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List 693 - Zingiberaceae - 6/13/2021


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Aframomum angustifolium	431711	 10s13 100s33 1000s86 10000s457
Alpinia arctiflora	462398	 10s14 100s23 1000s153
Alpinia caerulea	31175	 20s17 100s38 1000s179
Alpinia caerulea Red Back	453714	 20s17 1000s179
Alpinia galanga	5642	 24s21
Alpinia malaccensis	502046	 10s15 100s29 1000s60 10000s445
Alpinia mutica	74401	 10s14 100s21 1000s60 10000s431
Alpinia nigra	502047	 10s14 100s21 1000s47
Alpinia nutans	464104	 10s15 100s24 1000s71 10000s527
Alpinia oxymitra	502048	 10s16
Alpinia sp. Borneo	450118	 10s18 100s44
Alpinia sp. Samar mix	70547	 10s17 100s40
Alpinia sp. Sayal	75596	 10s28
Alpinia sp. Silver	502051	 10s38
Alpinia sp. Vietnam mix	81372	 10s15 100s27
Alpinia zerumbet	31541	 10s18 100s41 1000s84
Amomum compactum	86118	 10s15 100s25
Amomum maximum	451908	 1p9 10s15 100s25 1000s33 10000s257
Amomum spiceum	502395	 10s19 100s51
Amomum subulatum	443064	 1g8 10g32 100g181 1000g1063 1p16 10s15 100s39 1000s244 10000s257 25000s481
Amomum uliginosum	502396	 10s15 100s27 1000s127
Amomum verum	502387	 10s14 100s21 1000s56
Amomum villosum v. xanthioides	502398	 10s14 100s23 1000s67
Caulokaempferia sikkimensis	510888	 10s15 100s25 1000s114
Cautleya gracilis	510887	 10s15 100s25 1000s84 10000s654
Cautleya gracilis v. robusta	434739	 1000g91 10s15 100s25 1000s96 10000s700
Cautleya spicata	452013	 10s15 100s25 1000s103
Cheilocostus speciosus	12868	 10s15 100s24 1000s30 10000s196 50000s730 100000s2406
Costus dinklagei	551093	 1p10
Costus dubius	432706	 10s15 100s24 1000s69 10000s448
Costus erythrocoryne	513354	 10s15 100s29
Costus guianensis	431109	 10s13 100s15 1000s162
Costus lima	73705	 10s13 100s16 1000s32 10000s236
Costus ricus	513358	 10s19
Costus scaber	513359	 10s14 100s21 1000s59
Costus woodsonii	455538	 100s25 1000s93
Curcuma longa	31335	 2bl16 5bl26 10bl45 24s18
Curcuma sessilis	514380	 100s27
Dimerocostus strobilaceus	81388	 100s23 1000s47
Elettaria cardamomum	5649	 1000s86
Etlingera elatior Pink	450201	 10s10
Etlingera elatior pink	400484	 1p12 5s8 100s13 1000s27 10000s128
Etlingera elatior red	72903	 10s10 100s13 1000s27 10000s128
Etlingera elatior white	551557	 100s22
Etlingera maingayii	518899	 100s83
Globba clarkei bulbils	81391	 100bl40 1000bl114 10000bl659
Globba marantina	40408	 1000s40
Globba multiflora	521508	 100s25 1000s112
Globba schomburgkii	552869	 1000s54
Globba winitii	11994	 100s34
Hedychium aurantiacum	522507	 1000s86
Hedychium coccineum	5651	 100s29 1000s116
Hedychium coronarium	12528	 1p4 100s29 1000s211
Hedychium deceptum (name unresolved)	41337	 100s66
Hedychium densiflorum	27926	 10s12 100s25 1000s75 5000s300
Hedychium densiflorum Assam Orange	76065	 10s12
Hedychium elatum	522508	 1000s88
Hedychium ellipticum	75444	 100s25 1000s81 5000s236 10000s697 50000s1523
Hedychium gardnerianum	12529	 12s9 100s28 1000s54 10000s449 50000s1603
Hedychium gracile	81397	 12s13 100s25 1000s77 10000s534
Hedychium sp. unident. Nepal	461853	 1p4
Hedychium spicatum	12844	 100s28 1000s71 10000s535
Hedychium stenopetalum	451882	 1000s75 10000s599 50000s1923
Hedychium thyrsiforme	81412	 100s25 1000s54 10000s428
Hornstedtia scottiana	85607	 100s66 1000s417
Hornstedtia tomentosa	464106	 100s29 1000s172
Kaempferia roscoeana	68969	 100s27 1000s114
Renealmia alpinia	538080	 100s12 1000s24 10000s134
Renealmia aromatica	52134	 100s30 1000s182
Renealmia exaltata	538083	 10s8
Renealmia oligosperma	538086	 100s23 1000s49 10000s355
Renealmia thyrsoides	538089	 100s23 1000s49 10000s355
Roscoea alpina	2476	 1g19 1p14
Roscoea auriculata	68093	 1g14 10g106 100g834 1p10
Roscoea cautleyoides	25496	 1g19 10g141 1p10
Roscoea purpurea	12411	 1g19 2g27 1p14
Roscoea scillifolia	86262	 1p4
Roscoea scillifolia darker form	68096	 1p4
Zingiber Globba Marantina	552804	 1000s31 100000s1385
Zingiber chrysanthum	443222	 100s25 1000s71
Zingiber citriodorum Chiang Mai Princess	81473	 100s31
Zingiber clarkei	552874	 100s23 1000s70 10000s527
Zingiber longipedunculatum	85713	 100s79 1000s482
Zingiber officinale	70285	 25g22 250g22 500g38 1000g70 5000g230 10000g310 24s21
Zingiber rubens	81468	 1000g130

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