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List 601 - Rutaceae - 6/13/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Acmadenia alternifolia	70892	 1p9
Acmadenia obtusata	431710	 1p4
Adenandra gummifera	441641	 100s30 1000s236
Adenandra obtusata	444870	 1p10 100s20 1000s236
Adenandra uniflora	441643	 1p10 100s15
Aegle marmelos	193	 1000g90 5000g347 10000g544 100s15 1000s38 10000s167
Agathosma apiculata	408633	 1p10
Agathosma betulina	77178	 100s29 1000s226
Agathosma capensis	408634	 1p10 100s29 1000s197
Agathosma collina	552556	 100s17
Agathosma crenulata	202	 1p10 100s15
Agathosma gonaquensis	403141	 1p4 100s28 1000s223
Agathosma ovata	26849	 1p10 100s13 1000s223
Agathosma ovata Glentana	408632	 1p10
Boronia alata	459522	 1g19
Boronia anemonifolia	446540	 1g19
Boronia falcifolia	67153	 1g37
Boronia fastigiata	15768	 1g37 5g20 10g37 25g67 100g330 1000g2094
Boronia heterophylla	51139	 1g27
Boronia ramosa	15775	 1g19
Boronia stricta	15778	 1g19
Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Ornamental Nagoya Mixed	548465	 250s11 500s17 750s25 1000s32 2500s64
Calodendrum capense svs	24897	 10g13 25g21 250g80 1000g137 1p12 100s35 1000s282
Casimiroa edulis svs	522	 5s12
Chorilaena quercifolia	76486	 0g29
Citrofortunella microcarpa vsvs	5335	 1p11
Citrus Citronelle	5063	 5g24 10g20 25g35 1000g779
Citrus aurantifolia svs	30832	 250g116 1000g382 1000s156
Citrus aurantium svs	400943	 1p12 1000s156 3000s450
Citrus glauca db	512227	 25g21 250g73 1000g211
Citrus limettoides svs	661	 1000s228
Citrus limon	662	 1000s97 10000s812
Citrus limon x Ponderosa	38261	 1000s228
Citrus maxima svs	66	 1000g129 2500g288 5000g500 10000g798 1000s123 10000s849
Citrus reticulata	30834	 25g29 250g169 1000s102 10000s696
Citrus sinensis	400957	 25g23 250g108
Citrus sinensis x Citrange Carrizo svs	458666	 2500s389
Citrus sinensis x Citrange Troyer svs	86670	 2500s389
Clausena anisata	70185	 1p12
Cneorum tricoccon	403153	 1g10 10g10 100g70 1000g560 1p4 25s8 50s10
Coleonema album	71810	 1p10 100s13
Coleonema aspalathoides	430352	 100s25 1000s193
Coleonema pulchellum	51876	 1p9 100s14 1000s193
Coleonema pulchellum dark pink form	401135	 100s14
Crowea angustifolia	15934	 5g33 25g21 100g77 1000g430
Crowea angustifolia v dentata	15935	 10g20 25g43 100g159 1000g973
Crowea dentata	439395	 25g17 100g55
Dictamnus albus Albiflorus	447640	 1g11 2g17 5g29 10g54 25g49 50g91 100g176 250g433 500g855 1000g1709 1p9 40s8
Dictamnus albus Fraxinella	5382	 1g4 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g24 50g41 100g76 250g295 500g579 1000g1148
Dictamnus albus Ruber	887	 2g16 5g26 7g26 10g46 15g72 25g107 1p8 25s8
Dictamnus albus mixed fl. colours	447641	 1p11
Dictamnus albus v caucasicus	443096	 1p11
Dictamnus albus v purpureus	432350	 1g10 2g14 5g25 10g44
Dictamnus albus v purpureus Fraxinella organic seed	551209	 1g11 10g72 100g525
Diosma hirsuta	401024	 1p9
Diosma oppositifolia	435388	 1p9 100s15 1000s195
Diplolaena angustifolia	15968	 15g28 25g43 100g155 1000g949
Diplolaena dampieri	67231	 25g30 100g104 1000g611
Diplolaena microcephala	76496	 10g41 25g93 100g360 1000g2320
Empleurum unicapsulare	51924	 1p9
Eriostemon australasius	31475	 1g25 1p4
Eriostemon spicatus	462408	 1g17 5g78
Euodia suaveolens v ridleyi	519113	 1000s108
Evodia fraxinifolia (name unresolved)	464179	 100s23 1000s62
Evodia meliifolia	464180	 100s25 1000s79
Feronia elephantum	519808	 1000s24 10000s193
Flindersia australis	16651	 5g20 10g18 25g23 100g116 1000g693
Flindersia brayleyana	16062	 10g20 25g35 1000g875 1p17
Flindersia maculosa	16652	 25g22 100g110 1000g656 1p17
Flindersia schottiana	38465	 10g20 25g35 1000g875 1p17
Flindersia xanthoxyla	28236	 25g23 100g116 1000g693
Geijera linearifolia	33964	 10g21 25g17 100g56 250g222 1000g295
Geijera parviflora	16066	 5g23 10g17 25g17 100g55 250g488 1000g265 10000s583
Geleznowia verrucosa	16067	 10g32 100g268 1000g1702
Haplophyllum suaveolens	440429	 1g14 10g102 100g783 1p8
Melicope elleryana svs	75496	 10g13 25g22 1000g348
Melicope ternata	18054	 1g22
Murraya koenigii db svs	1724	 25g25 250g104 1000g80 1000s129
Murraya paniculata svs	1725	 1000g139 5000g552 10000g896 1p17 15s11 100s33 1000s40 5000s386 100000s1228
Nematolepis squameum	81843	 5g29
Phellodendron amurense	1938	 20g15 25g27 100g59 250g127 1000g434
Phellodendron chinense	28868	 5g26
Phellodendron lavallei	51014	 5g29
Phellodendron sachalinense	5298	 5g29
Poncirus trifoliata Flying Dragon svs	453780	 28g24 454g202 20s8 3100s481
Poncirus trifoliata Large Fruited form svs	86666	 20s10
Poncirus trifoliata Williams svs	552503	 3000s381
Poncirus trifoliata svs	2159	 1g4 10g6 100g30 1000g240 1p4 20s9 1000s84 10000s577
Ptaeroxylon obliquum	52261	 1p10 100s14
Ptelea trifoliata	2303	 14g14 28g18 113g60 454g118 1p4 50s8
Ruta angustifolia	453742	 100s8
Ruta graveolens	3052	 1g5 2g8 5g11 10g8 20g35 25g40 50g46 100g41 250g67 500g124 1000g237 2500g556 5000
Ruta graveolens fa. variegata	40838	 1g19 2g32 10g141 100g1109 1p10
Ruta graveolens organic seed	458171	 1g14 10g55 100g318 1000g1888 1p8
Ruta odorata	444971	 1p8
Skimmia japonica ssp japonica	2579	 1p10
Swinglea glutinosa	403674	 100s15 1000s38 10000s164
Teclea natalensis	446308	 1p10
Tetradium daniellii	1051	 1g6 10g9 28g30 100g56 113g83 454g160 1p4 100s13 1000s21 10000s90
Tetradium fraxinifolium	404175	 100s19 1000s106
Triphasia trifolia	31696	 2g8 10g21 100g128 10s8
Vepris lanceolata	38336	 1p12 100s16
Vepris nobilis	461992	 1000g156
Vepris reflexa	546456	 100s25 1000s196
Zanthoxylum bungeanum	433026	 10g16 250g162 100s14 1000s23 10000s105
Zanthoxylum capense	71872	 100s21 1000s55
Zanthoxylum gilletii	461994	 1000g194
Zanthoxylum nitidum	548634	 10g14 250g154 100s25
Zanthoxylum rhetsa	548641	 100s25 1000s104
Zanthoxylum riedelianum	548642	 100s23 1000s91
Zanthoxylum simulans	2865	 1g6 10g16 100g86 250g192 500g104 1000g148 2000g257 4000g391 1p6
Zanthoxylum tibetanum	458884	 25g25 100g84

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