	 1s10
Tritonia pallida	405841	 1p10
Tritonia parviflora	442968	 100s18
Tritonia parvula	439585	 1p10 100s18
Tritonia securigera	29315	 1p10 100s15 1000s42
Tritonia squalida	12807	 1p10 100s15
Tritonia undulata	12237	 1p10
Tritoniopsis antholyza	435453	 1p10 100s16
Tritoniopsis lata	458577	 1p10
Tritoniopsis parviflora	71089	 1p10 100s13
Tritoniopsis triticea	439356	 1p10 100s13
Trollius europaeus fa. compactus Lemon Supreme	459883	 1g34 10g262 100g2073 1p15
Tropaeolum azureum climbing perennial nasturtium	68752	 1g31 1g24 8s12 20s10
Tropaeolum ciliatum	70668	 1p4
Tropaeolum polyphyllum	65422	 4s15
Tropaeolum speciosum	28911	 1g40 2g27 1p13 8s11
Tubocapsicum anomalum	545956	 100s41 1000s260
Tulbaghia acutiloba	68071	 1p10 100s25 1000s210
Tulbaghia alliacea	82190	 100s25 1000s210
Tulbaghia capensis	405843	 1p10 100s16 1000s210
Tulbaghia cominsii	68072	 1p4
Tulbaghia dregeana	80700	 1p10
Tulbaghia ludwigiana	71091	 1p10 100s15
Tulbaghia simmleri	27384	 1p10 100s16 1000s210
Tulbaghia simmleri white	401751	 1p10
Tulbaghia sp. unident. summer growing	458579	 1p10
Tulbaghia violacea	12741	 1g41 1p10 100s12
Tulbaghia violacea Variegata	441105	 5bl20
Tulbaghia violacea v alba	71190	 5bl21
Tulipa chrysantha	545964	 1p8
Tulipa sprengeri (15)	12242	 1g11 2g25 4g28 5g44 10g82 1p8 15s9 25s9
Tulipa sylvestris (15)	28682	 0g8 1g10 1p8
Tulipa tarda (15)	12246	 1g11 2g26 5g45 10g83 1p8
Tulipa turkestanica (15)	36839	 1g10 1p8
Tunilla soehrensii	449367	 100s35 1000s216
Turbina corymbosa	34223	 10g15 25g30 50g55 10s9
Turbinicarpus beguinii EU only	10595	 100s20 1000s77
Turbinicarpus booleanus EU only	552956	 100s20 1000s64
Turbinicarpus lophophoroides EU only	545994	 1000s66
Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele EU only	546000	 100s20
Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele ssp. minimus EU only	452960	 100s22 1000s66
Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp. gracilis EU only	459070	 100s15
Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp. klinkerianus EU only	545991	 1000s38 10000s281
Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp. schwarzii Matahuale SLP Mx. EU only	546004	 1000s35 10000s218
Tussilago farfara	71938	 1g16 25g252 100g743 1000g4939
Tussilago farfara organic seed	551164	 1g17 10g94 100g559 1p8
Tylecodon cacaloides	76743	 1p10
Tylecodon luteosquamata	75906	 100s18
Tylecodon paniculatus	19708	 1p10 100s10 1000s210
Tylecodon pygmaeus	404751	 10s14
Tylecodon reticulatus	71958	 1p9 100s18
Tylecodon wallichii	20653	 1p10 100s12
Ullucus tuberosus	447890	 10bl25
Uncarina grandidieri	404748	 10s10
Urginea depressa	82193	 100s15
Uvularia grandiflora svs	24393	 3g28 7g40 14g66 28g107 1p4 10s8
Vanheerdia angusta	19491	 100s12 1000s41
Vanheerdia divergens	430270	 1p10 100s12 1000s33
Vanheerdia roodiae	19493	 1p10
Veltheimia bracteata pink	12744	 1p10 6s10
Veltheimia bracteata yellow form	444454	 6s10
Veratrum album	24396	 1g4 2g9 5g12 10g14 20g27 25g96 100g95 1000g1917 p4 1p4
Veratrum californicum	69469	 1g11 10g72 100g611 1p4 50s9
Veratrum nigrum hort.	24397	 1g8 1g9 2g11 5g15 10g23 100g155 1p8 50s10
Veratrum viride	24398	 1p10
Verbena rigida	31041	 1g12 2g8 5g10 10g14 25g28 50g49 100g91 250g220 500g429 1000g848 1p8 1000s10 2500
Verbena rigida Polaris	77100	 25000s57 100000s222
Verbena rigida Santos	450092	 250s14 500s23 750s35 1000s44 2500s96
Veronica spicata	4621	 0g16 0g27 1g5 2g111 5g26 10g20 100g31 250g69 500g128 1000g194 2500g953 5000g802
Veronicastrum virginicum	65244	 0g8 0g10 1g11 1g14 3g21 7g36 10g77 14g65 28g105 100g568 1p8 50s10 2000s8 10000s8
Vestia foetida	431205	 0g8 1g13 1p8
Vigna vexillata	69345	 1p12
Vinca Pacifica Mixed	461889	 250s11 500s19 1000s36 2500s81
Vinca f1 Vitesse Mixed	463873	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s78
Viola calcarata	82708	 0g24 1g32 1p12
Viola palustris	38835	 1p8
Wachendorfia multiflora	458583	 1p10 100s13
Wachendorfia thyrsiflora	12263	 1p10 100s14
Waldsteinia fragarioides	548271	 20s6
Watsonia aletroides	12264	 100s15
Watsonia angusta	12836	 1p10 100s13
Watsonia aphrodite	434635	 100s10
Watsonia borbonica	12274	 1p10 100s14
Watsonia coccinea	12266	 1p10
Watsonia confusa	442251	 1p10 100s13
Watsonia densiflora	34836	 1p10 100s1
Watsonia distans	83368	 1p10
Watsonia galpinii	440598	 1p10 100s15
Watsonia gladioloides Orange Dwarf	441729	 100s20
Watsonia knysnana	430330	 1p10 100s19
Watsonia laccata	52492	 1p10
Watsonia laccata light purple	551146	 1p10
Watsonia laccata orange form	552903	 1p10
Watsonia laccata pink form	552904	 1p10
Watsonia latifolia	77919	 1p10 100s13
Watsonia lepida	83369	 1p10 100s14
Watsonia longifolia	405972	 1p10
Watsonia marginata	12268	 1p10 100s14
Watsonia marginata pink form	451820	 1p10 100s14
Watsonia meriana	12271	 1p10
Watsonia occulta	444935	 1p10
Watsonia paucifolia	552905	 1p10
Watsonia pillansii L. Bolus	23548	 100s15 1000s42
Watsonia pillansii bright orange form	444936	 1p10
Watsonia rogersii	460157	 1p10 100s15
Watsonia schlechteri	439357	 1p10 100s14
Watsonia spp. and hybs. mixed	12276	 1p9
Watsonia strubeniae	441730	 1p10
Watsonia tabularis	12475	 1p10 100s13
Watsonia vanderspuyiae	400105	 1p10 100s14
Watsonia watsonioides	77920	 1p10 100s14
Watsonia zeyheri	405847	 1p10 100s14
Weberbauerocereus longicomus	26567	 100s11 1000s23 10000s154
Weberbauerocereus rauhii	85514	 100s22 1999s44 10000s328
Weberbauerocereus weberbaueri	454550	 100s24 1000s107
Whiteheadia bifolia	12743	 100s18
Whitesloanea crassa	459300	 1s42
Winterocereus colademononis	553343	 100s24 1000s81
Withania aristata	439936	 100s20 1000s38
Withania somnifera	4803	 1g10 5g40 28g57 1000g210 100s8 1000s14 10000s25
Withania somnifera organic seed	433785	 7g21 28g57 100s8
Witheringia meiantha	553228	 100s36 1000s219
Witheringia solanacea	73676	 100s21 1000s41
Wurmbea dioicea	76509	 100s20 1000s39
Wurmbea elongata	460158	 1p10
Wurmbea kraussii	444937	 1p10
Wurmbea marginata	80706	 10s10
Wurmbea monopetala	440583	 1p10
Wurmbea punctata	462251	 1p10 100s15
Wurmbea recurva	406884	 1p10
Wurmbea sp. unident. from Bainskloof	460699	 1p10
Wurmbea sp. unident. from Kouebokkeveld	441732	 1p10
Wurmbea sp. unident. from du Toitskloof	460700	 1p10
Wurmbea spicata	70150	 1p10
Wurmbea stricta	12729	 1p10 100s14
Wurmbea variabilis aff.	458584	 1p10
Wurmbea variabils	552677	 1p10
Xenoscapa fistulosa	463728	 1p10
Xerophyllum tenax	23275	 1g11 10g20 100g611 250g239 1p8
Xerophyta viscosa	77943	 1p10 100s16
Xiphidium caeruleum	548480	 100s12 1000s45 10000s202
Yucca aloifolia	25016	 10g30 25g56 28g40 113g109 454g210 1000g1423 1p8 10s1 10000s302 50000s1376
Yucca angustissima	36315	 28g46 113g91 454g175 100s30 1000s163
Yucca arkansana	40501	 100s24 1000s54 10000s390
Yucca baccata	2841	 1g9 1g8 3g10 7g14 10g19 14g22 28g38 100g421 250g211 1p17
Yucca baileyi	548542	 100s30 1000s161 10000s1228
Yucca brevifolia	2842	 100s29 1000s188
Yucca brevifolia v. jaegeriana	63826	 100s26
Yucca campestris	40571	 100s27 1000s107 10000s749
Yucca carnerosana	31801	 100s36 1000s244
Yucca cernua	404604	 100s65 1000s429
Yucca coahuilensis	444065	 100s32 1000s213
Yucca constricta	461575	 100s19 1000s38 10000s230
Yucca declinata	449421	 100s45 1000s288
Yucca elata	31797	 100s28 1000s139
Yucca elata v. verdiensis	461576	 100s26 1000s66 10000s502
Yucca elephantipes	2613	 1p17 1000s200
Yucca filamentosa	2844	 1g9 10g33 25g62 28g30 56g44 113g81 454g157 1p9 100s8 250s17 500s32 1000s48 10000
Yucca filifera	77423	 1p4 100s25 1000s96 10000s666
Yucca flaccida	450552	 100s28 1000s103 10000s777
Yucca glauca	2845	 1g8 10g29 100g185 1p13 40s8 100s24 1000s110
Yucca glauca ssp. albertana	444069	 100s28 1000s96
Yucca harrimaniae	79146	 100s30 1000s114 10000s861
Yucca lacandonica	461580	 100s219
Yucca mixtecana	449420	 100s47
Yucca neomexicana	31194	 100s54 1000s357 10000s3056
Yucca reverchonii	461579	 100s28 1000s81
Yucca rigida	3637	 1p4 100s23 1000s49 10000s343
Yucca rostrata	40570	 1p17 100s25 1000s60 10000s442
Yucca rupicola	438898	 5g19 100s8
Yucca schidigera	63818	 100s30 1000s95 10000s666
Yucca thompsoniana	31798	 100s23 1000s57 10000s427
Yucca torreyi	63815	 28g43 56g63 113g119 454g227 100s25 1000s71 10000s410
Yucca valida	449415	 100s30 1000s147 10000s1071
Yucca whipplei ssp whipplei	2849	 1g10 3g13 7g19 1p17 1000s55
Zantedeschia Green Bay	453064	 1000s70 100000s2185
Zantedeschia Mrs Roosevelt cream	453063	 1000s25 100000s927
Zantedeschia aethiopica	12286	 1p10 100s14 1000s25 10000s385 100000s927
Zantedeschia aethiopica Green Goddess	12292	 1p17 12s12 1000s117
Zantedeschia aethiopica Marshmallow pink	433254	 1p13
Zantedeschia aethiopica cream - white	433259	 1000s43 10000s342
Zantedeschia albomaculata	33705	 100s15
Zantedeschia elliottiana	12288	 1000s75
Zantedeschia pentlandii	82197	 100g85 1000g707 1p4 12s11
Zantedeschia rehmannii	12293	 50g50 100g91 1000g761 1p4
Zehneria pallidinervia	444978	 100s9
Zephyranthes spp and hyb mix	443221	 1p9
Zigadenus elegans	12408	 1g19 3g21 7g30 10g141 14g45 28g67 100g1109 1p10 1000s8
Zigadenus venenosus	24437	 5g24 100s8
Zingiber Globba Marantina	552804	 1000s31 100000s1385
Zingiber chrysanthum	443222	 100s25 1000s71
Zingiber citriodorum Chiang Mai Princess	81473	 100s31
Zingiber clarkei	552874	 100s23 1000s70 10000s527
Zingiber longipedunculatum	85713	 100s79 1000s482
Zingiber officinale	70285	 25g22 250g22 500g38 1000g70 5000g230 10000g310 24s21
Zingiber rubens	81468	 1000g130

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