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List 692 - Zamiaceae - 6/13/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Ceratozamia robusta Belize form cit	511253	 1000s1320
Dioon argenteum	552933	 100s1739
Dioon califanoi	516555	 100s729 1000s5336
Dioon caputoi	516556	 100s1524
Dioon edule	552524	 100s64 1000s302 10000s1461
Dioon edule cit	17913	 1p20 100s64 1000s302 10000s1461
Dioon spinulosum cit	37183	 100s281 10000s3580
Encephalartos gratus svs cit II	451036	 1p38 1000s9012
Encephalartos manikensis cit	402878	 100s1190
Encephalartos woodii cit	518011	 100s2550
Lepidozamia hopei cit	17999	 100s1530
Lepidozamia peroffskyana	17947	 1000s1611
Macrozamia cardiacensis cit	528834	 100s649
Macrozamia communis cit	17946	 100s144 1000s545 10000s5349
Macrozamia concinna cit	528835	 100s778
Macrozamia crassifolia cit	528838	 100s2799
Macrozamia diplomera cit	528839	 100s1724
Macrozamia elegans cit	528841	 100s649 1000s5669
Macrozamia fawcetii cit	528842	 100s649 1000s5239
Macrozamia flexuosa cit	528844	 100s381 1000s1799
Macrozamia heteromera cit	528847	 100s1394
Macrozamia humilis cit	528848	 100s1701
Macrozamia johnsonii cit	528849	 100s301 1000s2132
Macrozamia macdonnellii cit	528852	 100s3060
Macrozamia machinii	528856	 100s3851
Macrozamia montana cit	528855	 100s387
Macrozamia moorei cit	17975	 100s706 1000s5766
Macrozamia platyrhachis cit	528858	 100s864 1000s6959
Macrozamia polymorpha cit	528860	 100s1530
Macrozamia riedlei cit	17949	 100s29 250s79 500s137 1000s176
Macrozamia spiralis cit	1795	 100s33 250s79 500s157 1000s206
Macrozamia stenomera	528864	 100s2040
Macrozamia stenomera Blue	528863	 100s3014
Macrozamia viridis	528865	 100s1609
Stangeria eriopus bs (uncleaned) cit	461514	 10s132
Stangeria eriopus cs cit	448927	 10s132
Zamia encephalartoides	548571	 100s2890
Zamia fischeri cit	51764	 100s84 1000s215
Zamia floridana	455000	 100s63 1000s348 10000s2864
Zamia furfuracea cit	17969	 1p14 100s51 1000s132 10000s734 50000s2950
Zamia ipetiensis	548577	 100s1190
Zamia loddigesii svs cit	66127	 100s366 1000s428
Zamia maritima (name unresolved)	452696	 1000s132
Zamia neurophyllidia	548590	 100s1117
Zamia picta	548595	 1000s720
Zamia prasina	548598	 1000s276
Zamia pumila cit	17967	 1p20 1000s348 10000s2063 50000s9181
Zamia vazquezii	450317	 1000s300

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