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List 660 - Thymelaeaceae - 6/13/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Dahne sp unident DJHC 98164 prov. nw China	551173	 1p10
Dais cotinifolia	124	 1p10 100s16 1000s60
Daphne alpina	24887	 1g18 10g122 1p12
Daphne cneorum	400491	 100g149
Daphne giraldii	66295	 1p4
Daphne gnidium	69947	 5g28 250g660
Daphne laureola	85	 5g29 10g8 100g64 1p4
Daphne mezereum c.s.	852	 1g8 5g20 10g15 25g31 50g56 100g105 250g434 1000g656 1p8 16s10
Daphne mezereum d.b.	460728	 5g10 10g13 25g23 50g40 100g74 500g504 1000g996 1p8
Daphne mezereum fa alba	853	 1g14 10g24 1p14
Daphne oleoides	78976	 25g39 50g72 100g138
Daphne pontica	27874	 1g10 5g15 10g20 20g40 100g127 1p10
Daphne striata hort.	401247	 1g12 10g58 1p4
Daphne tangutica	27875	 1p4 4s9 6s11
Englerodaphne pilosa	460063	 1p4
Gnidia kraussiana	451714	 1p9
Gnidia polycephala	521720	 1p9
Lachnaea densiflora	460076	 1p12
Passerina corymbosa	462346	 1p10
Passerina falcifolia	68207	 1p10
Peddiea africana	35034	 1p10
Pimelea ammocharis	34002	 25g26 100g89 1000g512
Pimelea argentea	16365	 5g23 10g25 25g54 100g201 1000g1266
Pimelea brevistyla	16366	 10g22 25g55 100g208 1000g1304
Pimelea calcicola	434536	 4g19 10g46 25g106 100g412 1000g3073
Pimelea ciliata	16367	 5g21 10g38 25g88 100g337 1000g2169
Pimelea ferruginea	16368	 3g23 10g74 25g178 100g698 1000g5935
Pimelea floribunda	16369	 5g23 10g40 25g93 100g360 1000g2320
Pimelea holroydii	67713	 5g38
Pimelea imbricata	1637	 5g23 10g40 25g93 100g360 1000g2320
Pimelea lehmanniana	16372	 5g23 10g40 25g93 100g360 1000g2320
Pimelea leucantha	439508	 3g22 5g32 10g61 25g144 100g563 1000g4580
Pimelea physodes	16376	 5g38 10g25 25g54 100g201 1000g1266
Pimelea rosea	16377	 1g19 5g23 10g40 25g93 100g360 1000g25321 1p4
Pimelea spectabilis	16378	 5g22 10g36 25g83 100g319 1000g2049
Pimelea suaveolens	16379	 5g21 10g37 25g84 100g322 1000g2064
Pimelea sulphurea	47388	 3g19 5g33 10g61 25g142 100g563 1000g4580
Pimelea sylvestris	1638	 5g38 10g25 25g54 100g201 1000g1266
Schoenobiblus panamensis	540912	 100s69
Stellera chamaejasme	543223	 1p23

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