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List 561 - Piperaceae - 6/12/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Macropiper excelsum	18053	 1g19
Peperomia pellucida	85652	 1p4 30s9
Peperomia peruviana	534314	 25s11
Peperomia rotundifolia v pilosior	69201	 30s8
Piper aduncum	535512	 100s14 1000s38 10000s151
Piper amalago	550132	 1000s115
Piper angustifolium	34304	 10s8
Piper arboreum	535514	 100s24 1000s68
Piper attenuatum	535516	 100s28 1000s85 10000s577
Piper augustum	73669	 100s47 1000s83 10000s598
Piper auritum cs	401605	 1g42 1p4 100s11 1000s24 10000s124
Piper crassinervium	535525	 100s15 1000s36 10000s166
Piper grande	462419	 100s14 1000s33 10000s99
Piper imperiale	462420	 100s14 1000s51 10000s301
Piper lineolatifolium	535532	 100s24 1000s72
Piper longum	408521	 100s24 1000s53 10000s314
Piper marginatum	73706	 100s14 1000s67
Piper nigrum	2105	 100s27 500s40 1000s76
Piper obliquum	535537	 100s14 1000s23 10000s86
Piper peepuloides (name unresolved)	535539	 100s27 1000s86
Piper peltatum	535538	 100s14 1000s30 10000s129
Piper reticulatum	535542	 100s16 1000s36 10000s254
Piper villiramulum	535546	 100s14 1000s25 10000s99

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