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List 515 - Myrtaceae - 6/16/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Acca sellowiana	1089	 1g32 1p9 50s8 100s9 250s14 500s21 1000s36 10000s139 50000s1360
Acmena brachyandra svs	72763	 1p20 1000s182
Acmena hemilampra svs	72762	 1p20 1000s261
Acmena smithii svs	176	 1p20 1000s130
Agonis baxteri (A. obtusissima)	15684	 25g25 1000g491
Agonis flexuosa	462366	 5g27 25g30 1000g633 100s9 5000s136 10000s255 50000s1220
Agonis hypericifolia	15681	 25g25 1000g475
Angophora bakeri	15692	 5g30 25g30 100g105 1000g626
Angophora costata	14993	 2g17 25g29 100g101 1000g588
Angophora floribunda	14994	 2g17 5g36 25g30 100g104 1000g611
Angophora hispida	15693	 2g17 5g30 15g21 25g30 1000g889
Angophora subvelutina c.s.	75182	 5g30
Astartea ambigua	33901	 5g30
Astartea fascicularis pink form	15708	 1g20 10g26 25g58 100g215 1000g1356
Asteromyrtus symphyocarpa	75108	 10g19 25g33 1p17
Austromyrtus dulcis	3556	 1p17 1000s119
Backhousia citriodora	402918	 2g23 2g10 5g13 10g20 25g43 1000g1046 1p4
Backhousia myrtifolia	72964	 2g17 25g63
Baeckea camphorosmae	15723	 1g19 10g47 25g108 100g420 1000g2712
Baeckea densifolia	400575	 2g17 25g32 1000g601
Baeckea elderana (unresolved name)	439277	 25g26 100g90 1000g512
Baeckea obovata	75186	 1g19
Baeckea robusta	75187	 1g19 2g19 5g42 10g79 25g189 100g744 1000g6010
Baeckea virgata	15729	 2g17 5g20 25g29 250g457 1000s8
Balaustion pulcherrimum	33906	 1g31
Beaufortia cyrtodonta c.s.	15738	 3g21 10g61 100g563 1000g4580
Beaufortia elegans c.s.	15737	 3g22 10g67 100g623 1000g4580
Beaufortia empetrifolia c.s.	15742	 3g21 10g61 100g563 1000g4580
Beaufortia incana c.s.	15739	 1g23 3g25 10g67 100g623 1000g4580 1p16
Beaufortia macrostemon c.s.	400170	 2g31 10g142
Beaufortia orbifolia c.s.	15743	 1g18 100s10
Beaufortia schaueri	15745	 1g23
Beaufortia sparsa c.s.	15746	 1g23 3g21 10g61 100g563 1000g4580 100s10
Beaufortia squarrosa	15747	 1g23 2g22 10g97 100g924 1000g5333
Callistemon Violaceus	67176	 10g25 25g22 100g75 1000g422 1p16
Callistemon brachyandrus	15805	 5g24 25g21 100g68 250g553 1000g370 1p16
Callistemon citrinus	46569	 1g12 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g22 100g71 1000g86 5000g328 1p10 100s11 1000s14 10000s19
Callistemon citrinus b.s.	14951	 2g8 5g11 10g15 25g26 1000g250 1p4
Callistemon coccineus	462368	 10g14 25g24 250g119 1000g369
Callistemon comboynensis	73117	 10g15 25g26 250g119 1000g392
Callistemon formosus	16744	 g28 10g22 25g52 250g200 1p16 100s11 1000s14 10000s24
Callistemon huegelii (name unresolved)	509328	 100s12
Callistemon lanceolatus	509329	 1000g100 1000s71
Callistemon linearifolius	15807	 10g16 25g22 100g83 1000g392
Callistemon linearis	15808	 5g17 10g15 25g22 100g74 1000g407
Callistemon macropunctatus	15809	 10g13 25g21 100g70 250g231 1000g328
Callistemon montanus	73124	 5g21 10g30 25g56 1p16
Callistemon pachyphyllus red	400176	 10g14 25g24 100g81 250g323 1000g443
Callistemon pallidus	15811	 5g27 10g25 25g21 100g70 1000g385 1p17
Callistemon paludosus	67175	 10g20 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Callistemon phoeniceus	15812	 5g27 10g20 25g22 100g75 250g538 1000g422 100s11 1000s14 10000s28
Callistemon pinifolius	15814	 5g21 10g28 25g51 250g446 1p16
Callistemon pityoides	23783	 5g30 10g17 25g36 100g103 1000g595 1p16
Callistemon polandii	15815	 25g44 100g163 1000g608 1p16
Callistemon rigidus	15816	 5g18 6g28 10g18 25g24 28g92 100g78 113g260 250g383 454g487 1000g445 1p12
Callistemon salignus	15817	 5g21 6g28 10g15 25g22 100g71 250g384 1000g392 100s14
Callistemon salignus Rubra	15818	 p26
Callistemon speciosus	1582	 10g24 25g25 100g83 1000g290 1p17
Callistemon spp. mixed	24991	 1p10
Callistemon subulatus	16622	 10g40 25g26 100g89 1000g512 1p16 100s9 1000s12 10000s28
Callistemon teretifolius	15821	 5g18 10g24 25g24 100g81 250g384 1000g460 1p16
Callistemon viminalis	15822	 10g24 25g24 100g78 250g131 1000g96 5000g280
Callistemon viminalis Captain Cook	14952	 5g24 10g15 25g25 100g86 250g507 1000g492
Callistemon viminalis pink form	462403	 1g19
Callistemon viridiflorus	15824	 10g33 25g62 1p16
Calothamnus aridus	67179	 25g30 100g108 1000g648
Calothamnus blepharospermus	15826	 10g25 25g50 100g178 1000g1108 1p16
Calothamnus chrysantherus	15827	 1g16
Calothamnus gilesii	15828	 15g25 25g37 100g131 1000g799
Calothamnus gracilis	15829	 15g24 25g36 100g130 1000g768
Calothamnus graniticus ssp leptophylla	439382	 15g24 25g35 100g126 1000g738
Calothamnus hirsutus	67181	 15g23 25g35 100g116 1000g700
Calothamnus homalophyllus	400177	 1g16 10g40 15g25 25g37 100g136 1000g822 1p17
Calothamnus longissimus	75268	 1g15
Calothamnus pinifolius	15833	 5g23
Calothamnus planifolius	15834	 15g24 25g35 100g131 1000g753
Calothamnus quadrifidus	15835	 5g23 10g28 25g27 100g93 1000g543 1p16 50s9
Calothamnus rupestris	15836	 5g23 25g31 100g110 1000g648 50s8
Calothamnus sanguineus	15837	 10g36 25g82 100g315 1000g2019 100s8
Calothamnus validus	15838	 5g22 25g26 100g88 1000g497
Calothamnus villosus	15839	 1g16 10g67 25g30 100g87 1000g633 1p16
Calytrix angulata	400178	 5g19 10g32 25g74 100g283 1000g1808
Calytrix aurea	15841	 10g28 25g62 100g231 1000g1470
Calytrix brownii	439383	 25g25 100g74 1000g475
Calytrix exstipulata	15842	 5g29 15g27 25g40 100g145 1000g882
Calytrix flavescens	15843	 5g29 15g27 25g41 100g149
Calytrix fraseri	23787	 3g31 10g94 25g231 100g909 1000g6010
Calytrix glutinosa	15844	 10g22 25g46 100g171 1000g1100
Calytrix leschenaultii	16625	 10g24 25g53 100g197 1000g1235
Calytrix sapphirina	434482	 4g25 10g46 25g107 100g412 1000g3073
Calytrix tetragona pink form	15845	 5g23
Calytrix tetragona white - pink	16626	 10g29 25g53 1p17
Calytrix tetragona white form	551660	 10g21 25g45 100g167 1000g1033
Chamelaucium megalopetalum	16753	 5g30
Chamelaucium uncinatum	15884	 5g30 10g34 25g28 100g96 250g783 1000g566 1p17
Conothamnus aureus	15922	 5g27 10g49 100g442 1000g2842
Corymbia bella c.s.	47424	 25g49
Corymbia bleeseri	29726	 5g24
Corymbia calophylla	16827	 5g21 10g15 25g20 100g66 1000g362
Corymbia calophylla Rosea c.s.	17084	 15g21 25g31 100g110 1000g656
Corymbia chippendalei	407524	 25g29 100g103 1000g611
Corymbia citriodora Lemon Bush c.s.	463610	 500s54 1000s102 5000s503 10000s904
Corymbia citriodora b.s.	71206	 10g17 25g29 28g24 113g64 454g128 1000g129
Corymbia citriodora c.s.	400140	 1g10 2g15 5g24 25g24 28g24 30g44 100g78 113g64 250g44 454g128 500g82 1000g158 50
Corymbia citriodora hardy N Z	430518	 5g26 25g34 1p4
Corymbia clarksoniana	402955	 5g22 10g17 25g29 250g183 1000g649
Corymbia collina	76497	 5g27
Corymbia confertiflora	75375	 25g29 100g78 1000g437
Corymbia dallachiana	437767	 5g20 10g18 25g32 250g183 1000g649
Corymbia deserticola	75377	 25g24 100g78 1000g437
Corymbia dichromophloia c.s.	17127	 10g15 25g20 100g66 250g155 1000g372
Corymbia erythrophloia	437769	 10g15 25g26 250g171 1000g601
Corymbia eximia	17147	 10g18 25g25 100g83 1000g467
Corymbia eximia Nana	17192	 1p29
Corymbia ficifolia b.s.	75378	 2g10 10g21 25g43 100g156 1000g256
Corymbia ficifolia c.s.	400893	 5g52 10g50 25g95 28g77 250g1353 1p8 100s25 1000s88 10000s614
Corymbia ficifolia hardy N Z	430532	 2g18 5g25 10g49 25g84
Corymbia gummifera b.s.	17177	 5g29 10g22 15g21 25g31 100g110 250g693 1000g656 1p17
Corymbia haematoxylon c.s.	33949	 5g30 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Corymbia intermedia	1718	 10g17 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Corymbia leichhardtii	513326	 5g24 10g14 25g24 1000g464
Corymbia maculata b.s.	14942	 10g16 25g28 1000g256
Corymbia maculata c.s.	67339	 5g18 25g30 100g104 1000g407
Corymbia maculata hardy N Z	430547	 2g9 5g13 10g20 25g37
Corymbia opaca	400968	 5g18
Corymbia papuana	16952	 10g18 15g23 25g32 100g115 1000g622
Corymbia peltata	16956	 10g14 25g24 1000g437
Corymbia polycarpa	16969	 10g18 15g25 25g32 100g131 1000g738
Corymbia ptychocarpa	17218	 10g23 25g41 1p17
Corymbia setosa	17004	 10g17 15g28 25g29 100g151 1000g574
Corymbia terminalis	27545	 10g15 15g23 25g25 100g118 1000g506
Corymbia tessellaris	513328	 10g26 15g28 25g43 100g155 1000g868 1p17
Corymbia torelliana	17026	 10g17 25g29 250g181 1000g643
Corymbia trachyphloia	17029	 10g17 25g26 100g88 250g198 1000g497
Corymbia watsoniana	17227	 5g21
Corymbia zygophylla	17193	 15g25 25g37 100g133 1000g807
Darwinia diosmoides	75362	 5g27 25g26 100g88 1000g506
Eremaea asterocarpa ssp asterocarpa	407518	 2g19 5g42 10g79 25g189 100g744 1000g6086
Eremaea beaufortioides chaff free	15999	 3g21 5g34 10g63 25g150 100g586 1000g4715
Eremaea fimbriata	439408	 2g21 5g49 10g92 25g222 100g872 1000g7103
Eremaea pauciflora b.s.	452216	 1g28
Eremaea pauciflora chaff free	16002	 2g19 5g42 10g79 25g189 100g744 1000g6086
Eremaea purpurea c.s.	16003	 1g28 2g21 5g47 10g89 25g214 100g842 1000g6854
Eremaea violacea	16004	 2g24 5g55 10g106 25g258 100g1015 1000g8346
Eucalyptus Boxwood	446582	 500s61 1000s115 5000s515 10000s1030
Eucalyptus Lemon Bush insect repellent	446583	 1p4 25s9 50s11 100s15 250s29 500s52 1000s97 5000s477 10000s857
Eucalyptus Little Boy Blue	27547	 100s15 1000s64
Eucalyptus Silver Diamond	439962	 100s15 1000s125
Eucalyptus Silver Dollar b.s.	438110	 1p8 2000s45
Eucalyptus Silver Drop	438111	 1000s29 2000s51
Eucalyptus Trabuti	17028	 28g34
Eucalyptus acaciiformis	28235	 10g19 25g39 100g141 1000g859
Eucalyptus accedens	17047	 25g24 100g78 1000g437
Eucalyptus acies	17048	 25g26 100g88 1000g497
Eucalyptus acmenoides	17049	 10g17 25g29 1000g627
Eucalyptus agglomerata	1705	 2g16 10g15 25g25 100g86 1000g465
Eucalyptus aggregata	16818	 1g9 2g13 5g20 10g37 25g70 100g1196 1p9
Eucalyptus aggregata hardy N Z	430503	 2g16 10g40 25g56
Eucalyptus alba	17051	 10g16 25g25 100g86 1000g497 1p8
Eucalyptus albens	17052	 10g19 25g22 100g71 250g384 1000g392
Eucalyptus albida b.s.	73015	 10g48 25g95
Eucalyptus albopurpurea	17211	 15g22 100g114 1000g671
Eucalyptus alpina	16819	 2g16 10g16 25g21 100g70 1000g385 100s15
Eucalyptus amplifolia ssp amplifolia	3845	 5g21 10g17 25g29 250g157 1000g546
Eucalyptus amygdalina	16888	 5g21 10g15 25g20 100g66 250g384 1000g362
Eucalyptus amygdalina hardy N Z	430507	 2g8 5g13 10g19 25g27 1p4
Eucalyptus anceps	75365	 25g20 100g66 1000g362
Eucalyptus andrewsii ssp andrewsii	30741	 10g15 25g26 1000g495
Eucalyptus angophoroides	434490	 25g26 100g88 1000g506
Eucalyptus angulosa c.s.	442081	 25g19 100g67 1000g340
Eucalyptus annulata	17059	 25g20 100g66 1000g355
Eucalyptus apiculata hardy N Z	430505	 2g16 10g24 25g40
Eucalyptus approximans hardy N Z	430506	 2g16 10g24 25g35
Eucalyptus arachnaea	33936	 25g19 100g63 1000g340
Eucalyptus archeri	400233	 10g72 25g140 100g1254 1p17
Eucalyptus archeri hardy N Z	430508	 2g16 10g33 25g47
Eucalyptus argillacea	17061	 25g24 100g78 1000g437
Eucalyptus argophloia	17062	 10g29 25g26 100g90 1000g521 1p17
Eucalyptus aspera	400972	 25g24 100g83 1000g467
Eucalyptus aspratilis	33954	 25g20 100g66 1000g362
Eucalyptus astringens	17063	 10g15 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus badjensis prov. NZ	430512	 2g16 10g53 25g73
Eucalyptus baeuerlenii hardy NZ	441910	 2g16 10g33 25g50
Eucalyptus bancroftii	17066	 10g18 25g31
Eucalyptus banksii	17067	 10g15 25g26 1000g613 1p15
Eucalyptus barberi hardy N Z	430510	 2g16 10g30 25g42
Eucalyptus baxteri	17069	 2g10 10g14 25g22 100g75 1000g340
Eucalyptus behriana	400247	 10g15 25g22 100g73 1000g400
Eucalyptus bigalerita	73018	 25g19 100g64 1000g355
Eucalyptus blakelyi	553575	 10g17 25g19 100g62 1000g332
Eucalyptus blaxlandii hardy NZ	441909	 2g16 10g24 25g37
Eucalyptus bosistoana	17073	 10g16 25g28
Eucalyptus bosistoana hardy NZ	430511	 2g16 10g25 25g39
Eucalyptus botryoides	17074	 10g17 25g19 28g42 100g59 113g116 250g194 454g221 1000g310 1p8
Eucalyptus botryoides hardy NZ	430513	 2g16 10g25 25g41
Eucalyptus brachycalyx	75370	 25g19 100g60 1000g325
Eucalyptus brachycorys	17075	 25g24 100g78 1000g445
Eucalyptus brachyphylla	17199	 25g24 100g86 1000g491
Eucalyptus brevifolia	17076	 25g29 100g108 1000g648
Eucalyptus bridgesiana	16823	 2g18 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g19 100g66 250g210 1000g362 1p8
Eucalyptus brockwayi	17077	 10g20 25g29 100g108 1000g648
Eucalyptus brookeriana hardy NZ	430514	 2g16 10g33 25g50
Eucalyptus brownii	17078	 10g18 25g31 1000g642
Eucalyptus buprestium	17079	 25g18 100g60 1000g317
Eucalyptus burdettiana	400248	 10g16 15g25 25g28 100g134 1000g465
Eucalyptus burracoppinensis	17082	 25g22 100g71 1000g392
Eucalyptus caesia ssp magna Silver Princess b.s.	16826	 10g18 25g31 250g292 1000g539
Eucalyptus caesia ssp. caesia	16825	 5g17 10g18 25g25 100g86 250g455 1000g491 1p15
Eucalyptus caesia ssp. magna c.s.	407522	 25g25 100g85 1000g475
Eucalyptus caliginosa	73020	 2g14 10g28 25g42
Eucalyptus calycogona	17085	 10g20 25g26 100g88 1000g506 1p17
Eucalyptus camaldulensis	3394	 10g10 100g15 250g20 500g34 1000g62 2500g145 5000g280 10000g540 1p4 100s8 1000s14
Eucalyptus camaldulensis hardy N Z	430515	 2g16 10g25 25g37
Eucalyptus camaldulensis prov. Katherine arid	38454	 25g24 100g78 1000g437
Eucalyptus camaldulensis prov. Lake Coorong	2973	 25g28 100g94 1000g551
Eucalyptus camaldulensis prov. Lake Hindmarsh	29731	 25g25 100g86 1000g491
Eucalyptus camaldulensis prov. Lake Indoon	17087	 25g19 100g63 1000g332
Eucalyptus camaldulensis prov. Petford	27541	 25g29 100g101 1000g588
Eucalyptus camaldulensis ssp. obtusa prov. Silverton	27543	 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Eucalyptus camaldulensis ssp. obtusa prov. WA	33942	 25g17 100g55 1000g265
Eucalyptus camaldulensis x rudis	27544	 25g18 100g59 1000g310
Eucalyptus cambageana	31478	 10g16 25g25 100g86 1000g126
Eucalyptus cameronii	75374	 2g16 10g28 25g42
Eucalyptus campaspe	16828	 10g14 25g20 100g57 1000g362
Eucalyptus camphora	16829	 5g36 10g28 25g52 1p17
Eucalyptus canaliculata	17091	 25g25 100g83 1000g475
Eucalyptus capillosa ssp. capillosa	67278	 25g26 100g92 1000g527
Eucalyptus capillosa ssp. polyclada	67279	 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Eucalyptus carnea	17201	 10g19 25g34 1000g760
Eucalyptus celastroides ssp celastroides	17093	 25g25 100g83 1000g467
Eucalyptus cephalocarpa	17094	 10g31 25g58 1p17
Eucalyptus ceratocorys	67284	 25g25 100g83 1000g475
Eucalyptus cinerea Pendula b.s.	400236	 1p10
Eucalyptus cinerea b.s.	400234	 25g49 1000g129 10000s173 50000s820
Eucalyptus cinerea c.s.	445094	 1g10 4g30 10g318 1p8 100s13 1000s16 10000s40
Eucalyptus cinerea coated seed	71207	 1000s54
Eucalyptus cinerea hardy N Z	430517	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g45
Eucalyptus cladocalyx	17097	 10g14 25g18 100g59 250g267 1000g310 100s15
Eucalyptus cladocalyx Nana	17098	 10g15 25g18 100g59 250g281 1000g310
Eucalyptus clelandii	17099	 25g20 100g66 1000g362
Eucalyptus cloeziana	400250	 10g18 25g18 100g59 1000g310 1p8 100s13 1000s16 10000s25
Eucalyptus cneorifolia	17101	 10g13 25g20 100g66 1000g437
Eucalyptus coccifera	16831	 5g26 10g34 25g25 100g83 250g546 1000g475 1p8
Eucalyptus coccifera hardy NZ	430519	 2g14 10g20 25g27 1p4
Eucalyptus concinna	17102	 25g29 100g100 1000g581
Eucalyptus conferruminata	17103	 10g15 25g17 100g55 1000g280
Eucalyptus conglobata	17106	 10g17 25g24 100g78 1000g445
Eucalyptus coolabah	446546	 25g26 100g88 1000g506
Eucalyptus coolabah prov. NSW	38457	 10g15 25g25 1000g495
Eucalyptus cooperiana	518914	 25g25 100g86 1000g291
Eucalyptus cordata b.s.	16832	 10g40 25g75 1p17
Eucalyptus cordata c.s.	446547	 15g26 100g151 1000g919 1p10
Eucalyptus cordata hardy NZ	430520	 2g16 10g33 25g50
Eucalyptus cornuta	17111	 10g16 25g18 100g57 250g310 1000g302
Eucalyptus coronata	17112	 15g23 100g119 1000g716
Eucalyptus corrugata	17113	 25g25 100g85 1000g482
Eucalyptus cosmophylla	17114	 25g22 100g74 1000g415
Eucalyptus cosmophylla hardy NZ	430521	 2g16 10g20 25g27
Eucalyptus crebra	17115	 10g15 25g21 100g70 250g156 1000g385
Eucalyptus crenulata	16833	 5g29 10g25 25g26 100g134 250g291 1000g814 1p17 100s11 1000s17 10000s31
Eucalyptus crenulata hardy N Z	430522	 2g16 10g33 25g50
Eucalyptus crucis	17116	 25g26 100g136 1000g822 1p16
Eucalyptus curtisii	17117	 10g15 25g26 1000g576
Eucalyptus cylindriflora	17118	 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Eucalyptus cylindrocarpa	17119	 25g25 100g85 1000g482
Eucalyptus cypellocarpa	16834	 25g25 100g83 1000g475
Eucalyptus dalrympleana	16835	 5g14 10g22 25g26 50g85 100g88 1000g506 1p9 100s11 1000s15 10000s41
Eucalyptus dalrympleana hardy N Z	430523	 2g16 10g25 25g41
Eucalyptus dealbata	400251	 10g15 25g23 100g77 1000g437
Eucalyptus deanei	17121	 10g33 25g31 1000g760 1p17
Eucalyptus decipiens	17122	 5g29 10g31 25g28 100g96 1000g558 1p15
Eucalyptus decurva	17123	 25g24 100g61 1000g460
Eucalyptus deglupta not to Australia or NZ	29732	 100s13 1000s19 10000s33
Eucalyptus delegatensis	16836	 10g27 25g22 100g71 1000g392 1p17
Eucalyptus delegatensis hardy N Z	430528	 2g16 10g23 25g32
Eucalyptus delegatensis prov. Tas	75038	 10g23 25g32
Eucalyptus dendromorpha hardy N Z	430525	 2g16 10g25 25g41
Eucalyptus densa	75376	 25g22 100g71 1000g392
Eucalyptus desmondensis	17126	 25g24 100g78 1000g437
Eucalyptus dielsii	17128	 25g21 100g70 1000g377
Eucalyptus diptera	17129	 25g19 100g64 1000g355
Eucalyptus diversicolor	400252	 10g25 15g26 25g45 100g140 1000g852 1p17
Eucalyptus diversicolor hardy N Z	430526	 2g16 10g39 25g58
Eucalyptus diversifolia	17131	 10g14 25g17 100g55 1000g271
Eucalyptus dives	16837	 10g21 25g19 100g64 250g207 1000g355
Eucalyptus dives hardy N Z	430527	 2g16 10g23 25g32
Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha b.s.	67305	 5g23
Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha c.s.	17206	 25g22 100g73 1000g400
Eucalyptus doratoxylon	17133	 25g26 100g88 1000g497
Eucalyptus drepanophylla	73023	 10g15 25g25 1000g495
Eucalyptus drummondii	17134	 25g23 100g77 1000g467
Eucalyptus dumosa	17135	 10g13 25g20 100g66 1000g362 1p17
Eucalyptus dundasii	17136	 10g35 25g28 100g96 1000g566 1p17
Eucalyptus dunnii	17137	 10g35 25g134 100g283 1000g5583 1p17
Eucalyptus dwyeri	17138	 10g26 25g31 250g310 1000g539
Eucalyptus ebbanoensis	17139	 25g19 100g60 1000g325
Eucalyptus elata	16838	 10g15 25g22 100g71 250g164 1000g392
Eucalyptus elata hardy NZ	430529	 2g16 10g24 25g37
Eucalyptus elliptica hardy NZ	430530	 2g16 2g8 5g13 10g20 25g42 30g52
Eucalyptus eremicola	439423	 25g22 100g71 1000g392
Eucalyptus eremophila b.s.	17141	 10g16 25g28 250g207 1000g595
Eucalyptus eremophila c.s.	452222	 25g19 100g60 1000g325
Eucalyptus eremophylla red flg. form	458671	 10g30 250g369
Eucalyptus erythrandra	79015	 25g26 100g92 1000g527
Eucalyptus erythrocorys b.s.	16839	 10g15 25g23 250g339 1000g451
Eucalyptus erythrocorys c.s.	452223	 25g22 100g73 1000g400 1p8
Eucalyptus erythronema red - yellow form	17205	 25g22 100g73 1000g400
Eucalyptus erythronema v. marginata red	17144	 10g19 25g24 100g81 1000g460 1p17
Eucalyptus eudesmioides	518917	 25g19 100g64 1000g355
Eucalyptus eugenioides	17145	 2g16 10g20 25g31 1000g613 1p17
Eucalyptus ewartiana	17146	 25g23 100g78 1000g437
Eucalyptus exilis	67302	 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus exselipes (name unresolved)	437770	 10g15 25g26 1000g524
Eucalyptus exserta	17148	 10g15 25g23 100g88 1000g464
Eucalyptus falcata	17149	 25g23 100g78 1000g437
Eucalyptus famelica	67303	 25g22 100g73 1000g400
Eucalyptus fasciculosa	400253	 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus fastigata	17151	 10g15 25g22 100g74 1000g415
Eucalyptus fastigata hardy NZ	430531	 2g16 10g23 25g32
Eucalyptus fibrosa	17152	 10g17 25g22 100g74 1000g413
Eucalyptus flocktoniae	17154	 10g16 25g24 100g79 1000g452
Eucalyptus foecunda	17156	 15g21 100g111 1000g648
Eucalyptus formanii	17157	 25g26 100g92 1000g536
Eucalyptus forrestiana b.s.	17158	 10g15 25g26 1000g613 1p9
Eucalyptus forrestiana c.s.	33947	 25g27 100g94 1000g550
Eucalyptus fraseri	17159	 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Eucalyptus fraxinoides b.s. hardy NZ	463700	 10g23 25g32
Eucalyptus fraxinoides c.s.	1684	 10g15 25g24 100g83 1000g475
Eucalyptus fraxinoides c.s. hardy NZ	430533	 1g12 2g14 3g20 10g22 25g32 1p4
Eucalyptus gamophylla	17162	 10g13 25g19 100g64 250g207 1000g355 100s21 1000s39
Eucalyptus gardneri	17207	 10g15 25g21 100g68 1000g370
Eucalyptus gillenii	17164	 25g19 100g64 1000g355
Eucalyptus gillii	17165	 5g23 10g27 25g23 100g86 250g457 1000g490 1p17
Eucalyptus gittinsii	17166	 25g22 100g73 1000g400
Eucalyptus glaucescens hardy NZ	430534	 5g22 10g38 25g55
Eucalyptus glaucescens tree form	16842	 10g67 25g40 100g131 1000g792 1p17
Eucalyptus glaucescens tree form c.s.	463240	 10g263 25g522 1p17
Eucalyptus globoidea	17167	 10g17 25g18 100g59 1000g310
Eucalyptus globoidea hardy NZ	430535	 25g32
Eucalyptus globulus Compacta	16844	 25g26 100g133 1000g807
Eucalyptus globulus c.s.	16843	 0g9 1g16 10g18 25g26 100g92 1000g258 1p8
Eucalyptus globulus hardy N Z	430536	 2g18 10g27 25g35
Eucalyptus globulus ssp. bicostata	16846	 5g21 10g20 25g24 100g78 250g476 1000g437 1p15
Eucalyptus globulus ssp. maidenii	33951	 2g10 5g23 10g21 25g23 100g116 250g488 1000g693 1p17
Eucalyptus globulus ssp. maidenii c.s.	47366	 1000g4346
Eucalyptus gomphocephala Swan Coastal	442086	 15g21 100g111 1000g648
Eucalyptus gomphocephala b.s.	17168	 10g15 25g21 100g70 250g251 1000g385
Eucalyptus gongylocarpa	17169	 10g19 25g24 100g83 1000g467
Eucalyptus goniantha	400255	 25g20 100g66 1000g362
Eucalyptus goniocalyx	17171	 10g17 25g19 100g60 1000g325 1p15
Eucalyptus gracilis	17172	 10g14 25g22 100g74 1000g399
Eucalyptus grandis c.s.	17173	 5g17 10g21 22g8 25g9 50g12 100g17 250g36 500g65 900g113 1000g121 1p17 100s13 100
Eucalyptus gregsoniana	16894	 2g11 4g15 5g29 10g72 25g45 100g168 1000g1128 1p17
Eucalyptus gregsoniana hardy NZ	430537	 2g18 10g25 25g41
Eucalyptus griffithsii	17174	 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus grossa	17175	 10g13 25g19 100g60 250g236 1000g325
Eucalyptus guilfoylei	17176	 25g20 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus gunnii Silverdrop (pots - containers cutfol.)	460334	 1p11 2500s64 5000s125 10000s249
Eucalyptus gunnii b.s.	13094	 1g36 5g18 10g30 25g56 1000g1511 1p17
Eucalyptus gunnii c.s.	439961	 5g250 10g425 1000g13240 1p10 1000s17
Eucalyptus gunnii c.s. New Zealand orchard	461602	 10g518 100g2589
Eucalyptus gunnii extra blue hardy N Z	430539	 2g18 10g40 25g60
Eucalyptus gunnii hardy N Z	430538	 2g18 10g25 25g41
Eucalyptus haemastoma	17178	 5g17 10g15 25g21 100g70 250g370 1000g385
Eucalyptus halophila	17208	 25g26 100g88 1000g506 1p4
Eucalyptus horistes	17209	 15g25 100g134 1000g814
Eucalyptus hybrid	518919	 1000g72 5000g260
Eucalyptus hypochlamydea	75379	 25g21 100g70 1000g377
Eucalyptus incrassata	17179	 25g21 100g70 1000g385
Eucalyptus intertexta	17181	 10g16 25g25 100g86 1000g491
Eucalyptus jacksonii	17183	 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Eucalyptus johnstonii	16848	 10g47 25g89 100g459 1p17
Eucalyptus johnstonii hardy NZ	430540	 2g18 10g40 25g60
Eucalyptus jucunda	17184	 25g22 100g73 1000g400
Eucalyptus kartzoffiana	38459	 25g38 1000g723
Eucalyptus kessellii	17185	 25g19 100g62 1000g332
Eucalyptus kingsmillii	17186	 10g22 25g26 100g88 1000g506 1p17
Eucalyptus kitsoniana	17187	 10g17 25g26 100g90 1000g521
Eucalyptus kitsoniana hardy N Z	430541	 2g19 10g27 25g42
Eucalyptus kochii	38061	 25g26 100g79 1000g506
Eucalyptus kochii ssp. borealis	439425	 25g24 100g83 1000g475
Eucalyptus kochii ssp. plenissima	67333	 25g26 100g88 1000g506
Eucalyptus kondininensis	17188	 10g20 25g30 100g104 1000g611 1p17
Eucalyptus kruseana	17189	 5g35 10g47 25g30 100g105 1000g618 1p17
Eucalyptus kybeanensis	29736	 10g145 100g634
Eucalyptus kybeanensis hardy NZ	430542	 2g19 10g27 25g41
Eucalyptus laeliae	400256	 25g26 100g88 1000g482
Eucalyptus laevopinea	17191	 2g19 10g16 25g28
Eucalyptus laevopinia hardy NZ	453054	 2g19 10g33 25g53
Eucalyptus lane-poolei	16896	 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Eucalyptus lansdowneana	400257	 15g24 100g129 1000g777
Eucalyptus lansdowneana hardy NZ	430543	 2g19 10g38 25g60
Eucalyptus largiflorens	16897	 10g19 25g23 100g78 1000g445
Eucalyptus latens Moon Lagoon	75386	 10g58 25g112 1p17
Eucalyptus lehmannii	16899	 10g19 25g23 100g78 1000g445
Eucalyptus leptocalyx	169	 25g21 100g70 1000g377
Eucalyptus leptophylla	16901	 25g23 100g78 1000g437
Eucalyptus leptopoda	16902	 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus lesouefii	16903	 25g24 100g83 1000g467
Eucalyptus leucasii (name unresolved)	75381	 25g23 100g78 1000g437
Eucalyptus leucophloia	67334	 10g17 25g24 100g83 1000g467
Eucalyptus leucophylla	518923	 10g15 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus leucoxylon	16849	 10g19 25g22 100g75 250g369 1000g422
Eucalyptus leucoxylon Rosea	407527	 10g27 25g22 100g75 250g310 1000g422
Eucalyptus leucoxylon hardy NZ	430544	 2g19 10g28 25g42
Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. macrocarpa	67338	 25g19 100g60 1000g325
Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. megalocarpa	1685	 10g17 25g21 100g70 250g310 1000g377 1p15
Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. pruinosa	16851	 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus ligustrina hardy NZ	430545	 2g19 10g24 25g37 1p8
Eucalyptus longicornis	16905	 10g18 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus longifolia	16906	 10g14 25g23 1000g613
Eucalyptus longirostrata	453829	 25g31 1000g613
Eucalyptus loxophleba	16907	 25g26 100g88 1000g497
Eucalyptus lucasii	17214	 25g23 100g78 1000g437
Eucalyptus luehmanniana	16909	 10g15 25g26 1000g495
Eucalyptus macarthurii	17213	 5g38 10g18 25g26 100g134 1000g807 100s18 1000s27 10000s111
Eucalyptus macarthurii hardy NZ	430546	 2g14 10g32 25g47
Eucalyptus macrandra	400237	 10g16 25g21 100g70 1000g377
Eucalyptus macrocarpa b.s.	16853	 5g23 10g25 25g71 250g487 1p17
Eucalyptus macrocarpa c.s.	30739	 25g25 100g85 1000g482
Eucalyptus macrorhyncha	16911	 2g19 10g18 25g21 100g70 1000g377
Eucalyptus major	407528	 10g19 25g34 1000g686
Eucalyptus mannensis	16912	 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus mannifera	16913	 5g35 10g19 25g34 1000g539
Eucalyptus mannifera ssp praecox hardy NZ	17239	 2g19 10g30 25g45 1p4
Eucalyptus marginata	16915	 10g24 25g20 100g66 200g207 1000g362 1p17
Eucalyptus marginata v. thalassica	33952	 25g19 100g63 1000g340
Eucalyptus megacarpa	16917	 25g23 100g78 1000g445
Eucalyptus megacornuta b.s.	16918	 10g14 25g19 100g63 1000g340 1p15
Eucalyptus melanoleuca	437772	 1p4
Eucalyptus melanophloia	16919	 10g18 25g25 100g86 1000g491
Eucalyptus melanoxylon	400238	 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Eucalyptus melliodora	16921	 10g19 25g22 100g74 250g310 1000g407
Eucalyptus melliodora hardy NZ	430548	 2g9 5g13 10g20 25g42
Eucalyptus merrickiae	400658	 25g18 100g57 1000g302 1p4
Eucalyptus micranthera	33953	 25g20 100g66 1000g235
Eucalyptus microcarpa	16922	 10g25 15g21 25g45 100g108 1000g642 1p17
Eucalyptus microcorys	16923	 10g17 25g22 100g71 250g310 1000g392
Eucalyptus microcorys hardy NZ	430549	 2g10 5g15 10g24 25g37
Eucalyptus microtheca	75385	 15g27 25g21 100g68 250g575 1000g377
Eucalyptus miniata c.s.	16925	 25g24 100g116 1000g693
Eucalyptus mitchelliana hardy NZ	430551	 2g19 10g38 25g60
Eucalyptus moluccana	16926	 10g19 25g34 1000g789
Eucalyptus moorei Nana	16892	 10g19 25g34 1000g789 100s12 1000s17 10000s24
Eucalyptus moorei hardy NZ	430550	 2g19 10g33 25g51
Eucalyptus morrisbyi hardy NZ	453055	 2g19 10g38 25g60
Eucalyptus morrisii	16928	 25g23 100g129 1000g460
Eucalyptus muelleriana	16929	 10g15 25g18 100g59 1000g310
Eucalyptus muelleriana hardy NZ	430552	 2g19 10g24 25g37 1p4
Eucalyptus myriadena	75387	 25g23 100g78 1000g422
Eucalyptus neglecta	29739	 5g23 10g31 25g40 100g146 250g560 1000g889 1p15
Eucalyptus neglecta hardy NZ	430553	 2g19 10g38 25g60 1p4
Eucalyptus newbeyi	67357	 25g21 100g70 1000g370
Eucalyptus nicholii	15042	 5g38 10g26 25g74 100g199 250g899 1000g1128 1p17 100s8 10000s181 50000s842
Eucalyptus nicholii hardy NZ	430554	 2g19 10g33 25g51 100g1359
Eucalyptus nitens	16856	 4g27 10g43 25g75 100g571 1000g1496 1p17
Eucalyptus nitens hardy N Z	430556	 10g52 25g73
Eucalyptus nitens prov. Macallister-Erica	453716	 10g76 25g148 1000g4331 1p17
Eucalyptus nitida	16857	 10g15 25g25 100g86 1000g491
Eucalyptus nitida hardy NZ	430555	 2g19 10g23 25g34
Eucalyptus normantonensis	437773	 10g15 25g25 100g85 1000g482
Eucalyptus nortonii	400239	 10g25 25g45 1p17
Eucalyptus nova-anglica	16858	 10g19 25g31 1000g539 1p8
Eucalyptus nova-anglica hardy NZ	430566	 2g19 10g29 25g47
Eucalyptus nutans	16933	 10g17 25g18 100g59 250g236 1000g310
Eucalyptus obliqua	16859	 10g14 25g18 100g59 1000g310 100s12 1000s19 10000s53
Eucalyptus obliqua prov. NZ	430565	 2g19 10g23 25g34
Eucalyptus oblonga	16934	 10g14 25g19 100g62 1000g332
Eucalyptus obtusiflora	16935	 5g23 10g14 25g22 100g73 200g150 250g457 1000g400
Eucalyptus occidentalis	16936	 10g18 25g19 100g63 1000g340
Eucalyptus ochrophloia	16937	 10g18 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Eucalyptus odorata	17245	 25g24 100g79 1000g452
Eucalyptus oldfieldii	16939	 25g22 100g75 1000g415
Eucalyptus oleosa	400240	 25g25 100g86 1000g491
Eucalyptus olsenii hardy NZ	430564	 2g19 10g40 25g63
Eucalyptus orbifolia	16942	 5g32 10g29 15g22 25g53 100g116 1000g693 1p17 100s8
Eucalyptus oreades	16943	 10g23 25g31 1000g539 1p17
Eucalyptus oreades hardy NZ	430563	 2g19 2g9 5g12 10g18 20g29 25g34
Eucalyptus orgadophila	16944	 5g38 10g16 25g28 1000g619
Eucalyptus ovata	16945	 5g29 10g19 25g25 100g86 1000g497 100s11 1000s14 10000s34
Eucalyptus ovata hardy NZ	430562	 2g19 10g23 25g35
Eucalyptus ovata prov. Tas	75047	 1p4
Eucalyptus oxymitra	16946	 25g22 100g51 1000g392
Eucalyptus pachyloma	16948	 25g19 100g64 1000g355
Eucalyptus pachyphylla	16949	 10g14 25g21 100g70 1000g377
Eucalyptus paliformis hardy NZ	452224	 2g19 10g33 25g50
Eucalyptus paniculata	16951	 10g16 25g24 100g81 250g281 1000g251 1p17
Eucalyptus parramattensis	16953	 25g19 100g64 1000g355
Eucalyptus parvula b.s.	400235	 10g54 25g104 1000g3742 1p17
Eucalyptus parvula c.s.	441112	 5g18 10g319 25g634 1000g1687 1p8 1000s21
Eucalyptus parvula hardy NZ	430561	 2g19 10g43 25g63
Eucalyptus patens	16954	 25g18 100g59 1000g310
Eucalyptus pauciflora	16861	 10g16 25g20 100g66 1000g362 1p8
Eucalyptus pauciflora hardy NZ	430560	 2g19 10g23 25g34
Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp niphophila c.s.	463242	 10g106 25g207
Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp niphophila hardy NZ	430558	 2g19 10g28 25g47
Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp. debeuzevillei	64201	 10g54 25g113 100g976 1000g1496 1p17 100s12 1000s19 10000s80
Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp. debeuzevillei hardy NZ	430524	 2g16 10g25 25g41
Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp. niphophila	16863	 0g10 1g16 2g37 5g14 10g13 25g24 100g83 1000g475 1p17 100s14 1000s21 10000s72
Eucalyptus pellita	17217	 10g29 25g28 100g100 1000g378 1p17 100s14 1000s26 10000s146
Eucalyptus perriniana b.s.	16865	 10g43 25g81 1p17
Eucalyptus perriniana c.s.	441115	 10g30 100g246 1000g1500 1p9
Eucalyptus perriniana hardy NZ	430559	 2g19 10g43 25g63
Eucalyptus persistens	437774	 10g18 25g31 1000g642
Eucalyptus petiolaris	67335	 10g17 25g29 250g310 1000g642
Eucalyptus petrensis	434504	 15g22 100g111 1000g656
Eucalyptus phoenicea	16959	 10g57 25g26 100g133 1000g807 1p17
Eucalyptus pileata	400241	 25g22 100g74 1000g407
Eucalyptus pilularis	16962	 10g29 25g17 100g56 1000g286 1p17
Eucalyptus pilularis hardy NZ	430568	 2g19 10g23 25g35
Eucalyptus piperita	16964	 5g29 10g18 25g31 1000g642
Eucalyptus piperita hardy NZ	430569	 2g19 10g24 25g37
Eucalyptus planchoniana	17216	 10g15 25g22 100g71 1000g392
Eucalyptus platycorys	33955	 25g22 100g71 1000g392
Eucalyptus platypus	16965	 10g15 25g20 100g66 1000g362
Eucalyptus pluricaulis	75394	 25g24 100g83 1000g475
Eucalyptus pluricaulis ssp. porphyrea	67367	 5g23 250g457
Eucalyptus polyanthemos	16967	 1g25 10g23 25g22 100g74 1000g407 1p17 10000s173 50000s820
Eucalyptus polyanthemos hardy NZ	430570	 2g19 10g29 25g45
Eucalyptus polybractea	16968	 10g21 25g25 100g86 1000g497 1p15
Eucalyptus populnea	400242	 10g20 25g24 100g119 1000g708 1p17
Eucalyptus porosa	16971	 10g15 25g17 100g63 1000g340
Eucalyptus preissiana	16972	 10g18 25g18 100g56 1000g295
Eucalyptus propinqua	16974	 10g16 25g28 1000g539
Eucalyptus pruinosa	29742	 25g26 100g92 1000g527
Eucalyptus pseudoglobulus	518945	 25g26 100g92 1000g527
Eucalyptus pterocarpa	16976	 25g28 100g96 1000g558
Eucalyptus pulchella	16852	 10g17 25g24 100g78 250g310 1000g445 100s12 1000s17 10000s36
Eucalyptus pulchella hardy NZ	430571	 2g19 10g23 25g35 1p4
Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue Spiral prov. NZ	430509	 1g18
Eucalyptus pulverulenta Baby Blue c.s.	441122	 0g10 0g27 1g47 2g87 5g166 10g325 1p4
Eucalyptus pulverulenta b.s.	16867	 2g14 10g27 15g25 25g41 100g139 1000g784 1p9 10000s152 50000s638
Eucalyptus pulverulenta c.s.	67374	 10g263 25g522 100g258 100s16 1000s16 10000s93
Eucalyptus pulverulenta hardy NZ	453056	 2g19 5g26 10g28 25g41
Eucalyptus pumila	16977	 10g18 250g163
Eucalyptus punctata	16978	 10g16 25g21 100g70 250g310 1000g377 100s12 1000s19 10000s38
Eucalyptus pyriformis	16979	 10g20 25g22 100g30 1000g392 1p17
Eucalyptus quadrangulata	73041	 10g15 25g25 1000g539
Eucalyptus racemosa	434508	 10g16 25g18 100g59 1000g310
Eucalyptus radiata b.s.	16868	 10g20 25g36 100g66 250g130 1000g362 1p12
Eucalyptus radiata hardy NZ	430572	 2g19 10g24 25g37 1p4
Eucalyptus radiata ssp. australiana	16869	 25g24 100g83 1000g467
Eucalyptus raveretiana	16982	 10g23 25g41 1000g760 1p17
Eucalyptus ravida	29745	 26g23 100g70 1000g385
Eucalyptus redunca	16983	 25g19 100g62 1000g332
Eucalyptus regnans	13116	 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g28 100g96 1000g251 1p8 100s12 1000s16 10000s34
Eucalyptus regnans hardy NZ	430573	 2g19 10g23 25g42 1p8
Eucalyptus resinifera	16986	 10g20 25g26 100g88 250g369 1000g506 1p17
Eucalyptus rhodantha	403865	 10g50 25g26 100g366 1000g2380 1p17
Eucalyptus risdonii	1687	 10g25 25g45 1p17
Eucalyptus risdonii hardy NZ	430574	 2g19 10g24 25g37
Eucalyptus robusta c.s.	16988	 10g18 25g19 100g60 250g310 1000g121 100s12 1000s15 10000s24
Eucalyptus robusta hardy NZ	430575	 2g19 10g25 25g39
Eucalyptus rodwayi	16871	 10g24 25g60 250g295 100s12 1000s17 10000s45
Eucalyptus rodwayii hardy NZ	430576	 2g19 10g37 25g58
Eucalyptus rossii	16989	 10g15 25g19 100g62 1000g332
Eucalyptus roycei	439427	 25g24 100g119 1000g708
Eucalyptus rubida	16872	 5g20 10g20 25g25 100g85 250g457 1000g482 1p17
Eucalyptus rubida hardy NZ	430577	 2g19 10g28 25g40
Eucalyptus rudis	16991	 10g18 25g22 100g71 1000g392 1p17
Eucalyptus rugosa	16992	 25g22 100g74 1000g407
Eucalyptus salicola	33959	 25g26 100g93 1000g527
Eucalyptus saligna	16873	 10g13 25g24 100g83 250g310 1000g251
Eucalyptus saligna hardy NZ	430578	 2g14 10g28 25g40 1p4
Eucalyptus salmonophloia	16995	 10g26 25g24 100g83 1000g475 1p17
Eucalyptus salubris	16996	 10g21 25g22 100g74 1000g407 1p17
Eucalyptus sargentii	16998	 10g20 25g30 100g108 1000g641 1p17
Eucalyptus scoparia	17001	 1g23 10g67 25g26 100g457 1000g3375 1p17
Eucalyptus seeana	17002	 10g17 25g30
Eucalyptus sepulcralis	17247	 25g26 100g200 1000g1251
Eucalyptus sessilis	17003	 25g19 100g64 1000g355
Eucalyptus sheathiana	17005	 25g25 100g85 1000g475
Eucalyptus shirleyi	17006	 10g19 25g34 1000g736
Eucalyptus siderophloia	38461	 10g18 25g23 100g83 1000g467
Eucalyptus sideroxylon	17007	 10g20 25g22 100g74 250g398 1000g407 1p17 10000s203 50000s961
Eucalyptus sideroxylon Rosea	15008	 5g26 10g18 25g26 100g92 1000g536 1p4
Eucalyptus sideroxylon Rosea hardy NZ	551003	 1p4
Eucalyptus sideroxylon hardy NZ	430579	 2g19 10g27 25g39
Eucalyptus sieberi	16874	 5g23 10g19 25g21 100g70 250g458 1000g385
Eucalyptus sieberi hardy NZ	430581	 2g14 10g23 25g34
Eucalyptus smithii	17009	 5g47 10g40 25g28 100g148 250g1202 1000g904 1p17
Eucalyptus socialis	1701	 10g13 25g21 100g70 1000g377
Eucalyptus spathulata	17011	 10g15 25g22 100g74 250g281 1000g407
Eucalyptus spathulata ssp. grandiflora	73043	 25g22 100g74 1000g407
Eucalyptus spp. mix cool climate (temperate)	16893	 2g10 5g12 10g18 1p9
Eucalyptus spp. temperate mix hardy in UK - mid-west Europe	17197	 1p12
Eucalyptus staeri	17013	 25g17 100g55 1000g280
Eucalyptus staigeriana	400258	 50s10
Eucalyptus steedmanii	17014	 10g15 25g21 100g70 1000g385
Eucalyptus stellulata	16875	 10g17 25g24 100g79 1000g452 100s12 1000s16 10000s39
Eucalyptus stellulata hardy NZ	430580	 2g19 10g25 25g37
Eucalyptus stoatei b.s.	67306	 5g29 10g28 25g26 100g133 1000g807 1p17
Eucalyptus stoatei c.s.	17015	 25s8
Eucalyptus stowardii	17016	 25g24 100g122 1000g232
Eucalyptus striaticalyx b.s.	17017	 25g22 100g71 1000g392
Eucalyptus stricklandii	16876	 10g14 25g20 100g66 1000g355
Eucalyptus stricta	16877	 10g13 25g20 100g66 250g207 1000g355
Eucalyptus stricta hardy NZ	430582	 2g19 10g23 25g35
Eucalyptus sturgissiana	17222	 25g89 1000g1459 1p8
Eucalyptus sturgissiana hardy NZ	453057	 1p8
Eucalyptus subangusta ssp. cerina	439428	 25g20 100g66 1000g362
Eucalyptus subangusta ssp. subangusta	75425	 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus subcrenulata	1688	 10g45 25g38 100g558 1000g907 1p17 25s8
Eucalyptus subcrenulata hardy NZ	430583	 2g19 10g38 25g58
Eucalyptus talyuberlup	17018	 25g25 100g86 1000g491
Eucalyptus tectifica	446551	 25g26 100g89 1000g512
Eucalyptus tenella	463243	 25g38 1000g613
Eucalyptus tenuipes	17224	 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus tenuiramis	16881	 10g27 250g310
Eucalyptus tenuiramis hardy NZ	430584	 2g19 10g23 25g35
Eucalyptus tereticornis	17019	 10g17 25g19 100g62 1000g100 1p15 100s12 1000s17 10000s26
Eucalyptus tereticornis prov. India	457507	 1000g78 5000g288
Eucalyptus tetragona b.s.	17022	 10g25 25g30 100g105 1000g626 1p17
Eucalyptus tetragona c.s.	38463	 15g28 100g149 1000g912
Eucalyptus tetraptera b.s.	38464	 10g20 25g28 100g96 1000g558
Eucalyptus tetrodonta	17021	 25g28 100g99 1000g573
Eucalyptus thozetiana	17225	 10g18 25g31 1000g376
Eucalyptus tindaliae	77436	 10g18 25g31 1000g789
Eucalyptus tintinnans	77437	 10g15 25g25 1000g539
Eucalyptus todtiana	17025	 25g17 100g56 1000g295
Eucalyptus torquata	15025	 5g29 10g14 25g19 100g62 250g310 1000g332
Eucalyptus torquata x woodwardii Torwood	17027	 25g28 100g99 1000g573
Eucalyptus transcontinentalis	400246	 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Eucalyptus tricarpa	73046	 2g19 10g27 25g39
Eucalyptus triflora hardy NZ	430585	 2g19 10g38 25g58
Eucalyptus trivalvis	17032	 25g21 100g70 1000g385
Eucalyptus umbra	17226	 10g17 25g23 100g78 1000g437 1p15 100s12 1000s19 10000s51
Eucalyptus uncinata	17033	 25g26 100g90 1000g521
Eucalyptus urnigera	16882	 10g37 25g27 100g145 1000g882 1p17
Eucalyptus urnigera glaucous form hardy NZ	430587	 2g19 10g39 25g55
Eucalyptus urnigera hardy NZ	430586	 2g19 10g35 25g54
Eucalyptus urnigera prov. Tas.	75055	 1p4
Eucalyptus urophylla	38462	 250g65 500g123 1000g251
Eucalyptus utilis	16966	 10g15 25g22 100g74 1000g407
Eucalyptus victrix	33943	 5g29 10g32 15g23 25g60 100g123 1000g747 1p17
Eucalyptus viminalis	16884	 10g25 25g24 100g81 1000g445 1p10
Eucalyptus viminalis c.s.	402964	 10g79 25g154 1000g5215 1p17
Eucalyptus viminalis hardy NZ	430588	 2g19 10g24 25g37 1p4 100s14
Eucalyptus viminalis ssp. cygnetensis	16885	 25g23 100g78 1000g445 1p4
Eucalyptus viridis	17034	 10g15 25g22 100g73 250g251 1000g400
Eucalyptus wandoo	17035	 10g19 25g28 100g96 1000g558 1p4
Eucalyptus websteriana b.s.	17036	 1g28 10g14 25g28 50g204 100g148 1000g904 1p17
Eucalyptus woodwardii	15026	 10g17 25g20 100g66 250g300 1000g355
Eucalyptus woollsiana	16961	 10g19 25g26 100g92 1000g527
Eucalyptus xanthonema	17039	 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Eucalyptus yilgarnensis	75430	 25g26 100g88 1000g506
Eucalyptus youmanii	17041	 10g28 25g28 100g100 1000g581 1p17
Eucalyptus youmanii hardy NZ	430589	 2g19 10g33 25g50
Eucalyptus youngiana	17042	 10g17 25g20 100g86 1000g491
Eugenia brasiliensis	1003	 10g15 100g71
Eugenia capensis ssp. natalitia	519010	 100s45
Eugenia myrtifolia svs	431102	 10000s732 50000s3423
Eugenia uniflora svs	1006	 10s4 50s16 100s28 1000s180
Heteropyxis canescens	450358	 100s10
Heteropyxis dehniae	46648	 1p10
Heteropyxis natalensis	23622	 0g28 1g17 1p10 100s15
Hypocalymma angustifolium	16127	 1g19 3g21 10g63 100g586 1000g3826
Hypocalymma ericifolium	452237	 1g22
Hypocalymma robustum	16128	 4g23 10g52 100g472 1000g3073
Kunzea ambigua	400564	 10g15 25g22 100g71 250g310 1000g392 100s11 1000s15
Kunzea baxteri	15014	 10g23 25g22 100g71 250g425 1000g392 1p17 100s11 1000s14 10000s17
Kunzea capitata	16661	 10g19 25g34 1000g672
Kunzea ericifolia	38145	 15g22 25g32 100g116 1000g693
Kunzea ericoides	67568	 1g22 5g31 10g33 1p4 100s11 1000s14 10000s31
Kunzea ericoides prov. NZ	433034	 10g27
Kunzea glabrescens	452240	 5g26
Kunzea micrantha	439469	 15g25 25g37 100g134 1000g814
Kunzea montana	442112	 5g26
Kunzea parvifolia	16161	 5g23 10g38 25g30 100g108 250g546 1000g641 1p17 100s12 1000s15 10000s23
Kunzea pulchella	16163	 10g19 25g41 100g148 1000g904 1p17
Kunzea recurva	16164	 10g21 25g43 100g167 1000g1040
Lamarchea hakeifolia	16169	 5g26
Leptospermum arachnoides	16666	 5g20 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Leptospermum brachyandrum	16182	 5g23 10g20 25g35 250g516
Leptospermum brevipes	16667	 5g17
Leptospermum continentale	407579	 10g13 25g21 1000g382 1p17
Leptospermum coriaceum	16183	 5g23 25g28 100g96 1000g558
Leptospermum epacridoideum	16668	 5g23 10g15 25g25 1000g464
Leptospermum erubescens	16187	 15g23 25g33 100g119 250g516 1000g663
Leptospermum glaucescens	16189	 100s11 1000s14 10000s22
Leptospermum grandiflorum	16188	 10g16 25g28 1000g677 100s11 1000s14 10000s22
Leptospermum juniperinum	15023	 10g13 25g17 100g56 250g296 1000g286
Leptospermum laevigatum	14966	 10g29 25g18 100g57 1000g302
Leptospermum lanigerum	1619	 10g14 25g18 100g59 1000g310 100s11 1000s14 10000s66
Leptospermum liversidgei	16191	 10g15 25g25 1000g464
Leptospermum luehmannii	81837	 10g24 25g43 1p17
Leptospermum myrsinoides	16192	 10g20 25g36 1p17
Leptospermum myrtifolium	16671	 10g16 25g28
Leptospermum nitidum	16193	 10g24 25g43 1p17 100s11 1000s14 10000s22
Leptospermum novae-angliae	462294	 100s10
Leptospermum obovatum	16665	 10g17 25g29 1000g540
Leptospermum petersonii	14968	 10g13 25g22 100g62 1000g401
Leptospermum polygalifolium	15041	 10g13 25g17 100g55 1000g280 100s11 1000s14 10000s22
Leptospermum polygalifolium Copper Glow	16186	 100s11 1000s14 10000s22
Leptospermum polygalifolium ssp. cismontanum	439478	 10g13 25g22
Leptospermum roei	439477	 25g19 100g63 1000g340
Leptospermum rotundifolium	16197	 10g13 25g17 100g56 1000g286 100s14
Leptospermum rupestre	27961	 100s11 1000s21 10000s108
Leptospermum scoparium	33	 5g29 10g35 25g26 1p8 1000s8
Leptospermum scoparium prov. NZ	75067	 2g11 5g16 10g25 1p8
Leptospermum spinescens	1497	 10g24 25g43 100g197 1000g1235
Leptospermum squarrosum	16201	 10g13 25g17 100g55 1000g256
Leptospermum trinervium	14964	 10g34 25g31 1000g539 1p17
Lophomyrtus bullata	27988	 1g19 10g56 100s14
Lophomyrtus obcordatus	18231	 1g19 10g63 100s14
Lophostemon confertus	15035	 10g13 25g17 100g55 250g133 1000g148 100s13 1000s20 10000s51 50000s511
Lophostemon neriifolia syn dup (Tristania neriifolia)	458678	 10g13 25g22 1000g306
Lophostemon suaveolens	47382	 10g13 25g22 250g163 1000g306
Luma apiculata svs	83878	 100s27 1000s156
Malleostemon hursthousei	16226	 5g23
Melaleuca acuminata	16229	 10g18 25g19 100g64 1000g355
Melaleuca adnata	407589	 25g30 100g108 1000g648
Melaleuca alternifolia	16231	 1g16 10g17 25g29 100g111 1000g656 1p12 150s8 500s8
Melaleuca alternifolia select high oil strain	3909	 1g46 10g25 25g55 100g208 1000g1304
Melaleuca argentea	29757	 10g18 25g29
Melaleuca armillaris	16232	 1g28 10g14 25g17 100g55 1000g280
Melaleuca bracteata	14971	 10g17 25g24 100g79 1000g452 100s11 1000s14 10000s24
Melaleuca brevifolia	16233	 10g17 25g25 100g86 1000g491
Melaleuca capitata	16678	 10g18 25g29 1000g605 1p4
Melaleuca cardiophylla	16676	 1g16 25g27 100g93 1000g543
Melaleuca citrina	16236	 15g24 25g35 100g127 1000g777
Melaleuca coccinea	16237	 1g16 10g40 15g21 25g78 100g111 1000g663 1p17
Melaleuca conothamnoides	16238	 15g25 25g38 100g137 1000g837
Melaleuca cordata	16239	 10g30 15g25 25g38 100g137 1000g837 1p17 100s9
Melaleuca cucullata	400202	 25g24 100g82 1000g467
Melaleuca cuneata	16242	 10g17 25g29
Melaleuca cuticularis	16243	 10g17 25g28 100g96 1000g566
Melaleuca decora	16244	 1g28 10g15 25g26 1000g648
Melaleuca decussata	14972	 1g16 10g15 25g25 100g88 1000g437
Melaleuca dempta	33992	 15g23 25g45 100g120 1000g723
Melaleuca densa	16245	 10g27 25g28 100g96 1000g558 1p17
Melaleuca densispicata	77143	 10g18 25g32
Melaleuca depressa	33993	 25g21 100g70 1000g385
Melaleuca diosmatifolia	16248	 500s9
Melaleuca diosmifolia	16246	 10g15 25g25 100g86 1000g437
Melaleuca eleuterostachya	1623	 15g22 25g32 100g115 1000g678
Melaleuca elleryana (name unresolved)	462386	 10g13 25g22 1000g382
Melaleuca elliptica	16247	 1g16 10g40 25g27 100g93 1000g543 1p17
Melaleuca ericifolia	15019	 1g16 10g13 25g22 100g74 1000g397 100s11 1000s14 10000s17
Melaleuca ericifolia nana	15018	 1g16 10g15 25g25 1000g437
Melaleuca erubescens	463250	 10g18 25g39
Melaleuca filifolia	1627	 1g16 10g37 15g25 25g37 100g133 1000g799 1p17
Melaleuca fulgens	16249	 1g16 10g24 15g23 25g35 100g123 1000g738 1p17
Melaleuca fulgens ssp. steedmanii	16291	 25g29 100g101 1000g588
Melaleuca gibbosa	1625	 10g20 25g35 1p17 100s11 1000s14 10000s22
Melaleuca glaberrima	16251	 1g16 25g26 100g92 1000g536
Melaleuca glauca	2976	 100s13 1000s19 10000s28
Melaleuca globifera aff.	29759	 25g22 100g75 1000g422
Melaleuca glomerata	16252	 25g30 100g104 1000g588
Melaleuca halmaturorum	16254	 10g15 25g25 100g94 1000g464 1p17
Melaleuca halmaturorum ssp. cymbifolia	452250	 25g26 100g92 1000g527
Melaleuca hamulosa	16255	 10g18 25g29 100g101 1000g588
Melaleuca holosericea	16256	 15g23 25g35 100g123 1000g738
Melaleuca huegelii	16257	 5g23 10g17 25g26 100g89 1000g512
Melaleuca hypericifolia	400139	 1g21 10g17 25g18 100g59 1000g310 100s11 1000s14 10000s22
Melaleuca incana	15021	 10g22 25g28 100g96 1000g566 1p17
Melaleuca lanceolata	16258	 1g16 10g15 25g20 100g66 1000g355
Melaleuca lanceolata ssp. occidentalis	67632	 1p4
Melaleuca lateriflora	16259	 10g24 15g23 25g34 100g122 1000g732 1p17
Melaleuca lateritia	400203	 10g72 15g25 25g39 100g140 1000g852
Melaleuca laxiflora	16241	 15g23 25g35 100g123 1000g738
Melaleuca leiocarpa	75107	 25g26 100g92 1000g506
Melaleuca leptospermoides	16262	 15g26 25g39 100g141 1000g867
Melaleuca leucadendra	16263	 1g16 10g15 25g20 100g66 1000g121 1p8 10000s100 50000s464
Melaleuca leucadendra fine leaved form	67633	 10g15 25g25 1000g437
Melaleuca linariifolia	16264	 1g16 10g15 25g24 100g83 1000g475 100s14
Melaleuca linophylla	75125	 1p4
Melaleuca macronychia	16265	 25g23 100g78 1000g445
Melaleuca megacephala	16266	 10g33 15g25 25g37 100g134 1000g904 1p17
Melaleuca microphylla	16267	 25g30 100g108 1000g641
Melaleuca minutifolia	77141	 10g16 25g28
Melaleuca nervosa	75109	 10g18 25g32
Melaleuca nesophila	16271	 1g16 10g15 25g26 100g88 1000g497 1p4 10000s99 50000s463
Melaleuca nodosa	16272	 10g18 25g26 100g92 1000g536
Melaleuca oldfieldii	16273	 15g22 25g32 100g116 1000g693
Melaleuca pauperiflora	16275	 25g25 100g86 1000g491
Melaleuca pentagona v. pentagona	16276	 25g29 100g101 1000g588
Melaleuca platycalyx	16277	 15g26 25g40 100g144 1000g882
Melaleuca polygaloides	442118	 10g22 25g28 100g96 1000g558 1p17
Melaleuca preissiana	16278	 10g15 25g25 100g86 1000g491
Melaleuca pulchella	16279	 10g30 15g25 25g37 100g136 1000g822 1p17
Melaleuca pungens	1628	 1g16 10g30 15g21 25g31 100g111 1000g506 1p17
Melaleuca pustulata	16281	 100s11 1000s14 10000s22
Melaleuca quinquenervia	16283	 1g16 10g15 25g22 100g73 1000g400
Melaleuca radula	16284	 10g19 25g41 100g148 1000g904
Melaleuca rhaphiophylla	16285	 10g29 25g65 100g245 1000g1542
Melaleuca scabra	16286	 10g26 25g48 100g245 1000g1552 1p17
Melaleuca scabra dwarf form	439497	 10g24 25g52 100g194 1000g1220
Melaleuca scabra v. holosericea	439496	 15g23 25g35 100g125 1000g753
Melaleuca sheathiana	29762	 25g24 100g83 1000g475
Melaleuca sieberi	75120	 1g16 10g33 25g62 1p17
Melaleuca spathulata	16288	 1g16 10g40 25g24 100g83 1000g467 1p17
Melaleuca spicigera	38132	 15g22 25g32 100g115 1000g678
Melaleuca spp. mixed	447705	 1p8
Melaleuca squamea	16289	 10g30 25g56 1p17 100s11 1000s14 10000s22
Melaleuca squarrosa	400206	 1g19 10g18 25g24 100g82 1000g481 100s11 1000s14 10000s22
Melaleuca striata	16292	 10g20 15g25 25g35 100g137 1000g837 1p17
Melaleuca styphelioides	15017	 1g28 10g15 25g24 100g81 1000g443 100s14
Melaleuca suberosa	16293	 10g14 15g23 25g33 100g119 1000g716 1p17
Melaleuca subfalcata	16294	 10g24 15g24 25g36 100g129 1000g768 1p17
Melaleuca tenella	75121	 15g27 25g40 100g146 1000g889
Melaleuca teretifolia	16295	 10g18 25g26 100g92 1000g536
Melaleuca thymifolia	16296	 1g43 10g30 25g45 1000g1349 1p17
Melaleuca thymoides	16297	 25g30 100g107 1000g633
Melaleuca thyoides	16298	 15g24 25g35 100g129 1000g768
Melaleuca trichophylla	33995	 10g29 25g65 100g245 1000g1552 1p17
Melaleuca uncinata prov. NSW	67645	 10g28 25g52 1p17
Melaleuca uncinata prov. WA	16299	 25g30 100g105 1000g618
Melaleuca undulata	163	 25g27 100g94 1000g551
Melaleuca urceolaris	75124	 15g24 25g37 100g131 1000g799
Melaleuca viminea	16722	 25g22 100g73 1000g407
Melaleuca violacea	16301	 1g16 10g20 15g21 25g32 100g116 1000g693 1p17
Melaleuca viridiflora	16681	 1g16 10g20 25g25 100g85 1000g482
Melaleuca wilsonii	16302	 1g15 10g32 25g29 100g104 1000g595 1p17
Metrosideros angustifolia	52089	 1p10 100s13 1000s208
Metrosideros excelsa	400753	 5g26 28g53 250g575 1p12 100s11 1000s14 10000s22
Metrosideros excelsa Aurea	39907	 1p28
Metrosideros perforata	406656	 5g65 100s12 1000s14 10000s41
Metrosideros robusta	18104	 1g22 3g17 5g61 100s14
Metrosideros umbellata	18182	 3g17 5g56 1p22 100s14
Myrcianthes leucoxyla	69281	 100s22 1000s54 10000s448
Myrciaria dubia	530909	 1s1
Myrciaria floribunda	73049	 1000s100
Myrtus communis	1776	 10g24 25g45 50g58 100g110 1000g281 1p8 100s11
Myrtus communis Compacta	1777	 5g30
Pericalymma ellipticum	16359	 10g24 25g54 100g200 1000g1251
Phymatocarpus maxwellii F Muell.	16362	 15g25 25g37 100g133 1000g799
Pimenta dioica	2028	 1000s84
Psidium acutangulum	537241	 100s23 1000s49
Psidium angulatum	69124	 100s23 1000s137
Psidium cattleianum	2296	 10g13 25g22 28g45 113g104 250g236 454g244 1000g369 4540g2118 22700g9556 1p9 25s8
Psidium guajava	400951	 2g8 10g13 25g22 100g226 250g236 1000g80 5000g298 10000g446 20s8 100s14 1000s20 1
Psidium guajava Colombian Red	5527	 100s14 1000s23 10000s63
Psidium guajava Red Fleshed	85128	 1000g115 5000g416 10000g641
Psidium littorale v littorale	2297	 100s9
Regelia ciliata	16428	 5g23 15g28 25g42 100g155 1000g957
Regelia cymbifolia	16429	 5g23 10g21 25g46 100g170 1000g1055
Regelia inops	400213	 10g21 25g45 100g164 1000g1010
Regelia megacephala	16431	 5g23
Regelia velutina	16432	 5g23 10g20 25g43 100g159 1000g973
Rhodamnia dumetorum	85673	 100s24 1000s59
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa	2423	 100s28 1000s209
Sannantha virgata	530990	 100s12 1000s17 10000s59
Scholtzia involucrata	16456	 5g17 10g14 25g27 100g93 1000g543
Scholtzia laxiflora	16457	 25g26 100g93 1000g527
Scholtzia oligandra	16458	 25g28 100g99 1000g573
Scholtzia spathulata	16459	 5g20
Syncarpia glomulifera	16518	 10g13 25g17 100g66 1000g162 1p16
Syncarpia hillii	38335	 10g19 25g34 1000g767 1p17
Syzygium aromaticum	75599	 10g17 250g165
Syzygium australe	76961	 1p17 1000s177
Syzygium capensis ssp zeyheri svs	445633	 1p17 1000s277
Syzygium cumini	2668	 250g31 500g55 1000g102 50s33
Syzygium cumini prov. Morogoro Tanzania	457540	 1000g158
Syzygium floribundum	75344	 1p17 1000s104
Syzygium forte ssp forte svs	73050	 1p18 1000s607
Syzygium francisii	73051	 1p17 1000s173
Syzygium guineense prov. Lushoto Tanzania	457541	 1000g158
Syzygium guineense prov. Ulete Tanzania	76867	 1000g158
Syzygium jambos	2471	 1p18 100s52 1000s249
Syzygium luehmannii	5638	 1p17 1000s70
Syzygium malaccense	40360	 1000s196
Syzygium moorei	73052	 1p20 1000s406
Syzygium oleosum	73048	 1p18 1000s117
Syzygium paniculatum	15009	 1p17 100s24 1000s82
Syzygium samarangense	2673	 1000s177
Syzygium tierneyanum	445632	 1p17 1000s251
Syzygium wilsonii ssp cryptophlebia	73054	 1p17 1000s143
Syzygium wilsonii ssp wilsonii svs	73053	 1p17 1000s145
Taxandria juniperina c.s.	15682	 1g19 25g30 1000g626
Taxandria linearifolia c.s.	67107	 5g24 25g35 1000g738
Taxandria marginata	15683	 5g24 25g30 1000g641
Taxandria parviceps c.s.	407428	 5g24 25g25 1000g491
Taxandria spathulata	15686	 5g24 25g29 1000g588
Thaleropia queenslandica	77144	 100s10
Thryptomene johnsonii	16541	 5g25
Thryptomene maisonneuvii	439544	 25g27 100g93 1000g543
Tristania neriifolia	16718	 10g13 25g22 250g148 1000g306
Tristania suaveolens	77002	 10g13 25g22 250g148 1000g443
Tristaniopsis laurina	15036	 10g13 25g22 250g163 1000g328 1p17
Ugni molinae	83848	 100s14 1000s60
Verticordia brownii	65302	 15g21 25g31 100g110 1000g663
Verticordia chrysantha	65304	 10g22 25g48 100g178 1000g1115
Verticordia densiflora	65305	 5g29 15g27 25g41 100g151 1000g934
Verticordia eriocephala	407643	 10g22 25g48 100g178 1000g1115
Verticordia grandiflora	67857	 10g21 25g43 100g168 1000g1041
Verticordia grandis	16575	 10g43 25g27 100g381 1000g2471
Verticordia huegelii v huegelii	67858	 2g18 5g33 10g79 25g189 100g744 1000g6086
Verticordia monadelpha	1658	 15g26 25g39 100g151 1000g934
Verticordia muellerana	16581	 5g27 10g49 25g114 100g442 1000g2847
Verticordia nitens	16582	 5g29 15g23 25g35 100g123 1000g738
Verticordia pennigera	16585	 1000g753
Verticordia plumosa	16588	 10g21 25g45 100g168 1000g1040
Verticordia roei ssp roei	28254	 5g29
Verticordia serrata	1659	 10g27 25g59 100g223 1000g1411
Wehlia thryptomenoides	16799	 4g20 10g46 100g411 1000g2998
Xanthostemon aurantiacus Red - Yellow	548461	 100s102 1000s736
Xanthostemon chrysanthus	28109	 1g13 10g17 25g29 1000g601 100s29
Xanthostemon gugerlii	548462	 100s85 1000s607
Xanthostemon laurinus	548458	 100s130

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